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Strong little truck with frustrating issues.

I like my Chevy s-10 because it's a truck, and possibly only because it's a truck. It's much too small for me, though it is good on gas. The interior has cracked and fallen off in the sun. I've had it tested for multiple things to try to find if there's anything wrong with it, and the results are minimal. There does show to be anything wrong with it. However when I drive it after a long day, it will sometimes start making loud thumping sounds and eventually will lose a lot of power to the point where it won't go over 10 miles per hour, and doesn't seem to move in first or second gear. It has its strange problems, but it's a very durable little truck. It's gone through a lot that would've severely messed up a regular car.

- Ben G

For the guy that wants a weekend warrior, perfect truck even as a daily.

Pros: comfortable. Strong 4. 3l v6. Crew cab. Looks fantastic. 4x4 works great. Strong off-roading capability. A very customizable mini truck. Big market for those looking to do as they wish to build there truck. Cons: 4l60e automatic transmission is highly unreliable. For those who are bigger than the average human, a very tight and close quarters cab. 4ft short bed makes it hard to carry anything in the bed.

- Chris K

Mid-size 4/4 truck but nice.

I like that it seats 4-5 people. It's 4 wheel drive. Rides well. Gets average gas mileage. But the truck bed is short and can't tow very much weight. I love that the seats recline almost full back so you can nap on long trips. I am able to check the oil and other fluids myself. Tune ups are expensive and I just hate the electronics. My check engine light is on all the time. Even after it was tuned up.

- Sandra T

There are no interesting details.

It is old, it has several problems. Tube mass air flow sensor has went out and the from tabs the front end need to be rebuilt. The lower and upper control arms need to be replaced, the sway bar is shot, the bearings need to be replaced. Also, most of the interior has fallen apart. The door panels are missing, the stereo knobs are broken off and middle consul is missing the arm rest part.

- Stacey B

Decent all around truck for me.

Door panels break easy. Door pins wear out easy. Very comfortable to drive. Fuel economy isn't the best. Average around 15 mpg. Tires are hard to find in my area. I've had no major issues with this vehicle since I've owned it. Push button 4x4 is a nice feature. Only problem I have os brake lights don't always work. I would recommend this type of truck. Pulls my boat just fine also

- Anthony D

Best truck ever I wouldn't trade it for any other type

I own a s10 it is lowered and it still handles better and rides smoother than any other type of vec I've rode in or drove. I can depend on my truck to always get me to where I need to be safe and sound. I've never had to have anything worked on just a few oil changes and I've had new tires put on. But other than that a s10 is the way to go on a great ride.

- Jennifer C

A silver four door, four wheel drive Chevy truck.

My truck is a four door extended cab. It has a top motorized bed cover and is four wheel drive. There are a few rust stops and the right front window do not open. It drives smooth for the most part, just needs minor issues fixed. It is a silver gray and tall. I have trouble getting up in the cab. Plus the drivers back door does not open.

- Shane M

The extreme s10 is a stylish, fun little truck.

The best used car I have ever bought. The 4 cylinder makes it so cost effective. It drives very nice, it's a 3 door, so you have the extra space & a small jump seat. Do not let the small 4 cylinder fool you, it has plenty of pep. It handles nice on the highway also, with no problems.. I have had zero problems with it, except a battery.

- Tony P

Brakes require service more often than I would like.

Very Reliable, fuel efficient, comfortable.Have owned this vehicle for six years, only problem is that the front brakes have to be replace more often than I would like. It is small enough to get into tight parking spots, but big enough for like hauling duties. It is an older vehicle, but a great fit for my financial status.

- Thomas W

My vehicle report what to expect from pickup truck.

Perform really well. Good in a crash. I had one. Needs to have more seats and space for more than 3 people. My stepdaughter cant fit in the back anymore. The 2 wheel drive is gone. The air conditioning has computed. Its does start up easy. The latches on the back are rusty and won't latch the tailgate shut.

- Elizabeth C

My truck is a work truck and has a ladder rack on it.

My vehicle has carried my family including 4 kids with very minimal maintenance. It has been all over the United States from Florida to Missouri,and back, has over 150,000 miles on it. I would recommend this vehicle to anyone looking to buy a new one, this make and model has a 5 star rating in my book.

- Misty E

Great little truck wouldn't want to trade it.

My s10 has been a great little truck. I was lucky and found a zr2 off-road edition in excellent shape. Have had the transmission rebuilt but besides that nothing major. Motor runs great, plenty of power for a v6 electric windows have held up good still quick. Wouldn't want to get rid of it myself.

- Aaron H

Even old truck can be a good buy.

It is a nice size with a smaller bed. I like it also because it is a 4 wheel drive. Good on gas about 18-20 miles per gallon. Good sound system with CD and radio. Front seats recline and you can sleep comfortably. Ride smooth as long as you keep shocks in order. Seats 5 with fair legroom.

- Sandra T

It is a extended pickup truck.

Not that bad on gas. It's a stick shift and a five speed. It does not have very much power to get up and go. But it is a extender cab that has some room in it. The bed on it is long so you have room to put stuff in it. Anything you want to. Its white and can get any color you want.

- Jay J

Good old reliable giving out.

The service engine light is on, the abs motor needs replacing. I do not want to put in money into this old truck but I don't want to part with it either. Used to have a minivan so I got to take all the kids with me. Now only room for 1 more and that is the way I like it.

- Pinky D

Reliable truck with no bells or whistles.

This is a very basic vehicle with no "smart" features. . . Doors lock with a key, starts with a key, windows crank down and my backup camera is me looking over my shoulder. The only downside I have found is that for a four cyl. The gas mileage is low (appx 19 mpg).

- Dennis F

Gets you from point A to point B without any issues.

No problem, it drives really well and definitely is good for towing small trailers if necessary. It is good in the snow especially if 4 wheel drive is accessible. I have had mine for quite a few years now and I have had zero complaints in the time I have owned it.

- Michael M

Takes a licking but keeps on ticking.

This is an older vehicle but has been very reliable. Now its age is starting to show with many little things going bad, but I have been ignoring the service engine light for months with nothing adverse happening. Will run it until it dies and be sad when it goes.

- Martha Y

My favorite vehicle I've owned!

It is very reliable and no problems with it! It is also very fuel efficient! It is actually my favorite vehicle I have owned so far. Easy to do maintenance on! Getting replacement parts for it is no problem at all! Always starts every time I go to start it!

- William B

Awesome little truck!! I love my S10.

Great acceleration, not too good on gas, has a third seat behind passenger seat, durable compact truck, would recommend for first time truck owners. Completely switchable parts with Chevy Blazer, lots of ways to customize.

- William E

It can take a lickin and keep on ticking

I have had this truck for 9 years virtually trouble free. I love the size, it's economical and still gives me the ability to haul things. I do have a problem in that on days above 95 it develops vapor lock.

- Dean H

Some replacement parts are difficult because of the age and the fact it's not 4wd or a stick shift.

Overall it's a good running vehicle. Some rust in the wheel wells and on the doors but none in the bed of the truck. The ABS system doesn't work. It gets about 20 mpg in town. It has a bent drive shaft.

- Jana S

My truck is one of the best vehicles I have ever owned.

I have had my vehicle for almost 2 years now never had any problems with it at all. It has power windows power locks heated outside mirrors sunroof. It is now time to get the oil changed.

- Ronald V

That it is roomy and able to transport large items, for moving purposes.

Since I do not have a job, my vehicle is just a way to get me from point a to point b. Yet it is good for trips if I choose to go on any. Although, I do not really drive that much.

- Dee M

It is expensive to own, I would like to trade it in on something us.

I like that I own it, so no payments are nice. I hate the condition its in, its slowly breaking. Knobs, switches, lights, stop working and it's too hard to find the wiring issues.

- April P

It is a very sturdy and reliable truck. It is perfect for a single person or couple without or maybe only one child.

I love how relist my truck is. I also like the third seat in the back, even though I wish it was bigger. I dislike how little traction it gets. If it snows my truck doesn't move.

- Kasey J

It's a 2001 with 75,848 miles on it

I like it because it only has 75,876 original miles on it and we've just put money I to repairing the needed fixings so it will be good to travel another 110,000 miles More

- Julie T

I can take my truck anywhere.

I love that it is 4 wheel drive. I love that I can tow things around. I use my truck to help people move. I have the crew cab so I can fit all my kids in it too.

- Brenda T

It is reliable and the exterior and interior have held up well. The problems with the ABS make the brakes work ineffectively, particularly when it rains and the roads are wet.

It looks great and has the ls interior. The gas mileage is good for a truck. It runs well. There have been a few mechanical issues, especially with the ABS.

- patricia c

I like it. Most people ask about the color I bought it used.

Troubles with brakes, fuel tank sensor. Window wipers don't make a clear swipe with new wipers. It gets me to and from work and is comfortable to drive.

- Cherry W

my truck is small. it's not a big lifted chevy. but it will do anything a big truck can

i like the size and style. i like that the good mpg. i don't like that it only has a 1.9l engine. all in all it's a great and reliable truck.

- patrick s

It has been the most reliable vehicle I have ever owned.

My truck has always been dependable, and has had very few problems. I am glad to say that it has been the vehicle I have owned the longest.

- Reuben C

It does not have a lot of extras other than air conditioning..

Truck gets good gas mileage. Good for hauling things without the bulk of a large truck. Just wish I had gotten the extended cab model.

- Karin L

How great it handles on all road conditions.

Functions well, gas mileage is pricey. AC is spotty but overall I have taken many adventures with it and it has held up to the most part.

- Luke F

It is 4 wheel drive. It handles very well in our wisconsin winter weather.

Fuel efficient, drives and rides nice, easy to see out of and back up, 5 speed standard shift. Great sounding stereo and easy to steer.

- Martha P

Easy drive easy on gas and they are good truck to buy.

It is easy on gas and small cannot haul stuff we like take it four wheeler in the mud fun but it needs tires cannot do that will soon.

- Connie C

It has good gas mileage. It has great excellent gas mileage..

I love my truck because it gets me where I need to go. I hate it because it's falling apart. It has a terrible shake and miss.

- April R

Chevrolet s-10 the vehicle everyone should own.

The truck has 250,000 miles on it and still runs great. It's very reliable and good on gas I would not consider selling it

- Cherie P

It is not a regular s10, it's a variant.

I actually drive a variant of the s-10, the extreme, and the big negative for it is that it's hard to find parts for it.

- John B

Plenty of power and reliability. Is a 10 out of 10.

Love how quick the vortec v6 gets up and scoots dislike 2 wheel drive could also have better functioning seat adjusts.

- Sam A

It is a small truck pretty good on gas.

Air conditioning issues, slight brake issues, performance overall has been sufficient enough for the needs I require.

- Jason S

Well I guess I would have to say that it is really good on gas

It's been a good truck, only had one blow out and and the fuel pump went out one night... it's a good driving vehicle

- Jimmy H

It has 4 door and I can put my grandchildren in back seat.

Love my truck and it runs great. It can carry small loads for me. It's four wheel drive and works great in the snow.

- Cindy B

It's an economical hauler that can navigate city streets, the freeway, and go four wheeling easily.

I've had it since 2008 and it's been a dependable, affordable mode of transportation relatively maintenance free.

- Chauncey S

It has a functional air conditioning unit and heater.

It has very few bells and whistles. The seats do not lean back. Finally, there are not enough seats for others.

- Benjamin H

It is sporty and just a great car.

It gets us where we are going. The air works real good. It makes it around real good. Overall excellent truck.

- Angela A

The truck handles very well, and is fun to drive in addition to looking amazing.

I have a 2001 Chevrolet S-10 Xtreme. I love the truck. My only complaint is they did not offer a V8 option.

- Thomas E

Very dependable truck that will go anywhere anytime

Great vehicle would recommend to anyone. Had very little problems with this vehicle and we love it!!

- Stacey M

It is a red truck, in good condition

I love my truck, it is a quads cab, red . my truck is a 4 wheel drive my truck is automatic

- Terry w

Great running truck that is paid for!

Great truck. Dislikes are the switching from all wheel to 2 wheel. Great size.

- William K

It is a reliable vehicle and will get u from point A to point B

I like that it is reliable I hate how much money we have put in the vehicle

- Kathryn R

It's old and needs repairs

I like that it's a pickup. I dislike like that it doesn't have 4wd

- ClaudiaS D

the truck is a durable vehicle.

I like the size of the truck. I wish the engine was bigger.

- john J