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Chevy Malibu, amazing for road trips.

I love my Chevy Malibu! It is extremely comfortable and nice to drive. The seats are not uncomfortable to sit in for any extended amount of time. Driving the Malibu is very comfortable and easy. It gets amazing gas mileage for long trips it makes spending money on gas a much easier expense to handle. The Malibu is very roomy as well. It has lots of room in the trunk to carry anything you need. It is also extremely comfortable for passengers in the backseat. There is a lot of legroom to make you comfortable. My Chevy Malibu has great speakers as well. It makes listening to music fun and a great experience. The Chevrolet Malibu is a very stylish car as well. It looks modern and expensive but it is actually quite the opposite of that. It was a very affordable car to purchase. Cruise control is extremely easy to use in the Chevrolet Malibu. It makes driving long-distance is a lot easier and more comfortable as well. I feel very safe in my Chevrolet Malibu. The seatbelts function well the backseat is also a great place to buckle and your children and feel safe doing so. The cupholders are also a great addition to the car. Having many cup holders around is important when driving around passengers especially having them in the back. Cloth seats inside of the Chevrolet Malibu are easy to keep clean and look great as well. Overall it is an amazing car and I hope to have it for many years to come.

- Kam D

Even though the car is small, it has A LOT of room.

The gas last a long time if you do not travel far of course. And it does not need much gas either.. I never spend more than $30 for gas. The car is reliable. I never had a problem or issue when it came to the car. With this car, you are less likely to have car troubles. This car has sensors for everything. If there is not enough air in the tires or you need an oil change, the car will let you know. You are able to move the seats forward, raise it up, or bend the seats back. The buttons are easy to use. The images on the buttons are pretty explanatory. The volume buttons on the steering wheel are important. It helps with hands free driving. It would help if the Bluetooth did the same. The only thing I do not like is that the car is Bluetooth, but you cannot listen to music. All the car does is let you talk on the phone through Bluetooth. Also there are not vents in the back, so if anyone is sitting in the back it will be too hot. In Arizona is gets dangerously hot so air conditioning is extremely important. The vents in the front are a little annoying. The vents don't let air blow likes it's supposed to. The shape is just weird and I do not like it.

- Brenda D

Very satisfied overall! However, there are pros and cons.

I am very satisfied with almost all aspects of my vehicle. It is comfortable and very reliable! The technology in the car is easy to use and easy to understand. However, I would change a couple things. It would be nice to have more space to put things. I am a single mom with a school aged son and it would be nice if my car didn't always feel so cluttered. Also, the Bluetooth in the car can sometimes not function properly. For example, if someone calls me and it goes over the speaker in my car via Bluetooth and I try to transfer it to handset, I have to push the transfer button on my screen about 3 times before it's successful. That can be very frustrating at times especially when I'm trying to focus on the road. Also, if I am trying to play a video on YouTube or any other app besides Pandora, that also takes a few tries before it will work. One more thing I would change is the view restrictions. The rest end of this vehicle comes up so high that at times it is difficult to see what I need to see out of my rear view mirror. These are minor details that I would change but overall I love this vehicle!

- Shayla P

Great starter car that is spacious and great on gas.

This is a great car. Rides smooth, pretty fast, and great on gas. Nice size great starter car. The only thing I dislike is that it didn't have touch screen or navigation. Other then that I love my car. Roomy trunk space. The driver seat has a lot of different adjusting that will suit any driver big or small. It also comes with manual drive option even though it is mainly an automatic car. I never used that function though. It does has Bluetooth as an option to link your phone so that you can talk and drive. However you could not listen to music through it. You would have to use an aid cord. Another thing I didn't like. It come with everything power; windows locks. However the passenger seat was manual to move forward and back. Headrest was pretty comfy even though I am short I never really use it. The body and build is great. Auto light feature also it has the option of everything on the meter board. Where u can see how many miles you have till you would have to get gas. It lets you know if you are low on oil. Also it is pretty great at alerting you even when it is a slight engine problem.

- Denise M

The pros and cons of my Malibu.

I love the size and color most of all. I do a lot of gardening, and the trunk of my car can hold 4 bags of mulch or six bags of garden soil, along with ten 3 gallon containers of flowers. I also keep a container in the trunk with emergency clothes and rain gear. The back seat lets down to carry large items. I like that there are cup holders in the front and back seats. I love the backup camera. What I do not like is that the car is a magnet for accidents. The windshield was cracked by a rock before the dealer tags were removed. A teenager on the phone changed lanes without looking and hit my back door, before the dealer tags were moved. Then a lady decided she need to stop at the back on the far right side of the street, so she changed lanes from the far left side and ran into my back door. The car has a smooth ride, and it doesn't let a lot of noise in when the windows are up. I get 28 miles to the gallon inside the city, and 32 on the highway.

- Doris B

If you are looking for a great first car, the Chevy Malibu has everything.

My Chevy Malibu is a great reliable car. The engine is quiet and when I drive and press firmly enough on the breaks, the engine was turn off to conserve gas. The seats are extremely comfy, and are great to sleep on, especially during road trips. The one main problem I have with my car, is that no matter how many times I change the windshield wipers, none of them work extremely well at getting the water off completely. It's still safe to drive, however, I'm not sure why this is an issue. I love the cruise control on the car and the fact that you can adjust the volume on the steering wheel as well. The headlights can be adjusted to either turn on automatically or manually, which is another great feature. Over all, the Malibu is a solid car with all the comforts and features you would want in a standard car.

- Catherine B

Chevy Malibu lots of pluses and a few negatives.

So far I have not experienced any problems with my car. It performs very well it seems to be a better car for the highway as it is a comfortable ride. Some of the interesting features of the car are the eco mode which turns off the car when I am at a light. This does not happen all the time. I am not sure if it is how hard I break the car at a light or when it feels it needs to stop the engine. It has a huge trunk in the back. I live in Chicago and it has survived the Chicago winter so far. It has an ice mode that senses if it possibly could be icy on the road. The pick up on the car is not so great so if you like to press on the gas after being stopped it may not satisfy you. It has a 15 gallon gas tank so takes quite a bit of fuel to fill it up. It does seem like a gas guzzler though.

- Rose F

Start/stop not great but overall a good car

The car drives very well for a family vehicle. It does not have a lot of 'get up and go' which I have had to adjust to a bit. The stop/start system was a little strange at first, and I can't really tell how efficient it is in saving fuel. But that little battery in the trunk that controls it will make a lot of things seem wrong with your car if it dies. If it starts to die your entire electric system will restart once you let off the break. Just go change the battery. Also, the trunk pop button is on the back of the car next to the top light in the center of the trunk lid. I had to google where it was. Overall, the car is very comfortable and spacious. It works well for road trips with 4 people and the trunk space is awesome. I love the features it has showing oil life and all of that.

- Kristen J

Comfortable and Lots of room

I love the room for driver and seat comfort. The car has been very reliable and I do a lot of driving for my job. I have had not major problems in 5 years just brakes, bearings which could be my driving style. I did not get tinted windows which I didn't notice at the dealership. I do not have a rear view camera which is needed related to the vehicle's blind spots. One thing I don't like it when you open the trunk in rain or if snow is on the trunk it falls into the trunk and gets everything wet. I also wish the back window had a wiper not just a defrost. When it rains it is hard to see out the window. Otherwise solid vehicle and lots of room for back seat passengers. There are technology plugs available and Bluetooth as well.

- Ruth P

Great safety features, roomy and comfortable sedan

As far as performance, I love my Malibu. It gets great gas mileage and is roomier than the Hyundai Elantra that I had considered, especially in the back seat. It came equipped with great safety features, including backup sensors but I wish it had a backup camera. The bluetooth that came stock could be upgraded, too. It connects to your phone only for calls, not audio so you can't stream Pandora or anything else over your car stereo. The only other issue is the aux cord connection has known issues and becomes loose. When I contacted Chevy about it, they knew exactly what I was referring to and told me it's a known issue, though no recall was ever performed.

- Rushell T

It is a good purchase, very dependable and has great room.

My car has a pretty color it is charcoal gray. The inside is a light color of gray. This Malibu does well on gas and does even better on the highway. I travel often in this car. I really like the acceleration this car has, cruise control is used regularly because the speed can get away from you if your not looking or paying attention. The music is ok, I expected to have Sirius radio options. Navigation system would be a nice factory package. I would like to darken my windows have a new shine put on the car. a this time I have to replace an oxygen sensor with is very easy to do since all parts have easy access.

- Lori B

Great gas/money and very spacious!

The vehicle ran very smoothly when it was first bought in 2015. However, since then it has been to the shop multiple times due to recalls that were issued on our specific vehicle. Those were mostly paid for, it was just extremely inconvenient to have to go in so many times. It saves us in gas money though that is for sure, but the type of oil it takes is expensive. Taking long distance trips are perfect with this vehicle with gas and comfort. The kids are comfortable and it is spacious enough for my 6'3" spouse to be comfortable as well. I really just wish it didn't have all of the recalls on it.

- Miranda G

I like the Chevy Malibu because it�s very reliable

It is very nice car. Chevy is a very reliable brand. I lease the car and I have had pretty much no problems. The only problem I had was the air conditioning broke and I had to get it fixed. But overall I really enjoy it. The Chevy Malibu is very nice to drive. Smooth some would say. It is also A very good looking car for how cheap it is. Mine is all black and I have gotten many compliments. I'm never worried or have any anxiety about the car breaking down or having problems when I'm driving. I trust it completely. Maybe I would even take it on a road trip across the country

- Tanning B

Malibu eco turbo.. Awesome!

My Chevrolet Malibu eco with turbo is great on gas mileage. Absolutely love the features as it is the lets model. This vehicle is very spacious without the vehicle being to large. The only thing that was hard to get used to as it is the eco it turns off while idling. I like the new sleek body style better than the old box style. I would definitely recommend this vehicle. The only thing they do not tell you when purchasing is you have to go with a synthetic blend during oil changes and that increases the price to double but you can go 6, 000 miles between oil changes.

- Danielle C

My 2014 Chevrolet Malibu is a reliable car that I would trust to drive anywhere!

I mostly love everything about my Chevy Malibu. It drives very nice and is very good on fuel mileage. The only problem that I have had is sometimes after using my cruise control, the throttle gets stuck (I'm assuming) and the engine revs up. I'm really not sure what it is because I have taking it in to have it looked at and they say they don't know what it is. We make sure that we also have it serviced when it needs it. Routine oil changes, rotating tires and other stuff checked as well. Other than that I am very pleased with my Malibu and would drive it anywhere!

- Jena S

Luxury car and features with the real American price.

My car has great gas mileage, even as good as my previous Honda Civic had. The OnStar feature is a lifesaver seriously. Remote lock and unlock and start engine stop engine is amazing. It alerts you to tire pressure needs, oil, battery, you name it! You can actually leave your keys locked in your car and use the app on your phone to unlock it. The safety features are just outstanding and top of the line. It rides so smooth, it can get you in trouble if you do not watch your speed . It is definitely a luxury car without the luxury car price.

- Rebecca J

My car gets good mileage and handles nicely. It is easy to use, it's not too smart for a driver of my age. It looks like it would have all the "bells and whistles" of a brand new car, but it starts and drives like a normal car, I love that part! It is very roomy inside for a smallish car.

I love that in the front seat it is roomy and not cramped for me behind the steering wheel. I love that I can get a car seat, as well as the child in and out of the back seat with no issues. I love the mileage it gets and also how well it drives and handles. I love that I can use a manual shift if I want to also. I love that it gets up to freeway speed with no problems, even with the A/C on! I love that the exterior of the car seems small, I don't feel like I'm driving a boat. I like the look of the car, not boxy but not too curvy either!


Great ride; great performance; great on gas mileage.

My car has been a great ride. It has given me no major problems. It has been great on gas and gets good gas mileage. I love the feel of the drive and I love the comfort that it provides on a long ride over the road. It has on star features that provide me with safety when I am on the road. It has been a comfortable ride in the different types of weather and provides a great safety feature for hazardous driving. The performance does not have to take a back seat to any. It has a great take off to help you merge on to traffic in tough going.

- Keith K

Chevrolet Malibu: a reliable car.

I like my car because it gets good gas mileage and it is pretty easy to maintain. However, my least favorite thing about my car is that when I pull out of any parking lot or ramp where the degree is ever remotely steep, the bottom of my car will scrape the ground. This is super irritating, but does not affect how my car handles. Another thing that I enjoy about my car is the touchscreen in my car that controls all of the radio and audio functions in my car. I wish that my car had heated seats and a sunroof would also be a nice addition.

- A R

Chevy Malibu LS- A great car for a great price

So far, i have been fairly impressed with my Chevy Malibu 2014 LS. In one years time, i have put up roughly 35,000 miles and the only issue i have had is having to replace the rear left caliper. I enjoy all the features including the backup camera and the large center display screen. The only thing i tell people when they borrow the car is be aware of the gas saving eco-tech engine feature which shuts off the engine when the car is in stop and go traffic. It can be a little alarming at first but you get use to it quickly.

- Andrew S

Our Chevy Malibu is a great size for travelling and has plenty of trunk space. The vehicle is reliable and has OnStar, which is a plus for us.

We bought our vehicle used, with about 20,000 miles on it. We traded another chevy in for it. We love the size of the car and use it mostly for traveling on trips. We also use it when we take my elderly mother in law anywhere, as it is easier for her to get in and out than our other vehicles. The car is very reliable and has never given us any problems. The only issue i have is that the front seats are somewhat uncomfortable and I have to use special seat cushions in order to drive long distances without back pain.

- Christine C

Love how spacious my Malibu is.

I have on this vehicle for about a year now so far there has been no issues with it I take it in for regular maintenance changes and all in all very happy with the purchase I made for this vehicle. I plan on upgrading to a newer model here come in the next year or so. I really enjoy how spacious inside the car, and the truck space is very spacious as well. I have taken this car on quite a few long trips does very well going up the Siskiyou. The ride is very comfortable as well.

- Nicole C

Buy the Malibu. You'll be happy you did!

I have found my Chevy Malibu to be comfortable and reliable over the past 4+ years. This is actually the 2nd Malibu that I have owned due to my overall satisfaction level with Chevy's quality and service. I love the car's streamlined design, clean, spacious interior and the level of safety I feel when driving. Also, love the length and size of the car which is perfect for anyone. I would highly recommend to closest friends and family without hesitation.

- Jennifer M

My reliable Chevy Malibu. Smooth ride and great gas mileage.

I purchased my Chevy Malibu two years ago. It had only 1,220 miles on it. The car is comfortable, reliable, and gets incredible gas mileage. I wish I had selected leather seats (over cloth) but otherwise is a great car. I drive at least 500 miles weekly for work. Having a comfortable and reliable car is critical. If maintained as recommended in the manual - you will not have issues with a Malibu. It is the most dependable work vehicle I have owned.

- Janes F

Dependable, Comfortable, Family Friendly.

I really enjoy the dependability of my car. In the 5 years that I have owned it, only the battery has needed to be replaced. I do wish that even with the base model it had a few more features. The roominess is also a bonus. It fits a family of four very comfortably. The front end of the car sits very low to the ground so you have to be very careful not to pull all the way forward to park or you will rip the rubber under skirt off as I did.

- Melissa D

Comfortable for me and mines.

There was a problem with my car bearings at about 55k. They made a knocking noise and it was not covered under the warranty. The dealership had to fix it with gm approved parts. Other than that, the car is reliable and comfort. I enjoy the size of it. I am tall and it is still spacious. I do not feel squished and tight being in there. The features are enjoyable. One of the reasons I selected this model was for the auto start and radio.

- Lisa S

Chevy Malibu 2014 review.

This vehicle handles great in the snow, so a perfect car for the northeast. Very reliable haven't had any issues in regards to breakdown or service related issues. A very spacious vehicle with leg room in the back for passengers and also for kids with booster or car seats. The only issue I can report is multiple issues with the air pressure sensors on the tires. But once contacting the dealership the issue was rectified immediately.

- Dustin M

A lot to live about this car.

So far since purchasing the car I have had no issues. Even though the car has 4 cylinders it has a great acceleration. The car also has awesome eco features that stop the engine at red lights to conserve on fuel I love that feature. however, my favorite feature by far is the secondary battery in the trunk that allows you to jump start your car in the event that the main battery dies. Over all best vehicle I have owned.

- Trey B

I love my vehicle. It's very reliable.

I love the fuel mileage. Very comfortable to sit in especially when traveling for longer durations. Reliable. Connects to Chevy app so I can start my car from inside without going out in the cold. Heated seats are amazing. I love the dual heat for passenger and driver- it is nice being able to control personal temperature. It is has saved numerous fights between my husband and I having the personal temp control.

- Kylie G

The radio has a little button you push and it lifts up.

The motor did end up blowing up because the running belt broke. I also had problems with the breaks often. Multiple lights would continue to come on and it would say it was a computer error. It shuts down when I break often to save on gas and the environment but sometimes when letting of break to go the car would stall. One time it didn't start back up at all and I started rolling back because the brakes locked.

- Maria K

Best car I have ever owned.

Comfortable, stylish, very reliable. Backup camera very accurate. Radio and phone controls on the steering wheel. Touch screen controls for radio, CD, phone, etc. with hidden compartment behind. I have not had any problems. Also enjoy the controls that let you know if tires are low pressure, when oil needs changing, and digital speedometer as well as analog. I have no complaints at all about this vehicle.

- Sharon B

Reliable, sturdy, Chevy vehicle.

Never have had a problem with my Malibu. Runs very smoothly, Audio system is very clear and loud. I stand at six feet and four inches and have plenty of legroom. If I have one complaint it is that it rides very low to the ground so I often bottom out when driving. I knew this would be the case before I purchased the car so I knew what I was in for. Other than that, cannot say a single bad thing about it.

- Cade H

That it is very good on gas and that it has the backup camera

I really like my 2014 Chevy Malibu it is great on gas. It is very reliable so I don't have to worry about getting back and forth to work and it breaking down or running out of gas because that pops up and tells me when it is getting low. It has a backup camera too that I love it's very helpful in situations where I can't see what's behind me. The Malibu is honestly the best vehicle I have ever owned!!!

- Ashly N

2014 Chevy Malibu for the win.

The 2014 Chevy Malibu has great gas mileage. It gets me to a to b. The car has great features such as touch screen monitor, automatic windows, holds up to 5 people and has large space in the trunk. Overall it is a great vehicle that I would recommend to anyone who travels a lot. I only have to get an oil change every 8-10 months and fill up the gas tank once a week due to driving 350+ miles a week.

- Amber M

2014 Chevy Malibu: Most reliable car on the market!

I had a 2005 Chevy Malibu and it was a champ. I have had only 1 issue with this 2014 Malibu that has required me to bring it in overnight and get a rental car. I don't remember what the issue is, but after that, this vehicle has been very reliable and helps me to not only get to and from work but also do my job and commute to far-away places in my personal time. I highly recommend Chevy Malibu.

- Annie T

Sporty, sleek and very reliable.

I love my Malibu. It is roomy inside and sporty looking. It is very reliable and that is important to me because I take several trips in a year to my home state. I enjoy being able to set the equalizer to my own preference. I have had several issues with sensors in the car and I do find that discouraging as it can get quite expensive always having to replace this. Other than that, perfect.

- Joy T

Very clean and luxurious car

Right now the only problem I have is the transmission is slipping. Other than that it's a awesome car I take long trips in it and have no issues at all. I would highly recommend this car for a family car to anyone!. It rises really smooth and is easy on gas 40 bucks last me right at a week and a half if not longer. Love the way the steering handles and how easy the car is with tough roads

- William W

Perfect car for everybody.

Is very easy to drive, very spacious, very comfortable, economize gasoline too. I feel very confident driving this car. Very stylish, roomy, with room for five, it fits with my personality………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………. .

- Danielle Z

Reliable, Just not Modern

There have been no performance problems. Very reliable car. Overall the car is very comfortable. The only downside is the price considering the features. In my opinion the car was overpriced for the features it had. No backup camera, no Bluetooth connection, no heated seats, no option for Sirius Radio. Car was not designed up to date with its model year and other cars made in that year.

- Alyssa H

Chevy Malibu is great but small issues.

Only issue is that the leather on the seats is starting to crack. It also will not always connect to Spotify and the USB port seems to disconnect when hitting bumps. Mechanically it has been amazing and have had no issues. One thing to note is this model comes with no spare tire. The dealership did not tell me this and I almost ended up stranded because of not having a spare.

- Ashley L

It has been a very reliable car and it's great on gas.

My Malibu always starts up even if I have left the dome light on inside the car and I just love that. It also has a great braking system and very smooth ride. The air conditioning has already stopped working though and I am not happy about that and I believe I have a front passenger wheel bearing going out also. I love the hidden compartment behind the face of the radio too.

- shelley R

Chevy Malibu: a reliable family car

My Chevy Malibu has been very reliable. I bought this vehicle because I had owned a Malibu before. To date, I have not had any major issues with my Malibu, and I am very happy with the car. My Malibu has Bluetooth, but does not have a navigation system. It has been dependable and quite comfortable for road trips with the family, as well as going to and from sporting events.

- Kayla H

It is a four door sedan the color of the car is grey.

Really great car cheap on gas mileage drives great rides smooth handles really great it is fully loaded looks good has leather seats tinted windows has a 2. 4 motor rally rims power windows heated seats has heated mirrors the car has all weather tires makes it easy to drive in snow and rain has a warranty on engine and transmission the car is worth what you are paying for.

- Larry B

Good styling, decent power and a beautiful interior.

Car looks good, rides good, has surprising good power for a four cylinder, I like the color, I like the alloy wheels, the two-tone brown/tan interior is very nostalgic and that was the feature which sold me most on the car. It has been very reliable, we've not had any major repairs except for brake replacement and new tires, and currently have 72, 000 miles on the car.

- Randy H

I will never buy anything other than a Chevy

The Chevrolet Malibu has been a very dependable vehicle for myself. There have been minor issues but being a slight mechanic I have been able to handle the work myself on it. Other than that the interior and exterior of the vehicle is always a beauty to just look at. It performs greatly and is very eco friendly with fuel consumption. Definitely recommend this vehicle.

- Antonio E

It has a large truck and extra leg room in the front.

Have had an ongoing low oil issue. There was a recall but my vin was not included. Had to replace wheel bearings at 30,000, 50,000 and 120,000. They are no longer cover under the warranty as of 2011. Had to replace both intake and exhaust camshaft actuator and rocker arm which are connected to the oil issue. . The auto stop feature is very loud when starting up.

- Patricia W

Sleek and safe Chevy Malibu.

My 2014 Chevy Malibu performance is great, and it has many technological advancements that helps the car run even better. It has good gas mileage and the engine has not had any problems. It is very reliable, and I always feel safe driving it. The inside is very sleek and nice. I wish it had heated seats and a sun roof though, but other than that the car is superb.

- Nicole S

Great car no problems always reliable.

I made the best choice possible when I purchased my vehicle. I have had no problems at all out of it and I keep the maintenance up on it at my local Chevrolet dealership and its actually cheaper to get the oil changed at the dealership than any other place outside the dealership. I think when I get ready to purchase my next vehicle it will be a Chevrolet.

- Lisa B

Feel like I could be in Malibu when I drive my Chevy Malibu!

I love my car! Been a Chevy person most of my life. This Malibu is considered luxury with leather, heated seats, AC, CD, Bluetooth and aux, cruise control, radio controls on the steering wheel and power windows and seats. I've never had any issues with my car other than standard brakes and tires maintenance. I will always recommend Chevy to anyone!

- Ashley M

Very loved vehicle lots of room and great gas mileage.

The chevy Malibu gets great gas mileage as long as your going on a straight road. We average about 35 mpg and when going uphill we average about 25mpg. It is a big difference but it is extremely comfortable and has enough room to fit a car seat and two people in the back and still have plenty of legroom in the front. I highly recommend this vehicle.

- Aubrey M

Chevy Malibu, very reliable.

Never had any problems, good gas mileage, comfortable, drives nice the stereo is good, very dependable car. Comes with XM radio and OnStar trials, setting to keep headlights on as needed. I keep my oil changed and tires changed, only things I have had done to the car, good in town and smooth ride on the highways, picks up speed without problems.

- Tracey L

Chevrolet Malibu driver insight of vehicle

The car itself is very durable, but I purchased it from didn't let me know what was messed up on the car. It is Eco friendly and the engine shuts off when you're low on gas. There is manual capability, along with a super sport function. Not really sure the exact number of mileage it gets in city/highway, it's about 22/34 give or take 3 up/down.

- Angela Y

The Chevy Malibu: awesome gas mileage, quiet ride.

The 2014 Chevy Malibu is very dependable and efficient. I get 28 miles per gallon. I never have any problems with it and it has 108,000 miles on it. The oil is changed regularly as well as rotating the tires. My favorite thing about the car is its touch screen radio and Bluetooth. While on the phone, I can clearly hear people through my radio.

- Brooke S

2014 Chevy Malibu pros and cons.

I love the car. The back seat is roomy. The trunk is roomy. I like that the seats lay down for more trunk space. It gets great gas mileage and has great pickup for a 4 cylinder. The bad thing about it is it has horrible blind spots. I will drive it until it falls apart but I will not purchase another if the blind spots aren't improved.

- Shannon M

Efficient and drives well

I really enjoy how well this vehicle drives. I have the car with the backup camera, and it's awesome. There is a small battery in the back that allows the car to come to an 'auto stop.' This is when the car sort of shuts itself down and only gives out minimal power. Once you let your foot off the brake, the car is up to full power again.

- Chelsea D

I really love the space for traveling and my sunroof for more air circulation.

I love my car overall it's great. It's good on gas, nice car and trunk space. I haven't really had any problems so far. Rides smooth we take a lot of trips out of state, and it's a great ride. If anything did go wrong these types of cars are very easy to deal without having to come out of a lot of money. I would recommend one to anybody.

- Gabrielle J

My black 2014 black Malibu ls.

My 2014 Malibu I think it is too low in the front but I like it. It's a auto shut off and a gas saver. I wish it had the backup features and a sunroof. I like how it is indicate the tires are low and when which light has a trouble with. In some of the 2014 Malibu has the internet radio but minds do not. Overall I love my 2014 Malibu ls.

- Annie G

Gonna drive it till the wheels fall off

I've had my car for 2 years and it's going strong at about 50k miles. The only thing about it I would change is adding a little more space between the back and front seats but the car is overall very nice. Drives smooth, great gas mileage, and it looks good. The interior has a nice trim too with trim lights. I would recommend this car.

- Corey H

Chevrolet is the best American car you can buy!

This car is the most super reliable car you can purchase. It is a very mechanically sound vehicle and have never had a problem with it. General maintenance and upkeep will keep this car running strong for many years. I have literally drove it all over the country and it is very comfortable and has lots of trunk space for your luggage.

- Renee S

It has this second battery so sometimes your car will shut off automatically to conserve the energy of the main battery. Your car is not dead! It is just in 'sleep mode'.

I like that my vehicle is spacious and the interior is beautiful. I dislike that I have already had an issue with the vehicle that cost me quite a bit of money and that I have an ongoing issue. I keep up on maintenance so these issues are not from lack of care. I get compliments on my car all of the time and it has a very smooth ride.

- Sam M

Maintenance is too expensive.

My vehicle parts are too expensive. Within a 2 year time frame I have had to replace both batteries, brakes and alternator. I do not understand why a car needs two batteries anyways. The vehicle is horrible on gas. It cost $40 to fill up and I am filling it up multiple times a week. The price of keeping up the car is weighing on me.

- Ashleigh T

Chevy Malibu: I love my car!

It is great on gas, runs smoothly, handles well. I do not like how low it sits, but that is the only thing. It is got plenty of room, has a touch screen system, decent stereo & is comfortable. There is plenty of trunk space, the front seats are adjustable. It is a good looking car, affordable, easy to maintain & has good visibility.

- Sara F

I love the self parking feature.

Extremely reliable, awesome technology. Complementing the Malibu's marvelous touch-screen infotainment system is Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. Both programs, now standard on all 2019 Malibu models, allow a mirror image of the user's smartphone to be operated via the audio system, making life on the road infinitely more enjoyable.

- Marianna A

The amazing 2014 Chevy Malibu with eco mode.

Vehicle has great fuel mileage and yet a powerful 4 cylinder engine. The interior is very stylish and comes fully loaded. The back up camera is a very handy feature. The Bluetooth was very simple to set up and works great for hands free cell phone use. The car only has 85000 miles on it but still handles like new and like a champ.

- Chase C

Charcoal 2014 Chevy Malibu

It's a nice family car. But it's actually given me problems lately. It clicks over but no power, it's not my batteries they've been charged. This is my 2nd malibu iv had. My first malibu exact color , year but unfortunately I was in an head on collision accident by a drunk driver. I can honestly say a chevy malibu did save my life

- Cecelia R

2014 Chevy Malibu Review - Not a fan

My Chevy Malibu is ok. It is the first sedan I have owned and I don't like being so low to the ground. I don't like that the car engine turns off when you make a stop. I was also surprised that it only averages 22mpg. All in all it is a good vehicle and it is reliable. I like the back up camera and automatic start options as well.

- Anna K

I like that I can use my cruise control when coasting on the freeway.

I like my vehicle only because it's the perfect size its cozy on the inside and I save a lot of money on gas. I do not like my vehicle because it drives very slow when I am trying to speed onto the freeway it takes forever to take off. It seems as if I have to change my wiper blades often. Other than that it is a reliable vehicle.

- Tara P

Chevy Malibu is a great family care.

I love my car. It rides nice and smooth. It has a lot of trunk room which allows me to haul around my inventory for my home business. The backspace is spacious for my kids and has a USB port for them to plug in their ipods. My favorite feature is the backup camera. It makes backing out of our narrow unstructured driveway easy.

- Amanda M

I don't have to change the oil but every 7,000 miles.

I love my car. It gets really good gas mileage especially on the interstate. The rear camera is a big help when backing up. The car rides smooth with no rattles on the inside like some vehicles do. And I love the fact I can connect to bluetooth and answer my phone through the system or listen to youtube. I have no complaints.

- rhonda H

2014 Chevy Malibu review bought used!

This car has been 100% reliable! I drive a lot throughout the day and never worry about my vehicle having any problems. I have had my car a little over 2 years now and have had to only do basic maintenance(oil change, filling fluids, gas,etc)! This car does require synthetic oil so it is on the more expensive side of oil.

- Jeh G

Overall a good car to have.

I have had absolutely no problems with the vehicle. It handles greeting all weather. It is very reliable. It feels very comfortable to be in. It is very good on gas. It is a four cylinder vehicle. The speakers are very loud. The heated seats heat up very quickly. The remote starters is great especially if you use the app.

- Juan G

Great gas mileage and really comfortable to travel in.

Love the comfort of this car and the easy to drive. Had problems with air conditioner and had air compressor replaced but now the mechanics of vent system not working properly which was most likely what the problem was 2 years ago not air compressor which cost $1300 to replace. Feel we were scammed by Findlay Chevrolet.

- Kathy H

Best car ever Chevy Malibu.

It can drive through any weather, it is comfortable and has plenty of trunk space. This is our third Malibu and I do not think I will ever get a different car! Even when I pick up my nieces I can fit all three in the back seat with car seats and boosters! We can also fit two tall 6'4 men in the backseat with no problems!

- Christina H

Runs smooth. Been very reliable. a lot of space.

I have owned it for a year now and have not had any problems with it. It's been very reliable and the features are good! The comfort though is average. The trunk space is pretty big for that size car I can fit a lot in there. I love how it lights up inside at night with a blue light, I always get compliments on my car.

- Sheri T

2014 Chevy Malibu Eco boost, has touch screen radio, Bluetooth.

I have no problems the car is great. Runs great, it is good on gas, it has autostop. Up to now the only thing I have replaced in my car are the tires other than that everything is kept in good conditions. I recommend this vehicle to anyone. If you have a small family it is great for you to, it is very spacious and safe.

- Sammy B

My Malibu, buy one like mine.

Car rides smooth. Gas mileage is great. I have CD player/radio. The speakers send out lots a smooth music. Car is reliable have not had any problems with this make and model of vehicle. The color of silver brings out want could he a performance car. I live this vehicle. Any and everyone should test drive and than buy.

- Cynthia P

Great car it handles very well even in the rain.

The car has had excellent performance just needs the regular maintenance like any other car. Very comfortable both front and back seats tinted windows good for handles very well maintenance does not seem as expensive as other cars had a slight problem with tires but rotation and 2 better tires handled. The problem.

- Diana M

I like the steering. It is easy to steer.

I now wish I had a little bit if a bigger car, but a great affordable car for getting to and from places. Performance, reliability, and the features are all good. It is a great utility car. I wish the backseat was a bit bigger due to the long legs of my friends and family. But overall great car and love to have it.

- Sandie M

My 2014 Chevrolet Malibu is reliable and beautiful.

There have been no problems at all with the car, since I acquired it at the end of 2014. This automobile is very powerful and more than a little peppy. It is quite reliable and very comfortable. It runs really great and its looks are absolutely beautiful! I often receive compliments from people on its appearance!

- Linda W

Great family/work vehicle, dependable and good gas mileage!

Great car with plenty of horsepower and room to carry lots of stuff and spacious trunk. Most controls are on the steering wheel and the car gets great gas mileage. I have never had any problems with this vehicle, it has been the most dependable car I have ever owned and would feel safe going anywhere in this car.

- Joshua G

Chevrolet doesn't disappoint...

Sporty and fun to drive. No medical issues initially around 65,000 miles started to experience transmission problems, but it was covered under warranty and dealership provided a loaner car until repairs were completed. Good on gas. Currently at almost 90,000 miles, other than battery replacement no other issues.

- Marcia B

Amazing on gas!! For anyone looking to decrease their gas budget

I love my Malibu but there are blind spots that could be problematic also would have liked to have had a rear windshield wiper it can be hard to see when it is raining hard. It is very good on gas and mileage isn't an issue I could fill my gas tank once every three weeks if I do not have a lot of errands to run

- Francine J

Okay car - nice inside details.

I have owned my vehicle for 3 years and have had something wrong with it every year. My tires not measuring the air correctly but, nothing was wrong. Oil changing issues. I currently have something wrong with the ignition if I leave the keys in. My car will turn on without turning the key. Very frustrating.

- Kaitlyn R

The Chevrolet Malibu is a classy car.

Had a problem with the intake valve loosening up and allowing air under it, making the car stall and run rough. Once they discovered what the problem was, they simply tightened it down and I haven't had any problems since then. It is a great car, rides good, and gets good gas mileage. Plus, it looks great.

- Selena M

Great vehicle for performance and comfort.

Comfortable to drive and performance in traffic and long distance is excellent, quiet ride. Gas mileage is good around town and great on highway, very reliable vehicle in all situations. Extra traction feature is good for rain, icy conditions and snow. Power driver seat is a great feature for all people.

- Carol E

Chevrolet Malibu 2014 review.

My vehicle is amazing! It is very economic and perfect for a small family. Saves money when pumping gas and great for traveling. The only problem on my car is that the front bumper is too low and will get caught on bumps. This Malibu rides really smoothly and had comfortable seating and a/c is perfect.

- Jennifer A

My dream car could be your dream car too the Chevy Malibu.

It's very reliable. I bought this car for me and my son and its great. At a touch of a button you can see many features about the car on a screen. And the gas mileage is excellent for our travels too. If you are looking for a car that looks sharp and is great for family this is definitely one to chose.

- Samantha P

This car Chevy Malibu it's not for me.

It I guess is a fine car but one time I was driving my friend home and my car light came on and before you know it power steering was lost and it was really dangerous. Car eventually died and had to get it towed and then fixed. Just recently my radio went out and the turn signal doesn't make any noise.

- Peter E

dash and glove box are lighted on chrome with a beautiful blue color at night

The Chevy Malibu is a sporty looking car, drives and handles great. I love the colors inside at night time it is a beautiful blue color, easy on the eyes. Gets great gas mileage and is an eco car. It is not to big or to small in size, very comfortable on long trips. I would definitely buy another one.

- Catherine L

it is reliable and compared to my other vehicle it saves on gas.

I really like the comfort of the seats, the foot room available, trunk space is enormous, I don't like the charging of phones or devices is only available when the car is on. having the eco gas saver does require 2 batteries and replacing these batteries are a little more costly than previous years.

- stephanie E

Reliable, fast, American made.

I love my car. It is roomy enough to fit a car seat and 2 elementary school kids in the back seat comfortably. It gets great gas mileage, it's quite, and it allows me to travel with my family while still looking great and not being a 'mom car'. It is a great looking car, reliable, and American made.

- Taylor L

Make sure you understand the automatic and manual, could mess the engine up.

I don't have any issues so far with the Chevy Malibu. Is a great car can be manual or automatic. The comfort and size is perfect for everyone. AUX is included, you can download on star and your contacts for voice command. It is very reliable I drive it everyday, it is our main vehicle in the house.

- Brooke M

The sound system is great

My car have not given me any problems. It have wonderful features such as CD player and auto lights. I love the security child locks. My car drives very smooth. The sound system is good as well. I really did good when I pick this car. I recommend anyone to pick this car It is a very dependable car.

- Craig E

A Malibu is a must buy! Very reliable and very dependable!

I love it! Do not have any problems and I love that I can start my car inside my house and not have to freeze. It is very good on gas and great in road trips also! It is very comfortable to drive and the radio is touch screen and I love that! The car looks all around great and drives so smoothly!

- Jackie S

Terrible transmission 2014 Malibu.

I bought the Malibu used and a few months after having it I started having transmission problems took it in the shop said nothing was wrong with it. The car keeps acting like it is skipping gears o have spoke with other Malibu owners who say they are/have also had this issue. Not worth the money.

- Courtney V

Drive the USA in a Chevrolet.

The Malibu is dependable, with great gas mileage. Enough room in car and boot. Easy to find repair parts, if needed, and reasonable maintenance costs. Great steering and road manageability. Five sit comfortably with leg room. This vehicle has good resale value, as people are trying to buy my car.

- John H

The highlight of my car is definitely the interior

I own a 2014 Chevy Malibu and I love it. It's a great car. It does well on gas, and I've never had any issues with it. It's an easy car to maintain overall. The seats are very comfortable, and the other features are great. Mine comes with a touch screen radio with a hidden compartment behind it.

- Jourdan T

My car is the best choice for me.

Very reliable. Love the bluetooth feature and hands free calling making it safe to drive with kids in the car. I have driven several hundreds of miles and my car has been very efficient when traveling. The only issues I have had are the seats breaking and trim to the windows outside of vehicle.

- Veronica P

Reliable, great gas mileage,

Overall the vehicle is good on miles I didn't have any major issues with the vehicle. I love the interior and the easy of where everything is located. Buying experience was long and exaggerated it took over 6 hours just to purchase the vehicle. I think the car place could have been a lot nicer.

- Crystal W

Great value for cost. Look great driving at a fraction of the cost.

The only issue I had was a sensor that needed to be replaced. Regular maintenance keep the car in top condition. I would suggest regular oil change and tire rotation. Smooth ride. . The interior was very sleek. Extremely stylish for the price. Great family car if you have small children.

- Robbie J

Repairs and issues with 2014 Chevy Malibu.

Had to replace the battery and it required a special and more expensive battery. A cam sensor had to be replaced. And also a part for the rocker arm as well. Did not like the fact OnStar had to be purchased separately and not included. When replacing the tires valve stem sensor need replaced.

- Carmen F

New tires Newly painted Has safety features

Tire gauge doesn't work properly, but otherwise, it is well tuned up. All parts new and fluids all full. The body has been newly painted. Tires has been recently been replaced to new ones. Features has been added for safety reasons. Runs perfectly. A very reliable car although it's pre owned.

- David C

2014 Chevy Malibu great value.

Great reliability. Beautiful style. Have had zero problems since I have purchased. Comfortable ride in front and back seat and very little road noise. Good dashboard set up and easy to use vehicle info menus (tire pressure, oil life, estimated remaining mileage for fuel, average mpg, etc.).

- Jean K

Ambient lighting on the floorboard and cup holders.

Great reliability and performance. The car is all I could ask for. Good fuel economy and the car looks sharp. It has met all my needs and them some. I would be happy driving this car for many more years to come. It has the right amount of amenities that fit my needs and is not overwhelming.

- Rex P

Just my size. My car is not to small and it is not to big. I have room.

I love the seat on the drivers side. I am short 5 feet and I must push my seat up to reach the gas and brakes. I am so happy they are making cars were the seats rise up so short people can see over the hood while driving. I would like dealers to make seats more adjustable for short people.

- Mary S

Car is a standard height that came from the factory

My car is a 2014 Chevy, great handling in the weather. Car is great on gas mileage, it's a daily driver with an estimated 100 miles to and from work. Comfortable seats the best feature I love about the car is the Bluetooth capabilities. I would recommend someone to the 2014 Malibu anyday

- Greg I

Good quality and very dependable.

Leather cracks very easy on the seats, I am not sure if it is just because I sit on it at an awkward angle or if the seats are prone to it. Also, the screen for the radio is not the best of quality but also is very hard for you to clean it. Overall is a good car and very reliable so far.

- Jonathan B

Comfortable Great on gas Great with multiple car seats

It's been great with long drives and gas conservation. We definitely would buy another or one with my room since we have an extra child. The seats are very comfortable. The cons would be space if you have large car seats. They will fit but nowadays convertible car seats are oversized.

- sonya messer S

Overall great reliable vehicle

I've had my car for a little over 2 years and it runs great ! Never had any issues with it ! It's extremely great on gas. It had enough space in the front and back. The trunk is a nice size and it has cool features. It comes with a fold up key, alarm and a outside button for the trunk

- Shan M

My dependable Chevy Malibu.

This car has a great interior with a lot of legroom it also has a large trunk for storage space. My car will get up and go. It has cup holders for the front and back. It has a great sounding factory stereo with built in Sirius XM radio and OnStar. It's a small car and it drives great.

- Lisa D

I like the looks of my Malibu

Very dependable, reliable good on gas. I honestly have never had a problem with my Malibu. One of the best vehicle's I've ever owned. Would recommend buying a GM product to anyone. Has a lot of space inside and in the trunk area as well. I try to keep it in the best shape possible

- Michelle R

Malibu is a really awesome car.

I love the performance of my Malibu. It drives really well and gas mileage is really good. I feel extremely comfortable in my car. The color and the presentation and appearance and look of the car really helps too. I am very appreciative of the car and I would recommend it to anyone.

- Amanda C

2014 Chevy Malibu. A reliable car!

It's a great car. My only issue is the brakes wear too quickly. It rides smoothly and I've had zero problems outside of brake wear. The sound system is nice and it has a roomy interior and trunk. I have taken this car on multiple trips and it fits my family of 5 very comfortably.

- Doug P

My Chevy Malibu that I wouldn't trade for anything.

My vehicle is the first and favorite car to drive. It is a very smooth ride without many abrupt stopping. It has the ability to be driven stick shift, but also automatic. It also has an amazing stereo system and gas efficiency. It slips on ice sometimes though, no four wheel drive.

- Cali F

Don't have any one item I like the whole vehicle.

I really like the way it rides and also the way it handles in all kinds of weather, not only that but it also gets good gas mileage on long trips it gets upwards of 30 miles to the gallon and on shorter runs it will get 25 miles to the gallon.. We still have the orig. Tires on it.

- John K

Best car I've ever owned.

Problem- the gear that moves the driver seat back and forth has broken off twice. Comfort- the seats are very comfy, clean and look great. Performance/Reliability- I've owned my car for two years, not once have I had to have anything fixed. This is the best car I've ever owned!

- April Y

One of the best cars of 2014 and Chevrolet.

I love this car and the company, I would give it a 8 out of 10. Beautiful interior, fuel tank capacity is good and reliability and or performance is adequate. It is not too fancy and it's a midsize car that will still catch your eye, regardless of the color. I recommend this car.

- Malone M

It�s a slick, efficient car. Not many extra features but it gets the job done.

Great car! It's slick, easy to drive, and comfortable. It's the LT so there isn't many extra buttons or gears so it's easy to learn. The only problem is we live in a snowy area and it's a low car. It's doesn't drive too well in the snow and we've had to replace the tires a lot.

- Liana C

Reliable and durable, worth the money I spent on the vehicle.

Very comfortable and reliable. Very few issues. The vehicle has a huge trunk and leg room is good. The only negative I can think of is that it has no Bluetooth mp3. All around I love this vehicle and wouldn't trade it in. For a starter vehicle this was the best possible choice.

- Josh C

The main control use are on the steering wheel radio controls, cruise control.

This is the best vehicle I have owned in quite awhile. The features include power steering, power brakes, power windows, electric power seats and great stereo system. It a four door sedan and is very comfortable and smooth riding vehicle. I would this model to everyone I know.

- Teresa Z

I love my Chevrolet Malibu. It is great on long or short trips.

I have not had any major problems with this vehicle. I make sure it is serviced on a regular basis. Car is very comfortable and has an excellent heating/cooling system. Love the OnStar and Sirius subscriptions. Trunk is roomy and back seat folds down for oversized purchases.

- Pauline C

that is wonderful and gas and mileage I live in Tulsa Oklahoma so I guess runs from $2 to about $2.10 a gallon so with $25 every 3 days I know it even half a tank thank you Chevy

I love my Chevy Malibu there is nothing that I dislike about it I found it in my wonderful blue and I was able to customize the inside specifically to my likings my Chevy Malibu is like my second home when I get in and never want to get up I feel as if I never want to get out

- Leronica T

Standard car, runs well, drives well. No issues.

Always dreamed of getting this car. Ended up getting it from a family member who took great care of it. Drives great, gets good gas mileage and able to hold 4 adults comfortable. Taken on long drives and does well. I do regular oil changes and maintenance. No issues to date.

- Michele W

Chevrolet Malibu 2014 black.

The vehicle is reliable and cost efficient to a degree. Definitely handles the road well. Very nice features on the interior and the sunroof is really nice. Good on gas in my opinion and excellent for a small family. I would recommend this vehicle for anybody looking to buy.

- Sonny B

An amazing car that is recommended for any up and coming driver.

I love my vehicle, it is an up to date vehicle that gets me to point a to point b with its luxury included, I do not think I'll trade it in for anything! I'll drive it till the wheels fall off. The only thing I can complain about is the performance and drive of the vehicle.

- Jamie F

The best vehicle on the road.

The vehicle I have I love it. The handling is awesome and so easy to handle. The seats are very comfortable and the inside lighting is blue and looks great at night. Overall the car is a great value. The car exceeds itself on all the levels. I would buy another one anytime.

- Elizabeth J

Good on the road for travel

I have always been a fan of the Malibu and anything Chevy. But the front seats are so uncomfortable and the back seat space is small for a family car. One thing I do love is the way this car drives on the road. I would pass this car down to one of my kids as a first car.

- Angela D

Chevy Malibu- Still A Classic Car

The smooth ride, comfortable interior, good gas mileage and onboard warning system are all the things I love. It also has a great sound system. I am not very fond of the Ecosystem that causes the car to seemingly turn off at stop lights/signs. It took some getting used to.

- Ebony P

Features of the car is the OnStar and gas mileage

The car has heated seats for the winter. For being a woman and traveling alone I like the feature of OnStar. The car is great on gas. I have not had to any service done on it, just oil change and new tires along with wind wipers. Love my car. The payments are not bad.

- Connie S

Comfortable and reliable.

It has a smooth ride, seats are comfortable, reclining passenger seat doesn't disturb anyone in backseat. Plenty of legroom. Amazing sound system. Battery sometimes doesn't like to turn over in the winter, but could be due to the battery being the original one to the car.

- Jessica F

What is good and bad with the Malibu.

The real problem I had with the car that you can not check transmission. It difficult to find outside maintenance other than the dealer. The car looks good and is comfortable. I wish it had the push button starter because I have had trouble with the keys starting my car.

- Diane C

The Malibu is a great ride.

There are no present problems for me to discuss about my vehicle. The performance has been great. It has been a very reliable vehicle with no major problems. The comfort level is good and I enjoy the ride. The features are great. The only feature that I miss is XM radio.

- Keith N

The gas mileage is awesome.

I absolutely love my Malibu. It drives with ease, the gas mileage is great! I can go almost three weeks on a full tank of gas. The trunk space is huge and I like the fold down seats, which allows you to get even more in the car. The control panel has easy access as well.

- Joan F

Chevrolet malibu�s Are a smooth ride

Runs smoothly. Nice body style. Comfortable. Satellite radio and CD and radio. Automatic heat or cool. Shows direction I am driving. Shows the temperature of the day. Engine seems powerful when I need to speed up in a hurry. Silver color is nice. Alloy wheels look nice.

- Robin R

This vehicle has heated seats which is very nice in the winter.

There has been times that the heater comes on and does not turn off at the set temperature. You have to lower the set temperature by about 10 degrees to get it to reset. Also, the sensor that measures distance to another vehicle goes off when no other vehicle is around.

- Julie M

2014 Chevrolet Malibu - Great Car!

I love the Chevrolet Malibu. Very reliable and comfortable. I can drive it for hours around town or on the highway with no problem at all. Gets great gas mileage. I would highly recommend this vehicle to anyone looking for something reliable, comfortable and affordable.

- Heather D

I love my 2014 Chevy Malibu!!

I love my vehicle since buying it is been 100% reliable I have had no problems so far it is has a smooth ride and great gas mileage the trunk is spacious and the sedan is perfect for my family of 4 it is roomy enough for long distance trips I am so happy with this car.

- Angel B

I love the OnStar capacity it definitely comes in handy.

The most problems I've had is ecm with my 06 Chevy impala. I haven't had many problems out of my cars. I just keep up with the regular maintenance to keep them running well. I recommend Chevy's they are good cars. Chevy keeps you updated on the current recalls and ect.


The car is very spacey and good on gas.

Good on gas. Has long mileage so tune-ups and oil changes are necessary. Very roomy. My car has some transmission problems if I stop sometimes it will cut off. It is easy to maintain. I am going to trade it hopefully for something newer soon. Overall, it is a good car.

- Eva F

My car is the greatest car I can imagine or neither regret buying it.

This car is a 2014 Malibu. It new I just bought it the car is purple. The miles of this car is excellent it is where it should be like other cars. The gas is good and air as well is great. The tires are well cleaned up and aired nicely. The windows are all modeled up.

- James A

my 2014 Malibu, 'the Best!'

I own a 2014 Chevrolet Malibu ls with a v6 engine,I purchased it in Nov.2014, it is the best car I have ever owned, I have not had any issues with it at all, it has 92000 miles and all I've done is the required maintenance,I would recommend this car highly to anyone.

- Steve S

2014 Chevy Malibu, love it.

Performance is great and very reliable. Have not had any real problems with the vehicle. I just purchased four new tires for this vehicle so I should be good for the winter months to come. Great and roomy since my husband is over 6 feet tall, enough leg room for him.

- Cheryl R

It is just an overall good looking, stylish car.

I love how stylish my car looks, I like the it has space in the back for my big boys. I like that is has a start-stop feature. I love that is black and I love that it is a durable car. That is about it, I do not know what else to say other than it is nice to look at.

- Christina A

I absolutely love my Malibu.

I absolutely love my vehicle it drives great has been extremely reliable and gets great gas mileage I have had no problems or complaints I'd definitely buy another Chevrolet Malibu I have been beyond happy and satisfied with my purchase and couldn't be any happier.

- Kristina A

The vehicle is very roomie. Lots of trunk space to fit almost anything.

The Malibu is a great high tech vehicle. Roomie in the front and back seats. Music sounds great in it. Rear view camera, Bluetooth audio, and satellite radio. Truly a great car for anyone. A family, single person, older person, younger person. It gets the job done.

- Marquis M

Love that this car is so smooth and hardly feel any bumps in the car. �?.

One problem that I deal with that it still surprises me is that it stalls or kicks when accelerating but the car runs very smooth. Love the interior, very spacious. Great family car as well and it is very good on gas. I fill up once every two weeks, which is great!

- Stephanie R

Sustainable, economic on fuel, great in all weather, comfortable, reliable.

Love this car. It runs smooth, great in all weather conditions, roomy inside and beautiful exterior. Have been very happy with the service on this car and is great on fuel. My husband is the driver and I am disabled and the trunk is big enough for the wheelchair.

- Jennifer L

Amazing car for the price.

I love my Malibu ltz. It gets great gas mileage and is comfortable to ride in. When I first bought the car I was surprised it had so many features and it wasn't considered a luxury car. I love the heated seats, remote start and the look of the car inside and out.

- Russell J

Great highway mileage approaching mid thirties.

My Malibu still looks like a new car as far as styling. It gets great mileage on longer trips. I can get over 35 MPG if I watch how I'm driving. My only complaint might be it's a little underpowered compared to my other vehicle which has a six cylinder engine.

- David C

Reliable and performs well

I am just over 60K miles and have not had any serious issues yet. A couple minor issues were related to the auxiliary battery dying twice within two years. Additionally, parts of the trim have fallen off. Overall the car performs well and is a comfortable ride.

- Jason N

It received the highest safety rating in 2014. I've owned this car for 4 years now, and it's never had any issues.

My Chevy Malibu is the best car I've ever owned. Not only is it reliable, but it received the highest safety award in 2014. It runs so smooth, is comfortable for an individual who's single, or for a larger family. I wouldn't trade my car for any other vehicle.

- Charmaine B

That it may not be flashy, but its utility makes up for its lack of bold design.

I like the versatility of the malibu, whether I am using it to drive short distances in day-to-day life or taking it on longer road trips. Its features are great for my lifestyle and I would definitely purchase an identical car if I had to buy another vehicle.

- Emily K

The menu to the various conditions of the vehicle such as oil life, tire pressure, etc. is accessed on the light control switch on the left of the steering column. Turning the menu access button there will display the various items you seek.

Well, first I like the electronic devices in the car such as the touch screen for radio and other devices. I also like the additional power outlets for laptops, phone chargers, etc. The vehicle itself runs quite and rides good and is comfortable on the inside.

- Charles H

Beautiful car, great gas mileage.

No problems other than the locking gas cap. Had great gas mileage and is awesome for driving long distances. A very smooth ride with comfortable seats and lots of legroom. I would recommend the Malibu to anybody looking for a nice looking car for a good price.

- Sadie E

All the good highlights of my car.

I love my car. Me and my son right after I got it drove it to Florida and back. It's very smooth riding car. Wonderful heated seat ac works great a great back up camera. Can't forget the wonderful gas mileage. 40 fills up my car and gets me right at 410 miles.

- Rebecca P

Nice, dependable vehicle, gets good gas mileage.

Dependable vehicle with good gas mileage. Factory tires and brakes lasted longer than any other vehicle I have owned before. Roomy trunk and comfortable seating for 5 adults. Low maintenance costs. Easy to clean and low to the ground. Car has held its value.

- Karen C

It�s got a radio with a screen and Bluetooth and GPS

The Chevy Malibu is very reliable and I have had little to no problems with the vehicle. I have had it for almost a year now and can not think of anything wrong with the car. It is also pretty spacious for a sedan and can seat five people pretty comfortably.

- Jeff G

Chevrolet Malibu LT 2014

I don't like that the car shuts off when you stop. I do know that they have improved this in the newer models. It's great on gas. It is very reliable. I have now purchased two Malibu's. The touchscreen is really nice to have. Other than that I love the car.

- Jennifer G

That it is dependable and comfortable.

Transmission lags, but overall very dependable and easy ride. Never have trouble ordering parts. Outside of acceptable maintenance I have never had an issue. Would like push button start but for some reason it wasn't offered as an option on the ltz package.

- Kathleen T

Reliable, well-rounded vehicle

This car is roomy for five people, and has a digital screen for time and radio stations. Also features OnStar and hands-free calling (can connect phone to the car). The car has good gas mileage, and steering is not too loose not tight. Good shock absorbers.

- Melissa D

My car is very reliable and gets me where I need to go!

It's a great car with good mileage! It's hard to start sometimes and it has an oil leak. The exhaust rattles. The radio works good and has a great speaker system! Its silver with 26 inch rims. It's great for the road. It's a four door with a spacious trunk.

- Willow G

The color is nice and the rear facing camera.

I like the comfortable seats and the back up camera. The only thing missing is a sunroof. The car gets good gas mileage and is a smooth ride. I can fit my 3 year old and her car seat in the back and the trunk is nice and big so you can haul a lot of stuff.

- Megan B

My Malibu is the heat vehicle I have owned!

I have had my problems like interior things but easy fixes. I love the room and space it provides in the trunk for groceries. My favorite feature is the auto start. I can start my vehicle from my classroom when it is really cold and walk out to a warm car!

- Emily V

Reliable and long-lasting.

My Malibu has been a great purchase. It is very reliable and has a nice look for the cost. I would buy another Malibu in a few years, but I expect the one I have now to last a while. My family has had several Chevrolets and they have all lasted many years.

- Katie C

Really great on gas. Perfect size. Love the color.

I like the Chevy Malibu because it helps me save money by being good on gas. It not too big and it's not too small and it's just the right size for a man or woman. I like the way it drives and how well it handles. Overall I rate the chevy Malibu with an a.

- Kevin H

Smooth and comfortable ride.

2014 Chevy Malibu is a smooth ride with roomy interior. The ecosystem has great gas mileage benefits. Pick up is sufficient at start up and better on the highway when changing lanes. I like the wide wheel base which makes handling smooth and controllable.

- Mary Ann V

Easy to drive, hard to reverse.

Very smooth to ride in, and comfortable to drive. Affordable to maintain and insure. Has navigation and Bluetooth. Only complaint is that it can be difficult to reverse in, especially if your short. Trunk comes up high, and backup camera is not the best.

- Kristen K

It is nice how my car is CD and AUX compatible; heats up or cools down fast.

I have no problems with my 2014 Chevrolet Malibu ls whatsoever, probably because of how new it is, and the fact it is a Chevy. I rely on it to get me everywhere, and it is never let me down. Good fuel mileage, roomy, CD and AUX compatible. Drives smooth.

- Mikayla V

I love driving this car everyday.

I am really conformable driving this car. I like the Bluetooth feature and XM radio service. It's good on gas. I like the blue lights in the car and it have a nice sound system. Sometime the car jerk when I make a U-turn. Overall I really like this car.

- Dwayne H

2014 Chevy Malibu reviews

No vehicle problems at all (2nd year) Very reliable, comfortable and fast. Smooth ride, great space inside and beautiful from the outside. Surround system one of the best features, backup camera crystal clear. Sunroof for this summer completes its look.

- Gerardo L

Has a lot of room even though it only seats 5.

I love the Malibu, it's very roomy. Love the leather seats (they do get very warm in the sunlight though) also love the touch screen radio and secret compartments the car has. One flaw about the car is that it's a 4 cylinder but still gets up and goes.

- Casey E

Best 2014 Chevy for its price range.

I own a 2014 Chevy Malibu ls. For the price, the performance and features are great for a basic model. Then for reliability and comfort I give it a 9/10 with spacious layout and sturdy chase. Overall this is a great family vehicle and for a first car.

- Kim J

Onstar is attached to the vehicle. It is its greatest asset.

MY vehicle is wonderful. It rides great and I can take it long distances. I love Chevrolet now because of it. It has Onstar which is comforting because if you ever need directions or need help someone is there soon as you press your Onstar button.

- Rosha L

It is fun to drive and it has a lot of power. It has a nice interior and looks good on the outside. It is a little sporty looking.

I like that my vehicle is fun to drive and that it is powerful when I need it to be. It is comfortable, has a lot of room on the inside and looks good. I like the way that it looks on the inside and the outside. I really like my heated seats.

- Pam D

I love the interior of the car

I love this car it has enough room in the backseat for three car seats and a big enough trunk to haul around stuff in. I do wish it had a little more room in the front in between the driver seat and passenger seat but it's still not a bad car.

- Mike W

The one most important thing that others should know about my car is that it is reliable.

The 1st thing I like about it is that I can rely on it. The 2nd thing I like about it is there is hardly any mechanical work that needs to be treated. The thing I dislike about it is the GPS and how it sometimes wastes a lot of gas.

- Sasha W

It is very reliable. Economical for sure!.

No complaints. I love that its a midsize car with Bluetooth. For the year of the car, I am surprised it does not come with a back up camera. I would've also liked to purchase a car with a sunroof but was going for a cheaper model.

- Tiffany B

The perfect first car for your teenager.

I have had this vehicle for almost five years now and it is the definition of a reliable car. It is rides smoothly and has never had any mechanical issues. The interior has plenty of space and the engine offers plenty of power.

- James S

Great Gas Mileage, ECOboost

The Malibu, get wonderful gas mileage. I drove over 5 hrs away and used half a tank of gas taking the interstate, the interior has been easy to clean and keep clean, and they come with ecoboost which ups your gas mileage.

- Baileigh E

Great gas mileage. I can usually put $20 in at a half a tank, and get a full tank that lasts me like 2 weeks before I have to do a fill up.

I love the car. It rides really smooth, and the air conditioning and heat make for comfortable rides during the summer and winter. The trunk is a good size, but I'm used to having the back area of an SUV.

- Teresa C

Love the sporty look and heated leather seats

Great car. Turbo engine has a lot of power. The only thing about the car I do not like is the 19 inch rims and the road noise from the tires. The screen and back up camera are large and include navigation

- Tom N

The reliable 2014 Chevy Malibu

My 2014 Chevy malibu Ls is a spacious four door sedan that has the auto start/stop feature that helps save on gas. I feel nothing but safe in this vehicle. Everything about this car screams reliability.

- Kimberly J

That the car handles very well in the winter

I love the look of my Malibu. I also think that the price for value of the car was great. The only thing I would change is that there is no spare tire in the Malibu and I upgrade my purchase next time

- Jeannie l

It is easy on gas and very comfort to drive on long distance

this car is a joy to drive and as of today I have had no problems with the car. The car is easy on gas and is comfortable and seats five people with plenty of room. The truck is big enough for cargo.

- kay h

For all the bells and whistles you get as standard the Malibu is worth it's price.

I love the telescopic steering wheel. I also love the blue interior lights. The fuel mileage is incredible. I only wish the charging port stayed on when you turn vehicle off. Overall, I love my car.

- amy h

This vehicle is very safe and comfortable to ride in.

It is great, economical basic transportation, with comfort and styling and very cheap to maintain; I wish it had heated seats and leather seats, and perhaps more of a lumbar back, but it does not.

- Deborah S

Great family car and great gas mileage.

Drives smooth perfect size. Good on gas mileage. It's a very dependable vehicle. It has Bluetooth which I love. Had this car for couple of years and only needed oil changes no other maintenance.

- Amanda D

Check both batteries if your vehicle gives you starter problems.

I love the inside of my vehicle(style, sound system, features). I hate the auto stop feature and the fact that it needs 2 batteries to operate. This car has also given me very minimal problems.

- Tiffany J

Dependable and smooth riding car. little or no problems since i have had it

very reliable and dependable. little or no problems in the 110,000 miles that are on the car. the only concern or objection is the automatic engine stop when I come to a stop. Very annoying!

- Don K

Safety ratings are good and it is affordable.

Drive and suspension is smooth, features are ok for the price of vehicle. Seats absorb stains quickly. A/c and heating is good. Body is nice and sporty. Overall it is a really good car.

- Kay G

I have not had a problem with it starting everyday.

The only real problems we have had is with the O2 sensors. Performance is average. I like the idea of having side airbags. Luckily we have never had to find out how good they are!!

- Rick P

The one thing that everyone should know about the Malibu is that it is a great designed car on the inside and out.

What I like about my chevrolet Malibu is that it is a nice car that drives great, gets great gas mileage and it set up great on the inside. I don't have any complaints about the car.

- Russell S

2014 Chevrolet Malibu LS2

Comfortable on long trips. I take 3 to 4 2800 round trips a year in the car and do not get stiff while driving. The car handles nicely on both mountain roads and desert freeways.

- Eric R

Easy upkeep on the car to keep it running smoothly.

I like the comfort and openness of my car. It runs very smooth compared to other cars I have driven. I dislike some of the features, or lack of features, for how newer my car is.

- Tiara P

The ins and outs of the 2014 Chevy malibu

The vehicle drives nice. There are some blind spots that are not helpful. The interior seems to fall apart easily. The auto turn off of engine is strange and hard to get used to.

- Swag B

The first car that can look from inside the house!

I do not drive but, my husband does! The car is the right size, comfortable, easy to clean, and also the has a detection system on it! I really can not think of any dislikes!

- Vanessa S

The 2014 Chevy Malibu is an awesome find and comfortable driving machine!

I like My 2014 Chevy Malibu because it is good on gas, stylish,comfortable and rides nice. It has many comfort features including air conditioning, cruise control and OnStar.

- Andrew A

It feels safe inside and is a very dependable vehicle.

I like the stylish exterior. I like the color of my vehicle. I like the touch screen with Bluetooth capability. I dislike the interior material. I dislike the seat comfort.

- Heather G

Low maintenance/high mileage.

it's a sleek looking car, easy to drive and maneuvers well. It doesn't have a lot of bells and whistles, but is also very low maintenance and gets great gasoline mileage.

- Deborah T

To not turn the heat all the way up. It does get extremely warm in the car.

I like how quickly it heats up and cools off. I like how it has the ecosystem, so it turns off when I stop and saves me gas. I haven't found anything complain about yet.

- Jennifer W

It is a dependable and comfortable ride. I will buy a bigger vehicle on my next purchase though.

It is reliable. I miss my Monte Carlo as it was roomier and sportier. I love the backup camera in my Malibu. Also I expected better gas mileage. Overall it runs great.

- Millie S

It gets great gas mileage while being comfortable.

The car is a little small and difficult to get into and out of. I love the gas mileage. The radio does not have a bluetooth connection. Only hands free for the phone.

- james v

I think one of the most important things to know about the Malibu is that it gets great gas mileage.

What I like about my Chevrolet Malibu the most is the style of the vehicle. It is very sharp inside and out. The included many features that I needed in my vehicle.

- Mary J

Great gas mileage and quick acceleration.

It is extremely reliable and is great on gas. It has a huge trunk which is great for hauling luggage on trips. It has good torque/horsepower and accelerates quickly.

- Preston M

It is spacious. It has enough space in the trunk. Good for big people.

It has many problems. The braking system broke down once, and it was very dangerous. Also, I had to change all four brake pads and brake rotors just after 40k miles.

- Chiayi C

That it does run smoothly and gets good gas mileage

It runs smoothly but can be uncomfortable to drive in for a long periods of time. Some of the material used for the interior is cheap, as it has ripped fairly easy.

- Jamie L

It is a reliable vehicle that you can trust. It holds up it's value.

I love Chevrolet vehicles, they are dependable and offer a reliable means of transportation. I love the luxury features my car offers as well as safety features.

- Jessica P

The shutdown feathers. It makes me nervous that it will not come back on.

I like it alot, but I don't like that it shuts off to save fuel.it is fully loaded all the bells and good stuff. It has a lot of power it gets up to speed quick.

- Chasity M

The most important thing others should know about my car is that the front is pretty low.

What I dislike about my car is that it is pretty low, every time i go through a dip i have to go at an angle because the bottom of the car usually gets scrapped.

- Brenda G

Tried and true sedan, model after model.

The Chevy Malibu is a tried and true vehicle that has been a member of our fleet for years. They are extremely reliable and result in minimal mechanical issues.

- Brandan r

It gets really good gas mileage.

The size is good. It is good on fuel. It is comfortable. I really like the body style. I don't have any real complaints but wish it handled better in the snow.

- Nancy S

Malibu's a wonderful premium ride!

Very comfortable, lots of head room. Fuel efficient and feels like a premium car. Very reliable and even has a little bit of style, which is rare these days.

- Dorothy M

It is reliable and good gas mileage.

No major problems very reliable, comfortable. And enjoy satellite radio. On star safety reverse camera helps backing up. Traction control & anti lock brakes.

- Pauline C

Car offers good value with Its features and price.

It is a smooth ride and is very comfortable. I like the styling and the blue mood lighting on the dash. One negative is the car sits low and bottoms out.

- Trey S

I've heard that Chevy's have transmission problems but I have not experienced this.

I purchased my vehicle used but it was pretty new when I got it the only problem I've had are the brakes but I think it's from my long distance driving

- Jordan M

Gas sufficiency so it does not burn gas.

I love my car because it has everything that I need to get back and forth to where I need to be. There are no dislikes about the vehicle that I drive.

- Marie W

That it's a good brand vehicle

I live my car it's big and roomy on the inside. This vehicle is my first car and it's been so good to me I take good care of it and I love the brand.

- Veronica G




It's roomy and comfortable...it can seat up to 6 people. I think it's a great car and great brand for a great price.

I love my car actually...it just fits me well and I'm a tall guy. The only problem would be the headlights....other than that everything is amazing.

- Demichael J

This is a gas saving car! Perfect size for my family.

It's a great family car, really economical, spacious trunk. Comfortable seats I happy with it, its staying around so I can pass it down to my kids.

- Tomas C

The Malibu has been around more than three decades

I really love how roomy the interior is. The ride is so smooth and quiet. So far the car has been very dependable. The gas mileage could be better.

- Mavis S

My car has a touch screen radio, sunroof, tinted windows, and rides smooth.

No complaints. I love my car!! It rides smooth and everything works great. My model is an ltz. It has tinted windows, a sunroof, and heated seats.

- Susan T

It's a nice looking and reliable car.

I love the way my vehicle looks. The interior is really nice. I sometimes wish I had four wheel drive for the snow but otherwise it drives well.

- kris L

It runs well and does not guzzle gas.

I like the outside look of the car, it looks classic and it is red. It drives well and has not had any problems. The car gets decent gas mileage.

- Jo f

That it gets me from point a to point b.

I like the user interface. The interior could be better. Overall it is a great car. It looks good and does not have too many maintenance issues.

- Kristen C

I love that this car is a very reliable, economical vehicle!

I like that it is great on gas mileage, has a lot of room for passengers and a big trunk. I don't like that it is black because it is very hot!

- Lisa P

2014 Malibu: Best car ever

I absolutely love my car. It has always been reliable and always performed above and beyond. I find it very comfortable when taking long trips.

- Brandi B

It's all about family with this one, from going out on the town to sporting events

I love the overall size of the car because it's not too small but big enough for whatever you might need, great horsepower and very comfortable

- Josh G

Has good gas mileage. Easy to drive

Had to replace the transmission using warranty. The vehicle could be better. But the cost for the repair with the warranty was less than $200.

- todd t

Spacious, affordable, and reliable

Great gas mileage and highway miles. Large trunk for storage. Plenty of room for passengers and car seats. Hands free bluetooth accessibility.

- Jaydee L

It's great pretty good on gas.

Not really having any problems with my car still runs good & smooth. No complaints from me. It sounds a little loud sometimes like a race car.

- Whitney M

The Malibu is a great family car. It's has good gas mileage. Sits 4 people well. Trunk is spacious

My Malibu has been great. No issues. Drives well, great sound system, comfy seats. Fits larger people well. Plenty of legroom in the back seat

- Heather S

It is dependable and comfortable has plenty of room for 5 people

Dependability as a daily vehicle it gets me to work and has plenty of room it's comfortable has great gas mileage and has given me few issues

- James B

The gas mileage and if that's economic enough for them.

I like the reliable engine and comfortable driving seat. Lots of space in the back for guest or luggage. Works well in my day to day commute.

- William H

good gas mileage! It's fancier than my last car, so I'm super happy with it

Has Ecoboost & decent gas mileage. Is Bluetooth capability, while it does not have GPS, it'd prefer to use my phone apps. moon/sun roof

- Ann A

Good, safe, reliable vehicle.

I haven't had very many issues with this car. It has been reliable and has good gas mileage. I have had to replace the bearings one time.

- Joseph S

Keep the warranty for as long as you can.

I love the spaciousness of it. I do not like the gas mileage it gets. I feel it should get more miles to the gallon in town than it does.

- Amy C

Reliable vehicle with no maintenance issues.

Vehicle has been reliable. No maintenance issues. Performance & handling are good. Turbo charged model provides some extra acceleration.

- Mike C

It runs well. Haven't had any big problems with it.

I like the size. It is not a big car but it is roomy & has a nice sized trunk.I don't dislike anything about it or have any complaints.

- Patricia R

Fully Loaded Malibu LTZ!!

Fully Loaded with all new features. CARPlay, Bluetooth, push to start, vehicle start, sunroof, leather interior, touch screen dashboard

- margret o

Reasonably priced luxury car.

It feels like I am driving a luxury car. It drives smoothly and is so comfortable. I rarely have issues with it and it is great on gas.

- Lucy W

It's good on gas driving intown or in the country.

Not enough horsepower. I don't really like the color, and it needs tinted windows and it hot in the summer. Its had a lot of problems.

- Josh G

Reliable, smart and really fun.

I love the look of the Malibu.I also love the performance and the mileage the car gets. One of the best car models I have ever owned.

- Barry W

It's eco friendly and has an auto stop feature to save on gas and energy when at lights or in a long line

I love the size of it and the touchscreen dash. It is also a very reliable car. It's very sleek looking. It's practical and stylish.

- Jennifer G

Car that you�ll feel safe driving.

This vehicle is super reliable, great on gas, updated touch screen radio, comfortable seating, and I always feel safe driving it.

- Lauren Z

It is a good mid sized vehicle that is reliable.

I love the size of my vehicle. The way it drives is smooth. I have never had any major issues with my car. I would buy one again!

- Nicole n

My best choice of car. For the family and me.

Dependable, comfortable and economical. It is fun to drive with a 4 cylinder w/power boost. . As of yet I have not any problems.

- James Z

It rides amazing! The car feels like its gliding. It rides really smooth.

I like how comfortable it is. It's perfect for a family of 4. However, the care seems to be bit small for people with long legs.

- Akira C

The speakers in the car are really loud.

I like the color it is red. I also like that it is fast. Finally, I like how smooth it rides. The speakers are really nice too.

- Calvin S

It is a good brand and gets good gas mileage.

I like the size. I like the model. I don't like that it does have Sirius XM radio. I don't like that it doesn't have a sunroof.

- Carol B

The most important thing to know about the Malibu is that it has been dependable and good on gas.

I like the sporty style of the Malibu. I get good gas mileage and I like the nsync computer. I dislike the small back window.

- Lori H

It is very dependable, and requires minimal maintenance

It is a good transporter. It gets fair gas mileage, and can be driven to many different places. It is a good daily vehicle.

- John H

It has Bluetooth and a Touchscreen

It has Bluetooth capabilities and a touchscreen. The car runs smoothly. If you need a individual car this is the car for you

- Marqece C

It has an auto shut off feature to save gas while stopped.

It is fuel efficient. It provides a smooth ride. It looks amazing. It has all the necessary features and comforts I expect.

- Joey R

Great mid-sized car, safe, reliable, and fun to drive!

It is an easy to drive, nice looking car. It has most of the features that I'm looking for, but I wish it had heated seats.

- Nicole A

soon I will be looking for a brand new one...and maybe it will be a mustang or a corvette...

it is a smooth ride... It's good on gas... It's a pretty stylish ride.... just wish it was a yellow convertible corvette...

- judy u

It is good for the price and will last a long time. You really cannot go wrong!.

I like everything about it. Great gas mileage. Awesome interiors. Bluetooth radio. Can charge more than 1 thing at a time.

- Bailey E

Always dependable never any issues with the auto starting

Well made automobile always a dependable vehicle easy to drive and also easy to park only negative feature are blind spots

- Darlene C

Comfortable and practical vehicle!

Is very comfortable, does not spend a lot of gas, very easy to drive, if you want something practical, this is your car!

- Danielle Z

I am not real sure but I would say that you can see certain stuff of the vehicle.

My car is awesome helps me get everywhere so clean & nice. Does not need to much money on gas so that is really helpful.

- Cindy A

The car is very good on gas.

My vehicle is very spacious and comfortable. It is very good on gas. I dislike that it does not have more get up and go.

- Taylor Z

The cars are safe to drive, very minimal care needed for upkeep. I feel safe and comfortable in my Malibu.

I love my car, it fits me. The perfect size and weight. Has the bells and whistles I wanted. Will be my forever car.

- Susan U

The vehicle is very expensive to fix.

The cars backseat is not roomie. There isn't much room for car seats or much leg room. The trunk is spacious, love it!!

- Marie R

My vehicle is black and it stops at 112

I don't like my car but I love it the wired are always messing up the sensor always going out . I'm not a fan of chevy

- Alanceya G

Malibu gives you good gas mileage.

I like everything about my car; it is safe reliable, good on gas, and its stylish. I do not dislike anything about it.

- Kay B

It is a nice and smooth ride.

I like the smooth ride.. I like the gas mileage.. I like the feel of the automobile.. I like the feel of the interior.

- Henry N

It's a good vehicle for back and forth basic transportation

I like the size. Do not like the lack of extras on ls model and auto start stop that seems to make oil last less time

- Barbara J

It will go far on one tank of gas!

I like the color and it looks very sleek. I like the gas mileage; it goes far. I haven't had any mechanical problems.

- Jim F

Very good against break ins. You can know that security on this car is awesome.

I like the dependability of this car. It is sleek and nice. Some features include a CD player, aux port. Nice speed

- Karina S

Reliable, good styling, .

Reliable, great size, good leg room back seats. Wish it was ltz model though, cloth seats still comfortable though.

- Chris B

Dependable and durable. Yes

I like the gas mileage and the comfort of the car. It has been dependable and runs well from the 1st day I got it.

- Bruce B

The Chevrolet Malibu is sleek, fuel efficient, and dependable.

The car is great. Gas mileage is good, which is desirable as I commute to work. I've had no problems with the car.


The ride in the 2014 Malibu is unlike any other ride. It's like riding on air. Very Smooth

I love that it is a very smooth ride. I hate that it does have an auto off that cuts off when I'm at a red light.


It has an ample amount of space.

I do not have any complaints about the car. It is a nice car. It is very reliable transportation all year around.

- Valencia B

It gets average fuel mileage, could be better. Cost was good

Not easy to see out the back glass. It tilts up in the back. Comfort is okay. It has been a reliable car so far.

- Beverly B

Safe vehicle to ride in and rides smooth.

I like the color and style of the car and how well it rides. The price is good also. There is nothing I dislike.

- Jason J

The auto stop feature is great for improving gas mileage.

I love the style, the ease of driving, the auto stop when stopping for better gas mileage and the mileage we get

- Beverly B

Mine came with no spare tire. Just a pump because it came with run flat tires

It's a great car as far as economically but I'm a pretty tall guy and it got painful getting in and out all day

- Jericho B

It is nice running car. A nice highway car.

Small in side need more room. In the car. Other than that it is a good running car. Some wheels issues as well.

- Marcus B

The vehicle is very dependable.

The leather seats cracked and the button the dashboard melted from the Houston heat, other than that I love it!

- Brittany T

It is reliable and gets good gas mileage.

I like the gas mileage it gets. The comfort it provides. The rear view camera. And the Bluetooth it has in it.

- Lori R

My car is pretty decent on gas.

I like the color. I like the size. I do not like how standard it is. Good on gas. I like how smooth it drives.

- Erica T

Awesome vehicle to buy lease or own.

Very reliable good on gas smooth driving good room for everyone great radio couldn't have picked a better car.

- Tina T

The gas mileage is amazing.

I love the comfort of my vehicle. I love that it gets great gas mileage. And I love the way my vehicle looks.

- Tom D

It is not as gas hog. I can go more than 400 miles on a tank of gas.

It is reliable and easy to drive. I like it that is has a phone link to my original phone. I like the model.

- Janice H

It has a great sound system.

I love the way it drives and handles on the road. There is not anything that i do not dislike about the car.

- Laura C

It is economical and it is the hybrid eco package.

It is been a good car to me. Very reliable and good on gas since I drive 35 miles to work and back everyday!

- Melanie J

There is different volume controls for every mode of Audio.

I like that it has enough space. It has very useful features. Has been very dependable, no major breakdowns.

- Nora G

It's an extremely reliable vehicle.

I LOVE my Malibu and it's gas mileage. What I do not like about my Malibu is the engine stop/start feature.

- carmen B

It runs well and is pretty good on gas very efficient

No complaints. I enjoyed the power locks and stereo system. As well as the controls on the steering column.

- Jae T

It is a good car that does well.

I like my car because it is roomy and comfortable. It is very fuel efficient. There is not much I dislike.

- Amber S

The airbags saved our lives when we hit a hog. It helped us from hitting window.

My Malibu gets great gas mileage, great stereo, has child lock system and lots of air bags. No complaints.

- Kim K




One important thing about my car is it rides nicely.

I like the size, the way it drives, the trunk is big. I do not like the interior and it is hard to clean.

- Jennifer H

My car is a family car. It is the perfect size.

I like the comfort. I like the gas mileage. I don't like the sensors. I love the comfort and smooth ride.

- Katherine L

Safe and satisfied. I feel comfy and safe in my Malibu...A solid car.

Very comfy, safe and reliable. Do not like the guard on the front of the car. Scrapes and is way too low.

- Kim S

Great miles per gallon, has a decently sized trunk that can be extended by folding down the back seat

I dislike the lack of space in the car but do like the size of the trunk. I love the mpg it gets as well

- Debra W

That it handles well on the highway.

I like the way the car handles. It has plenty of space for my travels. Chevrolet makes a very good car.

- k R

Pandora, hands free system and great on gas.

I love my car.I have been from one part of the US to the next and I have not had any issues.I love it.

- elaine y

It is a very reliable car that will last you for a great while.

I don't really know what to say about my vehicle other than that it is a very awesome car! I love it!

- Cody C