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Pretty good car for short trips.

No major complaints, but I do wish it had power windows. Mine is an automatic, and seems like it should have another, higher gear - at normal highway speeds, the engine sounds like it is near red-line even with the 4 piston engine. . The fold down rear seat makes the vehicle more useful than might be expected for such a small car (hatchback model). The only problem was one of the shock absorbers coming loose and causing the tire to lean into the wheel-well. I was able to fix it myself by replacing a bolt. In Virginia we have annual safety inspections, and one year the vehicle failed due to a tie rod coming loose and needing to be replaced. -- $900. 00 for that and other minor issues. The car is 18 years old - if I keep it another two years, it can be registered as an antique, no longer requiring annual inspection or personal property tax. Yes, in Virginia we pay tax on vehicles every year. One radio knob fell off, but I can live with that, as the control still works. The fan speed control for the heater and a/c lost it is click-stops and now is either on full or off, no in between. Some oil usage, and if the car is started after being allowed to sit for an extended period a large cloud of gray smoke is produced, but clears after the engine has run a few minutes.

- Jack F

Surprisingly good for long trips.

My metro's top feature, for me, is its gas mileage. Combined, it is in the neighborhood of 30-36 miles per gallon, even despite being over 18 years old. It is a really nice thing about the car, especially with gas prices today fluctuating all the time. $20 Is good to last most of the month. The comfort levels are modestly good, even on long car rides (8+ hours or more, I have driven my car on a ~19 hour round trip Journey in one day), though due to its size, it will be even more comfortable for shorter drivers and passengers. It only has three cup holders, but this is sufficient for most cases. The ride is nice and smooth, and while not powerful, the car has enough power to take traffic-packed Denver interstates.

- Maxwell T

It is a nice car for a small family. You get great gas mileage.

It is easy on gas and it is a reliable car. It runs great. The tires are cheaper than what they would be for a bigger vehicle. I would recommend a small car like the metro if you travel a lot. It gets great gas mileage in town and out of town. The parts are not that expensive either. Unless it is something major then it maybe pricey. But it is a nice car to own.

- Billie F

My favorite thing about the car is the gas mileage

Runs great but there is currently no AC due to the belt not being there when I purchased the vehicle. Also a bit small but still great car. The tags were current and still not expired. I do feel it does need s paint job and deep interior cleaning. All in all it gets me where I need to go but I would like something better in future.

- Vanessa B

My car still has the original miles on it

It's small and good on the grass just enough room for the kids and l also loves my little car because it fits me.I don't have to spend a arm and leg to get my car fixed and parts are cheap I plan on keeping this car for awhile. My family also loves this car for me too. They like that I can take them where they need to go and back

- Yolanda B

Worth it for mint condition.

Honestly I like this vehicle but it is getting very old obviously. If you can find one in mint condition it is worth it as they are fun to drive. I would keep mine forever if I could. I recommend this vehicle to any Chevy fans who love outdated vehicles. Take care of this car and it’ll due to you the same.

- Bob W

Have fun driving a metro.

The metro is a very reliable starter even on very cold mornings. Some features I wish it had (and newer models probably do) include power steering and steering wheel adjustment ability. It gets good gas mileage, its small and easy to park, has acceleration when you need it and it is fun to drive.

- Catherine B

This car has been a valuable car as it gets 40 plus miles to a gallon.

The metro has been a very reliable car. I have only had to do routine maintenance to it, such as oil and filter changes, light bulbs and mufflers. The only area of concern is it is rusting on the rocker panels. It is a 5 speed and has almost 200,000 miles on it.

- Greg S

I like that it is a 4 cylinder car that has good pickup.

I like the size of it, color, power, the big windshield and the gas mileage it gets. I dislike the way the body looks right now and that it has no power steering..

- Catherine B

It is dependable. It is stylish. It was reasonably priced.

It has been dependable. I like the color. It rides smoothly. It is better on gas then our truck. The trunk does not always stay open. It could be a little bigger.


Its black, and cute. Not super fast, but she goes

it's very comfortable and runs very well, I love my car! so far I haven't had any problems, I take good care of it

- shyanne c

It's a great Family Car to have

It is a great four door sedan car. It runs great. Gets good gas mileage. There is plenty of room in it.

- john h

It usually works, except when it doesn't start (on hot afternoons).

Fair gas mileage, nice dark olive green color. A/C weak, starter acting-up.

- John W

It gets great gas mileage and is really dependable.

It has no power steering. It gets great gas mileage. It is dependable.

- Betty D