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Chevy Silverado pick-up: one of the most reliable vehicles I have ever owned!

My truck has over 100k miles on it, and I have had very little problems with it. Most of the issues I have had with it have been minor and inexpensive: new brakes, new tires, air conditioner switch replaced, replacing light bulbs, tail lights, etc. The only 'major' work I have had to have done to my truck was having the catalytic converters changed. Had I taken it to a shop, it would have cost over $3000, but I bought the part online and had a friend install it, and I have had no problems since. I paid about $6000 for it back in 2011, and I have definitely gotten my money's worth out of it. I live on a very rough and wild piece of property, and having a reliable pickup truck has made a huge difference. I have hauled appliances, riding lawn mowers, U-Haul trailers, construction materials, tree branches, etc. With ease. Hooking a trailer to it is so simple, and the wiring harness I bought to connect the trailer lights was not expensive and available in any auto parts store. I have pulled my husband's car out of the mud with it with no problems. Mine gets about 14-16 miles per gallon but would get more if I did more highway driving. The ride is a little rough, but that is typical of pick-up trucks, especially the smaller models like mine. It is a work truck model, meaning it does not have all the bells and whistles on it: no power windows, power locks, or power mirrors. But without all of these additional options, I have less issues with electronics going out. Anyone with knowledge of working on cars can do most of the work on this truck themselves. I will drive this truck till it dies, which will be a long time. I highly recommend it!

- Roni L

2007 1500 classic Chevy Silverado 196, 000 miles and still going strong!

I really enjoy driving our 2007 1500 Chevy Silverado. I love way it handles and drives. We are a family of 4 and there is plenty of room. The gas mileage was really surprising, gets around 19 mpg. Overall I am very satisfied with the Silverado. We bought it used and have owned it for about 7 years. The only major problem we have had with this vehicle has been with the wheel bearings. We have had to replace both front bearings several times. We have taken this vehicle on several vacations, including one to the beach which was around 600 miles one way. We also own a 21 ft bumper pull camper that we use the Silverado to tow. We have had absolutely no problems towing with this vehicle. Our Silverado has cloth seats, which have held up really well, no rips or tears, just normal wear. The overhead cloth is still intact, all mirrors are clear. The headlights are somewhat fogged but not as bad as some I have seen. We have used this truck to haul trees, mulch, gravel, and furniture with no problems at all. Overall, I am very satisfied with this truck. It is my daily driver and I love it. I highly recommend the 1500 series Silverado and will definitely purchase another when this one wears out(196, 00) still going strong!

- Melissa B

Almost three hundred thousand miles

I love my truck. It has almost three hundred thousand miles on it and still runs great. It has never left me stranded on the side of the road. As for problems....I have had only a few. After a few years of having my Chevy I had to put a new alternator in it. The sensors let you know when you need to change the oil, put more brake fluid in etc. Most of the time I don't let it get to that point but every now and then it happens. I've had bulldozers dump two scoops of mulch in the back of my truck with no problems. It was more work getting that stuff out than it was to haul it!! The truck I own is a work truck so there is no carpet which is great because I live in the country. Having a rock driveway gets carpet pretty messy. I will be buying another Chevy if mine ever gives out!!

- Rebecca J

That it's a dependable truck and even though the paint is coming off I still love it and would buy it again

I saw the truck I have on the Super Bowl commercial in 2006 and I just had to have it! I searched the Internet and found one with every available option and went and bought it the next day. I love that it has so many options, even the rear DVD player I only used once during a hurricane when the power was out. I don't like that things broke over a couple of years, like power mirrors, power sliding back glass etc. The engine messed up right over 100,000 miles and they told me that unfortunately that was common with my engine. I didn't like that they hadn't contacted me about it, but I did like that they gave me a 2,000 discount when they fixed it.

- Ralph S

Strong and dependable. Very spacious.

The truck is spacious, heavy duty and dependable. It needed a new engine at very low mileage but I believe it was from the previous owners not changing oil in a timely. Manner as required. I have no problems since the new engine was installed. This engine is not known for problem anywhere below 100k miles but mine was the exception. It is a very durable strong truck. It has plenty of room even in the back seat even though it is a club cab. Transmission is excellent after many heavy and numerous rows without the two package. When I buy a new vehicle it will most likely be another Silverado or GMC made truck.

- Renee K

It runs wonderful as long as I change the oil.

Our truck is very dependable. We haven't had any engine problems. That's because we change our oil regularly. We have gotten one set of tires put on truck about two years ago. My husband says if it is not a Chevy I won't buy it. I myself prefer a Mazda, or Honda. To me they are the same. If you don't change oil when it is time you will have car problems with engine. If you don't do that you will always have car problems. When I was young I didn't listen to my elders. I guess that's why I have bought a lot of cars.

- Sandy Lacy S

I am a truck person, I like trucks. Also a Chevy girl. So there's that.

I love this truck. The only thing I would change is the gas mileage and I would rather have a crew cab. But that is just me. Other than my opinion everything else is great about this truck. Of course being eleven years old there are some issues. But nothing that cannot be fixed. This truck has been very reliable for me in the last three years that I have owned it. This truck is a dirt roads best friend. And not having carpet helps with all the dirt and mud. Makes it easy to clean!

- L. J

Interesting detail is that it is candy Apple red.

2007 Chevrolet Silverado is red, very good on gas. Over the years, only had one major problem and that was with the fuel pump in the gasoline tank. Fuel pump had to be replaced. The down side to that is it was very expensive like $1400 performed by the dealer. Otherwise, vehicle is in excellent condition, very reliable. It has cloth seats but is very comfortable. Lots of room in the back. Truck has a bed liner that protects the paint very well.

- Donald P

Vehicle was originally a white 2007 Chevy Silverado 1500 classic.

I loved my truck. It would run perfect and smooth. Took it on several trips. From New Mexico to Arizona, Texas, California and even Zacatecas, Mexico. I fixed it up the way I wanted it. New color, new wheels, a whole transformation. Unfortunately, someone tried stealing my vehicle. Completely destroyed it from the inside. Took my stock tires, my stereo, and everything inside of it. Being a single mother has been hard to rebuild my dream truck.

- Gardenia P

Wished I would've waited a year.

This 2007 Silverado was the first year after a style change. The dash started cracking in 2 years now its is bad. The a/c unit goes off when you hit a bump or a pothole. Then you have to. Fight it to get it to work. The radio does not work right when it gets hot outside it works good sometimes. But it runs great and looks great. Back seat is not the most comfortable for sure. Over all between 1 and ten it is a. 8.

- Richard H

Great reliable truck honestly I would buy another one if I needed to.

Problems: airbag light, tire sensors, evap canister and upper and lower ball joints. Performance: the 5. 3 liter really performs great. I love it. Reliability: honestly I give this truck a 4 star. It has been great. Comfort: I would have to say that it is not a comfortable truck to drive. Features: this is a base model truck with not many features but the ones that it has are nice and function great.

- Brady T

The 2007 Chevy Silverado hits the top of the mark.

We bought our vehicle in 2007 brand new from the dealership. This truck has been used pretty much every day and is still running like a champ. The towing capability is great and we also love all of the creature comforts. The gas mileage is better than some of the trucks about the same size and I do like how it shuts down a cylinders when you are at a cruising speed which saves on gas.

- Stephanie D

It is my pride and joy. And I worked hard for it. I love my mud tires I put on it.

I absolutely love it. Haven't had a problem with it since I bought it brand new back in 2009. I keep my truck up like your suppose to and it runs like a charm. I love it because it has a pretty good sized bed and I can haul stuff off. It is my everyday car and gets me and my family to everywhere we need to go. I would recommend this truck to anyone looking for a good reliable truck.

- Taylor M

This is a very awesome and reliable vehicle.

Awesome vehicle for traveling with comfort. It is a smooth ride. It is a great work truck but it cannot handle consistent hauling of shingles. Hauling too much heavy weight will eventually cause problems like transmission and engine issues. It is very reliable if it is not stressed out by hauling too much weight. I really like my truck. I would recommend buying this vehicle.

- Bryan H

Great for some with five to six family member great room.

There know problems it has great gas mileage very dependable I go any place in it. There is a lots of room for family to take family trips. I like the lay out in and out very nice great radio speakers CD player nice wheels leather steer wheel nice mirrors electric windows. Great air conditioner and heater rear window defrost adjustable seat on star four glove boxes in side.

- Barbara S

2007 Chevy Silverado 5. 3 engine v8.

Love my 2007 Chevy Silverado, love the power with the great gas savings. Has great steering and very reliable. Every turn on my ignition starts right up. Have a great tow package and handles well on the road with a heavy load pulling, or on the bed. Easy to work on as well. The 5. 3 engine very easy to pinpoint things that need to be replaced or just maintenance.

- Roberto S

Review of Silverado 1500 as a work and personal use vehicle. Best purchase ever!

Very reliable, heavy duty work and everything else vehicle. Has slight transmission problems but overall not very problem prone. Only requires minimal maintenance to keep it running well. Does very well on and off road which gives it great dual purpose abilities. Rides very comfortable in both front and back seats. Would buy this vehicle again given the chance.

- Sarah T

Good for space, bad on oil.

Overall it is an excellent vehicle, the extended cab is perfect for when you have children or need extra space for a pet or boxes. The bed of the truck is a wonderful size for moving furniture and wood. The only issue that we really seem to have is that the vehicle eats up oil. We constantly have to get it changed even if we had recently done it.

- Ashlee W

The 5. 3 liter motor is great! Avoid buying any Chevrolet vehicle with afm.

I like my 2007 Chevrolet Silverado. The only issue I have had with it is afm. This is the active fuel management system that switches it to a 4 cylinder mode. I would avoid getting a truck with Chevy that has the system. It causes oil consumption and damage to the motor. Once I had it programmed not to switch to 4 cylinder mode it is been great!

- Luke C

Power, durability, and dependability

My truck is a single cab 2wd long wheel base. It has plenty of cargo room. I can haul 4'X8' plywood easily with the tailgate shut. I have the 4.8 V-8 engine that gives me plenty of power for towing. I get about 18 mpg, which is decent for a full sized truck. And it has the durability and dependability that comes with owning a Chevrolet.

- Teddy G

Chevrolet Silverado makes them rough, tuff, durable and strong. Go get yours today.

I love my Chevrolet truck. I have had no problems with it. It always gets me where I want to go. I live on a rough country road and my truck never lets me down. I don't have a lot of rattles or shaking even after driving everyday on the road. I haul what I need in the back. It rides comfortably. I will buy another Chevrolet Silverado.

- Sonja W

2007 Chevy Silverado 1500 classic.

It is a work truck without a lot of bells or whistles. It does have a lot of dependability though and get me where I need to go. There is also ample cab space for my family of five to travel. I have taken the wife and kids for trips that were over 3 hours without any major complaints. Gas is on par with most full size pickups.

- Joe H

Running boards make it easy for short legs.

Like that is has four doors and full size double cab. It is easy to get car seat in and out and to put toddlers in car seat. Like that it has cruise control. Wish it had dual temperature control. The truck is black and heats up in summer. Like that it has the running boards to step on to get in a lot easier.

- Stacy H

Crew cab blue truck with lots of legroom.

I like that the crew cab has enough room for our family and plenty of legroom. We take it on long trips and is a reliable car no problems except for a air bag recall that we have been trying to get resolved and not got done yet due to they will contact us when they have our part. It is been over a year now.

- J M

My Chevy truck has a manual shift.

Had problems with catalytic converter, brakes, and electrical when I first got it. Running well now. Change oil when necessary, rotate new tires when needed, and have brakes checked before winter moves in. Is white in color, which I do not like, but it does the job of getting me from one place to another.

- Anne T

Chevrolet Silverado 1500 2007.

Runs very good with no major mechanical problems, but radio speakers only work if gets hot and driver window does not work if cold which is easy fix. It holds a lot and like the covered truck bed so can lock stuff in. Cleans up well and get like 15 miles per gallon weather in the city or on the highway.

- William T

2007 Chevy Silverado still has it.

Truck has been very reliable since I have had it. Chevy makes a solid truck with normal maintenance Chevy trucks will last a long time. I have only had minor issues with the truck. I replaced the motor when it blew a rod and it had ran good as new. It is 11 years old but still runs and drives great.

- Boston A

Very easy to drive on long trips. With a good set of Michelin tires the ride is smooth.

It has been a very good truck for me. This is my 4th truck and I have over 263K miles. I do with it was a 2 wheel drive only. It only comes as a 4 wheel drive. I would like to get 20+ miles per gal and I think a 2 wheel drive could do that better. Overall I'm happy but I just wish it got better MPG.

- Michael M

Love my truck. Comfortable and reliable.

Rides very comfortably, gets good fuel mileage for a truck. It is a crew cab so it fits 5-6 adults comfortably. We have taken it on many road trips and it has made those trips very comfortable. We have a carpeted bed with a top on it. Great for luggage. Feel very safe driving it. I love the height.

- Sandra B

The black stallion-my 2007 Chevy Silverado.

I love it because it used to be my grandfather's, but it is mostly manual. It has hand crank windows and only a radio with no aux, CD, or even cassette player. So if you are looking for a sturdy reliable beginners truck. This is a good way to go. Otherwise I would suggest more modern amenities.

- Trey T

Gas mileage is not great - best 14 MPG in city, typical is more like 12

The Silverado has a nice ride - does not feel like you are driving a dump truck like other models do. The crew cab is convenient for groceries, dogs and carrying supplies. The stereo is good. The u joints keep wearing out - have replaced three times. The rear end has been replaced twice.

- gerilyn s

2007 Chevy 1500. Good vehicle.

Really good vehicle! Love how it handles. Drives very smooth. The only issue is that the inside of the cab is very loud and rattles quite a bit. All you need is a good stereo and that is no longer a problem! Would recommend to anybody looking for a truck that is super nice and good looking.

- Derek N

Dependable comfortable driving machine.

Very reliable comfortable to drive love it wouldn't drive any other kind of car, I have owned this since it was new probably my last truck i'll ever buy it is very dependable and have had no issues whatsoever with it at all. I would recommend a Chevrolet to everyone who wants a nice ride.

- Ron R

Chevy over Ford tough. Do not doubt the power of the truly strong Silverado.

This is a flex fuel vehicle with amazing power. This truck is not only powerful and strong it has a great feel as a family vehicle. Strong enough to complete the manly tasks of a farm vehicle yet luxury enough for date night. You couldn't ask for a better truck. I truly love this vehicle.

- A B

Love the room! Plenty of space for anything you could need!

I love all the room the Chevy Silverado offers. We live in the country and need something that is tough enough to take the beating our truck takes! There's plenty of leg room also. We have the crew cab and there is so much room, it is amazing! I brought a goat home in the back seat, lol.

- Barbara W

Very roomy and comfortable. I got the extended cab.

No problems. Great gas mileage. Dependable. I do regular check-ups. Change oil, rotate tires. I haven't had any serious issues with my truck. I bought my truck used, one owner before me. I just recently had new brake pads 9n the front. The truck has been very dependable since buying it.

- Kevin C

Friends do not let them use you car.

I have let " friends" in the near past use my truck and dented, broke lights, and bent bumper. Back in Feb. I have to rebuild my tranny mostly by myself. And two months ago the back glass got broke out and I do not have money to replace. I need new tires as well but cannot get them yet.

- William B

The a/c is broke but everything else is good.

The a/c always is busted. It runs well gets the job done I have done some work on it to keep it in that condition though it's a good entry level truck. The truck came with good tires light and a fresh coat of paint. I honestly love the truck I have used it every day for a year now.

- Joshua L

2007 Chevrolet Silverado general problems.

Only problem is the radio and sound system of the vehicle. Doesn't work properly and only one speaker plays most of the time. Would prefer to have better systems. Or maybe it's an electrical problem, like the vehicle has a short in the system. Either way, it needs to be addressed.

- Richard M

My trusted Silverado, loved family and happy times.

My Chevy Silverado is one of the best vehicles I have ever owned. With proper maintenance such as regular oil changes, tune-up etc. I have driven the truck little over eleven years without having had any major issues or mechanical problems. I would definitely buy another Chevy.

- Debbie C

Everything is digital. The dash will tell you how many mpg you have left.

For a 4x4 it rides very comfortable. It hugs the services well. It has an awesome sound system. It converts from a v8 to a 4 cylinder when it does not need power. It really towers our camper. Power windows and the short box is covered with a lid that easily opens and closes.

- Lynne J

Excellent extended cab truck.

Durability of vehicle is outstanding. It is only now showing signs of wear and needing repairs. The transmission lines needed to be replaced as well as the power steering. Some other minor electrical issues with the windows too. Overall the truck has held up extremely well.

- Jennifer L

Happy customer of a Chevrolet truck.

It is been very reliable and haven't had to do a thing but regular maintenance. 172, 000 miles and still going. I tow a boat and a lawn mower trailer with it periodically. I would love to have a new one but this one is still doing fine. Will definitely buy the same brand.

- Robert B

My black beauty my. . . Truck that goes and goes. . Some more.

Just the best pick up truck you could by. . . Dollar for dollar and if taken care of prop levy it will last for many years. . . Gets good gas mileage on the highway when driven at the proper speed. . . Like 60 or so. . . Change the oil often and the truck will go and go.

- Jim W

Overall, this is a great vehicle!

It is very comfortable and a nice looking vehicle. It has a back seat and comfortably fits three car seats across for my kids. Also great use for work if you need to haul things. Expensive to fill for gas, and does not have great gas mileage but is strong and reliable.

- Rosa L

Title of your review summarize your vehicle or highlight an interesting detail.

It very comfortable to buy, it has good features such as a comfortable seat and a comfortable make. It has a cool color and it looks sporty. I like it because it has a nice interior. I like to go to the club with it to pick up chicks. Which does work so I recommend it.

- Rebel F

Chevy Silverado truck with extra seat.

Very dependable. Has all the features needed. It does sound like the valves have started making a clicking sound. That started after an oil change so I am concerned about that, but it is dependable overall. The sound system is good and the bed of the truck is durable.

- Brandy B

Excellent vehicle for all.

Super reliable, very comfortable. Great for road trips. Good in severe weather. Super durable. I would recommend this truck to anyone looking for a safe and dependable vehicle. Haven't encountered any problems. I would say this is one of the best vehicles out there.

- Ashley S

Baseball, apple pie, and Chevrolet.

Problems are very few, the 5.3 engine is very reliable with plenty of punch. Tows my travel trailer with ease. Very comfortable with plenty of room and features. Leather seats which are heated and nice in the winter. The Bose speaker system puts out quality sound.

- David M

It is my pride and joy, and I love having a full-size spare tire.

Chevrolet trucks are the best! Just open the hood and you can see how well designed they are. It gets good gas mileage, and has plenty of power. I have taken mine off-roading and had no problems. The stereo system is great and it comes with a full-size spare tire.

- David C

The Chevy Silverado 1500.

I haven't had any problems with mine whatsoever. Just regular maintenance. I bought this vehicle used about 3 years ago. We have took it on vacations and I would trust it to take it anywhere I needed to go. Great vehicle. I would recommend this vehicle to anyone.

- Angie K

Power, comfort, to let me be John Wayne.

It has the comfort, the power and clearance to visit the 17, 000 miles of trails in and my county. The comfort of the ride over rock, sand, trail, the power to climb and get me were I want to go, and if I get stuck, pop into 4 wheel drive and get out of trouble.

- Mike M

Chevy Silverado is a very reliable hard working durable truck.

I have a 2007 Chevrolet Silverado. This truck has over 200, 000 miles on it and has needed only minimal repairs during the time that we've had this truck. If you are looking for an extremely dependable truck the Chevy Silverado is definitely the truck to choose.

- Debbie M

One. Happy, pleased customer.

I bought my 2007 Chevy Silverado new off the showcase floor. I have loved everything about it I have only had minor problems. I have kept the oil changed, tires rotated, and had up-to-date checks done. I have been totally pleased with all aspects of this buy.

- Sherry R

It get me where I need to go. And it's four wheel drive.

I do not like my truck because It has a lot of flaws. It does not have very much pulling power. And the transmission is a little thuggish switching gears. And they are many complaints about this year model burning oil. And the window switches hardly ever work.

- Levi D

Small and just perfect for one.

No real problems so far. Just regular wear and tear. Like window seals need to be replaced and one of the windshield sprayers are not working. I would like a light on the floor board. Oh and some paint is chipping and the spare tire holder is broken.

- mandy L

The vehicle is great on fuel and the technology package is awesome.

It is my roommates and it is falling apart. The entire undercarriage is rusted and sucks a lot of gas. I do like the size of the cab, (crew cab). Even though it is falling apart, it is getting us where we need to go still.

- Jessica B

What it lacks in looks it makes up for in functionality.

No complaints and no dislikes. I love the dependability of my truck. It gets great gas mileage for its class, and there is plenty of room both in the cab and in the bed for whatever or whomever I need to haul/transport.

- Zachary S

It is a family vehicle and it is very dependable. It's not flashy or sporty, it's functional.

I've had my truck for 11 years now. I bought it new. I haven't had any problems with it. General maintenance is performed regularly. It has over 140,000 miles on it and our 3 kids ride comfortably in the back seat.

- Rachel R

The truck is ours to keep.

A 2007 Chevrolet Silverado. Black, regular cab with 8 ft box. Rides like a dream. It does have some issues that are being resolved. It has some cosmetic dings, but overall runs like a champ and just a great truck.

- Valerie B

That the truck is very reliable in all weather situations.

The truck has been very reliable for me. It has been very low maintenance and drives like a car. I don't like that it is rusting over the rear wheels but it appears to be a problem on all of those style trucks.

- Jason D

Best truck ever-I named my Silverado

I love this truck. I bought it used, so I have had to do some maintenance and upkeep, but overall it runs well. It handles smoothly, is great for off-roading and gets decent gas mileage for a vehicle that size.

- Emily S

Super reliable and just keeps on going.

Love the gas mileage for a truck and the hauling capability. Door seals after being old have worn out and you can hear the wind when you drive. Speakers built into the door rattle and do not work well anymore.

- Ryan Y

They're great vehicles but don't get great fuel mileage.

I like the available power and towing capabilities. I like the V8 to V4 mode to conserve fuel. I don't like the fuel mileage it gets. I love the solid feel and dependability. I've not done any major repairs.

- William C

i think it is a safe vehicle it has plenty of room to put lots of stuff in the back seat and floor board it is a extended cab

i love it i like how you are up higher off the ground than in a car i think it is safer than in a car too it is harder to drive than a car where it is bigger you have to have more room but i still love it

- deborah r

Love Chevy’s. Despite the mechanical issues it is still a good running vehicle.

Dry shaft continues to fall out and it is not very good on gas mileage. Have had lots of mechanical problems, but I am sure the year has a lot to due with it. It is rusty from the road salt during winter.

- Rebecca D

It's perfect for use of anything and everything. It's not bad on gas and it's comfortable but can also haul things.

I like how much room there is on the inside. I have a truck bed cover which allows me to store more things in the bed. I do not like the AFM. It caused my engine to breakdown and I had to buy a new one.

- Joshua D

That it needs a new exhaust.

My Chevy Silverado is a good truck but has its ups and downs like for instance, the bad is that it's lowered, and very rough, needs tires, along with some shocks. The good is the ac works in this rig.

- Dalton M

I'm proud of my possessions and I take care of them. Please respect my truck and don't open your car doors and bump or dent my truck.

I like how it drives and high I sit off the road. I like that I can haul dirt and mulch in the truck bed. I don't like the fact that it is starting to show its age and it's time to buy a new truck.

- Dick Y

Chevy Silverado 1500 v8 2007 model

Very reliable vehicle. Chevy Silverado 1500. I like the interior and the way it feels when I drive the truck. I really like the body style of the truck and the tires are the right fit for the truck.

- Doug B

It has over 200,000 miles on it and it still is going strong.

I love my truck, it is so reliable. I love the 4 wheel drive and media player in it. I have taken it on many vacation and it has never let me down. It is the absolute best vehicle I have ever own.

- Kimberly S

This truck has not let me down yet.

This truck is everything I need when it comes to the day to day grind. It tows everything I need it to. I have never needed to use the four wheel drive in the lower gears to get out of a jam.

- Tom D

Excellent vehicle, great shape, one car owner, Great maintenance records.

My pride and joy is my. red, 4x4 Z71 Chevy Silverado, excellent condition, I have had no major problems since I bought it new in 2007. I would recommend this vehicle to anyone and everyone..

- Sheree R

Fantastic truck to drive and stylish

My vehicle is extremely reliable, durable, and overall very dependable. The seats and inside spacing are comfortable in comparison to most other vehicle manufacturer's equivalent vehicles.

- Ashley W

Someone wrecked into my grandmother in the same kind of truck... totalled her car but barely a ding in the truck. Seems very safe!

I've owned my truck for 9 years & love it as much now as when I bought it. It does have some electrical things malfunctioning on the dashboard but they seem minor. It's a great truck!

- Katrina W

It is bigger than it seems.

I like the smoothness of the ride of the vehicle. I do not like how high the seat is at the lowest position I also do not like the center counsel it does not flip up for a 6th seat.

- Taylor A

The truck has great visibility.

The truck is very dependable and comfortable. The fuel economy is better than most other full size truck with small v8 engines. Only negative I have is the rear doors on the truck.

- Dennis P

My Silverado 1500 has been a very good vehicle.

It is been dependable had to change brakes twice I change the oil regularly how to replace the alternator at a hundred thirty thousand miles other than that it is been dependable.

- Harvey L J

I use this truck every day in the construction field I hold some pretty heavy stuff

I've had no problems with this vehicle had to change the alternator once change the brakes twice other than that just routine regular oil changes it's been a great vehicle for me

- Harvey J

Very reliable Chevy 1500!

It is very reliable, but has a few aesthetic issues that need to be fixed. Oil leaks. The interior is worn out and needs a deep clean. Rides a little rough. Seat belt is broken.

- Ashley S

Silverado is worth the money

It is a great truck for most purposes. It has been good with engine performance, but mileage is a bit low at 14-15 miles per gallon.the interior has held up well so far.

- Jeff P

It is reliable every time I get in it and is comfortable.

it has been a tough truck and is still running good. It does have a small oil leak which is a little annoying. it is still working fine and i keep it in good condition.

- rhonda p

It's a reliable work truck. That's the model, so it's pretty barebones. but it runs well.

It is very reliable. It just hit 150,000 miles, but there really haven't been any major problems with it. I wish there was a better stereo/radio system in it though.

- Neil Y

Be prepared to buy a lot of gas lol.

I have had a lot of brake problems with both my Silverado's. And front end issues in general, other than that It's been a great vehicle I would recommend to anyone.

- Ethan S

It is one of the best trucks I have ever owned.

I like the way it handles and the smooth ride,also the power when you need it.When I bought it I compared it with a new f150 on the lot and there was no comparison.

- Michael H

It has the best AC and it is the most comfortable riding truck i Have ever had.

I absolutely love my 07 Chevy 1500 truck. There is no problems with my truck. It has the best air conditioner I have ever had. Great performance and comfortable.

- Donald C

Chevrolet Silverado 1500 regular cab.

2007 black Chevy Silverado 1500. Has some lights on in the dash which was there when we bought it. Rides like a dream and haven't had any major problems with it.

- Valerie B

It is very reliable and comfortable.

Extremely comfortable. Plenty of space in the front and back. Super reliable, runs great. Durable in even the harshest weather. Would most definitely recommend.

- Ashley S

It's really old and is pretty much on its last leg, but we have had it for a long time.

The car did have brake problems, but other than that it's a nice car. I do like to amount of space the car has soI can pack up all our stuff for family trips.

- Bethany S

It has a powerful v6 engine and is great on the highway.

I love the looks of my truck, the ride and the reliability. I am the 2nd owner and it is been such a great vehicle. Its very versatile and the AC works great!.

- Luke E

I have not had many major repair or maintenance costs.

I have really liked my truck from the beginning. It has been very reliable, especially in the winter months when the weather can get horrible in North Dakota.

- Tyler T

Great truck for everyday life.

Performance wise, it is more than enough for a day to day truck. Gets the job done in every aspect. Not many issues besides routine maintenance. 5 out of 5.

- Walker M

My truck is dependable and durable.

I love my truck. It is just the size I need for any use that I need it for. It is rugged yet stylish and comfortable. It just suits my style for everything.

- Karen S

Prepare to use a lot of gas.

Gas mileage is terrible. Seems to require nonstop upkeep. However the extended cab allows enough room for the whole family and it has one tough truck bed.

- Kiley K

Amazing vehicle with amazing reviews.

The only problem I have had is having to replace the wheel bearings and ball joints. Other than that the truck has been great. It is an amazing vehicle.

- Randy K

It is not roomy in the backseat.

The truck runs well and it quite reliable, and it is bed is nice for hauling feed. The only drawback for me with our truck is the small backseat space.

- Kathy W

It is a good working truck.

It is rugged and sturdy. Handles well while driving. Like the flexibility of adjusting the seats for the drivers. Generally not a fan of leather seats.

- Megan R

Chevy trucks have lots of room to sit in.

I like how my truck has never let us down in 11 years. We've taken it to Denver twice and have had no problems on the trip. My truck is super reliable.

- Fernando P

Silverado review which covers lasting paint job

Enjoy the truck. No big issues since I have owned it. Paint is still in great shape even after sitting in Texas sun. Overall rate it 90 out of 100.

- Jason W

Very reliable and trustworthy car, can't complain.

It gets great gas mileage. It's open and spacious inside. Big enough for a family of tall people. Is perfect for hauling exactly what I need and more.

- Amanda L

Nice car, comfortable ride for price.

I love the towing capabilities. And that it has a bed. I do not like the gas mileage. Also I do not enjoy that it is cloth seats instead of leather.

- Matthew F

My Truck That Is Reliable

My truck runs well, drives well, get decent highway miles, is reliable. Never had any major problems with it but I do keep up on maintenance though.

- Nicole K

It's a good running truck. Gets me where need to go.

I love having a truck. Its big enough for the family. Easy to drive. Gets pretty good gas mileage for a truck. Four wheel drive is handy in winter.

- Chris W

This truck is really intimidating to boys and people in tiny cars

I love my truck. It's done really well for a long time. It's made the most of its years. It's getting a little trashy and beaten up in its old age

- Ashley B

it will be filled with tools and sometimes dirt.

i like the room for both passengers and tools/material. it has a good sprayed truck bed. i wish it was a plug in hybrid. also the radio is jacked

- Stuart G

It's a good family car. It is comfortable vehicle to take a trip in.

I like the roominess and the smooth ride. I like the comfort. I don't like the fact that they don't make them anymore and parts are expensive.

- Justine S

Wouldn't drive anything but a Chevy!

Only complaint is this particular year had electrical problems, otherwise a solid dependable truck. Living in the upper Midwest, I love the 4WD.

- Kim W

It's a good vehicle that has lasted a long time. There is over 200k miles and it's still running.

I love my vehicle because it's lasted a long time and there has been a lot of things that have been fixed on it but it's been fairly easy to do.

- Kylee G

This vehicle is very reliable and is great for single people with no need for extra room.

I like the reliability of the vehicle and the personal connection I have with it. I don't really dislike anything, I'm content with my vehicle.

- Jonathan G

My hardworking family truck.

i love my silverado. It hauls my family and my loads. I have hauled my camper with it also. It helped me and my family move across country.

- steve t

It is super durable and great for towing a boat to the water.

I love the ruggedness about the pick up truck. I also love the room in the cab and the bed. I do wish it had a little more horsepower though

- David N

It is a comfortable ride and very safe. It gets average fuel economy.

The Silverado is very dependable. I have not no issues with it. It is powerful, comfortable on road trips, and has excellent cargo capacity.

- Rinitial O

It is fast and can be used to move stuff or haul stuff which most cars cannot.

I like that it is a single cab truck with a 5. 3 liter v8 and I do not like that I had to replace the rear differential with such low miles.

- Alberto G

Its a truck so it doesn't have the greatest gas mileage.

I like the truck because i can haul stuff in the bed part. It is very dependable and is a quality product which has last a good many years.

- thomas m

My vehicle is reliable and runs well for being older.

I love my truck because it is reliable. It is comfortable to drive in. I wish there was another row of seats in the back and more storage.

- Amy G

My review of my current vehicle.

Solid truck with excellent reliability and does its job. No rust or major issues since owning it. Well maintained which helped keep it up!

- Steven J

It's an old pickup truck and can get the job done

It has great handling the motor is great in it the body is in really good shape for how old it is I also think it's good on gas mileage

- Ryan H

My truck is about to turn 200k miles and still going strong.

The 1500 has a good reliable engine overall. The technology is good. MIn issue is that every chevy truck dash cracks. Poor dash design.

- Shane M

Most dependable truck on the road

Very dependable. Never had a major issue just keep regular maintenance and all is good. Has 170,000 miles on it and still going strong

- Chris S

The rating of my 2007 Chevrolet Silverado pickup truck.

It is a very good vehicle besides the gas. It uses a lot of gas in town but better on interstate. Other than that such a good vehicle.

- Marissa D

A great truck for most situations

Everything works fine, no problems other than usual wear and tear. Very comfortable, and roomy. 4 wheel drive is handy in the winter.

- doug k

It is very comfortable and reliable.

It's a pretty decent truck. It was used when I got it but very well taken care of. It has good gas mileage as well. Very comfortable.

- Denise D

Smooth looking truck that runs good and sounds even better

My truck is black and has off-road tires on it. It has a lift kit and loud engine. The only thing that I dislike is the gas mileage.

- Justin B

How much room it has, the 4 wheel drive is handy.

Love the crew cab. Plenty of room. I am not to big a fan of the radio. The glare of the large screen is distracting while you drive.

- Barbara W

It is a much safer vehicle than others if an accident should occur

I like the size and drive ability. I don't like the poor gas prices or maintenance. Overall it really is close to our dream vehicle

- Alysa P

I think it is safer to drive a bigger vehicle.

I like big trucks and how they drive. I do not like that there is not an extra seat in the front (middle). I like the look of it.

- Sam K

It is has a lot of miles on it.

Runs great, color is red, it is a 5. 8 engine. It is a 2 door. Has cold a/c. The radio works fine. The chairs are comfortable.

- Judy M

It runs and drives great. It's definitely dependable.

It is a gas guzzler. I'd like it to be newer, however, it is comfortable n smooth riding. It runs great, I would prefer 4x4.

- Angela T

Very good and dependable vehicle.

No problems. Bought the vehicle new and have loved it. Plenty of room when travelling. Easy to park since I am very petite.

- Michelle U

My truck has been very reliable.

I like that it is good on gas for a truck. I do not like that it is not 4 wheel drive. I have had minimal problems from it.

- Blake W

It gets good gas mileage, drives smooth, is dependable.

I have never had any problems with my truck at all. I love it. It still drives like a new truck it has 96,000 miles on it.

- Melissa E

It is safe and reliable. Chevy is an amazing company

My truck was certified pre owned. It had a lot of issues when I bought it. It still continues to have mechanical issues

- Randi K

2007 chevy Silverado crew cab

My Silverado was one of the best purchases I made! It's very reliable and at 200,000 miles I've still had no problems!

- Trevor B

Some may struggle to drive or park due to its size

Runs great. Good turning, mileage, suspension, and overall good specs. Is a large car so some may struggle to drive it

- Andrew S

Its very durable, has 200k miles and runs perfect!

Very smooth driving, extremely comfortable. We use it as our 'Trip Vehicle' since it's so roomy. Radio isn't very good

- James s

Pretty good light truck for whatever you need

It's a great vehicle that gets me to wherever i need to go from a day to day basis. Good gas mileage and good heating

- Tyler W

Great riding car. Has a great deal of comfort.

Rides very good. Good gas mileage. Sounds good. Dependable. Looks nice and sleek. Comfortable ride. Reliable brand.

- Timothy W

The mileage is over 264, 000 and it still runs great. I get over 30 mpg.

My 1987 Honda accord is the vehicle I drive the most however this survey does not allow for the age of the vehicle!

- Karen S

My cool and awesome grey truck

I love this truck because is is dependable and can seat up to six people. It also has plenty of room to haul stuff

- Jody J

It is very dependable in any circumstance.

It is great looking and dependable. Due to its age it makes some noises and the interior is giving away a little.

- Drew S

It has been reliable and I have not had a lot of issues with it.

Like the size and comfort interior. Like power and versatility. Like the way it looks.. Hate it only has 5.5 bed.

- Roy J

That it is not cheap to drive a truck because of gas cost.

It is a good truck that gets me where I need to go. It is easy to find parts for and any mechanic can work on it.

- brad r

It's reliable, clean, and the newest model vehicle that I've ever owned

I love that my truck runs great. It looks good for its age. The only thing I don't like is it's not 4 wheel drive

- Richard R

It is an 8 cylinder and uses lots of gas.

Able to transport just about anything. Lots of room in the back for an adult. Comfortable driving long distance.

- Renee C

The heated seats are great in the winter.

It has power windows and seats. The seats are heated. It has a very nice sounding radio and it rides very nice.

- Debbie W

Reliable, excellent, dependable.

Never have had a problem. Keep up with your maintenance and oil changes. Will definitely buy another Chevrolet.

- Charles S

The most important thing that others should know is that it is good on gas.

My Chevy Silverado is amazing.It's performance is good except I have 6 cylinders and not good on acceleration.

- Lynda W

it switches to 4 wheel drive with only the turn of a knob.

I don't like how easily it changes to 4 wheels. I like being able to haul things. I like how big the cab is.

- travis r

Enjoyable and exciting vehicle

Pretty good and a very good engine. Always exciting every time to go to the store. So far no accident happen.

- Nenita M

It is very loud and has a lot of power.

I like that it is a truck. I can use it for hauling various things. A lot of room for myself and my friends.

- Chandler S

I gets decent gas mileage.

It's not my truck. Its my son truck. I do not have a car. My son love his truck. He love driving that truck.

- Elain P

It is mechanical sound. Runs good.

Wrong size engine. Had I bought one with the bigger engine, I would have lived it. Seems like it bogs down

- Joanie M




It's Very Dependable and has the strength to pull any boat or trailer that I've had

I have 250,000 miles and have only done scheduled maintenance on it. Very few repairs. I would buy another

- David K

I love driving it. Black and sleek looking. Love Chevrolet

I love my pickup. It's sleek, black and pretty. It's comfortable to drive and gets great fuel mileage.


It's a great truck that gets me where I need to go with no problem.

I like that it rides smooth. It has lasted for a long time with little to none problems. It looks good.

- CJ M

It has cooled seats and tinted windows.

The vehicle that I drive is very reliable and durable. It has a good motor and is good for traveling!

- Emanuel T

It gets really bad gas mileage.

I love the size and room for the whole family. I hate the gas it drinks. It runs good and looks nice.

- Carrie W

Very good quality truck!!

Never had any problems, it's used as a work truck. Pretty good on gas, takes dings well will buy.

- Karen K

It is a very comfortable ride.

It looks good it runs good it rides good. Plenty of room for the family and cargo and no complaints.

- Steven S

My truck is one of the best brands around and I like the way it rides.

I Like sitting up high to see the road better, I like the smooth ride and don't have any dislikes.

- Beryl R

i hate the dang thing so bad

trouble since i have had it. always something wrong with it. will not buy chevrolet the next time

- willie L

It is a reliable and long lasting vehicle with good horsepower

I like the body style. I like ho the truck sounds when running. I dislike some of the ac problems

- Timothy W

Trustworthy and very safe and nice options

Great truck that has had no problems. Safe and excellent gas mileage. Cost effective to maintain.

- neil C

It is cool looking.It looks like a real truck and not a toy.

My truck is reliable transportation. Truck is dependable and comfortable. I have no dislikes.

- robert m

It's a vehicle that is built for work and is used as such. It will be dirty and can take a beating.

It's a very durable vehicle that requires very little extra maintenance. It's very reliable.

- Taylor Z

My car is old but it still works

I like that it is reliable and will get me places. I wish the gas tank was a little bigger

- Kelsey W

I love my truck and I will drive it until it dies!

It is a reliable truck that I love. If you do general maintenance it will run smoothly.

- Devin C

The tailgate handle breaks and there's no Cd player or aux cord hookup. Not even a cassette,

It hauls stuff well. It is very reliable too. Really haven't had any problems with it.

- Becky Y

Reliable, dependable, hard working and beautiful.

I like my truck because it's dependable.My truck is reliable, My truck is a workhorse.

- robert D

I like being above every little car. I can always see a few cars ahead of me. I feel safe and protected being in a large truck

Even though it is a truck. It still is extremely comfortable over long distances.

- William K

Very spacious crew cab truck

I like that it makes moving easier. I like the way is sounds and how It's lifted.

- Shawn S

That it doesn't turn sharp

I like the color and style but don't like that I've had issues with the wiring.


It is very roomy, in back seat also and the ride is a very smooth, comfortable ride

I love what my truck offers in options and the style and ride of my truck

- Ang F

safety, sit up ride high so i can see around other cars

like chevrolet pickups, reliable , well built, good looking, powerful,

- george s

still runs as well as new. the stability towing is superb

I like the horsepower and towing capacity.I really have no complaints

- Troy H

It's very dependable and the best vehicle I have ever had.

I love the 4x4, the smooth ride. I do not like the wide turn radius.

- Nicholas E

great vehicle worth the money, can't imagine being without it

Its a truck, Rides smooth, Haul lots of things, in wonderful shape

- Alyce B

We really like our truck. It is used but very clean looking inside and out. It has some minor issues but doesn't every used vehicle. We love the color and radio. Only concern we have is about rust around fender wells.

It is reliable. If maintained properly it will give you long life.

- Mary B

Its a chevy only truck I would look for to buy.Great value very durable.

it has been a great truck. very dependable . Good gas mileage.

- cheryl w

Durable and runs great in the wintertime, go traction

Rust easy, rims are not good. Love how the 4 wheel drive works

- Nick M

that's my car and they can't steal it or i'll call the police

its ok, I like the size it's good for snow, not to bad on gas

- tim c

Love the way it handles in snow I feel safe I don't slide all over has great control

Nice to have space for wood and rocks it's great in snow

- Karen F

Wish it was four wheel drive. If it had a V8 engine it would also be better. Otherwise I don't have many complaints.

I have done all of the maintenance and work myself!

- April C

Has a lot of power, is very roomy and can hold a lot of groceries or other luggage for traveling.

I love everything about it except it is a gas hog.

- Lauren S

It is American brand and made.

I like the style, durability and comfort of ride.

- Hector E

Title: oil pressure sensor workaround. 2007 Chevy Silverado 1500 overall great.

- Blake B