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Fifteen year old Chevy s10 still running good.

I have had this 15 year old s10 for the last 12 years with minimal mechanical problems. Vary reliable. Still gets pretty good gas mileage but it is a four cylinder so kind of excepted. I keep up on oil changes and regular maintenance. The body only started to rust in the last couple. Years but I am not big on taking it to the wash so surprised it made it that long. I have had issues with the door handles breaking and the pins in the hinges breaking but only in the last several years. The heat and ac still work. No real complaints besides the problems with the doors.

- Eric G

My little red truck! Basically a good truck, 13 yrs. Old and still going strong.

I have owned this truck for 5 years now. It's very comfortable to drive, it's 4 wheel drive so it's good in the snow. I've recently had to have new tires, brakes and a front end alignment done on it, but it is 16 yrs. old. Also had to replace the motor for the drivers side window. It's fairly good on gas, and it's been very dependable. I have a tonneau cover on the bed so anything I haul stays dry even in bad weather. It's a pretty sporty looking red truck. If your looking to be seen, wasn't why I bought it, it's a good little truck.

- harriet D

2003 Chevy s10 still running good

The truck is a four cylinder so still gets decent gas mileage for a fifteen year old vehicle. I have had it for the last twelve of the fifteen years and have kept up on oil changes and other regular maintenance. No real major mechanical problems. I'm recent years have been having problems with door handles and the pins in the door hinges breaking but that's about it. Besides the door the 2003 Chevy s10 has been a very reliable vehicle to me I have enjoyed owning it and it has suited my needs very well and hope it will continue too

- Eric M

Great truck, everyone should have one.

Normal upkeep, very dependable has all the comfort features tilt wheel cruise control auto headlights auto volume radio 3rd door has a v6 it run great had for 7 years gas mileage 17 mpg in town 24 mpg on highway. The only problem I had was a cracked distributor cap. The comfort ride it has on a trip your not tired after a long trip. As far as it goes for problems I have not had any, I have friends that have s-10 and they have no problems. Chevy should still made this truck.

- Clarence J

24 miles to the gallon in the city and right at 30 on long interstate trips.

I have the ls model. Has bucket seats that are very comfortable. Has tilt wheel cruise control am FM radio with CD player. 5 speed stick shift and gets about 24 miles to gallon. It is two wheel drive and will haul quite a load for a small four cylinder truck. Besides regular maintenance like regular oil changes I have driven mine for ten years now and only once has it not started and replaced the battery. Very dependable truck but not for the husky kind of guy.

- Stephen T

My truck is a Chevy s10 extreme lowrider.

My truck is wonderful, I am the first owner and have had it since 2003. It never required much maintenance other than regular oil changes, brakes, tire rotation and new tires. It has just recently started needing new parts such as an alternator, battery, rotors. There is some rust and I would love to start fixing it up and repairing it as it has mainly been an outside vehicle but I would like to change that and start keeping it in a garage.

- Jessica M

A fantastic 2003 Chevrolet s10 extended cab pickup.

I have owned this vehicle for ten years and it has been extremely reliable and has never let me down. The only problem I had was a broken plastic piece in the steering that the dealership would or could not fix. I went to a private mechanic's shop and they fixed it right away. The vehicle is comfortable, a/c still works great, and the vehicle only has 52, 000 miles. It still looks like it just came off the showroom floor.

- Gerald L

Beautiful blue Chevy s-10.

My 2003 Chevy s-10 is not a race car, but it gets me to where I need to go. It is far from beautiful but it is reliable, and good on gas. Usually I am pulling around 19-20 mpg highway. Filling the tank is only around $40-$50. It is been in my family since it was new and it is been a great running truck with only a few minor replacements and obvious maintenance.

- Robert C

A simple and reliable truck.

This truck has been highly reliable over the years. The only repeated maintenance issue has been the reverse switch in the transmission, those it's fairly easy to fix. Performance-wise, the truck is slow, but gets decent fuel economy if you don't drive it too hard. Mine is the base model with very few features, but that is how I prefer my pickup trucks.

- Steven H

Fifteen year old s10 running good.

The trucks fifteen years old and still running good over the years few mechanical problems nothing major mostly just normal maintenance a lot of problems with the pins in the doors rusting our and the door handles breaking. But those problems did not begin until it was over ten years old so certain problems are to be accepted.

- Eric G

4x4 is great for outdoor activities (4-wheeling, camping, etc.).

Four-door truck is very comfortable and reliable but 2003 has a lot of outdated technology, electric windows burn out often, has plastic gas tank that easily cracks, leaks fuel so it cannot be filled more than half and has a very slow acceleration particularly uphill which makes mpg even worse at approximately 13 to 9.

- Jackie L Y

Pretty color. Hardly any scratches or dents. A good vehicle all around.

Needs some minor repair. doesn't have a lot of miles but its not the best either. Good tires, spacious back seat. Comfortable ride. Radio broke. Cold ac. Engine seems to be running ok. Did just recently get a new part put on. Other than all that it's a good truck although the driver's seat needs to be fixed.

- Christina M

The Long-lasting Chevy S-10

My truck gets excellent gas mileage and is a smooth and comfortable ride. My truck is 16 years old and the factory radio, a/c, and heat all still work like brand new. The only things negative about my truck are that it leaks a small amount of oil and that my rearview mirror recently fell off of my windscreen.

- Jarrod J

An old, reliable blue extended cab truck.

My s10 is paid for, runs fairly well getting about 18-19 miles to the gallon. It starts roughly, but rides and handles well. The interior is spacious and allows for 5 to ride comfortably. The air conditioning and heat work well. The radio sounds good for the age of the vehicle and the quality of the system.

- Beckie A

Will have to let you know how it will perform in the winter in 4wd.

Bought used had a vapor leak just a lot of little minor things to be fixed door hinge, window washer fluid had a leak, big expense fuel pump and new tires. Rides nice needs new shocks and paint job, airbag light comes on stays on and then other times it is off only when a passenger is in the seat.

- Barb L

Good truck dependable transportation.

It is very reliable it only has minor problems gets good gas mileage on the highway is small so it handles traffic real well in parking lots parking spaces this country need you to drive it only has her usual problems alternator water pump being replaced power steering pump radiator belts hoses.

- Ronnie S

S10 extended cab family vehicle.

I love my truck. It is not good for hauling lots of items since it is the extended cab with the 4ft bed. But it is reliable and great for winter driving. It does seat 5 but the back seat is not very roomy for adults. It would be great if you have small children especially with it being 4 doors.

- Maria R

I has good pick up. Heat works great.

It does not do well in snow or rain. The seat belt twist and go the way in and gets stuck in the door. When I close the door. The hood release sticks. It does not have very much leg room which is ok for me. But other people who have driven it or passengers have had problems in it.

- Rob D

A red car, pretty old. The steering wheel is comfortable and the seats are cozy.

It overheats really easily and the brakes have had to be replaced several times. It is not very stable riding on bumpy roads and feels like it is falling apart as I drive it. The tiny backseat is inconvenient and fits next to nothing, but the bed of the truck is pretty spacious.

- Gwyn B

My faithful running Chevy truck.

My s10 starts rough, but runs well, after 182, 000 miles it gets me where I need to be. It has some rust, and the heater is tricky. The air conditioning works very well. The interior is still nice with just a little wear. I have put new tires and breaks on in the last 2 years.

- Beckie A

Air conditioning works very well and works quickly as well. Even in hot tempera.

Works very well for me since I prefer to be higher up. Radio is very clear and loud, though it does cut out sometimes when in a dead zone. Air conditioning works wonderful, and works very quickly as well. Even in very hot temperatures. Windows are roll down and not electronic.

- Shelby H

The one thing to know about this truck is that it is very reliable!

I really like my truck. It is a good and dependable form of transportation and has held up well over the years. It handles very easily. I have had to replace the starter and alternators a few times, but it does have about 160,00 miles on it . Overall very satisfied with it.

- Karen H

The size of the truck does not limit the jobs you can do with it.

The Chevy s10 is a great small truck. We haven't had a lot of problems. The hinges on the driver door broke but found a body shop that fixed it for a couple hundred. The cab of the truck is a bit small if you are larger people but wouldn't let that stop you from owning.

- Cynthia H

A strong buy for what you get.

Tires . blades.oil. Ac compressor. That's all the maintenance I've had to do so far. Good on gas. Great grocery and home supply getter. Paint still looks good. Pretty sure id buy another based on price and longevity of the vehicle. Not to bad overall. Go Chevy.

- Alexis D

It lots of cargo room, it also gets good gas mileage.

The only problems i've had a problem with the clutch, witch was covered by warranty. Then water pump, thermostat, and radiator had to be replaced over the years. Brake pads have been replaced numerous times. And battery replacement about every three years.

- victor B

Great little truck. Great on gas.

I had the fuel pump go out at 4, 500 miles. Had to replace manifold, thermostat gasket and had brakes done and rotors and hubs replaced. Other than that it is a great little truck. Will not go in the snow unless you put a lot of weight in the bed.

- Cathy D

It runs great and have had no major problems.

I really enjoy my little s-10 pickup because I can do so many things with. It still looks brand new inside and out. It only has 52,000 original miles on it. I can not think of anything that I do not like about my little pickup.

- Gerald J

It is reliable and easy to maintain, provided you pay attention to it.

A decent vehicle all around. It does have issues that seem to come up regularly, however most of these (alignment, spark plugs, and electrical issues) exist because the previous owner did not take care of the car.

- Jim K

It does fine on gas but is not as dependable as it appears.

I got the vehicle because it was cheap but it is small and does not run well. I have taken it to the shop several times. The last time my heads had to be surfaced and my motor was taken apart.

- Taylor B

It's very good on gas and it has a child protection settings and Windows .

I like that it's good on gas and it takes me where I need to go it's very nice looking and it's my favorite brand Chevy . I don't like the color and that it is a older model .

- Eric S

It has gotten me from point A to point B. It's a reliable vehicle.

It's a good vehicle, haven't had much problems with it. Only bought tires for it because of a blow out and we had to buy a fuel pump for it. Other than that it's awesome.

- Jimmy H

Wish it got better gas mileage, and more power for highway driving hills without engaging 4 wheel drive.

S10 crew cab with 4 doors,4X4 is a reliable truck that has needed only minor mechanical repair such as regular maintenance and tuneups. dislike the short bed.

- Allyn S

Small truck but still able to haul a considerable load of stuff around in the bed.

Great vehicle overall. A bit light in the back so it gets poor traction on wet or icy roads, but this is due to it being RWD only, which some models were not.

- Anthony L

Dependable family 4x4 truck from 2003 with plenty of space

The dependability of these trucks are great. Really wish it was still being made. My family of four fits really well with plenty of space for our lan.

- Lauren H

It has the 4. 3 liter vortec engine. . . It is the most reliable. .

Very reliable. . I have 140, 000 miles on it and have only replaced battery and radiator. . . Keep it serviced, that is the key to dependability. .

- David P

It is not for sale. And it will never be. And chicks want to sit on my lap and other places just because it looks cool.

I like that it is lowered. And it makes me look like a young dude driving it. And young chicks check me out even though I am 59 years of age.

- James S

My truck is very dependable and it is pretty cheap on gas.

I like that it's small but has a good bed on it for hauling things. I do wish it had better towing capacity. Overall I love my little truck.

- Patty W

White Pickup Truck Works Okay, I Guess

White pickup truck, issues with starting due to defect in gas line. Durable, runs well once started. Drives okay, handles potholes decently.

- Remmington S

The hauling capability is very good.

The dislikes is basically it is a truck, and the manifold needs replacing. I like my truck because of it is ability to move things.

- Mary L

that it only holds 3 passengers and the third person must be small

it's a zr2 so it has the off road package it has lots of power and 4 wheel drive i don't like that it has a lot of miles on it

- steven s

It is very roomy and very comfortable. It is like a truck, but it is a car.

It is reliable and do not have month payments. I love Chevy's. It is a stick and I do not like that. It is a pretty blue.

- Janet C

Nice little truck for towing and hauling. Gets into tight places.

I've owned this truck since it was new. I've had very little problems with it. The only bad part is the bad gas mileage.

- John V

A Great Truck for the Northern Winters

This truck is a real workhorse. In 4wd it goes through the Northern winters, ice and snow without any problems.

- Louise P

It's a cool color and has low miles.

It's awesome to drive and it gets me to where I want to go and back low miles and it's easy to park and drive.

- Brandon D

Low miles and drives well.

It's a great vehicle to drive and it makes me very happy low miles also gets me where I need to go and back.

- Brandon D

It's a beater with a heater.

It's a beater with a heater. It runs well & gets me where I"m going. Looks like crap.

- D m

it is 15 years old and still looks good

best vehicle I have ever owned. has been dependable. a shame that is is no longer made.

- dan M

It is my husband's baby and is reasonably comfortable

Usually reliable. It has given us a lot of years of service. My husband likes it.

- Chris R

Tough vehicle, does what it needs to , economical,

Has 4 wheel drive, compact but hauls enough. Has had a few repair issues

- Ka S

I like my vehicle because it suits most of my needs, but is a smaller truck that allows me to save on gas. The truck allows me to work easily and carry my tools. The only thing I dislike is that it is getting a lot of miles and needs work.

That it has great gas mileage while being a multi purpose work vehicle.

- Rick A

that it is a lot of fun to drive

that it is a manual and i can drive it anywhere i want whenever i want

- Allen M

Bad gas mileage but rides nice and love the crank windows.

Love the truck. Bad gas mileage. Bigger engine would be nice.

- Connie Q