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Overall very good truck for average person.

My 2008 Silverado pickup is a comfortable ride, it does not ride like a work truck but more like an SUV. I have had several issues over the last few years where the air condition did not work properly and several switches quit working. For example, the window controls on the driver's side will only work for 2 of the 4 windows and the cruise control can be finicky. Overall, the truck performs pretty well, it takes off good and stops as expected. It is also pretty reliable, I have not had a situation where the truck left me stranded, ice only had 'comfort' related issues with the truck. The motor and engine and functional aspects work just fine. I like the features that are included, there are separate controls for the driver and passenger heat & ac. It only has the basic heat, ac, and radio controls on the dash and they are simple enough that I feel comfortable using them while driving.

- Christina F

Extended door are wiped down plastic for easy clean up.

I have no complaints with my truck. It gets the normal average miles on the highway of 25 and 17 in town. The suspension is good. And it handles really well in bad weather. Snow, ice, both at the same time. And with push button 4wd it makes it even easier. The seats are comfortable with a lot of elbow room between the driver and passenger. The seats in the back are comfortable with enough leg room so you do not feel cramped. If you need extra space the seats easily flip up to make for more room. Maintenance up keep us affordable for replacing parts like spark plugs brakes rotors etc. It tow boats and trailers without a problem and does not feel like it is bogged down if you haul heavy loads in the back. I love my Chevy and wouldn't trade it for the world.

- Emily H

Awesome Reliable Truck, you won't be disappointed

Good, reliable truck, gets decent gas mileage and smooth ride. I Love the leather interior and the lights on the exterior mirrors. It has comfortable seats and room enough in the back for 3 car seats, if you have only 2 kiddos, the cup holder in the back seat in the middle is nice. The sound system is good, Sirius XM is nice and my truck came with it for free for the first 6 months. The air and heat work wonderfully. The speedometer and other dials are large and easy to read. The seat comes up enough for a shorty like me(5'2) to read the pedals. Overall a great truck, Silverados are a favorite in the family and this one's no different.

- Billy A

I love my 2008 Chevy 4x4!

I love my truck. It is an extended cab but has as much room as a 4 door. The men in my family are 6'2" on avg and there is plenty of legroom for them in the front and back, it is 4x4 so hunting in the country is completely doable with little effort, it has 165000 miles and is still running great. The truck and engine both look as though they were in a time capsule and the leather seats have no tears or cracks! The interior is very human friendly and has lots of creature comforts. Gas mileage is a little low but considering it is a 4x4 and has the 5.3 engine I guess that goes along with it.

- Lisa D

My Chevy Silverado is a 2008 z71 4x4 LT cab and a half with 102,000 miles on it

The vehicle is very comfortable to drive. The issues I have with it are mostly cosmetic. The switches to roll down the back windows on the rear doors have come loose and pop out regularly but they still work. Also the dashboard has a large crack in it probably from sitting out in the sun so I had to buy a fitted mat to go over the dashboard so nothing falls into the crack. The only other complaint I have about the vehicle is when you give it gas in order to maneuver quickly there is a pretty significant delay before the engines rpm increases and it shifts gear to speed up.

- John L

2008 Chevy Silverado 1500.

I have had no problems with the vehicle. No problems under the hood with the engine or transmission. Regular maintenance on the vehicle has allowed me to see no problems up to this point. The vehicle is has always been reliable. Performance is good. Comfort level is good. Seats are comfortable and do not get tough to sit in even while traveling long distances. Headrests do not cause any neck stiffness after a long distance. Vehicle has good features. Automatic windows, AUX port, on-star, Sirius XM radio, power door locks, and cruise control.

- Tim W

Wish I would've bought the truck years before.

2008 Chevy Silverado LTZ with an 8 inch lift kit, 20 rims blacked out 35' tires. All leather interior, heated seats, power window, power locks, power sunroof, crew cab, GPS, CD player, DVD player, tow package. It's very comfortable and has a lot of power. I've pulled tractors with my flatbed trailer with no issues. It has 133k miles on it, the only issues are the typical Chevrolet issues, such as the catalytic converter going out and a throttle position sensor going out as well. Other than that, I give the truck a 10 out of 10.

- Blaine C

It is a long-lasting vehicle and for the most part is very dependable.

It is very tough on gas is not very reliable when it comes to towing anything and tires for my truck are very expensive. The four wheel drive works good and is very reliable when it comes to slick roads it is load capacity is not the best butt for what it is it works would like to add another spring to it may be with bigger shocks and struts worried is able to haul a little more the motor has been reliable no big issues with that or the transmission all in all it is a good truck.

- David C

Good truck that holds it is value when taken care of properly.

Our 2008 Silverado looks as good as it did in 2018. It has held up well. The only real complaint we have is that it is hard on gas and does not get good mileage. We've had no trouble with it considering that we've only put 46000 miles on it in 10 years. We did drive it to South Carolina and back and it was a very comfortable ride. It is a big truck and sometimes it is very difficult to park. Need to put a pillow on the seat to be able to see over the front fenders.

- Marilyn M

Let's go to the back 40, do some fishing and mudding.

The door lock actuators are losing power. Sometimes they work, sometimes they don't. But other than that it's still operating fine. I love the power when I turn off limp mode. And even though its a 2 wheel drive, with some good off road tires it CSN trek into some pretty soggy terrains. And depending on what you're used to the mpg can be a little hard to swallow at 15 -16 miles per gallon. I've had trucks that only got 10-12 mpg so 15-16 ain't that bad

- kyle M

It is reliable, but does not have good gas mileage.

It is a good vehicle to own. It drives smoothly, making a trip to wherever we go very comfortable. I enjoy many of the features that this vehicle has, such as the deck and the large center console. It came with a good air conditioner and heater, and the speakers are in good condition. The cab is spacious, and it does not make me claustrophobic. It is very reliable and there has not been an issue with this vehicle yet.

- Joe L

Love this truck. Very dependable.

After changing plugs and wires after change stabilizer light came on it is running like a champ. Interior is very comfortable. Radio and speaker system is top notch. We have the crew cab which is nice for hunting and hauling. Is rusting however in true Chevy fashion around rear wheels. But overall love this truck. It is dependable and is a great all around truck for my many hobbies. Tows great too.

- Kristin W

Silverado is the perfect work truck or casual truck it will never fail you.

This truck has over 200k miles on it and I've had very minimal problems with it, the only problems I've had was the door actuators going out, the locks breaking, and a lifter in the engine going out, but that was mainly because of a poor decision to try a new type of oil in it which broke my lifter and caused the problem, I've since fixed the problem and have had no issues whatsoever from it.

- Sean C

2008 Chevrolet Silverado 1500 v6 4.3 l.

Silverado 2008, color white silver trim, single cab, automatic transmission, manual windows and locks, rhino liner short bed. Radio / CD player. Has Sirius access, no fog lights. . Best on gas. Pure unleaded gasoline. . Problem I am having is my sensor, indicating my left tire pressure is low and I check all tires before I go anywhere. . Great for long trips and 2 people. . Thank you.

- Christina V

Extended cab Chevy Silverado 1500 with lt trim.

Really good vehicle never had a problem. It is comfortable and very roomy. It has enough towing power to haul smaller things such as small trailers or boats. And it gets decent gas mileage 16-18 miles per gallon. I would highly recommend this vehicle for people who are taller and may need something to haul medium sized items, but still want to have an economical choice for travel.

- Tyler B

Power from small 6 cylinder!

The Chevy Silverado is awesome. Had a 2002 f150 stepside before it, the f150 had no power, made a lot of noise but no go! Have big hills to climb and it would lose power going up with it floored. Chevy though hardly ever have to kick it down into lower gear. If I do I gain mph by the time I reach the top! The cab has more room and the overall driving experience is so much better!

- Ryan E

Chevy trucks are built to last!

2008 Chevy truck has been the best vehicle I've owned. Never had an issue with it since I bought it in 2009. Only changed the battery twice in the last 10 years. I've changed tires twice, brake shoes and tie rods, and shocks. All wear and treat stuff that comes with time. Engine is great! Transmission is great, suspension is great! Thanks Chevrolet for making a great product!!

- Gerardo D

Great for a single person without children.

I have had to replace the battery 2 times in the last 7 years that I have had my 2008 Chevy Silverado. The air conditioner went out this year. Those are the only problems I have had. Other than that it has been very reliable. The only thing I really do not like about it is that it is not big enough for my family. It has been a great vehicle for just me these past years though.

- Kara W

Chevrolet trucks are known to rust quickly

My vehicle is very comfortable to drive or ride in. It is very dependable. It uses a lot of gas driving to and from work. The only issue I have with the vehicle is that it rusted very quickly despite being kept clean. If Chevrolet would use a more durable metal product for the bodies of their vehicles it would be great considering they already have the best running gear made.

- Bill H

It is big, and safe - for the most part. And it's bright red so you can't miss it!

I prefer to drive a truck, and I love my Chevy truck! I like the bigger vehicle - no little tiny cars for me, they don't seem as safe. My truck goes through rough roads, snow, rain, freezing rain - you name it, my truck can probably go through it! The only thing I don't like is that I really could use more room for hauling grandkids - but I don't want to give up my truck!

- Heidi J

Reliable, comfortable, and roomy

We love this car! It is really comfortable for long drives, and rides very nicely. It provides a comfortable ride, with plenty of legroom in both the front and back seats. We have never had a problem with the reliability of the car, we know when we go outside that it's going to start, and have no worries when we go on long road trips in it. Highly recommend this vehicle!

- Madison R

Solid dependable red truck.

Had a main computer replaced 4 or 5 years ago. Have had no other problems the seats are comfortable. The factory CD player is still working the door speakers have went out after many hours of use. It's been reliable on long trips. It's been a good truck all these years. Its took down dirt roads got me through tough jobs. I would buy another Silverado in the future.

- Heather T

Fun to drive. Easy to take care of all of the maintenance.

This truck is a really dependable vehicle. It has not had any major problems. The only things I have replaced were the ball joints. It does well driving on the highway. Driven it all over Texas and Oklahoma. The seats are very comfortable. The only thing I wish it had was a sunroof. It pulls trailers without any problem. It is like nothing is even on the trailer.

- Cory B

It can go places most cars can't. It does well in snow or mud.

I like that I can have two batteries in my truck. I also love the hand crank windows. I don't like having automatic windows because they are a pain to fix. I love the color of my truck. It stands out. I do not like the color or the material of my seats. My only complaint really is the gas mileage. For a six cylinder I would expect a little better gas mileage.

- Cassandra S

I met my future finance when I just bought the truck.

Most reliable driving equipment except when it comes to replacing vacuum hose, spark plugs, and identifying any oil leaks. Sometimes you may have to shop around for replacement parts that do not cost an arm or leg. But please be sure that you never substitute quality over quantity, a little extra spending goes a long way. If, you can spare to do so.

- Ellen S

2008 Chevrolet Silverado 1500.

The truck is awesome the performance is spectacular. The truck has never let me down. The truck has just enough electrical features in it which does not make it to overwhelming and also means less things to go wrong. The comfort is of smooth riding car in a truck. The 5.3 motor tends to burn some oil. Other than that there are no real complaints.

- Zachary E

Reliable Vehicle - One Minor Complaint

Very reliable vehicle. I bought my truck used, it is currently 11 years old with 127000 miles on it, and I haven't had any major problems. My only complaint is the headlights go out frequently, and it isn't easy to change the lights, you have to take the entire grill off which is a pain. They go out at least once (each) per year.

- Allison V

Comfortable, smooth, roomie, awesome.

Vehicle is great very reliable smooth to drive and fits very comfortable for a big family. Handles great in the rain and snow even though it is not a four wheel drive. It is not to low and not to high. Still very sporty for a man or even a woman. My son is looking forward to receiving this truck when he turns 16 with his license.

- Stephanie C

Good in any type of weather. Good ac and heater. Power windows and locks.

My truck really don't have to many problems. Very reliable. Runs great drives good. I love that its very roomy and plenty of legroom in the back seat. It drives smooth and drives nice. The engine is quiet. I love the Silverado because it's like a car and a truck. You can haul stuff with it and has room like a car.

- Ricky R

Chevy Silverado is a great daily driver with amazing shocks.

It is very reliable and it is a great daily driver. It is a bit big and it drives big but once you get use to the dimensions it is great. Shocks are really good, I hardly feel the bumps on the city roads and highways. I recommend the Chevy Silverado to anyone that likes trucks, it will not be a disappointment.

- Hunter Z

Loving life in my 2008 Chevy Silverado.

2008 Chevy Silverado 1500 with 170k miles. Other than basic upkeep it has been a dream. Still waiting on airbag recall... No luck and it's been 4 years. I wish I would have gotten 4 doors instead of 3 at times but I don't have that much need that it is a big deal. Lots of power & room... No complaints.

- Gloria H

A dependable truck to own

Like the arrangement of gauges, comfort. Starting to have issues with clogged ports in engine. Very comfortable on highway trips and economy is typical of larger trucks. The 4 wheel drive has been great and trouble free. The overall reliability and dependability has been very good and would buy again.

- Randy C

It is a silver gray in color. An is 4 wheel drive.

My Chevy truck has been a very good buy. I have had it 8 years an only been in the shop 2 time for repairs. One to get some wires fixed that got tore up. In a tow. An to have its front hub fixed. It has over 15,000 miles on it a still runs like new. Chevy or GMC trucks are the best trucks you can buy!

- Bess A

Reliable old truck. Stripped down but enough.

Overall it is a good truck. Had some problems with the engine.Light coming on but not being able to pinpoint the problem. Had to use the spare tire and had trouble getting it out. Gets really good gas mileage. The heat and air work really well too. It has a nice pull down console for holding drinks.

- David H

The towing gear is a big plus.

My truck is dependable, good gas mileage, room for six comfortable, smooth ride, I have owed it for eight years and only had a few problems, I had to replace alternator, battery, tires. It has a nice CD player, lots of storage, two armrest, six cup holders, and two power plugs for charging phones.

- Shirley M

The Pro�s and Con�s of owning my vehicle

The transmission runs very smooth, along with it being very well on gas but the only problem I've had with the vehicle is being the tires. In addition to the tires I have found that during the years of owning my car the tires is the only problem that has shown with this brand or type of vehicle.

- Devine A

Charcoal grey stock lift with 22 inch rims & a squarish body

I love my Silverado! It drives smoothly. It's good on gas 14 mpg as a matter of fact but seems to go lots longer. The AC is super cold. I'm beyond comfortable driving it. All my tire pressure sensors work & my lights have never turned on. It's a pretty old truck but runs like it's brand new

- Lupita G

A truck that keeps on going.

My truck has been a great vehicle. It has 220, 000 miles at this time and still going strong. It runs great and the heat and air still work perfectly. I have had to replace a few headlights and taillights. I had to replace the battery twice. Other than that their have been no major repairs.

- Sue M

Get around family mobile!!

I love my little family get around work truck!it's the right size for me. It gets my kids to school great, it's perfect for my husband when he needs to load something big or haul something. I do not recommend taking it on long trips there is no cruise control A/C and heater work amazing

- Randy B

I love how spacious the truck is in the back.

Not too many problems so far, smooth ride, durable, plenty of space in the backseat, there's actually an extra seat in the front middle that I love. It does use up a lot of gas but other than that I love the truck. I would most definitely purchase another vehicle that is made by Chevy.

- Amber K

2008 Chevy Silverado Work Truck

Truck has been great over the years, very little mechanical problems. Slight problem with rust on the doors. Have hit two deer with no effects and excellent for hauling bikes and kayaks. Not very much room in the cab, but plenty of room in the truck bed for a toolbox for extra storage.

- Jon O

We love our red Chevy truck!

We have not had any problems other than up keep, tires, etc. Had to get a side panel once when a deer ran into it while driving home on a highway late at night. Other than that it is been a great truck! We wouldn't think twice about buying another Chevy truck. We love our Chevy truck!!

- Jeanie B

Lots of minor problems with the truck.

Wheel bearing went out 60000 miles. Body rusted to quick. Replace brake switch twice. Seating to drive uncomfortable. Tailgate lock never worked correct. Do like the Chevy truck ride on highway. Think Chevy has best radio and sound system. Could make replacing headlights a lot easier.

- Gary F

The transmission goes out.

Transmission went fast in my truck. Within two weeks off the lot the my transmission busted. I did buy it used but still expected it to run longer off the lot. Once I got it fixed it acted up again, leading me to have to buy a 3rd tranny. So if you get this truck, keep it maintained.

- Daniel T

The great Chevy trucks of 2008.

I love my truck. Have had no problems. Runs great. And is not real bad on gas, it is very roomy and has electric seats on both sides. Plenty of compartments to store things. If you ever buy a truck or car. I would highly recommend a Chevy. Thank you for reading my review of my truck.

- Paul G

Our used & wonderful truck.

Bought it used. I would say it is held up well with all the driving we do! Got a squeaky/squawk that no one knows where it is coming from. But all in all, a very nice truck. Solid construction & workmanship. You cannot go wrong with a truck like this workhorse! Highly recommend it!

- Michele W

There is nothing at all about this truck at all that is interesting.

It is an awful truck clearly whoever owned before me did not take care of it at all the gas gauge works when it wants to it just sucks bottom line. We will be trading it in soon. I do not have much else to say other than that. Only other thing I could say was how much I hate it.

- Jessica E

Chevrolet Silverado 1500 Ls

Overall good vehicle. It has some issues with headlights and the only thing I don't like about it when something goes out it's a domino effect especially when bought used. Which that's any used vehicle you buy. You have to keep your fluid checked regularly and all should go well

- Anthony R

One owner and truck is in excellent condition and expect another 100k miles

Over 170k miles and minimal issues with timely maintenance and changing of fluids . Had to replace transmission because the gasket broke but all other repairs were minor and primarily due to my heavy off road use. Used full synthetic oil since I bought truck in March 2008.

- John B

All in one package Silverado is your truck.

Very dependable, great on gas it has the e85 option. Seats are comfy. Plenty of room in the cab. Lots of compartment space. This truck has almost 200 thousand miles. Original motor and tranny. Great sounding speakers. Has hot heat and cold air. Very easy to drive and manage.

- Kylie M

Hard working, good looking Chevy truck.

Good, dependable, does use more gas than I'd prefer, but it is a solid, hard working truck. I like its color and the cover over the back. It has four doors which makes it very convenient to have extra people or to put packages and small cargo in the cab portion of the truck.

- Michael I

Chevrolets are the best!!

Our truck is dependable, comfortable to ride in and has had very little maintenance. It is going on 10 years old now and we have only had minor repairs (I. E., new tires, etc. ). Chevrolet is just a good dependable reputable manufacturer of autos made in the united states.

- Sandy O

Fixer upper with low miles.

My truck had defective speakers. I had to replace them. The door locks are a problem and need to be replaced. My dash is cracked and needs to be replaced. I replaced the front end wheel bearings. I got the truck under 18k with under 90k miles so I didn't mind replacement.

- Clint F

Just take a test drive and you'll see what I am talking about.

Good performance. No problems. Nice stereo. Nice color. Comfortable. Pretty. Very spacious. I don't have any complaints. Good gas mileage. Not hard to work on for minor repairs. Can easily find parts for it. I advise people to try one out. Dependable. Good for long trips.

- Ashley S

Good for its time but ok now compared to today's features.

No major issues so far. Mainly just the typical Chevy rust and electrical problems. Stock z71 shocks are ok but not worth keeping if you have the extra money to upgrade. Install a cold-air intake and a throttle response controller and the truck will feel so much better.

- Cody K

Chevy Silverado great for hauling.

I love my truck, but hate the gas mileage. If you do not have to commute a lot it is a great vehicle. The only reason I would consider getting something else is the gas mileage and for updating the features such as leather seats, back up camera, Bluetooth, touch screen,

- Hannah M

Its beautiful with a lot of accessories.

I love the way my vehicle drives smooth I love the body style and also the interior of the vehicle it has a lot of accessories and comfortable it has nice wheels and love how economical it is I have a Chevrolet Silverado 1500 and to me its the best vehicle you can have.

- Carlos C

So glad we bought our 2008 Chevy Silverado!

We absolutely love our Chevy Silverado! It's great to use for a work truck as the bed is big enough to haul just about anything. It's also great for running errands or going on road trips, has a baby anchor so you won't have to worry about leaving your little behind.

- Elizabeth W

Very impressed with the Silverado.

It runs really nice. haven't had a problem with it yet. Handles excellent. Gets decent gas mileage. Has a great sound system in it. I love the dual climate control, one side could be 90 degrees, the other could be 50. Just all around does a good job at everything.

- Jim W

2008 Chevy Silverado 1500 - Running Strong

I have had very few problems with my truck, the most notable being the slip-yoke. I purchased the truck used with 40k miles on the odometer, and am over 150k miles. Leather seats, and power windows, locks, and seats are still functioning like they did on day one.

- Alexis C

Great lines, low maintenance and lasts a long time.

I have owned Chevrolet trucks for my entire adult life and they are the best made trucks on the market. They have little maintenance and last a long time. The also have very good lines and are comfortable to ride in. I would not consider any other brand of truck.

- Sandy O

The workhorse of vehicles.

The Chevy pickup which I have is a workhorse. It carries everything you can think of. I would recommend Chevy to every person I talk to. It has never failed, only normal items fail. Tires, breaks, wipers. If you take care of your Chevy it will take care of you.

- Fred B

Dependable, my truck has always drove me around with very little problems or breakdowns.

I have had my truck since 2008, and love it's reliability! Very low maintenance other than the normal maintenance (i.e. oil changes). Overall looks, my truck is fine. I'm not really into the 2008 body style, however overall I would say my truck is a 4 star.

- Jerel C

2008 Silverado Ext cab 2wd

Love my truck have just been doing normal maintenance on my truck with no real big problems. Inside is easy to clean and keep clean. I think the biggest issue I had was an oil leak took awhile to find then fix it. I would definitely buy another Chevy truck

- Josh H

My Chevrolet just isn't that great.

Other than the typical tuning issues this vehicle was rated best in class for cup holders and worst in class for turning radius. I constantly find myself having to make 3 and sometimes 4 point turns for regular parking situations. The heat and air are ok.

- Darin W

Very comfortable truck, very dependable.

I love the look of the truck and the interior is in great shape. Very comfortable for me and my large family. It performs perfectly and has excellent gas mileage. I love the reliability and dependability of the truck. We will always purchase Chevy trucks!

- Samantha S

Very trustworthy and versatile vehicle

From my experience I would highly recommend a Chevy pick up truck. Mechanically they have been very reliable for me both currently and in the past. That are both comfortable to ride in and have always been held up and been a very reliable vehicle for me.

- Jason S

Fully loaded 2008 Chevy Silverado.

The truck has been great I take care of my vehicle's. There has been no problems, if anything starts to wear I just replace it. Performance is good truck has a l-76 6 liter with a 4l70e transmission. Comfort is good it is a ltz, sunroof and navigation.

- Luis G

If possible get an extended warranty, as you will need it!

I like the fact it is a truck, which allows me to haul stuff as that is a common need. I also like the fact it is a crew cab, which provides room for my family. However, the truck is 10 years old, but low mileage and many things are starting to go out.

- Jay K

2008 Chevrolet Silverado review.

Very reliable, comfortable white fabric seats, couple leaf spring problems. Great speakers for music and radio, reverse warning sound, makes trips with loads easy. Great for transporting bikes, quads, and trailers. Great for driving on sand and snow.

- Ryan S

Chevy silverado is a great work vehicle and has an excellent towing capacity.

I love the towing capacity that my truck has. I really like Chevy's interior as well as their exterior for looks. I do worry about Chevy's history of problems with certain things like trannies and engines but overall I really like this vehicle.

- Sean P

2008 Chevy Silverado great truck horrible motor design.

The vehicle drives and handles well. It has had its few parts that has broke due to age. The only real problem I've had from it is the motor. The active fuel management system has made 6 out of 8 lifters drop out causing major motor fixes.

- Cody T

The most important thing about a Chevrolet Silverado is that it is dependable. It needs very little maintenance.

I like my Chevrolet Silverado because it is a very dependable truck. It is comfortable to ride in & has great suspension. It can handle any type of weather. It has great gas mileage also. There is nothing I dislike about my truck.

- Dennis W

Even though it is a truck it is very comfortable.

I just love having a truck. Being able to see above over the cars in front of you in traffic, well most of the time. Also having a pick-up truck is easier if and when you have something big or bulky to haul.

- Connie P

The gas mileage is better than most trucks.

The performance and reliability of my Chevy truck is excellent. The only problems I have experienced are related to electrical issues with the window switch. The comfort of the vehicle is excellent.

- Mario S

2008 black Chevy Silverado.

I love my Silverado, it is my second one and have been driving them for the last 12 years. This is a very dependable truck for whatever the situation travel, work, or outdoor activities.

- Ben B

My Chevrolet is the nice rough ride everyone looks for. It looks great in white.

I love my vehicle. I use it as my daily driver. It needs some work done due to previous owners. It looks nice and is not bad on gas. I love the sound of the engine when I start it.

- Presley Z

Good quality truck. Other than small cosmetic issues the truck is great.

Dash cracks to easily. I dislike that. Like heated seats great for cold weather. Like auto start. To let it warm up. Like tire monitors, tells me how much pressure is in tire.

- David S

That Chevy trucks are awesome if you take good care of them. And can last a very long time.

I love my truck! I have two of them. I can haul whatever I want and I have a camper shell to keep things out of the weather when traveling. It is also a 4x4 which is handy!

- James W

Birds for some reason love to gather in large groups on the truck.

Drives smooth with tons of miles and rarely have to get work done unless I am getting an oil change. It also is great for helping move large objects for friends and family.

- Hayden K

Will go almost anywhere in any weather but the gas mileage is not as good as a car or SUV.

High rise - good visibility. Four wheel drive - excellent for snow, ice, off-road. Starts great below zero. Great for hauling pellet fuel, brush, etc. Poor gas mileage.

- Eugene B

I have been driving Chevrolet trucks for 40 years and have never had a major problem with the engine,if you take care of the engine it will last a lot longer

I love it because I can haul lots of cargo. It gets good gas mileage and has low maintenance. I feel safer in traffic because I am sitting higher up and can see better.

- Larry S

Works good in the winter time. It's great for when I need to move things around.

I love my truck. I use it for everything it halls things when I need to move. And I great in the winter time. The only thing I don't like about it is the gas prices.

- Angela W

A vehicle that is long lasting for the person who doesn't want to keep changing vehicles every two years.

It has been a dependable vehicle. It is a smooth ride. It has required very little maintenance. It has been a good utility vehicle and a good fit for what I need.

- Stephan J

Very dependable and comfortable.

Drives great, comfortable, okay gas mileage, 4 wheel drive, durable, pulls boat and other recreational items, great stereo system, storage, extra seating spacious.

- Laurie M

Mild maintenance for the life of a vehicle.

For the most part, I love my truck. I have replaced an alternator, belts, and batteries. Other than that, change the oil regularly and it should be a good vehicle.

- mark m

Easy to maintain, can service your own truck with ease without having to take it to a shop

This truck has been very reliable and we have not had any major problems with it. We are able to maintain it on our own and not take it to a tech for servicing.

- Stephanie B

If you drive any of the vehicle you would never regret driving a Chevrolet

Trucks a 2008 Chevrolet Silverado LT extended cab the only problem I've had with it is the wiring harness on the headlights other than that the trucks been great

- William S

I am not looking to help you all move.

Dislike - only seats 3 people, 2 if you want to be comfortable. Like - good quality, reliable, hauls most anything. Complaints - brake sensor is a bad design.

- Christina S

I think the Chevrolet Silverado makes a good all around vehicle

I have had minor problems with my truck. 168,000 miles still all original equipment. I would recommend this truck for anyone who needs an all around vehicle.

- James E

I feel Chevy makes their trucks tough, strong and it makes you feel safe inside.

I love that my truck has so much room inside. I feel that myself and my children are safe driving in this vehicle. I just love how it handles when driving.

- Nicole H

I have a 2008 Chevrolet pickup truck.I have had it for 10 years with very minimal issues

It's a good car.I have only had two incidents with it.I was recently in an accident,but it didn't do a lot of damage.I have had the car for about 10 years

- Jamie D

The Chevy Silverado 1500 CRew

Most awesome truck ever, very fuel efficient. I enjoyed driving this truck immensely. It is definitely a good price and well worth any money spent on it.

- Amanda H

It is a pickup truck. It gets the job done year after year.

One recall for wiper fluid heater. Routine maintenance as would be expected for a 10 year old truck. Good ride, good towing capabilities and tough.

- David U

Reliable transportation but has electrical problems.

Electrical issues, overall performance is good. Fuel pump failed at 110000 miles air bag sensors failed at 80000 miles air tire monitor lamp is on.

- Sam G

It has a lot of issues that go wrong. It gets put in the shop quite a bit.

I love my truck. It's a great truck, however I do have issues with it from time to time. It breaks down about once a year, costing quite a lot.

- Christa T

It is has dual control air.

It's a simple truck. I have a bedcover. I do not have any complaints with the truck. It runs good and has low mileage like around 44000 miles.

- Dawn K

First the quality and parts availability second.

Like the safety and it is good in winter it has crew cab so like a car also. I have a dog so I put up the back seat and he has plenty of room.

- Julie H

My truck is my life, all my hard work goes to my truck, I take of it and keep.

My Chevy Silverado is tuned up, runs amazing on all performance parts, I love it! I love take a drive downtown with the music all the way up!

- George E

Very dependable, good gas mileage.

It is roomy. Very dependable. Good on gas mileage. I like all the messages it tells me. I like the towing thing that saves your transmission.

- Pamela C

2008 Chevy Silverado runs great.

My 2008 Chevy Silverado is very reliable and I have had no major problems with it. Even with over 170000 miles it still runs and looks great.

- Matthew P

Comfortable to ride in, pleasant

Best truck I ever had, Great on gas for being a 4 wheel drive model, haven't had to do many repairs on it, been all over the United States.

- Richard H

I have 180,000 miles on my vehicle and it's never been in the shop!

I have had my vehicle for 10 years and haven't had any issues with it. I make sure that I change my oil on time and that is all that I do!

- Dana G

Works for work. Just as hardworking as me

Great for work. spacious enough to assist with work load. reliable and fun to drive. no issues with the vehicle, just with our NY weather

- shannon w

Sporty fun, stylish and tough family car.

I love that it's a full size but I drive as a everyday vehicle. It's tough enough to pull our trailer and also a family car that stylish.

- Tammy s

They are long lasting dependable cars.

I love that is spacious and big from the inside. It also has a very smooth ride. Everything about this vehicle is amazing happy camper.

- Esmeralda E

It gets great gas mileage, it is a nice family vehicle.

I love that it has a unique color, that I can fit 3 car seats across the back seat. I don't like that it was lifted by previous owner.

- Candace V

It is very roomy on the inside, lots of legroom.

It has poor ground clearance. It is a little bit underpowered. It needs to have a spray in bed liner to eliminate scratches and dents.

- Chris R

The truck runs like new even after 10 years.

I like the truck because it is versatile and can be used in any weather. It sounds great. Plus I love the feeling about being up high.

- Ryan L

Long lasting. It has over 190,000 miles on it and still runs great.

Reliable Truck with minimal issues over the years. Functional for daily transit as well as hauling when needed. It's a good truck.

- Nate O

It rides like a car not a truck.

It is very comfortable,well built, like the size. Feel safe in it.. I dislike the fact that the leather seats ripped along the seams.

- Joy R

It is has big tires and sucks on gas.

I love the tires. I hate the gas mileage. I love the bed of the truck. I do not like how it handles. I love that it is a big truck.

- James Y

It is very reliable and it also is very well taken care of.

It has a bunch of nice features. I hate that it is extended cab and not 4 door. I like the color. I like overall look of the truck.

- Shawn G

Poor gas mileage and rear fenders subject to rust.

Excellent visibility. Great in snow. Great for transporting large items. Poor gas mileage. Rust. Repairs and tires are expensive.

- Gene B

Nothing more to say about the truck.

We love the extended cab. We love the red color. We love the inside. It has a comfy ride. Has a great heater and air conditioner.

- Jeanie B

Great work truck, towing is good.

I love it. I changed quite a few things on it and in it. Engine upgrade, 4 inch lift, etc.. Perfect work truck great for towing.

- A H

It is still full gasoline, no flex fuel.

Like the leather interior, bose equipped, good v8 engine, right size. I wish it had linex or rhino liner as standard equipment.

- Mark A

It's loud so you are going to hear me coming!

Dual exhaust so my truck is LOUD. Great for hauling stuff around. My sons love riding in it. Overall great and useful vehicle!

- Bob W

it has a big bed on it so i can take all my big tools that i need for my jobs

It run when i need it to and get me to where we i need to be on time and safe. it has never let me down so i like it the best

- Thomas R

Worth the money and dependable.

It has 375, 000 still drives and rides like it was brand new. Not had any trouble been great truck and would buy another.

- Dennis P

Got 4x4 has swamper tires good on gas has amazing radio and speaker system

It's a good truck nothing wrong with it at all besides some rust and paint chipping off but that's not bad for a 08 model

- Tyler J

The best car I ever had in my life

Love it, great gas mileage, the ride is nice and smooth, the only problem was there was a oil leak that I couldn't find

- Ray S

Love my truck Chevy pickup truck

Love it, comfortable to travel and at lot of room. Bedliner is great keeps truck clean. Fuel mileage is really good

- Nita k

The brakes are a bit sensitive.

It has lasted me quite some time. I wish it had a few newer qualities. It has not caused me much mechanical trouble.

- Chance r

Four wheel drive, sits 6 full size adults inside, powerful motor.

The Silverado z71 is a perfect truck for winter snow driving. It keeps great traction on thick snow covered roads.

- Sean D

They're amazing, long lasting trucks and will make you feel safe when driving.

I like that I feel safe in my truck... I dislike how much gas it takes to fill it up and how much gas it guzzles..

- Carlos C

Chevy Silverado 1500. Great truck

Great truck . Great engine. Good sounding. Only 2 wheel drive which kinda blows but all in all a wonderful truck

- Hallye H

This vehicle is very reliable and easy to maintain

Best vehicle I've owned. Great features, no major issues, interior still in like new condition-quality materials

- Cyndy R

It has a nice stereo in it

I like it because it's comfortable a lot of room. It's higher than cars. It's 4x4 Nothing to dislike about it.

- Michael M

If you get the biggest tires they will rub wheel wells when you try to turn.

I like the body look and the interior design. Its comfortable and it can perform the tasks that I need it to.

- Jayden B

The truck is very dependable. Other than the routine maintenance, we've had no issues

Very useful for hauling our animal feed. The truck has been very dependable. It is roomy and rides smoothly.

- April B

It is utilitarian or for fun.

This model seems to rust out on the bottom and around the wheels. Other than that I do not have any issues.

- Kim H

Truck has decent gas mileage.

Nice interior. Good for small families as the backseat is not very roomy. Overall a good dependable truck.

- Nicole O

Powerful and strong motor and transmission this is the more important

Love my truck nothing to said just to want to upgrade for a new one , never have problems since I'm get it

- Angelica M

It is a Chevy Silverado 1500.

I love it is in condition. The headlights are bright. And it's a very smooth ride even over rough terrain.

- Matthew B

Best number 1 vehicle to have

I have a blue 4 door truck and it is in excellent shape. It runs good and have no mechanical problems.

- Terry A

It's a great truck with lots of room in the bed, simple and easy to drive and use.

Love it, hate nothing about it, absolutely love everything about it. Would recommend and buy again 100%.

- Tom G

Absolutely comfortable with good mileage for a pickup

3 inch lift, heated leather seats, chrome rims, has a bed cover, black undercoating, bose stereo system

- Jeff K

Durable, smooth engine, needs better factory Audi.

No issues thus far. A little bumpier ride than the Ford f-150. Wish I had 4WD. Need better gas mileage.

- Willie M

The truck may be older but it still runs great.

There has never been any problems with the vehicle. It has great comfort and it tows small boats well.

- Thomas P

Chevy trucks are the best

My 2008 Chevy Silverado truck is the best truck ever! It runs really good & it is very cool looking!

- Rudy J

Great 4x4 truck. Good mileage for a big truck in my opinion

Nothing bad. Great truck for anyone. Decent gas Mileage for big truck. Great price. Nothing bad imo.


very dependable very good on fuel low upkeep parts are available

very good on gas dependable low maintenance stylish rides well handles very well easy to maintain

- Walter C

It drives so great and the height is a bonus safety feature because of the added visibility.

I love my truck. It provides opportunities for work (hauling etc.). I also love how it drives.

- Michael c

It's a very pretty green color and we have had no issues or problems with it.

Like it, no complaints. It is a very good truck. Would buy another one down the road.

- Pam B

It runs good with minor blemishes for having 190,000 miles.

It still runs good after 185,000 miles. I like that it sits up high when I'm driving.

- Thomas R

Great vehicle always ready to go.

Fuel economy is not very good. Rides nice. Hauls a great deal of stuff. Paid for.

- Daniel T

It's just awesome. Safe for families. It's a heavy duty truck

I love it. It's county. It's roomy. It's awesome for family and if you have pets.

- Melissa T

Holds value over many years

I love the ability to load and haul. It handles in varying weather. Holds value

- R E

4 wheel drive is very useful in bad weather

Has a V8 engine. Has 4 wheel drive. Crew cab for the kids. Color is black.

- Brian g

that is a good solid vehicle I would buy another one again

a pick up that is dependable and rugged. I like the way it drives and handles

- tam b

I love everything about it If I ever have to get a new one I want the same kind

the comfort is unreal and still has plenty of room to travel and pack things

- glen h

The one most important quality of my truck would be the fact that it is well built.

Love my truck. Hauls my horses just great. Easy to maintain. Built solid.

- Tricia B

I clear very much for it. It ain't so good on gas but it's good on power.

I love it. My first truck. I love how it runs. I make sure to keep it clean.

- Drew S

It is paid for. Love the make and model. It is a 4 x 4.

Love my pickup. Dislike the gas mileage. Like being able to see out of it.

- Sandie B

Its a chevy and i don't know what else to put here.

No complaints this is a good vehicle what else do you want me to put here

- Anthony N

This Chevrolet has been the most reliable vehicle we have ever owned.

Reliable, useful, easy to drive. Can are lots of stuff. Clean look to it.

- Amy M

z71 off road suspension baby works all terrain love it nothing like a Chevy baby no offense

no not really love the engine quality ido love the taillights great body

- DFa W

Great truck, only thing I am unsatisfied with is the rust on the body of the truck. The motor works great.

It has a great engine and I think it has been a very reliable vehicle.

- Kevin M

It has terrible rust problems. However it is a good truck

I like that it is 4 wheel drive. I don't like that it is rusting out

- Adam U

It has a lot of space and the seats are very comfortable. It is nice to have the middle front seat open for passengers as well. There are a few defects that should have been recalled but overall a good vehicle.

It is reliable, comfortable, and makes a great family vehicle.

- Chelsi J

It is a very dependable vehicle. It gets me from point A to point B with no issues. I follow a scheduled maintenance routine and it keeps it running smoothly. The heat is hot, the air is cold. I really cannot complain about my vehicle and the only real "problems" I have had with it is normal wear and tear and replacements.

It gets the job done. It handles loads both small and large!

- Juanita M

It's a nice chevy truck.

I like chevy trucks. Nice ride. Nice features. Reliable.

- ZD F

It has been wrecked a few times and still runs well.

Held up for this long comfortable it's a chevy it's a truck

- Landon H

It is dependable and I feel very safe in it when driving.

I feel very safe in it if there were ever to be an accident

- Darlene W

It makes me complete. It is my favorite possession!!!

I have always loved my truck!!!! I consider it my baby!!!

- steve J

It's Very dependable reliable vehicle,great for outdoor beach setting

I like the motor I like the AC It's a dependable vehicle

- Jose G

Its transportation that helps me get where I need to go.

It gets me from place to place, but not really reliable.

- Erica L

It's american made, and it is all mine, no strings.

Very dependable, handles well, does all I ask of it.

- stephan d

Very reliable vehicle no mechanical issues

Carry lot of a stuff Not enough passenger room

- Jason N

not good on gasoline consumption

great vehicle, doesn't let me down at any time

- Dan M