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Efficient, strong and powerful vehicle.

Considering it is a crew cab and that it is a huge truck it has really good gas mileage. It is sleek and beautiful. It was really affordable. It fit our budget fine. We have taken it out on several road trips and haven't had any issues with it. If you are looking for a vehicle that is spacious and luxurious this is the truck you should get. I have always been a Chevy girl and I plan to buy another Chevy in the future. I love that it has a nice middle console to store extra things. The back seats also fold upwards to store things like tools or a gun. I love that it has plenty of outlets to charge your phone or tablet. It syncs really well to Bluetooth and you can hear all the music on your phone. You can also get OnStar installed. Suspension is great and hardly feel any bad bumps in the road. Very spacious in the back for my son and his car seat. It has a step by the door to climb up. Seats adjust perfectly no matter how tall or short you are. Plenty of cup holders and middle space for snacks. Overall it is a smooth ride and my family and I really enjoy our time in it.

- En Gadi P

Chevrolet Silverado 1500 lt. Pickup truck.

This vehicle has the latest technology available. The interior is well laid out and very comfortable on short and long trips. The fuel economy is great for a vehicle of this size and weight. It has had a few recalls, but all have been taken care of in a short period of time. I use this truck for towing a travel trailer and I have had no trouble towing in the mountains or on the interstate. Because of its long length, it is difficult to park, but the standard equipment backup camera assists in this area. The standard sound system comes with Bluetooth, which is handy as my state requires hands-free phone operation while driving. Unfortunately, one cannot operate more than one Bluetooth device at a time. It came standard with XM radio capability, which is nice in rural areas with little choice of terrestrial radio stations. The body styling is good and the standard alloy wheels are very stylish. Overall, for the price that I paid and for the standard options, I cannot rate this vehicle less than excellent.

- Larry W

Drives like a car but hauls like a truck!

My Chevy truck has been very dependable with no serious problems so far. The only problem that I have encountered was a constant alert of low tire pressure in one of the tires. I kept getting it filled but the sensor would not go away. Come to find out it was a leaking valve stem and nothing else. My truck is so comfortable and roomy. It drives so smooth it is really like your driving a car. I like the front seat compartment that you can either fold up or leave down. Comfortable seats and nice to drive. The back seat has plenty of room also. The back seat folds completely up if you need to haul things that you do not want to get wet in the bed of the truck if it is raining. I have cloth seats( I don't really care for leather anyway) and they still look great after 5 years. The truck is easy to park. I have had several trucks in my life and this one has been the easiest to Park. Overall I really like my truck and if you get one I am sure you will too. Did I mention it also looks great!!

- Linda P

Great gas mileage and super comfortable!

What I love about my vehicle is it has great features! It has Sirius radio if you choose to have that, you can control the radio from the steering wheel, and it has a screen where you can see the song, or how much gas is left, your speed and other nice things! I also love the gas mileage, it gets so much more than my last vehicle! My other one I would only last a 2 hour trip or just a day or 2. This one I can last a full week! It is also super comfortable, the seats are nice, and the back seat has plenty of room! We currently do have a rear facing car seat and that does take up a lot of space, if it is behind the passenger seat that seat has to be all the way up and if it is in the middle it still takes up a ton of space. But other than that one thing overall I love the vehicle and hope to have it for a long time!

- Brittany S

Amazing 2014 Chevy Silverado.

I love my truck. Chevy vehicles are very reliable. My previous vehicle was a Chevy and my next one will be too! The interior is extremely comfortable and stain resistant. The exterior is sleek and attractive. The 4 wheel drive works flawlessly and is a very handy feature. Not a day goes by that I don't drive my Chevy Silverado. I take my truck on road trips because it is so very fuel efficient and the cruise control at my fingertips makes it so easy! Driving is so much safer now that the controls for radio are on the steering wheel. Hands free phone by Bluetooth is the best thing since sliced bread. My wife has never enjoyed driving my trucks in the past, but I am consistently find her coming up with excuses to drive this one!

- Nate S

Sporty! I love the attention that my truck gets when I go places.

My truck is sporty and a luxury vehicle all in one! It fits my whole family comfortably! Gas mileage is also very good for a truck! Although I would truly rather an SUV, I am happy with the truck. I love all of the features it has to offer as well like the backup camera, Bluetooth so I can talk on the phone through the radio and also the navigation system! My truck has tinted windows and is silver in color! To me its the prettiest around! I am going to get a bed liner put in the back and some new speakers and probably get seat covers to so I can save the seats from being ruined by my two kids! I also have not had any trouble at all with anything since we bought it which is a plus!

- Rami L

Roomy enough to take the family and pull the toys behind it.

I have a crew cab lt Silverado, it's been a great truck with lots of room. I did not like the stock cloth interior so I added aftermarket leather. Truck has been very reliable and I love the starting app that's on it. Both in the winter and summer. The biggest complaint I have about it is the ac went out on it when it was only 2 years old, but the dealer took care of me once gm got them the parts. I also didn't like how low the front of the truck sets stock so I had to add a 2' leveling kit on it to be the way I wanted it. Id buy another but think I'd go 2500 next time so I can pull heavier stuff.

- Gary B

Good features of the Silverado. Only one complaint so far.

Vehicle is very reliable especially when towing our camper. It has a towing mode which helps reduce the strain of towing on the engine. I also like the backup camera which is extremely helpful while backing out of tight spaces. The hands free phone features are also very helpful which allows me to receive a phone call with just the push of a button. I also like the remote starting feature which allows a 10 minute warm up before inserting the key. The only complaint about my Silverado is no sensor that notifies me that I have left the tailgate down. This has happened on several occasions.

- Douglas T

You can't hear the road, but you can still hear if someone honks at you.

My truck is the best car I've ever had. When I drive it, It's noiseless. You can't hear a thing. Unless you have music on. The mirrors adjust, both side mirrors and the rearview one. The interior is real nice, It's got leather seats with a heating system and the radio is nice and clear everywhere I go. The air system keeps me cool in the summer and warm in the winter. The lowest setting that you can put the air on is 60 degrees. Which is great for ninety degree weather or when you just want to keep cool.

- Jackie L

Its smooth handling and can handle anything you put it through.

I bought my truck new and have thoroughly enjoyed it. It's a work truck so did not include carpet which is a plus for me. I have only had to put it in the shop a few times other than for normal maintenance. Later when we decide to purchase another vehicle it will be the same thing. This truck has a lot of room so is perfect for carrying 5 people or large dogs. It comfortable to make long drives and is large enough to recline the front seats back to stay overnight on the beach.

- Patty G

Nice truck, minimal issues, great body style.

My Chevrolet Silverado 1500 has had no engine, or transmission problems. It runs well, tows well, too. It has almost 40, 000 miles on it, and the only issues I've had is, sometimes I have to take the key back out and stick it back in the ignition to get it to start. Seems it turns, but sometimes doesn't read that I turned it and starts. Only other is the drivers side window, which is a manual window, has jumped off of track.

- Paul P

Silverado trucks are a great investment!

Great truck for all types of jobs.... landscape, moving, vacation, hauling firewood, etc.. Crew cab is excellent for family of 4 even when going long distances. Highly dependable and rugged. Silent ride and comfortable seating. Tons of interior features that make it enjoyable to drive: radio, sound system, 4 wheel drive, lots of compartment storage. Would definitely buy another one when I am ready to trade.

- Steve P

The most comfortable vehicle we've owned.

It is the easiest vehicle I have ever driven. It is extremely comfortable with enough back seat area for 2 large car seats as well. We've only had trouble with the a/c unit, but that was due to damage from a road hazard. It was fixed professionally and warrantied. Recalls were taken care of quickly and I was given a loaner vehicle when it took a day or so. This has only happened twice. I would buy again.

- Kathy C

My Chevrolet app, very spacious, sleek look, reliable.

I absolutely love our Chevy truck. I never imagined that I would love driving a truck so much, but I really do! It fits our whole family of 5 comfortably. And we have a tall family 6+ foot so it is really hard to find a vehicle that fits our whole family comfortably. And my absolute favorite thing about owning a Chevy is the my Chevrolet app. I can lock and start our truck from the tap of my phone.

- Brit C

My chevrolet truck: Love the way it feels love the way rides always dependable.

Gas mileage is lower than I like. But towing and hauling dies great for the job I do. The look of it is cool too all black and a backup camera. Helps me out in the business I am in. Also like the Texas edition smooth ride and great handling. Other people compliment my truck it does look sharp even if I use it for work. I am always going to love Chevrolet because of this truck.

- Adam L

Silverado-works hard, plays hard and a lifelong family memory maker!

The Chevy Silverado has been reliable to our family in both city and country driving. It has great performance pulling campers and filled trailers. It has a towing package which is convenient. Our Silverado trucks have had many miles put on them with no major issues. It has a nice hidden storage area under the seat. The backseats have a comfortable amount of room.

- Lynn B

2014 Chevy Silverado review.

Love the spacious back seat of the crew cab Silverado. Adaptability seems to be great in changing from 2wd to 4wd. The infotainment system works well. It may glitch from time to time with the backup camera if you shift in gear too fast. Some of the crew cab trucks do not have the option for the bench in the front, you lose that extra storage space under that seat.

- Jon S

The 4 wheel drive can haul anything, in any conditions without slowing down.

I love my Chevy Silverado! It is reliable, safe and extremely comfortable. It has great get-up and go even with a horse trailer full of cows or a boat! In icy conditions I do not worry at all about coming to a stop, or that I will not be able to get out of a deep trench. All my passengers fit comfortably in the front and the back seat with plenty of legroom!

- Chelsea J

14-18 Chevy Silverado 1500.

Great performance and ride quality. Tons of options. Leather heated seats. Power everything. Back up camera. Park assist. Towing capability of up to 10,000 pounds. Many options when buying these trucks. Standard cab, double cab, crew cab. Many different bed sizes are offered as well. The standard 5. 3 l v8 engine will give you all around great performance.

- Trevor C

Body is well design and suspension is cushion for road condition.

I have no problem with this Chevy it has great pick up speed when I needed, I have no problem with performance and its a smooth ride, no problem with the engine or transmission or rear end, I was looking for a 6 cylinder pickup that was good on fuel and reliability, I can say to anyone for my experience with my Chevy Silverado I am impressed.

- Rudy J

Great 4x4 and very comfortable

I love that it's easy to drive and gets around great in the winter. It's been very helpful hauling things since we've moved a couple times since having it. Our car seat fits in it easily. My biggest complaint is that there's no vents for the heat/ac in the backseat which makes it very uncomfortable in extreme temps, which we have a lot here.

- Natalie F

All day running lights give discount on yearly insurance.

No problems with performance, only negatives is gas mileage is horrible on and off highways but it has a huge engine so I was aware of that when I purchased it new. It has also 4 wheel drive which I thought I would never use but have. Sunroof never has leaked other than a battery and tires that is all that I have replaced currently.

- Suzanne M

A rocky ridge Silverado was my dream truck.

My truck is a rocky ridge edition Silverado. I love the heated seats and remote start. Dual climate controls means I can have one temperature and my passenger can be comfortable too. I have had a problem with the flowmaster exhaust however. The gas mileage isn't very good, but with a lifted truck and bigger tires, that's expected.

- Holly T

Best truck ever! I love the space inside the cab as well as the fuel efficiency.

It is a great truck. Mechanically I couldn't ask for better. The interior of the vehicle could be a little nicer as far as dash items look a little too cheap. I would buy another one in a heartbeat though because it is been a dream vehicle. It is also an extremely fuel efficient vehicle which makes this truck easy on the pocket.

- Rhonda M

Spacious family friendly truck!

I have two kids under the age of 4 years. And they are both in car seats so space is a must. We fit both kids very comfortably. I as a mom have to jump in the back when need be. And I fit comfortably as well. I love how spacious it is. We are outdoor family and love being able to throw our 2 bikes and child attachments as well.

- Yolanda Z

Chevy Silverado: 10 out of 10 would recommend!

I absolutely love my Chevy Silverado! I have owned several vehicles in my lifetime and the Silverado is by far the best vehicle I have ever driven. The handling, the suspension, the weight and power of the engine say it all. Luxury interior and handling with the ability to haul around whatever you need. The best of both worlds.

- Rebecca P

Truly like a rock...wish it would sink and go away

At 60,000 miles it dropped an injector. 75,000 is started having electrical issues taking my power steering, backing up and electronics out. Had that repaired. At 85,000 began having electrical issues again. 90,000 strange bumping noise nobody can figure out. I am sorely disappointed in what used to be my favorite brand.

- Jessica L

Great vehicle to use for commuting or for pleasure.

It is very reliable. This is my second Chevy Silverado had the first one for 10 years then traded up for a newer model. It runs very good on gas and has excellent . Gas mileage. Very spacious in the inside. Back seat is a little small on the double cab if there is a car seat but works out great if you keep in the middle.


A trader to the ford f series and on to the Chevy.

I use to be a ford owner and I switched to the Chevy Silverado 4x4. It is quiet, comfortable, heavy duty and easy to drive. I tow it behind my RV and it tows smoothly. I have not had any problems with it since I bought it in 2016. I love the navigation system and backup camera. I do not know how I ever drove without it.

- Kelly L

Four door Chevrolet Silverado

Huge fan of the Chevrolet Silverado four door. Vehicle has the legroom that I require, being over six feet tall. Drives and handles very well in all weather conditions. Really appreciate the hands free calling and XM radio. Drive about 25,000 miles a year so not having to always find radio channels is a great option.

- Gary M

Comfort and economical - it exists!

There are two things that are major positive points: 1) flex fuel. Having flex fuel option makes the gas mileage much better than your typical larger, “gas guzzling” vehicle. I can average 20 mpg (26 hwy, 16 city). 2) the overall comfort. My vehicle is very plush, comfortable, and has an amazingly quiet ride.

- Tessa E

cylinder deactivation at cruising speeds allow for improved gas mileage.

The only problem I had with the vehicle was only 4 years old and the AC failed in the summer. The condenser had to be replaced and it was a very involved job and it was no longer under warranty. I had to pay out of pocket for the entire job and was not happy. I don't think the AC system should have failed so soon.

- Scott C

A car ride with truck abilities and luxury of a plush sedan!

My truck has no problems and is very gas efficient. It even gears down to 4 cylinders from the original 6 to save gas/money. Because it is a crew cab there is plenty or room for people with a great stereo and even gets free bluetooth reception. Ample room in truck bed for use and even a wider bed than most others!

- Stephen C

Sturdy, stylish family vehicle.

I love how comfortable and reliable my vehicle it is. I have heated and cooled seats. The car warms up quickly. I have dual temperature. The vehicle drives wonderfully and is very sturdy and safe feeling. The four wheel drive on the vehicle does wonderful in the Michigan weather even if there is ice or snow.

- Anthony F

A solid choice for nearly everyone.

Lots of options for this truck. The crew cab is decently sized, but I feel the f150 is a bit more roomy. The technology is good and you have to respect the v8. The infotainment center is top of the line. If you get the z71 package beware of the ride comfort you are sacrificing. . . Though you get used to it.

- Wes R

Great looking truck, plenty of room, and operator friendly.

I love my Chevrolet Silverado, it's a very quiet, smooth riding truck with plenty of power when I need it. I love all the features including Pandora, navigation, hands free phone, and the Chevrolet my link feature, I would recommend this truck to anybody that is in search of a good dependable pickup truck.

- Ben G

Really good truck reliable and durable.

Chevy Silverado 1500 crew cab is the most spacious and comfortable I love my truck plus it saves me tons of gas and I tow almost anything I want. Is a heavy duty truck you can use as a work truck or a everyday drive car is really reliable truck I use it a lot on the country for many task around the house.

- Guadalupe S

The blue hornet Chevy review.

Love my truck drives smooth as a car, hate all the recalls but they get taken care of. A few issues with getting at items to change oil, air filter and batteries, also fuse box hard to find. Some belt must be tightened or it chirps when changing gears. Love the steps into the bed. Overall a great truck.

- Ryan R

It goes fast. You catch yourself speeding without really realizing it.

Honestly I love driving a truck especially since I am a girl I feel some type of power while driving. The drive always feels smooth and the brakes are not sensitive which I love! The only problem I have had was the raid being small but you can always replace it with an 8 inch screen and add apple play.

- Dominique C

I love my truck and you would too. Go drive one today.

I love the car for the comfort and smooth ride. It also has cooling seats which is helpful in the south. The truck has nice extra features such as on star. Sirius radio. Bluetooth outlets and USB ports. Easy in and out with great handles and running boards. Remote start is an excellent feature.

- Cathy R

Go for the high country Silverado model.

The high country package is really great. Love the leather, love the sunroof, really enjoy the moveable seats and side mirrors. Cameras all around are great to have. The sound system is good. The truck is really reliable. I got the hard folding tonneau cover and it is a great waterproof addition.

- Debi F

Very spacious with a lot of features

I really enjoy my truck. It is incredibly spacious. It has many features that are an added luxury, including climate control, bluetooth capabilities, hands free options. The truck is very comfortable for long hauls and short trips. It doesn't ride rough like a "truck". overall very safe vehicle.

- Cassidy H

It's a good powerful truck but too many factory problems.

It's a nice truck but we've only had it for two years and have had two major repairs. The lights malfunctioned and now the air compressor. Though it turns out that it's a common problem with this year and model, Chevy, or GM, won't do anything about it or even help to repair their faulty parts.

- Jessica A

It has 2 and 4 wheel drive which comes in handy with our winter months.

The Chevy Silverado is a very stylish truck for a truck. It rides like a Cadillac. It has the most comfortable seats with plenty of legroom. We are able to seat 6 people comfortably in the cab. It has a back-up camera which has come in handy numerous times. I would highly recommend this truck.

- Susan F

It has a jake brake and we didn't know it.

Love it but lately it has had some problems that will be taken care of. The brakes almost went out on mountains in Colorado and then flooding in our town lead to water in the electrical thing on the bottom of the truck so that has to be replaced. But still love the truck, it is pretty awesome.

- Erica A

Reliable vehicle with spacious interior seating.

Really enjoyed the smoothness that I receive out of driving my truck. The drive isn't rough at all. I have had an issue with the auto drive, from switching between 4 wheel and 2 wheel. It wasn't a big issue. My family loves the cabin space that the 4 doors provides and we all fit comfortably.

- Emma H

Chevrolet Silverado is recommended.

The vehicle is reliable and drives well. It does everything a pickup needs to do and gets good fuel mileage, too. There have been no significant issues with the vehicle and it would be recommended to others. Anyone in the market for this type of vehicle should consider a Chevrolet Silverado.

- J P

It is reliable to the point that no matter the conditions; heavy rain, flooded roads, ice, snow, etc., my vehicle will get me where I need to go.

I like the smooth ride and fuel efficiency of my vehicle. I also like the digital display that keeps track of things like tire pressure and oil change intervals. If I had to find a negative about my vehicle, it would be the small shake that my truck seems to adopt when traveling over 75 mph.

- Emily B

My pickup - a great ride at a decent price.

No problems with this vehicle. It drives good and is very comfortable, it pulls my 18’ trailer with my tractor on it as well as my enclosed motorcycle trailer well. This pickup gets decent gas mileage and does not use oil. I am very satisfied with this vehicle and am glad I purchased it.

- Michael S

Quality ride with great features that the whole family can enjoy.

The motor is great shifts very well. Gas mileage is good for the size of the vehicle. The cab is roomie with plenty of space. The ride is smooth and quiet. The overall quality of the interior is nice. The stereo is clear and provides quality hands free options for a safe driving experience.

- Matthew M

The air has broken twice but overall a great vehicle.

My truck runs good and gets good gas mileage for the size. The air has broken twice already on it. I like the size of it because it makes me feel safer and I like sitting up high. The leather seats are comfortable and the screen works very well. It is a reliable vehicle except for the air.

- Heath M

A working persons truck that can be used for outdoor adventures.

It has plenty of room and gets about 18mpg so it is good to for trips camping or anything you would need to go outdoors for. 4WD so neve have to worry about getting stuck. Radiator leaked a little when I first got it noticed temperature started to climb. Rides well but it is no sports car.

- Brandon T

My Chevy truck is a beast when it comes to any other truck out there right now.

The truck itself is a smooth ride and is very nice inside and outside with the look of the truck. The only problem with the truck has been its air conditioner had to replace a part that went bad over the two year that I had it. I also love the space the truck has with it being a crew cab.

- Jeffrey B

Respect the truck and the truck will respect you, no matter the amount of time.

Not really anything I can say when it comes to any problems. Raised as a Chevy girl, especially when it comes to trucks, I have always and will continue to do so for the rest of my life give Chevy 5 stars all the way across when it comes to performance, reliability, comfort, and features.

- Crystal B

Great truck, powerful yet comfortable.

The truck smooth driving. It gets bad gas mileage. It has lots of power for daily driving or towing. Very reliable, limited problems. It has a great warranty that covers most maintenance and issues within the first few years if ownership. I highly recommend for anyone looking for a truck.

- Brian K

2014 Chevy Silverado 1500.

My 2014 Chevrolet Silverado is a wonderful vehicle. While it uses lots of gas and can be quite expensive at times I can comfortable seat up to six people at a time. Performance wise it is wonderful. It lets me know when it needs an oil change or air in a tire so that I am never stuck.

- Kelly M

Love my 2014 Chevy Silverado.

I have honestly never had a Chevy vehicle I didn't like! I am more of a truck person so everything about it I love. Chevrolet vehicles are built sturdy and last a really long time! My truck is a 2014 and just hit 65, 000 miles. Never had mechanical problems and everything runs great!

- Alexis E

That chevy makes great trucks.

We got the truck in June of this year. It was used with low milage and a good price. I like that the previous owner kept it in good shape. I like it overall except that it does not have carpet. I could handle that if we could only find floor mats to help protect the rubber flooring.

- Lisa S

I bought the truck second hand and the original owner really took care of it well.

I bought the vehicle second hand and it had more bells and whistles than I ever had or thought about buy. I do a lot of traveling so I have not put many miles on the truck. I love the truck and I will probably keep it. Like I stated it has everything a person would want in a truck.

- Walter A

My truck, my wheels, my baby, my work truck.

My truck ride like a truck on the clouds, nice and smooth nice radio, good sounding,Cruz,automatic,air, four door,4 wheel drive, topper,tilt steering, it get around 14-19 miles per gal, heated seats cloth seating though color is gray silver with a black topper, with running boards.

- Dave B

Owned it for four years and not a minute's trouble.

Never had a problem with this truck. Very comfortable. Love the capability to use the cell phone through the radio. Also have Sirius radio. There is plenty of room for passengers in the back and legroom is great. The heater is fantastic and heats up quickly. The ac is fast, also.

- Janice H

Chevy Silverado 1500 lt summary.

The 2014 Chevrolet Silverado 1500 lt is by far the most reliable truck on the streets today. Good gas mileage and is as smooth as a dream. I will always recommend Chevrolet to any friends, family or colleagues. I will continue to purchase Chevrolet products in the future as well.

- Mike G


I am a Chevy Man I love my truck I use it for everything, hauling stuff, cleaning up around my property as they say Chevy are very reliable. If there is a problem The Dealership always fixes it and takes care of me. Thank you for allowing me to say my mind about my CHEVY PICKUP.

- tony d

Very spacious, reliable truck. Perfect for a family.

I love my truck! It is very spacious, perfect for car seats and other children. We have a very large Graco car seat that fits with ample room. The truck drives amazing. The only work we have had to complete on the truck was having the transmission replaced after 120, 000 miles.

- Britany J

Amazing truck from stingray.

I love the our truck! We have a great time with our truck! Thank you so very much god!! We have gone road trips and everything went great!! Buy a Chevy they are the best!! Stingray is the best dealer to get a vehicle from!! Thank you for everything!! You guys are the greatest!!

- Nancy R

2014 Chevy Silverado, gray, lifted.

My truck is great and in good shape still. It has modified wheels but still a comfortable, smooth ride sitting up high. It is basic but still high tech. The only difficult aspect is the turn radius sucks. Take wide turns. Other than that I love it and want to get another one.

- Madison F

Best truck I have ever had.

Very reliable and dependable truck that is versatile enough to cover a range of needs. I have had the vehicle for five years and a have had very few problems other than a cracked ac line that was covered by warranty. I would easily choose to have another truck like this one.

- Jeffery W

2014 Chevy Silverado Review - Sporty and Reliable

My truck has been mostly reliable with only the air conditioning going out. Otherwise, very reliable. Comfortable - I just drove it to Kansas City and back and it was very pleasant. I love the amenities in my truck - heated leather seats, back up camera, touch screen radio.

- Andrea P

Loving my Chevrolet 1500!

Love the electronic touch buttons and touch screen. The interior colors and design is very appealing. Great for road trips with friends, I am never worried if my vehicle will "make" the trip. I wish as a truck it would get better fuel mileage, but that's just a truck thing.

- Victoria C

Great reliable truck for families.

This truck runs like a dream. I have never had a problem with it. I bought it used and it has always been very reliable. It tows very well, does not heat up when towing up steep mountain roads. I love my truck. I would recommend it to anyone looking for a reliable vehicle.

- Debi J

Roomy comfort and rides like a caddy.

I love this truck. Great on gas and plenty of room for guests. Has always started right up and never left me stranded. Great for traveling. Have been to Alabama twice north and South Dakota Kentucky Kansas all will no worries and peace of mind knowing I have full warranty.

- Vanessa B

It is dependable and comfortable to drive on the highway.

No complaints. So far has been very reliable with no mechanical issues. Very comfortable to drive on the highway. Dislike having to park its long wheel base in tight parking spaces, but that comes along with the convenience of being able to carry all of the cargo I need.

- Lee K

It is summit white it is always clean.

Never had any problems out of my 2014 Chevy Silverado. It is a great truck drives good and gets good gas mileage. If you take care of any truck it’ll last a lifetime. I do not drive a whole lot but when I do drive my truck it is never fails to get me where I need to go.

- Tyler D

This vehicle has been a asset for us. What a great ride!

I really enjoy the back up camera, heated seats and steering wheel. It is a smooth drive and easy to handle on sharp turns. The sliding back window and sunroof is a nice addition. The dual glove boxes are nice. We have a tonal cover which makes hauling items much easier.

- April T

Silverado 1500 product review.

The Silverado is a reliable vehicle. It is features support a variety of uses. I really enjoy the crew cab because it allows more comfort for additional passengers. The biggest fault is the gas mileage. As far as trucks go, you cannot go wrong with any Chevrolet product.

- Robert D

Silverado is the best truck.

Fuel mileage could be better. Ride is smooth, as expected Chevy is consistent. iOS touch system is out of date. Would prefer that driver could be able to upgrade iOS system. Room for 7 seating. Effortless towing. Have towed well over 10 thousand pounds with no issues.

- David H

Of the Bluetooth being able to have a connection with my stereo and being able to talk on the phone without my hands

All of the electronics to stereo system the truck drives like a Cadillac you just could not ask for a better riding vehicle and the Bluetooth you go hands-free you never have to answer your phone so you can hit hit a button and make any phone numbers you need to make

- John D

My Silverado is one of the best vehicles I have owned.

No problems except needed new battery. Several recalls performed. Very reliable. Comfortable driver. Fairly rough suspension. This is my third Chevrolet Silverado pickup truck and I'll probably buy another some day. It is an lt with the Texas edition update package.

- Jack K

It is very comfortable to ride in as well as drive.

It is a crew cab with lots of room for 2 or 3 people in the back seat. Tons of room in the trunk. It is so comfortable to ride in (over 4000) in one trip !! It has great storage inside the cabin and lots of legroom.. We will be getting a new Silverado soon !!

- Joan J

Nice truck, minor issues. Nice body shape

Good truck, no engine or transmission issues, no chassis or suspension issues. Sometimes I have to take the key back out of the ignition and reinsert it to get it to start, and the manual drivers side window has jumped off of track. Has around 40,000 miles on it

- Paul P

Pulls good and nice body. Runs good.

It's a good truck, but the window jumped track and sometimes I have to remove key and reinsert it into the ignition to get it to start. Other then that, good. Automatic transmission shifts kind of hard when changing gears. Has almost forty thousand miles on it.

- Paul T

It is a very wide vehicle.

I love the features in the truck. The heated seats and steering wheel are great to have for winter time. All the sensors and the back up camera make maneuvering the vehicle simple. I don't like how wide the truck is, I feel as though I take up the entire lane.

- Kristin C

Good truck, bad electronics.

Easy handling when driving on the highway and in town, intuitive radio/console touch screen, wide windshield view, cab space is comfortable. Only huge negative is the constant electrical issues, especially dealing with the truck's 'theft deterrence system'.

- Natalie S

My vehicle has hill assist which is very useful in pulling a heavy trailer.

I have had no problems with my vehicle. I have been in a wreck and it still has no issues. It is reliability is superb. Comfort is amazing for a truck except the middle front seat is terrible. I have the all star edition with remote start which I recommend.

- Jake P

Real nice pickup Silverado is the best vehicle I have owned.

No major problems oil change battery tires wiper blades good gas mileage rides nice best pickup I have owned have 102000 miles and runs like new truck plenty of room front and rear seat paint job is like new twenty two to twenty four miles to the gallon.

- Ronald S

A great performance truck.

Truck rides well, decent on gas. Lots of room both inside and in truck bed. Great performance, good looking and dependable, has great accessories from leather interior to outside features of stickers and such, great tires and customer service is great.

- Lora H

It has been very dependable without any issues. And provides a nice smooth ride.

I only have one thing I dislike about my truck and that would be that the back seat is so small. I have two toddlers and with their car seats there is very little leg room unless you push the seats up and in turn the front seats then have no leg room.

- Stacey H

I enjoy how smooth the ride is in the truck.

We haven't had any issues with the truck so far. I love how durable and safe it is for my family. Very comfortable for long road trips. Has made it to the mountains in Wyoming. Drives really smooth. I really enjoy the backup came that it came with.

- Sam C

The one most important thing is the truck's handling and power. Many people are surprised on how fast the truck is from the start.

The truck handles very well and takes bump better than my wife's Prius. The truck's box is great because it is so large. Things I do not like about the truck are no camera to assist me in parking and I wished that I had better gas mileage.

- James C

Quality and Efficiency Always Dependable

What I love most about my CHevy Silverado 150 LTZ is that is luxury mixed with efficiency. I love that while on the highway it automatically will drop to a V$ but while pulling a grain cart it has the power necessary to do my heavy hauling.

- Jenna P

Great truck with decent gas mileage for a pickup!

This truck is an excellent vehicle, especially for the occasional hauling, pets and plenty of room for kiddos. A little more difficult with large/infant car seats however. Has a high safety rating. And typically get 18 mpg town and hwy.

- Karri B

It is a good truck overall but always get an extended warranty of your car it is a life saver, get the one with the longest years and miles.

I dislike the screen for the radio/air, it always skips stations even after cleaning it. I hate that I do not have enough space in the back seat to even go grocery shopping. I wish that it would have come with the back already sprayed.

- Mistie A

Has Rocky Ridge Package. That's extra suspension, 4 inch lift, fender flares and mickey thompson wheels.

My truck has the Rocky Ridge package and we love it. It is good on gas, it cuts to a 4 cylinder when cruising. I use it for road trips with the family. It rides smooth and has adequate room. It also pulls my camper with no problem.

- Josh L

Great truck for a family man who doesn't want to give up a truck.

It's a crew cab which is perfect for when I need to take the kids to their ball games. We throw our tents and chairs in the back so we don't get as much dirt in the cab. It's also a 4 wheel drive for when I need to help other people

- Doug R

It gets on average 20 mpg on the interstate and 18 no interstate

The truck rides smooth not rough like a normal truck. Gets great fuel mileage and has plenty of power for what I use it for. Which is mainly to and from work and occasionally pulling a small trailer. Has been very reliable vehicle.

- Robert H

You go hands-free because of the Bluetooth well that works with your telephone.

The truck is great because of the electronics it is got a fantastic stereo system and the interaction with the truck and your sound system is also wonderful and I love the dashboard and all that how that they're works.

- John S

It is very functional for someone with children, even infants.

There is a lot of space in my vehicle, which I love being almost 6 foot tall and having 3 children. What I do not like is when it gets over 90°f the radio skips channels on its own and sometimes the screen goes black.

- Ashley M

The space that the 4 doors gives you and the seats flip up . I love that feature

I like the power of the motor. GPS system is wonderful to have, the comfort on long rides very nice. The 4 doors gives plenty of room in the back. I have the longer bed so this is nice when hauling stuff. Love my Chevy

- Bill K

It's much, much easier to drive than it looks. People often ask how hard it is to drive a truck as opposed to a smaller car, but it's really easy to get the hang of.

I absolutely love my truck, it's tall, people get out of my way when I'm driving, and I get a lot of compliments on it. It has a really good mileage rate. I can't think of any real complaints off the top of my head.

- Teresa H

Keep it clean and do not slam my doors.

I haven't had any issues with my truck. It runs and drives great I couldn't ask for a more reliable vehicle. It takes me anywhere I want to go and does anything I need it to do. Chevy is a superior truck manufacturer.

- Jesse M

It is a well-made and safe truck to consider buying.

It has a lot of power and is comfortable on the inside. It feels safe for my young daughter too. The size can make it hard to park sometimes but otherwise I like it. It runs well and always does the job.

- William D

It looks well taken care of because I spend a good deal of time on upkeep

I like the 4x4 feature and all the options on the truck. I dislike that the paint quality is not good and it chips and scratches frequently. The clear coat is also peeling. The truck burns oil quickly

- Steve B

It's safe, roomy, and gets great fuel mileage for the size of the vehicle.

I love the power of the engine--lots of get up and go. I also love the 4 doors and the roomy back seat. My commute is 30 miles down a two lane country highway, and I feel very safe in this vehicle.

- Jen H

That i can still do daily activity and not be bother i have a lot storing space and every one in family can sit in very comfortable

like it like the height of the truck as well as that it very reversal in off road and in road it great for long trip and short one the only thing is that it too big to park on port to be comfortable

- shasel C

Nice truck they are worth their money

i bought this truck in Oct 17 had 45 thousand miles. The truck had small vibration in it at 55 mph. They had to put new ring and pinion in it. But I really like they truck th s good has good power

- Jason O

That i can haul and tow stuff with my truck, and my friends are jealous of me.

I like the way It's looks on the inside and the outside. I can haul and tow stuff with my truck. My friends are jealous because they don't have a truck like mine. I dislike the gas mileage i get.

- Bob J

It's a spacious vehicle that can handle anything thrown at it.

I love how my vehicles handles any terrain. I also love that I can use it for all of my hobbies. I also love that I can fit my whole family in it without feeling like we're on top of each other.

- Kevin M

The reading text feature is awesome.

Like satellite radio. Bluetooth capabilities. The color of my truck. Had to deal with several recalls that had to be fixed. Disappointed with material on console as it already has a large tear.

- Diana S

The vehicle drives like a luxury vehicle, which is awesome for a truck.

Like the vehicle because it rides like a luxury car. The gas mileage could be better but is okay. The radio does not have good reception and in this day and age Would think it would be better.

- John C

Drive carefully as the unnecessary electrical components can short out and kill the vehicle while driving locking the steering wheel

Relatively reliable and low maintenance. Comfortable seats. I dislike that it has no ashtrays. It has too many built in electronics and the issues it does experience are generally with these.

- Cody S

The interior features make the truck feel like a really nice car or SUV but it still has the functionality of a dependable truck for hauling and work needs.

I have a LTZ model which has several features that I absolutely love. Air conditioned seats, safety features like crash alerts and lane departure, etc. It is both reliable and comfortable.

- Rusty R

My truck is the best vehicle I've ever owned!

I love the durability of my truck. It is very reliable. I almost have a 100000 miles on it and it still drives great. The style is great too, always get compliments of how nice my truck is.

- Sherri R

It is a beautiful truck and we'll worth the money.

I love my truck. It handles so well and is great in the snow in Alaska. Have had no problems with it. The inside is beautiful, heated seats, great radio, CD player. Navigation is a breeze.

- Kathy M

My truck has had a few modifications to make it my own. It now has headers and a cold air intake, new exhaust, a leveling kit with a 2" lift, and Nitto mud tires.

I have absolutely no complaints about my 2014 Chevy Silverado. It is my dream truck, has all the bells and whistles I wanted, pretty color, and I saved and searched forever for that truck!

- Mary C

It is great for a city truck with a couple with no kids, always get a warranty

I wish the back seat had more room, I wish it was easier to add more speakers to the system, I wish the screen did not mess up and start skipping to other channels while listening to eat.

- Johnny S

The truck gets nice gas mileage on the highway,has Bluetooth

I have a Chevy Silverado 2014, it is a very reliable truck. I drive a lot of miles traveling back and forth from home and work,my truck hasn't given me any problems. Nice interior

- Mike H

WAY too many recalls on the vehicle. I have had 11 recalls in less than 5 years of ownership.

WAY too many recalls on this truck. It's quite large. After almost 5 years of owning this truck it has been reliable but is starting to need some small upkeep and maintenance.

- G P

It is clean and dependable.

I like being higher up and having a dependable vehicle. I enjoy riding off road and being able to get to where I need to. I enjoy the luxury that comes standard with the Chevy.

- Justin M

The onstar option and hand free settings is very helpful.

It rides so smooth. I Don't like that the extended cab has small back seats. the Bluetooth option is helpful but can be a disappointment when the phone only connects sometimes.

- Adriana A

It is not a good work truck.

Great on gas mileage but is too small of a truck. If I want to tow something I have to switch to a larger truck. If I have to load something I have to switch to a larger truck.

- Brendan N

Great truck! It is a road dog, comfortable and reliable!

Haven't had any issues, my only complaint is the headlights. They are faced down towards the ground, rather than straight ahead, when it is really dark, need to use the bright.

- Christine L

It is a very reliable vehicle.

Great truck with all the bells and whistles. Gets 20 miles to the gallon. This is the third truck that I have owned. It would be hard to go back to any other make of vehicle.

- Donna M

4 by 4 , luxury details, Navigation system and Onstar.

I love my truck because it has the z71 package, Heated/Cool seats, split temperatures for the passenger and driver, goes from v8 to v4. I like that my truck can use E85 Fuel.

- David M

It has a 6ft bed capable of moving and holding lots of stuff.

I love my vehicle because it is fun to drive. It also has several useful options that make driving more comfortable. This is my first newer vehicle and it is clean and good.

- David R

Great truck - overall win.

Vehicle drives really well and I am really pleased. Mileage is good, hauling capacity is adequate and love the crew cab, it is very spacious. Overall it is a great truck.

- Ryan M

My vehicles is not the best when it comes to gas mileage.

I love how spacious it is and versatile.. I dislike the fuel efficiency... It is very customizable... I like the color combinations.. I love the 4x4 drive capabilities..

- Mike D

Good gas mileage compared to other makes of similar trucks.

I like the gas mileage I do not like the lightweight tailgate I do not like the movement in the transmission when the truck is in "Auto" mode. Truck shifts a good bit.

- powell W

It works hard, but is also comfortable.

I enjoy driving my truck. I like that I can use it for work and it is also comfortable for my family. My only complaint is the dealership I take it to for repairs.

- Tommy P

It has a lot of problems that have to be corrected.

There has been an excessive number of recalls. It rides really well. The seat belts are starting to give problems. The tires are too thin and wear out too quickly.

- Deborah N

Its stylish and dependable without being showy or difficult for upkeep.

I like many things about my truck including the size, dependability, and ease of handling. I like the comfort and design of chevrolet. There is nothing I dislike.

- Emily P

That it is a full sized pickup and that it gets great gas mileage.

I have a 2014 Chevy Silverado 1500. It gets great gas mileage for a full size truck. I have over 120000 miles on it and so far I haven't had any problems with it.

- David W

That's it's great and lots of fun for pulling my boat.

I love the style of my struck. It is super rugged and because I haul a boat very often, the ruggedness is vital to my lifestyle.I also love the leather interior.

- David B

It is very roomy and more comfortable than most car when driving long distances.

My truck is extremely comfortable. It gets decent gas mileage for a truck. The only issue I have with it is the way it shifts. Sometime it is a little bit jerky.

- Tracy B

That it gets me where I want to go.

I like that I can haul anything I want with it. It made my last move much easier. My only complaint would be about It's poor gas mileage compared to small cars.

- Alex Z

Others should know that the average car seat does not fit into the backseat.

I love how dependable my truck is and how smooth it drives. I do not like that there are not AC air vents in the back seats and that the back seat is so small.

- Jacqueline S

Fuel efficiency! Comfortable drive. Safe for my family of 4

Comfortable reliable no problems to date. The appearance of it is also great. Only thing I would have loved is to have more room in the back seat as my Ford.

- Rocio D

Quite running and comfortable.

I love my truck. It is dependable and comfortable. It rides smoothly and is roomy. I only wish I had of gotten a full cab back seat instead of the small cab.

- Lynn C

It has great safety features as well as onstar.

My vehicle has great safety features. It sits high so I can see down the road and over traffic. It is very quiet in the cabin. The gas mileage is not great.

- James A




It has many wonderful features and great on gas.

I love the backup camera and the side mirror adjust for me. I love that I can make the seat raise up so I can see better. I love that it is great on gas.

- Angela T

Would buy again over and over.

Great truck reliably pulls 8-9k gooseneck horse trailer 2-3 times a month. Gas mileage as expected 14-15 towing and 19-20 empty with lift and 35" tires.

- William C

It's a Chevy. Chevrolet is the best brand out there for a truck

I like that it is dependable and reliable. It has all the features I need. I don't like the gas mileage that I get but willing to do so for this truck.

- James M

That it is a great working truck that will last you a very long time if you take care of it.

I like how much room it has in the cab. I like how much space is in the bed and the performance of the vehicle overall. I do not like the fuel economy.

- Matthew B

It's easy to drive and rides well with a load in the bed.

Truck has a smooth ride. I drive an hour for work and the seats are very comfortable. The only complaint I have is the paint has been coming off of it.

- Derek R

It is a white chevy Silverado LTZ with a brush guard and added features that make it unique to me.

I do like the features that my truck has with heated and cooled, leather seats. I have had issues with the air going out and transmission issues also.

- Tyler M

great vehicle if you are looking for a dependable truck

I like the gas mileage, the size of the truck and the look of the truck. Only bad thing....it rides like a truck! rough riding but still a good truck

- Ron H

I really do not know! I am a truck gal and can only recommend trucks!

I love it! I wouldn't have any other kind of vehicle. I have always had a truck, and any time I get in a car, I cannot wait to get back in my truck!

- Lori B

Its four wheel drive four door truck.

Love everything about it! Since it has the ltz plus option it has pretty much everything. Probably the only thing I don't like is the gas mileage.

- Jordan H

I have little to no miles on my car.

I would like a bigger vehicle to fit my family comfortable. I want a vehicle with a tv built in it, and we need more leg room with a family of 6.

- Brittany V

Chevy silverado 1500 is my go to truck.

My 2014 Chevy Silverado 1500 crew cab LTZ is amazing. The fuel economy is excellent, the ride quality is fantastic, and the reliability is there.

- Kevin A

comfortable and durable, I have very few complaints with my vehicle. O love it very much.

i love my vehicle. i've had a few transmission problems but nothing major, it's a very durable truck. and very comfortable cab and seating.

- Victoria H

It is spacious for a family or driving with friends. Everyone will be comfortable.

I really love that it is flex fuel. It saves me so much gas money. Only complaint i have is the speaker system it could use some improvement.

- rosie s

Very comfortable and does everything well.

Great truck, has a couple of the typical minor issues the 14 Silverado's have but all in all this is my second half ton Chevy and I love it.

- Corey M

Four door cab with our truck LOVE it!

After having a Dodge Truck for 15 years and all it problems it is nice not fixing all the time. Love all to new technology in our new truck!

- Kay H

I like a lot about the Silverado's besides the bad lighting. The lights inside the vehicle are definitely not the best, you basically have to turn them all on in order to find something.

Besides the lights inside everything else is good. Especially the sensors. Only bad thing is sometimes the navigation system is not updated.

- Stephanie L

Always dependable and safe. We haul a lot which is a bonus for us.

Very dependable. Love the backup camera. We drive it everywhere we go. It is hard to park just because parking spaces have gotten smaller

- Elizabeth B

It is roomy and comfortable.

It is roomy and comfortable. It allows me to be able to haul stuff. I don't feel cramped. I am able to see over and around other vehicles.

- Bill H

My Chevy is the best that holds six people.

My Chevy is the best vehicle ever. It holds six people and this is important to me because I have four kids that I have to get everywhere.

- James R

Much better gas mileage than anticipated.

I do not have any complaints. So far so good smooth ride and also very reliable. Makes it nice to have the capability of hauling anything.

- Benjamin C

It has a great ride and it is very comfortable.

I really wish the truck would get better gas mileage, but other than that I like everything else about my Silverado, especially it's appe

- Scott D

The headlights are automatic, so you don't have to worry about them when it rains.

The only complaint is that it is a double cab instead of a full crew cab. Wish there was a little more room in the back seat for adults.

- Amy P

My vehicle is a fully loaded Chevrolet 4x4

I love my truck and have had no problems at all. The only issues I have located are from a failure to balance tires prior to mounting.

- Jarod W

It has been very reliable.

I like how it drives. Smooth big lots of space. A bit of gas eater other than everything good. Would not trade my truck for anything.

- Jay L

It is comfortable for long trips and is favorite vehicle I have ever owned.

No problems really besides the stability but it was recalled and I had it fixed. Other than that nothing as of now. I love my truck.

- Karen B

Good vehicle, Good deal. The Silverado is a very practical truck.

This vehicle has given me no problems. New tires has been it. It is easy to maintain, fairly good mpg. Handles well in bad weather

- Robert G

The truck itself it's amazing everything about it is perfect!

My truck is a Chevy and it's a wonderful ride. It doesn't waste a lot of gas, the interior is so adorable, and it's very spacious!

- Raquel M

It has the big tires to eliminate nails getting in them so no flats.

I enjoy my truck. It has a lot of room for my family. It comes in handy with my job. I also like the Bluetooth hands free talking.

- Marcus M

I love the way it rides. It has plenty of room for our family.

I love my truck. It is a gets great gas mileage. I have not had any problems it it and it is close to having 100,000 miles on it.

- Kim P

Big and beautiful black rocky ridge package.

We love our truck, no problem at all, bought it used but it is so beautiful and dependable for hauling items and moving friends.

- Jennifer T

Great on gas mileage. Drives smooth.

Very reliable but have had a number of recalls. And a small problem with the ball joints. Very comfortable ride a quit working.

- Mindy S

It is a great truck. Drives well.

It is a large vehicle with a lot of room. Drives well and is safe for my family. The vehicle needs greater front end clearance.

- Elliott H

Great Gas mileage for a truck. It is reliable and dependable.

I enjoy my truck because it is reliable. It is also comfortable and affordable. I dislike that the steering wheel is offset.

- Dave t

The most important thing is the back seat. They fold up for more space.

I like everything about the truck. The truck is comfy when taking road trips. Has space for people in the back to have room.

- Nadia S

Fantastic gas mileage for trucks. I get up to 26/27 on the highway.

I don't have any dislikes about my truck. I love it how it handles, and the gas mileage it gets compared to regular trucks.

- Tyler F

Do not use the flex fuel. It does not seem to hold up.

I love the navigation system. It is also a smooth ride. I did have a problem with the flex fuel. I would not recommend that.

- Jared S

Has great towing capacity, 4x4, and a very luxurious interior

I truly love my Chevy Silverado! It's a great looking, well built and very reliable truck. I highly suggest it to everyone!

- Jimmy H

It is a very nice and dependable truck.

It is a very nice and a true vehicle and it gets great mileage and it is a very dependable truck and it is worth the money.

- Kevin S

Back up cam and sensors make parking easy. Auto 4 wheel drive makes driving in the snow a dream.

The custom excuse had to be replaced at 50,000 miles. Love all of the features in the LXT model. Sound system is awesome!

- Tyler S

It is reliable. Drives great.

I like the touch screen feature. I dislike the interior. It is uncomfortable, and cloth seats. Wish it had navigation.

- Lizz B

It can tow anything and go anywhere

I love be able to tow anything. It has plenty of room for people. I love going off road. I wish it better gas mileage

- Mikolaj f

Fuel mileage and maintenance schedule.

Reliable truck that's comfortable on short and long trips. Interior seats tear easy but does grab a lot of attention.

- Michael B

That it is very reliable.

The handling, the quietest and power. Very reliable. Also long warranty. I have always owned the same make and model.

- Thomas I

She’s part of our family. Well never give her up.

It is safe and reliable. I can haul and tow for all our projects. I have been dreaming of this exact truck for years.

- Erica B

Touch screen good gas mileage

Silverado has been the best truck I ever owned, love the touch screen and interior, the automatic start is nice too.

- Nick B

chevy is the best truck of them all

my vehicle drives like a dream and holds six people which is a plus since i have four kids that i have to get around

- james r

It drives great in the winter. Snow does not affect it.

Ac went out after 60, 000 miles. It still blows air but it is hot air. Heard it is a problem with most 2014 Chevy's.

- Daniel O

Outstanding Handling and performance

Love this vehicle plan to get one of the newer model. There are no problems with it that i know of since having it.

- kevin c

It is an all purpose vehicle that gets decent gas mileage.

Love it's all purpose ability. Hate the cost of filling up the gas tank. Love the size. Hate the costs of upgrades.

- Bryan B

It is a hybrid. It is easy to forget to gas up, which is dangerous.

I like the power of the truck.. I like how comfortable the truck is to drive.. I dislike the soft rear suspension.

- Charles G

It switches from v4 to v8 on the road to help save gas.

I love that I can haul things. I really enjoy the 4 wheel drive during winter. I love the gas saving technology.

- Jennifer S

The most important this about the Silverado is its capabilities as a pickup truck. Very reliable.

I dislike the crank windows. Other than that all features are easy to operate and the vehicle handles quite well.

- Lauren L

It has a very comfortable ride--it is a crew cab lots of room

I love sitting up higher than being in a car--you can see farther down the road. Good acceleration---no complaint

- Kenneth R

The one regret is that I should have upgraded the package to get more bells and whistles.

The truck really is nice as it rides like a car and not a truck. It is spacious and can seat adults comfortably.

- Thomas G

Love my Silverado Crew Cab

I absolutely love my 2014 Silverado Crew Cab. It gets great fuel economy, looks awesome, and rides super comfy.

- Andy P

Low maintenance and very good gas mileage.

Looks great. Very comfortable to drive, even on long trips. Great gas mileage. Tows a 31 foot camper with ease.

- Ed D

It has good gas mileage. Very comfortable interior.

I like the looks, the comfort, great mileage. Chevys have a great reputation. Great for hauling things around.

- Peggy B

Its reliable and practical.

I like the interior design as well as the body. It would be nicer with better seating and a better suspension.

- Joshua L

It is good quality for how old it is.

Like space, power and utility. Comfortable interior and dislike mpg. I use the truck like a truck and love it.

- Bradley T

Gas mileage is great and car is not expensive at all.

I love the gas mileage, hate the space, we have 10 children to transport so we always have to drive separate.

- Teresa P

Get a v8 engine with your truck.

I like the roominess. I like how it drives. I hate the color of the truck. I wish it had a v8 instead of v6.

- Travis A

this truck will still be running ten to twenty years later with no problems

impressive truck that I have had no problems with. I would recommend everyone purchases this amazing truck.

- dustin b

Review on Chevy Silverado 1500 High Country

Haven't had any problems with it so far. Get lots of complements. Gets good gas mileage and is comfortable.

- Levi C

It has pretty good gas mileage for a full size vehicle.

I like the comfort and ease of driving. The gas mileage is ok it could be better. My entire family can fit.

- Tiara W

That it is dependable, looks good, and has lots of room.

Its dependable, looks good, and drives good, I trust the brand. And it is worth the money, plenty of room.

- Doreen S



- aaron h

I think people should know that even though it's a great looking truck the performance matches its appearance

The seat heaters are backwards. I have had several recalls. Otherwise the truck looks great and runs great

- Dan F

It may not be the prettiest but it will run like a champ.

There is no rear air. The interior is not what I really wanted. However, it is 4x4 ltz w/ the z71 package.

- Wesley R

Very well designed. Easy to customize.

Overall a good vehicle. Handles very well. Could have better gas mileage. Interior is very well designed.

- Matt A

It is not economical as far as fuel economy but that being said it is a work truck

Only minor complaints. I love the look the ride and feel but most of all like they way I feel driving it

- Cody L

It is dependable and reliable. Also has plenty of room.

Love the truck but it has a lot of blind spots on it. Overall, my husband and I enjoy driving the truck.

- Sarah A

Dependability and comfort.

Very comfortable ride with leather seats. Extremely roomy. Smooth ride. Great performance and handling.

- Lora H

That there is a known problem with this engine.

Injectors in the engine keep getting corroded. Which apparently is a known problem with this vehicle.

- Maria L

Great tires and paint job

Gas mileage could be a little better. Great AC! Hate that the remote start on my key fob doesn't work

- Arden S

Dependability at its best have been all over the place and have had no unexpected needed repairs

It is a truck but like driving a car so smooth and dependable. Great gas mileage for a truck as well

- Mark C

It's durable and it gets hard work done the right way the first time

I love my truck! It gets the job done whenever I need it to. All the issues I've had have been fixed

- Justin W

it's the best truck on the market. if you are in the market for a truck, get the Chevy silverado.

it looks great,great styling. superior engine,handling. interior in very well laid out, comfortable.

- matt r

Amazing truck want a newer model.

It is really good for long road trips. If you are in the backseat it has lots of leg space and room.

- Kia S

It is one of the most comfortable trucks I have ever driven.

No problems a all so far. The truck is very comfortable and has a lot of legroom for a tall person.

- John W

It's a very dependable vehicle, and hauls a lot of stuff.

Since I own my home, it's nice to have a vehicle I can use to haul things in for home DIY projects.

- Patrick M

Reliable transportation, good loving truck

I like having a truck to haul whatever i need. I feel bigger vehicles are safer on the road.

- Joe h

the fun in driving it on or off road .. rides great

Love everything about my truck ,, good mileage , fun to drive , lots of power , rides great

- rod D

has a great v8 motor and is built great inside and out

it has a lot power like the color big motor towing is good nice interior great work truck

- dewey p

It makes very good gas mileage. And a smooth ride.

I live on a farm, and it is a very nice road vehicle. It is also a very comfortable ride.

- Chris W

Flex fuel isn't as efficient as it is made out to be.

Dislike the gas mileage, problems with air conditioning. Positives, roomy, nice interior.

- Mark C

It's very comfortable to drive. It's also very dependable.

I love this truck I don't have any complaints. I wish the air conditioner cooled faster.

- Carla L

It is a very well rounded vehicle

I like that it can carry everything I need to carry, wish it had better ground clearance

- Steve S

I would buy another one if I lose this one.It is very handy for everything I do.

I love to drive my truck. It rides good and drives good. The seats are very comfortable.

- Boby g



- anne A

It is durable if taken care of. It is dependable for a long time.

I like the towing capacity. I like the 4 wheel drive. I do not like the gas mileage.

- Joshua E

It is a very rugged and dependable vehicle. Although there have been a few recalls that were difficult to deal with.

I like the size and ride of the vehicle. The turning radius could be a bit better.

- Wayne H

Dependable and reliable all the time. Has given good service to our family.

Get me we're I need to go. Hauls thing I needs moved. And it's paid off no payment.

- Fayetta F

Its dependable and versatile and gets good gas mileage for a truck

Nice ride, powerful engine, decent gas mileage for a truck. And four wheel drive

- John N

It's reliable and a good quality vehicle. It gets great fuel mileage for a truck

It's dependable. I'm able to haul anything I need to. I wish it was a crew cab.

- Jennifer C

I think safety is one of the most important things I should know.

I really like my vehicle. It is a great reliable truck. It fits my family well.

- Lorrie B

Plenty of power for a six cylinder

handles well and the design is good. I really like the paint job on the truck.

- tony M

I like it. Feels like an extension of me.

Love it. fairly economical, dependable, stylish, feels like it was made for me

- Dan B

this engine size get 20 to 25 miles per gallon when driver 60 to 65 mph

the engine cut back to 4 cylinders when to save fuel roomy for 2 or 3 people

- jerry o

Great vehicle at a great price and easy to maintain.

Truck has great handling. Extremely good smooth ride. Truck can do the job

- Don F

It rides very we!!. Very smooth.

I like most everything about my truck. I do wish it got better gas mileage.

- Ron V

Chevy is a very valuable and dependable brand and I take very good care of my truck.

It is a crew cab truck. It has four wheel drive. It makes me independent.

- Daniel T

Chevy seems to be a good brand. We have had zero trouble with this truck

I like our family truck. It is roomy for travel. The truck drives smooth.

- Trenna M

It's a nice work truck and made for heavy hauling. No carpet so easy clean up.

Paint is chipping in certain areas and the dealer doesn't want to fix it.

- Christina D

The Travel comfort it offers for long trips and room for passengers and baggage.

Very comfortable for travel. It looks great. Reasonable on gas mileage.

- Gerald G

Not made to last. Was not well thought out in the design

its big and everything is already breaking on it and it isn't that old.

- nicole s

towing,toughness. the looks,the engine.

the looks,the style. the interior is great. the towing,the feel,tough.

- matt J

I like the room it has to haul my stuff around. I like that it's silver.

That it is big and you can haul stuff around and it also has 4 doors.

- Aaron W

rides great, has good head room (i,m tall). gets good gas mileage. has good get up and go.

rides good looks good great gas mileage cargo cap good sound system

- Richard W

it's like driving a car. it is comfortable. it makes you feel secure

I feel safe in my vehicle. It is dependable. it is easy to drive.

- Ellen G

It's awesome and very reliable and looks great too.

It is reliable and durable. It handles well in the snow and rain.

- Jon O

It's a truck that I use for heavy duty hauling, but is also a comfortable daily driver.

I love it. Versatile and powerful truck. Comfortable and rugged.

- Adam M

I like that it is a crew cab. I can carry the whole family. I can also haul big items.

It drive really good. It also has lot of room to fix 6 people.

- Randy G

It's good looking and enjoyable. Every day it i my preferred method of transportation

Joy to drive and ride in. Will by another soon to replace it.

- Phil R

It does have a cd player It's just behind the navigation screen

The seats could adjust better, other than that I love it

- Candice W

4 wheel drive Z71, lots of room, lots of powerrides higher than cars

2014 Silverado Crew Cab LT Z71, 4 wheel drive 5.3 engine

- Roger H

I like the vehicle it runs good its good quality A++

I do not have any complaints or dislikes on the vehicle

- Ang C

Plenty of towing power with smooth ride and comfortable interior

comfortable, powerful. great towing vehicle and roomy

- mike c

It gets the job done and Chevy runs deep and tough

It a blue Chevy truck 4x4 and has brimstone tires and

- Terry Y

Nothing to go wrong with the vehicles at this time at

Nothing wrong with vehicles nothing wrong with truck

- Charles F

Great gas mileage and big enough for a family of 5

Roomy for family, drives smooth, good gas mileage.

- Edwin A

Comfortable ride and good in snow

Like it has 4 wheel drive. And comfortable ride

- Jill C

It's nice and spacious. The back is not cramped so the kids have plenty of room

I love it just wish it was a luxury model

- Julie M

it is heavy duty and can pull or haul just about anything

does the job, is reliable, and looks good

- Rod S

Black. Sleek. Big. Tough.

- Brittany C