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Reliable and comfortable 2001 Chevy Silverado 1500.

We bought our truck used, but in good condition. We recently have had to replace the tires, hubs, and brakes. We are also replacing the headlight due to them being very cloudy and dim. Our truck has been very reliable before and after the repairs we have made. We often use it to take trips 200+ mile trips and never worry about it breaking down. The leather seats are beginning to rip, but all the power options still work very well. Our family of five, two of our children in booster seats and one in a car seat, fit comfortably inside the truck. We've never had a problem with the air conditioning or the heat, but the radio does not pick up radio stations for very long.

- Jessica H

I love my truck. I have not had any problems more problems with it.

I love my truck. I bought it second hand online sales. Seemed dependable at the time of purchase. I sold my Chevrolet blazer for 2200. 00 and paid 2500. 00 cash for my truck so I was out 300. 00. It was loud and I needed it to haul stuff because I was tired of asking people to use their vehicle. It ran fine and the ac and all worked but I drove it for a few months and I heard a loud noise. I came to find out that the transfer case was full of holes and needed to be replaced. It took me nine months to come up with the money to have it fixed. Mitchell's wanted a thousand dollars to fix it. I ended up getting a used one and had it replaced for 600. 00.

- Lori W

Best (older) truck to own.

I've owned my 2001 Chevy Silverado for 1 year and I am extremely satisfied. I've had no major problems with this vehicle. It rides super nice. Actually, it rides better than my mates 2013 Chevy. The motor and transmission both are in great shape for having 200, 000 miles on them. The vortec engine, in my opinion, just cannot be matched. I have heated seats, which are so very nice to have in the winter! The truck also looks great. The body has been taken care of and has very minimal rust. I wouldn't trade this truck for anything!

- Tanya E

My Chevy!! The best Ever!!

The truck I have is really reliable. I've only had problems with the oil pump and the radiator. But those were easy fixes. I think having a Chevy makes everything better when it comes to having to buy parts because they're affordable. And when having to fix it yourself it's not that hard. My truck still has a working A/C and it also has power windows. I haven't had to fix too much on my reliable Chevy. If I had to get another vehicle it would have to be a Chevy. No doubt

- Jackie C

I am not sure what your asking.

It has a lot of miles. It misses although p have changed out plugs and wires. The 4 wheel drive works great. The fuel pump didn't last long had to replace it. But if you raise the bed of the truck up it is fairly easy project to replace the fuel pump. The heat and cooling went out in it. The windshield washer fluid leaks out the design on it is not very well made. It started leaking oil and its using coolant but not leaking. Struts and shocks do not last long.

- Candy C

Chevy Silverado gets the job done and comes back for more.

Super comfortable interior with 3rd door allows passengers easy access, the engine in powerful enough to get up to highway speeds with little effort or tow my camper, doesn't break down very often but when it does its an expensive fix (I've replaced the transmission, engine, fuel pump, and radiator), other than that just a few minor issues such as the passenger window needs a little help going up and the interior handle on passenger door is busted.

- Sam E

It has awesome gas mileage.

I love my truck. It has everything I could need or want for a work truck, it handles well in the rain, snow, etc.. Have not had any major issues with it so far, will never own any other brand of truck, I like the power windows and seats. I like the color and horsepower it has. It also has the best gas mileage of any other truck I have owned. I would highly recommend this kind of truck to all my friends, family and coworkers.

- Natasha F

It is been in two accidents it has a new hood, radiator, bumper and some.

Being 18 years old, I have been very happy with it. Till now I have had to replace the drivers side window motor, and the air conditioning is starting to act up. I still love my truck and plan to keep her as long as I can. I have done a lot of camping in the mountains and back dirt roads and my son has had to use it for a work truck on back roads for construction so this truck has held up well for what it's been through.

- Ann M

We have an awesome vehicle.

There is really nothing wrong with my vehicle. It's a great vehicle, we've never gotten stuck anywhere. It's great in the snow. It is a great vehicle to own period. The only thing I don't like is it is a gas hog. On the bright side we are able to afford it. I also love that its plenty big enough for my fiancé, our daughter, and myself, plus we can fit two extra people in there with us and still have plenty of room.

- Wyatt M

Chevy is way better than Ford.

This vehicle is the best I've ever had (out of a lot of vehicles). the maintenance is so low, it's never cost me less to maintain a vehicle. The only drawback, I wish I had have switched from Ford to Chevy a long time ago. I mean, oil changes and tires once in a while. The largest ever repair was a fuel pump. Again, if my Fords performed like this I'd still be driving them.

- Frank L

Ignition will not accept a foreign key or device into it vehicle will shut down.

Great on gas, hauls trail. My truck is great on gas, the motor has a lot of power it hauls my trailer no problem. My only complaint is that my automatic transmission gets stuck in 2nd gear after I have been driving on the highway for approximately say 50 to 90 straight miles. It seems once the tranny gets warmed up it wants to stick in 2nd gear. I love my big little truck!

- Yvonne D

It is a nice vehicle we take very good care of it we wash and wax it very often.

I am a mechanic so I work on all my vehicles I do the basic maintenance so I really don't run into to many problems I drive about a mile to work so I don't spend to much time in my truck it is 4 wheel drive which works good because I have to go in early to plow our Ford is a nice car very well taken care of my wife drives 2 miles to work it runs good no problems with it.

- Mike W

Review of my Chevy Silverado the best truck I have ever owned.

The truck has 250, 000 miles on it and still runs like it is brand new. It has a corvette engine in it and goes faster than some cars. I am so happy with the truck. It was also a work truck for construction for 15 years and is always reliable and will haul just about anything. It was the best truck I have ever owned and would not hesitate to buy a Chevy Silverado again.

- Michael L

4 wheel drive because I love to go off roading.

Only problems I keep having issues with is the brakes. I have gone as far as replacing all the brake lines which is very costly because they have to cut the lines and bend to match up with my truck. I bought the truck a couple years ago and ever since then some of the gauges will flicker but it hasn't caused any other problems except that it's very annoying.

- Terri R

Moderate performance, reliable, and comfortable.

Performance is great when maintained properly. There have been no real huge problems for how many miles my truck has. Needs tune up every year, lee spring shackles checked regularly and oil changes every three or four thousand miles to maintain performance. Only a few blown fuses. Interior lighting is moderate, fairly spacious rear seat even with 1. 5 cab.

- Mille H

A long lived and reliable truck.

This is a no frills pickup that is very convenient to have when needing to move stuff. It's also an extended cab so my whole family can fit! I bout it used a few years ago and it now has over 200k miles on it. It's seen better years but, repair wise, I've only had to replace the radiator and gearbox which I would expect with a vehicle that is 18 years old.

- Eric G

Good as an everyday user, family vehicle and a class vehicle

My truck is a wonderful vehicle. Very reliable, replacement parts are easy to find. The seating comfort is at max and it's interior design is great. Under the hood the engine is now bad, depending on where your vehicle is bought from, you may get a v6 engine which is great. It's a good family truck, shows class, and is good for everyday work.

- Kal C

This Silverado is a very disappointing and expensive buy due to maintenance.

It is too old and too big I have to park away from people. The turns are way too wide, the battery dies too easy, and the truck guzzles has like nobody's business. I just hate it I want a new car asap. If you do get this car it takes $60 a week to gas up and you cannot go long distance at all or your going to be spending a lot of money.

- Kayla K

Chevrolet Silverado hands down best vehicle.

My Chevrolet Silverado is a great running reliable truck. The 5. 3 l v8 is a beast when it come to hauling. We travel a lot so when it comes to a dependable vehicle we always take the Silverado rather than our other vehicles. In my opinion this is one of the best made trucks available on the market. Sleek, comfortable, and good looking.

- Christopher Y

We would recommend to anyone who likes pickup trucks

For the age of my vehicle it still runs amazingly we have your normal wear and tear and replacing parts but still has a lot of original parts and over 100,000 miles and still going strong!we have rebuilt the transmission..engine is in good condition..all in all a very reliable vehicle and gas mileage isn't too bad... we love our truck.

- Stacey M

A 2001 Chevrolet Silverado, crew cab, towing package

I bought this truck, approx 7 years ago, and have had very few problems with the vehicle, it is a strong running truck, and has been very reliable, considering the odometer reads almost 400000! A crew cab makes it, comfortable for the whole family! A very nice truck, with the towing package, and "Silverado" standards! Great vehicle!!!

- Gerald B

It's great knowing it handles impact well and keep my family safe in a crash.

There has not been a problem with it since we got it and it does well on gas. It is also sturdy and lessens my worry of an accident. It sits high and has plenty of room for me and my family. The seats are very comfortable and the radio works well. If anything happened to this vehicle I'd definitely get another, possibly a newer model.

- Alyssa G

Do not buy a used Chevrolet Silverado

I have had to have the transmission worked on several times. The air has stopped working. The headliner is falling. The side mirrors don't work. The radio does not work. The gas hand does not work. The emergency brakes have rusted out the paint is peeling and the body is rusting. I will never buy a Chevrolet again.

- Wayne G

4x4 workaholic that needs a bath

The truck is a good truck, you must wash it on a regular basis otherwise the kick plates and bottom of the cab will rust due to road salt. I would suggest getting the 4 x 4 if you plan on using it as a truck and not a city driver. Also there is plenty of legroom in the back seat for a 6'2' guy to fit comfortably.

- April P

Chevy Silverado, not just a man's work truck anymore!

I have a 2001 Chevy Silverado 1500 long bed. I bought it used with 35,000 miles on it I have had no significant problems other than having to change the brakes out. It's been used to haul everything from groceries to a houseful if furniture, but mainly it's my go to daily drive! I'm a woman who loves her truck!

- Leslie F

Well-kept 01 Silverado with less than 100, 000 miles.

2001 Silverado 1500, base model, 4. 3 liter v6 engine, automatic transmission, cruise control, towing package. Has aluminum diamond plate toolbox, rain guards, and big shield. Tires have 75% tread on 17 inch chrome rims. Enjoy a very smooth ride with cold ac and pioneer stereo. Only has 98376 original miles.

- Christina G

The paint job is neat. It is a matte blue.

Truck was used when I bought it. The gas gauge does not work, the transmission is slipping. I really do like the truck it just needs a few things fixed. It has a lift and big tires and wheels. The truck has led lights and an exhaust. The truck needs a new paint job and there is a few dents in the back end.

- Chelsea M

I am very impressed with how comfortable this vehicle is for long trips.

My vehicle is very dependable and safe. I have had very few mechanical problems with my vehicle. My Silverado is comfortable for long trips or daily trips as well. My time with this vehicle has been almost effortless. I would strongly recommend this vehicle to others for purchase as it is very economical.

- Jeff B

Never had an engine problem even after 200K

Iv had my truck for over 15 years and it's been a good truck for as old as it is. It now has 207K miles and is still driven as a daily driver. It's had a few issues through the years but no more than the usual problems any other vehicle have over the years. As far as the motor goes, never had a problem

- Justin D

17 years old 244k miles still ticking.

17 years old has 240k miles and still runs strong. Just keep up on its normal tune ups. I am the second owner and I got it with 218k and have had it just over a year myself. About to do some ball joint changes noticing the tires starting to wear. It's a beast and debate wanting a newer truck.

- Dwayne K

It's lasted over 300,000 miles thankfully since we don't have the money to replace it as of yet.

Usually drive fords but after having this chevy my husband and I both like chevy's now. However it does have a few issues such as a leaky power steering hose that no one can figure out where the leak is coming from. The parts also seem pretty expensive when my husband tries to work on it.

- Misty B

Rust stinks, but lots of great features that makes up for it.

Rusts easy, but the engine is will go forever. This is an amazing vehicle and I highly recommend Chevy to anyone that wants a reliable vehicle. Chevy's are really dependable, and the interior is really nice as well. They make good work trucks, and have lots of options such as leather.

- Dj N

It runs good, has had low maintenance on it

I like the Chevy Silverado because they are the best truck made for performance, reliability and comfort. I don't care about the features and I haven't had much problems with my truck. They are good on gas. I have had my truck for 15 years and have had very little problem with it

- Diane S

01 Chevrolet Silverado 1500 base review.

I have the base 01 Silverado 1500 that does not have cruise control, electric windows, or electric locks. Other than those minor faults it is very reliable and performs well. It is the regular cab and short bed, and I love simplicity, but I am just missing those couple of luxuries.

- Tanner S

Too many problems and not enough want to.

I have already had to replace the rear end and the front end is worn out and needs to be replaced. The 4wd does not work and neither does the ac. This model of truck has always been my dream truck but I wished I had bought a different one because this truck has too many problems.

- Rachel J

2001 Chevy Silverado ls 4x4.

It is a 2001 Chevy Silverado. I have always had issues with the rear brakes. It has plenty of power and for the most part it rides smooth. Fuel mileage is not bad for a truck. The rocker panels rust out quickly. Seats are comfortable. It has around 120000 and has been reliable.

- Jeffrey B

My beautiful no matter what.

My truck is great it is well used and after two right years of sitting it started up needs a little work but no major problems I have had her for the whole time she is a gas guzzler but after a good tune up she runs fine. My biggest problem with her is the mileage I put on her.

- Mike H

Clean title. No accidents. Well maintained. Will not pay inspection.

Dent's, needs new abs control module. Needs new tailgate handle, windshield washer reservoir. The truck is white with a clean title. The truck is being sold for $1500 or best offer. You can fix it or put it for parts. Truck needs to go as soon as possible. Moving in one week.

- Melissa L

2001 Chevy Silverado... A good dependable truck.

It provides me with the power I need to get out of tough situations. It has plenty of storage room in both the bed and in the extended cab. I have a z71 trim, so it rides a little rough, but that was the idea when I purchased it. No real problems with it, except for the age.

- Chester S

They use a lot of gas when driving.

Having the truck has been good. I run into no problems but one. And that is the gas. The thing uses a lot of gas for the V8 models of the truck. But over all a very good truck to have for anyone. The good thing about them is that there is parts everywhere for them for cheap.

- Jacob P

Old Chevy Silverado runs like a champ.

My Chevy pickup is a great vehicle. It is out of date but runs like a champ. It has over 230,000 miles on it and only a few small parts have needed to be fixed. I highly recommend getting a Chevy Silverado Pick-Up. It is very dependable and has been low maintenance for me.

- Kevin H

Plenty of space for a hard working family

My Chevy Silverado runs great for being from 2001. The cab has enough space for our two big dogs to ride in, and the truck bed could easily fit larger appliances. The brakes are a touch more sensitive than I'm used to, but after some driving it's easy to grow accustomed to.

- Shannon G

Chevy Silverado 4 wheel drive.

Our Chevy Silverado is a solid, well built truck. We live in an area where we get snow and ice every winter. Having the 4x4 is wonderful. The extended cab helps fit our whole family. It is a comfy ride. It is a smooth ride. This is our first truck and it is been great.

- Heather C

Great truck has been very dependable.

It has been a very reliable truck. I have 250,000 miles on it and it still is going strong. I have only had minor routine repairs. It has the 4.3 v6 so it gets great gas mileage. I would gladly jump in it tonight and head out on a cross country trip without hesitation.

- Chris O

It has a multimedia player that slides in and out for everything.

My Chevy z71 is awesome. Drives great. Engine and transmission are off the hook. Awesome stereo. Came with mud tires and tool box. Although I have trouble with driver outside door handle coming off. Other than that it is mechanically sound truck. It sits up high also.

- Maria B

My dream truck, always work hard for what you want and never give up.

My truck is 4 wheel drive nice decent size truck body color is dark green with Chevy rims, rebel flag back seat cover and middle console cover back window is slide glass. Its extended cab with a 5.3 motor in the truck. Very clean and maintained, well kept nice truck.

- Breanna M

Reliable on the road, it handles well in all types of road conditions.

I really enjoy how reliable it is. The only major issue is the gas mileage is only about 13 miles per gallon. I would also recommend having running boards for ease of entering and exiting the vehicle. Otherwise, l love it. It is a smooth ride and great for hauling.

- Tammy E

Ugly old faithful mostly black truck.

It is old so it burns gas and oil. The interior needs some work. It definitely is due for a paint job. The air conditioner only works on freezing and there is no heat. There is a leak on the drivers side where the seal is dry rotted. Every time it rains it drips.

- Leslie M

Very good shape for its age.

Very good shape for its age, very little rust. Runs very good, good strong motor. Never been in a reek, good tires has 300 horsepower interior is very clean color silver interior gray tires are all season with low mileage six and a half foot bed with bed liner.

- Gerald W

Great little truck, we call her the white shadow

Great truck, has 225,000 miles on it and it still runs great. The seats are a bit uncomfortable but I don't really drive it long distances so not really an issue. I have the basic model so don't have a lot of bells and whistles, I have manual windows and locks.

- Holly J

Chevy tough truck like a rock.

My 2001 Chevy pickup is red and the paint is peeling off. The truck starts up fine, but tries to go dead when it's at a stop. Its comfortable for an older model vehicle. On the most part it has been a reliable vehicle. There are no power door locks or windows.

- Tracy T

Truck review and survey for me.

Drives and rides great. Very comfortable and a lot of room. Go camping with a lot of storage space in bed for everything I own. Turns great. Sounds good with aftermarket exhaust. Many great years to come with this awesome truck. Great color and easily visible.

- Tyson S

Great vehicle for someone looking for a smaller truck

It is an awesome vehicle. Has plenty of power. Good on gas and it looks good. Would recommend this vehicle to anyone looking for a smaller sized truck. Because of the age of the vehicle I have only had to do preventive maintenance. No major undertakings yet.

- Rebecca J

Strong vehicle holds the road well.

The only problems I have had are the front detail light which many people experience, other than that the tailgate assembly was recalled the truck has a strong motor and a smooth ride the wheelbase is much wider than the Ford ranger and holds the road well.

- Diana G

The truck is still in good condition & would not have an issue selling it.

The Chevy has been a very reliable vehicle. Just recently had work done on air conditioning. This has been the only major repair I have had to do. Have also had oil changed and have kept up with maintenance. Body and paint are still in good condition.

- Becky M

My dependable truck has never failed or left me stranded.

I never have any problems with my truck. It has a lot of power, gets good gas mileage. Is as comfortable as a 2001 can be, has no bells and whistles but I do not need those. I will keep it until it no longer runs because it has always been very reliable.

- Jane C

Runs very quietly and have not spent a lot of money on upkeep.

It has some transmission problems when you drive over 65 for more than 10 miles. Otherwise a very good vehicle. Has plenty of room and ability to haul stuff. Have not spent a lot of money on repairs. It runs very quietly and was originally a work truck.

- Ronnie W

With routine maintenance this truck will last you a very long time.

I like that it is roomy on the inside. I like that it has 217,000 miles and is still running. I dislike the way the back doors open, it makes it very difficult with a child in a car seat. I dislike that the windshield wiper switch breaks easily.

- Ashley P

It is a very reliable vehicle. With it being a truck, it is very versatile.

It is extremely reliable. Even though it is up there in miles and years my costs for repairs has been relatively low. Several of the general maintenance tasks I can do myself so that's good. Really appreciate it's safety rating is high.

- Cheryl H

Chevy Silverado great condition and reliable. Drives six people comfortably.

I love my Chevy truck! The only thing that even makes me want a different car is that my truck requires a lot of fuel. Other than that I would have no reason to look for another choice in transportation. Chevrolet is a reliable maker.

- Liz V

It's 4x4, used in all weather

I like that it can be used in all types of weather. I also like that i can easily haul large items. I like that i can go through a tank of gas in a week, good for an older truck. Gas prices are expensive though and my tank is large.

- justin r

It has running boards and when it looked very smart and nice!

I haven't had any problems with the truck, it has leather reclining heated seats with a club cab. I am very happy with it is performance and gas mileage. The exterior paint however, is fading, so that is not looking very good.

- Donna E

Good for hauling things to and from. It does well with heavy objects and is good for pulling a trailer.

It's been dependable, only with minor issues here and there. I like it because it gets me where I need to go, and I dislike it because over time annoying thing like a/c, or door handle decide to stop working.

- Anne F

The fuel gauge is going out and so you must watch the mileage for accurate gas usage.

I love my truck. It has a lot of miles on it but still runs very well. I have only one complaint with it the fuel gauge is going out but that is a minor problem I can deal with by watching the mileage.

- Pamela E

Easy to drive! Good resale and value and has lasted a long time!

It's very easy to drive and keep up on the maintenance. I am able to haul my music gear around. And the rear seat folds down so I can take passengers. The front seat has enough room for three people.

- Steven H

It has the 5.3 liter V8 automatic standard cab short bed. And gets between 16-17 mpg

It's been a good truck . I have 190000 miles so far . So far I replaced water pump alternator and the gear shift had a short in the wiring . It rides ok just the front end bounces hard on ruff roads

- Richard J

That it is good on gas for being a truck.

I like that it is a truck. The color is maroon. I do not like that it only has half doors and you have to open the front doors before the back doors. That the front seat can not fit another person.

- Vanessa E

Good old reliable Chevy trucks.

I drive a 2001 Chevrolet Silverado 1500 ls extended cab and I love it perfect 5. 3 vortex engine v8 American muscle nothing like the sound of that ending roaring down any street god bless America.

- Alberto Y

That it is long lasting and stylish

I like the fact that my Chevrolet is still in good running order 17 years later. The body style is the reason I bought it. I still get about 20 miles to the gallon . I have no complaints

- Brent P

Not for sale and it is so plain just a work truck.

My truck has over 240, 000 miles on it try to change oil on regular basis always add Lucas oil treatment last check had 150 lbs cylinder pressure I really love driving my pictures.

- Eddie J

Has enough room to seat 6 comfortably. Hauling cargo is easy.

As long as you keep maintaining the vehicle it will last long time. I have owned a truck every since I have been driving. I just love Chevrolet trucks for their dependability.

- Dorothy C

It's not pretty but it runs.

I do not like the rust. I do not like that it's not big enough to carry my family in comfort. I like the gas mileage and it is easy to keep clean with the rubber floor boards.

- Kimberly D

Chevy Silverado 1500 is a great vehicle.

It is a great vehicle. It's higher off the ground and it can pull almost anything. Plus having 4x4 isn't half bad either. Especially in the country when you could get stuck.

- LeAnn F

Long Lasting Reliable Truck

Its 2018 its still running, for the time we had it it has been great, only in the later 9+ years did it start to fall apart, A/C and Breaks, but nothing super serious.

- Brad P

A very good truck and great on gas. Very dependable.

It is a very dependable vehicle and has sentimental value. Plus it is very useful when moving is needed. Good on gas and minimal problems in all the years I've had it.

- Petra H

Yup trucks and what not yup..

Runs really well and has never let me down. Parts and fluids are cheap. The bed can hold quite a bit which comes in handy for moving furniture. Trucks trucks trucks.

- Naomi D

That it has more trunk and passenger space than it seems.

I wish it was 4 wheel drive back window does not slide open. I like the fact it is a Chevy I like the space in the cab the center counsel is big and lots of storage.

- Ray P

How it runs. What it takes to keep it running.

The extended cab is a must with a family of 4. The only thing I do not like is how much gas it uses. It has a lot of legroom for all passengers in the extended cab.

- Crystal E

It is very reliable and has never had any major issues.

The performance, reliability, and comfort has been great for the life of the vehicle. There are no problems with it at all. The only negative is the gas mileage.

- Brandon T

It has been customized to my liking.

I love how smooth it rides and it is very driver friendly. I hate how much gas it takes and how I have to keep putting the handles on to roll up the window s.

- Jessica R

That it is reliable and can get you from point a to point b.

Where it is an older vehicle, the maintenance cost is getting high. I broke off a shock in the back. I have a rush build up at the corner panels of the doors.

- Brandon L

It's a great family car and has enough space for my family of 6.

I love that has the extended cab and it shifts really easy from 2 wheel drive 4 wheel drive. The only thing I do not care for is there are no running boards.

- Tammy E

The ac do not work. I fixed the belt and it keeps breaking.

It's a great truck. I think Chevy trucks have great motors and are easy to work on. My brake lines went out and they was easy to locate and fix right away.

- Jennifer O

It is very reliable considering it is an 2001.

It is a very good truck to cruise in around your area. It's also a good work truck when it comes to work. On gas it is pretty good considering it is a v8.

- Oscar E

It is a quality vehicle that has performed well for over a decade and a half.

My truck is very comfortable. It is a bit old, but quite reliable. As a highway vehicle it is more comfortable than many newer vehicles I have ridden in.

- Mark R

Chevrolets are dependable and long lasting

It has been a very reliable vehicle over the years. Obviously with age, things start to break down some, but we have been very happy with our truck.

- Diana M

As old as it is, the mileage and is well maintained.

It is a really nice truck that hasn't had a lot of issues even at its age. Granted the mileage is low. Will probably drive until it's falling apart,

- Douglas R

It drives great. I am not trying to be mean but I like it better than ford.

None my vehicle is in great shape and I am not going to get anything else, I love my truck and we are happy with it. Thank you very much for asking.

- Misty L

This truck is a DIY person's dream.

This is a great vehicle for the do it yourself person. It has plenty of space for loading all the necessary stuff to get your weekend protects done.

- Jorge R

That the maintenance has always been kept up to date with all services done on a timely matter

It has been a very reliable form of transportation. It is great for hauling materials for home improvement projects. It is comfortable to ride in.

- Rick K

The fact that I have had it for almost 20 years and have had no major problems with it

very dependable and have no major issues. It gets good gas mileage. It is an extended cab so it not only hauls a load but also can carry my family

- Brent T

Easy to drive and easy on gas.

We love our little pick up truck it is good on gas and gets us to where we need to go and it is a perfect truck for loading groceries in the back.

- Debra T

My car does go really fast!

I like our truck! It makes me feel more safe! Unlike my car, which is small and made out of fiberglass! My truck is big and made out of metal!

- Brenda F

It is great on gas mileage.

I like that it is good on gas. I dislike how rough it drives. I like that its metal frame. I dislike that it doesn't have a lot of legroom.

- Elizabeth S

Never a problem with it. Each and every time I go out to you you start and we go wherever we want to never been a load to Big in it

I love my Silverado. It has 140,000 miles on it. I never had a single major problem with it. I also love my Harley-Davidson a 1994 flstc.

- Michael W

Best truck for a family great on gas good for a budget.

Best truck ever owned has a full size back seat, low profile, runs great, drove it from Oklahoma to California no problems great on gas.

- June W

Put her in 2nd she will get you anywhere you want to go.

My vehicle is not doing very well it needs a lot of work. Tune up, starter, frames bent, transmission is gone. But she gets me there.

- Mikel H

Pretty good on gas per mileage.

It is fun to drive and very reliable. Gives pretty good mileage and is ok on gas. It is very roomy and can seat 6 people comfortably.

- Crystal E

It is heavy duty, reliable, great Diesel engine, comfortable seating.

Love how reliable it is even after hitting 400000 miles ! Barely any rust and haven't had any issues a quick tune up couldn't fix.

- Brittany S

It's paid for and it gets me to where i need to go. I will get another car but now this is it.

It fits my daily life. It is paid for and very little maintenance is needed. I would like to get a new car but can't afford one.

- Susan F

Overall good vehicle, but has 201K miles. Looking to buy a new vehicle within the next year.

Still runs well and is reliable. Good performance. Paint is fading. Does not have the bells and whistles as the newer models.

- Robert C

It is still drivable at 17 years old.and still gets good gas mileage

I dislike the fact that it is getting old. I like the way it drives. I like the fact that it is a truck and I can haul things.

- Hope M

It looks rough on the outside but deep down it has a strong heart.

It's getting a lot of miles on it but it still runs good. A little beat up too. Like that you can haul a lot of things with it.

- Lindsey S

It paid for. I just love my chevy truck. The best truck that was ever made.

I like everything about it. It's has a very good engine and a lot of power. I like the fact that it has plentiful room in it.

- Garry Y

Safety, i.e., braking, blind spot warning.

Dependable. Have been driving this truck for almost 18 years and have almost 400,000 miles.... Dislike a/c no longer works.

- Kay B

It is a good running truck. It had been great to drive.

It had been a great pickup. It is getting old but it still runs good and looks good. I like how it requires little repairs.

- Charlie L

Seems to run well for Its age.

It has a tendency at this age for the ignition casing to go bad and may need to replace if it hasn't been replaced yet.

- Mary J

The most important thing about our car is that it is super reliable.

It is super reliable and has been an amazing truck. We bought it used and it has never caused any major issues for us.

- Madison P

It rides smooth and comfortable.

Love my truck. It has an extended cab for hauling people and a long bed for cargo. It is comfortable for a long trip.

- Kim K

It is reliable and has never left me stranded. It is in great condition for It's age.

My vehicle has served me well for the last 5 years. It has never left me stranded and only ever needed minor repairs.

- Brett R

Built to last, first time. Every time.

Chey has been my choice for years. They are long lasting auto. They are built to last a long time. Never let me down.

- Fred P

Reliability, die hard, great pick up truck.

Very dependable, wouldn't trade it for the world, very efficient v6 great on gas, well built engine and drivetrain-.

- Paul M

I do like the 4 door seats six there's enough room for a car seat in it.

I do not like 4 wheel drive hard for short people to get into. It gets lousy gas mileage. This is only my opinion.

- Rachel L

It has no four wheel drive and that it is a six cylinder

It is hard on gas the motor is too small it has started to rust a lot the instrument panel has started messing up

- Charlton H

the brakes are excellent and very cold of a/c

It's a truck with ability to haul items, the best of all the head room and the ease of getting in and getting out

- rick s

It has a camera in the back.

Its a truck and I love trucks. It runs great I haven't had any trouble out of it. Has enough room for my kids.

- Nicole N

It is legal an it has a lifetime warranty on the motor and transmission.

No complaints air conditioner gets nice and cold the radio sounds good and loud gets fairly good gas mileage.

- Crystal W

2001 Chevrolet 1500 Z71 4x4

Great running vehicle. No high maintenance and the vehicle is very dependable for a older vehicle. Good power

- Jedidiah C

How to fix problems with it.

My truck is great. Bought used from a friend had to do a little work on it but runs great. Love Chevrolets.

- Anna B

Gas gage does not work in my truck. But Chevy is best so I deal with it.

I love having a truck. It's more convenient. I hate how much gas it takes. And the gas gage does not work.

- Alison D

Dependability was the primary factor in my purchasing decision, and the Chevrolet brand.

The Chevy Silverado has been very dependable and I have experienced no problems. I am the original owner.

- Jerry C

Low mileage even though it is 17 years old

I like having a truck for the versatility of it. It is old and is rusty. Would like to have a newer model

- Brian O

It has over 340, 000 miles and still runs well.

My truck has been dependable. It runs well even with over 340, 000 miles. It is somewhat easy to work on.

- Allan R

Gets great gas mileage for an older vehicle and it is the perfect size for a family of four.

still gets great gas Mileage for the age. Able to move things when I need to. perfect size for my family.

- Dianna G

It needs some work but it's ok

The distributor cap Is bad causing the truck to have problems starting it also has no air conditioning

- Kenneth M

I 'd buy a new one if it's as good as mine, when this one wears out.

easy to get in and out of. starts fine. steers really well, and handles nice, fuel pump location sucks.

- kent j

Absolutely great truck! I wouldn't have another one!

Great running truck. Great gas mileage. Great for traveling. I couldn't ask for a better truck. Love it

- Beverly M

That it is a 4 cylinder. With great power.

My vehicle saves on gas, runs great with no dislikes. Helps me going to the dump and haul large items.

- Ronald M

It's a reliable vehicle that gets the job done.

Since I do have an older truck, the paint is starting I peel off. Also has almost 200,000 miles on it.

- Nolan W

Very reliable truck had it since I was 18 I'm 30 now 4 wheel drive works great and everything else

No air conditioning right side window motor is out and needs power steering pump needs a food cleaning

- Mark T

It's a great vehicle. It runs like new. Nice interior.

Still runs smoothly. Nice interior. Great transmission. over 180000 miles and still runs like a top.

- Ron R

Previously owned, high mileage, rusting, damaged bumper

Even though it has high mileage it still is reliable. Dislike when decreased engine power comes on

- Rosa G

It's reliable. It's lasted a long time with the proper maintenance

I like the reliability and practicality of the truck. I dislike all the electrical issues.

- Kayla B

it's mine i love it it's mine and its paid for by me and no one else

i like my truck . it gets great gas mileage it has not caused me any major problems

- cheryl m

This was a very well built truck. Very easy to fix in case it breaks down.

Has been a very reliable truck. I use it for work everyday. It still runs very good.

- Ethan P

Dependable pickup truck!!

Has a lots of miles and the air doesn't work that great but it's a dependable truck

- Donnie O

Long-lasting rugged truck. Would recommend to anyone.

Bought the truck second hand for a great price. Have definitely got money's worth.

- Josh B

It was my grandfathers and although it doesn't run that great it means alot to me.

I love the power that it has. I do not like the gas mileage. I love the room.

- Ronny A

It's American made tough and very dependable works hard and built great

Great truck no problem has run great for 6 years white color easy to clean

- Earnest B

it's a tough truck built to last decades. Drives like a boss

It's reliable. It's been a workhorse for over 17 years. Love to drive it

- eric w

That it is reliable and dependable

I like it because after 17 years, it is still reliable. No complaints.

- Kathleen C

Reliability and dependability . Comfortable interior, decent engine. Overall great truck very rugged highly recommend.

Great truck decent on gas can't recall ever having problems with it.

- Jared G

Its a truck and enough room for a good size family.

I like everything about my truck except that the air is not working.

- Sandra S

Well built Silverado with an awesome power train with plenty of power for any task you give it

Has a great power train and rides excellent with minimal maintenance

- Willard P

It's reliable and a good vehicle

It's been a good truck and I haven't had any major problems with it

- Doug L

Very reliable vehicle. Very easy to work on with inexpensive parts. Retains value well.

How well it holds its value when serviced regularly as recommended.

- Ronald D

Great gas mileage.i get almost 500 miles To each tank of gas around town.

Great gas mileage. Minor repairs. No rust.lots of room. Large bed.

- Cheryl R

It's s the best truck on the market today.

I like the Engine.. I like the wheels. I like the leather seats .

- John p

Very Dependable Always reliable No need to look at another

Always had a Chevy Very dependable Would go anywhere with it

- Lou K

The most reliable vehicle I have ever had it's very comfortable it has a lot of features that are offer

It is the most reliable vehicle I have ever had in my life

- James M

The design and the power of the truck. The look and feel

I like the look and design if it. The feel of the drive

- Matt H

Very prone to rusting compared to other brands.

No power adjustable seats. No navigation. Body rusting.

- Michael R

Amazing truck, would highly recommend.

- Julianna F