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Mostly enjoy but would like to see some changes.

I have had a lot of issues with the tire pressure monitors. Also had issues with the original tires that came on the truck. The gas mileage for the truck is not very good ether. I do like the seats they are comfortable and the touch screen and backup camera works nice. I do wish it connected with phones easier and quicker. Due to having multiple phones it is been difficult to sink them while driving. Also would like to see the texting option on the main screen so you can be more hands free while trying to drive. The back seats are spacious and comfortable. I think it would be nice to have more USB ports through the truck for devices. Also would like to see the cruise control be more simple to engage. It is not very easy to do so the way it is on the steering wheel.

- Justin E

The size of the vehicle provides a safer feeling on the road.

I like being high off the ground in a truck, rather than low to the ground in a car. That also contributes to me feeling safer on the road since it is a bigger vehicle. The vehicle runs great, but it is relatively new so I wouldn't expect any different. The truck is very comfortable and I love having heated cloth seats. One down fall is getting in and out of the vehicle while pregnant since it is so tall. I am hoping that once we are putting a car seat in and out of the vehicle that the height does not hinder that process too much. I am glad we went with a crew cab rather than an extended cab though. Even with no children yet, I can only imagine how frustrating a smaller cab would be.

- Tiffany H

I really do like the steering wheel buttons and quick change features.

I am a truck person always have been. The great think about my Chevy is the dependability, the leg room, and the room to fit my whole family in the truck. I can pull large amounts of weight. The trailer brakes are awesome and so is the backup camera. My regret is. It getting a diesel truck. Current problems sometimes the truck feels like it does not want to go when passing on a freeway. Also the constant updates needed for the radio, GPS and other electronic features.

- Stephanie M

The amount of horsepower under the hood is rivaled to none in my opinion. This truck has the power to travel long distances and tow just about anything within reason put before it.

A few of my favorite aspects of owning a Chevrolet Silverado truck is how roomy the interior is. When I have traveling companions, there is always enough room to seat everyone comfortably. I also like the fact that I am able to purchase large or bulky items and can tow them myself without hiring a driver. My favorite aspect of owning a Silverado though is the power this truck offers! It has quite a bit of horsepower under the hood and can handle whatever I dish out.

- Janet E

Black with gray interior. Red pinstriping. Chrome wheels.

We have had this vehicle for almost the three years and have bnb had no problems with it outside of the usual maintenance issues. We get pretty good gas mileage for a truck, about 21 to 22 mpg depending on driving conditions. I find the vehicle to be very comfortable and roomy. The only thing I really do not care for is the nav system. My phone gives us better directions than the system in the truck. Over all we would buy another Silverado.

- Diane M

Our Chevy Silverado 1500 truck.

We purchased in may 2018 a 2016 Chevy Silverado 1500 it is a very comfortable and reliable vehicle. We took it on a trip to outer banks, north Carolina and it ran very smoothly we had five passengers and a lot of luggage. The gas mileage was really great. We really enjoy the 4 full doors so much easier when you have five adults getting in and out on a trip. I would recommend this truck to anyone needing power to pull a mountainous area.

- Marcia S

2916 Chevrolet Silverado, black on black. Rides like a Cadillac.

Great truck, lots of features that really help. I love the backup screen and the radio is awesome. The color is shiny black and it always looks clean. It has a navigation system that really helps and the passenger seat is comfy. The back seats lift up for loading groceries but it has a covered bed so that helps a great bit. We use this car the most because it is in great shape and comfortable for everyone.

- Katie B

I take great care of it and do timely maintenance as needed. It is repaired promptly if there is a problem.

I have always liked and owned GM trucks; however, some of the changes GM has made in the last few years have made me like them less. The metal is thinner and dents too easily, the seats are cheaper and not nearly as comfortable as on the past, and visibility is less due to smaller window size and boxy vehicle corners. The price continues to increase, but I think the value is less.

- Ann W

A bow tie never looked so good

We absolutely love our Silverado. We own two, one is a 1999 and has 350,000 miles on it. This says a lot to me about the brand and its longevity. It's comfortable, crash test ratings are great, it has everything we need. We drove it from Missouri to Wyoming a few months after we bought our 2016 and were very comfortable. We drove it up in the mountains and it did great.

- Brandee R

Comfortable but some electrical issues.

The overall performance of the vehicle is good. There have been some electrical issues I have encountered, such as the system indicating that doors are open when they are not. The Bluetooth features are just ok. It is a comfortable vehicle for the most part. The heated seats and dual climate controls are great. The leg room is the back for passengers is decent.

- Abby L

It's a mean driving machine:), it is a beautiful truck inside and out.

The best car I have ever had. The heated leather seats are amazing, especially in the winter. The multiple cup holders are perfect for a family road trip and there is more than enough room for 5 adults to fit comfortably. It drives like a dream. If I had to buy a car again, I would definitely choose this one. It has been absolutely amazing to me and my family.

- Elizabeth A

A great truck that you are able to rely on.

Great for trips. Has little to no issues and if there are problems it is something that is easy to fix. I know I am able to rely on my truck for any type of situation for example helping someone move or pulling a car etc.. The truck is very comfortable, the seats are comfortable if you are on a trip you can sleep without being uncomfortable.

- Von P

Love how the truck has keyless start so it can cool before since I have a baby!

My vehicle rode super smooth and has lots of power! It has all the necessities I need such as radio, GPS, cruise control, keyless start, rearview backup camera, electric adjustable seats, heated seats, and lots of power outlets! For being a 2 wheel drive, it has great traction! I also love how the seats fold up in the back for more room!

- Danielle R

My vehicle is a white Chevy Silverado 1500 extended cab.

Although I bought a work truck I do wish it had more features like automatic windows. Only the drivers seat window is automatic. I have had no problems with this truck and I absolutely love it! I love the seats and the comfort is great. It is a very spacey truck and I can fit everything I need to into the cab and the bed!

- Kelly F

Love my 2016 Chevy Silverado.

I love my Chevy Silverado. Haven't had any problems. I have satellite radio (my favorite), heated seats, remote control start & an app on my phone that allows me to lock/unlock my doors if I am away from my truck along with starting or locating my truck. Also have OnStar package that assists if I am in an accident.

- Donna G

My car is reliable, safe, easy to drive, spacious, and drives well.

I like having a truck because if I ever have to move furniture or pick up anything larger I do not have to rent a truck but the downfall is I 3 kids so having a 4-door vehicle it is a lot easier when riding with them. As far as when I am alone and just need to go from point a to point b this vehicle is a good vehicle.

- Andrea G

My Chevy Silverado is one great truck.

I really love my truck. It has about every option on it you can think of. The seats are heated and cooled. The leather is very comfortable to sit on. I do not really think there is anything I can think of that I do not like about it. I think on of the neatest features on this truck is the headlights dim automatically.

- Jason P

Drives good, looks great but could use minor adjustments.

Truck is good but gas mileage is not the best. 18 Miles per gallon is what I am currently getting. Also truck backup camera is not the best. It does not give an accurate distance between truck and whatever you are near. Those are only two complaints I have with truck. It drives great, looks nice and is a smooth ride.

- Nick C

My living room on wheels: Chevy comfort.

I like my vehicle: it handles well in snow, is reliable and very comfortable to drive. It has great visibility and the crew cab assures plenty of room for grandchildren or pets in the back. The heat/ac works really quickly. There is ample storage room within the console which makes for a good place to store a purse.

- Nancy H

Strong dependable long lasting.

When I bought the truck I had no issues until I reached right around 20, 000 miles, miner issues, some noise, was taken care off other than that it is been really good all the features I need, comfort level is amazing since it is a crew cab, I only wish I would have gotten a 4x4 truck instead for better performance.

- Sal T

A well made vehicle for the right person.

The tires are pretty bad after 2 years of driving. Gas mileage is about 20 miles per gallon. It drives nice and looks nice. I have the work model and the rubber floor mats are nice and it has the nice big touch screen. I would recommend this truck to someone who would utilize a truck bed or the towing possibility.

- Rachel V

The Chevy Silverado is spacious and hardworking.

It is an affordable truck with a lot of durability. Very reliable and I never have any problems with it. Great gas saver, and very good for hauling items. There is a lot of space for my kids, the radio is touch screen and very convenient. I would choose to upgrade my Chevy because I have had such a good outcome.

- Tia S

Chevy Silverado reliability.

I have no problems at all. I absolutely love my 2016 Silverado, it has basic and simple features, but it is reliable in any weather. I live in an area with a lot of snow, 4 wheel drive helps me get to where I need to go with no hassle. I would highly recommend this truck because of the reliability and longevity.

- Liz L

Most all around comfortable and elegant vehicle I have ever owned.

My Chevrolet Silverado is the most comfortable vehicle I have ever had. It has the smoothest ride, all the features you could ask for. It is a crew cab so there is plenty of seating as well. The body style is very elegant and streamlined looking. The technology is also very current and sophisticated.

- Ann W

Wonderful, reliable truck.

Comfortable suspension, great torque, easy access to all controls. Very reliable. Lots of cab room both in the front and in the back. Step up notch on bumper is a very helpful feature. The back up camera feature is wonderful. Lets you backup close to something and great aid in hooking up a trailer.

- Steven B

Couldn't love it more than I do.

I love my truck. The only issues I have had with it are the front shocks went out but they were a trashy brand to begin with. The dealership had put a lift on it with a crappy brand shock. The only other thing was the back middle seat belt locked up and wouldn't retract so that had to be replaced.

- Rachael C

Durable, built to last! Safety is also great if you are ever in an accident. Lots of legroom too.

Love Chevrolet's have always owned them and they last. We also love our navigation system, onstar, and in car WiFi. Very comfortable to drive with a fully automatic drivers seat. Love that it can go from a V8 to 4 cylinders while driving on the interstate. Definitely helps save fuel mileage.

- Stacy P

Highly customizable pickup truck.

Handles great in snow and winter weather. Has excellent features that provide comfort for long road trips and seasonal temperature changes. A downside is that it does not come with a bed liner already installed which in my opinion, should be stock. Just a small down side, I still love my truck.

- Games G

Travels very smooth and comfortable.

I love how it handles and drives the extras that it has including the computer features. The ride is so smooth the only real problem you have to watch if you do not pay close attention you can find yourself driving to fast. The color is great. Would buy it again and highly recommend to anyone.

- Danny B

Chevrolet Silverado truck the only truck to have.

No problems. I love my Chevrolet Silverado truck. I have OnStar, which sends me a diagnostic report on what needs to be done as far as maintenance. I only buy Chevrolet’s. Made in the u s a. It drives very smoothly. Very dependable. Only maintenance I have had on it is the oil changed.

- Martha L

Comfortable ride in pickup.

Has performed well for the last 3 years. No problems. Does the job of a truck very well for hauling and towing what I need. Comfortable to ride in, has bucket seats and dual climate control. I like having the backup camera, it is a great safety feature. Good gas mileage for a truck.

- Mary M

Dependable, stylish and fairly easy to keep clean.

Vehicle has been very dependable. Comfortable on long or short trips. Does not use oil whether engine or transmission. Easy access to change oil. Gets better than average gas mileage especially on long trips if driven responsibly. Very stylish vehicle have gotten many compliments.

- James E

Has enough room for 3 carseats and all the luxury amenities you could need.

I have a black Silverado 1500 crew cab LTZ, it has a sunroof, memory controllers seats, navigation, air/heated seats, phone pad charger, plug, extra large console. The truck has 90,000 mile and hasn't had anything other than routine maintenance. Would highly recommend to anyone.

- Christopher M

Overall gas mileage is less than advertised.

Enjoy the amenities. Prefer the look. Brand loyal. Main concern is an "acceptable " lash in the transmission at low speed. Have complained to the dealer, but the dealer maintains transmission is acting normal. Feel the msrp is getting too high for future purchase considerations.

- Patrick M

A good looking truck that holds a purpose.

Pulls well. Great storage capacity all around (bed/cab area) and decent gas mileage for out of town trips like the lake/cabin/hunting land. Very happy with my purchase. Has great traction and all weather conditions including snow and sleet during the colder months of the year.

- Cameron H

It is well made and is quality made.

My truck is beautiful. It is great on gas mileage. I constantly get comments on how nice my truck looks. I love the color. It is sport looking. I love the rims. The headlights are really unique and people comment on them. It is so easy to drive. It is an extremely smooth ride.

- Terri J

Good truck but there have been too many little issues.

The 2016 Silverado is a good quality truck for the most part but I have had too many trips to the dealership for little things. Engine light going off and on for months but dealership cannot tell me why. Truck locked me out while it was running which is not suppose to happen.

- Robert G

Dependable Long lasting Gas mileage good.

I have had nothing but good luck with this truck I changed oil and tires that is it so far truck is big inside lots of power for v8 engine tows great I tow my 7500 pound camper once a week pretty good on gas I will always be a Chevy fan they make the best truck in my opinion.

- John N

Special ops paint design is unique.

Being a veteran I picked this particular truck due to the special ops paint design. The inner cab is roomy and has a lot of little storage compartments. I do take my truck for regular maintenance so I have yet to have any problems so I would have to say it has been reliable.

- Joanne W

Crew cab Chevy Silverado z71.

This is a very roomy vehicle. Fits 3 car seats across in the back. Heated seats, split from vent controls of you wish. Backup camera and sensors, touch screen Bose stereo. Very reliable. Great for hauling. Seats fold up in the back 75/25 split. Power seating on drivers side.

- Tori H

The backup camera really helps me park like a pro.

Really a great drive, super quiet, and comfortable. Plenty of space for the kids, extra friends, family, and our big dog. I absolutely love all of the storage compartments throughout the truck. It also has plenty of outlets for our electronics, enough for the entire family.

- Crystal G

Great truck a head turner.

Love the truck for being a full size truck I get average of 20 but have gotten 27 mpg on highway for long trips love the 4x4 have used it quite a few times its spacious inside for 2 car seats in the back and plenty of room so far I have about 40k miles and not one issue.

- Daniel O

I like that the truck is red and has a cover on the back.

The truck is red and paid for. It runs good still just has to keep oil. And change spark plugs. And good on gas. I love the truck. Can load a heavy load. Good for work. And can ride out of town has over 300 hundred miles. And ride smooth. In good shape that my red boy.

- Sandra D

Luxury features: heated seats and steering wheel lots of plugs, comfort seats.

Backup camera, driver monitoring, lane assistance, radio controls on steering wheel, Bluetooth, heated steering wheel, programming seats, heated seats, towing package, leather seats, rear DVD player, 5 USB plugs, house plug, 2 cigarette lighter plugs, 8 cup holders.

- Kristin Q

The Chevy Silverado: why this should be the only truck you'll ever need.

It is great on gas, has awesome safety features, looks really great and gets me from point A to point B with no problem at all. It has an excellent sound system, very nice interior and handles like a dream. I'd highly recommend it to anyone looking for a good truck.

- Jeff W

It's a truck that's great for hauling and I can help with hauling and carrying large loads. It's also great for towing a trailer.

I love the backup camera as it's very large and I'm able to see a good distance with it. I also love that it's a 4X4 as I need that for the winter months. I also love that it's a four door crew cab as it makes it easier for passengers to get out more conveniently.

- Justin D

The Silverado is a vehicle that is very reliable and easy to drive.

It is a very comfortable and easy driving vehicle. It has been very reliable and I have had no mechanical issues with this vehicle. The technology is very up to date and consumer friendly. This vehicle has a lot of power and is also easy to drive and maneuver.

- William S

It has high miles, but she still runs great.

Possibly a button to push to have the option to open the tailgate. It would pop open and lower down so if your hands were full you didn't have to put down your items. It could be on the remote starter key or a button inside the truck. Other than that love it.

- Nicole T

Amazing Chevy Silverado pick up truck.

I really enjoy my Chevy pick up. It has great gas mileage. And drives exceptional. It is very reliable and I feel very safe driving it. The truck has good safety features. The seats in the vehicle are very comfy as well. The heating and ac works exceptional.

- Dana P

I love our Chevy logo is black. Many are color edit adds an interesting pop to it.

My truck is very comfortable I love it. I love that it is 4 doors. It is very convenient to drive for me and my family. We enjoy taking our truck on road trips it is very family safe and we really enjoy it! Our next truck will definitely be a Chevy as well.

- Chelsea R

Smooth reliable and strong.

It is a smooth driving very comfortable truck. Gets great gas mileage. It is peppy and get up and moves. Very reliable. Strong pulls trailers no problem. Has plenty of room inside the cab. The stereo sounds great. Very good view from cab. Min blind spots.

- Justin L

Chevrolet Silverado is the brand I choose.

I have had no problems with my Silverado 1500 hd. It is comfortable. It has plenty of legroom in the back seat for the kids. It rides smoother than most trucks. It is good on gas mileage with the 5. 4 engine. Can't even tell when hauling a trailer behind.

- Laurie A

Great Chevy Silverado truck.

Chevrolet Silverado is a very nice truck. Mine is pretty loaded out with the latest technology. Not the best gas mileage but it has variable gas so I can get around 20 miles to the gallon sometimes but not often. It is very comfortable. Bed is roomy.

- Steph M

Very reliable. Smooth transportation. Always receive compliments on this vehicle.

Love that it rides smoothly. It doesn't have a lot of road noise. Have had no mechanical problems with it. Has newer technology, which is fun. Don't like how high the steering wheel feels on long trips. Have to put a blanket or jacket under my arm.

- Jeannette G

It is the 4th one of Its kind we purchased because we are that happy with it.

This is a great vehicle. It is very dependable, comfortable, and has a wonderful amount of features. I love the color as well as the 4 door option. There is no problem to pull anything we attempted. The additional features are a plus to.

- Katie L

You cannot go wrong with the quality this truck has.

Love the comfort of the ride. Very smooth. I love how much room the crew cab provides for my kids and any luggage we may have as well. I really wish that it would get better gas mileage. That is the only thing I dislike about this truck.

- Brandon H

That it is dependable and safe for hauling.

I have always had Chevy's and this truck has more power and space for hauling people and loads. Also there is an added feature for when you are towing that helps save your brakes and it also makes it safer for hauling. Super great truck!

- Darlene B

The handling and pickup is good. The seats are comfortable

I like the new features, like the radio and hands free phone. One item I dislike are the buttons on steering wheel for cruise control, I think they are too small. I had a GMC pickup and the button were larger. The vehicle drives great

- John S

My truck gets a surprisingly good amount on fuel mileage. When i bought my truck i didn't expect to get 20 miles per gallon.

I like how my truck has heated and ac seats, and how everything is automatic. The suspension is amazing the ride is so smooth. I have never had a vehicle with backup camera, it makes it so much easier to back up into tight areas.

- aaron r

The 1500 is a smooth driving truck with excellent gas mileage for a full size 4X4 truck.

The gas mileage is awesome in this vehicle. It has developed the "Chevy shake" twice and has had to be in the shop 2 different times. The torque converter has been changed finally and it is running smooth for the time being.

- Kyle P

Built Strong and gets all jobs for my family done with smoothness

I love the way the truck drives and the space it gives my family. It allows us to be flexible and participate in many activities. also has good power and is smooth on the highway. The one problem is mileage could be better

- Nathan B

Do not buy a Chevrolet. They will break and you'll pay a ton in towing.

The rear end sounds like It's falling out every time the truck shifts gears. There is a weird whistling sound that sounds like a wastegate. It is a smooth truck compared to a ford, but I still think It's junk.

- Heather K

I love my truck. We have a family of 5 with, 3 young adult children, they have plenty of space. I do not like the radio headset, there are very little settings to customize.

Do not purchase the extended cab, if you plan to have more than 2 people ride in the vehicle. Spend the extra money for the crew cab, there's way more room, and you children will always get bigger not smaller.

- Tabatha G

Nothing can replace a 4X4 vehicle when you need one.

This truck is my first 4X4 since 1973. I was not very pleased with the older 4 wheel drives vehicles. This Chevy is very much improved over the last U owned and I am very happy with it, no complaints.

- Don W

Kinda bad on gas. . Fuel economy not great.

Everything runs really well for as long as I've had it. . And I am pretty positive that there hasn't been anything mechanically wrong with it. . Silverado is a really nice truck for everyday drivers.

- Ian S

I am very happy with my purchase of this truck. I am glad I didn't choose something else

I like that it is easy to drive. I like that the ride is smooth. I like the satellite radio that comes with it. I dislike that it is too tall for me to get in without jumping, since I am short.

- Rebekah B

Easy on gas, smooth ride, looks good, handles very nice on wet roads.

Water stays on hood when it rains. that's the only thing wrong I love everything else about my truck easy ride, haul things without sliding I am short but I can get in and out with no problem.

- Sandra H

2014 - 2017 model trucks have several issues that seem to pop up on them consistently.

Comfortable enough for road trips and decent gas mileage for everyday driving. Truck has had a few issues that required work to correct, but it was done under warranty. Overall, a good truck.

- colton t

When driving it, you know that you are well above the rest of drivers on the road

This is my first truck, and I can't imagine if I'll ever not have one going forward. It has great features beyond the obvious and feels safe when driving in the winter. I have no complaints

- Bryan P

Reliability, I have never had a problem with breaking down or not starting.

It is and always has been a reliable and trouble free vehicle. It has never been in the garage except for scheduled maintenance (oil, brakes ). It has a great ride and handles like a dream.

- Terry L

It advertises my business.

The thing I love most is the upfit package on my truck. This package include step-side bars, better suspension, rims, tires, custom stitched seats, exhaust, trim, wheel flares, and decals.

- John W

It can handle most any terrain you'll ever need in a normal setting.

Great on gas. Very reliable enough power to pull a trailer loaded down with scrap steel or a car. Very nice sound system as well as other comforts like backup camera and heated seats.

- Darren C

Great truck, I love Chevrolet and will always be a loyal customer.

Like the quality and dependability. Like a full size truck for towing a camper. Dislike that it's not comfortable for a short person (5'1"). Big blind spot because of the side mirror.

- Sonya S

The pulling power of the truck

I really like the room that the truck has, the only downfall is that the fuel mileage I really think that the US car industry could do a lot better on there manufacturing and fuel

- Austin P

I think the most important thing about this truck is the safety!

I love the backup camera. I also love the roomy bucket seats along with the roomy backseat. I love how easily the back seats fold up. Only dislike is not having a seat set option.

- Anaka C

I really enjoy the navigation system

Good truck, paint chips easily, tranny failed at 67,000 miles, gm only paid for half since the warranty only went to 60k miles instead of 100k like the 18's came standard with

- Kannan S

Dependability is the outstanding achievement of this vehicle.

I enjoy the spacious interior. The hauling capabilities are second to none. The ride is a little bumpy and the fuel economy good be better. Overall I give it an 8 out of 10.

- Edward B

It's a proper mix of power and functionality, and it looks amazing.

I love how sturdy it is. I love the mix of cargo and passenger room. I like the four wheel drive. I don't like how sluggish it is on takeoff because of the transmission.

- Bryan A

It is simply the best vehicle.

This truck is simply amazing I have only had to do a few repairs on it since I got it I would recommend this truck to anybody because it is very reliable and it is comfy.

- Angela E

It's absolutely the best!

I love all the new high tech features like lane assist, the wireless internet, and backup camera. There is nothing i dislike about my truck. I am driving my dream truck.

- Gary A

It uses flex fuel, and fits 5 people comfortable. It also has a backup camera

Perfect size for hauling outdoor gear and camping equipment. Good gas mileage for a pickup. Very comfortable. Uses flex fuel. I've never had a problem with breakdowns

- Miranda P

I love the inside of my vehicle

I love my truck but I have an issue with the AC I feel as if sometimes it works but sometimes it doesn't but other than that this truck has everything I was looking for

- Abel G

It is very dependable. I can rely on my Silverado at all times.

I like the style and looks of the Silverado. It looks very nice and it rides like a car. Not a truck. It is very luxurious and I would buy another one in a heartbeat.

- Tom K

It is got an incredible amount of storage.

Its a truck, Chevy 1500 no leather and i'd prefer to own a ram 3500 with leather. I owned a ram before wish I had bought another ram no trusted dealer close to me.

- Jimmy M

After a couple of cosmetic modification it looks fantastic.

My truck looks great. She is a road pony but every once in a while will take to the mud. She handles very well and the ability to select 2WD or 4WD is great.

- Robert P

I believe it was built in America and is reliable.

No problems with my truck, gets awesome gas mileage being a truck. Performs excellent and is reliable. Really great for moving things or towing a trailer.

- David K

It's a reliable truck. Great for everyday use and for work.

It's a reliable truck, I've had no issues with it. I think it looks good. I use it for hauling things for work. It has lots of space in the bed and cab.

- Randy D

Great gas mileage for a v8 (in the low 20's ) Best is 26.7.

Love the quiet ride great gas mileage for a four wheel drive truck. Very easy to drive and comfortable. No dislikes or complaints except for price.

- Richard B

6 foot bed comfortable cab

i can haul loads with no problem. i clearance to drive over things. i can drive through water a little. it big enough for me to fit and my friends

- bernard M

It rides like a car, smooth, comfortable and great handling

Chevrolet has done a great job on improvement. The vehicle has quality, strength, and looks. It is fuel efficient for a truck. It rides great

- Charlie B

Very durable and fun to drive.

The truck is very durable. It is sleek, modern, and efficient. It has had no major issues in the two years we've owned it. Very reliable vehicle.

- Tyler M

Chevrolet Silverado, Solid Truck

Overall it's a good truck. I like the ride and four wheel drive capability. The fuel economy isn't terrible, but it could definitely be better.

- Benjamin H

Buy a Chevy silverado. you won't regret it

I will never buy another make or model of truck. It's very comfortable great on gas but still has power to pull trailers and do my farm work

- Kayla P

That is a reliable vehicle which can take you anywhere.

It is a reliable vehicle to drive in and has a great ride to it. My truck has very low maintenance for repairs. It is also great on fuel.

- Jose E

It's fun to drive and you feel completely safe while driving the truck off roads and in bad weather

I like the height the comfort and the safety of being in the truck and I dislike how much it costs to fill the gas tank and tabs every year

- Mike S

Get the size truck that suits your needs.

Truck rides very smooth. Lots of torque and good on fuel. Love the step notch cut out on rear bumper for easy climbing into bed of truck.

- Steve B

If your looking for a reliable truck that is good on fuel and won't break down this is it

Great truck excellent for hauling very reasonable price very reliable handling is exceptional roomy interior and controls very accessible

- Marcus J

Buy American made automobiles

Comfortable leather seating. I love the space for hauling my family and whatever i need. I do wish the ride was a little smoother though

- Keith F

Very safe and comfortable while driving. Big but not too big that It's hard to drive

Love the room for a truck on the inside. Drives very well, like a car not a bigger vehicle. Always reliable and no mechanical issues.

- Kira D

The truck is great on gas. It is a great family vehicle with plenty of room for children.

I have no complaints. I like the options such as navigation, auto start, and leather. I like that the car has cylinder deactivation.

- Matt M

Z71 Silverados have great suspension.

I love driving a full size truck. The only thing I dislike is that the infotainment system is missing the module for android auto.

- David B


My vehicle is very cost affordable. The payments are reasonable. I love the way it looks and drives and helps me get from a to b.

- Donald M

User friendly with options.

Comfortable and options features powerful towing option. Shifting could be smoother kind of clunky when accelerating from a stop.

- William G

Design integrity is amazing, very well built. Trade in value is amazing.

Gas is a little expensive. But in the snow it's amazing. Wish it was a little more fuel efficient. Other than that it's amazing.

- Dan C

It has a amazing in dash touch screen.

This vehicle is very reliable. Interior is beautiful. Great gas mileage. Would definitely recommend this vehicle to anyone else.

- Cody R

It has a lot of room in the inside and is comfortable.

I like the way my truck handles. The one thing that could be a little better is the suspension but it is the model I choose.

- Roy B

2017 Chevrolet Silverado 1500

When I turn on the vehicle the engine is not quiet like previous trucks. Dashboard seems to be higher so it's harder to see.

- Cristina G

It is a safe vehicle with good fuel economy. It handles very well in all weather. It has enough power for hauling.

I like the space the truck provides. I enjoy the power and fuel economy. Only dislike is the seat. Not the most comfortable

- Jim J

Comfortable and practical. I find use for hauling and trailering capabilities

very utilitarian. The truck gets very admirable gas mileage for a large v8 engine. I cannot think of any negative aspects

- bubba z

It is the best thing ever, drives smooth, looks good.

I have a white Silverado and I love it. It drives real well on and off road. Great work truck, great truck for anything.

- Lucas S

It gets pretty good gas mileage for a truck and is fun to drive no matter what you want to do.

It's a pick up truck that is my primary vehicle that i use daily for work and on the weekend to tow my boat to the lake.

- Chad C

It's Black with 33 inch tires on a 3.5 inch lift kit

Super comfortable great on fuel , wish the 5.3L Had more power , four wheel drive works great I love the backup camera

- Blake H

It is a great comfortable truck with good gas mileage.

The ride is excellent for long trips. The gas mileage is very good for the size of the truck. I like the rear camera.

- Mary K

Way better on gas than we expected! Always a comfortable ride

Love our Silverado! Great for taking the whole family on an outing! Always reliable! Seats are spacious and comfortable

- Crystal T

Great looking, reliable vehicle.

Reliable, nice riding truck. Love everything about my truck. O Only thing I would do differently would be side rails.

- Denise R

Sharp looking and dependable truck.

I love my Chevy Truck, it is spacious and has a nice interior. Technology in vehicle is good. Great looking truck.

- Denise K

It is a good vehicle for work and/or recreation.

I dislike the gas mileage. I love the features such as the touch screen and am radio. I like the spacious back seat.

- Kyle B

It is a very well made truck simple but gets the job done.

I really enjoy my truck. It's simple but yet has everything I need. So far there are no complaints about this truck.

- ed G

It drives well for such a big vehicle and the mileage is pretty good

I love it in the winter. I like the space in the back for passenger. It is hard to put groceries in the flatbed part

- Amy O

safety is very important to me

I like this vehicle because it's roomy, it gives you a great view of traffic ahead of you, and is very safe to drive

- jim M

Great dependable truck with superior styling.

Very reliable comfortable seating in front and rear many gadgets that are not needed but so far perform accurately.

- Lyn H

It looks and handles like a dream! It's a very smooth ride

No problems so far. Well rounded truck with great gas mileage. Great towing and handling. Regular oil changes help

- Anthony G

It is a good truck for practical use that is enjoyable to drive. It is comfortable and has plenty of power to pull whatever is needed.

Pickup truck with leather interior that is used on an everyday basis for hauling things or for whatever is needed.

- shannon c

There has been trouble with the 8 speed transmission .

I love my truck,but I have had trouble with it have taken it to them to fix 3 times it's better ,but not fixed.

- Randy A

It is a safe and reliable vehicle.

I like that it saves on gas changing from v6 to v8. I like the 4x4 and tow features. As well as back up camera.

- Sarah B

It's a great ride and gas mileage is very good on the truck

I love the smooth ride on the Chevy 1500, and the smart system it came with. My only complaint is the short bed

- Rueben M

Best truck for work or travel

Best truck for work and traveling with your family. I Will recommend this truck everybody. Thanks for your time

- Jafet L

It is very fast with quick acceleration.

It is comfortable for the long drives and has all the options. It handles the road well. But I wish it was 4x4.

- John M

Love the bluetooth and Onstar capabilities.

Truck is very reliable and spacious. Has bluetooth and comes with Onstar capabilities. Has great gas mileage.

- Cindy R

Nothing about the vehicle is important to them generally.

No problems. Reliability is great. Never had an issue with the vehicle. Maintenance is really easy to perform.

- William H

great for hauling all my supplies and can drive it in the pasture

love that my dog can fit in it and put horse feed and chicken feed in the cab. wish it got better gas mileage

- betty n

Very comfortable ride to be in.

Top of the line. Everything is very sleek and new. Drives great with the fully loaded features. Tons of room.

- Cam H

That it is very difficult to see out of to drive safely.

The hood is to long and the pillars are to thick which makes it hard to see. It also is slow on the take off.

- Mark S

Great quality and easy customer service and warranty

Size of vehicle is great however have some buyers remorse on not getting a smaller cab and bigger back seat

- Deb L

It's a great car. Drives really smooth and has a good turning radius. At first it was hard to park but the back up camera is nice to have.

Having a truck is amazing. I was worried that it was too big but I really enjoy it. It makes me feel safe.

- Mark R

The cost of my Silverado was as too expensive. Next one will be a more fuel efficient car.

I do not like the lack of storage for groceries. The rear window leaks from week one. Not fuel efficient.

- Abagail M

It can fit 5 adults comfortably, and carry quite a bit in the bed.

I like the 4 doors, plenty of legroom. It is set up a little high off the ground, but it is nice looking.

- Patricia P

It is very safe and has a high rating.

No much room. Not a family vehicle. It is hard to transport groceries. The truck is also very bad on gas.

- Scott O

An interesting detail is the compartment that locks under the center console.

Vehicle works very good. I like the v8 to v4 shutdown on the highway. Also like the sleek exterior look.

- Jeremy V

It shakes at high speed. Everything else seems to be ok.

It vibrates between 70-80 mph and apparently cannot be fixed. I like the color. The interior seems nice.

- Travis P

It is versatile, and tows great, plenty of bed and cabin room.

2016 Silverado 1500 LT Double Cab 6ft. bed, very comfortable, goes down the road smooth, plenty of room.

- Shelby B

it has great performance, reliability, comfort and features

best car ever 4x4 love it so much for the performance, reliability, comfort and features good speed too

- ben s

It is a very safe and reliable vehicle.

Comfortable ride. Almost cannot tell you are driving a truck. Decent fuel mileage. Roomy and spacious.

- Cary P

Comfortable seat lots of legroom. Tough built truck great for hauling

Great truck for hauling I use it for work every day, will buy another. Get pretty good gas mileage too

- Jesse S

comfortable ride comfortable seats and good gas mileage

Good gas mileage, comfortable, reliable heating and air conditioned seats push button adjustable seats

- Cathy E

Smoothest Riding truck of all

Smooth ride. Well built. Great interior additions. Excellent gas mileage for a V8 truck of this size.

- Wayne R

It has all the safety features, front and rear airbags.

Vehicle is very easy to handle, Bluetooth, onstar, good on gas, with split engine V8. Cruise control,

- Donald K

It gets good fuel mileage. It has heated leather seats. It has plenty of room on the inside. I have no complaints.

That it is awesome because it is a Chevy. It pulls like a dream. And rides like your on a soft cloud.

- Clint T

I love it and love everything about it especially the camera,gas mileage and the way it drives and rides.it's everything you could want

I love my truck because it's the truck I've wanted since I was very young and my favorite color red.

- Joey G

It's is very reliable. There are a lot of nice technological features.

It's reliable, good on gas, tows well. It does ride a bit rough. But generally I really like it

- Amanda Q

I am in love with my truck. Its big enough to gets things done when I need too but not too big for my running around. Riders smooth for a truck and very easy to clean.

Chevy has never let me down. Great prices for great trucks that have never given me an issue.

- Lauren G

It's big, comfy, and can tow a lot.

I love how big the truck it. It's the Special Ops edition and I get compliments all the time.

- Nica P

It gets good mileage for the type of vehicle

It has been reliable and easy to drive. I like the way it looks. I can haul my boat with it

- Pat M

It is great quality vehicle.

I like that is four wheel drive. It is in great shape. It has a large bed to haul stuff in.

- Robert D

It has XM satellite radio. It is very comfortable and has heated seats.

I like the power it has. I like the touch screen radio. The gas mileage could be better.

- Kyle B

That it is very durable and is made of quality parts.

What I like about this vehicle is that it is high quality and is very useful for work.

- luis c

It eats up a lot of gas. It's not a good family car.

It isn't good on gas. It has limited interior space. I am able to haul stuff with it.

- Scott T

It not only looks good - it drives good. It has lots of room and is reliable.

I love the fact it is four doors. I like the room inside and I like the gauges.

- Angela P

Good gas mileage & very easy to drive anywhere just because.

Very comfy to ride in. Easy to drive in ant terrain. Good mileage for a truck.

- Brent S

It's unique . not many people have one like mine

i love trucks and love the color of the truck. The body style is pretty sharp

- jasmine R

This is one Sharp Truck that not only looks good but drives great.

I like it in that I feel protected in it. I love the style, the roomy inside

- Rhonda F

It Is reliable in the snow

Comfortable , feel. Safe, that the middle console lifts up for bench seating

- Liz C




That it consumes a lot of gasoline and if you have to travel long distances it will cost you more money

I like the room in the truck and I dislike the price I paid for the truck

- Mike W

Save gasoline , 4x4, xm radio bluetooth system and backup camera

I like comfort drives good Y don't like the ac system I love the color

- Sergio H

I love the built in wifi and that I'm connected everywhere I go. I love how high it sits off the ground. I love the space in the cab.

Great truck with wifi connection that lets you stay connected to family

- Michael T

I like having a truck. That is my preference to drive.

Chevy offers a good warranty. Chevrolet trucks are durable vehicles.

- jesse r

shorter bed, little noisier than expected, too many warning vibrators

nice ride, gets decent mpg ,comfortable leg room generous, small bed

- jan w

Very comfortable and well made. Very dependable. I can't say anything bad about it

Good quality . Comfortable, not bad on gas for truck, love the WiFi.

- Susan L

It's a great truck, and drives amazing, wouldn't trade it for anything.

One of the best truck I have ever owned. Go buy you a Chevy!

- Chris H

it's a Chevy drives nice looks great smooth ride can see a lot roomy in the cab

Great Chevy Great ride doors open and close easy to get in

- Tom T

It can haul or tow a heavy load. It's very fun to drive and can be driven off road, but uses a lot of fuel. I use it for work related issues and tow my boat to the lake on the weekend. It drives just like a car and has great sound system with built in navigation.

It looks tough and it's fun to drive but uses a lot of gas.

- Chad W

made in mexico canada not usa made

made in mexico tailgate chevy dealer not give fair deal on

- donald B

Great vehicle with great trim with great package would another one

Really great truck would buy another Chevy truck or car

- Trista R

It represents who I am and my lifestyle

Nothing It's a great truck. No problems and runs strong

- david h

Decent fuel mileage with plenty of power available

Comfortable ride, plenty of power and comfort features

- Jonathan D

It has great performance to it

It's great love the performance of it and the color

- Misty W

best truck in the world!!!!!

i love my truck!! Wouldn't change anything about it

- kim J

It gets go fuel mileage for a truck.it has satellite radio

It's 4 wheel drive color.heated seats.no complaints

- Steve J

When we first got it, the braking seemed like it was going to fail

Love being able to get everyone in. Seems durable.

- Alicia L

The technology is great and useful.

Smooth ride OnStar HorsePower Good Gas mileage

- Brent B

How easy it drives and the features it has

Use it for towing. Drives great. No complaints

- Charles H