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I pretty much said it all and more. I hope the new trucks now have less problem then what I had with this 2003 Silverado 1500 LS 5.3L

I have had one oxygen sensor go out and a fuel regulator go out. Also after my three year warranty was up the anti-lock brake system when out and I never have fixed it because it costs 1500.00 to replace the part and then reprogram the system. A bell goes off every so often letting you know to service the brake system, it is kind of irritating to always hear but I have gotten use to it over 14 years of it. That should have been a recall but they never did because they didn't want to have to pay for it. I was pissed about that. There was a recall on the gage cluster going out and they replaced that but still charge you for the labor which was close to 200.00, a scam as far as I am concerned. It only took like a year and the oil gauge died by it self and has been dead ever since. They also had a steering shaft problem that I have replace twice. So it had problems from the factory which is bogus. I still only have 98,000 miles on it now it is a 2003'. The paint was not very good either its falling off. Still runs good but I don't want to keep it to much longer cause the drive train will start going out and I don't want to pay that bill rather get rid of it. On a scale of 5 being best I would give the truck quality a 2.5-3 that's about it. They also had recalled the tailgate cables they would break at anytime. How the new trucks now are I have no idea what problems they may have. You got the whole story on this truck. lol

- timothy k

This truck has a special place in our family and it will be passed down.

The Silverado was the first truck and only new vehicle I have ever bought. It is a 2003 and to this day I still rely on this truck to get me around. It has been to every trip out of state with my family and I. For performance we had to replace a few things engine wise. The fuel pump gave out, transmission last year gave out, the usually maintenance was always done in order for me to have a working truck. I have had to replace bulbs, my door lock on the door finally stopped working but that was an easy fix. This year my air conditioner stopped working and got that fixed as well. My truck has seen it all, from moving state to state, vacations, kids growing up, fixes and repairs, I still would never get another truck.

- Jennifer D

Dependable, durable Chevy tuff and comfortable. This is my heartbeat of American.

I have a one owner 03 Chevy truck and it has over 168000 miles on it and the only thing I have had to replace is a hairline cracked water pump once it was 10 years old and now at 15 years it still runs like a champ, smooth and quiet with no rattles or vibrations. Not even a check engine light on. Interior has held up very well, it's not electric wind/seats but equipment has held up also and still gets 18-20 mpg. This has been and still is a wonderful truck and I would recommend this to anyone. Thank you Chevy for keeping me safe and always getting me where I need to be.

- Tanya S

03 Chevy 1500 z71. Great little truck. Would buy another any day.

My 2003 Chevy is a great vehicle. In fifteen years I have only had five problems. I still have the truck as it has always been reliable and still does not give me trouble to this date. The biggest grip I have out the Chevy brand is the paint job. It has never been able to hold up. Performance wise I have always been happy with my 1500 has been able to do. Living on a farm it has done plenty that probably should have required a 3/4 ton. On the opposite side of this I do maintain my vehicles very well and do proper maintenance.

- Felix P

Chevy: strong and dependable.

The Chevy Silverado is a dependable vehicle that has never left me stranded. Sure it has its problems and it needs regular maintenance just as any vehicle does, but it is parts are easy to obtain and fairly inexpensive. The truck has great capabilities and I have used this vehicle both personally and commercially to haul vehicles with. It ties nice and is very comfortable to ride in. Overall, as long as you keep up with the maintenance this vehicle can last you well over 200, 000 miles.

- Josh M

Solid vehicle. Oldie but goodie.

I bought my vehicle about 3 years ago. I use it on a daily basis for work and for personal use. The problems I have had with my vehicle is the water pump. I got the water pump replaced fairly quickly and it has ran like new. Another problem I have had is the speakers. Being original speakers to the vehicle, they have started to crack when the volume and bass get to loud. This is also an easy fix, that I can do myself. Overall I love my truck. It was a great buy!

- Cameron H

That it is a very reliable and strong vehicle. It is comfortable on long trips but rugged enough to take off-road.

I really like that it is very reliable and built like a tank. I feel safe in my truck, and feel like it could get me out of just about any situation because it is also a 4x4. I love the large truck bed. Makes hauling things very easy. It has tremendous pulling/towing power so no worries there. Although I love the strong motor and size of the vehicle itself, it does become quite thirsty for the gasoline. That would really be my only complaint, the mpg.

- Brandon G

The Chevrolet Silverado is head and shoulders above the competition.

There are not any problems, it is a great truck and has changed my perception on trucks, fun to drive, great for personal use and work, not to mention Chevrolet is very reliable and dependable. Anybody who is thinking or has thought about switching from a car to a truck and does not know enough or just has not done it yet, you need to make the switch, it is a whole new world having a truck, especially one as reliable and dependable as a Chevy.

- Alex L

Chevrolet Silverado 1500!

I love my vehicle. It's very reliable. I love the fact that it has 3 seats in the front and also three seats in the back. And lots of space on the bed of the truck for groceries and the removable bed cover is also perfect if I need to move anything really big. We've never had any major problems with this vehicle. In fact just needing new tires is pretty much the only one since we bought it 3 years ago.

- Tiffany S

Silverado 1500, good, reliable truck.

I really enjoy my truck. It is a z71 so it has a really good suspension. I highly appreciate the 4 wheel drive. The seat is comfortable. I can seat 5 people total. It can handle a good size load. The regular size bed can fit a queen sized mattress inside the bed. 2x4x8's fit in an x. Only negative is mileage, though it is expected for a truck, and that there is no lumbar support in the seats.

- Rachel L

Well, it has almost 150K miles on it, but it still runs great!

I love my truck; it's wonderfully reliable, it's comfortable, it gets pretty good gas mileage for a truck (especially a 15-year-old one),and I feel very safe driving it. The only issue I've really had is that the air conditioning/heating only works at level 3 or higher, but that hasn't really been much of a problem. It's a great truck, and it runs perfectly with regular maintenance.

- Desiree B

My 03 Chevy that I love very much!

Bought it used two almost three years ago and runs great and just had to in the last year start getting new brakes and just minor things that need to be replaced after a while. It works just fine for a family of four. It is kids safe and kids friendly. Haven't had to put much time and money into it since we got it. It is used not even brand new.

- Yvonne M

Durable long lasting vehicle:)

I absolutely LOVE my truck!! It's great for general running around, moving things, and traveling. The gas mileage actually isn't too bad. It's very durable and comfortable. A few little fixes here and there... the most recent being a shackle that broke because of all the potholes:( would definitely buy a truck like this again!!

- Michelle S

Chevy Silverado with leather cover over the bed.

No problems yet. My only complaint is it does not have as much power as I would like but I guess I should have got a v8. The truck is fairly new to me so it really has not had a chance to give me any problems. It has got a lot of room in the front and the back and also the bed has a leather cover over it which is nice when needed.

- Stephanie M

One of the best trucks GM ever designed

I love the truck the interior is very comfy and feels nice sitting in, the body of the truck is beautiful. I may add though the steering components seem to go out pretty fast and commonly, as well as the transfer case punches tiny holes in itself unless you upgrade. Other than that great truck well designed and looks awesome.

- Dalton B

Needs constant expensive repair.

Truck needs constant repair. Simple things like changing a heater core required removal of the dash and the steering wheel. Get a Nissan or a Toyota they repair. Even a Honda is repairable with reasonable effort. Find another manufacturer of a vehicle that is made to last not increase the wealth of automobile repair shops.

- Marianne O

My 2003 Chevrolet Silverado

Had ignition coil wire short out. Torsion bar mounting bracket rusted out.. catalytic converters went out. O2 sensor went out. It is a 5 speed manual transmission. With 4.3l engine.. it has 170k miles on it and it still runs new. The ac blows colder than most newer cars . Even after an accident it still runs like its new

- Jacob B

Amazing vehicle to purchase even for the year model!

Our truck is very reliable for our family. The necessary costs to fix it when it is broken are less expensive than our other vehicles. As long as you maintain this vehicle as you are supposed to it will run for long durations. The comfort is amazing for the year model. They age well, and keep our family safe and happy.

- Lizzie A

Powerful, fast.

Its a 2003 Chevy Silverado extended cab v8 5. 3l. It's very powerful. I have it dropped on 22s. Very good show truck and daily. Also has a lot of sentimental value. Looks super good and drives great. I would strongly suggest it your looking for a truck do not get a Ford it will break down on you when you most need it.

- Oscar G

Really economical grocery getter.

Been a reliable truck only have changed plugs and wires. Also the right wheel bearing but really nice drive Being a truck one would think it uses a lot of gas but I think it does better than my van. It is a step side and really gets some does get a lot of second looks. The Silverado is just a all round good vehicle.

- Darin W

It rides is very comfortable.

I just love my truck. I am going soon to trade it in on a 4 door 4x4. That is the only thing that would make it better it is a cat-eye Chevy that makes it look better I just love the way it sounds dual exhausts. Like I said the only thing better than my two door truck would be a four door. Which I will have soon.

- Anita G

It is large and very comfortable inside.

I love that my truck is high off the ground, making it easier to get around when it is raining heavy. I love that it holds 5 people, 2 in front and 3 in the rear seat. With my truck there is very little that I cannot haul off or haul to my home, eliminating the need to hire movers if I need to move things about.

- Paula J

Strong, attractive, enjoyable truck!

Zero problems. Handles beautifully. Decent gas mileage. Comfortable to ride in. Easy to drive & maintain. Very sturdy & attractive model. Plenty of room in cab for others. Ample room in bed for large objects to load. Can pull heavy loads behind it. Engine is strong & easy to keep in shape. Love this truck!

- Ml B

Reliable and trustworthy like a friend. Very fun to drive any day!

My truck is a short wheel base stepside with a 5. 3 vortec engine in it. Its very light weight for the engine in it and it has quite a bit of power behind it. The stock transmission has gone out on me now twice and just does not agree with each other. It is the most reliable vehicle I've ever been around.

- Kaitlyn G

Why I love my truck. My truck is unlike any others.

I have not had any difficulties with my vehicle. I've only had to purchase. Oil changes. Nothing major has had to be done. I don't plan on doing anything more. I can get other things done in the future. I love my car and how it runs. I don't think that I will be getting a new automobile anytime soon.

- Buster A

Satisfied Chevy truck owner!

Alternator issues, back seat is too narrow, power window motor needed to be replaced, spare tire is difficult to access, paint began fading 2 years ago, very reliable, easy to fix under the hood, driven over 215k miles and it is still running strong. Premium Speaker system is surprisingly good.

- Liana A

Reliable and rare to get anymore.

I have a lot of issues with the gears sticking while driving and not kicking into gear quickly. It is kind of slower to get into a fast speed. It is reliable; I drive it to college everyday besides once a week. I never get uncomfortable in it either. I have drove it on a 6 hour trip one time.

- Allie J

The blackout knight Chevy 1500 standard cab.

The seats are uncomfortable. The wheel base is not good in snow conditions. The heat & a/c are good somewhat. It has a cover on the tail bed. Has a led light on the front of it. The piles are loud. The color of the truck inside & out is nice. Has powered window & mirrors. Great stereo system.

- Jeanette J

Great truck. Great value.

I love my truck. 15 years and no major problems. I go everywhere I want to go whenever I want. Biggest issue I had was to replace an alternator. I travel pretty much every weekend during college football season to watch my son games. When this one goes down I will definitely get another one.

- Joseph F

Over 288,000 Miles and Still Rolling Along!!

I love my Chevy truck! She is dependable, fun to drive, hauls whatever I need her to haul and is going strong with over 288,000 miles! Regular maintenance and oil changes are important to keep a vehicle working. I firmly believe that. I would get another Chevy truck if I ever needed to.

- Judiann H

Sturdy, dependable work vehicle.

We really like the Silverado. Very dependable and meets our needs for light hauling. Ours has the basic trim package, so there are not a lot of extras, but this is primarily a work vehicle - we do not need luxury. Aside from routine maintenance, we have had no need for a repairman.

- Betsy S

Still a good truck. Looks very good for it is age.

Very few issues. Had to replace the rack and pinion along with the power steering pump. Replaced the spark plugs after 14 years. Paint still looks very good. Seats and upholstery still look very good. Engine and transmission are still very good. No issues with the four wheel drive.

- Alvin B

Extremely good and reliable truck

My truck is very comfortable and spacious, I have not had many problems with it other than replacing the breaks in it a couple times. I have gotten it coated so there is no rust underneath. I very much enjoy my Silverado and I recommend it to anybody that is looking to buy a truck.

- Cole L

Vehicle problems and others.

Truck is a cool truck. Good to look out and stand out but there is a couple problems. Like the electrical, plus the meters inside the truck give out. There was a recall on the make/model. But the dealership sent out the letter later than the date the truck should've been returned.

- Jimmy H

Comfortably and overall great vehicle

My truck rides great and runs great really haven't had any problems just keep up the maintenance. It has lots of room for comfort on long trips and can fit 5 people comfortably. We now have over 200,000 miles on the truck and still runs great. One of the best vehicles I've owned

- Jennifer H

It is nice and black and rides smooth most of the time.

Everything works as perfect as can be but it breaks down often. It rides smooth but the steering wheel and gas amount are both often messed up. I've spent more in repairs than I spent on the truck itself initially. If I could go back in time again, I would never buy this truck.

- Joseph M

Chevy Silverado, stronger than you think.

My 2003 Chevy Silverado us great for camping. Fits me and my husband and our two huge dogs! It can drive up and around the mountains just fine and has a z71 package that is great for off-roading. We have driven it in snow, rain and through the desert sand. It handles perfectly!

- Tina G

2003 Chevrolet Silverado 1500.

My vehicle is very reliable, the only issue is that it does not have much room. The vehicle is mechanically sound. Maintenance is unusually not very expensive. Love the towing capacity. The interior is not the best but it does the job. Very good truck and engine has good power.

- Tyler S

Cherry red sweet 4 wheel drive

Great work truck, minor mechanical and electrical issues, hard to start on cold morning, rough riding on dirt roads, can is comfortable easy to operate stereo and dash, live driving this vehicle can function as play truck or work truck even daily driver if maintained correctly

- Cabin W

Work beast, with family values to boot.

Used as a lawn service vehicle my Chevy is excellent on gas repairs are easy with decent price. Seldom has issues. Dependable. Great space, easy to drive. Comfortable. Hauls a medium weight trailer with ease, fully loaded. Excellent highway miles. Also great for family trips.

- Ebony K

Best in class with an awesome tow package and safety features.

The Chevrolet Silverado has various uses for transporting materials and running errands. This is a supreme vehicle and has long life. You cannot go wrong with this type or brand of vehicle. It has a great mileage rate and superb performance. This is my favorite vehicle.

- Terry H

Great for off roading with the right tires.

Excellent off roading vehicle. It's used often to travel Back Mountain roads and woods. Performs very well. Seats are slightly uncomfortable for long drives, but are manageable with back support. The frame is super tough and has gotten thru rough conditions unscathed.

- Tea P

An almost perfect car to have.

No problems unless I've caused it oops, I have used it to pull a Suburban to a different location. Don't expect a smooth ride because its a pickup truck lol. But it is very comfortable and is my favorite car out of my three. The Silverado is pretty is pretty reliable.

- Kelsey W

Best all around Chevy Silverado.

Always starts, heavy duty can haul anything. Dashboard cluster needs to be replaced, apparently a common problem with Chevy trucks. Great a/c, excellent radio cd combo, power windows. Hard to park in parking lots because it is so big, and spaces are seemingly small.

- Janice P

A member of the 200,000 mile club!

This vehicle has been a gem. We currently have over 215000 miles on it and have no plans on quitting using it. We have had to replace small things like the water pump, fuel pump, brakes, etc...over the years, but overall it's been good. It is reliable and sturdy.

- Deanna S

Economical for a truck getting 26 mpg.

Easy to handle, comfortable, reliable, stylish looking, hauls good. Am very happy with this vehicle as I have had it since 2009 and still runs like a champ. Would by another if in as good of shape as this one was. Would not hesitate to recommend it to another party.

- A B

The best automobile product ever.

I bought my truck 2 years ago. I love almost everything about it. I love the color of it as well as the performance. I don't have a whole lot more to say other than its simply one of Chevrolets best automobiles. Chevrolet has always had the best trucks I've driven.

- Sammy A

Awesome truck very happy with it.

Awesome ride smooth and easy to handle plenty of front leg room. Four wheel button drive is convenient leather seats with heaters. Plenty of healing power and bed space bed liner is a plus. Decent gas mileage for this size truck. Does all hauling that I need.

- Eugene D

It drives easy and gets good gas mileage. The transmission problems may be a result of the road I live on, instead of a make problem.

My car runs good, gets decent gas mileage, I have had problems with the transmission, blew a transmission line, The automatic lock locks and unlocks itself. We live on dirty dry roads so it looks brown most of the time, but it gets me where I need to go,

- Shirley H

Silverado is are the best

I have no complaints it is my favorite. Drives straight never has any problems at all. I would highly recommend buying a Chevy Silverado. The gas mileage isn't to bad. The engine last forever. Transmission never slips. It never overheats. Never loses oil

- Steven M

The hands on special red truck.

Very reliable for getting back and forth from doctors appointment and therapy. Was able to accommodate many bonus features to convert to wheelchair friendly. Was able to add hand steering controls, a retractable lift, and custom retractable driver seat.

- Tyler E

It is 15 years old and still runs like it is new.

The only problem I have ever had is after 200, 000 miles I had to get a new transmission. Other than that, this truck is a beast it’ll go anywhere you want. Also still drives great after 15 years and keeps a pretty good Kelly blue book value.

- Levi C

The small pull down seat in the cabin doesn't really have a seat belt buckle.

The brakes are just a little heavy, and there's little bumps and scrapes everywhere but other than that, the air conditioning is great! The steering its awesome, the controls are easy to use and it does well on gas.

- Melody R

The most reliable and long-lasting vehicle I've ever driven. Can really take a beating.

I've had my truck for over 5 years, and it has 246,000 miles on it. It runs just like it did when I first got it at 194,000 miles. As long as you perform proper maintenance on it, a Silverado can last you forever.

- Jody S

It is very old and needs a lot of work but still runs good.

My truck had a transmission replacement last year and is holding up pretty good so far. I have had my truck for 8 years now and is still reliable. I am ready for a trade in as soon as the opportunity is right.

- Eli A

It is a safe vehicle and has a smooth ride.

I would rather have an extended cab because with just the two doors the back seat is really cramped. This year of Chevy had bad pain jobs but because of It's age, nothing can be done. Overall I like the truck.

- Caleb M

My truck is a 4-wheel beast!

My truck does great in the winter. Backend will go sideways if super slippery out. The 4-wheel drive light comes on and does not go out until we disconnect the battery. Does great for hauling horses and hay.

- Laurel J

Truck that keeps on trucking.

The check engine light is on quite a lot, even when there’s nothing theoretically wrong. The engine is pretty loud. It is gone thousands of miles since I have gotten it and I got it used! It is dependable.

- Wren R

This is a very good work truck.

It has a transmission problem but we like it for the most part. It is comfortable and roomy. We bought it from an individual and got it for a very good price so we expected that it might have some problems.

- Teresa W

It is reliable for the most part.

I like the fact that even though my vehicle is an older model, with good care and attention, it still runs very smoothly. The only downside to Chevrolet is that it has the potential to rust very easily.

- Elizabeth B

Damn good trucks if you can afford them! All the way until they rust out, and mine spent the first 5 years of life in the garage.

This truck was great until it started rusting underneath from the cheap parts GM used. These people pay a huge hourly wage and expect the people who don't make half of that to pay for the cars.

- Edwin P

At 15 years old paint still looks brand new and still drives perfect after 180,000 miles

Problems include fuel pump after about 150,000 miles and ac belt issues. Other than the occasional small car fixes. Very reliable going to a from work in summer and winter and handles very well

- Preston M

Best truck for your buck.

this is the best vehicle I have ever purchased. I have over 233,000 miles on it and I am able to tow my boat and a trailer. It has made numerous trip to the Jersey Shore and the Poconos. I

- bob f

It's old and reliable. It is also paid for.

I love having a pickup truck and I can tow and haul with. The ability to sit higher up is nice for driving and safety. Gas mileage is horrible, but I would never give up my truck.

- Jason K

03 Chevy Silverado. Strong and reliable.

This has been a great vehicle. No problems other than typical Silverado rust. No mechanical issues since I have owned the vehicle. I just recently crossed over 200,000 miles.

- Chris B

Very reliable vehicle for being an older vehicle

Pretty reliable truck it's older so the catalytic converter is starting to get plugged. Other than that it is a very reliable truck with practically no other problems.

- Philip U

It has a lot of miles but is still reliable for to and from work and maybe running errands during the weekend

My vehicle is very reliable and I just had a new or rebuilt transmission installed last year. Other than that it has been very reliable and a pretty good investment.


It is reliable and dependable.

I love that my truck is tall so that I can see over other vehicles. I also like the larger engine and the towing capabilities. I do not like trying to park in ramps.

- Sharry G

High maintenance over 200k miles

no engine problems the trany is going and the trans case is wore threw. beyond that this truck is my work hours for hauling firewood tools and building materials.

- Alex L

Chevy Silverado 2003 by Will

It rides super smooth. It's good for a night in the town or a back road get away. There's enough room to fit 5-6 people in the vehicle, enough to fit a family.

- Will C

Awesome truck that fits up to 6

Very reliable vehicle never has gave me problems. Fits 6 three in front and three in back. It a v8 so not so good on gas but still very reliable vehicle.

- Ary L

It's reliable transportation . Having very few issues over the years

I love how reliable it's been we only have 78,000 miles on it. Also love the shirt bed. Is easy to drive except for the manual granny. I don't like it

- Barb W

It will get the job done.

Very reliable good gas mileage no problems runs great and have never had any problems will always be my first pick because of how great it does.

- Jay T

My chevy life and struggles

Runs good has 197900 miles has some rust had to do minor mechanical work to it but everything was from normal wear and tear for a daily driver

- Robert L

For as old as it is, I've never had a serious problem with it.

I love it because I can see all around me. It's smooth handling and always runs at top shape. There is nothing I dislike about my truck.

- Kathy B

Strong, Dependability you can count on

Love my Silverado. It has almost 4000,000 miles an has never really had any mechanical issues highly recommend this truck. Very dependable

- Mary P

Excellent towing capabilities.

Love everything about the truck but the gas mileage. Great for towing, lots of power, handles very well. My favorite vehicle I have owned.

- William P

I think it is a very dependable vehicle. Regular maintenance helps keep it running.

I love our vehicle. It's a little too high for me but its great. We have travelled to California several times and the truck ran great.

- JoAnn E

The smoothness of the ride

Feels like a modern drive, it had one owner before me and the 4x4 works so smoothly, the 5.3 v8 engine has perfect amount of power

- Jason B

It is extremely reliable.

I like the spacious interior and stock radio. I dislike the double air-conditioning controls. I like how smooth the vehicle rides.

- Josh H

still runs fantastic no motor issues and comfy ride still

after 13 years fuel,brake and trans lines needed to be replaced ... cab corners and rockers are rusting as well the bed fenders

- bryan m

My reliable truck it has a covered back and hold 5 people

My truck is very reliable if cv ours I do the maintenance on it but I really like it is holds 5 people as nf has a covered back

- Kelly F

it is mine and is not for sale

reg cab short bed pickup with small v8 motor gets good gas mileage sharp looking truck would rather have a different color

- david C

Its safe and reliable mode of transportation. It can haul whatever you need.

It's a reliable car but has its problems. It overheats and the breaks makes a lot of noise. The fan belt makes noise also.

- carl c

Great motor, the 5.3 vortec runs great. Give it has and it runs.

The vehicle has done me well over the years. Best truck i have ever owned. Very few problems and still runs like a champ.

- Mike P

It is reliable and American made. gets about 14 miles to the gallon on average

Alignment is off and brakes need replaced otherwise been a reliable vehicle no major issue and bought for a great price

- Mark M

It provides a safe, and effective way to travel when we need it to.

I like that my vehicle has 4 wheel drive. I like that it has a large box to haul things in. I like that it looks sporty.

- Sharon M

It is a Chevy no better make out there.

Like the interior must comfortable of all car makers, has power get up up and go, hate that it has 200,000 miles on it.

- Chris R

use it for moving things around and I take it to the drive in

great ride and good performance, very comfort and features great room all over, fits up to 6 people, good on gas also.

- Robert B

Watch for recalls and get them fixed asap.

That sides by the crew doors rusting out and cost more than the value of the truck.. Had to rebuild the differential.

- Patricia A

I love it and its American!

I adore my Chevy Silverado because it can do anything including hauling heavy and large things and its good on gas.

- Tom H

It is reliable and dependable. I feel safe when I get in my car.

It is paid for. It has the ability to haul things. It is red. The height of the truck is nice. I like the interior.

- Richard B

The truck runs forever with little problems and little maintenance

Love the truck. Would buy another one. it has been getting me where I needed to go for years and is still ticking

- Jeremy W

Very Powerful and pretty loud

It is a great running truck. No major issues. Parts are relatively cheap.it is also very easy to work on. Love gm

- Jason P

you can push start it ,if it has a dead battery because it is a manual transmission.

i like that it is easy to drive ,reliable ,and a safe truck to drive. i dislike that it is only a two door model

- james n

It is a well built reliable vehicle, a workhorse as I have used it to pull trailers.

Solid vehicle, no major issues have occurred over the 15 years I have owned it. No rust or structural problems.

- Bryan F

Chevy is a good brand, cant beat reliability.

Rides good, engine is a tank, gas average for the engine size, rust rockers normal problem on model, good power,

- Kyle C

It's been well maintained and looks really sharp for an older Chevy.

Rides very smooth and has a lot of features. Has lasted a long time without rust. Gas mileage is a negative.

- Delores M

Quality-well built vehicle.

It does not have power windows or built in GPS. It needs to be economical on gas. It needs less oil changes.

- Terry H

How well it is maintained.

There are no problems with this vehicle. And I am not selling it by any means thank you and have a nice day.

- Brittany R

I will not sell it, have had several offers.

Nice shape even being older, it has great pick up and go power. Dislike only 2 people can ride at one time.

- Pamela C

It's been a very good truck

Other than routine maintenance. My truck has held up good. One issue is the instrument board has gone our.

- Alton C

It's mine, and if you mess with it you'll have a huge problem on your hands

No complaints with it at all. It's a Chevy. I like the fact that it looks good the way I have it set up

- Lance D

Body damage and total miles.

It is an ok truck, fairly reliable, good highway mpg but not to good of city mpg. Comfortable interior.

- Jacob J

Runs great starts easy, good on gas.

Strong runner in very good shape does all I want it to. Do not dislike anything about it no complaints.

- Lee W

Reliable good vehicle still runs good

Nice vehicle.for a 2003 I like how it sets up a little higher.it still drives good.rust around fenders

- Eddie E

That it can hold things for hauling like wood and other building materials but it isn't the best passenger vehicle. The reason it isn't the best passenger truck is just not enough space for growing families. I do like it also for being able to pull trailers. This is an added bonus when you live in the country.

I dislike it because it just seems to big to control and I don't like rear wheel drive in the winter.

- Tracy A

there is a lot of space inside of the vehicle


- Geneva E

That it is very dependable! It never leaves me stranded.

My truck is very dependable! I love it's hauling capabilities. My truck has a great air condition.

- teresa s

This is a truck that is reliable and gets me where I need to go

Good power and has 4 wheel drive. I think it is comfortable and has good room in the back seats.

- Philip U

It's a work truck. This is used for hauling trailers and heavier items.

It's a good truck. It has been dependable and is quite good on diesel. It is never in the shop.

- Tweeter T

That i really enjoy it and i'll hang on to it a little longer

I like that i have a unique color. I dislike that i don't have the amenities of a newer truck

- Sammy A

I've had my truck for 3 years and have only had problems with the alternator and heater core which were the original when I bought the truck. It had manual windows that are tinted. I have put an aftermarket stereo in it along with a small system. Performance wise it runs amazingly.

I will more than likely never sell my truck just because of all the work I want to do to it.

- Courtney M

It's a reliable and strong vehicle. It

It's a reliable vehicle. It's a little older. It's paid for. I'm happy to have a Chevrolet

- Brandon c

Needs a lot of maintenance.

Many problems with it. Doesn't ride comfortable long distance. Uses too much gas

- Becky S

It is the best truck I have ever had and plan on keeping it forever

I bought it brand new. I have 293000 miles on it. Best truck I have ever owned

- Bob L

It has been very reliable and has few problems

It has been a great vehicle. Very few issues and has over 230,000 miles

- Scott W

It is a good family/utility vehicle.

It is reliable. It gives good gas mileage. It is a pleasure to drive.

- Dennis R

paid for and low maintenance

truckin that works only small problems over the years w]very reliable

- arn W

reliable to get you where you need to go. had it for more than 10 years

it has been reliabel so far. not great on gas. great hunting truck

- keith m

If is very dependable and has a covered back

I like my truck it is very dependable and it holds up to 6 people

- Kelly E

The car has no air-conditioning and it automatically switches to the mirror vents instead of the front ones. So that's not fun on a hot day. It is also really low to the ground and I dislike it a ton.

It drives easily and is not expensive to fix like other brands.

- Skylar K

Has over 236000 miles and has needed very few repairs.

Great vehicle. Very few repairs needed over the years.

- Scott T

It is old and doesn't run as well as I'd like it to.

I like how it is big. I don't like the mileage on it.

- John H

15 years old and still going strong.

It is reliable. It is comfortable. It rides great.

- Bob C

That it will last a long time if you take care of it. I change the oil every 5000 miles

No complaints. Has been a good vehicle for 15 years

- Michael C