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Still under 100, 000 for it to be an 08. Deep grey color with sunroof.

When we first got the 08 Chevy Malibu we loved it, it is somewhat okay on gas. For it to be a plain car on the outside the inside has special features like a sun roof. The color of the car is a deep gray, does have Chevy rims. The tires have healed up while only on was replaced due to it begin damaged in a hit-in-run. I do wish the windows would have been tinted before hand definitely would of been a plus during the summer. But the vehicle itself has many problems since we got it. The first was the ac, then we have had to buy two batteries for it, a new radiator and fan since the fan broke to pieces. We paid over 200 to have the headlight fixed because the wiring was damaged but still the light does not work. The car has been hit from behind at a red light and also hit in Walmart parking lot. For it to be a sedan type vehicle is really not roomie on the inside. There’s three people in my house hold and we hardly ever go anywhere in due to how small. The seats are not very comfortable. I do love that it has heated seat for winter. Wish it would have more ac vents in the back seat since I have a child. With all the repairs done to car it really is not worth money anymore. It is still under 100, 000 and just seems to always have problems. The insurance on it is fairly good.

- Savannah H

My vehicle was an great pick for me personally because I like small cars.

My car drives pretty good. Only thing is I have a great mechanic but certain things he cannot fix because my care is required to go to an dealership because it's more of an electric car than anything. Including sensors that only the dealerships can fix like my power steering is an sensor and my mechanic couldn't do it because it is a certain tool the dealers use. On top of that I went to live stop for an oil change I asked if they can check the fluids to my transmission and they couldn't do it because they stated it has to go dealership because it do not have the dip stick and they are the only ones who would have it and the only ones who can tell me the level and the only ones who can refill it to the correct level so before buying a car I need to look more into them to make sure I can afford the prices of parts and labor.

- Avon B

Great family car, reasonably priced, few maintenance problems.

The Chevy Malibu is a great family car. It easily accommodates 5 people. It is a nice size not too big or small. The mileage is middle of the road, not especially thirty but not overly expensive. I have had relatively few problems over the 11 years that I have owned this car. Previously I had a Buick Lesabre, which was also a great car which actually lasted 15 years. I passed it on to my grandchildren, which is what I intend to do with the Malibu. I am planning to purchase a new car in the next year and this car will be passed on to a family member, who will probably have it for about another 5 years or pass it off to someone else. I am been very pleased with this car and am planning to buy another Chevrolet Malibu.

- Marie C

Love the car, but be prepared to remove the bumper to change a headlight!

I bought this vehicle, used, in 2014. It was love at first sight. Through the years I have not had any major problems with vehicle, knock on wood, and plan to drive it a few more years until I can upgrade to the latest model. The only issue I've had was my passenger side headlight kept going out. I found out, after purchasing, that the entire bumper must be removed in order to change the headlights. That can get really expensive especially since the 1 headlight went out when the seasons changed and it began raining a lot. They finally figured out the issue which cost less than taking off the bumper and I haven't had any issues since. The car drives smoothly and still looks nice. Definitely was a great buy.

- Candace B

I recommend getting a Chevy Malibu.

My dad bought my car for my sixteenth birthday from a coworker. I actually got blessed with a car that had all the upgrades (heated seats, wood trim, remote start, and sunroof). My car has been really good to me and I like it very much. The only "problems" I had was having to take it to the shop a few times for minor issues worth a couple hundred dollars. I recently had an oil leaking problem but after they filled it up it has not leaked yet. My back tire is sensitive to heating and cooling and sometimes I cannot get the remote start to work. Lastly my left speaker does not work completely. But overall for a used car and my first car I love it. Comfortable seats, good gas mileage, and reliable.

- Alicia S

A car that gets you where you need to go

The automatic locks no longer work and must now be manually locked or unlocked. The car drives well still will over 100,000 miles and has done multiple long trips across states. It has been pretty reliable as far as getting me where I need to go with few issues is concerned. However, the check engine light has consistently been on due to a sensor issue and each time it's fixed it comes right back on within a few days. It's not a detrimental issue but it is an issue when inspection time comes around. Despite these few issues I've listed, the car has been good to me and does what it should. The comfort is average and the features are basic to most cars, nothing spectacular.

- Alexis G

2008 Chevy Malibu will take you on many adventure. Stellar car for a basic model.

This car has been fantastic for me. Roomy. Built like a tank. Fantastic in the snow. I drive this car all over the country, and I have had very few issues with it. A dead battery here and there. And a burnt out headlight. Gas mileage is fantastic. When driving long distances, I get about 40 mpg! Driving in town around 20-25 mpg. Very roomy back seat for my large breed dog. The truck is spacious. The stereo system is wonderful for being a typical system. CD player. AUX portal. It is not the most up to date vehicle. No GPS. No Bluetooth. No touchscreen monitor. But it is served every purpose that I need it to! Highly recommend for an older model.

- Alex J

Great little car for basic needs!

The car is decently maintained. It has fabric seats and a basic radio with an auxiliary input. One of the best features is the cruise control, which has saved me from many speeding tickets. It is best not to use it uphill, since it is harder on the engine. Another thing I really like is the air-conditioning. It is pretty hot in Texas and I can always count on my car to cool me down on those 109 degree weather days. As of late, it is been having some issues with the fuel valve to where it will not start. It's a comfortable little car and is great for transporting me around town and across Texas.

- Mary H

A vehicle that offers more than luxury and space.

My Chevy Malibu is very spacious and comfortable. Which makes it a great vehicle for trips to the grocery store or across states. It's great for drivers who are taller and need more leg room. The amount of space this car offers also makes it a great family vehicle. Even with a car seat in the back it will still fit 2 adults comfortably. The trunk also has a lot of room fits our stroller and groceries easily. The only prominent issue with this car is driving in wintry conditions. It often drifts and slides in snow or freezing rain. Even with a lot of rain the car is prone to hydroplaning.

- Alexandra E

It does get good gas mileage and rides very smooth

Purchased my Chevy, Malibu from J.D. Byrider because my other vehicle was having mechanical issues. It's pretty comfortable ride. Within 2 months of having it it would stall and cut out, the check engine light came on. So with that on my remote start don't work. Mechanic diagnosed it and it's the cadillac converter going out. Not covered under their warranty. Still driving it 9 months later like that. Tire monitor not working right and p.s.i. warning comes on. Features I like sunroof, programmable built in garage door opener, heated leather seats.

- Tanya P

Good first car and easy fixable.

It is a cute car and it drives really good but I have had many problems with the tires and steering issues but overall it is very easily fixed. It is a good first car so teens and is affordable. The gas is pretty decent too I pay about $26 every two weeks depending how much I drive. The interior it a basic car setup but it works all very well and does it is job. The main issues I have had were the antifreeze had a leak so I had to fill it constantly then the tires were very shaking causing my steering to be off and bad but it all was an easy and cheap fix.

- Cat S

2008 Chevrolet Malibu review.

The 2008 Chevrolet Malibu is a very reliable car. My car is showing some age, for the mileage, it still runs quite well every day, has a few dings and scratches, but still looks very good for its age. The front bucket seats are almost like new, and stills it comfortably for in city to city rides, may be a bit of discomfort for taller individuals for longer driving when sitting in the back seat. The back seat locks have had some issues that required fixing, which is to be expected with age and use every day. No leaks, air/heat working very well.

- Melissa S

My experience with the 2008 Chevy Malibu.

Shortly after purchasing my car, body issues began to occur. I have replaced the headlights twice. The windshield cracked in extreme cold. I have replaced the brakes all the way around twice. Mechanically, however, I have had no issues. It has good acceleration, starts right away in extremely cold weather and all the bells and whistles (of which there are not many) work just fine. My favorite part of the car though is the gas mileage. On the interstate or a long stretch of uninterrupted highway I can sometimes achieve 40 mpg average.

- Rebecca H

Love the 2008 Chevy Malibu ltz.

I purchased this vehicle used and love it. I know that it is an eleven year old vehicle at this point but it is perfect for me. It has every feature that I want or need without being 'too much'. It does have high miles on it now but has been a very reliable vehicle with regular maintenance and few repairs. The sunroof is a huge plus for me even though I wasn't looking for that in a vehicle. The ltz package look makes my car look much newer than what it is. I will definitely be looking for something similar for my next car.

- Lisa L

It's an okay car, that cursed blinker issue though.

The design of this car leaves many blind spots while driving, you have to be extra aware of your surroundings. Also in Chevrolet cars it seems that the blinker will inevitably go out on you and you will have to work it manually. What I enjoy about my car is the space, it has plenty of room for passengers and the trunk is quite large. I had an issue with my camshaft and crank sensors that no one could figure out. Someone mentioned that this particular car has two of the crank sensors.

- Kay D

It had many issues, especially electrical issues that kept the car from running.

It is not very reliable a all. A lot of electrical work has had to be done on it. Many of the sensors such as in the tires and to read the oil, have not lasted and therefore lights are always on. The light behind the right side of the dashboard has gone out. It gets you were you need to go most of the time. Now, we're having trouble with a coolant leak, although that may be because of what a previous mechanic did, rather than how the car was built.

- Marie P

An interesting detail is that it was the first car for my two siblings and I

I really enjoy driving my car. It's a red 2008 Chevy Malibu and for being 11 years old, it only has about 100,000 miles on it. My brother bought the car when he was a senior in high school, then it was passed down to my sister, and now to me. I've only had a few issues with the car. Like when it gets cold outside, the tire pressure light comes on even if the tires are full. My aux cord portal doesn't work either but I can live without that.

- Page B

Very reliable and affordable Chevrolet Malibu!

My vehicle is a 2008 Chevrolet Malibu. It is a four cylinder with a sunroof and power windows. The trunk is very spacious and so is the back seat. One of the things I really love about my car is the way it drives. It is very easy to take on road trips and it is very reliable. The gas mileage is about twenty six miles to the gallon, highway miles. Also, the heated seats are a nice touch and I use this feature often in the winter time.

- Shay B

This year car has a lot of mechanical issues that will pop up.

All parts on vehicle are original and with it being ten-years-old all parts are starting to fail. Have had to rebuild almost all suspension in the front end and am starting to have suspension issues in the back. Performance, though, aside from the issue with parts, is fantastic. A lot of highway driving is giving the car an average of 27 mpg which is pretty good for this car and getting close to the average listed for this vehicle.

- Andrew W

Malibu a great care. Treat it right and your vehicle will go along way.

Love the car. It is good on gas in the city or traveling long distances. It is very reliable and easy to fix if your vehicle breaks down. The electrical system adapts to any speaker you put in your vehicle. It doesn't burn oil if you hand it every thousand miles. The breaks are excellent and it can stop on a dime if need be. I really like the interior of my vehicle. Keep your car well maintained and you can't go wrong.

- Cleve J

$40 a full tank for a week.

My car takes a while to get speed. If it is too cold, it will slow down or shut off. Turning on the defroster causes the engine to rev. The speaker for OnStar is broken so the volume is really low, making it hard to hear. As far as reliability, I am able to get from a to b but prefer not to drive more than a few hours with the car to save gas since it is 40$ for a full tank and will last for a short amount of time.

- Kelli H

No problems love my vehicle it is fast reliable comfortable in style.

No problems love my vehicle it is fast reliable comfortable in style great vehicle no problems love my vehicle it is fast reliable comfortable in style great vehicle no problems love my vehicle it is fast reliable comfortable in style great vehicle no problems love my vehicle it is fast reliable comfortable in style great vehicle no problems love my vehicle it is fast reliable comfortable in style great vehicle.

- Boss G

Very spacious and roomy. Comfortable seats.

It is very comfortable to drive in. It is used so it is currently not running due to many issues like the starter, battery and alternator. But it is very spacious. A lot of room. Drives smooth and well when it runs. It is sleek looking. Very reliable when there is not problems. Good power to it when it drives. Everything is very accessible when you need to turn on a/c or heat. A lot of trunk space.

- Ryan E

It has the option to drive manually or automatically.

It has not had many major issues other than the steering messed up once. It rides very smoothly and has decent gas mileage considering it is a six cylinder. However, the issue I have with it is the locks sometimes do not lock automatically, so I have to lock the car with the door button, then open one or two doors and lock them manually. Other than that, it performs well and is spacious.

- Anna R

The one thing people should know is if you plan to have people in the car the back seat is uncomfortable

I like how smooth it rides compared to my pontiac grand am I had previously. I have leather seats which I hate because hot in summer and cold in winter. I don't like the design of the headlights. In order to change a light bulb you need a mechanical to tear the front end off so it cost alot of labor to replace one light bulb. I have had this car for 8 years and still works well.

- Cecilia S

High safety rating, 2 year warranty, new engine just put in, needs new o2 sensors and has electrical issues that need fixed.

I like that it has a high safety rating, is comfortable, and looks nice in appearance. I wish it had a little more space, but mainly I don't like that it has electrical issues (power locks dont work), doesn't have keyless entry, and also the check engine light is on because it needs new o2 sensors. I like that it has a warranty and the computer works well. It drives very smooth.

- brooke s

It is cheaply made and starts to fall apart after 5 years.

The interior is cheap plastic and the engine power is lacking. Most of the electronics in the car stop working. My power windows, certain speakers and car lighter all stop working. I have had to change my headlights 4 times in 3 years but never had to change a tail light. In order to change the headlight you basically have to take off the entire front end, so that is annoying.

- Jared A

Chevy Malibu almost right.

The 4 cylinder engine is weak and mileage is not that great. It is reliable and has a large trunk but getting in and out of it can be difficult with the long doors and narrow parking spaces. Seat are comfortable but the are bad blind spots for the driver. It is stylish but too low to the ground. Often times the front spoiler or mud flap scrape on dips and parking limits.

- Steve O

it's a good size honestly, the ac and heat still work great which is important

I really haven't had any major problems until recently such as my Cadillac converter, my brake system (I don't remember exactly what was wrong but it wasn't anything TOO major) and new tires for the first time. The gas mileage is great, takes MAYBE $25 to fill up my tank completely and I have to drive everyday at least for an hour and I fill up my tank once a week.

- Madeline S

A great and affordable buy. Reliable and strong. I highly recommend it.

I love my Chevy Malibu. It is an ltz so it's a little more equipped than the average Malibu. The he heated leather seats warm quickly. The climate control is quick and accommodating. I love the power seat and windows . It handles like a dream and rides very smoothly. It's probably one of my favorite cars the leather details in chocolate and cream. The crime pieces.

- Zach C

My experience with the 2008 Chevrolet Malibu.

I have a 2008 Chevrolet Malibu, and I have had it for about 8 years. I would describe my car as reliable and comfortable, although it could be a bit roomier. Problems that I have had include the power locks and adjustable seat no longer working and transmission issues. One thing I love are the seat warmers in the winter! I also love the sleek look of the Malibu.

- Jasmine R

I love the interior colors of my Malibu and the six disc CD with the aux plug in.

The only problems I have minor starter alternator had to be replaced..The headlight replacements are a pain to replace u have to take the whole bumper off. My Malibu is a great car lots of power drives very good. The gas mileage is good it excels very quickly the ltz is the best of all the malibu's the stereo is a good quality I love the six speed transmission.

- Ivory D

Nice vehicle performs pretty good

I love my car and would have given it 5 stars... But it has a few problems like for instant my seat won't go up or down do to a electrical problem... Plus I seem to have to replace the headlights off then very annoying.. but other than that the car drives pretty good nice little navigation OnStar system... Trunk is pretty spacious over all pretty nice car.

- Dave A

Amazing car. If I had to change one thing it would be how fast the gas burns.

I have had my car for a few months now. I bought it used with about 170,000 miles on it. I haven't had any problems with it at all except with the auxiliary. Performance is wonderful. I can get up to speed when needed. This car is very reliable. I can rely on it to start every time and heat up fast when the winter starts. This car makes me feel quite safe.

- Autumn T

The car is great on gas and has a smooth feel when driving

GREAT on gas has some small failures like headlights going out speaker going out and now from my experience windows going out. This can all be replaced relatively cheap but at the end of the day it's a great car! I've traveled miles with my gas hand on E before I actually ran out. I would definitely pick this car over a lot of others in the market

- Quadric T

Not the best car I've ever owned, but not the worst.

There haven't been any major issues with the car. However, the gas mileage hasn't held up over the years, I frequently lose air pressure in my tires, and I've started having problems with the door locks not unlocking. Also, within about 6 months of purchasing the car (I bought it new in late 2007), some of the speakers in the car stopped working.

- Candice W

Previously owned by the city of Wichita, Kansas. Still very reliable.

Features are minimal, not a whole lot of new options. Reliability is fine, car has been well taken care of and frequently up-kept. Spacious enough more small sedan car. Average mpg is around 22, which is not horrific but also not phenomenal for how small the car is. Would be interested in finding a newer car with better mileage and more features.

- Marie R

Dependable and stylish, amazing car with exceptional qualities

Drives smoothly, has a nice look to it physically. Drives quickly and breaks seamlessly. It's traction feature allows it to kick in whenever it senses ice which has helped me on more than a few occasions. It's good on gas mileage and has lasted through many long trips. Dependable car I'd buy again in the future if my current one was damaged

- Morgan Y

2008 Chevrolet Malibu Thoughts and Issues

Gas mileage isn't all that great. It often needs fixing at least every other month because of problems around the engine. It drives pretty smooth though, and doesn't usually have problems with the tires. It did have a recall on the steering wheel a few years ago because it got really stiff and wouldn't budge while driving (very dangerous).

- Ken R

It has a screen that lights up to let me know of any maintenance required.

I really love the "smoothness" of this car. You can barely hear when it starts and can barely feel how fast you are going. I have taken a few road trips in this car and didn't have any issues. It also has a digital screen telling me when I need an oil change or it dings if I am low on gas or dings if someone is not wearing their seatbelt.

- Regina S

The Chevy Malibu is a sporty, affordable, family car.

I love the body and interior of my car. Auxiliary, radio, and design are all great. However, I have had issues with it since I bought it. Its 10 years old and the engine, o2 sensor, camshaft sensor, catalytic convertor have all gone out. It's only been 4 months!! I have heard from a lot of people that maintaining Malibu's are impossible.

- Rebecca B

Decent size, its overall comfortable and nice trunk space.

Gas mileage is ok but my check engine light came on and engine power reduced light came on and we've been trying to get it fixed. It's an issue with the computer. When we hook up the scanner it says the throttle body needs replaced and the gas pedal sensor needs replaced- we have changed both and it still continues to alert those issues.

- Brittany J

Interior was an eye catching and the color

It drives great! Fast. Love the interior and exterior. Not many problems with it except I had to get the dual fan and radiator repairs. The mechanic said the bearings went bad I.the fan m cased the fan to fall off the rotator and knock a hole in the refrigerator. Other than normal maintenance, that's the only problem I've had with it.

- Wanda B

The luxury of a Chevy Malibu.

My Chevy malibu is a great and reliable car. I have had to fix a few minor things here and there but it is a trustworthy car. It drives great and barely gives me any issues. It gets great mileage and is worth the . Buy. I have only had to fix problems with it that typically happens to every car. Definitely a car worth your money.

- Autumn N

2008 Chevy Malibu, not entirely modern but super dependable

A reliable car. Occasional clunks and scraping noises but that is most likely due to the cars age. Great gas mileage. No aux cord or cassette player. Roomy, good for moving out of dorms/apartments. Does not include a sunroof. Blind spots are very manageable. Little to no rust. Seats are very adjustable so driving is comfortable.

- Allie K

Gas engine shuts off with foot on brake. People said, lady your car turned off!

Auto is comfortable, four door for easy access, reliable but not as gas saving as expected. Hybrid is more for exhaust saving than gas saving. When first purchased the auto was used for a long daily commute on expressways and was more gas efficient than it is now that I am retired and only use a tank of gas once every 4 weeks.

- Shirley R

Malibu: Simple but beautiful

Only problems experiences are that headlights go out frequently and require the front bumper to be removed to replace them. It has great performance even with many miles and is reliable and comfortable with a great look. Included are ceiling lights, an automatic sun/moon roof, radio, and moveable backseat for extra trunk room.

- Tori N

2008 Chevy Malibu. Still running strong after 150k miles!

I love my 08 Malibu. It's beyond spacious. There is so much room in the back even for those on the taller side. Trunk space is good. The power is slightly lacking, but as a family car it's no big deal. Mpg on the car is pretty good too. So far it's lasted me over 150k miles and still running strong. Passes smog with no issues

- Jordan T

It is amazing with great gas mileage and features.

There are no problems I have found with my Malibu. It drives smoothly. I have had it for 3 years and it still drives great even though it was previously owned. It gets good gas mileage and is a comfortable car. Their are heated seats as well. I would definitely buy another one. This is the best vehicle I have ever purchased.

- Melissa B

It is a timeless classic that will last years with proper care.

I like the body style and features allowing me to adjust both the seat and wheel to accommodate my height. The only thing I dislike about the vehicle is the seats being an easily stained fabric rather than a leather seat. I also like how easy it is to find replacement parts for my vehicle, as opposed to a higher end vehicle.

- Heather H

Performance and Reliability

My car is very reliable. I have had it for over 10 years and it has not given me much problems in the pass. For the past 4 years I've worked seventy miles away from my home and it continued to give good performance. It is a comfort due to having clothes interior so it doesn't get too hot or cold during extreme seasons.

- Shayla B

Very good gas mileage but poor performance everywhere else.

Biggest issues are the ac and the undercarriage and braking systems having major issues. The ac went out after 4 months of getting the vehicle the brakes especially the calipers wear down fairly fast. I have had issues with the control arms the rotors and the calipers all fairly quickly from when I first got the vehicle.

- Leonard C

My teal baby with the smooth ride.

The car drives very well and is good on gas. Especially if you use premium gas. The seats area is a little tight but it is still comfortable. Does not require a lot of maintenance or upkeep. Love the color, it is a nice light teal color. The locks work and do not work depending on the day but otherwise it is a great car.

- Ki D

We are ford people but we love are new Chevy!

We love both are ford and Chevy we just got are Chevy have always been ford folks but are Chevy is nice and rides smooth and has a lot of space. It maybe two years older than are ford but it seems to have more upgrades and more nicer. It is a luxury sedan. We took a 10 hour drive with two kids in out Chevy and loved it.

- Sommer L

The Malibu is a great mid size car.

I love my Malibu. The only problem I had was water in the back floor board. Took it to the dealer about three times before they fixed it. I have usually bought Impalas but went with the Malibu. It's very dependable. I have had no mechanical problems. I got the car new and would not hesitate on getting another one.

- Brenda W

Good car and bad car it has it is faults and it is strengths but it really depends.

This vehicle has at least two factory recalls due to brake lamp and power steering issues. The headlight is difficult to change more than likely has to be taken to a mechanic to be changed. Had the car for the last 6 years gets me from point a to be just fine. Rides smoothly but picks up speed less than most vehicles.

- Chevy R

It has a smooth ride to it and is super durable.

I like the car because it can fit my tall family members in the car and they can sit anywhere. Also, it's really easy to drive and has a very smooth ride to it. The only thing I don't like is the suspension is kind of weak and now I have to get it fixed. Also, I've had numerous problems with the air conditioning.

- Imanni W

Safest vehicle in a crash.

It is an amazing vehicle with a roomy interior that can fit 5 people comfortably. I have not had any problems with the vehicle aside from the regular wear and tear, it has a larger engine so the gas mileage is not as great as a Malibu with a smaller engine, it is a reliable vehicle that I use as my daily driver.

- Danielle M

Chevrolet Malibu 2008 my baby

Great car. Nice miles. Highway ready. This is my 5th vehicle, and it's the best one I had so far. I will recommend this vehicle. It's a very comfortable, reliable spacy car. Gas is good in there. I will have this vehicle for a few more years. When I decide to get another vehicle I am still going to keep my car.

- Angel H

Again, has a lot of space for a sedan and a big trunk.

The car is reliable with a big trunk and lots of space, but I am one person and do not need so much room. It has not needed an overwhelming amount of maintenance other than oil changes etc. Cons are that it runs really loudly and it is pretty bad on gas. I like to travel a lot so it is not the ideal car for me.

- Jennifer M

A must-buy all around amazing car!

It's a very nice car. The color it could be changed but I think it's okay. It's good on gas. It has very comfortable seats. The AC and the heating systems work amazingly throughout the year. The tires are great as well. The brake system is amazing. It came with a CD player what's some nice system sound system.

- Lisa T

Great affordable vehicle for growing families

the vehicle is very reliable. Good gas mileage. I live in a northern climate and it drives quite well in the snow. Haven't had any major repair issues. I would highly recommend this vehicle to any prospective buyer. It also holds its value very well I could sell this car right now and make a good return on it.

- Sean M

Classy American car the Chevrolet Malibu.

The Malibu is a well thought design the v6 gives me plenty of power the 2 tone leather heated 6 way power seats are comfortable and look good. The problems with the car are within the electrical system. I have encountered them with the power locks, the rear window defroster as well with the computer sensors.

- Gregory P

Best midsize car for the price range!

The car is a very comfortable ride. It has a great sound system. It handles extremely well in the snow. It warms up quickly and the heat works very well, heated seats heat up quickly. It gets good gas mileage. The only problem I have had is the aluminum rims. They bend easily and are expensive to replace.

- Cheryl S

It is very economical when it comes to the amount I pay for gas. It usually fills up with $30.

My vehicle has been very reliable and I have had it for about 2 years. This car used to be my mother's and she's passed it down to me. She had it for about 3 years. It is starting to break down on me. The battery needs to be changed very often. It may be time for a new one since it is over ten years old.

- Jaquy A

2008 Chevy Malibu is comfortable and a good value.

My Chevy Malibu has had many problems, such as a loose axle, bad brakes, and leaking coolant, but is very comfortable to drive. It does not have many exclusive features, but has a radio and CD player. It performs well for a front wheel drive vehicle, although its traction in the winter could be better.

- Caitlin K

Wonderful car with comfort

Keep up with any work. I ignored some and it's just bad now. I have to keep replacing tires. Love the heated seats. Love the stereo plenty of room for kids and anything else you may need. Great on gas. Super comfortable. Rides well. Runs great never had any real problems. Keep up with the oil changes

- Cat S

The interior of my car is two toned. I have maybe only seen 2 other like mine.

I did have a couple hiccups with my car. Sometimes when I would put the keys in the ignition without turning them the car would start up. It fixed itself though. Other than that my car is awesome. Love my interior. Very smooth riding! My gas mileage is not great though, maybe 16 miles to the gallon.

- Patrick T

I really love the design of the vehicle. And how it handles.

I have never really had any issues with the vehicle. The only thing I have ever had to replace is a battery the breaks and the oil transmission fluid windshield wiper blades add windshield wiper fluid as well as the tires I do think the seats material can be upgraded because of normal wear and tear.

- Tony C

Exceptional care for the price.

Performs well, a little tight for large people especially in the head space, it's ok for a small person like myself, non problematic, runs great and dependable, I keep it serviced and maintained according to manufacturer recommendations. Leather seats have held up well and I love the heated seats.

- Debra M

Get up and go- 6 cylinder.

I love my car. It drives smooth. The interior is nice as well. I love that it is a 6 cylinder. It has a lot of get up and go. No hesitation when needing to accelerate on the highway. I find that Chevys are always very reliable cars. I have had other Chevys in the past and they have been good cars.

- Brittany V

Small car with lots of room.

It is roomy inside for a small car. It gets good gas mileage. Repairs are few and far between. There is a good pickup for a small engine. It is reliable and handles well in all kinds of weather. There is a lot of trunk room and holds pretty large items. The radio with CD player has decent sound.

- Robert R

Looking for a reliable car choose no other than a Chevy Malibu.

My Chevy Malibu is reliable not only does it not make big noise but it rides like a dream. The only problem I had was the tires going flat but I fixed the problem and I was satisfied after that. The inside is very comfortable the seats adjust and the a.C and music makes riding this car great.

- David J

2008 Chevy Malibu: a pretty decent car.

Its pretty reliable and comfortable. It has leather interior which is great. I have had slight electrical issues with it but it is 10 plus years old. I need new shocks and struts but other than that I enjoy it. I would recommend it to others but if I had the option would get something else.

- Tiffany H

My Malibu works well the things I have fixed.

I really like my Chevy Malibu the only things I have had to fix in five years was the water pump alternator, replace battery and tires. It has a small leak in the radiator reserve tank but it will be fixed soon it drives good and is pretty good on gas I have changed the oil about 9 time's.

- Mary R

Drives smooth and great gas mileage

It's a nice vehicle. Easy to drive. Great gas mileage nice for kids and animals. Large trunk space. Has a CD player has air conditioning that works great electric window and locks. It has cruise control. I would buy another one if I could. Love the color. Will have this car for a long time

- Ashley Y

When looking at the car it looks two-toned.

As far as any problems, I haven't had too many major issues. About 2 years ago I had to have the gas tank replaced because of a leak. Yes my car does have a lot of miles on it but now I am currently about to replace the camshaft. Overall I do still love my car because it still turns heads.

- Angie J

Love the onstar and satellite radio features.

Have had the computer go out and replaced it. Starting to have the same issue with it again and part is no longer under warranty. Had just been over a year, have sway bar and alignment issues, seal leaks, electrical issues with headlights, airbag service light and seat belt light stay on.

- Susan T

review of my 2008 used Chevy Malibu

good on gas, is big enough for a small family. It has a CD player the radio is rather tinny sounding. Could use better radio, I got really good tires on it when I bought it. Good body and nothing wrong with engine. I can't really find anything bad to say about the car. Has cruise control

- Clara Y

Sleek, unisex, quick and dependable. Truly a gem.

The performance is great, constant electrical problems (minor) and frequent visits to the mechanic, but has never broken the bank. Other than that, love the car. Sleek design, very quick and very safe as well. Truly a dream car, besides some of the technical and electrical malfunctions.

- Scott W

There's A compartment on the dash not a lot of people know about.

It is great on gas for one thing, and drives very smoothly, especially on the highway. The only problem I have with mine is the hole in the exhaust. It is quite loud and kind of annoying, so while I am waiting to get it fixed I drove with my stereo up. Which is impeccable might I add.

- Sierra R

Great overall car for the year and make.

It drives really well. Gets great gas mileage for the age. It does rust on the back end fairly fast. I have had some engine issues with an o2 sensor. There has not been any other issues occurring besides that. It has been a great car as of convenience and comfortability for the year.

- Dylan N

The highlight would be the reliability.

Its great, reliable, just has some small rust issues on top and bottom, to both important and not so important spots. Overall awesome car. Had to replace a wheel bearing from rust. It also has aluminum rims that bend under weather temp changes, so that is another con of the vehicle.

- Nickey H

Chevy Malibu ltz: 4 cylinder engine. The engine of this car is a gas saver.

I love that it has a sunroof. I love that it is good on gas. I love that it is sporty and has a sedan body. It is very reliable and gets me to where I need to go. I have not had any serious problems with it. I love that it has a 4 cylinder engine. I love that it has OnStar built in.

- Jessica S

The 2008 Chevy Malibu is a reliable car with good comfort.

My vehicle has had a lot of problems and always seems to have something wrong. It is had an axle loose, brakes that need replacing, leaking coolant, etc. However, it has never broken down on me and is very comfortable, though many people think it is too small and low to the ground.

- Caitlin J

Heated seats. I drive truck. My body gets beat up all day long. Im sore.

I love the heated seats. Cruise control and ac. Speeds up to 140 mph. Black sleek with silver trim. Very reliable. Great on gas. Nice stereo system which can be controlled on the steering wheel. 0 to 60 mph in 15 seconds. Rides smooth. I love my car. I recommend this car to anyone.

- Melanie A

The car has nice body and great colors and is a great car to drive.

The car drives well and it has anti-lock brakes it gets good gas mileage. It can carry four people comfortably. It has a nice color on the car and can stop on a dime=, the truck is big and can holds a lot of items. My husband drives it to and from work and it drives great for him.

- Cheryl L

Dash panel is very important.

It is a big change from the truck I used to drive, but it is comfortable good gas mileage and enough room for 5. Has good sound system. I really enjoy the information panel on dash, shows the gas mileage tire pressure, trip length, oil life. Power windows and tons of trunk space.

- Nancy T

You asked, I responded, enough said.

My car is and has been a wonderful experience with acceptable maintenance needs. The body has held up remarkable well in the buffalo winters and salted roads. . It is comfortable, well functioning and reliable at all time. The tires are black and the car is maroon in my opinion.

- Dick O

Love the design of the body

I love my car but it needs to be detailed and a maintenance check. It has the leather package with heated seats. It's roomy and comfy too! AC blows good and cold and haven't had many problems out of it. I've had it for almost 2 years and it's my daily driver for me and my kids

- Brandy G

2008 Chevrolet Malibu lt 2. 4 liter.

I love my 2008 Chevrolet Malibu lt! It is good on gas, came with floor mats, has plenty of room and has a good car design. The trunk is huge compared to most sedan cars. My husband is not a big car person and he loves driving it as well! Said he would get another for himself!

- Jennifer P

Its old but it still runs like new!

Car runs great, only problems that I have had is I had to get the computer in my engine replaced and normal wear and tear. But I love my car, I would not change what I drive! I would recommend getting this car to anyone! My mechanic told me the car can go up to 300,000 miles.

- Amanda M

Very reliable and dependable car.

My Chevy Malibu is a awesome vehicle, it a great family car and plenty of room. Drives smooth and has great gas mileage. My family loves driving around through the countryside with the sunroof open. Has a fantastic stereo system. I would recommend this vehicle for to anyone.

- Jonathan L

Worst vehicle that GM Could possibly make

I have replace the fuel pump at least 7 times, and now the motor is needing replaced. This vehicle has been nothing but problems since I purchased it. Will never purchase another Malibu again. Maybe a impala, if Chevrolet at all... also the gas mileage on it isn't that great

- Jessica C

Holds style with newer models.

This car has a v6 enough torque, it is black with blue metal flake, sound system is great, controls on steering wheel. Seats are very comfortable, heated driver seat. Moon roof is great, very smooth ride. Style is holding its own with newer models. Great looking 4 door car.

- Earl U

Lately, the automatic door lock does not want to work when it's hot outside.

My 2008 Malibu runs good only on get-go gas I do not know why what do they put in it. On other gas bop exxon, Sunoco it runs like an old 4 cylinder car. Engine, on get-go it runs like a v8. But it has been a very reliable car. Only problem is the am radio it cut in and out.

- Paul H

A quick review of the 2008 Chevy Malibu.

The Chevy Malibu makes better gas mileage on the highway. Mine is a 2008 model; I am sure newer models make better gas mileage. The blind spots are too big and are annoying. However, it offers comfortable seating for four, and if needed, five. The dashboard is easy to use.

- Elizabeth S

It is a great small family car. It has great a/c and great heated seats.

It is a nice car with nice features. However, it is at the point where everything is needing to be replaced. Right now there is a lot of replacing to do which has costed quite a bit of money. It does run well once I get all the things fixed. It is a great small family car.

- David O

Great ride, mpg, reliability, and features.

The car I own is great!! I have had no major problems. Gas mileage is very good. The model is a lt. It has great features, 5-disc CD, heated seats and back window. Leather seats. It is very reliable in all weather. It is a great and comfortable ride. I couldn't be happier!

- Shawn M

There was a major problem with it the Cadillac converter and the alternator

The only thing I have a problem is that the Cadillac converter messes up alot, drives good smooth comfortable car. Probably had some other issues but not too much like well the alternator went out and the parts for the alternator and Cadillac converter was really expensive

- Heather S

2008 Chevy Malibu great deal for the price.

I love it. I would say the performance is top notch. I would put it up there with some high end cars considering the price. It is very solid. About 25 mpg city driving and 35 highway. I do not have anything bad to say. I have never had it repaired other than maintenance.

- Mary G

the best car ever had and love

my car have no problem it's in tip top shape. Its gets tune up every year. It runs real good and it have low miles. Very reliable. it in very good condition. It comes fully loaded with everything working inside the car and outside. The paint job is still in good shape.

- Leanne H

My great experience with Malibu love.

This vehicle is really reliable. It is spacious and has automatic start. The interior seats are cloth. This car is very good on gas. I just put $35 in the tank and it lasted me all week. If I had the choice I would buy this car all over again. It is just that reliable!

- Gwen S

It is a well dependable vehicle that has held up well and still runs well.

I have had very little mechanical problems with my vehicle. Paint job is still excellent. The cloth seats are not good as they spot extremely bad. It gets good gas mileage and does not burn oil. It has not broken down and been reliable. The size for passengers is nice.

- Teresa S

Dependable with some issues Chevy Malibu

Tire sensor light comes on for no reason. The anti lock brake system will prevent the car from coming on for no reason It runs slow if the air is on. It will not take off. The body style is sleek and very nice. It has chrome details which is nice. It is good on gas

- Mila F

Great car that is reliable and trustworthy

Pros Plenty of power, reliable, good engine. Classic look, great features for the time. Aux and CD player. Cons Headlight replacement requires removing the entire front bumper. Leather seats are more hard and not supple. Tire pressure monitors are very touchy

- Jon B

The Malibu is always dependable.

I really love my Malibu. It looks great and is very dependable. It works well in the snow too. It has a sleek body and a beautiful interior. It is an automatic on the floor. It is roomy and has plenty of room for our kids when they were younger. I would buy another.

- Laurie V

Reliable Chevy sedan with comfy seats!

Performs pretty well. No abnormal issues that are not associated with an older car. I've had this car for 10 plus years and it is still reliable. The sunroof is nice in the fall! I love my leather seats and the seat warmers! The ride is comfortable and pretty quite.

- Rebecca L

Chevy Malibu is the one for me!

The only problem I have had with my Malibu is that it's really difficult to install new headlights because you have to remove the front bumper. The Chevy Malibu is a very nice, reliable car to have. I've had it for almost 2 years and have had no problems driving it.

- Kara K

My experience driving/owning my Chevy Malibu.

It is my first car. It is reliable and gets me where I need to go, ac works great, not very comfortable but I have been in worse. My only problem is that I had to put a lot of money into it to fix it when I first got it. Other than that, it is a good reliable sedan.

- Cody P

Reliable but far from perfect.

Its reliable, but has electrical issues. Locks do not work neither do the inside lights or the high beams it is beaten up. But I have never had a problem with it starting and it gets great gas mileage. The radio also does not work when the back window defrost is on.

- Michael K

I love my Chevy Malibu, the only way I will trade it is to trade up

The only problem I have with my car is my turn signals will not stay on other than that I love my car. It is very reliable and dependable. When I trade it in I will trade up to a newer Malibu. I only have good things to say about the Chevy Malibu they are great cars

- Alice H

Very good and reliable car. Good for small family trips and dates. Perfect size.

Great car, runs good. Red four door, tinted windows, sunroof, CD changer, keeps good gas mileage, good for a family of four. Not too big, not too smalls. Good for mini road trips. Good primary vehicle. Very reliable, AUX hookup, automatic windows. Nice size trunk.

- Brittany W

Beautiful clean no-rust Malibu!

2008 Chevrolet Malibu off-white color, light grey interior recent body work so there is now no rust! Excellent engine and transmission. New tires and hubcaps. Only 90, 000 miles! Owned by non smoker and only one other previous owner. It is a beautiful, clean car!

- Melanie S

Runs great but repairs up the galore when starting to wear out.

Transmission leak, oil leaking, wheel bearings going out in front, struts going out in back, trunk not opening right away when trunk button is pressed, sometimes driver window will not roll back up. Performance is awesome even though car is wearing out already.

- Kayla O

The speakers could use an update

Back it is a bit too small. 2 kid car seat and hardly any room for an adult. Good engine. Got good get up and go to it. Transmission is good. No trouble with the powertrain. The trunk has good space. Can fit lot in it. The air-conditioning and heat runs great.

- James M

Purchased used and abused Malibu.

Well if I were to have had the privilege of buying this vehicle brand new, I would love most everything about it. Unfortunately I purchased it used and abused. So I don't know how much of a review I can give that matters anyway. But all in all I love this car.

- Ashley B

If you need to change headlight you have to take the whole front of car off.

I like how my vehicle drives and runs. I like the features of my vehicle. I like how dependable my vehicle is I am the second owner and have had it for 4 years. I dislike the year because I would love to have a newer model and my auxiliary input is messed up.

- Faith D

Nice car. Very comfortable and beautiful interior.

My car is pretty good on gas. There are a few problems now because of its age. It has very few miles. The value of the car is less than what I owe. I would buy another Chevy product but one that is a little newer. The car is very comfortable and drives easy.

- Gail H

No matter how many times I've put it through hell. It is managed to survive it all.

The 2008 Chevrolet Malibu is a very smooth riding car. The front bumper is somewhat low to the ground so you may encounter a few parking scrape situations. Overall it is a great car. Not very much trunk space if spare tire is in place. Able to seat 5 people.

- Mark H

Beautiful colors cleans up well

It's a good car but expensive to repair seeps like always taking money. Gas mileage does well. It's a grandma car not to much speed to it. Has sunroof and all power .wouldn't buy again just because repair cost so much. Also small inside for a family of five.

- Kim B

Smooth ride and great on gas.

Pretty good on gas, every time I hit my brake a little too hard or fast a service light comes on that takes forever to go off, not great on hills, really annoying to replace headlight bulbs because you have to take off the whole front bumper to access them.

- Lisa B

I hate Chevy! It was the only thing I could afford at the time!

I bought the car used and right off the bat it had steering problems and cost over $1000.00 to fix it and I would not recommend a Chevy! The lights are bad and it is difficult to see at night. The car feels cheap to me. It's not very comfortable to ride in.

- Loretta B

Malibu's are amazing vehicles!

I love my Chevrolet Malibu. Rides good, drives wonderful, overall performance and reliability has been amazing. Haven't had one bad thing to say about my car. Great family car!! My son is 11 years old already telling me he wants a Malibu as his first car.

- Rebecca C

Good car with slight issues.

It is been a pretty good car. No major problems. The abs light has just started to come on periodically. The main issue I have with my car is that the clear coat is peeling off all over the car which is leading to fading of the paint and small rust areas.

- Diana S

Overall I love my Malibu. It gets me where I want to go in comfort.

Had it just short of a year and had to replace the transmission. Still paying on it for 4 years and owe the dealership. But still love my car. The interior leather is a love and heated seats??. Rides fast v6 engine. Very comfortable. Love my sunroof too.

- Holly S

My 2008 Chevy Malibu so reliable and smooth.

It's a really good vehicle I have only had one major repair done in it and it did have 2 recalls on the brake lamp and the power steering system but other than that I haven't had any major problems it has gotten me to different places and work just fine.

- Kelly R

Grand-dad's 2008 Chevy Malibu.

My Malibu is gold 2008 model and was bought new by grandpa right off the lot, has about 75, 000 miles on it. I inherited it a few years back after he passed away. It runs great the upholstery is great totally spotless and stereo system bumps. Great car!

- Chris M

Not all Chevys are good but mine has done well.

I never liked Chevy but this car has been good to me. What I don't like it that it looks like a granny car and that's why I gave it 3 stars. I have had to replace the drive shaft in ot and that was pretty expensive but cheaper than buying another car.

- Mike h

the driver's side airbag might not work and the tire pressure sensors are wacky

I bought it used so can't expect perfection but the interior design leaves a lot to be desired. The remote only works when it wants to, it has an oil leak and there's something wrong with the transmission. It's transportation from point a to point b.

- ginger A

2008 silver Chevy Malibu missing the corner of it is bumper.

I got the car used, so there were already quite a few problems with the car. They had a recall on the transmission for it as well. However, despite the problems I have, it still runs really well and I like the huge amount of trunk space it has.

- Kat J

There isn't a traditional cigarette lighter, it's just one port to plug into so if you need to charge multiple devices, get something with two USB ports on it

Overall I like the car, it's built on the same platform as a G6 and I've always been fond of them. The only thing I really dislike is how much the payment on it is and an electrical issue with the doors I can't afford to fix. #usedcarproblems

- Melanie H

Gas mileage is great and a very dependable car with a smooth ride

I love the size of my vehicle. It's a very dependable and reliable car- I haven't had to put a lot of work into it. I wish there were more ports so the kids can plug in their devices- but I'm sure there have been updates over the ten years

- Nicole M

The ac is not cold for the az weather.

The ac is not as cold as it should be compared to other cars. Motor is great because it still runs like new. The materials inside are of great quality everything is where it should be, no cracks in the dashboard and no holes in the seats,

- Gloria S

One important thing about my car is that it is capable of going fast.

My vehicle is a good car for a first time car. I bought it as a cash car, the air didn't blow out cold and I needs to get the entire car tuned up, but once everything got fixed Its been doing good ever since. Its small and easy to drive.

- Tiara P

Good car until but it starts to have major repairs too soon

At 130k mile had to repair engine gasket. It was a 1k expense. The turn signal sensor has gone out I have to replace it soon. Also the muffler bolt fell had to have it replaced. Some bolts are breaking. Did not expect this at 130 k

- Areli V

My Chevy Malibu has not needed any major or expensive car repairs in the 10 years I have owned it.

I love my Chevy Malibu because it has been a very dependable car. I have had no problems with this car in the 10 years I have owned it. It still is a very pretty car and has not gone out of style and it drives wonderfully.

- Ellen K

The gear cable shattered and had to be replaced under a recall.

My vehicle is older and no longer has get up and go, if you will, so I sometimes feel like I am driving like a granny. On the plus side my car is very comfortable. I have slept in my car multiple times when on road trips.

- Richard H

Malibu's have great gas mileage and great choice for a family dependable car.

My Chevy Malibu is a great family car that is excellent on gas. I have not had any major issues with my car as it seems to be one of the best vehicles I have owned and very comfortable to drive short or long distances.

- Michelle B

It is a great family car!

I love my car because it is the first vehicle I have ever owned. It is reliable and gets me to where I need to be. Although, I wish my mileage was better. There are so many new features on the newer models of Malibu.

- Valerie R

The most reliable thing about my car is the engine.

My car has been through hell and is approaching 200,000 miles and is still kicking it. I had a Ford previously and it fell all apart. My Chevy has been reliable and I will stay with the Chevy family from here on out.

- Jocelyn T

It gets excellent gas mileage, and it is very reliable for a car that is ten years old.

I like that it gets great gas mileage and it's easy to handle. I go not like that it's not very powerful because it's a 4 cylinder. And it's difficult to see well when backing up because of the slanted back window.

- Laura S

Excellent for driving in the snow.

Very minor problems but annoying. Interior lights malfunction. Blinkers do not always work. Gear linkage recall and part replaced 3x. Major expense to change plugs and plug wires because engine had to be dropped.

- Marcia Q

Great gas mileage and is VERY dependable. A nice reliable solid car.

I like the feel of this car while driving... It feels like I am floating over the road. I also like the look of the car as well. I wish it had a windshield wiper on the back window and MORE/BETTER cup holders.

- James M

It is a comfortable, spacious car. It is not too techy but not outdated.

I have had my vehicle for almost 4 years. The only real maintenance I have done is my oil changes and tire rotations. I had someone mess up my wheel-bearing. But it is been a great car. Very comfortable.

- Mikaela C

You do not have to pump the gas to start it.

Love everything about my car.No complaints it is easy on gas it rides smooth, easy to handle, it is got air seats, CD player, cruise control, air conditioning, I love it would not trade it for anything.

- Sandy P

My car is a black 2008 chevy malibu

The cost of maintenance is way too high, but almost 10 years old and the car is still running. I wish that Chevy would have given me a more reliable estimate of maintenance costs when I bought the car.

- don s

The one most important thing others should know about this car is there is a decent amount of trunk space.

The car was great when it was new, it has just developed many issues over the past few years even though it is serviced regularly. I like it because it is a good size for my current needs.

- Annie S

It is not too expensive to buy gas. I usually only have to stop to get gas two or three times in a month

I love my car because it is reliable and good on gas. The style is a little outdated but I love the paint color. I have lots of room in my trunk for all my stuff and space in the backseat

- Kylie H

It's an ok, gets you where you need to be.

Have spent a lot of money for repairs. Currently have a indicator for repair that no one can figure out how to fix it or what caused it. Company is aware but not doing anything to help.

- A G

2008 Chevrolet Malibu All around comfortable car

I absolutely love My Chevrolet Malibu. It has been a great first car for me, had it about 5 years and only had to change a few things in front end. It is a very comfortable car as well

- Mallory P

Others should know that Chevrolet makes a quality vehicle for a good price

My husband is very tall and my children are growing and it accommodates us all very well. It looks nice, has never given us any problems and gets decent gas mileage. Quite dependable

- Angela h

Perfect For Couple or Family of Four or Less. Handles well even a beginner driver will appreciate.

Great car. Small enough to handle well and everything works as I would expect most of the time. Downfall, it will occasionally give me a problem starting without any real reason.

- Kris T

very comfy to take long rides in with an excellent stereo/xm satellite radio system.

it's actually an 08 chevy malibu LTZ which means it's the loaded version of the malibu family. has leather seats, sunroof, heated seats, dimming mirrors, dark tinted windows.

- joe l

This car has a lot of space; both in the front and back seats.

The Chevy Malibu offers a smooth ride and has been a reliable vehicle for my family for years. Our model features comfortable seats, air conditioning, and is best spacious.

- Rico O

Older Car Rapidly Declining

Car runs OK, but at this point needs repairs frequently. The body design is susceptible to rust. Whole undercarriage is rotted with rust and falling apart under the doors.

- Kristen M

People should not hesitate to look and test drive a malibu. Very underrated.

This vehicle has great quality for a car in its class. It is very affordable and does well on gas mileage. It is a little small in the back seat. The trunk is very roomy.

- Rachel M

A quick review about positives and negatives of the Malibu.

There are occasional issues as far as cheap parts go. It is tricky to do self repairs. But there are good components as well such as remote start capability and great AC

- Ccgjk W

A Reliable Main Vehicle for the Average Joe

It's very reliable. Even after 160,000 miles it's still going strong. It needs work to pass an emissions test, but for the most part it hasn't required expensive repair.

- Wesley S

It's very reliable and fuel efficient

I like the appearance of my car. It's an attractive shape and color. It handles well, is reliable, and gets fairly good gas mileage. I just wish it had a back-up camera.

- Susan A

Silver in color and still looks excellent; does not show dirt at all.

Just regular maintenance has kept it with very little repairs; gas mileage still good; good size for traveling and having passengers. Paint job has held up well, also.

- Teresa S

My Malibu Hybrid is totally reliable, saves on gas and drives like a charm.

I love the fact that it is a hybrid. I fill up once a week and can drive to work and other places without having to refill. The car is simply reliable and drives well.

- Robbin G

It has a cool feature that allows me to turn off the front passenger's airbag if needed for safety reasons and also has an ONSTAR feature.

I love my car. I bought it used two weeks ago and it has been awesome so far. It runs so smooth and has so many cool features on the car that my Hyundai never had.

- Anne Maree C

The cloth seats are extremely comfortable making the car ideal for long road trips.

I love that it has cruise control. It has extremely comfortable seats. It gets good gas mileage. The windows are not tinted so the car heats up quickly in the sun.

- Nicole B

It is easy to spot because it is all banged up. .

I like it just because I am used to it. I dislike it because it has terrible sight lines. I like the size and easy access to the trunk. I dislike the slow pickup.

- Eve S

It is easy to drive, and comfortable for long trips

I love my car it's easy to drive and comfortable, it doesn't use a lot of gas, the only thing i have to complain about is it is low and hard to get in and out of

- karen y

It has sunroof and satellite radio. As well as cruise control.

My car is good on gas. My tires doesn't have good contraction and the paint is peeling. . . Other than that it's a good car it has a sunroof and satellite radio.

- Ariel V

It has been very dependable in all types of weather and is fairly good in snow.

It has good power. It has good seating adjustments that make it comfortable for me because I am tall. It has been dependable and has not had too many repairs.

- Trevor A

It has been mechanically reliable. With proper on going maintenance the Chevy vehicles run very well,

Chevy vehicles have always been reliable. I have owned several different styles. My current vehicle is in need of an upgrade which will most likely be a Chevy

- Trish L

It gets good gas mileage.

It has heated seats, drives smooth and good gas mileage. I do not like the leather and suede seats but deal with them. The ac's of this model could be better.

- Dawn H

It is great looking and has been reliable..gets me where I want to go.

I like my Malibu a lot it is extremely reliable. Great looking car. I have no complaints. I would purchase another Malibu if I was to get a different car.

- Marie B

Blue car with a lot of issues on its last leg.

Sun roof is sunken in, needs new tire rods, needs new tires, needs wheel alignment, needs oil change, engine light is on something wrong with transmission.

- Chelsea B

It is built to last and it gets great gas mileage.

I like that I get great gas mileage. I like that other than routine maintenance I've had no trouble at all. I like that Chevy vehicles are built to last.

- Terri R

No horn at the moment! And my drivers side door lock sticks.

The car is pre-owned and not my my knowledge was in an accident prior to me owning it. Lots of problems but still getting me from point A to point B.

- Jenna T

It goes back on the uphill if you do not push brake pedal enough.

I like that it is close to the ground. It is family size and roomy. I dislike that my key fob doesn't like to work sometimes. Overall I like my car.

- Anita M

My car is very comfortable and does excellent in gas mileage.

My Chevy is a let and luxury. It has wood grain on the dash and has a great take off. The vehicle is larger in size. The leather seating is awesome.

- Brandis B

Value the price of the vehicle is very reasonable.

It drives nice it has good gas mileage and it looks nice it is comfortable for long trips it has cruise control and automatic locks and windows.

- Tammy K

Very Spacious Interior, both front and back seats!

This car has been my everyday car for years and it runs great! What I like the most is how much space there is in both the front and back seats.

- Ricardo O

That it is very reliable to drive. Very comfortable inside

I have no complaints of my car. I love the room that I have in the car and the big trunk to put things in. Real comfortable to drive and sit in

- Michelle M

Chevy Malibu: Holding Up Well

I have owned my Malibu for a few years now, I bought it used but I really like it and aside from a few minor fixes, it has held up really well.

- Kaitlin M

Excellent car worth the money.

A very good car, has many features like electric door locks and windows. Driver window has auto open. Has had little work needed until lately.

- Reed E

I have an excellent paint job on this car.

I have an occasional problem with the power steering just locking up and I have manual steering only. I get great fuel mileage around 29 mph.

- Wayne M

It gets me where I need to go when I want to get there on time.

It makes a noise when you turn the corner that they say is not a problem. It is not a very comfortable ride. I like the price I paid for it.

- Kay P

It turns corners great and the airbag works.

I like my vehicle because its smooth sailing. It has great breaks. The lights are bright. The inside is black leather. There is a smart gps.

- Ariel G

It is reliable and easy to drive. It handles easily and is comfortable to ride in.

This car is comfortable to ride in. It gets mediocre gas mileage, but that is due to the size of the motor. There is a lot of trunk space.

- Rhonda R

Very good on gas. Had no problems with it. Great on gas.

It is a very reliable vehicle I have no problems so far. Very good on gas. Has lots of room in the backseat and front. Good in the winter.

- Alicia D

Handle well in all condition, winter, summer.

I like the gas mileage however the vehicle is slightly too small for my liking. The tires also are a sport size and often hard to find.

- Cindy A

That we black leather interior it tends to get pretty hot on the inside.

I like that this is the newest car I have ever owned. I do not like that it has some problems. I also could do without the car payment.

- Dawn W

It is a great driving experience.

Well it's got a lot of room. Good on gas. I wish it were a newer model though because of the mileage on it. Needs some tint as well..

- Allen D

My car is pretty and nice

My car is a cute car I bought it used and it gets good gas mileage and is silver but I wish it was a darker color cause of brake dust

- Samantha M

very dependable. nice looking vehicle if kept clean

overall a great car. 96000 miles. no major problems. general maintenance brakes ,tires etc. v6 engine. great pick up.no hesitation.

- richard m

It has good gas mileage, especially on road trips, but also good around town.

It is very comfortable, especially on road trips. Great gas mileage. Handles nice. Doors won't stay open very well. Nice size trunk

- tammie g

Reliable and Reasonably priced. Beautiful on the outside too!

This is the 2nd Malibu I have owned. I love them. Smooth riding, quiet, comfortable. Have had for 10 years now and no problems.

- Roxy D

It drives very well and is good on gas. I have never had it serviced

It's a good car. It handles well and there is very little noise. It has not had to be serviced the entire time I have owned it.

- Peggy M

Not sure, do not really care what others think about my vehicle.

I like that the parts are easy to fix. It's great on gas mileage. It's a little small but still like it. I also like the color.

- Samantha M

Ok car could be better has great gas mileage.

Comfortable, has the normal features, but has had a lot of recalls, is reliable, has a lot of room in back seat and the trunk.

- Jane S

It is the absolute perfect size.

It's a very dependable car. I love how it looks and how it drives. I can go anywhere with the car and never have any trouble.

- Ashley H

It's not one of the most desirable cars for thieves.

I bought the car used but it has been quite trouble free since, all the systems work very well and it's very fuel efficient.

- Frank K

Great mileage and I have had very few issues with it for how old it is.

No complaints. Great mileage, not too big not too small, enough space to move everything I need. Easy to clean and maintain.

- Chelsea M

Its dependable enough to trust on road trips.

Overall it gets me from A to B but there is some vibration sometimes when driving and the windshield wipers stopped working.

- David M

My car is a hybrid vehicle.

It is still going strong with over 220000 miles. It is very comfortable and roomy. I like the cruise control on long trips.

- Karen S

Malibu is a serviceable vehicle.

Overall, it's ok. It's terrible in the snow is one complaint that I have about it. I wish it had a little more technology.

- David W

Built to last. If you take good care of it, it will be a great car.

It's a good car, I do not like that the locks do not work. It gets us from point a to point b. It has great storage room.

- Cheryl L

The Malibu is easy to drive and easy to maintain. Just replace tires and the brake sensors and all will be happy..

The car runs fantastic. It is very easy to drive and requires minimal maintenance. It is also very easy to keep clean.

- laurie o

It does not work well and it is a bad year for this car.

We had numerous major problems with the car. Many of the electrical components on the car are not even working anymore.

- Amanda P

It gets me where I need to go!.

The seats are comfortable.. It has a large trunk.. Wish it had newer technology (gps, usb) and a heated steering wheel..

- Melody B

Reliable and good gas mileage.

It is very reliable, it goes 60 miles a day to work. Makes good gas mileage and it is slick looking. We sure like it.

- Alan B

Chevy Malibu a good car to own

My vehicle was bought used and is running very well. I receive low gas mileage. I find it very comfortable to drive.

- Joycelyn E

Few minor problems but good car

Drives well its my daily driver have a few minor problems with it like the alternator but all in all is a good car

- Thomas P

I like most about my car are the driver and passenger seats.

I am having some problems with gas mileage, it performs great and since I've had my car it has been very reliable.

- Andrea O

No major repairs in ten years. Runs great good gas mileage

It has lasted 10 years with no major issues. It runs well and still looks great . Easy car to Get around in ..

- Denise R

It is dependable and it is white. I need a car that is white.

I love my Chevrolet. They are very dependable cars and it gets to where I need to go, so far I hate car shopping.

- Mjr R

It has about 130, 000 miles and as good as the first day I brought. It is a 4 cylinder and very economical on gas.

It runs good and I have had very little mechanical problems. It like everything about it, there is no dislikes.

- Willie T

How to fix a tires oil changes window tint.

Just to check everything before buying ask them if items are affordable to get always ask questions to make sure.

- Ana T

Pretty cool car: nice size trunk.

It burns gas really fast, but it is very reliable love the body style of my vehicle. . Very comfortable nice sun.

- Dave A

Chevy is a good brand reliable.

Long lasting durable good car. Minor issues with windows not rolling down and wiring issues lights needed fixed.

- Michael O

Choose the eco boost system you will save good money in fuel.

No problems with the car, has been very reliable and fuel efficient. Smooth ride and performance, comfy inside.

- Arnold O

Not flashy, but works fine.

Runs fine and gets good gas mileage. Wish the power steering warning doesn't come on. Needs a new brake light.

- Geno C

It's been dependable and Its good on gas.

Sensor issues. Many recalls. But overall it has been a good dependable car. It is also good on gas. Good car.

- Melissa T

silver bells is what I would call it

my car is ok, love driving it. No major problems as of right now. Hopefully it stays that way for a long time

- cathy s

It is roomy and very comfortable seating for even long trips.

It has held up very well and good gas mileage. Exterior still had good paint job and runs well. Burns no oil.

- Teresa A

2008 Chevy Malibu great car.

It is very comfortable and spacious. Not bad on gas mileage. Looks good too. Performs well. Drives smoothly.

- Christy W

It had shockingly good mileage for a used car when I bought it.

It's a used car so it's needed repairs and it has some body damage but it's reliable for the main purpose.

- Charitie S

Although my car is a 2008 car, it works perfectly.

My car is white and it works perfectly. It is very comfortable. The interior of the car is black and grey.

- Maria G

It has a lot of power to it.

Very dependable and a all around great car about to get snow tires on it for the winter months coming up.

- Heidi H

this car does great for trips

i love my car it is very dependable. we have never had anything mess up on it. this car is great on gas.

- veronica m

It is very reliable vehicle.

The interior, the size, the tented lights, tinted windows. There is nothing about my car that I dislike.

- Kay M

Reliable and Good On Gas.

Reliable Transportation to places I need to go. It is very good on gas and is comfortable and enjoyable.

- Dale A

I've Crashed it twice, very nice though still works like normal

i'm not trying to sell my car, it gets up quick normally, pretty bad damage to front and back of the car

- Ashley K

It is my car and not theirs so what is there for other people to know

I like the size and the look. It runs very well and I have only had to keep up with minimal maintenance

- Lara S

It is dependable and efficient.

It is dependable. I have only a few issues with it. Things like regular maintenance on the vehicle.

- Lisa C

Not what I prefer to drive

Vehicle is basic family transportation. Would like something more sporty and faster. Meets my needs

- Scott W

Awesome trunk space for a compact car and easy to drive!

Awesome trunk space. Can't fit 3 car seats in the back seat. Perfect for small families or singles.

- Lidiya E

Economical, great on gas great family car

Great gas mileage, small enough yet big enough to fit the whole family, dislike some blind spots

- Sue S

It is an average car. It has minor issues, but altogether no much complaints for It's age and mileage

The brakes need to be replaced often. Everything else works well. I don't like that it is white.

- Brooke M

I like it. And I would recommend it.

I like the dashboard layout. Everything is placed easily to see. Good gas mileage. Comfortable.

- Larry W

V6 engine with heated cloth seats. Has wood trim and remote start

I love my chevrolet Malibu. It is paid for and rides great. Keeps miles off my new car

- Rebecca B

very good gas mileage, still in very good condition, and is very clean

It gives good gas mileage. has smooth ride. does not have bluetooth activation system

- ravindra P

It is a very reliable car with regular maintenance.

I like the design. I like the mileage i get. I like the size as It's perfect for me.

- Turia E

I plan to drive my car until it is no longer drivable.

I dislike the blind spots in the windshield. I like the size and gas mileage.

- Crystal R

a comfortable mid size vehicle with good storage space and good features

a good mid size vehicle with good features and gas mileage and good features

- michael s

It has over 200,000 miles and is still going strong.

It gets good gas mileage and is a hybrid. It is comfortable and stylish.

- Karen S

It's been a reliable car.

I like that it has been fairly reliable and isn't high maintenance.

- Ana S

It has mechanical issues. Also needs some body work.

Needs mechanical work done. I like the size and it's good on gas.

- Michelle H

it is easy to drive. the car drives smoothly but it is low to the ground

it is grey. it has 4 doors. I need a new car since it is older.

- amanda e

Spacious and reliable way of transportation.

I like that it's reliable. I dislike that it's an older model.

- Becca S

Being that it is an older model, it's sucks up more gas than newer models, the acceleration is ok, not the best around. Till date nothing to me handles as good as BMW and Toyota

It's spacious and reliable, especially to pick up chicks

- Daniel R

Very reliable and durable vehicle

Very reliable, haven't had any major problems with it.

- Arnold P

I love the fuel efficiency. I like how easy it is to drive. I dislike the cloth seats

It has been reliable and it has good fuel efficiency

- Amy K

It is safe to drive. The comfort of knowing the quality of the safety of this car is amazing

love the comfort. I hate the lack of hauling space

- katie b

Family vehicle. Reliable. Roomy

Reliable trustworthy. Affordable. Family.

- Ash C