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A reliable car that can be driven for a long time.

A reliable, functional make of car. Good gas mileage considering its age. Drives and accelerates similar to other cars of its year and size. Does not have any recurring problems that would be expensive to fix or replace. Seats are comfortable enough. All driver features are functional and nothing is overbearing. Sight lines are more than acceptable. Even though the car is currently over 15 years old, I could see myself driving it for at least 5 more years. It really is one of those cars that you can drive until the wheels fall off. Internals are easy enough to source parts for and it contains no rare/hard to obtain parts. Overall a quality car, especially for the price.

- Joseph G

Amazing Chevrolet 2004 Monte-Carlo.

I honestly love my 2004 model Chevrolet Monte-Carlo. I bought my car used so it did have a few dings and broken features such as my gas and heat gauges no longer work. It does however have a great air and heating system. It also no longer has a working radio but I compensate with a speaker that connects to my phone. It also has a few cosmetic problems such as dents and scratches that could be repaired if I wished to do so. Over all a very nice and dependable car that I would recommend to everyone.

- Kristin H

2000 Chevy Monte Carlo ss, near bulletproof but the ride is a little stiff.

Over all I really enjoyed this car. My mom bought it new and I purchased it from her about 7 years ago. The only big repair I have had to do is the replacement of the lower intake manifold gasket in 160, 000 miles. I change the oil, rotate the tires, and put gas in it and it keeps going great. The only thing I never liked about it is the stiffer ss suspension, I wish it was a little softer.

- Bryan G

Monte Carlo ss-sharp looking vehicle white with a red racing stripe!

It has heated seats for comfort, cruise control, automatic headlights, and has a t top! It gets great mileage and looks sharp on the road, the tires perform in all road conditions! The only bad problem with it so far is an oil leak that I had to get repaired but now seems to of happened again so very upset for that! Otherwise love, love my car and would get another next time I need a car!

- Christy S

I am surprised how the upholstery has held up.

Normal wear and tear for its year. Has held up nicely compared to neighbors with same year vehicles. Easy on gas. Parts are reasonable and repairs are easily made. Drives well heavy but not truck like. Runs well on highways. Not trunk lights and spare is difficult to teach. Fortunately have never had to use it though. Had water leak under dash at one time. Do not know cause.

- Paul E

Monte Carlo. My experience with my 2000 monte Carlo.

Just my vehicles are dented. But got new ones to put on. This vehicle drives very well. Performance is great. The sunroof in it. I love sunroofs. The power it has is a good amount for a monte. Very impressed with it. The body style. Makes it look good. Has a small spoiler. It's a dark blue in color. I've always liked this year of the monte Carlo.

- Jackie R

It is definitely rusty but it is trusty.

It is a very nice first car. It is definitely 18 years old and now it just gets me to point A to point B. Very great car! I have had it for 4 years now and just letting it push me through until I can afford a new one. Definitely has a funny feature of how my blinkers do not work unless I put my hazards on.

- Kay S

The vehicle is very sporty, when it was new it must of been really nice.

The car is very sporty, it is getting some age on it and it costs a lot to keep it running. The car is good on gas, and when it was new was a fine vehicle. The vehicle has heated leathers seat, goes well in the snow, but it sets really low to the ground which is bad trying to get out of.

- Linda S

It's fairly easy to work on, but the engine runs hot and the gas mileage isn't the greatest (18-20 mpg).

I have had several larger issues with the vehicle. The main issue involves the vehicle overheating. The second is an issue with the fan/blower motor and the final issue involves the end links breaking within months of each other. Overall, it's a good car that gets me to work and home.

- Joel W

Great gas mileage and dependable!

Lots of miles but still runs very well. Having an issue with using a lot of oil. A few hoses under the hood rotted away leaving me with fluid leaking everywhere. Was kind of a cheap fix though. Runs well and is very dependable. Always start at very low temperatures.

- Stephanie S

Monte Carlo. Good looking year. Sunroof is nice.

The monte Carlo drives very well. The body style on that year is a good-looking year. The pep the motor has is a good amount. I love my sunroof that this vehicle has. The color of the vehicle is very pretty. I recommend this year of the monte Carlo to anyone.

- Jackie R

Its fast and low so buckle up.

It a small low riding car that has a strong engine. It has a sunroof and long leg space that allow me to fit. It doesn't allow for many companions as it is only a two door. The upholstery is not a leather and I don't like that makes me feel cheap.

- Matthew S

Monte carlo z34 the way to go!!

So far I have no complaints about the Dodge charger. It is fast and looks as well as sounds mean. It is an rt with a hemi in it. The sound system is all beats by dre with a beats sub in the trunk. This car makes me want to speed everywhere.

- Vicki G

Reliable vehicle few cosmetic issues.

My vehicle has been a very good and reliable one. It has over 100, 000 miles on it and I am just now having issues with it. I replaced the starter in it just recently. Small exhaust leak. Besides cosmetic stuff it is been a great car.

- Jessica N

It's extremely tough and reliable, again despite use and abuse, it's still going after 135000 miles and 4 accidents.

Basically a really fast tank. Despite having been in several car crashes, and not maintained to the level it should have been, it still works like a champ. The only thing I'd complain about is it's length is a little extreme...

- Jason P

It is got high miles on it but gets you where your needing to go.

I like that it is comfortable to ride in and drives good in the snow and rain. I dislike it having minor repairs needing fixed and the windows leak water when it rains.

- Brittany S

The 0-60 speed is amazing.

I like how my car handles curves, it takes them extra smooth with no loss traction. I also like how little gas it uses. However, I dislike how low to the ground it is.

- Shellie m

It has a sharp body style, and a sunroof, air conditioning, a good motor and good tires

It runs great to be an older car, there are a few problems with it like with any older car, but all in all its great for commuting back and forth to work

- Jeannie w

Nice sporty car but has had a lot of repairs.

Lots of room, love the tilt steering wheel. Pretty good gas mileage, drives good. Sporty. I have spent lots of money on repairs through the years.

- Sharon W

It was my dream car. Took some time but I finally got it.

It is been great through the years, hardly ever have a problem with it. Love everything about it except maybe the color.

- Melissa M

Dependable, dependable, dependable! This vehicle has been extremely low maintenance. I crank and go.

My vehicle is extremely dependable. I have over 200000 miles on it. It is the original motor and never been rebuilt

- Jon P

That it only is a two door so having children getting on is not ideal.

It is old but it is sturdy. Though both of my windows elevators broke. I still love my car to the fullest.

- Nicole M

If anyone was to drive it that didn't know the car, it is very fast. It has a sports car engine in it

It's sporty, good on gas...Wished it run better. It's getting so age on it so it seems to break down a lot

- Lindia S

It drives good, and is a comfortable car for long drives.

I like how easy it drives. Its comfortable. I don't like that the key switch doesn't work right.

- Gabbie F

She has a lot of miles on her !!

I like my car, but she does have over 300,000 miles on her now. I don't have any complaints.

- Lorie C

Good pick up and roomy inside.

Smooth ride and it has held up well with no major problems. Do not dislike anything.

- Glenn V

It is the most dependable car we have ever owned and love it.

The car is very dependable. It is a comfortable ride. It is a good looking car.

- Carol R

It is very dependable. It is very good on gas mileage.

My vehicle is new. I like it a lot. I have not learned all the gadgets yet.

- Kay B

Styling is great. Electronics could be improved. Good car overall.

Safe car and great visibility. Some minor flaws but overall a good ride.

- Bruce G

it is very reliable. does not easily breakdown.very often.

it is comfy. does not need a lot of repairs. has a smooth ride

- donna s

It's red and looks cool and drives good

Runs good for an older vehicle. Gets me where I need to go

- Helen H