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2006 Chevrolet Malibu review.

This is a review for a 2006 Chevrolet Malibu. As a fellow driver of this model of vehicle I have yet to experience any problems. Other than the usual maintenance needed for upkeep. The performance for the vehicle is pretty decent. It is fairly good on gas, you could go about a week and a half before you'd need to refill the gas tank, but that is only if your doing light diving within a localized area. If you are travelling you can go for about 3 1/2 hours before you'd reach little under half a tank. However, it just depends on how much you are driving and wear your going. This car has been a really reliable car for me, considering I have had it for about 3 years or so since high-school. I am in college now so it gets me everywhere I need to go whether I am driving home since I go to school out of town. As for comfort it is alright, but any car can be uncomfortable if your sitting down for long period of time. The features car are pretty basic has all your normal basic radio and a/c controls it comes with a CD player as well but if you are hoping for an AUX cable you won't find one due to the year model of the vehicle. It has two cup holders in the front as well as the back.

- Alex B

A great car for short and heavy people.

My Chevy Malibu has a feature for someone short like me. With a press of a button the pedals lift as much as 8 inches so that I can reach them without being on top of the steering wheel. It has seat warmers, also, which is new and a comfort for me. In fact, this vehicle is very comfortable and luxurious compared to other cars I have owned. I can open the trunk before I get to the car from the grocery store. The trunk is quite roomy and the back seats can be folded down for more space. For me, the color made a great difference. I saw another Chevy Malibu, same year but in dark navy inside and out. Besides being uncomfortable to sit in, I felt closed in and unable to see. For me, the silver car I have with light grey interior is much nicer. I drove this car before I bought it and knew immediately, this was the one for me. The original owner took exceptional care of the car and even though, he was a smoker. The dealership took great care that it did not smell. I have always had luck with Chevys and have driven other makes before. For comfort, style and great options, I would recommend the same car I own. . Chevrolet Malibu.

- Margaret P

The color of silver & being a hatchback with sunroof provides a perfect car for reg trips to the grocery store, plenty of storage space & plenty of fresh air flowing around you

I love my car for how smooth of a ride it has given me over the years. Also being such a small compact car with such a great engine that gets really good gas mileage. Even though it is small, & seems like way too small, the hatch opens up for lots of storage room. If you might need more space to store more stuff, the back seat folds down to make even more storage room. Great running car. Only thing I don't like about this car, is if it had a bigger engine, than I could drive farther distances without very many problems later. The other thing I never liked was that the engine is too small to travel on a reg basis on the highway over 50 miles an hour on & on The car doesnt like it a lot of the time. The sunroof that I have with the car, I love a lot

- Marsha B

Good on gas. Good trunk space. Good pickup. Not comfortable for long road trips.

It is not a very well built car. On a windy day you get blown all over the road. The body of the car cracks and breaks easily when someone backs into the car, say if I am in a parking spot. The braking is ok, but the car has a tendency to hydroplane very easily. It is has good pick up, it always has stayed running for me. But it has little quirky problems with the computer. Sometimes my check engine light will come on, then go off a few days later. Then in a couple of months it will come back on again, then go off. The seats are not very comfortable for a long road trip. It is ok on gas though. I with the radio had an auxiliary or Bluetooth so I can listen to music from my phone or talk hands free. But it is a 2006.

- Jennifer W

It is reliable, I have never had any issues from the engine. Just normal maintenance and it runs great

My malibu is over 10 years old it is a lower end or basic model. I ah e power windows but that's about it, cloth seats and standard radio/cd. I have taken it from Colorado to Washington state when it was brand new the ride was great. I also drove it from Colorado to Virginia and from Virginia to Alabama when we moved to each State. Now that it is older the seats are not as comfortable for longer rides. I also I have never had any engine problems or other mechanical issues. It is a bit underpowered. But it is only a 4 cylinder. Over all I would buy the car again and would love to upgrade to a newer model

- Kim G

My Chevy Malibu SS! It's a stick shift and standard

My vehicle is a Chevy Malibu SS and I do like it very much it's my very first car. It has had previous owners so the interior and exterior is in mild condition. The inside has black leather seats. The seats are very comfortable but kinda worn out. There is some holes in the back seat also the ceiling. Overall it's been a pretty great car until recently where I've had some problems with things breaking and not having the money to fix it which is stressful. But I do recommend people buying a Malibu they are very nice sporty cars.

- Madison H

My car is ok, and I am happy it works. Could be better. Could be worse. Meh.

My car is refurbished. . . As in it was totaled then rebuilt. It is also 12 years old. That being said, I feel as though I need to bring it into the shop quite often for random little fixes. It is my first car, so it could be usual maintenance. Other than replacing sway bar, brakes, sensors etc. The car works well. It is that awkward year before AUX ports and after tape decks were removed, so listening to the radio and CDs is my main option. At the end of the day, it works, and it is fine.

- Helen H

Cab Malibu. This is an attractive looking vehicle.

I have had this car for 12 years. It is a good size for me. It has comfortable space for passengers. A large trunk. I have had to replace the air conditioner compressor, battery, tires, brakes. It has 54, 000 miles and will be having the 50, 000 mile check up this month. It has developed a rattle noise in the dash. It has a comfortable ride. You hear a lot of road noise. The rear spoiler blocks the rear view. Overall it has been a good car for me with minimal repairs.

- Carol B

The overview of my 2006 Chevrolet Malibu.

The 2006 Malibu is very dependable although we have had some issues with the braking system. It is usually pretty fair on gas mileage and is comfortable and roomy. The Malibu has a sporty look to it with a spoiler and a sunroof but still comfortable enough for the family and every day driver. I use the vehicle mostly to commute to and from work or just to run small errands, I have never taken it on any kind of road trip or anything.

- Marsha M

Very good car that will hold up to anyone's abuse.

The vehicle is very reliable and is durable we use it for everyday living and travelling. The body of the car has very little rust..The motor will run forever and did very few oil changes. Would recommended this car to anyone it has been a very good car considering that my father in law is very hard on vehicles he is hard on them has wrecked several but this one is very durable. They even take it fishing and camping.

- Dawn P

Car facts. Highlight would be the sunroof and radio for myself.

The performance is outstanding on this car, due to the shifting. Whenever you have a heavy foot like mine. Most of the time the rpms get to a high #, but this make of the Malibu is right on point. Very reliable as well, for 1 and half now i've owned this car. It hasn't once showed a weakness. The electrical seat, on NY driver side went out pretty quickly. That is the only issue iv had with this vehicle.

- Kenneth R

Chevy Malibu is definitely a great car for the money.

This car has been good to us. We've owned it since 2013 and have not had any issues with it. It is comfortable enough for long trips, as we travel to Texas and Colorado a lot from Kansas. Lots of legroom, plenty of trunk space and rides/handles great. The heated seats may be my favorite feature. My least favorite thing is the fact that the mirrors do not defrost. Living in Kansas, that is important.

- Erin R

The Life of the Malibu: A great value for the money

The Malibu 2006 handles really well. The miles per gallon of gas is great. The size of the vehicle is workable for the average family because it seats a family of 5 comfortably. We haven't really had any major problems with the car the original, engine, radiator, transmission still functional and there is over 250,000 miles on the car. The malibu has proven to be a value for the cost.

- LoRay T

2006 Chevy Malibu lt review.

Very reliable for past 5 years that I have owned the car. The only major problem I have had is the engine control module (ecm) needed to be replaced - the car would randomly say "engine power reduced" and then "engine disabled" while driving and the car would die and take several minutes to turn back on. No other major problems before then and no problems since the ecm was replaced.

- Megan L

2006 Chevrolet Malibu, outdated but reliable.

The 2006 Chevrolet Malibu is outdated but reliable. It does have some issues that seem to be reoccurring with the make and model. Our fuel sensor needs replaced, as well as the fuel pump. The vehicle itself has been reliable during the harsh Alaskan winters but is not built for the damaged roads or Alaskan wilderness. It is not very comfortable for long trips, but it can make them.

- Ashley K

The red rose- the amazing Chevy Malibu.

My car is a daily driver. It is a red 2006 Chevy Malibu with silver trimming. It has 175, 000 miles and runs like it is brand new. It has a Bluetooth speaker and my friends and I love to ride around and just listen to music. It has heated seats. The only thing I wish it had was leather interior. All in all, it is an amazing car and I wouldn't change it for the world.

- Sequoia R

The car is not brand new of course but it is still in great condition.

Still in good condition. drives smooth. New tires just put on about 4 months ago. All dash lights work, indicator lights work. Can only use bright lights though. No physical damage except to front vent where plate is. All car doors open and close, lock buttons work, window control buttons work. Cruise control functions, radio functions. No AUX input, CDs work.

- Chelsea W

The highlight about the car it is not expensive very easy to fix and runs great.

I love my car it is very reliable very to minimal maintenance on it and gets me from point A to point B very spacious lasted a long time I love it I would buy another version of my car anytime it has almost 200, 000 miles on it and it still runs really well with the oil changes become more frequent but it still runs great like a brand new car is very cheap.

- Ashley T

It is simple to fold down the seats and easy to put them back up.

I have had less problems with this car vs. The other cars I have owned. It is great on gas mileage, easy to drive, and is easy to get a car seat in and out. It has great leg and foot room in the back seat. I love the hatchback, it is huge and I can get almost anything packed in the back. Plus the back seats go flat so I can get an entire dresser back there.

- Jennifer A

That it runs well most of the time as long as there are no underlying problems.

It has been a really good car. Mostly no problems however it is having one problem now, where our gas tank needs to be cleaned out, and most likely also need a gas filter, etc but fixing it is on hold. We think we know what happened but haven't been able to take care of it yet. But most of the time it's been dependable we haven't had any issues with it.

- Cathy B

Sunroof, automatic windows, 4 doors, no aux.

I really like the automatic windows and heat seats even though my passenger side one doesn't always work. I do enjoy my sunroof but sometimes water leaks through the ceiling. My heating and cooling system is great for the driver and passenger but sometimes not for the back of the car. It's a pretty solid vehicle, everything works pretty good.

- Cassie D

Reliable car with no major issues, but lots of manufacturer recalls.

Even though I bought my vehicle used in 2011, it has had an unusually high amount of manufacturer recalls on it, 7+ in the time that I have owned it. Seems to be reliable for the most part, with a few issues of parts failing, but it is over 10 years old at this point. It gets me where I'm going so as long as it keeps running, I'm happy!

- Tracee G

My Malibu experience. Great hi-cal all in all.

Needs a new motor right now but I love my car, other than that there's no issues I disapprove of except for grinding certain bolts for the car is hard to find. Get balance, was rear ended barley did damage to my car, saved me and my children life. I would highly recommend this car to anyone. Don't scrap this car it's so worth fixing.

- Brooke B

It is a car that is nice enough to be a family car or a car for speed, nothing holds it back. I love everything about it.

It is a very nice car, it rides smooth. It is good on gas. If you need to get somewhere fast, not saying you should speed it will go. Only thing wrong with mine is it has a little tick but that is because people before me used cheap oil in it, but it does not phase how it runs at all. I think others would love this kind of car.

- Virginia K

The Chevrolet Malibu is the most bang for your buck in American made cars on the market today.

I have a solid American made car. It is a comfortable midsize car. I have been very pleased with it. Most of the manufacturer's parts have held up for twelve years now. My biggest complaint was the tires lasted barely two years, and none of the warranties the dealer sold to me were worth the paper they were printed on.

- Kristien W

Great car it is value and good running car.

Great car but has minor problems since ownership lights turn indicator lights seem to go out a lot and tail lights. Same thing but it is an awesome running car very dependable. And easy to maintain. Heat and ac have never been a problem only system problem was mixer door for ventilation system was flapping sometimes.

- Tom J

2006 Chevrolet Malibu, reliable but not without issues.

Our current vehicle was purchased used. It has been reliable but it does have a few problems. The fuel pump needs replaced and apparently that is a common issue with this vehicle. It has a few recalls that need fixed as well. The vehicle has done well in the harsh Alaskan winters but is not suited for the weather.

- Ashley K

The Chevy Malibu is a very reliable vehicle.

Great gas mileage, comfortable, reliable, looks good! I have only had to put it in the shop when I need new brakes and rotors, replace tires. I haven't had to make any major repairs on the car since I have owned it. I would definitely choose to buy another Malibu when the time comes for me to purchase a vehicle.

- Patricia M

Chevy Malibu is an ok car!

The Chevy Malibu is a solid performer with a few bells and whistles. The individually adjustable front seats are comfortable and high enough to make entering and exiting the vehicle easy. The standard sound system is just ok, and can be controlled from the steering wheel. A roomy trunk rounds out the features.

- Alice I

Smooth driving in the Malibu.

My Malibu is honestly a wonderful car. It drives very smoothly, and has a bit of power behind the engine that I appreciate. For its age, it has plenty of high-tech features that make driving it a blast. I love everything about it. It is been a fantastic first car for me, and I cannot wait to drive it again.

- Mika R

Why I love my Malibu and why you should too.

I love my Malibu. It is really spacious inside for being a compact car and the trunk is really big which is nice. I haven't had to put a lot of money into it and it has been a reliable form of transportation since I bought it in 2012. The future that I love most is the radio controls on the steering wheel.

- Nicole S

Fuel system issue 2006 Chevrolet Malibu.

Overall it is a quality vehicle. The only issue I ever had was with the fuel gauge. Which turned out the fuel filter, pump, gauge and fuel tank are all one component and I had to replace all of it to pass the inspection. The check engine light was on and it automatically fails if there is engine code.

- Tom F

It is a hatchback which gives me more room to store things in.

The gas mileage isn't as good as it should be for a small vehicle such as this one. However, my vehicle is a v6 which is better than the 4-cylinder I used to drive. I like a car with speed and this one has enough. It is a very comfortable car to drive and has enough room for me to back things in it.

- Emily B

The car gets 34 miles to the gallon.

I have a 2006 Chevrolet Malibu. It is a good, fairly basic vehicle. I have a nice stereo with a CD player. The inside is very comfortable and the trunk is a good size. The car gets good gas mileage. It also handles well on the road. Seeming to be a good family vehicle and/or a great commuter car.

- Jennifer B

Faulty Malibu brake lights.

There is an ongoing issue with this particular make/model of car (Chevy./ Malibu) the brake pedal and tail lights have a tendency of occasionally working backwards. There is a simple fix for it but no permanent solution. When you get the problem fixed it returns again in approximately 3 months.

- Michelle D

Upkeep for this deadbeat is not worth it.

I feel the gas mileage is not as accurate as it should be. It has transmission problems and struggles to maintain its speed. There has been a time or two when the car refuses to start. During idle times the car wants to shake and rattle. I would not recommend this car with all its problems.

- Jill T

My Chevy Malibu is a very reliable car. I only have minor problems.

My Chevy Malibu is a reliable car it gets me from point A to point B. I owned my car for 2 years now and all that had to get fixed on it was rotors and brakes and now the heater core. I believe Chevrolet is a good way to go when buying a car. I just want a newer car say like a 2012 and up.

- Fannie H

The Malibu is a great vehicle. Would recommend!

My Malibu is very nice but it is starting to rust underneath. Other than the rusting it drive nice even though it does stall sometimes because of how old it is. I would highly recommend this vehicle for anyone looking for a nice car. It has plenty of room for me and my family. It is great!

- Malaysia D

Good car, some small issues.

Issues with electrical, lighting, windows not rolling down. Generally a good car. Minor issues with defroster and heating. Tires and windshield wipers. I've put a lot of miles on it considering the money I have put into it though. I'd definitely do it again given the opportunity.

- Michael O

Chevy Malibu - a safe & reliable vehicle.

This car is super comfortable and safe. Even in the Michigan snow storms it gets me from point A to B safely. It has many neat features and it can fit a driver and 4 passengers. My dog loves the seats. I am very thankful for this car, and the up-keep is not too much to handle ever.

- Madison L

Buy the Malibu, no regrets.

I have had issues with the throttle, due to a recall. I find the Malibu to drive very smooth, and is very roomy. Since the Malibu is older it does now have times accelerating and sensors going off, but in its prime ran and got from point a and b with no worries, and the same today.

- Tiff R

Chevy Malibu not a good car.

Car was in a accident before I bought it so it needs a lot of work. Interior lights flash with music. Need new axle rotor and tire rod. Not good on gas. Nice size. Heat and air worked fine. Cost a lot to keep up with not a reliable car at all will never purchase another Chevy.

- Christina M

My car is nice and Roomy with four door and great trunk space.

I like how spacious my car is. It is a great car for commutes and for long drives. Unfortunately, I have already put a new transmission in it after 120,000 miles which was not fun to do. The parts are expensive. Wish I could get more miles out of it. Miles per gallon are ok.

- Michelle G

Egr valve could become a recurring issue.

Overall, the car has held up pretty good. Bought the car with about 33k miles on it and car now has about 240k miles on it. I have had to do routine maintenance and replace a few parts along the way, however my main problem seems to be a reoccurring issue with my egr valve.

- Kristin S

The middle console is probably my favorite part.

Could be automatic start, it also has a few blind spots, trunk is pretty small as well. Would be handy to have door that leads to trunk from second seat. Also would like a middle pull out arm rest. Although I do like the middle console and how it has the two compartments.

- Haley L

My favorite car I have ever owned.

2006 Chevrolet Malibu lt. Very good on gas. Smooth ride. Extremely comfortable for long or short distances. Good for a family vehicle or first time driver large trunk space. Quiet engine. Remote start. 23 miles per gallon highway. 30 miles per gallon city. Approximately.

- Dustin K

This car has a hatchback.

We have had absolutely no problems with our car. The performance has been really good. We have had this car for 3 years and it is been really reliable as far getting us from A to B. Its comfort level is fairly comfortable. It has power windows power seats rear defrost.

- Rebecca T

It's just not driven enough.

It is a silver 4 door sedan. It's loaded. It's been a decent car. It only has 125000 miles on it. But it needs work, like struts, tie rod, but runs good. Does not smoke or use a lot of oil. Also gas hand is broke. Its a 6 cylinder and gets pretty good gas mileage.

- Kathy B

2006 Chevy Malibu, good car.

No extra features, baseline model. Does not offer aux cord adapter for music. Overall performance of car is good, I did not buy this car for anything more than driving from point a to point b, and it does that well. Gas mileage is good and is not a costly fill-up.

- Jacqueline R

2006 Malibu lets - just sporty enough.

Vehicle performs well and is very reliable - is extremely comfortable - economical on gas, excellent mileage. Sound system is excellent, enjoy electric windows, air-conditioner excellent. Purchased the car used and have had no problems with the vehicle thus far.

- William M

Reliable and compact, yet sturdy vehicle.

Vehicle picks up speed very quickly, and loves to be driven on the freeway. Most of the problems I had early on were minor (tires, etc), just this year a more serious repair was required (leak in fuel tank). So spacious! And surprisingly expansive trunk room.

- Melanie K

2006 Chevy Malibu sedan four-door 4 cylinder.

I have a 2006 Chevy Malibu it runs very well great on gas, it looks marvelous. Very safe for my kids, the stereo sounds amazing. Shockingly the trunk has a lot of cargo space. The handle on the car runs well. I love Chevy Malibu or gm products in general.

- Nicole A

It is reliable. This car has never given me major problems. My next car will also be a malibu

I love the size. It's easy to navigate. I also love the remote start. I've had the car for almost 10 years and it's never given me major problems. Only complaint is that its rusty, but I suppose I can only blame that on Wisconsin winters and not the car.

- Tina M

I love my Chevy Malibu. It is roomy.

My vehicle is now getting really old and wearing down. Starting to cost more money to keep running and passing inspection. Transmission has a crack and will not pass inspection. So I am going to donate it to charity. I think habitat for humanity is good.

- Kelly S

It is a reliable workhorse.

There has never been a problem and I have incurred no repair expenses other than routine maintenance has been required. Roomy, with plenty of cargo space. Very comfortable for a 6" individual to drive. Handles well on the road and gets good gas mileage.

- Patty P

100,000+ miles and still going!

It's lasted me longer than any other car I've owned (106,000) miles. It has dreadful sight lines and I get sideswiped from time to time. (I've installed a BIG rear view mirror.) And air intake just below windshield seems a design flaw. Collects leaves!

- Virginia L

12 years and still going strong.

06 Chevy Malibu - I have driven it across the country numerous times without any issues. I have had to replace the breaks often but that has been the only issue. Other than that, it runs extremely well and my next car will definitely be another Chevy.

- Pam F

It is used mostly for transportation to and from work and school.

Lately my car has been giving me a lot of problems. . . But before then it was fine. . . The air compressor went out about 2 months ago, there is an oil leak, the back brakes keep coming off, and now I think the wheel bearing is trying to go out. . .

- Kelly S

It's a good starter car will get you to point A to B.

Had multiple issues with my fluids leaking, starts running more heavily on freeways even with all fluids up to date, had problems with my front wheels, car has been reliable for the most part besides having the battery die on me a couple times.

- Bruce O

Gas Mileage is amazing! Perfect for people that have driving jobs

The gas mileage is amazing and helped out a lot when I was going back and forth to school. It is just getting a bit small for the family vacations now. But I am a big Chevy fan so will probably keep in the Chevy line when I upgrade

- Billy C

The Malibu is a Very safe car to drive and keep people safe

Love the look and feel of the Malibu. It has great safety features and gets gas mileage. I searched for safety ratings prior to buying a car and this was rated high. Really like the low maintenance fees I've experienced as well.

- Kim N

My car is not as wonderful as everyone thinks it is.

I like that my car can take me to the places I need to her to. I like that I can drive around and listen to music. I dislike that it cost so much money to fix. I dislike that there is constantly an issue that needs to be fixed.

- Elizabeth C

It has been reliable. I have not had major engine repairs.

Electrical system is not working. I will have to drop the dash to repair. The car has to many fuses in multiple places and makes everything hard to impossible to repair without taking to shop and cost a small fortune to repair.

- Denise B

That it runs like a dream and, , Its clean car.

I thought about it as a family car and there's no room in it cramped up feeling not very comfortable as far as a good running car it runs really good has a lot of get up and going my mind it would be a car for younger people.

- Kimberly A

The car is a 2006 model and it came with Sirius XM radio.

It has a nice body and interior. Gas mileage is fairly decent in the mid 20's and 30's on the freeway. I have had issues with the alternator, heat gauge, and rotors in the first year of owning it which has been frustrating.

- Sam B

Chevy Malibu, 4 door sedan

Not the most comfortable, interior, especially on long trips. No frills package. Performs well for a 6 cyl. The front wheel drive performs quite well on snowy, icy roads. Especially climbing hills. Very good acceleration

- Kathy M

remote start, air conditioning works

I have no problems with this car, drives great always starts, has a remote start, great air conditioning, great heat, am fm radio plus cd player, comes with a remote to lock and unlock doors, open truck and start car

- Jjoanne D

It is big and comfortable.

I love my car, the brakes work amazingly on it. However, when i go over 30 miles an hour, there is a rattle in the front passenger side of the dashboard. Also there is no place for my to plug my phone into the radio

- Hannah H

It's safe and reliable. Haven't had any issues or problems.

Great car, very few problems in the first 100,000 miles, good gas mileage and comfortable to drive. Easy to change the oil, spark plugs are a different story, but American made so parts are cheap and easy to find.

- John D

It is dependable and economical.

It is been a good car. Comfortable, dependable, sporty, roomy. After 10 years it is starting to show it is age though and is not quite as comfortable of a ride and it is noisier. But that is what happens with age!.

- Pamela N

It has held up very well over the past eleven years.

I like the look of my car. I like that I get good gas mileage, and I haven't had any major problems in the eleven years I've owned it. I dislike the rattling noise it makes when the air conditioning is running.

- Emma C

affordability, white, medium sized.

I bought my chevrolet malibu when it already had 200'000 miles on it. It cost me 3000 dollars and has served me very well so far, with a couple of smaller cost to fix some issues, I haven't had any problems.

- Yves L

My smooth running Chevy Malibu.

The only issue I have is oil sludge in the engine, but other than that my Chevy Malibu is amazing. V6 engine and gets 23 miles to the gallon. The seat warmers are great for winter and it is very spacious.

- Madelyn M

It's been dependable and runs well overall.

I like the overall set up of the front seats, dashboard and console. I like the radio buttons on the drivers wheel. I dislike the sound of the transmission. I dislike the trunk button on the trunk.

- Melinda U

My car runs like a Malibu.

It drives nicely. It has been pretty mechanically sound. The only thing I don't like. It makes a clicking sound in the heating and air when you change controls. Overall it has been a good vehicle.

- Janine S

Easy to use and reliable on the road.

Well reliable, comfortable for travel, can hold a lot throughout the car especially the trunk, it also is sturdy on the road especially long distant. Can easily be used to carry loads of things.

- Marcia M

Remote starter, four airbags, ss body, four doors and all electric.

The Chevrolet Malibu is comfortable, built in features are many: v4 engine provides excellent gas mileage, four door allows rear passengers easy access into vehicle, all power and four airbags.

- Olivia B

I think it was made with a lot of errors.

I like to roominess of the vehicle and there are no blind spots. I don't like there have been so many recalls. I also don't like that I have personally had to repair so many things on the car.

- Chris T

That it handles good in all weather conditions. It is a nice ride. I'm very happy with my Malibu.

I like the gas mileage on average I get anywhere from 25 to 28 minutes a gallon. I also like the space. I can accommodate up to 5 people with good trunk space. It handles good in all weather.

- Frankie K

Chevy Malibu has been a great vehicle. Will definitely consider buying again

I haven't had any major issues except for the head gasket. I was having problems with it running hot and learned the gasket was blown. Other than that it's just been routine maintenance

- Stacy M

I have been hit 5 times - sitting still in my Malibu's- and they are safe.

Runs great. Madewell. I have 1 out of 5 that was a bad car- always had issues with that one car. Lots of room. Malibu's are very dependable cars. I have owned 5 of them for that reason.

- Deborah B

That it takes a lickin' and keeps on ticking. That it's an affordable option for someone looking for an all around car.

I like that it gets good gas mileage especially when properly serviced. I like the fact that it is easy to service. I dislike how small I feel on the road next to most other vehicles.

- Rachel B

it is good on gas .it needs some body work because it is rusting but otherwise is good

it has only regular maintenance repairs the upkeep is not expensive. I drive it to work a few days a week/the cd player at times will not eject the cd so I just listen to the radio

- melissa c

Safe, reliable, dependable, comfortable, easy to move small furniture inside!

The Chevy Malibu is a very safe and comfortable car, I bought it used in 2009. Very reliable car, few breakdowns as of yet 9 year�s later mostly breaks and tires really replaced.

- Mel W

It is compact and great on saving gas at 30mph.

I like it because it is a gas saver and I am driving it a lot. I have no complaints. It has several good features such as a DVD player plus sound system even for a factory model.

- Trisha R

The most important thing about my car is that I can depend on it to get me where I'm going and back again.

I like my Malibu because it is fairly good on gas and is reliable. Heated seats make it nice in the winter. I don't like that it is older and requires quite a bit of maintenance.

- Dottie D

It is a great car, and very easy to drive.

I like the way it handles on the road. It is good on gas and still starts every day. The only thing I do not like is it only seats 5 and I need a vehicle that seats at least 7.

- Tina D

I love that my car has a huge trunk for groceries when I go shopping and has enough room for the kids

My car is the car that I originally imagined that I wanted I love the space it has for two kids and the trunk space my car has low mileage and runs great with little to no rust

- Brittney S

My car is old but its very dependable and reliable.

I like my car because its dependable and reliable to take us from place to place. I don't like that my family is growing and soon there will be not enough space for all of us.


The hatchback feature is great for loading and unloading items.

It is a comfortable vehicle with plenty of changeable space to haul items or ride in. It is been very dependable despite its age and mileage. It gets good gas mileage too.

- Samantha R

My car is very reliable. I never have any problems.

My car is very reliable. It drives great a little high on gas but goes anywhere I would like to go. My car is very comfortable and has enough seating for my whole family.

- Crystal H

Have someone check the transmission before you buy it.

It is needing to many things on it fixed and I have 4 more years to pay for it. The transmission is bad. There is a CD stuck in the radio. It stinks and runs really hot.

- Cathy L

People should know that this is not a good winter driving vehicle as I get stuck easily because I don't have front wheel drive and the low profile tires make it hard to get around in the snow.The type of tires on this car also leak air quite often in the winter.

I love the leather seats in my vehicle. I also love how well my car heats. What I don't like is that they have low profile tires which are terrible for the MN winters.

- Rayna E

Reliable Chevrolet Malibu

My Malibu LT has always been dependable. It gets great gas mileage. Never had anything break down on it. Smooth driving. Great safety features. Definitely recommended.

- Catie C

The one most important thing others should know about my car is that it's mine.

I love that it has low miles. I hate how easily it rusts. But I live in michigan. Everything rusts. I wish it was a little more spacious. But it gets me to and from.

- Ashley S

The most important thing others should know about is that because of my age, it will probably be my last car, and I am not interested in selling it.

I like that it has heated front seats I like the way the dashboard is set up. I like the way the seats adjust. I dislike the fact that it is not four-wheel drive.

- Dorothy B

That it has lasted over 12 years with no major problems.

I like that my vehicles has lasted so long without any major problems. It is easy to handle. It fits 5 people comfortably. I really can't say I have any complaints.

- Harold W

It is dependable. That is the most important thing.

Gas mileage, ease to drive and easy to work on. Lots of room both inside and trunk... Love the sound system and the power controls it has. Would not trade the car..

- Ron M

My car has survived a lot and it is very reliable and I feel safe while driving it

I like how spacious it is. I like how safe I feel in it. It was my first car. I don't like how many issues it has from old age. And I wish it was a little shorter.

- Sabrina V


I love the gas mileage. I love how well my AC works. I HATE that my CD player is faulty and will not work. I wish I had an aux. port to listen to my own music.

- Zackary W

This car has a lot of features and options to add to it when you choose to buy.

I like that it is reliable and drives pretty comfortably. My husband enjoys driving it because of the feel. It has had some issues with different parts breaking.

- Laura M

The leg room and easy gas mileage.

Drive easy to drive. Very great on gas. Has lists of room and comfortable. Great color. Very easy to get in and out of. Very easy to keep clean thru car washes.

- Mary L

It's extremely comfy and awesome on gas! But it is also very expensive to maintain and fix if anything goes out.

I love my gas mileage and all of the features on my radio telling me how much gas i have and such the only thing i hate is how expensive it is to fix my car

- ashley r

It is a good car to drive but costs to much money to maintain.

It is just time for me to get a new car. I have had to get the CD player fixed, pay to have car stop leaking gas, and had to get new windshield wipers.

- Christopher W

It is very comfortable, not too big or too small. Very spacious. Rides smoothly.

My check engine light is always on. It is very stained on the inside and it is virtually falling apart. The seats are tearing and it smells like feet.

- Olivia F

Well running Chevy Malibu

There has been a few recalls on the car over the years. However, I'm content with what I have. It has nearly 200,000 miles and it still runs well.

- Nathanial B

Not much to say about the 2006 chevy Malibu. Runs well and not a head turner.

It's not big on power. Handles nicely and runs smooth but not a lot of power in the motor. Overall a comfortable ride and low maintenance costs.

- Nelson M

Four door 2006 chevy Malibu automatic transmission

It is a very reliable vehicle,gets good gas mileage,rarely needs repairs great steering.i would recommend it to any buyer who wants reliability.

- Juan R

runs well has had minimal issues

car is good on gas, nice with four doors, not so great for a larger or taller person since the entrance is lower and makes you crouch to get in

- Bill g

A good car for my first car.

My Malibu is a great car for my first car. It has amazing gas mileage. It does have a lot of space. It drives well. The trunk is very good size

- Catie J

It is a very smooth riding car! And excellent on gas for an older vehicle.

This car is built to last. I haven't really had any major problems other than usual upkeep like tires, brakes, oil changes, and minor tune ups.

- Jodi L

The fuel economy of the car is excellent on highways.

I love the fuel economy. I love pretty much everything about it. One thing I don't like that I had problems with is the engine control module.

- Richard B

It is an LTZ model of Chevrolet Malibu and I am able to adjust the seat distance and height of the seat. Also if you have short legs you can bring the pedals closer to you.

I like the comfortable ride it gives me. It gives me very good gas mileage. The interior and the trunk are both roomy. I have no complaints.

- Gloria T

Great car for a small family

I love the handle of the car, I just personally need more room for my family. It is great on gas and I haven't had any mechanical issues.

- Brianne D

It is easy to take care of.

No complaints.. I love my car.. I love the color.. Why a I doing this.. I do not know what to think.. I do not have anything else to say.

- Karla D

It's the best car I've ever owned, and it's my favorite. I take very good care of it.

I love the green exterior. I love the interior color, which is two tone brown. I love the leather seats and the moon roof. No complaints.

- Brianna W

It is a 2006 with 150,000 miles and just keeps on running with no major problems.

I love this car because it has not had any major problems since it was bought. It is only needed normal service and tires and brakes.

- Tony C

It is paid for so I am going to keep.It until it is no longer cost effective.

I like that it is paid for. It has never given.E a day of trouble other than basic maintenance. It is easy to drive and handles well.

- Emilie N

It is a great vehicle. It is comfortable. Rides great.

Brakes stick I always have trouble with the breaks and the take light coming on. When this happens the cruise control will not work.

- Sherry O

Everyone should get one!!

Great on gas mileage. . Enough room to take a long road trip! Passenger front seat comes forward so more storage. Trunk is huge!

- Karrie Q

That is has been dependable. It has lasted a long time.

My vehicle is reliable. It fits my family's needs. It is getting old though and it would be nice to upgrade to a newer model.

- Rebecca P

It is mine and we look out for each other!

I like the way my car starts no matter what.I dislike prices I have to pay for parts to fix it. The gas mileage I get is great.

- james G

It gets good gas mileage especially on long trips.

Although it is a smaller car, it has a to of get up and go. It has good gas mileage. It also has comfortable seating for five.

- Judy s

I love my silver car and you

My car is very cool and reliable. I like to drive it because it is very silent . He is silver and the tires are black. I trust

- Josaias R

An excellent, dependable family car

It is a comfortable vehicle. It has the options that I like. I don't like how plain the body looks compared to newer vehicles

- Jerome D

It's good if you have a family, but otherwise get something smaller and easier to drive.

I don't like it. The thing is too big. Turns terrible. And I've have had nothing but issues with it since I bought it used.

- Ashton F

Everyone should invest in Chevy even if it is not a Malibu or impala.

No complaints , it has gotten me through the last 3 winters. It's very big and roomy my kids love it and it's great on gas.

- Mia N

It is safe and reliable. . .

Like - it is roomie, has just enough power. Dislike - sound system, fuel efficiency, really not able to think of much more.

- Brandy B

Take care of it and keep up repairs.

Car runs great. I have problems that happen and can get costly sometimes. I love the heated seats and the Bluetooth radio.

- Katie G

Still in good shape and has had little major maintenance.

great get around vehicle. It has enough luxuries without being over expensive. Good mileage and engine power. It's old.

- freud B

It is old but reliable, it has not quit on me yet.

I enjoy the way drives, but does not get great gas mileage, nor does it have a large tank. I also wish it was bigger.

- Adam H

It works to get around, decent gas mileage.

Interior is cheap, plastic cracks, no cup holders in the back seat. Back seat riders feel more of the road bumps etc.

- Christie L

It is good on gas and has low maintenance.

I like the size. It has good gas mileage. The body style has been constant over the years. Maintenance has been low.

- Darlene J

Great Malibu. It's a great car.

My mom and I absolutely love her Malibu. It is a very safe and comfortable ride. It's good on gas and handles well.

- Patricia H

It is my car. It has lasted me this long and stayed in this good of condition because I take care of it.

I've enjoyed my car. Bought it brand new. Only spent money on things that were worn down by typical wear and tear.

- Angie R

The anti theft system will always display, and if the car key is turned a certain way you will be unable to start the car for 10 minutes.

The air conditioner isn't as cold as it should be. The seats aren't that comfortable. The gas mileage isn't great.

- Nicole M

reliability of an automobile

very dependable, never have problems mechanical related to anything. gas mileage is right on where estimates were.

- keith f

My car is much better quality and much more reliable than most people think.

No complaints about my Malibu. My Malibu has a smooth ride. It is very reliable. The Malibu gets good gas mileage.

- Nan L

that It's old and that i need a new one

i like that it has lasted this long. i dislike that everything seems to be falling apart and needs to be repaired

- jeremy S

That you should get one because it is reliable.

The malibu has great safety ratings and came at a great price. North american car of the year several times over.

- Joshua M

That it's a really good gas saver.

I like that my car is different and I love hatchback and it saves gas. It is not anything I dislike about my car.

- Melanie W

I cannot afFord to fix it. And I am scared of it breaking down.

Decent quality and comfort. Engine issues way too early. Made cheaply. Would like a better quality for the money.

- Gary L

for a midsize car it easy to around in traffic for shopping

it is very flue wise and easy to drive. it handle very ease both short and long trips. it has very smooth ride.

- james b

It has very dependable performance.

Very dependable performance. Very good mileage. Excellent air conditioning. Looks good. Handles well in winter.

- Doreen F

Good Car for the year model.

My car has been really reliable. Doesn't have anything too bad wrong with it. Just needs new tires & a tune up!

- Rebecca H

Its a used car and was well taken care of.

I like my Chevy it was used and its the best used car I ever bought I have always bought Chevys I love Chevys.

- Kara F

It's more dependable than the government.

It's been a pretty good car. Nothing major to complain about, other than routine maintenance and wear/tear.

- Jason M

A very good all around ccar.

It's a comfortable car with plenty of power. The sunroof option it great, and the trunk space very large.

- Arthur B

Rides smooth like a babies butt.

Reliable. Good gas mileage, not the best to drive in the winter. Doesn't have the new navigation screen.

- Pam B

Great gas mileage per gallon.

Gets good gas mileage despite Its age. Plenty of room for five adults. Maintenance can be done at home.

- Jane s

The ac does not cool down and it has high mileage.

Good running car. Has high mileage. The ac turns on but does not cool off. Other than that, no issues.

- Ashleigh M

2006 Chevrolet Malibu gas mileage

It has great gas mileage. the seats in the back lay down when you have something big you need to move.

- Rebekah S

It is reliable, safe,and dependable. The if the radio goes out you have to use a computer to set the replacement.

It is a.good car than is reliable. I like the fact the radio tells me when the oil needs Schafer ect.

- Kelly O

My car gets good gas mileage.

My car is a little older, has normal wear and tear from being my everyday car for the past two years.

- Stephanie K

My car is a reliable car and a well known brand. The size is spacious. The car has very good gas mileage. The car handles good on the road and gives you a smooth ride.

The look, the size, the good gas mileage. Also the car is dependable and gets me where I need to go

- Angelina D

Gas mileage is the most important thing like about 20 miles a gallon.

I really like the way the car drives, I like the gas mileage I get, and the overall performance.

- Richard E

Nothing comes to mind. And nothing still comes to mind.

I like how reliable it is. I like how it drives. I like how economical it is. I just like it.

- Richard W

Reliability. Us car makers get a bad reputation that isn't deserved

Still gets excellent gas mileage. Dependable, has never left me stranded. Economical repairs

- Jane W

Runs good but having a problem with back lights. They won't turn on because of problems with cars alarm

It's roomy which I like. It drives smooth and when u push the gas it goes, there's no pause

- Rachel C

It's really held up well for it's mileage and age.

I dislike all the recalls it has had throughout the years. I like how easy it is to drive.

- Nicole V

It's old and not super trustworthy.

I like the style. It has been recalled and repaired and still has issues. It's an ok car.

- Rachel W

I feel spoiled by all electronic locks, air conditioning and cruise control

No bluetooth or aux input. Or back windshield wiper. I miss having either one of those

- Jeanne A

it is old and i need to replace it cuz the air conditioner sucks

air conditioner sucks and makes weird noises moonroof doesn't open is just a sunroof

- megan r

It's a reliable car that doesn't break down often. It's starting to show its age though

It's pretty good and pretty reliable in general as far as being a good daily driver

- Tyl B

I like the way it looks. I love the quality of the car. I hate it costs so much

It handles great and has great safety features. Great value. Gets good gas mileage

- Wendy H

The brakes squeak and pulse when using them but still gets good gas mileage

Reliable, been using it for years. Wish it didn't have as many problems as it does.

- Sara A

It gets good gas mileage. Seats at least 5 people comfortable.

It gets me from A to B. It gets good gas mileage. Has room for me and the kids.

- Randy P

There's no radio so it's a quiet ride

The radio doesn't work and the dashboard constantly says the gas cap isn't on.

- Shelby Y

My vehicle is a 4 door 6 cylinder with heated seats, which I like! I also like that it is roomy. My complaint would be that it seems very low to the ground.

Gets me where I need to go and it is a safe vehicle to transport children.

- Sara M

It's like any car if you can take care of it, it'll be a good vehicle if you can't it'll have issues.

Good old car. Still runs good. Enough room but not so big its cumbersome.

- Joe M

My car on open interstate roads gets anywhere from 30 to 33 mpg

I like the body style. I like the gas mileage. I like the overall power.

- Jeffrey C

My car a Saturn Ion was not listed at all. I would avoid buying a car like this. It can shut down on you while the car is on which can be dangerous.

Had problems with it stopping at times. Did not have a smooth drive.

- jared M

It's mine!!! it is a really good on gas!!

I loved my car when I first got it. It has been really reliable,,,,

- jane g

My car has been going for a long time, my only problem is that it's old and has a lot of miles and I need to get a new one now

My car has 240,000 miles and is running better than a lot of cars.

- Serenity J

Plenty of room for passengers

Runs well with just usual maintenance. Very few repairs required.

- richard S

the make and model is really nice and it runs super well and i have had minimal problems

it's comfortable. it runs nicely. i like that it's a chevy.

- Majestic B

Dependable car, good quality and reasonably priced

My car has been dependable and not needed a lot of repairs

- Ame R

The vehicle is decently sized, not too small so it fits out family. My vehicle is reliable and everything works properly, decent gas mileage.

My Chevrolet Malibu is reliable and a great family car.

- Marquisha R

Driving safely and all technology safety feature and about all accessories you can an use with urcar

I love it it is family vehicle love to ride with family

- Shubha T

Needs regular oil maintenance

Love the speed and driving quality. Looks good too!

- Al h

It's gives me no problems.

It's keeps on running and keeps on running well.

- Cameron S

old, getting rusty. broken cd player

decent on gas. spacious. smooth driving.

- Robert L