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Chevy 2002 s-10 is the new hot rod.

The 2002 Chevrolet s-10 is super reliable/dependable. As long as you take care of your vehicle it performs like a brand new pick-up. The inside is very nice and the center console lifts up allowing for more space inside the cab. There is also a pull down seat in the back for a small child or young adult if they can fit. When the back seat is up there is a plentiful of room, I moved myself to college in one load using this truck. The seats adjust well to the driver making for a comfortable ride. The CD player I'd definitely a plus seeing as my first 2002 vehicle had to have an inconvenient adapter. This truck has a vintage, yet sleek look that is bound to get you a bundle of compliments on your ride and ladies it's super easy to drive!

Kaitlyn B

2002 Chevrolet s10 pickup four wheel drive.

So my truck is a base model 02 Chevy s10 ext. cab 5 speed 4x4, great truck runs awesome, only thing I don't like as much is it doesn't have cruise control but its a base model so it's to be expected. Performance wise it tows pretty good for a little truck with a v6 and all the basic comforts such as ac and heat work awesome with the small cab.

Matthew L

2002 Chevy s-10. Great truck, perfect size, runs great, couldn’t be happier!

My 2002 s-10 has been running great for me. Besides general maintenance needing to be done, it has been running up to my expectations. The only other issue I had was the distributor going bad but was the cheapest easiest fix anyone could ever do on a car! It has 200, 000 miles and I couldn’t be happier with its performance!

Sydney B

Very reliable and comfortable for a pickup.

Very comfortable and reliable for a pickup. We bought the truck used and aside from a small problem with the driver's side door latch it has been very reliable. And since we live in the country, reliability is very important to us. We drive it at least 150 miles a week and have done so for at least three years.

Kathy P

I love my small pickup truck

I have a Chevy s10. It has two seats in the front a a small flip seat in the back. I like it because it's small enough for me. I don't like big trucks. The only problem that i have with the truck is a oil leak in the rear main seal. But other then that i haven't had any problems with the truck

Linda P

It is not very pretty,but gets me where I want to go!

I bought it new and gave it to my son to drive during his school/college years.He then gave it abk to me and I drive it all the time. It is still in good driving condition,but has had some expensive maintenance done----transmission gave out about 6 years ago.Other than that I love my pick-up.

Thomas M

Good for country dwellers.

Very reliable and comfortable for two. I really like the fact that the driver's viewpoint is higher than in a sedan. Vehicle holds its utility and value over many years and the truck is very useful for those living in the country. Would be better for hauling groceries if it had a cap.

Kathy P

The good and the bad of my Chevy s10 crew cab.

Crew cab, broken windshield, needs a tune up, needs an oil change, door panels need to be replaced, it is two wheel/four wheel drive, the switch or sensor needs to be looked at needs new speakers, it has a bed liner, it has the tow package with interchangeable hitch.

Michael G

It has lasted a long time for a chevy that has only 3 years of warranty.

I love how the trucks set up high so you can see the road well. I love the seats. They are plush not like cars today that feel like plywood with skim of fabric. The side door behind the driver has always had trouble and cannot be fixed.

Ann m

4.3 Vortec gives four wheel drive an excellent get up and go!

My s10 has only a few cosmetic issues but is overall reliable and very useful as long as its continued to be properly maintained. Oil changes and fluid fills are a must to keep old blue in good condition.

Carolyn S

Parts & repairs are easy to come by, fit, and/or alternate with other brands.

Fairly reliable, only a few minor problems. Great size, not too big, but big enough to conveniently handle many tasks. Turning Radius is rather Wide for a Truck this size (not bad, just surprising).

Todd E

The vehicle is a 2002 and has provided excellent years of service.

Standard service, LOF, replaced brakes and shocks. Above power output for a 4 cylinder engine. The vehicle is a 2x4. Not a recommended vehicle for snow and ice; main reason is lack of weight.

Curvin G

That General Motors built the truck and offered it for sale as a factory built vehicle with most options already built in that others would pay extra for if they wanted to add to their truck.

My vehicle is not your everyday type pick-up truck. It is a General Motors factory built sport truck titled Xtreme. It is stylish and always looks like a custom built show truck.

Vincent M

While it is not the best looking car it has by far been the most reliable that I have ever driven.

It is a very reliable vehicle but it had to get its transmission rebuild, there is a ton of rust its body, and the passenger side door does not seal correctly when it's closed.

Lucas R

Like that it gets decent gas mileage.Use it for hauling trash off and other uses.Been very reliable for me!

Cheap,economical vehicle that is dependable,and reliable for me---use it everyday and maintenance is minimal right now.My truck has over 215,000 miles.

Tom M

I bought it when I retired.

Steers very nicely and corners great. Looks like a very well taken care of vehicle. Is easy for two elderly people to get into and out of easily.

Dave S

Chevy S10's are one of the best vehicles and most durable vehicles when taken care of right.

I love my vehicle; I love the smooth ride and longevity of my Chevrolet. I don't dislike anything or complain about my truck

Craig S

great running little truck. 2002

none it still runs great. it's still running I have no problems with my truck since I have owned it.it's a great truck

mickie k

It is blue with gray stripes and has blue inside lights

2002 chevy s10 zr2. I love the truck. Nice inside and out. Has had to have new brakes transmisSion. But it's great!

Amanda A

Small truck, mice to own and drive

Nice size and easy to drive. It has a nice ride and economical. It looks sharp and is a good small truck to own.

Eug E

it's useful to me and i try to take care of it. a new vehicle is just too expensive

it's good on gas. i wish i had a long bed. my oil pan has a leak and its costly to fix because of a poor design

ron w

I keep it well maintained.

Performance parts in the engine lowered includes high-compression pistons new ignition system and intercooler.

Joe D

not very good gas mileage..not a lot of room to load furniture. excellent handling

S10 4x4. last year they were built. excellent four wheel drive in deep snow but need some weight in the back.

Roger K

It looks just like other cars, such as Subaru, Chevy, Ford, Toyota and Nissan.

Solid performer. Hard on tires. Bodies rusted out. Not comfortable on long trips. Do not like power windows.

Anthony D

It might be old but it gets me where i need to go.

I love that it is so good on gas. I don't like how unprotected you feel if you were to get in an accident.

De w

Chevy S-10: Good for to and from work

This truck is only good for low use. To and from work. Things break too easily on them. Hard times..

Jaclyn L

Has great mileage. Has great 4WD. Awesome mountain truck and work truck.

The s-10 is really reliable. No hard to do work on when needs. Not bad on gas. Great in the winter.

Amanda A

It's an extended cab with a bench back seat for 3 people to sit in.

I like the size of the truck and the cab. I do not like the gas mileage. It does suck gas a lot.

Danielle R

It has lasted a lot longer that I ever thought it would

Good for the price, and is still running. No major problems. Only bad thing is a little to small

David G

there good trucks cheap on gas and parts are easy to get

it's a good little truck 200k miles and going strong I can't really say anything bad about it

Jonathan l

The S10 is very roomy and it runs exceptionally well.

Extended cab is very nice. Lots of room for passengers. Nice truck bed. Runs very well.

Anndee D

It might look small but It's tough

I love it cuz It's it a chevy. It's small but does what I need. No complaints at all

Rich S

It gets real good gas mileage

Still runs good. Ha lots of miles, did rust pretty bad. It gets great gas mileage

Jon T

It gets great gas mileage and is cheap to repair.

It's durable , good on gas, and comfortable. cheap repair cost. Rust issues.

jason D

It works well. It looks good.

It does what I need. It could get better gas mileage. It's blue.

Dennis B

Needs brake pads.Vehicle stops,but it takes more distance.

Very dependable.Hard on tires.Comfortable seats.Rusted body.

Anthony D

THis is a great vehicle. It is useful for carrying large loads. It is reliable. It does not get good gas mileage.

It is a dependable vehicle for hauling large loads.

Dee B

It's mine and i take good care of it

pretty good on gas nice for a little truck

ron a

Very efficiency... comfortable

Truck Style...Delike none....No complaint

Secundino W