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My best pickup owned to date.

Great quality in the pickup. Heated leather seats and lumbar support are great. The form fitted floor pads make for easy clean up. The pickup came with a bed rug and a roll up bed cover. The bed rug works great for preventing whatever you load from moving in the box while driving. The bead rug is easily taken out and put back in, based on your needs for hauling. The stereo system is great and works well with XM radio. I also love the towing package. I tow a camper or my boat without any problems. The four wheel drive has been very dependable and has gotten me out of several off road hunting situations that could have been disastrous. This pickup has been great in the field and on the road with an average mileage rate of 28 miles per gallon. I only wish it had a little bigger gas tank! The best part about a later trade in will be the value that a Chevy truck holds vs ford's and dodge's. Cannot wait for my next Chevy Silverado.

- Kenneth K

It is dependable and easy to maneuver in all weather conditions.

Love the truck. Very comfortable and easy to operate. V8 motor has plenty of power and towing ability. 4x4 works well in the snow. Extended cab with the half rear door looks better than the current four full doors. Solid red without metallic paint and aluminum wheels stock. OnStar and sirius radio is available with subscription service. Towing package is part of the standard Silverado package. Mine came with a soft bed cover and a hard plastic bed liner. Cloth interior with manual controls are very comfortable for my six foot frame. Dash controls are well located and well lit. My only complaints about the truck would be the purchase price and with the automatic function headlights, a dash indicator would be nice.

- Greg P

Never hesitate to get you the best truck made in the USA

Have had no problems, performance,totally reliable, and comfortable for a long ride. Fully loaded just no sunroof or moonroof. Have right at 140,000 miles on it , has never been in the shop except for oil change, alignment, new tires, or total check ( grease rod ends rear end ) it's all highway miles . All Chevrolets I see run little rich on fuel. The first set of tires ( factory) only did 28,000 miles , bought Bridgestone and got 40,000 , than bought hancock and got 63,000 and bought another set of hankook! Changed the plugs at 95,000 and they looked just like the new ones.

- Mark A

Best vehicle ever. Super spacious and dependable to tow heavy loads

I've had my truck for five years and I've never had issues with it, I love it because it's very spacious, comfortable, reliable and just great looking, I always get compliments on it. As long as you keep up with the routine maintenance you should be good with owning a Chevy, wouldn't trade it for anything else. I do have a car of another brand, same year and it's also reliable but has given more a little more issues than my truck. My Chevy is my primary vehicle but well treated and its 10 years old and runs like new

- Judy S

substantial amount of horsepower roomy interior folding back seats.

There is a slag in the drive line when you let off the gas to apply the breaks. The auto start only runs for 10 minutes and is not a long enough time to warm the vehicle in the location where I live. Does pretty good on gas. We live in AK and use the 4 wheel drive often. Easy to switch from 4lo to 4hi. The block heater could use a higher cut on temperature. Currently it cuts on at zero and in AK its recommended to plug in at 20 and with it set a zero- does not heat the block until it reaches that temp.

- Jodi D

Chevrolet Silverado 1500 2009 ext cab 5. 3l downsides.

This truck has many issues, in my opinion they are outweighed by the positives though. I get roughly 11 miles to the gallon on highway, and 9. 5 mpg during city travel. This has been the biggest down fall of this vehicle. Costing me thousands of dollars in gas over the course of a year. On top of that, multiple shop visits were needed. I am unsure if its because of the previous owner or if it's the truck itself. I just know I spent almost 3000$ in under 3 months owning the vehicle.

- Josh M

it dings frequently when front speakers are working

it has issues such as after I drive it a distance it will say engine hot turn off ac and the fan will come on when it's not hot,I have to open the hood pull 2 fuses turn the key three times and put fuses back to reset it. Also my dash lights work only sometimes so I don't know how much gas I have or how fast I'm going most of the time, and my front speakers work sometimes and not other times, when the front speakers are working so does the turn signal noise, and it will ding a lot

- Michele M

Awesome truck! Definitely recommend.

Bought this truck because I needed something to haul a dirt bike. This was the perfect truck for it. Unfortunately I bought the truck used without a warranty and had to replace the engine when it had only 106,000 miles. Other than that, it has been a fantastic truck. I have nearly 200,000 miles on it and have not had any other issues besides normal maintenance items. It runs great and does everything that I need it to do. From hauling a Bed full of bricks to just cruising around.


Great truck for a couple or with small kids.

The truck is dependable and easy to do typical maintenance like oil changes and tire rotation on our own. We were able to change our own brakes as well. The seats are super comfortable, the whole back bench folds up in sections for more storage room. The only issues I have had is a slight wiring problem in the electric windows. You cannot always roll them all up or down from the drivers side. And my headlights tend to need to be changed very often.

- Mikayla F

Chevys failed fuel economy attempt.

I have had my truck for a little over a year now, and I've had a number of problems with it. I've had the top end of the motor rebuilt 3 times since I've had my truck, I was luck to purchase the additional warranty for my truck so it didn't cost me anything. Most of the issues were from Chevys AFM, active fuel management system, when the 8 cylinders go to 4 while driving.

- Troy L

2009 Chevy Silverado 1500 review

Vehicle has perfect amount of space for work, sports, and family uses including perfect power for off roading and towing while getting good gas mileage for the power of the truck. Luggage of seats also allows for packing a lot however had battery issues and power issues. All around truck has minor issues like every car but is a great truck for family and personal use.

- Brandon H

Awesome purchase, would definitely buy another one

Overall a very dependable truck. The 5.3 liter engine has enough power for anything you will need. Comfortable seating for 5-6 people. Good ride quality for a truck. It has a multitude of storage options ranging from the dual in-dash glove boxes to the center console and the lockable underseat storage. The factory stereo system has a surprisingly good sound quality.

- James B

Chevy's are built tough. It can handle many day to day activities.

This 2009 Chevy needs new brakes, tires, tire sensors, and an oil change in 3,000 miles. It can tow up to seven thousand pounds and seats six people. It also has four wheel drive and handles very well in the snow. It could use more weight in the back to provide better traction in the winter. If I can keep it up the work on the truck it can be very reliable vehicle.

- Austin B

Only 1 major problem. Rust.

Performance and reliability are great. No major issues in terms of drivability. 125k+ miles and going strong. Ltz package. Comfortable. Heated seats. Power mirrors. Upgraded stereo.. Main problem is the wheel well rust areas that trucks are known for. Started rusting after 7 years and was very well taken care of. Washed regularly. Only major disappointment.

- Crystal K

It's Dependable very low maintenance gets great gas mileage keep the maintenance up unless you for a good while

Well I have a 2009 Chevy Silverado 4x4 crew cab 2 inch lift kit big monster tires and those really well being with that size of tires gets good gas mileage reliable very low maintenance good dependable vehicle enjoy the most probably four wheeling AC works well no problems with that got a good sound system but overall the Dependable very dependable truck

- Lincoln J

Highly recommendable very reliable and hasn't let me down since I've purchased

I purchased the truck pre owned and since I've owned it I haven't had to do any maintenance work on it other than tires and oil changes. I did change the plugs and wires but wasn't really needed. I am having trouble with the gas gage working and I've changed the fuel pump but it's not working right still. I would highly recommend an 09 work truck.

- Autumn F

My Chevy truck and I plan on buying another one when I upgrade my current truck.

My Chevy Silverado 1500 has not had many problems besides the regular maintenance item. I had a gas emissions filter go. The one thing I do not like about the truck are the tire monitor sensors. Once one of them go you have to replace all of them. The sensors are expensive and you need to take the tires off the rims in preset to change them.

- Chip C

2009 Chevrolet Silverado 1500.

It is extremely reliable and comfortable. It has all the features I could want ( minus seat warmers). The only issue I have had with it is the fuel vapor sensor acts up and turns on the check engine light. Thankfully this does not affect the vehicle performance in any way. It is just annoying to constantly have the check engine light on.

- Frank O

Reliability and durability. My car is 2009 and still performs well.

I like the durability and reliability of the the car. It rides well and comfortable. Its spacious enough and hauls well. There is one problem that i believe chevy should take care of and that is the actuator on the doors. My locks dont always open when i use the key fob. I googled it and it is a known problem for several years.

- kashida s

255,000 Miles and still rolling!

I really like my truck. it has over 255,000 miles on it and the only major problem I had was before my warranty ran out. A faulty rod bent and a dealership rebuilt the top end of the motor. Beyond that, all i have had to do is regular maintenance. I also really like that it uses flex fuel. The fuel is cheaper and burns cleaner.


Chevy 1500 is a great vehicle for anyone

Very comfortable and drives smoothly. In great condition and can tow anything. Has 4 wheel drive so great for in the winter and snow. Gets me to anywhere I need to be and very reliable vehicle. Would highly recommend for anyone looking for a truck. Would like to drive it until it breaks down then upgrade to a newer model.

- Zach E

Good reliable truck with plenty of room.

Haven't really had any engine problems. Been a good and reliable truck. Drinks a lot of had though. That's my biggest issue with it. Have had to replace the AC fan twice. That sucked but wasn't to much of a biggie money wise. It does have 6 seats which holds me and my 5 kids so we can all travel in one vehicle to go out

- Shannon W

Ford tough; Chevy tougher.

I purchased this vehicle second hand and have had no real issues. My abs light and the power control on my driver seat that moves the front part of the seat at the knees up and down has quit working. I have had to replace the locking mechanisms on the doors for the power locks. I have not had any major engine problems.

- Sophia N

Our family Chevy is what we rely on

Saved my family and I in a rear end accident. Very reliable. It is a pretty truck and has a nice ride. We use it for everything and it has 4 wheel drive. It fits five comfortably and has everything for the car seats to clip onto. I always feel safe in this truck and have the ability to go get mulch or haul furniture.

- Alexandra A

This truck fits all my needs, I just wish it had a bigger engine.

My Chevy Silverado fits all my needs. I use it to move or hall anything I need. I rarely have issues even though i bought it used. It has enough room to fit my friends or kids in comfortably. The only thing is I wish it had a bigger engine because I love having a truck but having a bigger better engine doesn't hurt.

- Lydia B

Troubles of the Silverado.

The ta8l gate stopped closing a month ago. I couldn't figure out what was going on (nothing seems broken). I have had wheel hub problems. Replaced the drivers side, now the passenger side is acting up. The door trim keeps coming loose, on both sides. Gas mileage is not nearly as good as Chevrolet has said.

- Kevin C

It is easy putting kids in and out and cleans up easily.

It is easy to dive, pulling our camper effortlessly. There is plenty of room for our family. The kids do not complain about being uncomfortable. The truck's gas mileage is much better on the highway than town driving. The truck heats up quickly in the winter and drives comfortably in the snow and on ice.

- Melissa J

Build to last. The truck with power and presence of mind. Durable and reliable

Very reliable on road for commute and also gets it done as a work truck to move large objects. I love the leather interior and the comfort of the seats. I have never had a problem with this truck mechanically and it is very reliable. I would recommend this truck. The price is ok for an older vehicle

- Stephen M

My vehicle is a v8. It is powerful and fast.

I have had my truck for 9 years and I have loved it since the beginning. I have never had any engine or electrical problems. I have driven over 80, 000 miles and it still works like a charm. The style and color of the truck is very attractive and classy! I get compliments all the time on my truck.

- Taylor T

Silverado is a quality vehicle for a reasonable price.

The truck is a great running vehicle that is very reliable. As long as the typical maintenance is performed the vehicle will last a long time. Replacement parts are easy to find and are at a good cost. The price of the vehicle is also reasonable and the vehicle has a wide selection of accessories.

- Joe M

Hauls a lot of stuff still handles a dream.

Could get better gas mileage. Seats are comfortable. Pick up is like a rocket. drives solid and handles really well. Truck bed holds a lot which is really handy. Engine is a little difficult to work on. Everything is computerized. We regularly pull our boat behind the truck and still handles well.

- Linda S

It is a very dependable vehicle.

I love my truck. I bought my truck for work because I own a small business in town and it requires a work truck to haul a trailer. I just recently bought it and it has not given me any problems. I have taken it out of town many of times and it is very dependable, couldn't ask for a better truck.

- Jeremy R

Truck has plenty of space for passengers,

This vehicle is an outstanding vehicle, and it can go well. The only thing that I did have to replace on this vehicle was the fuse for the fuse pump. Every time I take my horse trailer out I never worry about climbing up hills or going back down them. I would recommend this truck to anyone.

- Derek R

2009 Chevrolet Silverado truck.

Door trim faded terribly and 1 section is trying to come loose. . . Otherwise been a great truck. The engine is a 4. 8 v8 but lacks the get up and go that I would like. I have taken it off-road plenty and have had no maintenance issues. The placement of the oil filter makes it tough to replace.

- Chris R

It is a great vehicle, it has a vortec v8 that has plenty of power.

Very few major repair issues. General maintenance needed to keep it going. It is very reliable. I think the brakes are in need to bring changed every other year. Oil change with filter every 7, 000 miles. I will keep this vehicle for as many years that it will last. It has the power I need.

- Matt T

Safe efficient dependable work truck.

Very dependable truck with good gas mileage. Car is comfortable and seats 3 adults. The bed is huge and holds a huge amount of cargo. The ride is firm. I have had no mechanical issues with the truck. The exterior has required no additional maintenance. Steering is firm and responsive.

- Stuart C

My dream truck beautiful black 4x4 it is totally the best.

I love the looks and comfort of my truck and I really love it being a 4x4 the gas mileage is pretty good it is everything I could ask for in a vehicle! The only thing it needs is steps to get in it as I am a short person and it is lifted somewhat but it is not anything to complain about.

- Cindy F

Dependable truck with extra features.

It has been a dependable truck. The only real issue I have is that its very light weight in the back end. If the roads are wet I have to be more cautious so the wheels don't spin or lose traction. The gray seats also stain easily and are hard to clean. But that is just a cosmetic issue.

- Heather W

4x4 2009 Chevy Silverado Crew Cab 1500

Very strong engine and very reliable vehicle. Extremely comfortable interior as I have beige leather seats that don't get too hot. No issues with rust underneath. I have had very few mechanical issues that have needed attention from a mechanic. Towing capabilities are top of the line.

- Michael R

Chevy pickup. It has approximately 170, 000 miles on it.

There are electrical problems in the instrument panel causing the oil pressure and the alternator charging gauges to malfunction. There has been a problem with the input shaft speed sensor in the transmission. There have been problems with the wheel cylinders in the rear drum brakes.

- Tj B

Family oriented vehicle with class, style and safety rating number one.

Vehicle is very clean. This vehicle had sufficient power. The clean lines are amazing. The comfortably of this vehicle exceeds all expectations. The safety factors of this vehicle are first class. I recommend this vehicle to anyone concerned about style and safety for their family.

- Phil G

Has great looks, good condition, easy to drive, great miles, and comfortable.

Has comfortable seats, great driving on sand, rocky mountains, and etc.. The bed of the truck can fit most heavy items great for moving items, camping, and going on long drives. Very spacious in the front and back seat. Also has a small seat up front for there is 6 seats total.

- Anna K

Great Chevrolet truck. Would buy again.

I have had no issues. Even at nine years old and 275k miles, the vehicle drives smoothly. Would be nice to get a little better gas mileage but would buy again. I like the height Anita very easy to get in and out of. The body is strong and the inside modern. Really love this truck.

- Robyn T

2009 Chevy Silverado is a decent vehicle

The vehicle does not have power windows or locks which is a little difficult to work with sometimes but other than rust, the vehicle has been very easy to maintain. The one other thing that I wish I had considered is 4 wheel drive since I live in the northeast with a lot of snow.

- Patrick F

Smooth ride and great on gas

Reliable and plenty of room. Only issue is that one of the lights tends to wear out easily. Great on gas and smooth ride. The truck trans to steer to the left at times. I just wish the spare tire would be easy to changes. The truck does great on the road and eats gas in the city

- Pete S

The cab is extended and I like how the back doors open from the right.

Love my truck, wish it was fuel efficient. Tires are so expensive. I like the heated seats, makes the winter more tolerable. I use the truck for work. It is reliable and sturdy. The tonneau cover clips break easily, so I now have to keep it rolled up or it will flap in the wind.

- Julie L

It�s a smooth ride, and gets the job done.

It's comfortable and an easy drive. The break takes a heavy push but it's nice for easy into a full break. The stock parts like the sway bars need replacing, but it's a simple $30 fix. Other than that, a regular check up should keep it running smooth. It's a real reliable ride.

- Blas H

A wonderful truck. Chevrolet had always been a reliable brand.

It has had many fouled spark plugs. Had to re do the lifters. Goes through oil like crazy. Still love it. It has taken my family and I many places over the years. It can tow. The transmission shifts way too much, which is the downside to towing. It came stock with 20 inch rims.

- Haley R

Good truck with some problems.

My particular truck had a major rust problem but otherwise it is a great vehicle. The engine runs well, I get pretty good hard mileage. It had a smooth ride. It seats 4 comfortably but you can cram 6 people in if necessary but there is absolutely no leg room in the back seat.

- Vc K

2009 Chevy Silverado hybrid.

Pros - gas mileage, power, interior size, bed size. Cons - flat acceleration right around 3000 rpm, no ac for the back seat. Should get a backup camera. Nice to have a tonneau cover. Ride is smooth and quiet for a truck. It would be nice to have a power port in the back seat.

- Rob Z

Troubles with my Chevy Silverado.

Wheel hubs have been an ongoing problem for over 2 years. Engine light comes on every time the gas tank gets below a half tank. The gas cap is the culprit I have come to realize. The liner around both front doors are constantly coming loose. I do get good gas mileage though.

- Kevin C

2009 Chevy Silverado- Amazing Truck!

I haven't had any real issues with my vehicle. The only major problem I had was the headlights. Sometimes they worked and sometimes they didn't. I had the headlights replaced and they have worked fine since. I have power windows and automatic locks. The AC works amazingly!

- Andrea P

I love my truck it's great in the winter time.

The gas is too much and the insurance is too high. And the tires can get really expensive. Other then that it gets me to where I need to go. The truck is perfect for moving. I love my truck and I wouldn't get rid of it for nothing. If you need to buy anything buy a truck.

- Angela W

Good vehicle, embarrassed by its current state

Love my vehicle but condition has deteriorated from rust. Drives great, had no problems outside of regular maintenance needed throughout the life of the vehicle. 2009 with 110k miles but state uses salt in winter for roads and causes significant rust in the wheel wells.

- Tyler K

2008 Chevy Silverado 1500 review.

Very smooth and quiet ride. Comfortable interior. Runs great. Ok gas mileage. Gets about 17 miles per gallon. Water pump failed twice. Not sure if that is an issue with all of these trucks. Failed water pump resulted in warped head gaskets and needing replacement.

- Brandon L

2009 Chevrolet Silverado This vehicle is reliable, comfortable, and fun.

When it comes to the engine I have had no problems with the truck. Because the previous owner did not keep the vehicle free of salt there are a few rust spots. Other than that and having to replace parts here and there the truck is very reliable and comfortable.

- Dale K

2009 Chevy Silverado-STILL GREAT~

Was burning oil, but factory recall had engine rebuilt. Great truck, now. Very smooth ride, gets great mileage for a truck this size. Effortlessly pulls 5th wheel camper. Amazingly, looks great for a 2009. Has over 100 thousand miles, and running great.

- William W

Fun truck to own. Good for outdoors active family

Extremely reliable. Comfortable towing the camper. Easy to maintain. AWD and 4WD work well. Handles well on snowy roads. Lots of space for family of 4 and 2 big dogs. Around year 8 rust formed under the paint over rear wheel well that eventually rusted through.

- Ken O

Easy to drive and comfortable.

It is a nice truck. All of a sudden everything is going wrong on it. It is expensive to fix. I would love it more if everything didn't go wrong with it at the same time. It would be different if things went wrong at different times and I could afford it better.

- Autumn F

Back up sensor is amazing to avoid accidents.

Love the space. Helpful back up sensor. Blinkers are also on mirrors and mirrors swing in for tight parking spots. Large but easy to drive. Love the cab top for when it rains. Can fit lots of people and seats fold up for transporting animals and large items.

- Caitlin S

Overall, great all around truck

Initially had problems with the lights, they would turn off randomly, and the engine would also just shut down. The Chevy dealer was quick to fix it and was covered under warranty. Also had A few issues with the 4 wheel drive. But was covered under warranty

- Jackie E

Silverado: most reliable truck in my opinion.

I have had no issues with my truck. It comfortably fits my family for trips places, while still being able to haul everything that we need to take with us. It has been reliable through our harsh minnesota winters without getting stuck or not starting.

- Anthony S

Great running truck with awesome radio functions and air conditioner works well!

Runs well with comfortable seats and lots of legroom. haven't had any mechanical issues. Bad on gas and costs almost $65 to fill up. Has an AUX cord which is great for my boyfriend and I since we don't like listening to music and air runs great!

- Kelsey B

Reliable. Comfortable. Dependable.

No problems at all. Everything you would want and expect out of a full size pickup truck. Performance is outstanding. Very reliable. Never had an issue. Very comfortable. Standard features. 4x4, very smooth running and looking truck.

- Mark M

A quick summary of my vehicle would be that it's efficient and worth the money. It runs like it should and never fails to perform when it's needed.

This vehicle has been amazing the past two years. I love the room and size of it and also the 4wd, which really comes in handy during the winter months. Never had any problems with it over the last few years and really runs good.

- Tim S

It is the safest vehicle I have ever owned.

It is a very reliable machine with few maintenance issues. Regular oil changes and filter changes are the biggest part to keeping my vehicle in good working order. The only downside is that it is not fuel efficient by any means.

- Matt D

Really bad gas mileage when pulling a travel trailer.

I bought my silverado used in 2017 to tow my travel trailer. When I am driving in the truck without the trailer, I get about 17 miles to the gallon. When I am pulling the trailer, I get about 7 miles to the gallon.

- vck r

Dependable vehicle, great ride!

Rides great, decent fuel mileage, very dependable seat very comfortable. Once in a while the windows stick. The air vents could be more adjustable . The paint on the molding has faded and the color is about gone.

- Jerry M

It is very reliable. I have never had to take it in to fix anything.

I like the extended cab and appearance package which includes fog lights and a locking tailgate. my only wish was that the cab interior was bigger. my old truck had more room and was much more comfortable.

- roger s

It is reliable. I have never needed any major repairs.

I like the vehicle as a family car. It's four door with a short bed, so it allows for my family and our stuff when we travel. The only thing I don't like is that it is not four wheel drive

- Josh A

The gas mileage is horrible, so if you're looking for a good truck with great gas mileage, don't choose this one.

I like this vehicle because it is convenient. I don't like it because it has horrible gas mileage. I also like that it's a crew cab and can withstand a lot despite the beating we give it.

- Mario C

This vehicle is very dependable.

It is very rough riding and does not have very good. Good gas mileage, city or highway. However cab is. Roomy and comfortable and it very good in extreme. Is very good in extreme weather.

- Jen G

It is American made! It is reliable and dependable.

Scratches, dents, dings, high mileage and not good gas mileage. But as far as getting the job done it is great. Very comfortable to ride in on trips and has an excellent sound system.

- Steve C

It is dependable and has been easy enough to fix simple problems with it on my own.

I like the size of the vehicle. It is safe and I use it to haul a lot of stuff. While it is a regular box extended cab there is still plenty of room in the cab for riders and the dog.

- Darren S

It is stylist, but rugged at the same time. Its back seating in very roomy and comfortable.

I like the comfort of the seats and when cold the front seats heat up. I love the sporty look of the truck. I wish we would of got the 4 wheel drive instead of the 2 wheel drive.

- Tina C

Its reliable. Its comfortable.

It's very comfortable much more so than a SUV. I've found it to be very reliable. The air conditioner and heat still work well and in addition so do the electronics.

- Joyce S

I do spend a lot for gas but it is well worth it.

I like that it is big and I can fit everything I need in/on it. I use it for work a lot and I have no problems pulling a 16 foot trailer. I do not have any dislikes.

- Stephanie F

It's very versatile and can be used for a number of different things. Moving stuff or me and whoever.

Only complaints I might have is I do wish it got better MPG. I like it for the fact I use it to move stuff around, it's roomy, and is an overall nice ride.

- kyle S

Great truck for the value. I expect to get at least 1/4 million miles out of it.

Overall, it has been a great truck. The only issues have been the transmission had to be replaced at 140K miles, and some minor electrical switch issues

- jeff p

It's reliable. It's strong. Has lived up to every job.

Like the Vehicle. It's reliable. Looks good. Complaints: the Decorative components on the outside have come off. Had them repaired. came off again

- Virginia P

good vehicle for being purchased as used.

The tire pressure sensors have gone bad after 120,000 miles. It has been an ok vehicle for having bought it used. The gas mileage has been really good.

- Chris D

This truck is not good on gas at all. It is almost $140 a week.

It is my husband truck and I drive for household shopping, I am short and I have to jump to get in and the car cuts off and take a long time to start.

- Michelle L

Easy to care for and it does not require a lot of extra care.

I love my truck because I love trucks, I love Chevy trucks; they're well built, last a long time, look great, and retain a really good resale value.

- Nicole W

It has a lift kit with arms that came with the lift kit.

Does not have four wheel drive. I like that it has a lift and traction control. And has no carpet just plastic on the floor. I also like the color.

- Michael hall M

Have never had any major mechanical issues after 9 years.

It is a great looking vehicle. It rarely has mechanical problems. It is large enough on the inside for comfort. It drives good. No complaints.

- Scott D

It used to be my fathers before he got a new truck.

I love the off road abilities. The handling and overall feel for the road is very good. I hate the gas mileage and noise it makes on the highway.

- Keegan A

It is very comfortable to drive.

I like all the room in the cab. I like the wide wheel base. I like the overall comfort. It does consume a lot of gas... not very efficient.

- Chad B

The thing I love most about my truck is how spacious it is. I never have to worry about people being uncomfortable when they ride with me.

I absolutely love my 09 Chevy Silverado. It's overall been a really great truck. It has tons of space and is very comfortable for long rides.

- Savannah W

Chevrolets are the best longest lasting truck on the road.

I have not had any major issues with my truck. It has over 200k miles on it and only done regular routine maintenance on it. I love my truck.

- Steven G

Good gas mileage for what is, plenty of power and runs fine on e85.

Check engine light comes on at random. Most every time points to an oil psi sensor. Looking into it seems to be a recurring issue with this.

- David L

Ut runs great after ten years and Its reliable.

My truck is ten years old and it runs great. I have only had to do the basic maintenance on the vehicle and new tires very reliable truck.

- Paul W

My truck has a very powerful Vortec V8 engine providing the pulling power required when I need it.

It is extremely dependable. It is able to carry and haul anything I need it to. I can also go comfortably into places some others cannot.

- Kevin H

It is reliable, dependable, and trustworthy when it comes to vehicles.

Love that it fits my family of 6. I also love being able to pull and carry large loads. Only dislike is lack of extras as it's the basic.

- Chelsi K

Great truck I love this truck.

I do not have any big problems just normal upkeep. Chevys are very good pickups and we have a work truck dependable startup every time.

- William J

My vehicle is very durable and makes me feel very safe. It has lasted me almost ten years and I don't see it going anywhere.

I love my vehicle. It does everything I need it to do. It's comfortable and looks great. The only downside to it is the fuel mileage.

- Hallie B

My vehicle has chrome wheels and chrome siding

My vehicle has had no problems. very good on getting me to work and back and also on road trips. Gets great gas mileage as well.

- Paxton M

It is a very reliable car.

I have no complaints. Great vehicle. We use it for a work truck. Takes a beating and keeps ticking. I wouldn't change anything.

- Louise S

I love my truck. I wouldn't buy a different vehicle.

It's luxurious, spacious, comfortable, and affordable. Great for traveling for work. Long trips are made fast in this truck.

- Chloe D

Great truck. Never been a problem

Best vehicle I have ever owned. Very little problems. Replaced front wheel bearings. The rest were just required maintenance

- Leon P

Rear door lock actuators.

Great truck, I have just had issues with the rear door lock actuators going out. Other than that I am very happy with it.

- Cade T

It is a dependable truck that will last a long time and won't let you down.

I love trucks.I like the way it drives.It takes me back to the farm when I always had a truck.Just wish I had a new one.

- Dennis H

Reliable is key. Chevy and never being in the shop.

I have had it for 9 years no complaints the paint stays on well and tires are exceptional has not been in the shop once.

- Brad R

The vehicle is versatile and can be used for many purposes

A great dependable well built vehicle that has high quality and superior workmanship A good value and reasonably priced

- John F

Dependable Truck - Chevrolet SIlverado

My Chevrolet Silverado has been very dependable. It has never left me stranded and has only needed regular maintenance.

- Darren B

Trucks are great and make you feel safe.

It was my father's. I love this truck. It is big enough for all my family. There is nothing I disliked about my truck.

- Angela D

It's good quality. The engine sounds great and runs great for the vehicle being almost 10 years old.

Engine runs great but there has been a good bit of issues pertaining to the suspension and undercarriage of the truck.

- Hiedi H

High insurance rates and easy to break into.

Reliable and very useful. It also looks good for being 9 years old. One of the best vehicles that I have ever owned.

- Daniel S

The engine and body have held up very good.

I get good gas mileage. I set up high enough to see everything. It looks good. Handles good in the snow and rain.

- Sandra H

Reliable in many situations

Very comfortable and spacious. Also very reliable and very few problems. Always follow s cu edulaed manintenvae

- James R

It runs like a new Silverado

I have up to 250k miles on it and I have never had a problem with it. I have had to get new tires that is it.

- Jake P

I think others should purchase a car.

No complaints. Love my vehicle. Nice ride. Oh yeah and it is nice. It drives smooth. Never have any problems.

- Rose K

I use it as a work truck. I haul lumber and building materials in the truck. I take the truck off roads on the job sites.

I like the crew cab. I like the four wheel drive. I like the 5.3 liter engine. I wish it had a backup camera.

- Lon B

Safe in accidents, comfortable and very little problems.

We love our Chevy Silverado but when you put it in gear it clunks, told this is normal but dont like it.

- Patti P

Extended cab is very spacious and fairly good on gas it is a really good truck

I don't not have any complaints about my truck I love it! It is actually decent on gas also for a truck

- Christina G

6.0 engine with 6 speed transmission

4 wheel drive four door. Z71 package 130,000 miles, second owner just bought new tires upgraded radio

- Ben L

It's RED!!! Bright red, not maroon!

Our truck works exceptionally well! We love it! It's a lot of fun! We like to take it to the dunes!

- Linda J

This particular Chevrolet seems to have a particularly long life.

Low maintenance. Runs consistently well.Roomy. Wish it had a tenths of a mile feature on odometer.

- Jon B

Not easy on gas. But a nice ride and carries the whole family. Easy when moving items and plenty of room.

No complaints, love my truck. Rides nice and very dependable. Very durable when moving.

- john g

It feels really safe to drive

It runs very smoothly, feels safe, very reliable. The gas mileage isn't ideal though

- j F

It does not matter how cold it is out this truck will not ever let you down

I really like the reliability. The comfort and options. It has been a great truck.

- Kyle S

as long as you take care it it will keep running great

my Chevrolet truck is very reliable, it has a lot of miles and it's still going

- aime g

Size!!! Be sure that you can maneuver it well and park carefully

Don't like manual windows and locks but nice to drive! Kind of big but nice!

- Amanda W

It gets ok gas mileage. It needs new brakes. It is black.

It is black. It has a small v-6. It is an extended cab. It has heated seats.

- John H

The vehicle holds a great ton of stuff in the bed, they are known for burning oil in the 5.3 liter engines

I have no complaints, I enjoy all of the major and minor vehicle features

- Matthew G

You can always depends on it to get you where you need to go

It is very dependable and I love the way it looks. No complaints

- Tim E

It's reliable and dependable. Very sturdy also. Also runs well.

Love my truck. No complaints. It's reliable and runs well.

- Melissa S

Very reliable. No servo e issues other than pol changes and new set of tires Good head room. Rides nice

Reliable vehicle. Has been through all kinds of weather

- Brad B

Electronic gauges/notifications cause issues

Rust at the wheel well. Love the power and brand.

- Katie H

Very reliable and comfortable.

It hauls very well. It rides good. Hard to park.

- Chris C

It's not a car ,It's an all around truck. Can't be beat.

Great truck . No complaints. Can't be beat.

- Mike U

It has dual exhaust sounds great and is very spacious

It runs great sounds great and feels great.

- Robert H