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Black beauty - she is good on gas and has 148, 000 miles and still going strong.

I purchased my 2001 Chevrolet monte Carlo ls out of the showcase room. Beautiful black sleek looking car. The only problem that I had with this vehicle was the security system which sometimes kept me from going anywhere, had to sit in the car for a full 10 minutes while the key is in the on position. When the security light finishes blinking on and off in the message center, turn the car and re-crank it back up and you are good to go. It didn't do it all the time but did it enough to make me mad. But anyways I still have this car and it has some minor things that need to be replaced but other than that it drives great.

- Wendy M

Easy fixer. Since it is a Chevy/gm the parts are very common and easy to find.

The best features of my Monte Carlo are the cabin space and the nice handling/tight turning. The power is average, I get 27/28 mpg, even though it is listed as 21 mpg combined. The only problems I get with it are due from old age (18 years). Most of them are electrical and stereo related. Overall good car. Do not buy one with over 120, 000 miles on it or you'll be spending money on it pretty soon.

- Joshua M

The car I have spent my life with!

I have driven this car for the last 16 years it is the single most dependable vehicle I have ever had.. Have had issues with the ignition and passlock security system which were related. Repairs are affordable and I can often do them myself. I love this car and wish Chevrolet would bring the model back so I could buy a new one.

- Thomas C

Monte Carlo can be very nice.

The car rides very smoothly, no engine problems that are not minor fixes. Great gas mileage, runs very well on long trips. The car body is great shape after all the years. The interior holds up great. Not very roomy in the back seat. Not very suitable for people with babies or small children. Or very tall people.

- Josephine H

It's a 2001 that I hope to be able to drive for another 10 years!

While I would like a V8, I appreciate the lower insurance rate of the V6. It looks like a muscle car, but doesn't cost nearly as much. It drives well (smooth, little road noise) and has good sight lines unlike many new cars that need a backup camera. I like that it doesn't have a bunch of electronic nonsense.

- Nicole R

Older is better than a new car.

My car runs fine for a older car. It has about 140, 00 miles on it. The heats not that great but overall I am pleased with it. I had a newer car a Ford Focus I had nothing but trouble with it my son gave my this car that was 18 years old and runs better than a brand new car so sometimes older is better.

- Male C

I kept my car clean and well taken care of.

With my monte, I didn't have any problems! I loved that car but needed a new one because I have a kid now. A lot of people say they had problems with theirs, I took good care of that car and never had any problems. But, I had to get a family car, love my new car though. It has more space and I love it!

- Kiara S

Very nice car, heated seats and very reliable.

Very comfortable, . Not many problems out of it other than regular maintenance. Very reliable. Performs very well haven't had a problem out of it. Heated seats, radio, auxiliary, ac and heat. I love this car it is something I never thought I wanted it but turns out I actually love the car.

- Jackie B

Safe comfortable and stable car.

Very comfortable car for long trips or around town. Never have had any problems only things that need to be done because of wear, tires, etc. My car has a lot of pep as well and is always very reliable. I have leather seats which have heat in them and it's great for the winter months.

- Heidi P

It is reliable and a gas saver.

I love it because it's my reliable vehicle. It's very convenient for me and my family. It only take about 30 dollars to fill up my gas tank. My air and heat works well. The small problems I have are, it sits too low and it has 2 doors and I hate getting in and out to let someone in.

- Java D

Black 2001 Chevrolet Monte Carlo

This car has a lot of character, but it is getting old. It is seen as a cool, sportier car (which it is), but 2 door cars are not handy and it is also very long considering the available space in the car and it is difficult to park. Not the best on gas mileage.

- Kate K

2001 Monte Carlo ss - a solid ride.

Solid car. Runs great with high miles. Decent on gas for a v6. Has issues with the security system, ignition, gas gauge, and blinkers(common in 2001 mc). Handles well on ice and snow. A/c still works! Lots of room for a two-door. Large trunk. Very reliable car.

- Des H

My car is a 2-door with leather seats. It has seat warmers and a sunroof.

It is a very reliable car. It gets me from point A to point B. It has amazing gas mileage. I just installed a Bluetooth radio. And it is currently being worked on to fix the spark plugs and head gasket due to it being sat for a long time before we bought it.

- Rachel W

The car needs constant maintenance.

The title is salvaged, power steering, coolant, and engine oil are constantly leaking. Sunroof no longer opens, and windows get stuck from time to time. Previous owner had a flowmaster installed, as well as a Bluetooth stereo.

- Cecilia C

I've kept it all these years because it has been mostly dependable and I like the way it drives.

I like my car because I feel it is not to big, but not to small. If there was anything major I disliked about it, I would have looked into getting a different vehicle years ago, but was never interested in doing so.

- Corey H

Smooth driving when transmission is cooperating.

The Monte Carlo is a medium sized, albeit long sedan. It has had recalls on its transmissions, and ours has required replacement of the transmission twice. It drives smoothly, and gets average to good gas mileage.

- Sara D

One of the best built cars ever made in its category.

One of the best and most reliable cars I have ever owned. It's getting old, now, but still performs well. If they were still making this model, I'd probably buy one.

- VJ B

It is a very dependable car. Our family loves the car.

I have a 2001 Chevy Monte-Carlo silver in color. It has 152010 miles on it. I have kept maintenance up on the car. Has new tires. No problem with anything on car.

- Tera Marie W

The most important thing others should know about my car is this: it's MINE!

My Monte Carlo is a sporty vehicle with a smooth ride. It gets decent gas mileage. For being a sports car it is surprisingly good in the winter months.

- Pamela W

it drives great, it is very comfortable to sit in and it paid for no loan

i really like my car it is older but everything works and it drives great. i do like newer cars but they get really expensive when i get a loan.

- chris t

Its pretty dependable, very comfortable, windows stopped working.

For a used car of this age I have been very pleased with everything except there is a way water is getting inside causing a mold problem.

- Debra P

It's a Chevrolet, Over 325,000 miles and still going strong.

No Complaints whatsoever. Hands down the Best Car i have ever had.Bought New and now has over 325,000 miles on it with minimal problems.

- Tommy S

It is a family vehicle. It is a crossover SUV.

No complaints, but I do like its styling and economy all the options including leather sunroof and premium sound system.

- Mike M

It is a sportier car that goes fast.

I love my vehicle's style and classic feel. It is a great drive and gives a sporty feel. I do not have any complaints.

- Emma M

That it's mine and I still love it...It's clean and it runs well.

I really can't complain. The car is still doing well. And it still looks good. There is nothing I don't like about it.

- Jess S

My car is very very nice.

My car can go fast. It has good gas mileage. It's comfortable to drive. My car is white. It's old but still works.

- Layla G

2001 Monte Carlo SS features not many problems for a 16 year old car.

Good reliable, V6 3800 engine with 4 speed transmission. SS model has all leather seating. Premium sound system.

- Dan A

It drives great and is very dependable and trustworthy.

I love the V6 engine. And the smooth ride. I wish it was higher off the ground

- Marcy D

Bad on oil uses a lot and only gets 19 miles per gallon

the style the interior the speed dislikes are no 4 doors

- steve l