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Silver 2007 monte Carlo 3. 5 l engine.

I enjoy my monte Carlo it is a comfortable car with a balance between comfort and performance. There is a decent 3. 5 liter engine under the hood that can put out some nice power. The suspension is a mix between loose and tight but more on the loose side. My monte Carlo is a cool silver color that is different from most other silvers you see on the market. Overall I have not had any major problems with the car only basic maintenance like tires and brakes. However, the exhaust mid pipe and resonator had o be replaced after 10 years which is not unreasonable. I have never broken down in this vehicle, it has proven to be consistently reliable. This version of the monte does not have many features just basic things. One complaint about the features is the power windows only works for the driver side and only going down, not up.

- Joe F

You will love the speakers and quiet ride

My Monte-Carlo has fantastic speakers that came installed. The seats are large and comfortable and made of soft, dark material, unlike a lot of modern cars. It handles like a large car but is very responsive and I very much enjoy driving it, city & highway. MPG could be a little better, though, but the weight also leads to a smoother drive

- Chris W

Mama black is the name I call my car because she is so good to me.

It is black and really comfortable it rides sooth and rarely needs repair on anything. I have had it for a while and I love it I appreciate my car a lot. It was between that or a red car so I picked the best suit for me because black is my favorite color. Everything in it was new and it is gotten me to a lot of places.

- Rachel A

It has the performance power of a v8. And best in its class for gas mileage.

I really like the body style. And wished mine was a ss. But it has had a few recalls. Such as the engine overheating. But overall it's a great car and very fun to drive. It has the get up and go of an 8 cylinder but is only a 6. It also is very roomy and comfortable inside. And it also has a big trunk space available.

- Shawn D

It has an engine problem and shakes when coming to a stop.

It is very big and very roomy. You will not be crowded in this car. However, the car shakes really bad when coming to a stop. Not every car will have this problem but mine has an engine problem and shakes very badly when braking, so I would recommend test driving and taking it for a checkup before purchasing.

- Carmen C

My car is reliable and awesome.

I love my vehicle it rides nice don't have any major problems just ware and tear gets me to point A to point B I never had a break down in my car never stopped on me so overall is a really good car I can count my car to get mw wherever I need to go I own my car I will never trade my car in for another.

- Essence V

The radio stinks and you will want to replace it with something more powerful including the speakers.

I like everything about the vehicle except the radio. The radio just doesn't play loud at all. There is also a problem with the volume button. I bought the vehicle used and found out after I bought the vehicle that these were problems even when it was a new vehicle. The rest of the car is a dream.

- John S

I love the month carl. I would love them to make a new one. I would buy it.

It is a really nice car it run good I get it is oil change every 3000 mile and it' keeps it running good I take good care of it. I wash a lot. To take care of it. It is very comfort for me and my needs. I would love them to make a new month carl for people to buy. I would buy one.

- Carolyn J

Chevy monte carlo I am not selling it period.

Passenger window will not roll up using the controls, son took out dash for stereo and didn't put it back in right, back driver's side taillight is broken, I do not know what else, needs tune-up and oil change, there is nothing else wrong with it and I am not selling it.

- Anne J

Gorgeous sun/moonroof, tinted windows and all around electric windows, a real gem!!!

Runs great but previous owner was in accident so hood and front side panels are maroon in color while the rest of car is white. But it does have a sun/moonroof and heated seats. It has a great motor and I have never had a problem. I love my car!!

- Valori F

It handles the road perfectly.

My monte Carlo runs great and is pretty roomy for my husband and myself. It does leak a little oil, but if you keep up on oil changes, it seems to be good. If I need to get somewhere, I know my monte will get me there.

- Angela W

Dependable, affordable, reliable.

Very reliable and I have put many miles on it. The only thing I dislike is how low it is and also the alignment is constantly messed up. Overall I really enjoy the car.

- Alyssa B

It is loud, but it works great

It is old, but it runs great and has outlasted my other cars that I have had. It has had to have some work on it, but that's better than a car payment for a new car.

- mal s

It is a very dependable car that is fun to drive.

I love my car. I have no complaints about it other than the fact that they aren't being made anymore. I love the way it drives and the body style of the car.

- Charleen T

It's been well-maintained like other vehicles I have owned through the years.

It's a car I bought used and It's looks have stayed great over the past 9 years, despite some rust now. I just had to drop $1500 on a new A/C compressor. Ugh!

- F S

Take care of it and it will take care of you. Any problem I've had with it , it gave me fair warning

I've driven this car for over 8 yrs now. It's had a few issues. Oil leaks, alignment, interiors not holding up but it still a fantastic car to drive

- Zack R

It gets me where I need to go very reliable.

I like that it only rides two people. It is no complaints about my car. I love the color. The motor is great and I will not change it for the world.

- Shy E

It has a rather low mileage for a car eleven years old, like 82,000 miles.

Like the style of the exterior. Like the overall visibility from the inside while driving. Like the way it handles. Like the size of the trunk.

- William S

The car gets great gas mileage and we like to use it for when we take road trips because of the comfort -factor (plenty of legroom) and the great gas mileage.

I like how roomy it is, how comfortable it is to ride in, drives smoothly, nice big trunk space, gets great gas mileage, etc.

- Shelly H

The monte carlo is a very reliable car.

I like the body lines, the mpg is great, very comfortable on long trips. My only dislike is the it's hard to get in and out.

- Rudy E

It is very reliable. It is american made.

I like it because it is reliable. I have had very few problems. I like the style. I like the color. It is american made.

- Rose Q

Fun to drive, but you may need to expect some problems

It's had some typical wear and tear, and a few odd issues, but it runs well for the most part and is fun to drive.

- Will C

Well taken care of. Oil changes when is called for. Very clean.

Very sharp for the year. In very good shape. Hate it is a 2 door though with grandkids in and out all the time.

- karen c

Great car that is no longer made

Heated leather seats, power drivers seat, power sunroof, flex fuel equipped, last year the Monte Carlo was made

- James M

Very reliable and reasonable for repairs that do not cost too much.

I like how it looks. It rides nice. Good on gas. It is a two door. The lights come on when you state the car.

- Carolyn P

that it runs ok but the heater is not a good one at all.

the basic thing I do not like about my car is same thing that is wrong in all chevys It's the heating system.

- jacie M

It sits to low to the ground.

It is comfortable but it looks like a granny car. It sits to low to the ground. Other than that no problems.

- Tanya C

Luxury stylish like a racecar.

Luxury with sporty performance. Very stylish and fast. Last a long time if the maintenance is kept on time.

- Inna C

How well it runs as long as you take care of it.

It runs great and is very dependable. I have over 245,000 miles on it and will use it as long as possible.

- John U



- Calvin F

It is reliable and trustworthy, even though its old I prefer it.

It handles great, has a very powerful motor and I trust it completely especially with winter coming.

- Val F

It is a safe and affordable car.

I love the look of the car. It is the right size for me. The sunroof is a plus too.

- Carrie Q

It's good on gas mileage.

I like how fast it is but it is complicated sometimes with only two doors.

- J L