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The gas mileage is terrible. Average mpg is 13. 8.

The 2004 Chevy 1500 has a lot of problems when you get around 100, 000 miles. The transmission had to be rebuilt and I have replaced almost everything to do with the drivetrain and suspension. Interior is nice and It's a very ergonomic design however there is limited movement on the seat adjustments. The rear seats are comfortable and I have taken passengers on long rides without complaints. The steering is nice and smooth but the turn radius is not the best and I find myself pulling more "w-turns" than "y-turns". Also make sure you have some weight in the bed when Its raining otherwise you will find yourself spinning around every turn just like snow covered roads.

- Stephen S

Most dependable vehicle I ever owned and most interior room.

A very reliable truck with enough power to haul or pull its weight no matter the motor. Has built in tow capability controls. The dual air controls are really nice. Very roomy inside with plenty of room in cab. I can have the seat all the way back and passengers in back have plenty of room. I like the ability to be able to put it in 4WD while I am driving. I like working on it myself because there's plenty of room to get to everything and you do not need a wide range of tools to do it. Most parts are 100, 000 mile parts so they last for years. Most dependable vehicle I have ever owned. Has no problem going off-road or in bad weather even pulling a trailer in ice.

- Griffin S

Dependable, long lasting and holds good money value even over time.

This Chevrolet Silverado has been the best vehicle I have owned over the years. It has been reliable, low maintenance and handles pot holes and wet road conditions exceptionally well. I have owned a variety of cars and trucks and this is the best value and dependable of the cars and trucks I have owned. It has plenty of space for passengers and supplies. I keep the oil changed consistently since owning it and the engine runs like new. Other than oil changes, new tires, occasional tune ups & brake maintenance are about all that is needed.

- Joyce R

Love our Chevy Silverado!

Overall a great truck! There was a recall on a cable for the tailgate. After being fixed we have had no problems with it. Very reliable truck! Haven't had any major issues. The plastic handles on the back doors have cracked and needed to be replaced. Blaming that on age of truck and cold MN winters. The kids would like more leg room in the back seat. I believe there is in the newer models. Tows our boat and snowmobiles with ease. Love that we can haul our 4-wheeler in the box with the tailgate closed. Love our Chevy!

- Sarah S

My brakes started to squeak. I had original pads. It has almost 180, 000 miles.

I love my truck. The only thing I do not like about it is the amount of gas it uses. The ride is very comfortable, has lots of power, and is my trustworthy vehicle. My truck just has the basic features, but I am not one for all of the luxuries. I have a bed liner that is a must as it keeps the bed of your truck nice, if you ever want to take it out. I just had my brake pads changed, and I had the original pads and I was told I took very good care of my truck. I have almost 180, 000 miles, so this was amazing to me.

- Pam W

The 2004 Chevy Silverado 8 years down the road.

I purchase my vehicle about 8 years ago preowned. It has been a pretty reliable truck. I am currently at 165k miles and am starting to see a few of the normal problems that I have been told by mechanics are typical for my Silverado. I have recently developed an exhaust leak and a rear main seal leak and an oil pan leak from a worn gasket. My paint just started to peel off this year. I am at the point where I am trying to decide if I want to look into a newer vehicle or invest into a new transmission and engine.

- Nathan F

My Chevy Silverado. Good looking, hard working!

I have owned my Chevrolet Silverado 1500 for many years. This vehicle is a stellar performer. I have had no major problems with my truck. I replaced a water pump and battery, that is the extent of my 'repairs'. I have used this vehicle from everything to transporting clients to hauling lumber! The interior still looks great and is very roomy and comfortable. In my opinion you cannot go wrong with a Chevrolet Silverado.

- Theresa A

5. 3 vortec v8 Chevrolet motor. The best.

Chevrolet z71 quad cab is the best truck there is. It has a 5. 3 liter vortec v8 motor that has given me no problems to speak of and has over 200, 000 miles on motor and transmission. The only real problems I have ever encountered was worn tires and a 4 wheel drive switch that I changed for 20$. I am still driving this truck to this day and will being doing so for another three to four years.

- Brian R

This has been a great solid truck!

My vehicle has been very reliable. It handles great in the snow and mud. The only problem that I have had that is that the signal indicator where the cruise control button is needs replaced. It will occasionally take the vehicle off cruise control when I indicate a left turn. The other items that I have had to fix are due to normal wear and tear. My vehicle is over the 200k mile mark.

- Daniel S

Nice work truck, a 2004 with 170, 000 and still going strong.

It has lots of miles on it,, still looks good for being a working truck.. Have not had to replace very many things. Runs good and has lots of power to trailer a boat. It has power windows and door locks, no real problem with any of the power. Has over 170, 000 miles and still going strong. Just had to replace the seat cover. Radio and all electronics still going strong.

- Cindy R

Chevy 2004 ls Silverado review.

Dash cluster is bad and expensive to replace, bad, electrical issues with lights including tail lights and trailer hitch lights, fuel mileage average, comfortable, reliable does not use any oil, frame solid in northeast winters with road salt use, great heat and air conditioning, good visibility, great truck bed 6 ft is perfect for everyday needs even with truck box.

- Christine L

This truck runs great the fuel economy is not really good but other than that it's a great vehicle that got a nice camper shell on it and I'll haul fire with a couple times a year but other than that it's a great vehicle

This truck runs great very dependable pulls my trailer with ease go to the coast once a year and pull it up over the mountains between Vallejo and Santa Cruz never any major problems I did replace a fuel pump one time or the water pump one time and other than that the headliner is starting to slip out on the sides but other than that it's a perfect vehicle

- Ken W

My great Chevy truck that has been so great!

I love my truck. It has suicide doors that open up to two bench seats. It seats six people. It is a great truck. I love the power of the 5. 3 liter v8 engine that can pull anything I need to. I also love the fact that the engine is still running strong after all these years and I haven't had to do many repairs except for regular maintenance. Great truck!

- Rob C

Out of luck, out of gas!!

I really love how fast my truck warms up, the radio and ac unit work really well for me. My biggest complaint is that it uses gas really fast. It take about 50 dollars to fill up my tank and goes down a tick mark in 25 miles. In the last year I have had to get a new alternator and gas indicator. Gas indicators are know to go bad in this type of truck.

- Laya G

Chevy trucks are great trucks.

Get gas, comfortable to drive, short distance or long time either way I drive it all the time. Great color it red. Engine is 4. 8 great tow power to pull my boat, travel trailer, horses trailer. I also put a tow package on it. So that helps with the towing. I have little over 200 thousand miles on it and still drives like it when I first bought.

- Ronnie T

Good toy hauler for medium trailers.

Runs smooth, is starting to rust. But still in good shape for its age. Handles well. It has the towing package so it does feel a little stiff when going at slower speeds but this is to be expected. When you get to higher speeds or if you are pulling a trailer it does ride pretty smooth. You don't notice the weight of your load.

- Jed J

I could not ask for a better truck.

The rear end has clunked since it was new the dealer cannot find the cause. I really like the way it handles and the power it has. I have never had any serious problems all I do is change oil. I replaced the tires 1 year ago. I pulled a 2000 lb. boat for about 3 years within no problem other than stopping on steep hills.

- Pat A

Very sturdy and reliable pickup truck.

My truck is now 14 years old and my oldest son used it as a daily driver for quite some time. Currently the truck is not running and needs a transmission put in it. This is a common experience/problem but I see problem getting it taken care of soon. The truck has been a comfortable ride with very few other others.

- Nikki D

It's beautiful. I love the way my truck looks.

I love my truck!! Texas edition is my favorite. Its powerful and hauls anything I need to pick up. Seats are comfortable and the back bench seats 3 adults ok. It come with built in audio port and USB port. OnStar and Bose speakers. I really like the miles per gallon display and auto headlight function.

- Alice M

Best vehicle I have ever owned.

Haven't had very many problems with this vehicle in the 10 plus years I have had it. Has over 200,000 miles & still trucking along. Very reliable. Very safe. Only had one motor problem & it was fixed long ago & I haven't had anymore problems with it. Would 10/10 recommend this vehicle to anyone.

- Lindsey W

Chevrolet is the one to buy!!

I have had this truck since it was brand new. It has almost 300, 000 miles on it and is in great condition. I am trying to convince my grandsons that it would be a perfect classic vehicle for them. I used this truck when I had a hot-shot delivery service for several years when I first bought it.

- Paula W

Great truck for the price.

I have never had problems with this vehicle. It is rugged and durable. The only thing is that the brakes seems to need changed more than they should. I have had to replace them twice in 5 years and I do not think I should have to do that. Other than that I am very leased with the performance.

- Mary T

You cannot go wrong with a Chevy.

We bought the truck new in 2004 and other than new tires changing the spark plugs is all we have had to do to it. It is been a really comfortable ride. I wish we had purchased the crew cab for the additional space. I guess the only drawback would be the gas mileage. We average about 16 mpg.

- Elain G

Truck has been through a lot and still runs like a champ.

Bought this vehicle used. Three months later it was totaled by a tornado. We bought it back and repaired windows and tires with the insurance settlement. We didn't have enough money to fix the tailgate or the truck bed. The body is not pretty but it still runs like a champ 6 years later!!

- Angela E

Rugged, safe and reliable.

My truck is very reliable, it has good seating capacity, good on gas mileage, maintenance does not cost an arm and a leg. Truck can haul heavy stuff like no tomorrow. I do not like that for short trips it eats fuel. I wish it had a little bit more under seat storage for the kids items.

- Shanna M

The king of comfort and sound.

My truck is very comfortable to ride in it has an excellent stereo and CD player as well. It sits up high allowing for a good view while driving and negotiating turns. It has a very comfortable interior as well, the sound system is great to listen to it has excellent fuel efficiency.

- Michael P

Its 15 yrs. old and still as strong as day one.

I've had my truck since 2004 I've never had a major problem with it as long as I've have had it its a strong dependable reliable truck all I've ever done is kept the oil changed I take it four wheeling on the weekends and it's still better than any truck out there on the road today.

- James M

Chevy made strong to last long.

My truck is the best thing I have ever did I love it and it makes me. Happy. It is used for everything camping moving stuff towing and roomy room for us all at the lake or in the mountains long or short drives I could never get enough. I could fall asleep and feel like I am in bed.

- Melanie J

She still drives "like a rock".

It's been driven in the desert heat for 14 years and we have only had mild wear and tear maintenance issues. She still drives like a dream despite in interior leather wear that needs replacing soon. We love Chevrolet and so does our mechanic, we would recommend Chevy to anyone.

- Brandon T

Why I drive a Chevy truck.

Love my truck, no serious problems to report outside of typical wear and tear. Got 179, 000 miles, many of it highway and I tow my camper several times during the summer months, and it is a daily driver, so many more miles to go. It is a comfortable ride on and off the highway.

- Chris D

I like my dodges better than chevys.

Good solid running truck. Not a Chevy fan, like my mopar products. Few mechanical and electrical issues with the abs/wiring harness issues been fixed a few times. Issue still I not solved and fixed... But the 4.3l v6 is bulletproof the motor will definitely Outkast the truck.

- Eric C

The description of my truck.

My truck is very dependable but it needs a paint job it gets me from point A to point B. I really love my truck especially the extended cab. My truck has a gas engine and automatic transmission and it is black and silver. I love driving my truck to the store and to work.

- Douglas S

The Silverado - the truck to haul!

The Silverado is a good truck, especially the 4 door. It has a full bed for hauling large or heavy items. It has all the features of a car, but with more power. The downside is horrible gas mileage, and no four wheel drive. But for the price it is a good truck to have.

- Alex W

Very few problems great vehicle member of the family.

A good vehicle but some basic problems with tire pressure and heating problems in the winter although when it works the heating is among some of the best I have had in a car. The best truck I have ever had and I am pretty happy with it and it gives me little problems.

- Cat R

2004 Chevrolet 1500 crew cab.

Love that it has four doors. Plenty of room for passengers. It has four wheel drive for any type of terrain. The v8 engine provides plenty of power. Very functional vehicle. Not bad on gas mileage. Has. The short bed, would like a full size bed but it does the job.

- Charles D

It's great on gas. It gets me where I need to go. The engine runs great.

I love my 2004 chevy truck. It is big enough to haul furniture and good on gas. Never had a problem with the radio or engine. I do regular maintenance on it to keep it running smoothly. The only thing I don't like is the fabric on the ceiling is getting loose.

- JoAnna U

Red Chevrolet Silverado 2004.

It has a button switch for what drive you have it in and it started going out periodically about 4 years in, other than that it is a great truck. It comes with a hidden compartment of tools for if you break down, which we haven't yet. Fits 3 people, drives smooth.

- Alexis B

I prefer my 2004 Chevrolet over the 2006 Ford f250. Super duty we have.

My 2004 Chevrolet actually has no problems as far as it running. The only thing I think it needs is the air conditioner charged up. When you turn the air on 4 or higher it pours water in the floor on the passenger side. If we leave it on three or lower its fine.

- Wendy G

Has a hypertech racing chip. You program yourself. Super fast.

This truck is sure to bet the competitors. V8 reasonable gas mileage. Also hits speeds unlike any other. Never had any issues with the truck since 2013. Very dependable. Handles excellent in the snow. Has a feature that allows all 4 tires to rotate all the time.

- Dana K

2004 Chevy Silverado sitting on 20s.

Does everything I need it to do, gets decent gas mileage, insurance inst too expensive. It would be nice if it was 4 wheel drive. The next truck I buy will have 4 wheel drive for sure. I would recommend a Chevy Silverado to anyone that's looking to buy a truck.

- jason O

It is fast, get on the gas and it will take you wherever you need to go quickly.

It is been a good vehicle. At 175, 000 miles it began to have problems, s but up until that point it was great. Go ahead and get a for door though when buying a truck not extended cab. Also get four wheel drive the weight of the vehicle is enough to need this.

- Zack S

Solid truck, even 14 years later

My 2004 Silverado is over all pretty great. It hauls everything I ask it to, tows everything I've thrown at it so far, and still manages to get about 13 mpg all the time. The only issues it really has is from the previous owner not taking care of the vehicle

- Zach R

Chevy Silverado - a truck for all your needs.

My truck is a very comfortable and dependable truck. It has all the creature comforts of a smaller vehicle, with all the room you could need. It has a full back seat with 2 normal size doors in the back. The bed is plenty big enough to haul many large items.

- Alex S

Great Chevrolet Silverado 1500.

The features on my truck include heated power seats, AM FM radio with CD player sprayed in bed liner air conditioning front and back crew cab tinted windows custom rims OnStar tow package power steering leather seats running lights automatic transmission.

- Ruth B

Best of the 2004 Chevy Silverado.

The 2004 Chevy Silverado is a great truck its roomy and reliable. Four wheel drive, cold ac, and good wheel control. We always take out truck everywhere. Our dog loves to ride in the truck and so does our son. The truck looks best in black with mud tires.

- Tara K

Chevy Silverado 2004 1500. Blue truck 4 doors. Extended cab.

I bought my truck off a farmer. So it had a lot of wear and tear. Easy problems to fix. Brake pads, oil change and all that good jazz. It is a good truck. Hauls good. Works good. Sounds loud. Comfortable. Fits a family. Bigger tank so gas is expensive.

- Alex C

This is my first experience with a Chevrolet truck.

The only problem I have is this was a used vehicle and the air conditioner quit working--the dealer promised to fix it--the rest of the vehicle is sound--good truck--fast pickup speed--seats are very comfortable even on a 3 hour trip--very nice truck.

- James S

It's a tough, dependable truck, with plenty of power and comfort, all rolled into one.

This was the first vehicle I ever bought new off of the lot. It has been a very reliable vehicle for the majority of the time I have owned it. It's the perfect vehicle for my lifestyle, and has been used for everything a truck is made to be used for.

- Neil U

Great for a family vehicle, work truck or everyday driver.

This is the best truck I have ever owned. It is reliable and drives great. It is great in the snow and four wheel drive works perfect. I have towed a trailer with this truck no problem and also had a plow on it. Best overall truck I have ever owned.

- Mike D

It is great in the winter with 4 wheel drive.

It performs very well but we have had problems with the heat/ac dial since we bought it used. It has been very reliable except when we didn't use it for while, the tires rutted and the brake lines rusted to the point that we had it replace them all.

- Margaret B

Long lasting and dependable very durable. Has held up well and still does what I need it to do.

The only complaint I have right now is that it is getting older and more likely to have issues. I like the fact that it is still going strong and has held up well. Does what I need it to do. Plenty of room and still looks good overall for it's age.

- Kyle H

The gas mileage is not that great.

My Chevrolet truck is great, I love it, I have not had any serious problems with it so far. I have done normal maintenance on it. The only thing that I didn't like was on the paint job, , the clear coating on it started peeling off after 5 years.

- Damon M

It's a no thrills base model truck with a V6 4.3 liter straight shift five speed rear wheel drive.

This truck is a base model without bells and whistles. I use it as my daily driver. I like the fuel mileage because it gets the best out of the vehicles that I own. I don't like the fact it's underpowered at times in the region I live in.

- Charles H

It is a great truck to have.

I love it, because I have never had a truck. I can fit my son, plus four more people. I can toss my trash right in the back and bring it to the dump. I dislike that it is not four-wheel drive, which I need here in the winter.

- Rani M

It is a work horse that keeps on ticking

It has been a very reliable vehicle. It is just nice enough to drive everyday yet old and beat up enough that I don't have to worry about beating it up when hauling stuff with or in it. Only complaint is the poor gas mileage.

- James B

That it can comfortably transport my family around town.

It has over 200k miles. It may need a new transmission as it shifts into second gear pretty hard. It can fit up to 6 people comfortably. It has an extended cab. It has power windows and locks and the ac works great.

- Katie R

If you need a truck, buy a Chevy Silverado with an 8 foot bed. It is reliable and dependable and will do a good job hauling material will giving you a pleasant and smooth ride.

My Chevy SIlverado is rugged and dependable. It is also stylish and comfortable. My truck can haul a heavy load and pull one, too. There is nothing I dislike about my truck except, like me, it is getting old.

- Gene P

Reliability and Great gas mileage for the size . !

I've had my Silverado for over 2 years, and Haven't had one problem. It is a beast . Has hauled a lot and been alot of place. It currently has over 288k and still running strong. A+ for the manufacturers

- Chris Y

Bad Purchase! The truck has been problems from day one.

I would never purchase a Chevy Silverado in the future. The rear windows leaks from day one. The blower motor on the heat/air conditioner stopped working 3 years ago. Air bag sensor went out years ago.

- Rose M

2004 Chevy Silverado extended cab

it's a great truck very reliable always gets me where I need to go very comfortable lots of storage, unfortunately it's only an extended cab so there is not a lot of room in the back for people to ride

- john e

My truck has to have most parts replaced.

My truck barely runs and drives but when it does It's a horrible experience the transmission needs a rebuild the motor only runs on 4 cylinders sometimes all 8 will run but that's if you're lucky.

- Trevor B

It is dependable, especially in winter weather.

I love driving a big vehicle. It has an 8 foot bed and is the lt edition with 6 Bose speakers. Plenty of extras, such as heated seats and I like the quality of this truck and 4 wheel drive.

- Patricia A

Good truck during the winter time even without studs on tires.

Good truck overall. We've had it for over a year, the previous owner was the first owner. Only thing we have had to fix since we have owned it is new brake pads, which is just a normal fix!

- Kayla F

It is very dependable. Do all as you should and you will never have a problem.

My truck has over 300, 000 thousand miles on it. I have had nothing but usual issues from wear and tear. I am very happy with my truck and truly cannot thing of ant negative things to say.

- Debbie G

You have to use special coolant in the cooling system.

I have no dislikes on this vehicle. It has been a great truck to own. It has been the best vehicle i have ever owned. Few repairs and dependable on long trip even at 180,000 miles.

- Robert B

It is durable and very reliable. It is able to do everything you need it to do.

I like my vehicle because it is very durable. It has lasted for years without many problems. The only thing I do not like about it is the inside can sometimes fall apart a bit.

- Melanie I

it is very good in wet weather and has no problem pulling a trailer in any weather

it does not have enough room inside the cab and the tailgate is very heavy to close, I like the way it drives and is dependable, can carry large loads and pulls a trailer great

- pat b

It is very convenient and small.

I love my vehicle I had it for 14 yrs. now still running strong and no problem yet I have right at 300,000 miles on it have no fault wish I could get another 14 yrs. out of it.

- Moss H




Its 4wd, it's got all the bells and whistles and is awesome hauling.

I have no complaints about this truck. It works great for a everyday driver and is great when we need something to haul items. Came decked out and perfect from the start.

- Megin A

It is very reliable. I keep routine maintenance up to date.

I love it everything about it especially that it runs smoothly. I do not have any complaints about this vehicle. I highly recommend to anyone who needs a new vehicle.

- Maria Elena Q

My truck is very important to me.

My truck is reliable and comfortable to drive. There have only been 2 things that needed replacement that weren't regular maintenance. My truck has all the options.

- Mark H

They need to know that it's a Chevrolet, no more is necessary.!

I purchased this truck when it was less than a year old.My truck is an extended cab and it is a 4 wheel drive.My truck has NEVER let me down and I go everywhere!!

- Mike M

It is 14 yrs old and still nice condition, was a good purchase.

It is starting to fall apart like the instrument panel, the door lock fell inside the door and the heat/ac fan is bad. Good gas mileage. Paint in good condition.

- Pam S

If you take care of the maintenance, it will last you as long as you need it too!

I've put over 300,000 miles on the truck, the only thing I've had to do to it aside from routine maintenance is replace the water pump. It's been a great truck!

- Josh P

Very smooth riding for a pickup truck, very little sway when carrying a heavy load

The truck runs very well for having 131,000 + miles on the speedometer. It is a crew cab with a full sized truck bed. The only problem is the A/C just went out.

- Larry D

Its ok on gas and mileage.

The problem I have with my vehicle is that the bearing goes out a lot. I have to keep replacing it. Now the rear end is going out. It's getting annoying.

- Kristin G

It's reliable and runs smooth.

I love the size and room of the truck and quality of the engine. I wish it was newer and that the center console wasn't cracking. It rides really smooth.

- Aimee C

Its comfortable for long rides. Its an overall decent truck.

I have grounding issues in the truck which causes lights and beeping while driving. It's a nuisance. It's not a bad truck other than the grounding issue.

- Amber G

Good product to buy and keep.

Dependable truck do anything. No trouble with the truck as long as you keep maintenance up. Tires keep up on truck don't buy used make harder on it.

- Jennifer W

The Chevy Silverado is a truck that can get you where you want to go and take with you what you need.

Very comfortable and can haul many items. We love to use it on vacation and take our bikes. It is easy to drive but it gets very poor gas mileage.

- Valerie A

Reliable and a work horse of a truck.

Comfortable riding, small 8 cylinder engine, good pickup, crew cab. A/c recently went out. For a truck that has 131,000 + miles on it, it runs good.

- Larry D

It is dependable. I haven't had major breakdowns and repairs have been few.

Seats are comfortable and great leg room. Ride is smooth and low road noise. The four wheel drive is excellent for winter driving on snow and ice.

- Sheryl V

My truck is so very reliable.

I like how it is reliable. No matter how many miles I put on it, it will work. I do not like the rust the old look of it. I need a new truck.

- Reese L

It is dependable and reliable.

I dislike the rust. It seems like all the Chevy trucks rust out in the same spot. I like the dependability of everything under the hood.

- Wendy E

The one most important thing is that my car (truck) can get the job done - whether moving people or hauling stuff.

Reliable, looks good, starts and runs, hauls what I need. Check engine light comes on periodically, and could get better gas mileage.

- Patrick M

Reliability. Mile per gallon gas. Price.

Reliable. I bought it new and have 207000 miles on it. Great engine. Love the design. Terrible paint quality. Terrible inside lining.

- Tatiana C

Good truck very reliable and dependable.

I love my truck. Its reliable dependable and strong. It has lasted me 8 years so far and I believe it will see me through many more.

- Brittany P

It is super reliable and aged well.

I love this vehicle. It is super reliable and does surprisingly well on fuel. It has never let me down and it is good for its age.

- Corey C

It is a great 4 wheel drive pickup.

It does not get great gas mileage. Just do not like the color. It is a great truck other than that. It pulls just about anything.

- Barb D

Extended cab is a great feature.

The Silverado is a great truck it allows me to get from A to B and carry anything that I want idk why I have to type so much.

- John D

I would rather have my old Dodge back.

The electrical system is always messing up. It is great for hauling. Love the extended cab. I'm always putting repairs in it.

- George M

I do not owe anything on it.

Dependable, powerful 4 doors comfortable, American made, it is a truck, feels safe, no payments, room for the whole family.

- Jonathan E

It's a decent truck, but very bad on gas mileage. Expect to put a lot of money into the gas tank!

I like my truck okay, but it has a few issues. The gas mileage is horrible! But it does allow me to tow and carry things.

- Alex S

It is big and can get through snow, dirt, mud and any bad terrain.

The truck is too big. It uses a lot of gas. It is hard to see over the steering wheel because I am short. I like the color

- Susan M

Best truck ever in my opinion. I have a 2004, 2008, and a 2011 Silverado 1500.

I love my truck. Never had a single issue out of it so long as I keep up the maintenance and regular oil changes etc.

- Lori P

It is mine & I do as I like with it. It lets me be me & go where I want to go when I want to go.

It is comfortable to drive. I can haul whatever I want to haul. It gets me where I want to go. It gives me freedom.

- Susie K

Runs good no problems black color

It has 175,346 miles runs good smog check pass 2 seats Runs great new tires rims The color is black tinted windows

- Marcos P

It is reliable great truck.

Love it, easy to drive, moves we, great turning radius, love the color and the comfort of the seats, great space.

- Renee W

It is very dependable and gets us where we need to go.

My truck is very dependable. There is nothing wrong with it, I love it very much. I just bought new tires for it.

- Jake S

American built made to last.

It is very durable very reliable parts are cheap easy to work on American made had really no problems out of it.

- Victoria N

That it is very dependable.

I love that it is an extended cab truck with the extra seat in it. Also it has a camper shell on it that I like.

- Mary B

Chevy Silverado is a great truck.

I love the way the motor sounds when I accelerate. It is easy to handle. It is comfortable. Fits 6 comfortably.

- Judy B

It is reliable transportation, great seating and can tow well.

I like that it is reliable transportation. It has plenty of seating. I do not like that it uses so much fuel.

- Shanna P

Good old truck but the paint job and inside is failing

Old. The paint job is terrible from the factory. Inside is falling apart. Motor is very strong and reliable.

- William N

4wd extended cab Chevy Silverado

I love my truck. The way it handles, gets decent gas mileage. It has been extremely reliable. Like the 4wd.

- Jennifer R

It's reliable and will last a long time.

The size is just right for me. Not too big and not too small. Has plenty of room and I like the reliability.

- Devin H

It has been very reliable and I recommend Chevy vehicles to everyone.

It is older and high mileage now. It is a fantastic vehicle and I have already purchased another silverado.

- Lenny R

It is very dependable and has needed very little maintenance

It has high mileage being 14 years old and some rust and paint defects from use it has never let me down!

- Amanda T

Interior not made well, parts like interior door covers falling off.

Love the fact that its a truck, do not like how much gas it takes, but I love being high up off the road.

- Ashley C

It big. Get me around and it is very room. People love it.

Works good. Get me where I have to go. I use it for work. It has a lot of room. I love the way it drives.

- Rosie G

nothing, it's a basic work truck and it has 214,000 miles on it

Bought it as a work truck 14 years ago. It still works, and needs some things, but it has served me well

- greg h

Very nice ride love my Silverado

I love my Silverado. Gas mileage good ride very nice. It has 230,000 still runs good has plenty of power

- Eric P

That its dependable and reliable

I like that it gets me to where I am going. It is dependable and never fails. I love that it is silver.

- Crystal B

It a a good built vehicle.

I like my vehicle because it has been a good truck. However it does have issues with the electrical.

- Starla M

It's reliable, and can be used for anything

has everything I want. It's American made. only thing I don't like it seems to rust out easily

- steve M

It's a good vehicle to own with a lot of good features.

Like: the ability to haul items, good gas mileage, smallness of vehicle. Dislike: nothing

- Emma F

Sometimes the air conditioning blows hot on the drivers side

A full size pickup with a hard shell tonneau cover. The cover gets in the way frequently

- Don T

Very durable and dependable vehicle.

The durability of the vehicle is above all. I have no dislikes other than it is older

- John K

very dependable I would recommend it to anyone looking for a truck

My truck has been very dependable I have had no issues would definitely recommend

- Roger M

Older than other vehicles. However it is very dependable.

I like that it is dependable and red. It has cool air conditioning and was cheap

- Austin C

It handles nice and is easy to drive and part. Lots of room inside.

U like the individual heat controls. I like the auto lights. It is comfortable

- Doris K

It has been very dependable and has given me no trouble.?.

It is dependable and hardworking. I have owned it for 10 years with. I trouble.

- Jimmy J

Lots of storage and space as well as towing capacity.

Love everything about the vehicle. Storage and space are the major pulses.

- Nicky W

It gets me from point a to point b. It isn't anything special. I like that it's currently running but I would prefer i nicer vehicle that's more reliable

That it looks like a beater of a vehicle but runs and that's what matters

- tanner o

I have no complaints about my truck. It has been a good running vehicle and needed little repair over the 10 years that I have owned it. It is very comfortable and roomy.

My truck has run great for a very long time and has 300,000 miles on it.

- Tina R

Do not buy a chevy truck all I had is problems with it and it uses a lot of gas

I like how I can haul my trailer with my truck but it uses a lot of gas

- Robert D

No power steering when trying to park

Great driving. Moves fast and not a lot of breakdowns. Always reliable.

- AJ F

It gets you to and from work. and can haul many things

it is a dependable work truck. I just wish gas is more affordable.

- Sonia M

We use our truck to pull a camper. The motor is in excellent condition and it runs great in spite of her age. The only thing I don't like about it is the seats are unable to recline all the way back.

That it's a dependable truck and the parts are reasonably priced.

- Dwana L

its dependable its white its nice and gets me where I'm going

i like chevrolet almost always get where I'm going and back.

- maudie s

Dependability and reliable

Vehicle is reliable and I love my truck It is very roomy

- Estela F

That it's paid for. And in great condition for a truck of its age.

My pickup truck has been very reliable and dependable.

- Charles T

It's mine and it's a Chevy

I love It. It's a chevy so it's dependable.

- Skyler n