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Monte Carlo: the wrong car for environmentalists who need to park in the city

There is too much front end. It is not at all fuel efficient. I mean it is a gas guzzler! The two doors make it ridiculously difficult for adults to ride in the back. So I guess on the plus side, no one wants to ride with me. The gearbox is on the floor, wasting so much space (I'm used to keeping my cd's there in literally every other car I have ever owned). I really do not like the car, but it was taken care of by the last owner, so it's reliable at least (as long as I can figure out a way to pay for gas to get home).

- John F

Nothing really sticks out because everything about our car is just great!

Our 2004 Chevy monte Carlo has been a very good, reliable car for my wife and I, and is very reliable for hauling our girls. We have had no real majors issues with this vehicle. Just minor vehicle maintenance, oil change, rotate tires for winter. Also, my wife is very comfortable driving this car with our granddaughters in the horrible Michigan winters. We have owned this car for 3 years now. And w still enjoy it. It always drives great on long distance road trips.

- April L

2004 Chevy monte Carlo ss.

I love my 2004 Chevrolet monte Carlo ss. I love the way it drives. The seats are comfortable and has the ability to be adjusted to be just right for anyone. The stereo has premium quality sound with excellent bass. I love using the sun/moonroof in the summer and fall. It has been very reliable with the minor repairs any car usually requires.

- Dale B

My monte. This is the best car i've ever owned, dependable, reliable.

I currently have no problems with my Monte Carlo. It gets 26 miles per gallon. Runs smooth, rides awesome. Very dependable I trust it with my life. The only bad thing is the rust on the passenger side rear wheel. I guess this is common for the monte Carlos. The steering is smooth, plenty of trunk space and the stereo system is unbelievable.

- Beverly K

Just that the ride is so smooth that you don't realize how fast you're going, so if the speedometer is screwed up extra attention needs to be taken.

Like the fact that it has a lot of speed & handles well. Don't like that it's a 2-door. Bought it in 2016 and only had 32,000 miles so haven't had too many mechanical issues. However, the issues we have had (speedometer malfunction) has cost us a speeding ticket. The only other upset was the heating element for the driver's seat went out.

- Alice F

Chevy family member for life!

This is my second Monte Carlo, and just like the first it has been incredibly reliable over the years. Chevy's have been my family's go-to car for my entire life, and the ability to provide self-maintenance has made me a Chevy family member for life. With over 230k miles it still takes care of me while I take care of it!

- Nicole A

An awesome vehicle, easy to drive and maintenance is minor.

It has great get up and go sleek designs great gas mileage comfortable Chevy is a brand I can and do trust easy maintenance and as of this year they don't make it any more it has dual temperature controls electric windows I can't think of anything else to say about it I just love my monte carlo.

- Patricia P

The most important thing others should know about my car is that it is reliable and fast.

My vehicle is an SS Supercharged Chevy Monte Carlo. I love that it looks sporty and cool, and that it's fast without being too much of a gas guzzler. The only complaint I have is some of the electronics need replacing, like the lighter and the radio. The air conditioner also needs to be fixed.

- Katie W

All around wonderful car good gas mileage low maintenance.

It has great get up and go power it is a real ticket get her has good gas mileage and low maintenance, it has come it has comfortable seating large trunk space air conditioning is very good heaters good it is just an all over all around good car I wish they hadn't quit making them in 2018.

- Patricia G

I love my car and would like others to live theirs also.

Had issues with the security system, had to be reset by a certified shop. If oil and fluids checked accurately, engine runs great. The trunk latch sometimes does not close without slamming it down multiple times. Undercarriage is a bit low to the ground. Other complaints about my car.

- Angela H

The miles per gallon are superb. It gets 29 highway and 24 in town.

It goes from o to 60 in just a matter of seconds. The gas mileage is magnificent. I get 29 miles per gallon highway and 24 in town stop and start. Maintenance on this vehicle to just changing spark plugs and the oil are very simple and easy to get to.

- Pat G

2004 black monte Carlo ss.

Looks good, runs good, minimal maintenance. It has automatic on the floor transmission and factory air conditioning. It also has power windows and a sun roof. It has an eight cylinder engine. The color is black. It uses premium fuel and performs well.

- Patricia S

My Monte Carlo. It is dependable & comfortable.

It starts right up. It is comfortable to sit in & drive. Good visibility. Requires minimal maintenance. Has air conditioning & defroster. Transmission is automatic on the floor. Windshield wipers work well. It is dependable.

- Arlene S

My Monte Carlo is in pretty good shape for an old girl.

I bought my Monte Carlo new and have had it for almost fifteen years. I love my old girl, but she is starting to show her age. The speedometer stopped working years ago. Now the turn signal only works when it wants to.

- Kathy T

The gas mileage could use a little bit of improvement, but the moonroof and speakers make it worth it.

The only thing that I do not like about my Monte Carlo is that it's a bigger car so it's a little harder to park, and it isn't that great on gas. I think that overall though it is a very solid car.

- Riki C

My car runs very well and has never had issues starting.

My vehicle is fairly reliable. There has been only one recall on the car and it wasn't a major problem. I have had some wires go bad, but the car is getting old.

- Lindsey D

That it has 8 cylinders and 4 cup holders.

Heated seats, leather seats, power everything. It has bucket seats and XM radio along with the option for onstar roadside assistance. 35 miles to the gallon.

- Tempest L

It is dependable if you keep up with the maintenance.

It is there when I need it & it is not incurring extreme expenses to keep it up. I dislike having to register it, inspect it and insure it.

- Arlene S

It is a good lasting car, that is the best version of its make and model.

It is very good for how old it is. It sometimes has trouble starting but has given me very little trouble for the most part.

- Hannah D

How much I love my car for the dependability she is a Chevy Monte SS

Love the look, love the way it drives and handles, very dependable, I would love to have her repainted and some better rims

- Brenda M

I got a good deal on it and it drives great.

It is good on gas. Has a nice ride to it. Has a nice sleek look to it. Can fit passengers. It is low maintenance.

- Victoria K

large and In charge of the road

It is a huge body of a car but very reliable. The car has two doors and hey leather seats. The trunk is massive.

- cher s

Really good road trip car nice size truck.

Old but run new, good for road trip, sets a family of five, good on gas, easy maintenance and good starter car,

- Tiffany W

It's dependable & handles/ drives very good. It also gets great gas mileage.

My car has always been dependable & I love the body style. I'm always getting compliments on how pretty it is.

- Marcie G

This car gets good gas mileage.

This car gets good gas mileage. This car is affordable. This car is quality built. This car is made to last.

- Linda F

Very Reliable and Comfortable Parts are easily available and easy to work on

Dale Earnhardt #8 Special Edition Classic Good Engine Very Comfortable Interior, Not Cheaply made

- Frank L

That it is a very good gas efficient car which will save money in the end,

I don't have any complaints about my car. I love the way the car drives and how powerful it is.

- Stephanie O

It's getting old but it's a Chevy, so if taken care of, it will last a long time.

Dependable, easy maintenance. Kind of small and low to the ground.

- cay S

How to maintain it and keep it in good running condition

Nothing I love my car. It has been dependable. And a reliable car

- Beth M

They do not make it anymore.

Easy to drive. Good gas mileage. No major problems.

- Cay M

This vehicle has classic style and look

like style, performance, gas mileage, exterior looks

- Buddy B