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To many problems and recall issues

Do Not waste your money on Malibu's or Anything Chevy. They have gotten so cheap assembling their cars or make it so it gets a lot of problems. Had recalls on my new car (2009) n previous owner tells me she never was informed on any recalls. That means her Chevy dealership while the car comes in every 3 months or oil change yet they never fixed any recalls and closed the case. That's very shady!!! My brake lights are opposite. They eliminate while driving n go off when braking. Heads lights n back lights keep going out, no dip stick for transmission, tire pressure displays and it gives wrong tire reading and the list goes on n on. Service traction n ESC displayed n I read ppl take cars into Chevy dealer to be ripped off by repairs on wrong part n seeing there's been a lot of recalls happening to many different years you think k they'd know exactly what it is but they fix it wrong n ppl go back n keep spending a lot of money to repair their car. Chevy Sucks and are cheap plus they won't put recalls on other years Having the same issues. BOYCOTT CHEVY!!!!! WE BAIL THEM OUT N THEY CONTINUE TO ROB US!!!

- Hayley Harvey

Cabin air filter didn't open by yourself and recalled three times and transmission fluid is leaking

1.I want to change cabin air filter by myself, but I didn't. They have sealed off. If I will go to the dealership, I don't know it is free or I have to pay for it. I think there's something wrong with the Cabin air filter design. 2 .If the headlights or side lights do not work, it is very troublesome to replace them. If you can't replace it yourself and you have to go to the dealership, you're going to have to pay. I think there's something wrong with the headlight design. I know a lot of cars that I can easily take off. 3. Recalled three times. 4. New car transmission fluid was leaking within 3000km. I was fixing it by dealership in 2009.From 2016 to now lt is leaking again.If I want to fix it, I think I have to pay for it. 5. since I had the car repaired, I found it to pick up speed very slowly from 2009--2019 . 6. The steering wheel is a little to the left now. 7.When starting the vehicle and gently turning the steering wheel left and right, there is an abnormal sound below the left now. Apr 2 2019. I don't think so Malibu is good car.

- Sim

It does not give great access to fix problems the car may have yourself.

One of the problems I have had with my vehicle was when there was a recall on it for the cruise control/ electrical system. It was fixed quickly by my nearest Chevrolet dealership a no cost to me. Another problem is that the key fob for my vehicle broke pretty easily. Inside the key fob were the battery brace is, the brace came off from being dropped I guess. I feel like it could be a little bit durable. I was provided with a spare, but the same thing happened with that one. I tried to solder the piece back on to the plastic plate but ever since than I can not use my remote to open my trunk and it is very difficult to get my car to lock and arm the alarm. The rear window defroster went out and I don't know where to look to attempt to check what is wrong myself because it is expensive to take it to a repair shop and have them check what is wrong with it. I do like my car though, it is a great ride and it is very reliable. It seats a good amount of people.

- Jessica V

Many Pros. Little Cons. Good

I have had this car for almost 6 years now and got it with 72,000 miles on it. I now have around 158k miles on it. Here is a list of Pros and Cons Pros -Interior is good looking -gets around 22-25 mpg (in town) -stock speakers are nice and loud Cons -The turning radius is terrible where it handles worse than a truck -the parts inside the vehicle are all cheaply made so they break quicker -seats are a little uncomfortable for longer rides. The seats fold inward where it creates a divot where the backseat and the butt seat connect (not good for lower back) -no lumbar support. Here's what I've had to fix so far -all new door lock actuators (prices at $350 a piece professionally) -turning signal knob -catalytic converter and exhaust manifold -tire rods multiple times

- Cody P

Other than the many recalls, this vehicle has been very reliable.

My Malibu has been a very reliable vehicle although, I have had some issues due to recalls on this particular model and year. An issue with the break lighting system which would cause the brake lights not to function properly or constantly stay on. Also an issue with the parking gear which would not properly go from parking to reverse. Another issue was with the hydraulic system of trunk which both sides had to be replaced which could have been just overall wear and tear. I haven't had any real issues with the engine which I do keep up with the maintenance. It has been very reliable and I am quite pleased with the vehicle other than the recalls. I enjoy having the child lock system and the OnStar option for safety and security.

- Destiny M

to make sure everything is updated.

My car has good interior quality with good smooth seats that have no rips and for the sound there are not busted speakers, music comes out perfectly. When I bought the car it had good mileage there was no problems with my test drive. Though the rear visibility could be better I am still happy with how my car is performing. I have had this car for months now and have not had to have serious work done on it which is good especially for my sake. I also love the feeling of driving this car and I am very used to it now. If I were to drive another car I wouldn't feel right driving it, it is best to drive the car you feel best in. For me that is the Chevrolet Malibu.

- Maddie J

When others drive my car the first thing I warn them about is how bad the blind spots are. Once you know about it, it's not too bad if you're cautious but usually takes everyone by surprise.

I have had my car for 8 years and was purchased by my parents my senior year of high school. All throughout college and even now as a young adult it has always been there for me and have never had a big issue or fix. It has been a very reliable car and to this day I think it is still good looking. I like how easy it is to drive even though it has some big blind spots. It is fairly good on gas which I appreciate on long road trips. I have no big complaints but as I am getting older and so is my Malibu, I will most likely looking to purchase my own new car within the next year or so.

- Susie E

Older and outdated but reliable drive.

My Chevy Malibu drives fairly well for its age. The seats are a bit low to the ground but the cushioning is soft. The front of the car is quite low to the ground which does cause scraping if driven over driveways or bumps. I haven't had any problems maintenance wise so I can complain about it being unreliable. I do struggle with the vehicles outdated interior and wish it had at least a backup camera. The radio works but has limited stations. It takes a minute for the car to get up to speed after being stopped but it is a smooth ride.

- Kiley W

Malibu's are all around amazing vehicles.

Honestly, my Malibu is overall a great car and I would actually recommend it to anyone especially to a first time car buyer. It is amazing on gas and drives so smooth. I have honestly even pretty much totaled mine out and it still runs and drives like a champ. I can truthfully say that I love my car, it's all around the perfect car. All I am saying is that if you were to buy a Malibu you would most definitely not be disappointed. And I know I may not have the newest model its still an outstanding all around perfect car.

- Victoria B

Space, power seating, durability.

My passenger sheet in the front is too low. It does not have the power button to raise it up. The dashboard is not user friendly. I do have issues with the steering column and wheel hubs. I am unsure if it is due to the car being in multiple accidents or not. I do love that the car protected me and was able to be put back on the road after my only accident in it. I can still drive it, and I love the space it offers the OnStar application and the car telephone. The system notifications are helpful as well.

- Denise M

Several things broken in it.

I like my car but there’s several things that do not work on it. My drivers heated seat no longer works. My dashboard sensors are broken so it will randomly flash issues that are not actually occurring in my car. Although my tires are perfect pressure, the sensor for tire pressure always shows regardless. My lock sensor is broke so I always have to have it unplugged or the locks unlock/lock by themselves and go crazy, so my key fob is practically pointless except to pop the trunk.

- Lauren C

Great car: beware of anti-theft.

I love the car; but beware! 2009 Malibu's do have an anti-theft problem, where it will not recognize the key so it will not start. Chevy knows about the problem but will not fix it. But that is the only problem we've ever had! Gas mileage is great, we do not spend a lot. Pretty reliable, we take it on long, cross-country drives and it is been fine. Just beware of anti-theft! (I recommend getting a separate key and taping it underneath the ignition so it always recognizes a key. ).

- Mikayla M

I think the most important thing is how common the brake pedal sensor issue is with my car make/model/year.

My car is very reliable, but it has recurring issues with the brake pedal sensor, which can make driving unsafe at times. When the sensor acts up, my brake lights are on all the time, I can't use cruise control, and the ABS/traction control doesn't work. I never know whether the lights are on or not, unless I'm driving at night, so it's sometimes scary. But otherwise I love it, consider it is an '09. It has heated seats and an AUX plugin, which are important features to me

- Morgan E

Dependable and reliable 09 Chevy Malibu.

I've owned my 2009 Chevrolet Malibu for 4 years now, I love my Chevrolet Malibu I've only had a few problems which were 1. My electric power steering went out and luckily it was a Chevrolet recall on the part and I didn't have to pay anything and my battery went bad and I replaced it and received a lifetime warranty with my purchase. My Chevrolet Malibu is great on gas and is very reliable to drive out of town.

- A F

It is a great family car if you do not like vans and or SUV.

I love how my car handles in winter. Living in southwestern NY weather can change on a dime. I also enjoy the amount of room that the car offers on the inside. The only thing I do not like about my car is that it does not get great mileage all the time. It heavily depends on how old the oil is in the car. I also do not like that it only tell you the oil needs changed every 5-6 thousand miles and not every 3.

- Nicole O

Lasting 2009 Chevy Malibu.

I have a white 4 door Malibu that I have had for 3 years. I have kept up on oil changes, tire rotations and basic maintenance. In the 3 years I have owned it I have had to replace the catalytic converter, struts, both the rear and front brakes. Currently have an exhaust leak, another bad strut, and some sort of fluid leaking into the rear passenger seat floorboard. All in all, reliable car and drives great.

- Katie S

The Chevy Malibu is a very dependable car.

My Malibu has been a very dependable car. I have had no major issues with it. I keep the oil changed and tires rotated and it runs great. A few little things that have gone out are the turn signal switch inside, the check engine light stays on no matter what even when nothing is wrong with the car. The tire sensors go bad and I just do not replace them. I check them manually. It is been a great car overall.

- Susan W

The car has an aftermarket catalytic converter exhaust is louder than stock.

My 09 Chevy Malibu is very cute and sporty looking. The inside is very comfortable with the bucket seats in front and a large back seat. This car is sirius xm capable. It has a sunroof and remote start, perfect for summer and winter months. My car has a little over 136k on it and we recently had to replace one of the catalytic converters. Other than that issue the car has been wonderful and drives smooth.

- Cassidy H

Dependable 2009 Chevy Malibu

2009 Chevy Malibu 4 door. This is a nice roomy car. it is great on gas, I'm getting at least 32 miles to a gallon. I've had it for 9 years and it has around 240,000 miles on it and it still going strong. The only problem is the check engine light comes on. this happens in the winter when its cold once the weather warms up it turns off, this has been happening for the last 2 years. It really is a great car

- Grace K

I'll drive my car into the dust.

I love Chevrolet. I will always buy a Chevrolet. Before my Malibu I had an impala. This car is so reliable. I am at 130, 000 miles now and I am sure I'll be able to drive it 70k more at the least. My check engine light has been on for almost a year and it still runs great. All the lights on the dash are a little weird. That is probably the worst part about the car: the electrical connections.

- Melanie W

Spacious 2009 Chevrolet Malibu!

I have no experienced any problems with my car besides low tire pressure, which is just a tire problem. I bought the car in march of 2018, so I have no really had the chance to drive it in the snow. It is a very spacious vehicle. I was able to fit my puppies large kennel in the back seat along with two other infant car seats. There is more than enough leg room for tall people as well.

- Fiona S

Comfortable car with some issues.

I bought my car in 2015 and love it. I have had some problems with it mainly electrical wiring and some leakage problems during the rainy season. I have not enjoyed the fact that replacing a front headlight is really expensive since you have to take off the front end to get to the headlight. Other than those issues I have had no other trouble in the 4 years I have owned the car.

- Garcia G

down sides and up sides of the 09 malibu chevy.

Has some big blind spots that I didn't notice when I bought the car and the cup holder up front it very small. I do love how much room I have not only in the front seat but also in the back seat and the trunk has lots of room! this is a necessity for me because I have kids. I have no problems with it breaking down and has all around just been the best car I have owned!

- Katelyn Q

Chevy's are very dependable automobiles.

Only problem is changing the headlight other that the car drives everyday faithfully to and from work with no hesitation as far as the appearance the car is very appealing and sleek it gets great gas mileage and runs like a dream I feel really good about owning Chevy products I will definitely be buying a Chevrolet in the future I was thinking of a Chevrolet Silverado.

- Alicia H

Very reliable car which ride great.

This Malibu is a very comfortable car. The drive is smooth and quiet. I have had very few problems with the car it has 209000 miles on it and still going strong. The only thing I have found that is a problem is changing the headlight bulbs you have to remove the bumper to get to them this really makes no sense at all other than having to take to dealer to have done.

- Ed B

Great car very reliable again Chevy brand cars are very good little car.

Nothing good car reliable has a lot of miles but very reliable great car for a starter Chevy makes a really great car and is very reasonable to own a Chevy car so go out there and go get a Chevy car for everyone you know I got this for my son but he got his own car and so we keep this for us and this is a great little car Chevy Malibu are great little cars.

- Sheila K

My vehicle is a typical two door, five person sedan-type car.

I love the heated seats and the design of my car. I think it gets good highway gas mileage, but in town it does not do as well. On the highway I generally get 30 mpg or more, and I do a significant amount of highway driving on a monthly basis. However, the brakes do squeak sometimes. It is also relatively easy to scratch the plastic parts of the interior.

- Michaela B

The suede seats can be difficult to keep clean.

It has great performance. Also very comfortable to drive, especially in a small city setting. I do wish that was better a accelerating in a short amount of time, but it is not something that would stop me from buying another Malibu. It does get great gas mileage. In the city it does better for my gas mileage than when I have to commute out of town.

- Sarah O

It is very driveable and that adds to the great gas mileage.

I like the way it handles and the gas mileage it gets. The sunroof, heated and electric seats are nice to have. The stereo has good sound, which I like, as well.I'm not crazy about the traction control. Getting back to the stereo... it has a tendency to have no sound in the front door speakers which is disappointing. Otherwise I'm pleased with it.

- Mark A

It is a safe car and is very reliable.

The Malibu is a great a great car overall. Very comfortable, heats up fast, defrosts fast, great speakers for playing your favorite music. Some flaws are the gas mileage. I don't drive far in my day to day life so filling up once a week is a bit much. Also the car does not accelerate well. Especially if you are driving with the air conditioner on.

- Ria G

Should've waited longer to purchase a vehicle.

Brought from a used car lot had a lot of wear and tear thar the lot didn't want to fix recommended making sure the car is for you before buying. The back driver tire rim was bent, bad battery, and they didn't want to fix until I had authority. The inside looked as if someone put out something creating a hole and the arm rest is broken.

- L J

Safe, fast, economic and nice car great for any location and very efficient.

This car it is actually amazing some of the best things from it is that it never broke I have been with this car over a year and I buy it used and it still working like if it were new it looks very nice and also saves a lot of gasoline, the speed is nice and breaks works great I feel really save in this car.

- Alex R

The dependability is the absolute reason to drive a Chevy!

I really enjoy my Chevy Malibu! It has been the most reliable car that I have even had. I am looking at buying another Chevy Malibu in the next year, as we are expanding our family and I love the dependability! The only problem I have had with my car would have to be changing the headlight and back blinker.

- Courtney W

2009 Chevy Malibu car problems.

I am having a transmission problem. When turning left it does not want to pull. I hate stopping in traffic because it stalls and does not want to pull. Contact dealership but they said if I service the transmission now that he will eventually go out. So, i;m in the process of looking for another vehicle.

- Tiffany L

Great bang for your buck (vehicle version).

Great car for the value. Runs really great, seats are comfortable. I would say my only problem with the car has been the trim is relatively cheap, and the grill is plastic. Good gas mileage for a vehicle. Very comfortable to drive, and has been extremely reliable for me, even in harsh New York winters.

- Austin P

2 weeks after buying the car, I was unable to insert the key into the ignition.

Co2 sensor/traction sensor/headlight problems. Great performance and comfort. Wind noise/peeling paint on stereo buttons. Cruise, air, sun roof, plenty of interior lights. Comfortable ride, plenty of seat adjustments. Lots of room in the trunk, acceleration is very responsive to get into traffic.

- Michelle W

Very roomy. Very sleek four door classic car. .

This Chevy Malibu is sleek. She has great gas mileage. Engine wise just small miner things. My Chevy Malibu is extremely roomy inside. It is a 4 door sedan. Not noisy at all. Picks up speed very fast. I bought her used. It is a very realizable. Car. He also starts and goes. Again great gas mileage.

- Vivian J

. I do like the options on the dashboard for important info.

There is always a problem with my vehicle. I have had this car for 4 years, and it ran well up until this past year. Everything under the sun has gone wrong with it and I haven't been in any accidents or damaged my car in any way. The engine, ecm, ac and countless other issues have arose recently.

- Christina M

Honda, or Nissan are better.

I just like Nissan, and Hondas better. Plus has had a bit of problems. It is probably also because of the dealership I am buying it from is not the best. I didn't have many options to choose from so the Chevy was the best choice they had. The good thing is didn't have as many miles when I got it!

- Chelsea P

Good quality car overall.

I think it is a good quality vehicle overall. For the most part it has been reliable. There were a few issues with some recalled parts that were frustrating. But overall it has been a good car. It could use some current technological features like a upgraded stereo and Bluetooth would be nice.

- Erica G

This is a big sedan. It will protect your children in an accident

My wife chose this vehicle. I would NOT have chosen this vehicle because it has terrible sight lines, and is generally too big. I like my sedan to be more the size of the Cavalier or Corolla. It HAS been exceptionally faithful to us and hasn't require any major repairs before 100,000 miles

- Tom J

Mediocre but acceptable car.

This is a sturdy car. It does not get very good gas mileage, and the check engine light keeps coming on, but it is otherwise durable and safe. It is a fairly heavy car, so it does not handle as well as a smaller sport type car. It is almost ten years old and does not need any body work.

- Jessica C

It has a great comfort for people who are little taller than norm.

It has been a good car so far, worse thing is since it is older now a few bells come on like the seat belt bell, it will not pass emissions without work done it check engine light stays on, I am sure a lot of that has to do with it being older, would I buy a newer model of a Malibu yes,

- Diana A

Malibu is a great car to drive.

My Chevrolet Malibu is very much a reliable car I have been driving it for years. It is really good on gas it gets like 28-30 miles per gallon. The Malibu is very comfortable. I would recommend and older version to any one, this is due to on the service it says to go to a Chevy dealer.

- Hillary S

Taking care of your vehicle.

Very good gas mileage rarely have maintenance problems. Love the body style and color if you keep up on regular maintenance I do not foresee any problems for the owners of a Malibu or any other brand of automobiles. Please consider your options ours was great when we bought the Malibu.

- Bobbi J

I have been very pleased with the style and performance of my Malibu.

It rides nice and look good. It is roomy and has a lot of trunk space. We have not had any problems other than the usual repairs needed for a car of that age. It is good on gas mileage and does not take excess oil. It is easy to drive and you can see out of the back window very well.

- Kathryn M

Car is well made runs good dependable has OnStar.

Made well good gas mileage looks good starts well needed has GPS and phone. Pretty colors well made doors open wide large trunk area seats move so lots of legroom. Easy to open trunk from inside if locked in. Good radio and CD player easy to maintain lights come on automatically.

- Karen L

Well-pleased. I am very pleased with the performance, and the appearance.

My vehicle has served me well. I have had to get major repairs on the electrical system and the sensors, and also with the steering. We have travelled long distance several times, and it was very comfortable to travel. I like that it has a lot of compartments for storage as well.

- Adrian G

4 door sedan Silver Black interior.

I love my vehicle. It gets me to where I need to go. I love how it does not need a lot of gas and I can go long distances. I also love the color and the interior of my car. Only problem I have with it is that it likes to go and then slow down and then jolt and then go fast again.

- Avery H

Chevy Malibu hybrid gets great mpg.

I like the comfort from my automobile such as leather seats, moonroof and sunroof. A really good stereo system and great miles per gallon on the highway. My automobile is a hybrid and is low maintenance. And is easy to drive. It has remote key entry and power windows and brakes.

- Lucy S

2009 Chevy Malibu grey color.

Electrical problems, door falling apart, don't want to lock, hubcaps make noise, paint peeling off, need new tires, just need to be smashed, smoke comes out the pipe after sitting for a few mins when u take off in it, cloth seats, sometimes have a odor, and I just don't like it.

- Stephanie P

Chevy Malibu for the win!

I really love my car! Not only does it get me to my destination, but it provides comfort, safety, and reliability. I have had no problems in the 3 years I have had it, provides great gas mileage and tire pressure. The only thing I regret is not hooking up the Bluetooth feature.

- Taylor P

The Malibu has a chic look with all black and wood interior.

I bought it used and had minimal problems the 3 years I have owned it. The transmission went out at about 100, 000 miles and then minor issues since then. I have heated seats, automatic start, a sunroof and leather interior. I love the car just wish it was a little more modern.

- Katie H

Safe and smooth performance with each ride.

None - not one repair in 9 years! Perfect performance throughout. It is comfortable, safe, and has the features I need, along with many I do not bother with. When I replace it I will use the same dealership and purchase whatever Chevy Malibu is new and available at that time.

- Marie Elena S

Very good car: fast, efficient, pretty.

It is fast and conserves gas. The air conditioning is also good. Twenty dollars can give you about 4-5 hours of travel. The tires are strong and last long as well. There is enough space to comfortably fit a family or small group. The back is also big enough to fit many items.

- Emily M

Chevy Malibu is great for a first time car.

Low tire pressure problems all the time and can take a while for heater to be hot. There is great mileage and the car is pretty sturdy and easy to maintain. Depending on the color is how fast you can see the dirtiness of the car. Otherwise smooth and fast driving if needed.

- Nicole G

It is low to the ground and trunk size is small.

Overall good size car. The trunk is a good size but the trunk opening is tiny. It is a struggle to put in storage tubs for moving purposes. I have not had any significant problems with my car. Routine checks. Most work I have had done with the car is a catalytic converters.

- Maggie O

Not a fan of the Chevy Malibu.

Low profile tires that require air to be inflated twice a week in the winter time. Headlight goes out often and the entire front end has to be removed in order to change a single bulb. The best feature is the heated seats. The speaker system in the car is also horrible.

- Amy E

That it is reliable car with great style. Will not leave you stranded.

My Chevy Malibu has been a very reliable vehicle. I have never had any issues, only vehicle maintenance ( new tires, brake pads). It has never broken down, and it quite a fast car for a V6. The interior of my car looks like a luxury car, heated leather seats, two toned.

- Kelly O

Bumper has to come off to get to the headlight.

The car itself is great and has lasted a while, however, if a headlight where to go out, you would have to take the entire front bumper off to get to the light bulb to change it. That costs about $100 a an auto shop and is very annoying. Gas mileage is not to terrible.

- Jenna C

It has a lot of known safety issues so be sure to really look into the car.

The car has an electric steering wheel which if it goes bad you can't control the car easily which makes it extremely dangerous to drive. The car also easily yas issues with the tire service monitor which means you have to repair it often or keep checking your tires.

- Victoria Z

Tinted windows, cruise control, heated seats.

I love my car, it runs smooths. I have tinted windows. Dual heated seats cruise control. All leather. Ac, heater. Tilt steering column. 4 door. It's an ltz. Its maroon. Ingot new set of tires. My inside lights light up blue. It has fog lights, I really enjoy my car.

- Louisa F

Sparkling. 'Charcoal tinted' . '09 Chevy malibu.

We have an awesome 2009 Chevy Malibu, rides smooth and is excellent on gas. Never had any major problems besides regular maintenance. Lots of room fits 5 passengers comfortable and the trunk is loaded with plenty of room for storage and groceries. Ac/heater strong.

- Louisa T

Fits a family of 5 comfortably.

The car is a comfortable sedan for a family. I can fit 3 car seats across in the back. It is rides smoothly and comfortably. I haven't had any major problems with the vehicle. It does not get the greatest gas mileage, which is one thing I wish it did better on.

- Ashley K

Excellent vehicle, great on gas and perfect size.

Very good. Excellent vehicle. Good on gas and just the right size. The vehicle is great. Love how quiet it is and the auto stop feature is nice. Has enough room in the backseat for people too. Tells you when something is wrong with it, which is a nice feature.

- Lupe E

Reliable, comfortable, nice features, but notorious for oil leaks

I like the looks of the vehicle, the features inside are nice, and it is a comfortable ride. I dislike that everything is hard to get to, have to take lots off to get to a simple part. It makes maintenance costly, or simply a pain if my boyfriend works on it

- Nikki A

I had the car just about 10 years and it is still good.

The Malibu is a good car. Not too many repairs over the years some problems with the steering. When parking. Very hard to turn the wheel after a few times. Problems with the automatic door locks. I had to replace them on passenger side and drivers side.

- Muriel D

It is a very comfortable car for traveling.

Really no problems. Other than the general maintenance, it has been a very good vehicle in any situation. I like the style and it is very comfortable inside. People have commented that it is a very comfortable and seems to be easy to get around with.

- Lisa J

Although it has had some problems, it is pretty good on gas.

My Chevy Malibu has a nice interior, and it is very sleek on the outside. However, I have had several problems with it such as a leak in my coolant reservoir, had to replace the battery twice in the last year, problems with the fuses, and gas pump.

- Rebecca V

It's a very dependable car.

It's overall very dependable and I really like it. My only complaint is that changing a headlight bulb requires taking off the front bumper to gain access. I couldn't do it myself and had to spend an extra 60$ or so to have someone do it.

- Jerry A

Review of a Chevy Malibu.

It's a great, durable car. Haven't had any major problems with it yet. It gets decent gas mileage. The only thing I really don't like about it is that the windshield wipers control is on the right side of the wheel instead of the left.

- Chris W

My vehicle is the best one I could have.

I love my Chevy Malibu because it is so reliable, good on gas, and comfortable. I have driven up and down the east coast of the united states at least 3 times so far (new jersey to Florida) and have had no issues but routine maintenance.

- Tatiana C

It's a very reliable vehicle while still remaining comfortable.

I enjoy the handling of the vehicle, as it offers a very smooth ride. The cruise control is excellent, as is the audio system and seating. Trunk space could be more spacious, but other than that I'm very satisfied with my vehicle.

- Taylor O

The gas mileage that you are able to get is worth the investment.

The only problem I have is that sometimes the brake lights will come on while driving, which is dangerous and it comes and goes. . But, I love the car. Great gas mileage, great feel, and all around great car minus that one issue.

- Derek M

The fuel economy is great! We took our car on a rather lengthy drive to the East coast this summer. We saved a bundle on fuel costs.

I love the fuel economy of my Malibu. I do not like the size. I went from an SUV to this car, so the smaller size has been a difficult adjustment. Also, I'm tall enough that my head sometimes rubs against the roof of the car.

- Kelli R

Current car owners review

Car rides good, on gas and is roomy for a large man like myself ..The car has almost all the power options,,onstar and power driver's seat.Wish it had steering wheel controls for radio,regular profile tires and more cup holders

- jeffrey u

An interesting detail would have to be the operating system it has.

I love this vehicle. I do not always remember when to get an oil change, but with the Chevy Malibu, it lets me know what percentage I have left before I have to get an oil change. It also tells me when my tire pressure is low.

- Cassandra R

Chevy Malibu is a reliable mechanically sound vehicle.

It has very good acceleration for a v6. Dislikes- you can hear so much of the road, and the cars windshield wipers rattles and vibrates when going over 65mph. Other than that the car runs great for having 118000 miles on it.

- Rick O

The design of the vehicle is nice, its classic and sturdy and good on gas.

My Malibu looks good and runs well on gas. The ride is smooth too. Over the years we have a few recalls and now I have a lot of problems. From the struts to the shocks to the sway links. I only have about 70 thousand miles.

- De S

It is very reliable. Good gas mileage to.

I have had my vehicle for 9 years and have had no issues with it. Just regular maintenance. It is very reliable. The only thing I don't like is it is very low to the ground and hard to get in and out with my back problems.

- Jennifer G

I've never had to put a lot of money into the car. Nothing goes wrong with it.

I have had my car for over 7 years and have never had any problems with it! It runs great, has over 130k miles on it and I never have any issue. It's been a great car! I love Chevy and want to continue buying Chevy cars

- Jessica L

It has tons of space for the size car it is.

I like that it is small but also roomy, everyone can fit, the trunk is large, but it is a regular size car. I dislike that the gas mileage is not that great, and not even what i was told that it would be upon purchase.

- Elizabeth W

Gas Saving Car, Family Vehicle, Pretty roomy, Happy Purchase

Love this vehicle. We bought this out of the 'showroom' and have not had any significant issues with it. Great gas mileage. The only thing we could choose to complain about are those electronic sensors on the tires.

- Rachel S

The alerts and locks are expensive to repair.

The chevrolet brand is a good brand and one that I value. However, the previous owner damaged the locks and internal system (which is very costly to repair) so a lot of alerts go off unnecessarily at any given time.

- Jessica M

It is been a great car and most realizable.

Our Chevrolet Malibu is the best car we have ever owned! It has been the most reliable car we have owned. It is a great looking car and has been most reliable. I am most impressed by its design and reliability. .

- Judith T

Engine problems costing over $2000 that was later covered by a recall

It had a lot of engine problems after about 6 years. Electrical problems that are too expensive to fix so the driver seat cannot scoot forward. Other than that it is a comfortable car that gets good gas mileage.

- teresa b

Small white 4 door sedan ac & heat works great!

Car runs great. Even after 120k miles car still got great gas mileage! Does have some electrical problems that cause the headlights to burn out really fast and recently started losing its blinker bulbs as well.

- Sydney H

This car is very reliable.

The car is a little older and has a couple of mechanical issues. I have had the car for a bit. I love the look and the car holds up very well. I have had this brand in the past and NEVER had any issues with it.

- Jass L

It has a great gas mileage.

My vehicle is reliable but it has a few computer issues that need to be fixed. I have had a few problems with my traction control and my check engine light. However, my car is a nice size and has a good radio.

- Trisha L

The vehicle also has an amazing sound system.

I couldn't find my vehicle in the options, I actually have a 2008 Chevy town & country. The vehicle has lasted me two years running over 45 miles everyday. The vehicle has tons of space and plenty of storage.

- Rebecca U

Radio dial on steering wheel. Compartment on dashboard which is a neat feature

Malibu is a very safe vehicle. It's a Great first car. Small interior but very nice on the inside. Volume and radio seek on steering wheel. As well as cruise control. My car still drives great at 170xxx.

- Cassie F

It gives you a good ride and good mileage

It's good looking and gets decent gas mileage. It's basically low maintenance. It's getting to low for me because i'm getting older is the only complaint and Its rusting over wheel well by the gas tank

- john S

I like that there is a lot of storage in different locations all over my vehicle.

It is a fairly reliable vehicle. I like that I can see the tire pressure on all four tires on my dashboard. I don't like that I can't use the bluetooth feature to play Pandora or Spotify on my radio.

- Niela G

That it's a LTZ, and it's made by Chevy so it's built to last

The way the front hood of the car is shaped. It burns gas fast, I love my sunroof, I love the seat warmers, I love the leather interior, I love the color of it, I dislike all the little scrapes though

- Kelly F

You have to take the whole front end of the car body off to change the headlight bulbs!!!!!!

I love the dependability of my Chevy. It has sat for months at a time.....during the winter, outside in the snow and ice and has always started the first try. The gas mileage I get is really great.

- Catherine L

The most important thing others should know about my car is that it is reliable.

I love having a vehicle and being able to get to and from different places. I love that my car is reliable, runs smooth and is a perfect fit for my little family. There is nothing I dislike about it.

- Maria G

It's a very solid, dependable car.

I like that it always seems to run smoothly. I've never had many problems with it and I just hit 121,000 miles. I don't like that the locks stick when the temperature gets above 80 degrees outside.

- Corey B

It is our primary car to get us to and from wherever we need to get.

It gets me where I am going. No issues. Gas mileage is great, seeing that I do drive through a lot of stop and go areas. Dislike, would be that the brakes make noise, even after being changed out.

- Cynthia A

It gets great gas Mileage I drive a lot so this is a great feature

Wheel bearings go out a lot with this car other than that that is the only thing that I have to replace other than the normal maintenance and upkeep i would prefer leather seats then cloth seats

- Erica D

Great on mileage, comfortable, and affordable maintenance costs.

I wish it was a different color. I would also prefer that it had a sunroof. But I do like how spacious it is inside and the size of the trunk. It also gets really good mileage on the highway.

- Cherise B

I love it the way it drives on the hwy very gorgeous body and the headlights are.

GPS, heated seats, maroon color, 4 door, suede seats, sunroof, big trunk, cruise control, plenty of storage, pockets back of seats, plenty of room, drives smooth, six disk CD player, Bluetooth.

- Paula T

2009 Chevy Malibu Silver Moss color

I have had this care for a little over 3 months now and it has done everything i could ask for. It is a very comfortable car and runs great. Very simple to maintain and gets great mileage.

- Seth B

I would definitely buy this model car again

I am pleased with the functionality of my car. The car has gotten me to and from long distances many times with almost no problems. The car rides very smooth, and has a high safety rating.

- Zachary D

My car is very safe for family vehicle and can be cheap on gas. Also It can get up to speed fast when needed.

I love my Malibu because it is a perfect sized family car. The car has good gas mileage and is not expensive on parts. Only downfall of the vehicle is that sometimes sensors may not work.

- Kristen H

It is a solid, dependable car.

It looks good. The body style has a sporty look. The fuel economy is good as well. My only complaint is that it is difficult to get in and out of because of how low to the ground it is.

- Jarvis R

It's very safe, named top safe car in Its year.

I like the safety of the car as well as the fact that it's a large sedan, people in the back have lots of legroom. Complaints are the gas mileage and sometimes the trunk is too small.

- Amber M

It's a very reliable car. Handles great in the snow. Is very affordable.

There is nothing I dislike about my car. My car handles great. Love the body style. Has a big trunk and a roomy backseat. I can adjust my seat to where I need it since I am 4 foot 11.

- Jennifer S

It's an awesome car and I got a great deal on it. I love the sunroof.

I like the size of the car. It's perfect for our family. I like the steering wheel too. I love the sunroof. I wish that it got better gas mileage. It's not bad but it could be better.

- Katie B

It has great highway mileage!

My car gets very good gas mileage with highway driving. I like the addons such as heated seats and remote start. I do feel that the life of the car is about over at nine years.

- Matt S

Drives really well and my car gets 28 miles per gallon.

I have had my car for about 4 years and just had it serviced for the year. It drives like a new car again if you watch the oil and get the oil changed regularly it is a good car.

- Brooke S

The most important thing you should know about my car is it's an 4 cylinder so it doesn't have a lot of power if you're looking for speed.

My 2009 chevy Malibu is very reliable, it runs great and does really good with the gas mileage. I've drove it a couple times from Virginia to Michigan and back with no problems.

- Derontae P

It is very spacious and a great travel car which can seat up to 5 people.

I have a red Chevy Malibu which I do like. It is a big wider than I would like, but it is a great travel car. It have everything I need including an outlet in the back seat.

- Paige B

It is reliable, and doesn't have major components go wrong with it.

It is dependable and fun. I like the styling of it. I wish the interior was made from higher quality materials, and that the electrical components weren't so temperamental.

- Josh E

It looks good and it's a strong car.

Right size. Still roomy. Relaxing to be in. No complaints. Was everything I wanted. Great on gas, sunroof & cruise control. It also lets me know on all tire pressures.

- Debra N

Durable, reliable, dependable

The handling of the car is perfect with little to no problems. The age of the car means it has a little wear and tear but overall has kept up and gets decent mileage.

- Will J

It has under 90,000 miles on it.

I love my cars autostart. It comes I handy in the winters in alaska. I also love the seat heaters for the same reason. There is nothing I do not like about this car.

- Sidney F

It gets Good good mileage. It has been very reliable.

It is reliable. I've had an issue with the battery dying and it took forever and numerous trips to the garage. It ended up behind a component of the onstar system.

- Tracy P

Good Car But Needs Minor Tweaks

It's a good riding car. Have had some electrical issues with door locks & with blinkers/turning signals. All & all this malibu is a pretty good car & good on gas.

- JoAnn D

It is reliable, the passenger door sticks a bit.

Like all the bells and whistles it came with, heated seats, remote starter, built in Bluetooth. Dislike that it does not have the latest technology. No complaints.

- Pamela B

The one most important thing people should know about my car is that it is safe.

I like that my car has a lot of space it also has electric windows. I also like the fact that the car has air conditioning. Power lock is also a very nice feature.

- Johanna A

Parts if need replaced are cheaper than most.

The vehicle is easy on gas, runs great. The vehicle looks good and is accommodating to all types of body types. Only dislike is it sits pretty low to the ground.

- Kevin Y

I prefer a Ford product and would like a SUV type vehicle

Good gas mileage. Always having trouble with door locks. Chevy dealer says it could be a broken wire in the door. I'm not willing to pay to have it looked at.

- Frances P

That's it a good car. Low mileage A good car to go on a road trip in.

It is comfortable to drive. Fairly good mileage. I have a hard time backing it out of a parking spot. Hard to do with all the trucks and suvs parked around it.

- Janell B

It does actually have an alarm that is real sensitive.

I dislike the size, I feel it's too small for me. I bought it from a private party so it was cheap because it needed some work. The gas mileage is o.k. though

- Stephanie D

Avoid this vehicle at all costs!

My car is not the most reliable. I've had to put in over $2,000 dollars into my car over the past six months. I would not recommend purchasing a Chevy Malibu.

- Kevin L

The one most important thing about the Chevy Malibu is it is reliability.

I like the reliability of my Chevy Malibu. The interior is comfortable and backseat is roomy. I dislike the color of the car and also pick up speed is slow.

- Danielle V

Reliable and still modern and holds up well. I love my malibu.

This car is 9 years old and drives like new. It has held up well and makes me confident in Chevrolet. I enjoy driving it and plan to keep for the future.

- ryan m

It is known for door locks failing and electrical issues, and transmission issues for these years

I like the amount of room, engine power, the mpg. I don't like how it shifts, the moonroof is louder than most other sunroofs, the radio dash is ordinary.

- Blake D

My Malibu is a good reliable car.

My vehicle is safe and reliable. I've had some issues regarding the door locks not working and my trunk not working, but other than that it's a good car.

- Rebecca A

It is a very spacious car its not a small compact car it's more like a luxury car.

I like my car its very spacious. I don't like that the trunk is not wide enough other than that I like the car and wouldn't mind buying a newer version.

- Marlene R

Reliable and safe as well as efficient.

This car is wonderful with lots of nice features. It is super reliable and also rather good on gas. I would recommend this vehicle to anyone out there.

- Jon B

Spacious. Good gas mileage.

It's a good car. Right now we have some sensor issues on it so the seat belt light goes off even though we're wearing our seatbelts. It's good on gas.

- Taisha H

Not sure. It has been a low maintenance vehicle also.

It is a safe and dependable vehicle and very comfortable. I also enjoy the on star it came equipped with at the beginning. It is also great on gas.

- Missy S

Love to drive it very easy to handle.

Very comfortable on trips, easy driving car. good on gas, Issues are door locks don't work except for driver side, Back light on window don't work.

- kim d

I've only had it a short amount of time, but it seems pretty dependable. Especially considering it's almost 10 years old.

I like the space. I also like the sunroof. There isn't really anything I don't like. I don't have a use for the manual feature but that's about it.

- Jatia P

It's a FAMILY car that i travel in with my grandchildren.

I like Chevrolet and usually don't drive another brand. My malibu is easy not so hard on gas and gives me the comfort i expect to have in a car.

- Brenda r

2009 Chevy Malibu real review

I've had my car for 6 years now and I haven't had any major problems out of it yet. It had excellent gas mileage and it's affordable to fill up.

- Christina S

It is very low and that makes it difficult to drive.

I love the style and interior of the car. It also has a pretty good engine. I dislike how low the vehicle is to the ground and the brake system.

- Brittani C

It is a very comfortable car.

It has a lot of things wrong with it I had to have the transmission rebuilt due to something wrong with it and also the engine is getting bad.

- Kaitlyn V

Cheap reliable touring car

My vehicle is not too too bad. I like the fact that the gas is really cheap but also that it has lasted me for about 4 years now. It's awesome

- Troy F

Gas mileage is great and dependable.

Likes the gas mileage. Dislike headlights cost to be changed. Have to always take car to shop for small things. Dislike locks start to stick.

- Ashley G

At almost ten years old, it still gets really good gas mileage.

A very smooth ride. Comfortable feel, when driving and when just sitting in the seat. There is a drawback in that it doesn't climb very well.

- Michael S

It gets decent gas mileage is comfortable and looks sporty. It is older but still runs very good, could use some new tires now.

The car has had electrical issues, we had to bypass the onstar at one point. But other than that it has been reliable and a pretty good car.

- Sue A

Dependable with good gas mileage. Is fuel efficient and reliable.

Top end problems I have 150000 miles on the vehicle and it is starting to show signs of wear. Radiator leaks, hoses need replacing, etc. . .

- Rob J

Chevy Malibu electric struggles.

Several electrical problems and transmission skips when I reach a certain speed. The front left headlight always seems to give out as well.

- Sergio Q

Take care of it like a child.

Great car for trips and just around town! I use it everyday to work and about 3-4 times to take long trips. It is a good and reliable car!!

- Potato G

It gets great gas mileage and has been affordable to operate.

It has been an excellent family vehicle through the young ages of our children. We could use a larger vehicle now that they are in school

- Jennifer A

It's durable and dependable. Haven't had too many issues with it.

It's a much bigger car than I'm used to but it has held up very well for a car that is almost 10 years old with over 100,000 miles on it.

- Alyse R

It is very dependable and has had almost no issues starting ever

Tires always seem to deflate rather quickly, as well as it has some wiring issues but its lasted me the last 6 year with no major issues

- Jakob M

the average miles I get with gas

My vehicle is my baby I love everything about it from the space to the look. i cam not think of anything I dislike but putting gas in it

- karen H

My car was well worth it for the price and has a pretty small amount of miles on it.

My vehicle suits me well. It looks nice in both the interior and the exterior. It is nothing more and nothing less than a 2009 vehicle.

- Matt K

The trunk is very spacious.

I love my Malibu. I would buy another one. It drives good. I have not had any problems with the car. My husband even likes driving it.

- Carolyn S

My Chevy has been a great car and it has had many miles tracked.

I like my car but it is getting old and worn. My car has been very good to me. I haven't had any major problems that weren't covered.

- Vicki G

They need to know that they need to be ready to constantly fix the car. Something always needs maintenance.

It's a very comfortable ride. I don't like how fragile the car is though. Seems like everything always needs to be fixed on the car.

- Scott G

It is a safe and reliable car.

It is a very reliable car. I like the color, the seats, the controls are easy to use. It is just getting old and has a lot of miles.

- Tara C

Great miles. Great on gas.

Love it. Great car mileage. Pretty. Nice design. Doesn't have a lot of problems. I love Chevys. No problems. Great air conditioning.

- Vivian T

Reliable Vehicle: Great for any age.

The 2009 Chevy Malibu is more sporty looking than the 2005 that I had. It drives really well year round. I get great gas mileage.

- Shannon F

the best vehicle any one can have

my vehicle is very comfortable, its durable, has been with me for already 9 years has not given me any problems, is fuel efficient

- alexandra m

She can keep going no matter how far you plan on going!

She has a lot of miles on her and always seems to have a problem. Breaks need to be done at least once a year and also new tires.

- Madison U

Chevy Malibu LTZ 3.6 liter

Bad wheel bearing design. Transmission control module had to be replaced. Otherwise it is a great vehicle, comfortable, powerful

- Chad R

Buy it new so everything covered do not trust the dealership to keep their word.

I have no complaints a bbq out my vehicle.. I love my vehicle very much.. I get great gas miles per gallon on regular gas...

- Ella B

Fuel tank problems it leaks gas.

Well it runs fine turns on right away but I've had trouble with it before had to restore the car computer bought a new one.

- Iris L

It takes a lot of gas to fill it up.

The Chevy Malibu that I have it is a reliable car my favorite aspect about it is the sunroof and it is a very spacious car.

- Infinity W

It handles very well. It's a smaller car but roomy and it performs well. I have no complaints.

I feel very safe while driving this car. It handles curves real easy. My roads are really curvy so my car is great for me.

- emma c

The best thing about the chevrolet malibu is it is a reliable form of transportation

Comfortable, easy to drive. It has been very reliable most of the time. I have had other chevrolets and always like them.

- Susan Y

The brakes aren't very tight, it takes a while to fully stop.

The car is very smooth and enjoyable, It is very easy to drive, and I really recommend it to beginners with a large budget

- jax b

It is a valuable car that runs well and gets good gas mileage

I like my vehicle but it is getting older. It runs smoothly and gets good gas mileage. So far it has done very well for me

- Conner O

They are a nice car it is just that every time I went to the dealer for even an oil change it would end up costing me a few hundred dollars because they would find something wrong

I love the color, the heated seats, keyless entry and the blue tooth so I can be hands free if I need to talk on my cell.

- Kiki W

It gets me from Point A to Point B.

I like that it is small. I like that it has cruise control. I like the safety features. I wish it had better gas mileage.

- Stuart T

It is always been good on gas, spacious and reliable.

It really is a great vehicle! The only problems I've had with it are panels coming apart on their own inside the vehicle.

- Char R

The Malibu is dependable and handles well on winter roads.

I love the great gas mileage. I also like that is quiet. I do not like that the radio doesn't pick up a lot of channels.

- julie F

That you have to remove the bumper to replace the headlights

Good size drives well but sunroof has leaked. Also to replace headlights you have to remove the bumper which costs money

- Diane C

That my car was given to me by my father & I love the car.

I love the body style on my car. Not being able to hardly see out my back window is what I dislike the most about my car

- Tessa C

It is cool. It looks cool. It drives cool.

It is comfortable to sit in, easy to drive, looks nice. It does not have navigation system and it is only a 4 cylinder.

- Mary B

Chevy Malibu's are the best.

It is very reliable, it takes great gas I usually only have to put $50. 00 for the entire week. It is such a great car.

- Mia S

It is a reliable vehicle and pretty.

I like that it gets good gas mileage. Would really like to have leather seats. Actually a smooth ride for an older car.

- Mina H

it runs well with few problems in the years I have had it.

It runs very well & I have had few problems with it. It has a nice sized trunk. There is nothing I dislike about it.

- Carol L

I've driven over 200,000 miles with this car with no major issues. It runs smooth and it saves me gas money.

The only issue I've ever had with my car is the lock button does not work, and the headlight goes out every and then.

- Calvin M

Good all around car would buy another

Decent gas mileage, east to drive car excellent space for family member and children. Would rate this car 4 out of 5

- Patrick H

Drives good in the snow and great on gas for the day to day driving

I love the way it handles, roomy and the built-in options that comes with. There is no dislikes to say. I love it!!!

- Anna C

Blind spots are horrible and dangerous.

Blind spots are horrible. Headlights take a specialist to replace. Difficult to judge where the front of the car is.

- Lynn C

Gets really good gas mileage.

I love my car! I haven't had it very long but I love the gas mileage n the way it looks! Gets me where I have to go!

- Linda M

Decent car as long as you stay on top of maintenance.

The car is a decent car. It has had some mechanical issues and wiring issues. The emergency brake also got stuck on.

- shelby c

That it gets great gas mileage and drives quietly.

I like that it is easy to drive and good on gas, I don't like that the radio is limited and the cd player is broke.

- julie h

It's good on gas mileage, but will cost you in other areas.

It gets good gas mileage, but the electrical system is always having issues. Mainly with the power steering system.

- Sophie S

Perfect family vehicle. Good quality for the price

Very roomy for a family. The back seat holds 3 small children/ 2 older children. Works great for family road trips.

- Kristi S

Chevrolet Malibu, steering column issue,

Steering column issue, steering column issue, steering column issue, steering column issue, steering column issue,

- Duana Denise M

I have a loan on it and there’s a small scratch on the outside of the car.

No complaints really just a bit of rust. A scratch and it has over 200,000 miles on it other then that I love it.

- Faith M

It is reliable, but you need to get a decent amount of work done to it.

Gas mileage is not that great. Rides a little rough. But it is very reliable! Always gets me where I need to go.

- Kyle T

It is great for long wear and is very reliable.

Good car. Looks good, runs good and so far has been very dependable. I have no complaints about my Chevy malibu.

- Judith T

Good gas mileage and dependable.

Good car with good gas mileage. Reliable and handles well. Gets me where I need to go. Older vehicle but safe.

- Ten S

The car gets Good gas Mileage and reliable vehicle

Overall good vehicle. It is slightly difficult to get in/out of and you almost have to enter at a side angel.

- Kelly M

This car has plenty of room and a decent size trunk

This is a great car. No issues or recalls that I have had since I bought it brand new. Gets great gas mileage

- Nick C

The engine is very reliable. I have never had any engine trouble in the 3 years I have owned the car.

Dislike some of the plastic parts. Door panel had plastic clips break that cause the armrest to become loose.

- Ben B

Compact, easy to care for. I like it.

It corners really easy. Upkeep has been minimal, gas mileage is good. So far it has been a very reliable car.

- Eileen F

It is a hybrid and gets great mpg which is good fuel economy.

Good mpg and sunroof. It's a great car and I wish it had low mileage but it has heat and AC and drives good.

- Renee S

Best value for money. There is not anything I dislike about this vehicle.

I like the size of the vehicle. I enjoy the color of the interiors. Also the trunk space for when we travel.

- Jessica J

Malibu car that drives smoothly

This car is a really reliable car. I haven't really had too many problems with it. It drives very smoothly.

- Kaela A

Good vehicle and nice car.

It's great on gas. Auto stop is interesting and took getting used to it. Nice size and good storage space.

- Guadalupe E

you get what you pay for.

really enjoy this very dependable vehicle. very comfortable ride not to noisy or loud. Awesome gas mileage

- matthew w

Blue green in color, 4 door sedan

Put totes and brakes on it and have had no mechanical trouble and get 35 miles to Galleon highway driving

- Lynette N

It's a great car it's never left me walking and its been very reliable.

My Chevy Malibu has a few hail dents and a few stains on inside. But, for the most part it's a great car.

- Jessica L

It is mine. I do not have a loan on it. It gives me freedom.

I like the size and the comfort. It is a pleasure to drive. I am not totally happy with the gas mileage.

- Leonard C

Decent gas mileage and safety. Perfect mid-range vehicle.

The car has frequent breakdowns and mediocre gas mileage. The car itself drives smoothly and looks nice.

- Ellayna W

It handles and drives very well.

The computer system malfunctions. The seat seems to be lose. Other then my car really operates smoothly.

- Cody G

Good gas mileage & doesn't cost a fortune to fill up.

Perfect size, 4 doors, roomie trunk. Haven't had any major problems since buying it. Great around car.

- Kristie S

It has a smooth ride. I haven't had much mechanical trouble with it.

I like the color. I like that the trunk is very spacious. I dislike that it sits so low to the ground.

- Erica H

It's amazing on gas and plenty of room for a family

The car is great in gas and plenty of space for a family of three. But it sucks on fixing things on it

- Kelsey B

it runs good and is good on gas it is a good reliable car

i love my chevy malibu. the only problem is my headlight goes out a lot it rus good and is good on gas

- Jesse V

Just keep up with car maintenance and you will have a great car.

Just regular wear and tear. It is a great car. I only do oil changes. Buy tires and repairs as needs.

- Miriam M

It has been very reliable and, despite the high miles, is very dependable. I would buy another Chevy Malibu.

I like my vehicle but it is getting old and has high miles. It needs some work done on it right now.

- LeAnn D

My car puts on a lot of miles, so everything should be well tested.

I like this vehicle a lot. IT DOES WELL getting me from here to there. It could use better traction.

- Meh N

nice family car that seats a family of 4 very comfortably. safe car for family .

dependable car, comfortable and nice looking. fits 4 to 5 comfortably. tires do not stayed inflated,

- catherine c

It has been a very reliable car to drive for me and my family.

I like the size and space inside the car. It gets good gas mileage. It lacks some features I'd like.

- Lupe B

It is older but the model actually is very reliable.

I love the look. I love the price. My car is super reliable. There's nothing I do Not like about it.

- Sarah B

It has a good ride and the interior is nice.

Time to start making repairs. I have had to change brakes and tires because I am accumulating miles.

- Drew B

I bought it used from a car light and after a month of owning it the check engine light came on. But other than that it has proven to be a reliable family car.

Most important thing about my car is that i put a lot of miles on it because of travel for work.

- Bailey V

If you are shopping for a used car, make sure it has decently up to date features.

It's fine, it works to get me from A to B. However, it is old and lacks features like Bluetooth.

- Jay B

gas mileage is good and has a lot of extra things on it

it's very good on gas and is a nice looking car and everyone who sees it would love to have it

- Patricia M




This is a very comfortable car and still looks good after nearly a decade of use. It is roomy enough for for adults and is pretty good on MPG with good pick up. I get a lot of complements on it especially from people who dig American vehicles.

It's a proud American automotive product: sounds good, looks good, runs good. Dependable.


I like the style and that it's American made. The color is nice and it's the perfect size for me.

The most important thing that other should know about my car is that it is American made!

- Dee L

Ride is very comfortable. Plenty of interior room. Have had no expensive repairs in the ten years owning car.

Love the way it drives. Very little mechanical issues in the ten years I have owned it.

- Terry C

It is reliable! We have had minimal problems with the car.

I love my car! It is reliable. This is the second Malibu we have owned and we love it!

- Emily K

This is a decent enough car.

Decent car but it is a lot of upkeep. It's roomy. Having electrical and brake issues.

- lynn e

It is black and it keeps cool even when it is hot outside.

It is great with Gas. It still runs great! It gives space for me and my children.

- Amy W

I like the way it rides on the road. Very comfortable, even in the back seat.

Do not like the seat design. Radio broke very quickly, not covered in warranty.

- Tina G

It's a good car; it gets good gas mileage when driving.

It has good mileage. it's easy to drive and maintain. has basic features I need.

- lisa c

It is very economical on gas

Love that it is a hybrid and spacious. Slightly dislike the hollowness of doors

- Alfredo G

Well kept, keeps up maintenance, clean, nice looking

Comfortable, easy to drive, nice looking but have had a few maintenance issues

- Audrey O

The one most important thing others should know about my car is that it is dependable.

Dependable. Good gas mileage. Spacious. The vehicle has had very few issues.

- Rasheda H

Heated seating for the winter. Good fuel economy. Decent truck space with fold down back seats for expanded room.

Rated safest vehicle by car and driver in 2009 so I consider it very safe.

- Terri R

It is a good size and looks good. It is stylish but not super expensive

It was a good price. It is a good size for what I need. It is good on gas.

- Gary G

Low care and good mileage. We are a Chevy family. Just bought a Chevy truck.

It fits my size. It get good gas miles to the gallon. I have no complaints

- dottie v

This car is very reliable.

It has four doors. Very roomy front and back. Good mileage. Large trunk.

- Chuck V

It is low maintenance. Only routine maintenance. Oil changes.

I like the style. I like the gas mileage. I like it is low maintenance.

- Pat L

Very highly rated as a medium size car.

A good size for driving. Good gas mileage. Very little repair problems.

- virginia O

Pain to replace headlight bulbs.

Large interior. Decent sized trunk. Pain to replace headlight bulbs.

- Matthew D

It's paid for, and still has low mileage

I bought if for under $15000, only one owner prior and low mileage

- Lisa A

Has had a lot of recalls

its okay runs okay but has had a couple of problems here and there

- Rosemary S

a lot of trunk space so I can help out a lot

nice sleek look gets me from point a to point b nice stereo system

- nathan P

It's on the road, so see me. Stop hitting me. Its held up to being hit almost 10 times

One thing I don't like is the small trunk. Otherwise I love it.

- Tina G

its reliable and comfortable ride. I'd buy a smaller car next

Comfortable, terrible on gas because it's a V8. Like it for now.

- Faith B

Nothing to make it stand out. It's a 2009 Malibu. Has a sunroof.

It's capable, Nothing else to rave about. Has a phone. Has ABS

- Richard O

An affordable vehicle that's reliable and sturdy. Your family would be safe.

Reliable vehicle. Good gas mileage. Affordable for Its size.

- scott o

I like that the car runs good; it drives well. I do not like that my doors quick locking and the price it costs to fix them is outrageous.

It runs well and Chevrolet is a quality brand of vehicle.

- Jessica M

I love my car and I love the make and model but I have had a lot of problems since I leased it in feb of 2017 I really don't know what's going on with it.

that its reliable and very roomy and I love the interior

- Donna B

Sometimes the car won't start and it will just leave You stranded

I've had nothing but one problem after another with it

- Sherri B

Its roomier than it looks. It's totally awesome and great and stuff.

It's great. I like the doors and the cupholders. Yay!

- Sarah C