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Best vehicle I have ever owned, not any major issues. Very dependable.

My Chevy Silverado has been the most reliable vehicle I have ever owned. Besides regular maintenance and some minor normal issues my truck hasn't broke down. It's definitely not a money pit like a lot of truck. It does ok on gas mileage and ride very quite not much road noise. About the only thing that could be better is the air conditioning is not super cold like a lot of vehicles. The truck has 98, 0000 miles and has only had one brake change and one new set of tires. Everyone loves the look of the truck and cant believe its 8 years old. I would definitely recommend the Silverado to anyone. It tow stuff around without any engine drag and comes with tow package. To sum it up my Silverado is the best vehicle I have ever owned.

- Tracy D

Best thing about it is its rugged capabilities and works for pulling a camper.

Its four wheel drive so it has safely got me to and from work in the snow. It is good on any surface road as long as caution is used. Very easy to drive. Problems with it, been in the shop a lot for check engine light on. After about 6 times in shop, problem was finally fixed. It is not very roomy for a long trip and its has average gas consumption. Seats are somewhat comfortable, driver side is powered so can be adjusted up, down. Forward, back. Does not support lower lumbar of back so use pillow for support. Features include XM radio, CD, running boards, tow package, 4 wheel which makes this vehicle very appealing to me and fits with my everyday life.

- Darlene B

Room for 3 children's' car seats!

We bought this truck used with 147, 000 miles in 2015. It has been a very dependable vehicle. The gas mileage has been to be expected (15-17 mpg). The cruise control stopped working soon after we bought it and we have been unable to determine the cause. Other than that, there have been no issues with the electronics. We have replaced the ball joints twice, but that may be a result of the rough terrain we sometimes drive on. It is a comfortable vehicle for my tall husband to drive. It also fits three car seats in the back seat pretty easily, with plenty of legroom for my three kids.

- Molly C

Chevrolet 2010 with power locks, nice seats, and reliability.

The coolant gauge is not working, which makes the fan come on. When the fan comes in the truck drinks more gas. I have asked about getting it replaced and the mechanic told me that the year model I bought tented to have that problem. There are cracks all in my dash, which is something common for Chevys of that model. It is somewhat reliable I have had it for 5 years and it has not gone out on me. The truck is comfortable. Features are automatic locks, durable floors (not carpeted), comfortable seats, and that is about it because I do not have a v8 or power windows.

- Rachel S

My lifted Chevrolet is beautiful.

My truck is lifted so it is really bad on gas. One other thing that bothers me about it is how big the door frame piece is so it becomes a blind spot. But other than that I love it, I put tons of miles on it and haven't had to do any major engine work. I change the oil regularly and other than that I have just needed to change the tires and brakes. The ac and heat work amazingly fast, it is very reliable and can make it up anything I put it to the test of. The seats are also very comfortable and have lots of room.

- Jamie P

2010 Silverado 10 out of 10.

I really like this truck. I do all the typical maintenance, and that has been all I have needed to do to it. No major problems with the vehicle whatsoever. Drives smooth, fuel mileage is not bad for a full size truck, and enough power to pull most any load I need to. Just a all around great and comfortable work horse of a truck. Only problem I have is the tire pressure sensor going out and saying the tire pressure is low when it is not. Other than that I am super satisfied.

- Matthew B

It is been through a lot and still gets me to where I need to go.

My pickup is used for ranch work and in town jobs. Had it for almost 4 years. It is been broke down but had it fixed. Things like the breaks had to be fixed, new tires and other things. But in the end it is a trooper still running from checking cows, hauling hay, going out of town. The windows are tinted, the only thing is the driver side and passenger side doors have to be opened from the outside. Tail light is busted out still needs fixing and the headlights but work.

- Diana L

Reliable and Hard Working Truck that functions as good small family vehicle.

Always reliable with very few mechanical issues. No automatic adjust on seats but comfortable and roomy. Great for hauling and every day yard work. This has also been a good vehicle for us as a family of three though we will get the 4 door the next time we purchase a truck for more ease of use. The door handle broke on the drivers side, and the fuse for the automatic window had to be replaced but at almost 140,000 miles that is the worst that has gone wrong with it.

- Tasha C

Amazing 2010 Chevy Silverado.

I really do love my truck. I have had zero mechanical issues since buying it new in 2010. The mileage is currently at 87500, and other than routine maintenance we have encountered zero problems. The ride is smooth and the features are just right. Gas mileage is solid coming in around 15 in city and upwards of 20 on the highway. I would definitely buy again and in fact have owned 3 silverados and could see myself buying another one in the next 2-3 years.

- Michael B

It's a great vehicle with plenty of room for both people and hauling items.

Overall I really like the truck. It is a four-door crew cab short box pick up. It rides and handles well. A couple dislikes would be the heat setting is push button. I would rather have a dial turn. The other thing I can fault it for is that (we did buy a used) we had to replace the motor in it. This replacement motor is doing the same thing. Both have gone out with under 100,000 miles on it although I do not remember the exact mileage.

- Tammie K

Chevy Silverado. Does not get any better than that.

Rugged and reliable. Gets me where I need to go and is smooth and fun to drive. No unnecessary bells and whistles, just a good work truck that is as reliable as can be. Never had and major problems that would cost an arm and a leg. A true testament to reliability. Very comfy and spacious and plenty of room in the bed of the truck. The 6 cylinder v8 under the hood is more than enough to tow anything and everything I might need for work.

- Jared M

The Chevrolet Silverado is a reliable roomy vehicle.

This vehicle is very reliable. I have not experienced any mechanical problems as of yet. The only complaint I have is that I bought the extended cab and I wish I had gotten the crew cab. While the back seat is roomy enough, not being able to enter or exit the vehicle without first opening the front door is aggravating. In tight parking lots, it is quite a feat to let someone out of the back seat with the configuration of the doors.

- Denise C

It is long wheel base, therefore you have to go wide on turns.

I love my truck for the exact two reasons I bought it, because it is long bed and had really low miles. It is great for what I bought it for, work, where I need to haul stuff like lumber, sheets of drywall, paint, tools and any equipment we will need during the day. The only thing I do not like about it is the cheaply designed door handles, and regular handles, I have already broke my driver side door handle.

- Adrian G

My Chevy is built for tough jobs and pleasure.

My Chevy does the hard jobs like hauling, road trips, moving house. It drives smoothly and effortlessly. Low maintenance. Low fuel requirement for mileage. Has a lot of room for loading and pick up of goods. Travels long distances without any issues. It is comfortable and has great interior features(manual/automated). Exterior is normal for a full pick up. The color is pleasant. I love it!

- Carolyn H

My Chevrolet let down list.

Things I hate about my Chevy 1500. The cheap plastic door handles that break very easy, wheel sensors, the inability to clear out trouble codes after self made repairs is very frustrating and costly to take to a shop to clear. Aside from that I have no issues with my truck. Comfortable to drive tows the trailers I have and after upgrading the 4 x 4 actuator no issues.

- Frank G

Sharp looking truck. My truck has the factory tow package and brake control.

I love the way it drives. I love the way it looks. It is has been reliable. I don't like that gm cheaped out and only installed 1 low tone horn and didn't install a high tone, just to save a few dollars on the production costs. I tow a camper, and I feel it is dangerous having only one horn. I installed the second horn for $ 15 and the truck was already wired for it.

- Tom M

Great truck, but a few improvements would make it amazing.

This is my second Silverado. I love the truck. The engine and transmission are paired well together. It is very comfortable to drive. The only complaints I have about it is that the wax dip of the frame is garbage. Gm should paint the frames. I also feel that shifting between first and second gear is not smooth. I know a number of people who feel the same way.

- Geoffrey R

My truck is a 4wd Silverado. It has black leather seats.

This vehicle has been very reliable. I love the way it performs and not setting low to the ground like in a car. I would definitely buy another one and recommend it to others. The truck drives like a car but you have the performance and utilization of a truck. My truck has leather seats and black interior. It's very pretty and definitely an eye catcher.

- Cynthia P

It's great for moving and hauling not to bad on the gas either I mean it's not the best but for a truck I believe it gets pretty good mileage.

I really have no complaints about my truck to be honest it's my first truck and I would never buy a car again after buying a truck. I had it like almost 5 years now and I'm just now having to do any real maintenance to the vehicle. I'm definitely going to but a new truck when I pay this one off more luxury tho this one I'm keeping for work

- George T

The backseat doors open all the way back to the bed for more access.

I think our truck is great. We haven't had any major problems with it yet and it is a 2010. It runs great. The weather in pa can be all four seasons in a week and still the truck runs good. Plenty of room in the backseat for kids too. It is actually really comfortable in the front or backseat. I love our truck and was worth the money.

- Kristina M

I love my truck because it is tall and fun to ride in.

My truck power steering went out couple of times and the gas on it sucks it up! But overall it is a really nice truck and it is lifted, bushwacker fenders, heated seats, aux, and big wheels. I recommend a car that is good on gas instead of a big truck but if you can afford it go ahead! Does not hurt to get a little mud on tires!

- Ashlee S

Reliable workhorse, useful, fun. This truck has been my favorite ever!

This truck is awesome! No mechanical issues despite many trips across the country. I use it for forestry work, and it is great off road. Best full size truck I've ever owned. I have a slide in truck camper that hasn't affected the performance at all. Super reliable, my home away from home. And blue! I love blue.

- Elise O

Very sound vehicle. No rusting which is very nice considering the year.

Very reliable, haven't had any major issues. Somehow water gets inside the door, therefore needing to take the seal off to drain it. Other then that all else is routine maintenance and it is a very sound and reliable vehicle. I would highly recommend this vehicle to anyone looking for their next purchase.

- Tiffany D

I have a smoky black Chevrolet Silverado, I believe year 2010.

I have absolutely no problems with my Chevy Silverado, and I love everything about it, except that it could be a little more roomy. I wish it was just a little bigger, so that I wouldn't feel so crowded when the truck is full of people. Although I do love that the middle console turns into another seat.

- Rae B

I love the cruise control makes it easier on my knees.

It is dependable low cost maintenance good on gas it is great for long trips it is just right for me since both of my knees have been replaced it low enough so I can get in without any problems the back seat is great for my grandchildren it handled well in the winter it is white so hard to keep clean.

- Diane M

Tough truck. Great for off-road adventures as well as hauling things around.

Bought it new in 2010. Never had a problem. It is comfortable and the heat and air work great! Plenty of room too. I'd buy another Chevrolet truck in the future. Its 4 wheel drive which makes it not get the best gas mileage. Being 4 wheel drive I have taken it into woods and other if road locations.

- Drake W

The good and bad about Chevy trucks,

Very reliable strong truck. Wish the turn radius was better. Later model with odd opening doors. Plenty of room in back seat. Never had a problem, have done all maintenance on schedule. Wish gas mileage was better. I think when I buy another truck it will be another Chevy. Or at least a GMC product.

- Richard S

My Chevy Silverado is an enjoyable, maintenance free fun to drive vehicle.

My Chevy Silverado is a very enjoyable pickup. I never have any problems with it, I can haul things around in it with no problems. I use it year round in all types of weather and never get over how reliable and fun to drive it is. I never had a vehicle as easy to maintain and fun to drive.

- Thomas B

My truck has aftermarket wheels, tires, and lift.

The main problem with this model truck is the outside door molding has a tendency to peel off. The seats and carpet wear out way too quick. The fuel mileage is not so good. I do live the power and the way the truck handles the most. Overall, I would say I am definitely pleased with it.

- Robert C

Safe and roomy for whole family.

It is a very good truck with very little maintenance needed on it. I can haul groceries and other things I need. It is a very safe vehicle for my family and roomy also for car seats and other passengers with cup holders. I love the way engine sounds and it is very good on gas mileage.

- Rose S

Truck drives easily. Cruise control is great.

Silverado drives smoothly. Cruise control, electric windows, CD player, electric seat controls. Rusting underneath the paint. Not great gas mileage. Often sensor lights are on and the Chevy dealer does not have the parts to repair therefore have to wait until they are delivered.

- Marty C

For being 8 years old we haven't had any major problems with this truck.

It is super comfy and rides nice. With the age of vehicle now I need some work done to it but other than that the truck is a pretty great truck. We have the extended cab which makes it nice and roomy for my kids in the back seat. I would recommend this vehicle to anyone looking.

- Dale M

Dependable truck when I need it.

The Chevy Silverado rides nice and has been a solid truck to pull my boat or camper on vacation. In the 8 years I have owned it I have had no problems I keep up to date on maintenance and I should get many more years of life out of my truck. My wife also love driving my truck.

- Corey C

That it is a fun toy/daily driving truck.

My vehicle is a your ordinary black 2010 Chevy Silverado. But it comes with a six inch lift kit so you get that high riding feature, than the loud exhaust pipes so you look cool, the interior is cloth and is comfortable and the features include all powered seats and windows.

- Chancellor B

Red Chevy Silverado with flex fuel.

We have experienced multiple electrical problems in the truck, from one headlight constantly going out, the motor in windows not working on 3 of the 4 windows and the radio dashboard does not stay illuminated unless you push and hold it in. Other than that we love our truck!

- Shan H

Seat interior, the dual exhaust pipes, the 24 inch wheels and street tires.

The most reliable vehicle I have ever owned I love it, so stylish, clean and durable. I will never buy anything but a Chevrolet again, the number one truck in the country! It's so comfortable and perfect for family trips with a lot of room and power to pull a RV or trailer!

- Bailey H

It is an excellent truck, everyone needs the experience of driving a Silverado.

There are no problems with my vehicle. My truck always gets me from place to place. I just put a bed cover on it and it makes it stand out now. I am also waiting to get my rims that I ordered online, those will make the truck look even better. I am glad I bought this truck.

- Austin W

Color and the interior of the vehicle is very roomy.

Comfortable riding, lots of room, like the carpet at back seat goes up for extra space for hauling items. Space in the bed of the truck has tie down hooks sir securing small items. The seats are comfortable for my lower back. The headrest extends far enough up for support.

- Don B

Chevy they last forever and ever.

Haven't had any trouble with this truck over the years. I bought it used and wow has it ever been reliable. I am in the market to buy another and I will choose the same because it's the best. I mean when I say the best I mean yeah it really is the best as I have just said.

- Clint B

My Silverado is a very dependable truck.

My truck is awesome on gas for a big truck. It rides like a dream and is so comfortable. It runs quite as a mouse. The only problem I've had was the fuel pump went out. The pump cost $525 plus install. I replaced the tires and had the oil changed at Walmart this summer.

- Wyatt T

Topper for the truck the bed is not standard size it is smaller than most.

Very smooth ride. One thing I dislike is the center console, it gets in the way at times, would rather have a bench seat that has a hidden console, one that can go into the seat and be hidden. Good gas mileage. Tinted windows nice, tow package also. Nice silver color.

- Cherie F

Sharp looking comfortable ride.

The truck is a smooth and comfortable ride. It gets very good gas mileage for a truck. I have had to replace the brakes twice. The electric windows do have some problems with the switch. Will work from the passenger side but not from the switch on the drivers side.

- Steve J

Have never left me stranded or wanting more payload.

I have a four wheel drive 1500 hed. It has never left me stranded in the snow in western pa but is a little rough in gas 14 in the city 18 highway. Tough truck. Never had to put major dollar into it. Comfortable ride on the highway, little rough with the potholes.

- Steve K

Comfy seats black truck pretty comfy seat black truck pretty.

Black. Trunk car has a radio pretty black trunk car has a radio pretty black truck car has a radio pretty black trunk has a radio please pretty electro car has a radio pretty black truck I had a radio pretty black truck car has a radio pretty black truck car.

- Sylvia B

It has on-star which makes it cheaper on most insurance if you keep it active.

It is big enough for everyone to sit. It has on-star. It is a 4x4. Only complaint I have with it is the check engine light keeps coming on after having several parts replaced on it. So far the Chevy garage has not been able to figure out what it is the problem.

- Renee T

Engine reliability and ease to service vehicle on its own. The active fuel management does ok as long as you are traveling speeds of 55 mph or slower. This body style of vehicle develops premature rust around the rear wheel wells.

First of all my likes are; the crew cab, having a pickup bed, four wheel drive, power, ride height. Things That I Dislike; premature rust starting after vehicle is only 5 years old, no backup camera, unable to unlock with my smartphone, and poor fuel economy.

- Austin V

I use synthetic engine oil and change it every 3,000 miles.

I like that it is an American made pickup truck. It suits my needs. I wish the transmission shifted a little smoother, I wish the frame was painted instead of wax coated and I wish the transmission pan had a plug. Overall, I'm very happy with the truck.

- Geoff R

Heated seats it is a powerful truck love my four wheel drive.

It has been a very reliable truck. It tows very well. I will buy another truck when this one dies but until then I will drive it. I like the color. I like the power it has. I like the heated seats. Chevy makes great trucks, my wife also likes my truck.

- Jason A

My truck is just the right size to use day to day and to haul items when necessary.

I like the size of my truck because it suits my day to day needs and when I need to haul things. It is rough at times driving across bumps in the road. It isn't very heavy for ice/snow driving. I plan to keep it even when I purchase a new vehicle.

- Larry C

It has a great engine and this truck should run for over 200000 miles.

I love Chevy products. It has a great engine that has a lot of get up and go. It never fails me. The electrical system has gone crazy on me and it will cost too much money to fix so I am just waiting until I can afford to get a new one soon.

- scott D

It is dependable and has done well for me and my family for 8 years now.

I like that the truck is dependable and has done well for me since 2010. I am a short person and I cannot adjust the height of the seat is my vehicle so I have to sit on pillows to drive it. I do not like that the seat does not adjust.

- Garnetta W

That it will not breakdown and always get you to where you are going.

It gets you where you are going even in the very harsh winters of new Hampshire. Good gas mileage for a big engine. No breakdowns since I have owned it in 2010. Very smooth ride for a truck, much better than some cars I have owned.

- John G

Great and very trustworthy vehicle.

Nice little truck. Hasn't gave me any issues. Just some new tires and oil change and this little puppy scoots on down the road like a dream. I am in the market for a new one and I will be looking to get the same model.

- Clint B

The 2010 Chevy Silverado body is poorly designed and will rust quickly. Prior to buying, one should inspect the rear wheel wells and/or have them lined to prevent rust.

An engineering flaw of the rear wheel wells as resulted in it rusting within 8 years. The vehicle rides rather roughly. Finally, the the headrests stick out farther than the seat backs which results in discomfort

- Zach G

It gets pretty goud gas mileage.it has good dash display and it's all very easy to use.

I like that it rides smooth i also like that it has a long bed and i like the looks of it. What i don't like is that if is underpowered. When i bought it it smelled like cigarettes and i don't like the stereo.

- Calvin C

It is a gas hog. Only 12 mpg. Best of either used to make money or a rare hauler.

Smooth ride, full sized bed for hauling, all your basic amenities, a/c, etc. It is a reliable workhorse. When it comes to maintenance, it is basic and easy to do yourself, which is a huge plus for me.

- Marie C

The truck needs better gas mileage and more storage.

I like the truck for It's space but it's bad on gas mileage usually. The upper glove box handle is already broken which I wish was more durable. I wish there was a better sound system in it as well.

- Erin M

Take care if your truck and it will last you a long time.

My truck is 2010 Chevy Silverado ltz. It's loaded. I love the moon roof. It has heated leather seats. I love the fact it's a 4 door truck. I've no issues with it since I've bought it.

- Chris L

It's a great overall truck

Absolutely love my truck. I've not had it even a year yet, but have not had any issue with it. I feel like I could have this truck for years. Would definitely buy another eventually.

- Shawn R

Silverado is comfortable and a long lasting vehicle.

I like the interior comfort most of all, especially on long trips. The extended cab affords the ability to haul items like guns in a secure setting. I wish it got better mileage.

- dan b

Kept very clean and well maintained. Pretty good gas mileage.

Runs really well. Not happy the dash is cracking and the vehicle is 90% kept in the garage. Contacted Chevy and they said warranty is over, so no help and they just didn't care!

- Shirlee O

My Chevy Silverado Truck is 2-n-1

My Chevrolet Silverado crew cab has definitely exceeded my expectations! Not only do I get the benefit of having a truck, I also get the benefits inside that a car would provide!

- Josh M

The lifters in the engine went out at 100,000 miles and had to replace the engine.

2010 Chevrolet Silverado, it is 4 wheel drive and has handled the rough terrain I put it through very well. Has never given me any real problems and I will purchase another one.

- Harrison S

Chevy Runs Deep in the Silverado

Really great vehicle! Have had no major issues with it. Just had to do the regular maintenance to it the entire time I have owned it. The 2010 Silverado is a 10 out of 2010!

- Matt B

Year 2010 Chevrolet Silverado 1500

The Chevrolet Silverado 1500 5.3 L engine in my opinion is a dependable vehicle. I bought it when I was only a few years old and I've had very little problems with it since.

- Charles S

Dependable, routine maintenance is all they need to keep you rolling.

Dependable but old, has really good power but is definitely on the older side but it is what I can afford right now, getting awful tight with 3 kids really need a crew cab.

- Shane M

It's great for home and work and hauling/towing but will cost you a lot on gas.

I like having the ability to transport and haul large items. I also like the 4-wheel drive. I don't like the high fuel costs and difficulty parking such a large vehicle.

- Rose A

It's perfect for a family because it seats like a car yet, has a truck bed!

Love it! Its crew cab so I have the extra benefit where it sits like a car and i still have a truck bed. Its Navy my fav color and has been basically maintenance free!

- Valerie N

It is safe and comfortable, even though it is older.

Super comfortable, feel safe driving it. I does take a lot of gas though. The oil changes are too expensive. The tires are a little pricey. Wish it had a better stereo.

- Joni F

The four wheel drive is great.

I love this truck. Four wheel drive works great and is a very reliable truck! The gas mileage is a little low but is a price I am willing to pay for such a great truck!

- Chass C

It is reliable and made to last.

I love the way it is built and it is sleek look. Very reliable vehicle and great for bad weather. I do not like all the handles that are cheaply made and break easily.

- Dorothy F

It is reliable and dependable.

I love most everything about my truck except it could use the following: additional step up into the bed. Tailgate swing horizontal too. Sun glass and storage areas.

- Kathy H

It is dependable vehicle and great for towing.

It is been a good truck for hauling, towing and going from place to place.Only complaint is I need a bigger vehicle easier to get 2 car seats in and booster seats..

- No C

Great for road trips because there's plenty of room and It's very comfortable.

Love this truck, it's really comfortable for long road trips and there's plenty of room. The only downside is the company we bought it from put a lift kit in it.

- Paul S

It is not a family vehicle, if your husband tries to convince you to get one for the family use. Bull don't do it, get you a nice SUV.

It has 4 doors but in my opinion not enough room. It has a center console that is broken. The back needs a cover so when it is raining my stuff doesn't get wet.

- Jeannie J

It is a very nice vehicle. Rides smooth good on gas

I enjoy that I am higher off the ground, able to tow trailers used it to pull small trees out of the ground. It rides smooth the seats adjust to people's height.

- Leslie B

Rides like a car, very comfortable and is flex fuel.

I love my truck, has lots of options. Is flex fuel compatible which is awesome. Very comfortable and has a lot of power when I need to pass, handles like a car.

- Heather R

There is Improved acceleration from previous model.

It's a little bigger than my last one of the same model. It seems to be a bit more snappy when you are driving it. It takes a little more gas to run it too.

- Kevin C

My car will always be able to take me from point A to point B without any problems.

It's sturdy, durable, and reliable. I've had it for a while and it never broke down. All repairs I had on it were minor. However it is not very fuel efficient

- Kuo C

There’s a lot of legroom and room in the back seat and storage space.

We just don't like the lift kit, but other than that, everything is great. It has plenty of room and drives great. Really good vehicle for family road trips.

- Brittany B

This truck has all the strength and resiliency one could ever ask from a pickup truck.

My truck is a reliable workhorse that gets me to my destination without fail. Regular maintenance keeps it in great condition and I love it's reliability.

- adalberto V

Low maintenance. Just routine maintenances, and it will last forever.

The truck has been great. I have over 100,000 miles in it and it has never had any trouble. Only have had to do regular maintenance on it, and tires.

- Patricia C

Electrical component issues.

I enjoy the durability of the exterior. Also the comfort level. I dislike the oil pressure problems I have encountered which seem impossible to fix.

- Sam B

It's a truck and I use it as a truck - it's not a pretty car so I'm not worried about a few dings and scratches.

I love having a truck. I can carry the entire family as well as haul everything I need. Plus, trucks hold their resale value better than any car.

- Roy H

It's a truck and has lots of interior room.

I like the extra room in the cab and the bed. One thing I don't like is the power pulling a trailer uphill. Lacks power that my Dodge truck had.

- Stuart O

The 6. 2l engine is powerful and peppy!

Great truck! A lot of room very reliable but started rusting above the rear wheels. Has had a few computer issues and shift points are off some.

- Lynsey B

The quality is exemplary. It has lasted for 8 years and has lots more to go.

My vehicle has been very reliable. With the proper maintenance I have been able to hang on to it for 8 years and it still looks and runs great!

- Barbara L

It's dependable. You can travel and feel safe. People see you coming in that big truck.

I love sitting up high and being able to see. The only dislike is gas mileage. I am able to haul things in it. My grandkids love riding in it.

- Kathi C

Great condition for being 8 years old. Little rusting near tire wells.

No performance issues. Great make and model, very family friend with the crew cab edition. Older model with a little rusting over the years.

- Kara D

The back up camera has blind sides.

The truck is too big for every day use, in city traffic. It uses too much gas. Love the height & the way it drives especially when it rains.

- Maria S

Sometimes I just want to set the truck on fire!

A.c. has problems. Brakes go out a lot. There is always a light out. ALWAYS. WE CHANGE lights on a weekly bases. A.c. leaks inside vehicle.

- Savannah D

The body is still in really great shape.

My chevy is dependable and still looks great. It pulls my boat and gets me where I need to go. I still get compliments on how it looks.

- Garnett E

the seating is very ample for a family of four

it has great engine power. The seating inside is ample. The thing gets decent gas mileage for a truck. The truck is very reliable.

- brad K

Very dependable. First extended cab and love it.

Really haven't had any issue with this vehicle. Only normal maintenance on this vehicle. Have owned Chevrolet trucks for over 30 yrs.

- Linda M

It fits my personality. It's Big, loud and flashy.

My vehicle is very reliable and is very utilitarian. Very comfortable. I do dislike the fact that it started rusting so early on.

- Jay B

It is very dependable and will always get you where you need to go.

It never fails to get me and my family where we need to go. It has good gas mileage. It is roomy, good for hauling and dependable.

- Carol A

It is roomy and nice. This survey is too demanding about minimum and maximum text.

I haven't had any problems. Just regular maintenance. Except after having the wheel bearing replaced the dash lights are still on.

- Alexandria L

It won't break down on you and will be able to handle a large workload

It is a good reliable truck that I use for work everyday. I have very few issues with it even when pulling a trailer and equipment

- Alex B

It's four wheel drive and is fun to drive.Everyone should drive one.

I like the four wheel drive and how it rides and the color.I like taking it off road and mudding.Not really any complaints at all.

- James S

It's very roomy, rides well, and has required almost no maintenance in eight years.

I like the hauling ability, and reliability. The engine bay is large and easy to work in. I regret not getting four wheel drive.

- Wesley B

reliable and durable - it does what you ask it to do

Work vehicle - I like it well enough, it gets the job done. it doesn't have all the bells and whistles i would choose for it.

- Aden R

Its a truck. And it is silver.

It's a workhorse but my only complaint is quarter panel rust around the fender well. Other than that it's 140k miles strong.

- Grant S

It is a gas guzzler. It does not have a lot of power either.

I like that it is reliable. It is also very rugged and durable, but I do not like the fact that it has a lot of miles on it.

- Hayden H

Very spacious and comfortable

I really love my vehicle it is spacious and comfortable, it runs smoothly and is very useful when having to move things

- Jessica E

Dependable, great looking, good performance, good gas mileage

This has been a great truck. Good gas mileage, tows our camper, seats six, no mechanical problems in 160,000 miles.

- Wayne O

how comfortable and smooth it is to ride in the truck.

It is very comfortable to ride in. I like being higher up than what a car is. I wish I did get better fuel mileage

- Steve J

It is my only source of transportation.

It's a good vehicle. It's reliable. No real problems with it. Needs better gas mileage. Wish it was a newer model.

- Timothy P

Lofted and well maintained.

Comfortable, level kit, automatic alarm, tinted windows, 2 wheel drive, ac, radio, AUX input, all terrain tires.

- Stephanie O

Very reliable, stylish pickup truck that has come in handy a lot over the past 8 years that we've had it.

Has been a very reliable vehicle. Have only had minor issues with it. I am still very happy with the purchase.

- Heather W

Dependable, meets all needs for hauling for landscaping around my house.

Great for hauling mulch, gravel and big things my wife has to have for decorating. Plenty of room for the kids.

- Colt C

Will haul anything and have never left me stranded. Decent mpg on the highway.

I have owned 8 years and only one repair, a chip for 400 dollars. Four wheel drive and never left me stranded.

- Steve K

It is better for the environment.

This sis the best riding and very safe vehicle.. I couldn't be happier with it.. Best purchase to date!!.

- Diana C

It's tow worthy, you can pull almost anything with it

Love that it holds our family and tows our camper, dont like that it's a 2 bifold door not a true 4 door

- Becky m

It's been a great truck for the 8 years I have had it.

Love my truck. Wish it had a backup camera. Also the cruise control is going out. I wish it was blue

- Bobby D

The nicest vehicle that I have ever owned and couldn't be happier with it.

I love the color and style of the inside and out. It's nice. The scratches and bad tires I don't like

- Jacob M

It is a very good handling in the snow. Auto 4 wheel drive works well.

Complaints that ac went out . I enjoy the handling of the vehicle. 4 wheel drive is a great feature.

- Matthew F

it's awesome and way better than what you drive

i like the height and the drive. it's a little rough idling sometimes, but overall a great vehicle

- Jimmy G

It is easy to drive and it is heavy duty. My car makes me feel safe.

I like that there is plenty of room for me, my kids, and our stuff. I wish it was easier to park.

- Da T

The vehicle has plenty of room inside.

It gets stuck easily in wet areas and does not pull hills well. I like the space in the vehicle.

- Gene B

Engine runs strong for having 100,000 miles.

Good reliable truck. Good towing capacity. Rear springs are a bit weak. Overall a good vehicle.

- John R

It's powerful but also fuel efficient for a truck. It gets the job done.

Love how simple ands affordable it is. It handles and rides better than any truck i've owned

- John T

It gets decent mileage for a truck

It is a great truck. Lots of room. Lots of power for towing. It also gets decent mileage

- Brad P

It has low Mileage and is a good car.

What I dislike is that it doesn't have bluetooth and does not have the automatic starter.

- Marisela A

Chevrolet is our favorite brand of vehicle because they are very reliable.

Our truck is very reliable. It pulls our camper well. We use the four wheel drive alot.

- Cindy S

It's very safe and easy to drive. We were hit by a semi & it barely did any damage.

I Love the room and ability to use in and out of the city. It's a good family vehicle

- Cassandra L

it is a very well made truck and gets pretty good gas mileage

it's a black chevy Silverado pickup truck it is a good truck for construction working

- brad r

I have traveled almost 200k miles on this truck and I can say it doesn't disappoint. From comfort to reliability.

It is extremely reliable, saves gas for being a Truck. Easy to drive and tow with.

- Grace S

We are chevrolet people. We prefer the reliability and designs or a Chevy

Good power for anything Pulls camper well Decent gas mileage in town or on highway

- James S

i keep it very clean and take pride in Its appearance

like the bed space V6 has a peppy engine dislike that It's white no auto locks

- jeff K

It is the newest vehicle I have ever been able to afford.

I like it because it is a truck, only dislike would be that it isn't 4x4.

- kenneth j

This vehicle is very reliable. It does have hard time hauling our trailer but other than that I have no issues.

It is reliable. I have only had minor issues since having it since 2011

- Trisha S

It has great power and is great for anything you need to do

I love the color of it It's a 4x4 lifted and helps me get my jobs done

- Jeremy M

I like the overall look of the vehicle. I value the reliability of the truck. I do not like the weakness of the side steel on the bedside due to the propensity to rust. I do not like the active fuel management system.

The engine has more than ample power to handle any job asked of it.

- Silas F

Economical. 20 mpg. Well equipped with nice features.

None. I love my truck reliably and convenient. It has a great tide

- Mike B

Terrific vehicle drives great looks great couldn't ask for more.

Great driving. Quality of the vehicle Gas mileage Fun car

- Georgina W

Powerful and it will last you a long time

I love that it has power and is lifted just enough

- Elizabeth I

I like the dependability and comfort. It looks good. I dislike the fact that I have trouble seeing over the side view mirror.

This truck is big and you have to make wide turns.

- arlene g

good for anything,independable,hard working.

very good,quality,easy to do maintenance,useful.

- vlad M

It's awesome and bad to the bone

Love feel of the drive. Hate gas mileage

- Joseph A