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My wife and I love the temperature zones, especially the heated seats, since I'm always hot and she's always cold.

I used to have a Toyota Tundra. I love how well Toyota's are built and how reliable they are. The Tacoma I had previously was a really REALLY good truck. I loved the Tundra, too, but when I had a fourth kid, I wanted a truck that I could fit my whole family in. I was looking for a Tundra with a bench in the front to fit my whole family, but I couldn't find one that had a bench and leather... apparently you can't do that unless you get it custom. I started looking at the Silverados and found one with a bench AND leather, and it also has a lot of the new tech that Toyota doesn't have (remote start, apple carplay, heated seats, touch screen, auto headlights, etc). These all weighed heavily in our decision to purchase a Silverado instead of a newer Tundra. I still believe that Chevrolets aren't as reliable as Toyotas, but for what we paid, I feel like the Silverado was a better deal with all the extras that I love.

- Jeremy W

Sleek and versatile Chevy Silverado with great room

This truck is perfect. It's a very smooth ride for a truck and it's also very roomy. It's a half cab but feels much bigger. It easily fits 4 comfortably. Work wonderful for long road trips and the gas mileage is surprisingly very good. I drive roughly 30 miles a day to get two and from work and the tank will usually last me a week and a half to sometimes two weeks. Overall the vehicle is amazing and handle extremely well. Very sleek but also can be a great work truck.

- Marissa P

Very reliable Subaru Tribeca.

I bought this car used and have had little problems with it. It is very reliable. It is not the best in gas mileage but I love the features it has. For a 2008 it had new technology that other vehicles did not offer. It is been in the shop for a recall on the airbag. Other than that I have not had it in the shop for any repairs. If this model was available in a newer year I would definitely buy it again.

- Donna T

2017 Chevrolet Silverado z71 lt.

I have had problems with the radio, Apple play does not work correctly when being connected to a iPhone. It will come and go at times and often does not register with the phone when the iPhone is plugged into the USB port. The vehicle also tends to shift hard at times while driving. Sometime when coming to a stop the vehicle downshifts very hard giving question to the computerized transmission.

- Kyle H

It is a big vehicle and I feel safe driving in the vehicle.

The vehicle drives smoothly and is reliable. The vehicle is roomy and comfortable even in a long distance drive. The vehicle has Bluetooth and OnStar which is very convenient when you are driving. The diagnostic are emailed to me if anything needs to be updated with the vehicle such as oil change, tire rotation, and etc. The rear view backup camera is very clear and reliable.

- Tiffany N

Chevy trucks are the way to go!

Very comfortable, nice riding vehicle with decent gas mileage. Handles well in the wintertime. The remote start and heated seats are also great features, which makes life so much nicer in harsh weather conditions. Always starts right up in the coldest of temperatures. Has great interior features, such as the center console, back-up camera and Bluetooth.

- Catherine B

Chevrolet truck with great gas mileage and tons of horsepower!

I love it! The inside is very roomy. The ride is very smooth and comfortable, with a powerful engine. Great gas mileage! The instrument panel and controls are clear, bright and easy to locate and use. I am very satisfied with this Chevrolet truck, it has met and exceeded my expectations. I would definitely recommend to anyone looking to buy a truck.

- Sarah F

Ideal vehicle for growing family.

Our truck is a great size for a family of 4-5. Plenty of room for the kids and their car seats in the back and have the bed of the truck for strollers and such. It is a great size, decent gas mileage, great amenities when it comes to the radio and navigation. My husband loves it and he is very car conscious who adds more to his vehicles.

- Makayla S

2017 Chevrolet Silverado work truck, crew cab.

I have not been able to find out how to lower the light intensity of the screen in the vehicle and it is very bright when driving at night. The transmission (v8, 5. 3l engine) does not shift smoothly. I am going to give it a few more weeks but I will probably take it in to be looked at to make sure nothing is wrong with the transmission.

- Cameron W

My Silverado is the best! Great look! Greatly efficient! Great and tough truck.

I love the space, the smooth ride and the gas efficiency of my Silverado. My purchase was hassle fee at chuck Fairbanks in DeSoto Texas. My rebates were amazing. I loved the discount from gm family first. My vehicle may take regular gas and oil but I find that it still runs as if it takes premium. Mostly overall this is a great vehicle.

- Johnny D

My Silverado is the cornerstone of my mobility whether working or having fun.

There are no problems. The ride is as comfortable as a full size SUV. I like full size vehicles for safety, but prefer the pick up truck due to lower pricing, same performance ability and more space for hauling things that under normal circumstances I am not able to transport in a SUV. Less weight and therefore more fuel efficient.

- Diana V

Gets you through any weather/terrain!

There are no problems. It has 4x4 capability which gets me through all types of terrain. It has heated seats (an option) that is a very nice amenity in the winter months. I purchased it brand new and after 25000 miles, still has that new car scent. It is a very reliable vehicle and wouldn't think twice about taking it anywhere.

- Mark Z

Acceleration issues when driving.

Not enough power when starting from a stop. And when driving it take a couple of seconds to accelerate when hitting it when your at highway speed. Other than the acceleration issues do not see any other issues except the wireless network always pops up asking to confirm with the message do not take your eyes off the road.

- Brian N

2017 Chevy Silverado are amazing.

I in love with my 2017 Chevy Silverado I have had no problems with it it's nice and comfortable to travel in it because it has very good spacing. Also under seat it has compartments that are very helpful to put things away neatly. Its smooth truck and very nice looking. Good family, work, and or pleasure vehicle to have.

- Reina M

Chevy 1500. Beautiful, easy ride and definitely gets up and goes.

I absolutely love this truck. At first it wasn't what I wanted because it wasn't 4 x 4 but then after I got it. I loved it! The amount of room it has is amazing! The tailgate is hydraulic so it doesn't just fall. The speakers are great. The seats come clean easily and the amount of cup holders are incredible!

- Sarah K

It's an American product and will last for a long time.

I love the way it drives as well as the leather wrapped steering wheel. It's comfortable enough to take on long trips but sturdy enough to help with household chores. The only thing I've noticed that isn't great is the transmission seems to have difficulty when cruising through my neighborhood at 15-20 mph.

- Josh W

Good and bad, pros and cons, likes and dislikes.

Reliable fore sure, I have a fleet truck and there’s never enough room, other than that it is a good truck. Factory tires sucked and windshield broke from an acorn falling from a tree and had to replace it. Also for a fleet truck it is to low to the ground and if you load up the truck it is to the ground.

- Bobby S

Chevrolet knows how its done.

Not any problem with the truck Runs and no problems with anything still very tight anyway still looking great smooth ride interior is extremely durable and with the golden metal package installed seems to stain resistant so far so good with me getting it detailed twice a year its looks brand new again.

- Matt P

Chevrolet Silverado 1500, the Cadillac of the pick up trucks.

The pick up truck I drive is really comfortable dress movies almost like driving a sedan. It has met all my hauling needs and the technology makes it a pleasure to drive. There is plenty of legroom in the seat it is comfortable. I recommend giving it a test drive and you'll see where I am coming from.

- Jimmy E

Silverado 1500 double cab.

We love the Versatility of our Silverado. We have heated seats and it is a double cab. A full crew cab would give us a little more space but the double cab works for us. We like to be able to haul small trailers with it and also that we can out the dogs in the back. It fits our family of 4 perfectly.

- Candace N

It is very comfortable and survived easily.

I have not had any problems but the vehicle performs very well. It performs very well off-road and that was why I bought it. The vehicle is comfortable but could be better cushioned in the seats. I really love the oversized CD player as well as the features that come with the vehicle stereo system.

- Joseph W

2017 Chevy Silverado awesome truck!

Most comfortable pickup I have ever driven. Good quality in and out. We haul a 34 foot camper with it and it pulls great also gets great gas mileage as the engine drops to 4 cylinders when cruising down the highway. Body paint is tough and the bed came with a blown in covering that protects it.

- Rick D

All around very reliable truck.

I really like that for a v8 pickup it does get fairly good fuel mileage. So far it seems to be very reliable. Its pretty comfortable for the most part. Do like that it has Bluetooth so that I can use my phone hands free. Really don't like the lack of room in the back seat with the double cabs.

- Tyler P

Why you should buy a Silverado.

The Chevy Silverado is a great truck. The handling is very good, rides comfortable. It gets good gas mileage and is good for driving and or as a work truck. I would highly recommend the Silverado to anyone that is looking to purchase a new truck. You will not regret buying one of them.

- Chris B

Best truck I ever owned!!

Very reliable good gas mileage for a truck very luxurious ride and feel very easy to do work on if need to for routine maintenance very spacious plenty of room in the back seat for passengers very large center armrest large screen and the Bluetooth works awesome and easy to control.

- Morgan P

Chevy Silverado 1500 review.

This truck rides very smooth. Its very comfortable and has plenty of room in the backseat. The bed is also very large. I have not had any problems with it so far. Truck comes with many helpful features like Bluetooth. Connects easily. I like this better than my previous Ford truck.

- Emily B

Dependable vehicle at a very good price.

The silverado is a nice size vehicle for the price. Gets pretty good gas mileage for an 8 cylinder full size truck. Very dependable so far, I've had it for 1 1/2 years and no issues. Pretty smooth ride. The only thing I would like to see is a little more leg room in the back seat.

- Kelly E

2017 Chevrolet Silverado 6. 2.

Pros-. It’s very powerful. Loaded with option. Interior does not look cheap. Good on gas. Appearance. Roomy for extended cab. Excellent towing capacity. Bose speakers sound amazing. Power sliding rear window. Cons. Transmission clunking. Rail dust. Tire options.

- Jonathan T

This vehicle is one that anyone would love to have. It's an eye catcher.

This vehicle replaces a Chevy Avalanche because that model is no longer made. It looks very much like an Avalanche because of the options I added. It gets good gas mileage, great ride, and there was an insurance saving because it was a truck and not an SUV. No Complaints.


Chevy trucks built tuff and hold their resale value.

No problems. Reliable and comfortable for long trips. East towing. Love the rear view camera. I usually travel long distances with the cruise control. Love that it tells you when to change your oil and if you need any other service. It told me that my tire pressure was low.

- Patty C

Needs a lift. Love the extra room in the back seat.

I didn't like the front end being lower. I recommend getting a leveling kit. It was some adjustment on my end going from a 3/4 ton diesel. After bigger tires and the front end lifted I like it a lot better. I like the extra room in the backseat. All seats are super comfy.

- Casey W

A great truck for work and off-road adventures.

So far, so good, this is my second Silverado truck, I just love the truck, I love the space the most, it's just so comfortable to drive it and I'd responds great to any condition and cargo I put in. I am trying to think about a negative thing, but I really have nothing.

- Jose C

2017 Chevrolet Silverado 1500 crew cab.

Vert comfortable vehicle on long drives. It is very roomy and the seats are comfortable. The controls are simple to use and easy to locate. I enjoy the back up camera. The overall styling of this truck is pleasing to me. Gas mileage is great in both city and highway.

- Dean W

Very comfortable drive with good get up and go.

Easy to handle be very comfortable to drive great distances. Good pick up. Could better with gas mileage and heating system takes a bit to heat up. Comes equipped with satellite radio with good sound. Back seat is a bit cramped. Interior upholstery is very resilient.

- Todd B

The adjustable seats are great. You can position the seats to give you the best comfort for you or your passenger.

My husband bought a new 2017 Chevrolet Silverado this year. I love the navigation system and the back-up camera features. I like to connect my iPhone to the radio so I can listen to my songs on Apple Music. It rides really comfortably and so far, no problems at all.

- Darla G

Great all around vehicle.

Drives nice plenty of power. Never let me down. The seats are comfortable and are adjustable for comfort. Air conditioning works well and the heating system work well. Sound system is great. The controls are easy to figure out and use. No problems with anything.

- Brian D

2017 deep ocean blue is absolutely gorgeous.

The only issue we had so far was something was loose but was taken care. Love the deep ocean blue color but the paint does have some issues of chipping. So far no recalls has been sent to us, no other issues. Not a great gas saver but we didn't buy it for that.

- Teresa G

Reliable comfortable and the perfect family vehicle for families.

Very comfortable and perfect for my needs and family. Both me and my husband love it and drive it everywhere. We on getting another one just the same since it is perfect for us. My son also loves it and are able to travel with it in comfort its very reliable.

- Janet F

Reliable and cost effective.

There have been no problems. The company offered good lease terms. The car drives nicely and has comfortable seating. The backup camera is convenient and there is a good climate control system in place. The car has been reliable and has given us no problems.

- Lisa H

It is very roomy. There is plenty of space for a family of five. Everyone can fit in safely and securely.

I like that it is very sturdy. It sits high so that you have a good view of traffic on your right and left. I like that it is loaded. My only dislike is that it doesn't have immediate pickup when you pull out. It is geared to start out slow.

- Lawrence H

It rides smooth and there is a backup camera to help with visibility.

It is a great vehicle it is just to big for a family vehicle. We are looking for an 8 passenger car. I am the one who primarily does drop off and pick ups a the sitters so I need something a little easier on gas and for my kids and i.

- Jenny A

Has many safety features & is a high end top notch vehicle!

Multiple touch screen features, top notch feeling of safety, looks sharp, drives smooth, seats 6 comfortably, sits high so can see all around your driving area, heads up displays, comfy heated seating, chrome features, always reliable

- Melinda H

It's the first vehicle I've bought "new" in a while and It's meeting all of my expectations

I love my truck because I got it new. It runs good with a quiet ride and has the strength to tow something when needed. It looks nice especially when I have it washed. I can carry a lot of tools or just load it with my beach chairs.

- Robert D

It is difficult to see out of in the front because it is boxy.

I like that it has the power to pull my travel trailer. Also I like that it has four wheel drive if needed. I don't like the fact that it is hard to see out of because the door divider is in the way on the passenger side

- mike c

This pick up is probably the most comfortable pick up we have had.

I love this truck. There is plenty of room in the front seat and the backseat. The seats are very comfortable. They are heated and air-conditioned which makes it very nice. It rides very comfortably and we love it.

- Marsha H

Spacious, great gas mileage for a truck, definitely a reliable vehicle.

I love my Chevy Silverado. From gas mileage all the way down through the way it drives. The only thing that I would complain about if it really bothered me would be that you can feel the bumps in the road.

- Jonathan L

Comfortably can sit up to 5 people, 6 total but front seat middle would be uncomfortable for most.

There has been a reoccurring rattling issue that remains unsolved by two dealership service centers, aside from this the experience with this truck has been positive. It is comfortable and convenient.

- Andrew A

I am proud to drive and support American made products. Chevy has a history with my family.

I love my Chevy. My gas mileage is not quite as good as I would like, but I love the room and the color. I feel that the dependability of Chevy products can not be beat. This is my 3rd Chevy truck.

- Debi C

It is got plenty of room for all passengers.

It is very reliable and drives very smooth for a truck. It also has plenty of room for family and friends to ride comfortable in the crew cab. For a four wheel drive it gets pretty good gas mileage.

- Ben A

My truck have very good gas mileage. I love the way it drives on the highway.

I bought my truck brand new! It was our very first new vehicle. It is a very comfortable. The only complaint I have is that it does not turn well. The turning radius makes it very difficult to park.

- Margie C

It's more than a truck, It's comfortable and luxurious inside. It offers lots of many features even wifi and a charging system

It is red and I love it so far. It has so many features and it drives really well. The only complaint and It's not chevys fault is I wish we had gotten the memory seat switch on the driver's seat

- Jenny S

The horsepower of the engine, the space, and the Wi-Fi.

The vehicle needs cameras all around truck. It would help better with parking in between the line. Cameras can help with safety. The performance is great, space is great and gas mileage is good.

- Daniel W

Very comfortable. Rides smoothly. Quiet due to insulation.

Problems: poor turning radius, poor gas mileage Performance: excellent Reliability: Very Comfort: very quiet. Insulated wheel wells and engine compartment Features: back up cam, 4x4, Sirius

- Alan R

Comfortable, quiet ride with power you can count on.

Would love to have slightly more comfortable seats but everything else about this vehicle is fantastic. Fuel economy (for a truck), quiet, and cabin features are great for a mid level trim!

- Nicholas K

It drives very smooth doesn't feel every bump in the road like other vehicles.

Really like the heated seats option feels good on my bad back. Love all the features as in if the tire gets low it emails us instantly if a family member is driving we will know about it!

- Sally H

It is a work vehicle, not a family vehicle. It is really mean for a single person.

It is not a family vehicle, and it is not a very roomy cabin. I like the actual truck, and the pickup on it is great, but it is hard to use for anything other than work related purposes.

- Victoria A

It is comfortable, but also practical.

I have not had any complaints about my truck. IT is the perfect mix of technology and power. It could be a little better on gas, but i drive around my time, and barely use the highway.

- tranessa k

My brush guard makes it look mean

Overall it's a nice ride very dependable has a lot of features that make the drive seem short towing is very high great vehicle to sit back and not have to worry handles the road good

- Edward l

I love how spacious the back seat is for passengers and my dog.

It's the Big Texas edition it's 4x4 it has heated seats and apple car play a wireless phone charger and it gets 25 mpg. I haven't had any trouble with it and perfect for Iowa winters

- Gach B

Others should know that this truck is awesome, but it you want to use it for camping, you need to upgrade to the 4x4.

I love my truck. I do wish it was a 4x4 because it gets stuck in the mud and in gravel pretty easily. We use the truck to pull out camper, so we need it to have a little more power.

- Heather G

The most important thing about my 2017 Chevrolet Silverado 1500 is that it is comfortable and has plenty of towing power for our camper.

I love the style of my truck. It is sleek and modern yet is a workhorse. The interior is extremely comfortable. The touch screen center console is my favorite part of the inside.

- Eric T

It handles great and is very comfortable

I like the turning radius as it is better than the Nissan Titan. The Chevy is a nice ride and a very good diagnostic system. I especially like the wi fi hotspot that is installed

- Andrew M

My truck gets me and whatever I want to where we need to be no matter the condition outside.

The daily drive is really smooth. When it comes to hauling things it can carry it mostly. Plus the four wheel drive gets you started in those sticky situations you might have.

- Joshua H

The jerking with transmission and possible rear end problems.

I like the seats, it's comfortable and quiet inside cab. What I do not like is the noise that comes from the back end. Also does this jerking bucking when you first take off.

- Cindy B

Chevrolet Silverado 1500- comfortable for humans and fur friends alike!

The Silverado 1500 ltz is incredibly comfortable and extreme reliability. It was able to travel across country pulling an RV and it was like it floated on the road. Amazing.

- Beverly S

It's good for stuff from IKEA and its hard to park in public spaces.

The car overall is good, it's just that it's a bit difficult to park because of the trunk and large hood. I'm always worried if my car will get banged by an opening car door

- Jayden P

I really love my 2017 Silverado

I love my 2017 Silverado. It handles well in all weather conditions. It's the best looking truck ever. The interior is comfortable and quiet. The stereo is loud and clear

- Otha W

We love the comfort and flexibility with owning a pickup that rides like a car.

The only problem we have had is the tire balance. We had to get the alignment corrected. I think that this has more to do with the freeways in the area than the vehicle.

- Vera D

Chevrolet has done an amazing job with the design of the Silverado.

Very safe vehicle, has many upgrades that are standard while other makes are upgrades you need to purchase. Extremely smooth ride and pretty great on fuel for actruck.

- Lia O

Comfortable and nice. Heated seats are amazing.

No complaints. Love the heated seats, back up camera. Lots of room for my family. Very comfortable to travel in and we can put our luggage in the back bed of the truck.

- Lyndsey S

It is what it says it is and then some.

I have had no problems it fits my family and the radio is great it has 4 wheel drive which I need up here we get plenty of snow the bed also carries plenty of material.

- Peter R

It is reliable. I've owned Chevrolet vehicles before and that's the one constant.

Gas mileage is not terrible, but it could be better. I regret not getting the crew cab, because the bed seems too long. Other than that, I'm satisfied with the truck.

- Jamie K

It's safe and comfortable. The options are more convenient.

It's a fully loaded High Country. The leather is smooth and comfortable. I like the heat on back only option. The feature that corrects driving over lines is the best


Silverado Gas Mileage and features

Chevy Silverado is a great truck, with good technology, and surprisingly great gas mileage, about 22 mpg on the highway at 75 mph. No problems yet, just dependable.

- jeremy g

That it drives safely, gas is good and can always trust it.

It takes me I need to go. Helps with hauling things. Or for a good drive, I love my vehicle, I never have to worry bout breakdown or difficulty driving my vehicle.

- John C

It's newer so everything is working great now, we'll see how it holds up over time

Happy with my vehicle. Rides smooth and feels luxurious. Still a new truck so everything works great. Touch screen, heated seats and a back up camera are awesome.

- Joe M

From Wi-Fi to am to rear folding bench it has everything you need for a pickup.

It was a dream vehicle and it didn't disappoint. It has Wi-Fi, and am radio. It gets better mpg than expected. And is a smooth driving vehicle, that looks sharp.

- Josh K

It is a truck and is very useful for hauling. It can go anywhere.

I love the add on, especially my link. I love the 4 wheel drive on the fly. I love that it drives like a car. I hate the gas mileage and gas tank is too small.

- Dink L

It has all the bells and whistles that you could think of.

I have had no problems with my vehicle in fact it drives and rides like a luxury car. The gas mileage that I have been getting is about 18 miles per gallon.

- David H

It is a great vehicle for getting stuff done around the house with.

I love the features of my vehicle. It is very stylish and easy to travel with in the snow. When I need something done at the house I have a truck to use.

- Andy B

The ride is very good and comfortable.

The fuel mileage could be a little better. The am system completely sucks. The truck transmission acts like it slips but the dealership said it was normal.

- Tim M

the one most important thing others should know is that when going down hill the brakes engage themselves

i like the color of the vehicle. i like the spaciousness in side. i also love the miles per gallon of gas that this truck gets there is nothing i dislike

- john P

It is a reliable vehicle.

I love how comfortable it is. The feet and head room are spacious. I love the features it has, such as parking assist, moonroof. I love that it is newer.

- Jessica V

Smooth ride; reliable and comfortable.

Comfortable seats, smooth ride, low maintenance. The life of Chevrolet trucks is excellent. Have had several trucks and this is by far the best ride.

- Re B

Great design and interior space.

I love the look and feel of the truck. Able to haul and tow everything that I have tried so far! I would prefer it to be a bit higher off the ground.

- Michael L

Safety and convenience options

My truck has all the features that I like and need. It is 4 wheel drive so I can take it anywhere i need to go. I like the wifi and navigation system

- j S

excellent gas mileage, roomy

We love our Silverado, lots of pockets for storage, roomy and comfortable both front seats and back seats, very good gas mileage, no dislikes at all

- Cindy N

My vehicle comes standard with LED headlights. It can also be tracked through GPS.

I like that my vehicle takes two types of fuel. I enjoy how cold my A.c. can get. I like the ability to have a mobile Wi-Fi spot provided by Onstar.

- Bryant A

It is a luxury truck with tons of power available and is reliable

I like the style and that it is a large vehicle with towing and hauling capabilities. I don't like how buggy the transmission and audio system is

- Gregory C

2017 Chevy Silverado a great vehicle

Truck is comfortable great on gas considering it's a truck. Plenty of room in the crew can for the family and the family loves the WiFi internet

- Kenneth W

I love how it is fuel efficient and still a bigger truck.

I get 25mpg I love all the technology. Apple carplay, wireless charger, 4x4, heated seats. I can tow stuff if needed. It is spacious in the cab.

- James B

The most import thing others should know is that it gets good gas mileage.

It has a floating axial which I hate but I love the space, color and size of the truck. The payment is nice and the interest rate it wonderful.

- Katharine D

That my radio has a built in mute button so I don't have to turn down the volume.

I love that it fits the needs of my family. I love the way it rides. It is super comfortable. I dislike how many miles I've already put on it.

- Elizabeth G

It looks fantastic with leather interior and black paint

I love it for it's style and interior richness. I do not like that it gets terrible gas mileage. It has many intelligent features like GPS.

- Tom K

Love the heated seats and backup camera.

We get better gas mileage compared to our SUV. It is great on trips. We absolutely love all the features. Easy to drive and very comfortable.

- Tammy P

It has good carrying capacity and good interior space.

I love every aspect of it for the most part. It has been very reliable. If I could change one thing, I would wish for better gas mileage.

- Robert V

Dependable truck that will last.

Love the size and the comfort of the seating. Tows our camper with ease. Only complaint is MPG. But that's expected with a full size truck.

- Kristy G

That it drives smoothly and gets decent gas mileage. Plus it looks sharp.

I like that it's more fuel efficient than my last truck. It averages over 20 mpg in my daily commute. Plus it pulls my trailer nicely.

- Jake M

Great truck. Do not plan on buying another.

It's a fine truck no problems so far, I am very satisfied with the performance, hope note buy another truck, if so it will be a Silverado.

- Don H

It is a lot of truck. You will love it.

Very reliable. Never had a problem. It has a nice size interior and also the bed is a good size for nearly anything you would be hauling.

- Sheila L

Great ride and handling, and can go anywhere at any time because of the four wheel drive.

One of the nicest vehicles I have ever owned. With all of the fancy options that came with the truck, I was so surprised at the low cost.

- Harry R

It is well built, and is a safe vehicle, and is fun to drive.

It is large enough to fit 6 passengers. It is strong enough to carry a big load. It is great looking. It has all the features I need.

- norma o

Eight cylinder double cab Silverado

Great fuel economy for a full size truck with 8 cylinders. Has more than enough power for 1500. Simple but good technology. Smooth ride.

- Eric A

Great performance smooth ride

This truck rides smoother than other i owned.drives really well turns on a dime. 4 wheel drive is easy to operate and it veakes well.

- Diane P

It is the most reliable truck I've ever owned I love driving it.

It is the best truck I have ever owned. I love driving it to and from work each and every day. I'm so glad that I purchased it.

- Robert R

Great gas mileage for a truck, 19 mpg's.

It is the Blackout edition and is very nice. The interior is leather and it has all the bells and whistles. A very nice ride.

- Mike s

Would not buy another Chrysler.

It's a reliable vehicle . It supports my lifestyle. it is stylish, efficient, and has great gas mpg for a vehicle of its size.

- Shane L

The safety features are great and it provides a very smooth ride.

Love the truck. Remote start, Bluetooth, and backup camera are the greatest features. It rides extremely smooth for a truck.

- Janna O

It rides a lot higher and smoother than small cars. Also, it takes extra room to back out of a parking space.

The only complaint that I have about my vehicle is that there are no vents in the back seat. I love everything else about it.

- Katrina F

The gas mileage is great.

Nothing is really wrong with the car. The gas mileage is good. The truck drives really smooth. Easy to use the control panel.

- Brittany C

Its very spacious, all purpose vehicle, really can't go wrong with it.

The ride is very comfy, its very spacious. The technology on it is great and helpful. What I do not like is how much it cost.

- George Z

Best family truck on the road

It is reliable. It gets good gas mileage for a truck. We feel safe traveling to and from school/work in our rural community.

- Tammy A

It has a button that evens the motor so that you can tow large items like campers and trailers easily.

Love the extended cab. I like the wide wheel base. It has good hauling capacity. I get very good fuel mileage tow my camper.

- Miles M

It's great! I love the screen graphics. I get a lot of compliments about my truck looking so nice.

My Silverado is great. Dislikes are; tinting on side windows isn't even, it has columns. The shifting isn't always smooth.

- Andrew B

It is a great vehicle. I would recommend to anyone.

Love this truck. I love the color. I love the way it drives. It is great on the road and is great driving in bad weathers.

- Chris M

Reliable and has a nice design. Strong towing capacity

The Silverado is a nice ride, nice design and has good gas mileage. It pulls my boat and can handle the yard trash also.

- Randy B

It's nice and can be used to put stuff in and move if needed.

I live my vehicle because I can put things in the back. It drives smooth. And I also can hook up to a trailer if needed.

- Michelle C

It is a bit pricey for what it is.

I wish it had more options on the vehicle for the price I paid. It is a special ops truck. I do not have any complaints.

- Loretta S

The interior feels very high quality.

Well appointed. Generally i like the car. It is hard to tell where the side of the truck is because of faux hood scoops

- Jared F

It's a great car to have when you are transporting things a lot but can also be a family car

I love my truck because it is great in tough terrain. It is great for transporting stuff. I have no complaints at all!

- Linda B

A lot of people like this body style so there are a lot of them out there.

I like the smoothness of the ride. I like the touchscreen for music, etc. I don't like the space in the backseat area.


The towing package is unmatched!

Love the versatility, power and handling. Great warranty and built to last. "Like a Rock" in all senses of the lyrics.

- Robert R

Like the truck, brought it to drive and it's been very dependable.

Haven't had any problems, really like the vehicle. If I had to buy it again I would. Would also recommend to others.

- Annette T

The fit and finish is top notch.

I like the look and feel of the way it drives. I like the overall power of the truck. I like the hauling capacity.

- William P

That it is well worth the money. It has all of the options and didn't cost me an arm and a leg.

I love the smooth ride. It was always my dream to own a Chevy Silverado so I'm thrilled to have accomplished that.

- Jordan M

I can't think of anything at the moment.

This truck is very reliable and very comfortable. I use it a lot for traveling and have no problems. Good on gas.

- Bert T

Great room for kids and occupies them with WiFi to stream movies.

Love the navigation system. Ability to stream music. $20 unlimited wifi. Roomy crew cab. And rear backup camera.

- Sarah P

Overall a very capable vehicle at a decent price, great looking, love the headlights, wonderful radio.

Very capable vehicle, very good at towing medium duty. Good electronics. Back doors and back seat is too small.

- William J

My Silverado offers a spacious cab, loaded with great technological features. The touch screen display and back up camera are awesome. I also love the remote start and heated seats. The outside of the pickup is great as well and I get many compliments on how nice it looks.

The Silverado is the modern pickup that gets you anywhere, but also makes sure you're comfortable getting there.

- Cody E

Chevy the small truck most bang for your buck

The problems with this truck are that there isn't a lot of space. The ride is smooth though and very comfortable

- Karina I

The automatic transmission is awesome.

No complaints. Great for every day. Perfect for hauling pulling towing meets and exceeds all our family's needs.

- Jessica G

That it's mine and I keep it neat and clean.

I love my truck. I love that is its a smooth ride. I love that is its dependable. I love that I can haul things.

- Jeremy B

It is comfortable, spacious and fuel efficient.

It is comfortable, rides smoothly and is affordable. It gets decent gas mileage and has plenty of cabin space.

- Reb B

This is the best vehicle I ever owned

I love my vehicle, the only issue that I have is that paint is chipped on the door handle. It is a great truck

- Brian J

My pearl Chevrolet Beauty

My truck is awesome! It has heated and air conditioned leather seats. It is pearl so it glistens in the light.

- Kassie M

Chevrolet most trusted brand of trucks! very dependable and is backed by chevy warranty

i love my chevy silverado because of its reputation,overall satisfied customers.dependability, long time fan!!

- Glynn L

This Chevrolet truck has a very smooth and comfortable ride.

The Chevy truck has many convenient features, including heated front seats and dual comfort zone heating/air.

- lee k

A do it all truck that satisfies all needs

I use my truck for everything. It can fit up to six people comfortably and the technology in it is fantastic.

- Brandon A

The gas pedal is very touchy. You can be going fast an not know it.

It's a good size and handles well. It seems like the power when starting from a stop is lacking. Great color.

- Brian M

I love the backup camera, as well as the fuel mileage

Good, comfortable, reliable truck. Have had no problems with it yet. Only had it 3 months so time will tell

- Justin M

The truck is very strong and is reliable.

I love the safety features and the way it handles the road. There is nothing I do not like about the truck.

- Arlene H

A beautiful truck that can do all that you need it to do.

Very comfortable, I have a V8 and it has all the power you need. Real good on gas. Love the soft tailgate.

- Miguel R

Overall perfect truck. Reliable and comfortable.

I haven't had any issues. The gas mileage is great for full size truck. Very comfortable and we'll built.

- Tad S

It is very roomy and is sporty looking.

Love the look but, hate when it goes from 4 cylinder to 8 while it shifts hard. Very roomy extended cab.

- Melinda B

The paint. Job is good and all that.

None at this time runs good and great gas is good and reliable that is all I can say for now good truck.

- Jay H

Silverado Chevy is dependable vehicle

dependable, power, classy, good mileage, easy to navigate, like the color, roomy, up to date technology

- mark r

great on gas for a truck.

it has been great. the only bug is the transmission. it really shifts hard at slow parking lot speeds.

- marty t

Very rough ride. Shakes a lot at higher speeds.

I dislike the low gas mileage. It's not a smooth ride. I like the way it handles in inclement weather.

- Christine M

It always start in all weather which is the best!!

This is the third Chevrolet truck that I have owned and it is reliable, and the many features great.

- Robert L

Has many great safety features including park assist, lane departure, optional OnStar.

I like the many safety features that are included. Drives great. Only thing I dislike is the cost.

- Leslie S

It reflects my personality

I have a truck. I enjoy having it to haul things. It's all black. I got a really great deal on it.

- Kyle M

It has good gas mileage for that size vehicle.

I like the space inside. I like the gas mileage for that size vehicle. Would like better pricing.

- Casey V

It's quiet and runs like a champ. It looks better with a lift instead of being stock.

My truck is very clean and sharp looking. It rides very smooth. Great safety feeling and rating.

- Justin B

It has almost all safety options ,lane keeper , backup camera

It is comfortable and roomy. it has a lot of safety options. It is everything that I wanted

- Keith D

The wifi and navigation are great. The comfort in the front and back seats are great. love the dual controls in the front

I like the navigation system in the vehicle. I like the comfort of the seats. I love the wifi

- glenda c

It is a reliable and great truck. Love the parking assistant and navigation devices.

No complaints so far. The vehicle rides nice and is comfortable. Love having the navigation.

- Carol S

Is a very cute car I love the smart car . Control climax

I like that it's big. I like that it's a family care. I dislike that its space are little.

- Jesus R

That to buy a chevy truck with also good on gas mileage

I like chevy trucks as i have no problems with them and have own them for over 15 years

- Karen d

It gets very good gas mileage for being a truck and it's 4x4.

I like that it has enough room for the family. It gets good gas mileage for a truck.

- Kameron R

It doesn't ride like a truck, it rides more like a car and is more pleasant to drive than expected

I like the amenities, the quiet ride and the ability to transport whatever I need to

- william b

good gas mileage great color and good service from dealer

like on star and sat radio. also remote start up. hate not having 4 wheeled drive.

- john s

Its meant for a single person or a couple not for a family.

Its too small for a family vehicle, but it was our mistake, not the cars fault.

- Victoria A

I have had my fair share of problems with past Chevrolet trucks. This High Country 1500 I am driving now was riding like a Lexus. less than a year after buying it brand new off dealer lot. one of the tires jitters crazy every 30 sec. or so.

It's a sweet looking color with magic side steps and it's called High Country.

- thomas b

It is a workhorse and is good for many tasks although it is hard on gas

no complaints love it it gives us a sense of security as big as it is

- Dara B

Just because it is a truck doesn't mean the mpg suck .

I love how it drives . Feels comfortable and luxurious . Great MPg

- Eli H

I owe nothing on it, and that is completely awesome!

I like the smooth ride. I like the remote entry. I like the color.

- Karee B



- AL D

My truck rides very smoothly. I appreciate the way it handles especially in snow.

I love my truck. It drives great. I am getting good gas mileage.

- Ann C

Handles, performs and looks great and drives like a car.

Love how it handles. Love the performance. Love the size and look

- John B

It pulls really good and runs strong

It is good. Like everything about it. Fun to drive. Pulls good

- Steve m

Truck runs great. Pulls heavy loads. Roomy cabin. Lots of leg room, storage. Fits 6 people. Love the bench in the front seat.

Comfortable, roomy cabin, with good legroom and head clearance

- Rachel D

looks nice, great ride, hide away running boards, all around sensors

4x4, backup camera heat and cooled seats over all appearance

- Tracy B

reliable and comfortable. red with black interior. love the long bed for hauling and travel

no complaints. love it. will buy another when the time comes.

- adrienne p

that is reliable and It's quality is great

It is a great truck. it is dependable and it drives nicely.

- cherry B

It is powerful with great gas mileage. I have traveled long distances in my truck and my wife loves the truck.

It holds large payloads. It tows my trailer. It is large.

- David P

The Chevrolet Silverado is one awesome vehicle!

It rides smooth, and comfortable! Good gas mileage.

- Pamela P