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Timeless Durable Comfort.

This vehicle caught my eye as it sat on a dealership's used car lot in 2008. The silver color and body style matched well and the tinted windows were a nice compliment. The wheels, though not fancy, have a good look and tires that fit this vehicle have been reasonably priced. The interior is cloth and is still in good condition. Maintenance has been reasonable with no major work needed, of course repairs have been necessary to the front end suspension. I must say, my yearly mileage is low and I am a very conservative driver. I drive for vehicle longevity. The current condition of this vehicle gives me no reason to look for another vehicle.

- Thomas W

Great single family car & reliable.

I love that my car is really good on gas. I can fit 2 car seats in it and fit a double stroller in the trunk. My groceries fit inside the trunk too. The reliability of the car is awesome. The only new problem is I need to get the electrical part of it needs to be reset which has not been a problem since I have gotten it. Which I got back in 2006 so that is 12 years with no issues. The normal upkeep on it has been easy and does not come up often of needed to continue to be a problem. Overall it's a great car.

- Alexis C

It is a great car no problem with it.

I have no problem with this 2006 monte Carlo. It is very reliable, great comfort and features. The only thing I would like to have done is a new paint job. The car has great gas mileage and very comfortable driving long distance. The car has a DVD player, good radio and great sounding speaker. It also has OnStar, which an extra features. The inside of the car is in great shape as well. It is silver gray with black interior. It also has four new tires, oil changes every 3000 miles and rotation of the tires.

- Cindy B

2006 Chevrolet Monte Carlo review.

When it is raining outside, the car seems to slip on the road. You usually cannot even do the speed limit (55 mph) when it is raining. When there is snow on the ground, it slides then too. It does not have very good traction. The front seats are comfortable. It has the heat/cool dual features, one for each side, which is nice. There always seems to be something mechanically wrong with it though.

- Georgette F

Black Monte Carlo, 2006. Grey interior with cushion seats.

I love my vehicle and have only had problems with it when I have been in an accident. I have had my car for almost 4 years now and bought it used. At first, I was not for it because it is not a car that a lot of people have. Then I grew to love it and could not imagine having any other car. I am so comfortable in it. I drive it back and forth to school at least twice a month.

- Libby G

White Monte Carlo with cracked windshield!!

Runs very smooth! But, takes about 45 dollars to fill up the gas tank. This sucks because the gas also runs out very quickly. It is only a 2 door, which I do not like. The inside is very spacious, but somehow rain leaks inside of the door. Leaves a huge puddle in the backseat any and every time it rains! Bummer.

- Hannah O

My Monte Carlo, a beauty!

My car is a really nice two door sedan. Very sleepy and attractive. It gets really great gas mileage. About 28 miles to the gallon. I have noticed when I use non ethanol gas, my car runs better and I get more miles to the gallon, I love my car! Not very many were made of this model, so I am proud to own it.

- J F

Its superfast painted beautiful red and it's a super sport.

It started over heating over time it is a great car and has traveled a lot and has been tough, I love that car. It has been very awesome it is a SS with heated seats. Sunroof, it was fast it's awesome on gas and always comes through, it luxury yet race car, nice big trunk it has everything you need.

- Robert M

2006 monte Carlo lt information.

I really enjoy my car, I got it used and still in very good condition. It is a long vehicle so parking can be an issue at times. Automatic start is a lifesaver in the winter. It is a 2 door and that makes it hard to get in and out of the backseat but has a huge trunk and back seat space.

- Britton B

Decent car, however, the electronics inside of it seem to be sub-par

I bought it brand new in 2006. It has been treating me well for the past 12 years, however, it seems to be falling apart now-a-days. Seeing as how Chevy discontinued the model several years ago, I believe it will be harder to find replacement parts as time goes on.

- walter w

Monte Carlo pros and cons.

I need struts they are pretty clunky. The car is a pretty quick and powerful car. It actually does good on fuel because it goes into 4 cylinder mode from being a v8. It rides really good and has never broke down. It's a 2006 and only has 51 thousand miles on it.

- Caleb V

My vehicle is a high performance coupe

The performance has been great but now that the car is over 10 years old there are several maintenance issues. I already have replaced tie rods, sway bar and control arm bushings. I also have dealt a oil leak in the engine and problems with the rear suspension.

- Jeffrey Z

A very good comfortable ride.

The car needs a new paint job. It performance very well. It is very reliability, good on gas mileage, especially long distance, it has a very good engine. It very nice ride for comfort especially for long distance. The features are standard, but are good.

- Cindy L

Classic car with comfortable seats.

Extremely comfortable seats, very durable. Pretty long for a car, and some of the interior seems kinda cheap (the plastics and rubbers used can give off a cheap vibe). Lots of room in the front and in the trunk, back seat feels much larger than it looks.

- Tristan S

Monte Carlos are very good on gas mileage.

I like the style of my vehicle but I am not a fan of two door vehicles. It is sleek and nice in design and also has very nice trunk space for a smaller vehicle. My main complaint would be how low it sits to the ground.

- Savannah W

The vehicle has a sporty style that gets old after some time.

I do not like the vehicle style - it only has two doors and it sits too low to the ground. It does not fit my personality. One positive about the vehicle is that it is relatively easy to park because of its size.

- Stacey J

I want to keep as long as possible, because it is a great make of car.

The color, the style, and it drives nice. The only complaint it needs a paint job. The paint job is okay on it now, but it needs places on it that needs to be fix, then new paint on it.

- Cindy L

Real Beautiful Car I Think Everyone Should Own

I Love My Car But It Does Have This Unknown Ticking Noise Coming From The Dashboard That No Mechanic I've Shown The Car To Knows What It Is. it Drives Great Real Smooths

- Breyana H

That the company is not making anymore Monte Carlo. Shame on the Chevrolet Company.

I like the style of my car. I like to inside style of my car. I dislike that chevrolet is not making my style of care anymore. I need a new paint job for my car.

- cindi b

It has a great engine and its just an overall great car.

I bought this car brand new in 2006 and its 2018 and I never had any problems with this car. I kept up regular maintenance and it still runs like a champ.

- zenobia c

Though the car looks small, it actually has a lot of space.

I have had ups and downs with this car, but it is one of the best. It has manage to survive winters in the Midwest and summers in the West.

- Allie M

I used to be a Ford girl, now I'm a Chevy girl

A very sturdy, dependable car. Have had no major , out of the ordinary issues since its purchase. Great gas mileage and trunk space.

- Kortnee J

I like my car very clean.

Like gas mileage. Dislike repair cost. It is dependable. It is difficult to get in and out of. The insurance and tax is affordable.

- John K

It has lasted a long time.

I love its style it fits all my needs it has all the options I wanted I haven't had any problems with it and it has great pick up.

- Norm R

The Chevy Monte Carlo will run forever if you take good care of it.

I like my car because it is sporty. It runs great and never had any major problems. I don't like that everything is electric.

- Tara S

Very reliable and great performance.

Have had no major problems with this car for 12 years. Has beginnings of rust and a sensor for the tire monitoring system.

- Dee R

That the car is in good running conditions. .

Would prefer that it would be a two door car. Also a smaller make of car would be much easier on parking spaces.

- Helen E

Good for resale value and fuel economy.

I love how fast it goes. I do not like that the fuel pump is messed up. It's just the car we were looking for.

- Jasmine G

Handles with the up most greatest.

Handles good door gets stuck on heat makes noise like door is stuck, radio and speakers are great for factory.

- Richard H

Lasts long time if you keep up on maintenance. 2 door doesnt have much air flow though.

Only has 85500 thousand miles on it. Was handed down from my father who passed. Has not needed a lot of work.

- Angela P

Monte Carlo and Mazda station wagon.

Monte Carlo is nice ride for me. My Mazda is roomer for larger crowd all wheel drive. Love both vehicles.

- Anita H

Solid vehicle. The Monte Carlo is awesome.

The Monte Carlo is very dependable. The power and drive train is built to last if well taken care of.

- Ethan B

great car all the way around, I wouldn't have it any other way

love everything about this car, drives nice , get great mileage, clean looking no rust

- lisa l

I love my car. It is a long black 2 door car. It is a relatively big and heavy car as well. It has a large and powerful engine that will last a long time.

My car is bigger than your typical sedan. It is cumbersome but great on the highway.

- Joseph L

Monte Carlo is a good reliable car. Gets you from point a to point b no problem. Great investment and low maintenance cost.

My car is a very reliable car. Never had any major problems. No complaints from me.

- Marques B

it is a high maintenance car and does not have very much power

i like that it is sporty. it is not very powerful. it is very high maintenance,

- shelli t

My car is blue and pretty. It is fast and it gets good miles to the gallon. I would like it to be more roomy.

It is an American made car. It is a Chevy. It is a good driving car.

- Carol c