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first off I've always wanted the Chevrolet Silverado. It's an amazing truck. You feel so safe in it when you're driving it. The black color is a must. Took a road trip around 2400 miles to and back and it was so comfortable the seats are nice and sturdy, drove through the night and the high beams were amazing. The gas mileage is nice it has around 400 miles in a full tank even though filling up is around $60 it's actually not bad. The touch screen is nice everytime I enter the truck it automatically connects to my phone and starts playing music. The vanity mirror light automatically adjusts if it's day or night. The Chevrolet Silverado drives really smooth and the engine isn't too loud. The lights automatically turn on of off for example if it's bright outside the lights turn off and if it's getting dark they automatically turn on. The downside is you can't turn on the lights yourself but you can add the high beams.

- Janet B

2018 Chevrolet Silverado 1500 lt 4x4.

Have only owned this vehicle for a month. Although fairly new, was purchased used. I chose this truck because I am a fan of the gm 5.3. As far a comfort levels, I love it. Has plenty of technology that makes everyday life much more convenient. The Wi-Fi and OnStar make it much easier if you do lots of work from it or if you have children who like to watch TV while traveling. Only downside I have found is that I am not a fan of the automatic cylinder deactivation. Of course just like anything nowadays there are always ways to have that fixed later, which I am sure I will do when the warranty is up. It does make for better fuel mileage, however I do not like the fact that you can actually feel it change over in the middle of driving or acceleration. Otherwise, would definitely recommend..

- Sam M

Chevy pickups with nitrogen in tires.

I use my pickup for work. It is driven on highway and on dirt roads. The ride is smooth and I am getting between 20 and 22 miles per gal. It is a 6 cylinder and I have not pulled any trailers. I don't know how it would do. I haven't had any issues with it. The only concern is that it has nitrogen in the tires and I found I have to go to the dealership where I bought the pickup to have tires fixed. Not all dealerships have nitrogen and regular tire companies won�t fix these tires for liability issues. They say putting regular air in after nitrogen can cause tires to come apart.

- Joy D

The 2018 Chevy Silverado 4x4, super crew cab. Because, you are worth it!

Very comfortable to drive & sit in. Good acceleration, torque, power, and handling. Braking is good too. It looks great in any color, but I am glad I got red, it really looks great. The stereo/Bluetooth functions well enough, but the regular stereo it comes with is not excellent. I wish I could have had a better choice. Pulled my husband out of a ditch this winter, with ease. Glad I got the 4x4 version. My passengers are very pleased with all the room in the back, that is why I got the super crew cab. Overall, I am very happy with my 2018 Chevy Silverado 4x4 supercrew cab!

- Diana W

Chevrolet is America�s truck.

My 2018 Chevrolet Texas Edition is Incredible. It rides smooth and is relatively good on gas considering the size. It�s a 5.3 with flex fuel so it switches from V8 to V4 to conserve gas. It�s very roomy and spacious and the seats are extremely comfortable. I use it in various weather conditions while hunting and fishing so it has been tested off-road and has not failed me once. The 4x4 works incredibly well and overall I have no complaints regarding the purchase and craftsmanship put into this vehicle. I will buy Chevrolet from here on out.

- John T

Very strong and very steady, very safe to drive around.

The car is amazing, strong, steady, big enough for your travel with your kids if you have bikes, scooters. . . It's great for camping, everything in the car is amazing, but if you have small garage this car will not be your best deal. If you have pampered kids that like to be super comfortable while going for a ride that will not be the best choice, as the back seats are stable and don't recline back, so the child will not be able to recline it back and sleep or just chill. Otherwise the car is amazing and I love it so much.

- Nanci A

Why my husband only drives a Chevrolet.

My husband has driven a Chevrolet all of his life. They are a very reliable vehicle with amazing warranties and extended warranties. Chevrolet stands behind their products 100%. They have the best air conditioning systems and you especially need that in Texas. They also come with roadside assistance which is a very important thing to have. Also the comfort is above all others with plenty of legroom for both your front seat passenger as well as back seat passengers. Our Chevrolet also come with a backup camera which we love!!

- Angela B

2018 Silverado drives very smooth

My vehicle is very reliable and dependable. It drives and handles very smooth. I have 12,000 miles on it so far and have had no problems. The oil had to be changed around 7,500 miles. That is really good you don't have to worry about keeping up with the miles before the next change because it lets you know when it needs changed. The seats are really comfortable and I the heated seats are really nice. The remote start is great especially in the winter time. There is plenty of room in the back for the kids.

- Justin C

The trim color scheme interior. I love having such a pretty interior.

No problems or issues. It is a great truck drives and rides nice allows me to haul anything for my yard and is handy when I yard sale. Would gladly recommend to anyone! Features are fast and easy to use the dealer was great spending time with me after the closed to explain all of the features would gladly purchase another my favorite two features would be the back up camera and the dash radio phone integration the only item I would suggest changing would be for the seat to sit higher for easier parking.

- Stacey L

The gas tank don't have a lid! It's cool but crazy

This is a great truck! I love it great on gas its very reliable always turns heads like a rock is Chevys motto for a reason they are tuff trucks and they last a long time I love that the work truck has a tuff plastic of some sort in the floorboard it makes for easy clean up! The Bluetooth works great you can hear whoever you call very well and they also hear you well the radio also has great sound the power of the truck is awesome and it's a very comfortable single cab truck

- Michelle S

The Chevy Silverado is a mom truck!

I am the mom of two small children and I love the Chevrolet Silverado as a mom vehicle. There is tons of room in the cab and I like to be able to haul big things in the back without having to ask someone to help me. It has been a very reliable vehicle and can get me anywhere in heavy snow or other inclement road conditions. I am extremely happy with my choice to buy this truck even though I was apprehensive at first about it being a good mom vehicle.

- Thea F

Bigger Car Bigger Space Bigger Kid Smiles

I love how comfortable the car is. I have 2 kids and I used to drive a Prius but both of my kids are in car seats so that made the car feel very tight. Now with all the space in the truck my son, sitting in a booster seat, has enough leg space, and we can actually fit someone else in the back seat with them. I also love feeling safer that god forbid anything happens but if it does were in a bigger car so an accident would feel less impact.

- Ana V

Love my 2018 Chevy Silverado.

I love everything about my truck. The size of the back seat in my crew cab is super roomy for my three teenage kids. The apple CarPlay connects and shows my google maps on the screen which is something we have been looking for in a car for years. The ride is super smooth and has lots of power. The remote start is great because I can start my truck before I get in to have it either cool down or warm up inside the cab. I just love our truck.

- Heather S

It is a great all around vehicle, and if you need a truck than this is an option.

It is a very nice truck overall. There's ups and downs. Like the gas, the gas is horrible, (like most big vehicles) it is pretty expensive as my main mode of transportation. But that and how parking can be difficult are the only bad sides. The goods are, it is very comfortable to sit is and drive for long periods of time like I do for my side jobs. It is great a towing small loads and I am very happy to have bought it last year.

- Jasper B

A good all-around simple design. Very quiet, very little road noise.

The vehicle handles well on the road and in rough conditions. For a truck, this vehicle is exceptionally quiet. More than one person has commented on it. The seats are comfortable and there is plenty of legroom. The vehicle sits high enough as to see the road ahead. The chrome wheels are nice, but they are subject to curb rash. Do not get the chrome wheels. The tires are good, but they could be more rugged for rough terrain.

- Allen L

2018 Silverado no storage

Overall love the truck, my one complaint would be there is no storage under any of seats, and the center console in a little small. Truck has the 5.3l V8 has plenty of power and can even pull a decent size trailer. Recently it started clunking in the transmission on down shift brought to dealer and they said it is normal. I don't see how it�s normal for a truck with 12,000 miles to clunk at all but I guess time will tell.

- Keith H

The blue Silverado 1500 in color blue is a head turner.

The truck is great. It fits the entire family with 3 car seats in the back. Recently pulled a travel trailer to the coast and back and the truck handled like a champ. The blue color really pops out when it gets washed. Constantly get compliments on my truck. The infotainment system is really great. Especially when using android auto. The hands free calling is crisp and clear. I highly suggest everyone buy Chevrolet trucks.

- Chris B

This truck is equipped with e-assist which adds horsepower and torque.

My truck has e assist and gets 22 mpg city and 16 mph towing a boat. I like the electronics and the large screen in this truck. The leather chairs are comfortable and heated along with the heated steering wheel. Visibility throughout the truck is great the styling is very up-to-date. The stereo system is excellent and the interior is set up well ergonomically. The rear seat is very comfortable for passengers as well.

- Robert B

2018 Chevy Silverado thoughts

My 2018 Chevy Silverado has been a great truck for the time I have had it. I have had no problems with it in the year and a half that I have owned it. The only complaint that I have is that sometimes it feels like it is underpowered and you really have to step on the gas to get it moving in the way that you want. My guess is that it is designed this way to help with fuel mileage so it is not a terrible thing.

- Dane H

My truck is like a legacy for me. My dad sold Chevrolet trucks and we always had a truck when I was growing up. This truck would definitely have fit the bill for him. He would be very proud to see what I am driving today. It's a classic since it's a Chevy truck, but has all of the bells and whistles.

I love our truck and will probably buy another when the time comes. It's a crew cab so I love the extra seating and room. Also a V8 so the engine has plenty of power. We can haul stuff when we need to now with no need to borrow a truck anymore. The only thing I would say I dislike is the rear seat could be a little more comfortable. I love the look of the truck, the style, the engine and all of the amenities.

- Kristi A

It has a light in the back of the truck for the bed.

This truck is amazing. Has touch screen dash radio/ GPS. The truck comes with Wifi and sirius radio. Very spacious and comfortable. Lots of compartments for storage. Backup camera that is very helpful. The only this my husband doesn't like is the down shift it goes from 8 to 4 cylinders to save on gas and it does not save but on average 1 mpg. He says this causes a lot of extra wear on the transmission.

- Alexis W

My Equinox is great. Comfortable and reliable.

I don't drive it. My husband does. I drive the equinox. It's a new vehicle. My Equinox is great. Its comfortable, seat warmers, plenty of room. I have had trouble with it to be a new vehicle and would love to trade in or a 2019 but can't afford it. That's how much I like it. There's no noise. Soft seats and can adjust to anything easy. The OnStar is great too if you can afford. The security is great.

- Idk V

The rearview camera and a 7-inch touchscreen are now standard on the Silverado.

This vehicle is automatic, super spacious, great for towing, hauling and excellent performance. I've had my Silverado for about 6 months now and it�s been the best vehicle I have owned. I haven't had any problems with it. I love when we go camping, fishing or tubing, we are able to pack & haul everything that we need plus more! I would definitely recommend to anyone in need of a truck!

- Emma V

The Silverado isn't so bad

My vehicle is fine it�s just many truck enthusiasts say it�s ugly and not worth the money, but sometimes it gets to me and that�s why I give it a 3 star rating. What I like about this truck is that is has Wi-Fi and pretty space full seating. One last thing I�d like to point out is that for some reason the screen for the radio keeps glitching at times but it�s still fine.

- Edgar L

We love our Silverado and will always recommend this vehicle.

We find our Silverado very dependable with many features we never thought we. Could ever have. Love the Bluetooth wireless connection and the very accurate back up camera which is great when hauling trailers. We do wish there were rear heated seats, and we might have that installed at a later time. The towing capacity is great for any of the trailers we use for work or play.

- Emily P

Keyless entry is possible on the Custom

Nice options without all of the unnecessary additions that you don't need to have a great ride. Lots of room, good power, and decent fuel economy. Keyless entry would be nice from factory (dealership states it is not available) but $100 at a parts store fixed the problem since the vehicle comes equipped with all of the necessary equipment. You just have to program a key fob.

- Steve W

I like all the new electrical and mechanical advances on this vehicle

My truck is very reliable. I like the trim that I purchased, it's not too simple and not to basic. I like the digital dash, Bluetooth and big screen. The lights on the bed is my favorite option on the package. it's a smooth drive and the gas mileage is actually great for being a truck and a v8 engine. The direct fuel injection is different so we shall see how that goes.

- ashley C

2018 Silverado positive review.

I wasn't really sure that I wanted the truck at first. I knew I needed to upgrade because my last truck was going downhill fast. Overall I am happy with my truck it seems to be much smoother and quieter than my last truck. I do like the looks and style of the truck but I am bummed that I gave up my leather seats. I do like that it has auto start and a backup camera.

- Tyler T

It's your dream come true. I also have leather and wood grain interior.

The 2018 Chevy crew cab is your dream truck. Its very dependable, I have plenty of space and its very comfortable. This truck does everything I need it to do as well as have me looking good while riding down the highway. If you are tired of that old junk you got, go get you a 2018 Chevy Silverado lets crew cab pick-up truck. Your life will never be the same.

- Tye D

Excellent truck for families

This truck is great for the family. 3 kids ride comfortably in the backseat. The front seat has an extra seat in the middle or can be folded down for a middle console. We haven't had any issues with the vehicle since purchasing. Rear view camera is terrific and light sensor adjusts the brightness of the screens in the vehicle which is helpful.

- Amanda O

Dream vehicle on the road.

My Chevy Silverado is a critical part of my everyday life, as I use it to get to where I need, when I need! The Silverado has been very reliable, comfortable, and valuable to our family in the daily commute and weekend trips. The best part is that the half ton truck typically achieves 15-19 mpg, which is great for a truck compared to a car.

- Doug B

Go with your gut when buying your truck.

I am not as satisfied with this truck as I am with my older Chevrolet, the 3500. I started to buy a 2018 Chevrolet 3500 model, but instead I chose the smaller truck. I will probably trade this truck in sometime soon. I will trade it in for a Chevrolet 3500 model. There is nothing wrong the truck, I just like the power the larger truck has.

- Gary A

Love the extras features of my Chevy Silverado.

It is a very reliable vehicle that has all the comfort I need for my job. I travel on the road so the extra features and Wi-Fi are very nice. I feel comfort knowing I am in a vehicle that is safe and reliable. It could get better gas mileage but it is a truck. Wouldn't mind to have some leather seats or a sunroof either. Overall I love it!

- Mike S

Great performing truck with great technology features!

We love our truck. It is very comfortable all around. It�s reliable but it is pretty new. It runs great. The technology features are amazing. It syncs to my phone, has Apple CarPlay, I can talk on the phone, and it has an app that I can start my truck with and lock the doors with. It has a nice tow package too and lights in the bed.

- Sydney L

The backup camera and backup sensors are really nice!

Cannot go wrong with a Chevy pickup. The new 2018 Silverado 1500 pickup gives you everything you need in a pickup truck while also providing you with all the bells and whistles inside. You get carplay which allows you to project applications from your phone to your truck. It also has a really smooth ride and gets up to 22 mpg highway!

- Jordan S

My Chevy Silverado is amazing.

Haven't had any problems with it. Performance is amazing. And it is a great vehicle. Gas mileage is excellent. Driving it is great. It kind of creeps past 55 sometimes and you do not even realize it. The next one we get will be a full extended cab. We have four doors but it does get a little cramped back there for long legged people.

- Brad W

Chevrolet Silverado review.

Our Chevrolet Silverado is a joy to drive. It gets great gas mileage and is easy to maintain. We bought it with just a few thousand miles on it, but it financed as new. We got a good percentage rate of financing also through gm financial. Bruce and Thomas at Phelps Chevrolet are good people to work with for all your automotive needs.

- Wanda K

One of the best I have ever own.

I love my truck. I don't do any heavy hauling but I have carried sod, lumber, cinder blocks. Zero issues thus far. I have had the truck for 6 months now. I have pulled a 26' boat and a 32' travel trailer up and down hill. This truck does what I need it to. I have a back injury from a deployment and the seats are very nice to my back.

- David W

Amazing Chevy Truck, well worth the money

Have had no service required other than maintenance. Very roomy and comfortable. Rides smooth. Good gas mileage for a big truck. Love how it handles in snow and rain. Provides can room for family and friends while still being able to haul luggage and purchases. Great backup camera. Lots of bells and whistles that make my life easier

- Lynn H

2018 chevy Silverado 1500 crew cab v6

My chevy truck is nice dependable vehicle. Started with the base model v6 and its good on gas mileage .....although I have the crew cab I really need that space or the double cab. It has ample room for a small family but I need more room. The v6 engine ha surprised me this far but haven't towed any weight with it as of yet

- John M

Black but has little red highlights that make it stand out.

My truck is my baby. The first thing I noticed was how smooth for a truck it rode. The second them was all the storage compartments it has. It's a little pricey gas wise but not too bad. It came with OnStar for 3 months loved it but can't afford it. I can't hardly tell its running. I love the back facing camera technology.

- Betty M

Drives good, good crash test number, everything we are Chevy drivers

We have a Silverado Z71 2018 and really like it so far. Cuski, Buick and Chevrolet Birch Run MI. Silver Metallic. It's showing 24.3 miles on highway and 14 city, gas mileage. 5.3 liter, runs good. We had a real good salesmen No Pressure. Dealers hate it when your in no hurry. I suggest you be in no hurry to, shop around.

- Gary b

2018 Chevy Silverado 1500

Drives well, gets decent gas mileage for a Truck of its size. Spacious enough to fit two kids in cab and plenty of space to haul whatever you need. Performs well on snow, backup cam is fantastic. The Chevy link feature and media consul are user friendly and help keep you connected. I'm pretty happy with it overall.

- Brian B

The vehicle I own now has an aerodynamic flow.

I liked the 2013 model better it was easier to park because of the difference in the nose of the reconstruction of the hood I also liked that the older model had a button you pushed on the console to check your tire pressure however the tires that came with the older model I did not like they did not retail pressure.

- Julie H

2018 Chevy midnight edition.

2018 Silverado 1500 z71 ltz midnight edition has many incredible features. The truck has an all midnight black body with a black Chevrolet bowtie. It also has all black leather interior and Apple CarPlay. The led lights are very bright and keep the road visible. It is a very comfortable truck and I love driving it.

- Matt H

2018 Midnight Edition Chevy Z71 Double Cab

Great power and decent fuel economy for a large truck. I average 17 miles per gallon in the city and 24 miles per gallon on the highway. It is quiet even with the aggressive tires that are part of the Midnight package. It is a very comfortable daily driver a little large for some smaller or tighter parking lots.

- Dan E

I really love the rear view camera. It makes it easy for me to back out.

It�s a really great car except it can be very hard to park in certain parking spaces because of how big the truck is. It can take a long time before I can get through small spaces. I will say that I love the rear view camera screen. It makes it much easier to back out and make sure I have enough room to move.

- Raul F

Crew cab, plenty of room for 6 passengers

Chevrolet crew cab, has electric windows , with 4 wheel drive, cargo area has sprayed on bed liner, room enough for 6 people to sit comfortably. Silver in color and is a good crew cab truck. Interior is cloth seats. Has air conditioner and cruise control . It�s ok on gas and has good power for the engine size.

- Ted M

Leveled 2' and aggressive tires, custom badging and bowties, easy to make unique

Excellent ride and acceleration. Clean looking and fun to drive. 5.3 L 6 speed transmission is smooth and effortless easily the best truck I have ever owned. Interior trim and features are excellent. Easy to use touch screen, every feature is safe and user friendly. Only downfall living in Arizona is no rear AC

- Mike A

Many Handy Convenient Features.

Nice Comfortable to Drive. Not bad on gas Engine changes from 8 to 4 cylinder to conserve fuel while driving. 4 Wheel Drive has Automatic feature which kicks in as needed. Power seat is a plus as is Movable pedals for shorter drivers. Backup Camera is also handy when in parking lots and connecting Trailers.

- Jean R

Very good quality! The assisted easy down tailgate is a nice feature.

We have not had any problems thus far. We get very good gas mileage and a very comfortable ride. The back up camera is a nice feature as well as the stereo system. The comfort level is equal to that of a car. It handles well on the highway as well as on dirt roads. I would highly recommend this make and model.

- Cindy H


the 2018 Chevy Silverado is a great all around truck it gets second fuel mileage and is very reliable and I would recommend it to anyone looking for a pickup truck. Our family has a 7000 lb camper and the Silverado pulls it very easily. I also really like the apple CarPlay feature it works well with my iPhone

- Charles F

Love that it is a great fit for my family.

Very comfortable and reliable, a lot of space for carrying things in the back and roomy enough for car seats for my two children. I can use it for work and leisure. There are no problems with any part of it. I like that it has warning sensors for backing up and my favorite is the back up camera for reversing.

- esmeralda D

Chevy Silverado - 2018 black.

My vehicle is great. Gas mileage for a pick up is impressive. It is reliable. OnStar app makes things convenient. Affordable. Heated seats are great. Chevy is nice to work with on warranty. Drivers seat is comfortable. Added bonus to provide XM radio. Haven't had any problems in the 3 months I have owned it.

- Mandy L

Chevrolet 1500 Silverado lt.

No issues, always enjoyed Chevy trucks and it has heated seats. Remote start, along with express windows down before getting in. Has OnStar, backup camera and easy lift tailgate. It has apple carplay and it will read your texts to you. Electric seat adjuster and plenty of USB ports and even a 110 plug in.

- rob D

Buying A Custom Truck Best

This truck was custom by the dealer and they did a great job. Great performance, up to 29 mpg highway. It has a very comfortable ride, but it is a truck, not a jaguar. The interior is spacious with custom mats for full coverage protection. Roll back bed cover is the best thing ever invented for a truck.

- Douglas W

All in all Chevrolet makes a great product and my truck is no exception.

My truck is very reliable. The comfort of the seats are exceptional and the enhanced digital readout on the dash is user friendly. The large tires makes it easy to travel on any surface type. The paint job is very good and shiny with the wax. The engine is very powerful and gets a decent gas mileage.

- Tristan A

Black on black.. A beautiful truck..

A really nice truck. Drives beautifully and is really good on gas for a full sized truck, I was a Ford truck man, but not anymore. So far everything has been perfect, nice strong heater and a really good air conditioner. I got the 6 cylinder and it has enough power to pull all my boats with no problem.

- Danny C

Very nice ultimate truck rides nice and has all your needs in one vehicle.

It's a eye catcher, rides smooth and has all the accessories, electric windows heated seats tinted windows CD player Cyrus radio OnStar, rear view mirror camera screen maps rear ac/heating rear defrost cooling seats Bose speaker system road construction phone jacks 20 amps electrical outlets Bluetooth.

- Denise J

Amazing truck! Reliable, comfortable, and beautiful

No problems it is great. Interior is amazing and comfortable. Love the cooling seats. It is the midnight edition so it is all blacked out on exterior which makes it look really sharp when it's clean. Drives smooth. 4 wheel drive is easy to shift into with just a dial button. Sound system is amazing.

- Jaycee T

Great for beach trips. Not only country rides.

I have had the Chevrolet Silverado for a year now. It is extremely comfortable. Great for beach travel vacation. Packed the bed with suitcases, chairs, beach items. Drove 600 miles and it was very nice driving and very comfortable. Cannot wait 'til next summer to take it on beach vacation again.

- Christine D

This is truly a great truck! Do not regret getting it at all.

It drives smooth as butter! Our family loves it. It is very comfortable and quiet. The only drawback is that the front passenger seat does not have many options for seat adjustments. But otherwise it is a great truck. We got a great deal on it and would definitely recommend it to another person.

- Stephanie A

the body style is beautiful

no problems, just wish it had better gas mileage. It runs So great it is a awesome vehicle I love it, it's just a little too big but the backseat is too small. I have a baby so the car seat doesn't always fit too good in the backseat. But other than that I have no complaints on the Silverado.

- chelsea T

It got the J.D. Power award which means that Chevy has good quality.

I haven't had any vehicle problems. It is totally dependable. The truck is nice and I enjoy driving it. I replaced my old Ford because it was not dependable and was a total lemon. Reliable and dependable. The tailgate is synchronized with the doors so that it opens when the doors are unlocked.

- Donna S

Smooth ride with a powerful engine.

I love my truck. Is dependable and rides smoothly. I haven't been able to tow my boat yet but I am looking forward to do it next month. I am sure my truck will deliver. The interior is really nice and comfortable. It feels like I am driving a luxury car, much better than the other brand I own.

- Leah S

Full size pickup truck that offers great cargo load, with great gas mileage

Love the interior of the truck. Steering wheel controls are very ergonomically placed. The dash is very user friendly, and the back up camera is a great feature. The truck also has the technology to shut down 4 cylinders down when all 8 are not necessary. Great on gas for a full size pick up

- Fernando B

I love my new truck and so will you when you buy yours.

No problems as of yet. Drives smoothly and I really like the backup camera and that it ask to check the backseat before I get out of the truck. It rides smoothly and I enjoy the fact that I was able to hook up the Bluetooth for my cell phone thru the radio so I can have hands free talking.

- Connie E

Great pulling power and fortitude.

I am impressed with the performance and pulling power of the v8 and power train. I just completed a 1800 mile trip pulling a 33 foot twin slide forest river vibe from Michigan to Florida. My gross weight was around 7900 pounds, so I could feel it was there especially through the mountains.

- Greg H

Amazing 2018 Chevy Silverado LT

Owning my 2018 Silverado has really been a dream I've had no problems in my year of ownership. All I've had to do is normal routine maintenance like oil changes and tire rotations. The 2018 Silverado also gets decent mpgs for a full size truck. Overall I am very satisfied with this truck.

- Miles A

Very good truck and anyone would be happy to own one.

Well it could get better gas mileage even though it shuts down from 8 to four cylinders. The ride is better than any pickup I have ever ridden it. Quality workmanship throughout the truck. The red color is very eye-catching going down the rode. The best part of the truck is the features.

- John R

Great truck- if your traveling more than 45 miles a week I would something else.

I love my truck. I drive it 67 miles round trip everyday. I use about 1 tank per week runs me about $45-75 a week. My Miles per hour is about 19-21. I do like the gauges that tell me when I need to change my oil and tires. However, if you are not use to driving it is a big vehicle.

- Danielle R

Quick review of our Chevy 1500

My husband and I bought our truck new and we have loved it ever since. It�s a little on the smaller side, than what we are used to, coming from mega cab truck. With two growing kids gets a little cramped but it been great to us thus far! All and all we are very pleased with our Chevy.

- Rebecca J

Comfort with style driving a Chevy truck.

It drives nice, good rear vision, when backing up, easy to turn, and park with. , runs smoothly, very roomy for a large person to drive and ride in. The extended cab, allows 4 people to ride in comfortably, good traction with winter driving, the headlights provide good vision at night,

- Susan J

The Wi-Fi in the truck is awesome

I really love my truck. It's comfortable and I absolutely love the fact that it has Wi-Fi in the truck. There really isn't anywhere I have found I wouldn't take the truck so I don't see any need for 4 wheel drive. It drives wonderfully and runs great. I don't see driving anything else

- Virginia S

Great family truck, looking for the SUV type

Truck has lots of room and additional storage under the passenger seat, great gas mileage average 18+ mpg, rides like a car with the luxury of a truck. Use as our primary transportation even through we have a compact car. Would refer this truck to any family looking to purchase a SUV

- Mike M

The 22 inch rims are a head turner and smooth ride.

My 2018 Chevy Silverado is a smooth ride with great control. The back up camera is a very nice feature, especially in tight spaces. The interior is very nice and has a touch screen Bluetooth stereo system. The 2018 Chevy Silverado is very spacious inside. Sits 6 people comfortably.

- Keith A

Towing up to 12500 with 1\2 ton truck.

No problems. Love the handling and all interior. Has all the up to date gadgets ( except assist parking). Got the trailering package and can tow up to 12500. Lights are really good and have back up bright lights for when towing. Gas mileage is about normal compared to other models.

- Sherry H

Engine power and fuel performance is second to none in this class.

The performance of this truck has been nothing less than stellar. Whether going on long hauls pulling loaded trailers, road trips or camping trip the performance and gas mileage never cease to impress. The comfortable roomy cabin offers luxury styling in a utility oriented package.

- Lance C

Looks, dependability with many options available.

Great solid, dependable truck. Has plenty of interior room. The outsiders lines are very appealing. Great truck for towing, many features are standard however additional options are available. I would recommend to anyone, this is my 2nd Chevrolet truck and plan on having another.

- paul M

2018 Silverado is a good buy in my opinion.

I have the 5. 3 v8. I love the truck. My only complaint is the v4 mode it switches back and forth. Seems like it is always searching for a gear. Other than that I have no complaints. The interior is nice with an 8 inch touch screen display apple carplay Bluetooth heated mirrors.

- Ronald N

His name is Hank and he is a total badass. It gets better gas mileage than the average truck or SUV on the road so don't judge just because of the massive size.

I love big cars and the Silverado is about as big as it gets. I bought it brand new and it still has that new car smell. It has a backup camera and I truly love every feature of it. As of now, absolutely no complaints with my truck. I bought it because it's been a dream of mine!

- Nicole D

2018 Chevrolet Silverado! Recommend purchase.

Great vehicle. No complaints other than had to put it in the shop to have the front grill painted due to paint flaking off. Dealership took care of the problem right away with no issues. I still have 2 free oil changes coming and the rebates on the truck were worth the purchase.

- Jeremy P

Chevy Silverado 2018 review.

I drive a 2018 Chevrolet Silverado 1500 and it is amazing. It drives insanely smooth, you don't even feel the road, the interior is a little cluttered with a bunch of buttons but you easily get used to it in time. Overall amazing truck I love it. I strongly recommend buying one.

- Connor L

This Silverado is absolutely amazing

No problem whatsoever. Performance is great plenty of power and tows with ease. Mpg is also very good. The ride is very comfortable have taken it on my trips from Michigan all the way to Florida. The interior is put together very clean and stylish even low end models look great.

- Chase S

Love my Chevy, it has so much with it. I just have to say give it a try.

I love my truck, it gets where I need to go. Over had it a little over 2 years now I'm hoping it lasts is longer. The motor isn't so loud. I love that. It has so much going on for itself. Compared to what I've had. I hope you give it a try you won't be sadden with your choice.

- Renee M

One of a kind, fantastic and an amazing vehicle.

The performance is better than Nissan, easy maintenance, fast acceleration that is needed to position in highway. The price is good for the performance as I needed something that is powerful but affordable. Spacious and enough for my things. So much ways to enjoy this vehicle.

- Gretchen M

Great American made truck!!

Very nice looking truck! Very roomy and can seat up to 6 passengers. Many great upgrades with the all star package. Love the interactive screen and immediate cell phone pairing upon getting in the truck. Great fuel mileage when engine shifts from 8 cylinders to 4 cylinders.

- Todd H

Spacious and quiet comfortable.

I really enjoy the engine start and the back up camera! The hands free reading of text messages and calling is great! The back door reminder alert is neat. It is very comfortable and spacious. My dogs have plenty of space in the back seat. Been very reliable at this point.

- Ashley C

Our Chevy Silverado is very versatile. It fits whatever needs we have.

Our truck is comfortable for daily usage and chores. We also enjoy camping and it is powerful enough to tow a 21 foot travel trailer. No complaints so far, but I admit gas mileage was hard to get used too. Not as good as our passenger car, but then it is a pickup truck.

- Del C

Silverado rules everything!

Great vehicle. Dependable. Looks gorgeous. Gets the job done. I have never had a vehicle that combines style, functionality, power, and overall satisfaction like this one has. I couldn't give this vehicle a higher stamp of approval if I tried. Highly recommend.

- Donald C

Chevy 1500 6. 2l 'lots of power'.

I've owned chevy trucks in the past, but this is the first time I upgraded to the 6. 2l engine. I love the power, love the 8 speed transmission. The ride is smooth, and it has a great layout to the interior. I love the leather seats, and the upgraded Bose sound system.

- Tom P

That it gets great gas mileage and is very comfortable. Also you can pack the bed full of just about anything and it will truck on!

I absolutely love my Silverado. I just leased it 4 months ago and it has been flawless so far. For a truck it gets great gas mileage. I average around 20 mpg. I do a lot of driving so I'm very please. I have had back surgery before and it is extremely comfortable.

- Cameron B

I love how this big truck runs on four cylinders and has an extra battery.

The 2018 e Silverado is amazing. For being a truck with a big motor it is really good on gas. Has two batteries runs on electric battery. Horsepower is also amazing. For being a truck it is very spacious. Four foot truck. Runs on 4 cylinders. Interior is beautiful.

- Emily M

2018 Silverado 1500. Plenty of room, comfortable and great engine.

Runs great, plenty of room. Have the v8 engine and it has plenty of power for get up in go, to pull trailers and camper. Love the Bluetooth connection with my phone and CarPlay. I have had for 6 months and no problems or concerns. I would recommend this to anyone.

- Brian F

2018 Chevrolet Silverado LTZ - 100 Anniversary Issue

Best truck ever - no problems, rides like a car and has all of the bells & whistles. The color is great. The 4x4 works awesome. Pulls trailers great. The cooled seats are always a hit. The back seat is large enough for 4 people. The leather is comfortable.

- Joe R

Poor turn radius but overall a good car

Turning radius is bad. Overall been good. Like the price and trim. Ok gas mileage. Looks nice. I do like the crew cab for more room. No issues since we have had the car. Did put in auto start after we bought it. Got 2 free oil changes which we liked. Rides nice.

- Nate L

The truck is sturdy in all situations and offers a comfortable ride as well.

The truck is very smooth riding, much more so that previous model year. The new six speed transmissions shift very well. The MPG are better than expected too, achieving almost 28 MPG on the highway, The engine has plenty of power and does not struggle anywhere.

- dan L

2018 Chevrolet pickup - ltz.

I have no problems with my vehicle, since the day I bought I have nothing but enjoyment, I have others Chevys before and honestly this one is the most comfortable riding one I have ever had love all the features, leather seats, automatic retractable side steps.

- Sheila D

Great truck, poor transmission.

I love all the features offered in the lt. I wish it had a built in brake controller. I also hate the way the transmission shifts. Very rough sometimes. I have to turn off overdrive in hilly areas to avoid it shifting as rough. Other than that issue I love it!

- Sean K

Broke My Loyalty ! I have bought Ford Trucks, trying Chevrolet because of some problems in recent years.

I traded in a 2013 Ford truck approximately 3 weeks ago to purchase this Chevrolet truck . The air conditioner in my Ford never cooled very efficient. First Chevrolet truck .So Far I am very happy with performance ,gasoline usage and the comfort of the seats.

- Ted D

Black and heated seats back up camera comes in handy it toes very good.

Great runs fantastic great style heated seats backup camera comes in handy it is black it is fast quiet great gas mileage and it is new it was a great deal for got it from a great dealer has a back window slides open does a 32 foot camper very good and great.

- Brittany M

Love the Chevy Silverado truck.

Love how it rides. Like the size. Inside is ergonomic. I added the bed cover which is now I think a must and helps it to be family car not just a truck for transporting things when needed. Like the air flow to the back too when I have passengers in the back.

- Tracy S

Pros and cons of the 2018 Chevy Silverado crew cab.

I have only had the vehicle for a few months. Pros. Little road noise, decent gas mileage, nice fit and finish on interior, good technology in vehicle. I have not had any rattling as of yet. Cons. Cannot fit truck in garage, hard to park in parking lots.

- Erik A

It has everything you need and want but it is also simple.

I love how smooth the ride is, before you know it you are almost speeding. I also enjoy being able to connect it to my phone and having everything immediately available. I hate the fabric seats even though they respect liquid really well, they pull my hair.

- Crystal M

Great truck, but should have been equipped with off road tires

Highest highway mileage of any truck I've owned. Love the heated seats. This will be a vehicle for grandson in three years. Would be better if it was equipped with off road tires, Very low trade paid for the 2016 Chevrolet Z71 I was driving. Oh well.

- Michael B

Big enough to carry four full size people and move a couch.

So far I like the roominess and the ability to haul whatever I need whenever I need. Love the look and the color. The size of it is annoying because it barely fits in the garage. Plus being that big it's hard for my girlfriend to drive if she needs to.

- Craig M

Chevy truck delivers with 6. 2L power.

Ride is smooth and quiet. 6. 2L engine has amazing power. The interior layout is well designed and thought out. The service from the dealer is fantastic. The 8 speed transmission is very smooth. I am not crazy about the aluminum hood as it dents easy.

- Thomas P

This is a very spacious truck.

It is a very nice truck, the only reason I didn't give it a 5 is because it is not my favorite of vehicles I have owned. It is very roomy and I love the touch screen. Although it is huge it is very easy to drive, almost feels like driving a large car.

- Alex R

The reputation of Chevrolet is reliable. It is crew cab with plenty of space in the back to comfortably sit many people.

My favorite detail on my vehicle is the screen projection from my cell phone. I can plug in my cell phone and access navigation, use my voice to tell my phone to call people, play music, etc. I also like that it switches from V8 to V4 to save on gas.

- stephen y

It is wonderful on gas oven for being a V8.

Had a problem when first bought it, was shaking really bad when going on interstate. Comfort is really nice holds the three of us just fine. I do like the backup camera and the easy access to Bluetooth. I don't like that it doesn't have a CD player.

- Hope C

great new truck with lots of options

I love my new Chevy Silverado. It drives smooth and is comfortable. The back-up camera has been a wonderful addition and makes backing into a trailer a breeze. The back seats lift up to allow for plenty of storage area for groceries and gear.

- Tina M

This truck drives very smooth, it does not feel like you're driving a truck

I love this truck. It is strong enough to haul a trailer but light enough to make driving fun. My wife and I both drive it and she loves it as well. I have had no problems with this truck and am excited to continue driving it for years to come

- Ziljian A

My truck is good looking, preforms great, is backed by a great warranty and service, and is very easy to maintain.

I love having a pickup truck and chose the Chevy Silverado LT 4wd pick up because its trustworthy, and worth it. The only complaint I have is that it's a little more expensive on gas than the previous vehicle I had which was a 4 cylinder.

- Laureen J

The truck handles really great and I feel safe in it.

Only complaint that I have is I wish it had an area between the front seats, on the floor, where I could put my purse without it falling over when I turn a corner. So far, I am really happy and have no other complaints about the truck

- Sue W

It is very dependable and has only required scheduled maintenance.

I love the look, styling and features of my ltz truck. I compared vehicles for months and chose this truck due to the combination of its looks and user interface. My only complaint is that the motor is not as strong as I wish it was.

- Chance T

Very spacious and comfortable.

I love my truck. It is big and spacious. My Chevy Silverado is good for towing and carrying products. The truck is high and you can see cars beyond your view while driving making it safer because you can see what it is ahead of you.

- Jennifer P

The truck rides very smooth. The backup cam is great and makes parking the truck possible. The only downside is the MPG, which is to be expected with a truck.

I have small children and their safety is always the most important thing to me. I feel safe when I am in this truck. The additional OnStar features that can create alerts when there is an accident increase the feeling of safety.


Chevy Silverado pickup truck

Our Chevy Silverado is a great truck. It is not the extended cab which makes it cramped with kids. Does great in the winter with 4-wheel drive. Likes to fish-tail on icy roads. Otherwise a great truck, easy to drive and maintain.

- Katharina T

Very attractive inside and out. Plus it rides great.

Very spacious and has a lot of power. It rides very smooth and almost feels as if you are driving a large car. Fuel mileage has gotten much better compared to older trucks I have driven in the past. Love the touch screen.

- Alex R

Great space, great family truck. Good on gas. Great storage.

Very comfortable! Fits our family of four great even on long road trips. Also the car seat fits great as well. Love the hidden compartment up front and the space underneath the back seats to stick stuff while traveling.

- Joanne S

The cargo and towing capacity

I enjoy the reliability and dependability. It's a very functional.and utilitarian vehicle that allows me to carry cargo and access difficult locations with four wheel drive. The technology also increases usability.

- Taylor f

It's a Chevy!!! A lot better maker than a ford or dodge!

I like my truck because it is a Chevy and 4 wheel drive. Also has all cloth interior (I hate leather) also the gas mileage is pretty good to be a 4x4!! Dislike is it's a crew cab and not extended not a lot of room

- Brandy M

Plenty of Technology, updated on all the features

I love my vehicle, my family has always been a Chevy family. I like the body design, the power of the motor, as well as the towing ability. Just hope Chevy used better steel than they used on the 1999-2007 models.

- KD M

My truck is blue. At first I didn't know it was my favorite color, but I was drawn to it from the get go. Didn't really know how much I enjoy the color blue and it's shades, but I guess it just reflects my calm nature.

Compared to my old car, my Silverado drives a lot smoother. I'm addition, it's useful for towing when needed and provides more space for anything and everything. No matter where I go, it is a comfortable ride.

- Henry P

Its durable, and off road capable. It may not be the best truck available but it gets the job done.

It is an extended cab, V8, 4x4, white Silverado. I have only had the truck for a few months but have owned Silverados in the past. The truck is pretty comfortable but a better package would have been ideal.

- Jorge H

Chevrolet Silverado lets black edition.

Comfortable technologies rides great optional cylinder for fuel economy heated seat steering wheel easy access to control programmable seats dual climate controlled environment. Tire noise is excessive.

- Jeff M

2018 Chevy Silverado best features.

This is my third Silverado, they just get better each time. Lots of features, best one is ability to use apple or android navigation on the screen. The other great item is the electric rear slider.

- Will A

Great cargo storage in this truck, much better than other vehicles I have had in the past.

I like the comfortable ride of my truck and I like the storage capacity. I can purchase materials for projects and fit everything in my truck. Only complaint is that the gas mileage is not great.

- Brian C

It is big, if I hit another vehicle that vehicle may be in bad shape.

The Silverado is black crew cab. I like that it is new and dependable. I think it is bigger than I like vehicles to be that I drive. I bought this for my wife, but I am primary driver.

- Mike B

2018 Silverado 1500 performance.

Since it's so new I haven't had any problems or issues with it. I like the ride and the handling. The backup camera is also a godsend. It night and day better the my last Ford F-150.

- Stewart W

It's nice and roomy to fit all of my kids animals and things I need to bring.

I like that is a truck. I like the backup camera and all the other functions it comes with. So far there isn't anything that I don't like about it. I like that I get to sit up high.

- Meredith B

The Chevy Silverado 1500 series is a comfortable work horse.

The 2018 Chevy Silverado 1500 series is an excellent low impact work horse. It can pull a 4 wheeler on a trailer and drive you to work. The comfort of the leather seat is superior.

- Cathy A

I would have to say that my truck isn't all wheel drive which is very needed for the area I reside.

I love the way that my truck looks, the stance of it is awesome especially with the tires and rims as well as a lift kit on it. I hate that the back seats does not have air vents

- sylvester t

The truck came with lifetime warranty, and I get free oil changes for life!.

I like that it drives very smooth. I like to navigation system that came with it. I love the space it gives inside the vehicle! The only dislike is that it does not have 4wd.

- Celeste D

Be sure to get the max tow package.

I love how the vehicle handles and maneuvers. I love how quite the ride is highway or city. I dislike not having a bed liner. I love the LCD display and rear back up camera.

- David H

That it is reliable, comfortable and easy-driving. It is ergonomic and gets good gas mileage. I love the color and it has all the gadgets anyone could need for safety.

It rides like a car. It is very comfortable and has all the gadgets available for comfort and safety. It is quiet and handles well in traffic and gets me good gas mileage.

- edwin c

The heated seats, heated side mirrors, and slowing dropping tailgate are bonuses!!

We purchased a 2018 Chevy Silverado in March. So far we have been very pleased with it. The gas mileage is very good, it's comfortable, has plenty of newer features.

- Erica G

The reliable 5. 3 l v8 engine has smooth steady power at all speeds.

Love the size, and classic reliability of a Silverado. Lacking standard features of other comparable vehicles such as remote start, lane keep assist, and led lighting.

- Chris B

It's a safe vehicle and we enjoy owning new cars to be as safe as possible

We just upgraded from 2015 same type and model. It is a Beauty and we love the sunroof and the comfortable ride we are very happy with the double doors and back seat.

- Liz R

That chevy offers a wide range of features and options to best suit the person who is purchasing. Definitely choose the best vehicle for you.

The truck i own is extremely reliable and it is safe for me and my family. I can fit all of my children and my spouse with no problem.i would recommend it to anyone.

- Michael G

safety features including rear back up camera. and lane adjustments feature. crew cab has spacious back seating.

excellent interior with adjustable seats that have adjustable lumbar support. 4 wheel drive for our winter weather. built in navigation system with onstar support

- mac w

It hauls butt and is very comfortable.

I love the power of the engine. I like the tall seats so I can see better. I like the big bed, because I can haul lots of stuff. I like the color - charcoal gray.

- Herman C

Excellent ride and very comfortable!

I love my truck. It looks beautiful and rides really well, especially for its size. It is very comfortable and roomy without feeling like you are driving a tank.

- Christopher C

It is extremely reliable. It fits our large family of 6 while giving us room.

Our Chevy Silverado is perfect for our Family. It fits us all comfortably and allows us to tow. It also gives us the whole bed to store or transport items.

- Ashley S

Others need to know about my car will be that is a reliable truck and powerful.

I like the comfort of it. I love the looks, the only dislike is there is no vents on the back. And gas mileage is very good for the size of the truck.

- Jose M

It's a brand new truck that gets better gas mileage then some small cars.

This has been the be as t truck I have ever owned. It has the most power ifs quiet comfortable and most of all it the first be truck I have ever owned.

- Forrest G

Midnight series Hank graff

This truck is awesome it's all blacked out and looks bad ass it is my dream truck. People come by me and say they love the truck it's so sharp looking

- John D

2018 Chevrolet Silverado Crew Cab

Have owned less than a month. Surprisingly good gas mileage and pulling power. Crew cab work truck with the convenience package and HD towing package

- Dwyros B

Chevy, what more do I need to say

Always had chevys, this is my first one brand new it rides awesome has plenty of power and also gets great fuel mileage could not be happier with it

- Korey B

It's dependable and rides well for a truck

I like the fact that it is a truck, that has been very helpful with the home improvement projects I have been doing. Wish it got better gas mileage

- Austin C

Smooth riding and good gas mileage for a truck.

Love the heated and cooled seats. The heated steering wheel. The look. Hate that my auto brightness lights do not work now since I got it lifted.

- Amber L

review of our 2018 Chevy silverado

I love pretty much everything about it,Very roomy great pulling power lots of features backup camera,only think I don't like Bad turning radius

- michael g

Lots of room for my family, friends and my pets and lots of space to haul just about everything!

My Chevy Silverado will haul anything I need to haul! Has enough Room to haul me, my dog,my riding lawn mower and a lot more with no problems.

- Ruby B

It comes in six cylinders and eight cylinders. The economy feature allow cylinders to be shut off at cruising speeds to increase gas mileage.

It's a great truck, loaded with options. Gas mileage is about 18 mpg city, 26 mpg highway. It's easy to drive, I live veg the backup camera!

- Paul L

Very nice truck, and a great purchase.

Like the craftsmanship of the truck, it drives very well. Like the gas mileage, and how it drops cylinders when not needed. No complaints.

- Paul C

Very expensive to maintain.

It is new and a great color. I love riding high in the air. It is very comfortable. It does require a lot of gas which makes it expensive.

- Brian W

It gets up and goes very fast.

Love that it has an 8 foot bed to carry home improvement items. Do not like that it does not have more advanced features like a CD player.

- Joy L

It is a safe vehicle if you have a family.

I like the size for the number of people in my family. I have always wanted a truck. The color is great. It has all the features I need.

- Ebony F

Really smooth driving long distances

Very comfortable for long rides, plenty space in the backseat for the kids, has a bench seat in the front so it can seat 6, smooth ride

- Maria C

it's a chevrolet 1500 work truck

only had vehicle 3 weeks and it has already had 2 trips to the dealership for trans oil leaks, other than that i'm happy with it so far

- philip p

The high country is a desire so it does not take gas it takes fuel.

This is the best truck I have ever driven. The way the truck drives is the smooth feel. Honestly I would recommend the truck to anyone.

- Heather P

That it is looks good an is dependable and that it is American made.

I love the color. I love the power. I love the security/safety I feel when I drive it. I love the sound system. I love driving it!

- Kristy B

It has a lot of "get up and go".

I love my truck! A full tank of gas lasts me about 2 weeks as long as I am doing primarily city driving. The comfort is beyond belief.

- Christina C

Comfortable Chevrolet truck!

I love the rear camera. It makes it very easy to back up. Also the 4 door extended cab makes it roomy for my dogs and grandchildren.

- Stacy H

It is new, low mileage and reliable.

Dependable, rides comfortably, drives nicely, a lot of box space, low maintenance. Not enough backseat room or backseat floor space.

- Joanne T

My vehicle has WiFi and is a great off road vehicle

Love my vehicle especially the extended cab which is very roomy we can sit 6 people comfortably, also love all the great Accessories

- Toni R

It is good on gas and drives very well.

Like the fact that it is big. Like the fact that I don't have to bend far to get in. I dislike the non key fob. Just a regular key.

- Joseph B

It is safe. I can haul things if needed. It has towing capabilities.

I always drive trucks. I don't like cars because I don't like being on to the ground. I like the option to haul things if needed.

- Amanda L

It has an electronic throttle that can be a little tricky to start with until you get used to it.

The Silverado is a powerful ,smooth riding, and modern electronic marvel. It's A beautiful machine that does everything asked.

- Dan G

My car is an excellent tools for my routine.

My vehicle is very good and comfort, I'm dream for many years with it, I lie very much and I love it, this is my favorite car.

- All S

Its a smart truck and has many bells and whistles.

It's very comfortable. The backup camera is so handy on the farm. Strong enough to pull a heavy load. It get good gas mileage.

- Micah K

Chevrolet Silverado 1500 review.

No problems, comfortable and smooth. No issues and rides nice and smooth. Plenty of power. No issues and its nice and smooth.

- Cody C

It is fast makes a lot of power.

I do not like that it is black. I wish it had a better sound stereo. I wish it had heated seats and a heated steering wheel.

- Zack M

Nice color. It did have a flat tire and low battery power when I looked at it.

Very comfortable seats. The only thing I am disappointed in is the cost of the vehicle. Drives well and very smooth riding.

- Jordan P

Good on gas rommie for the family.

I runs great no problems. I love the look and all the room I can fit my whole family with comfort. It's really good on gas.

- Kelly A

dark grey almost black, doesn't show dirt like black paint,

rides smooth, very easy start every time, fairey good mileage, this is my 3rd Silverado, good pick-up great sound system,

- richard o

The truck is white, which is a clean color.

The truck is excellent in terms of storage and seating. It's a reliable and the gas mileage is better than expected.

- Mitchell T

There is lots of room in this truck for passengers!!

Loved the vehicle. More room for my son who has trouble getting in and out of vehicles. love the butt warmers.

- steve m

Chevy Silverado 1500 - nice truck

very reliable, good gas mileage for a truck, comfortable, travels well, sound system is good, seats are nice

- Robin B

It is a great vehicle to have. Perfect for heavy duty jobs and also as a family car. Enough space for kids.

It is my dream car. I like pickup trucks. I currently have no complaints in regards to my vehicle. I love it!

- Fernando L

My vehicle is a money maker work vehicle and bitch magnet

Not sure yet brand new vehicle 1300 miles No recalls yet gas is good only worried about other online reviews

- Hector H

It rides very smooth even with bigger tires and a leveling kit.

I love my Chevrolet Silverado. It has all the bells and whistles. It is very reliable and is a smooth ride.

- Jane N

2018 Chevy truck with v6 motor

I have had zero problems with my truck. It was a good investment for me to make. It has been very reliable

- james b

2018 Chevrolet Silverado pu

Love it. No problems so far. Dependable. Good gas mileage. Comfortable ride. Give it a definite thumbs up

- Gina S

It rides very smooth and gets good gas mileage.

It is a very nice riding vehicle. It can carry 6 people. It can be used to haul cargo or pull a trailer.

- Sean C

It is a very reliable vehicle.

I like everything about my vehicle. I do not have any complaints. This is the 2nd Silverado I have owned.

- Mike T

It fits 6 people comfortably.

You can haul lots of stuff around. We use it to tow a trailer to go camping. Any yard work is easy to do.

- Amy M

Enjoying the comfort and the reliability of our Chevy Silverado

Well built, solid construction. Comfortable cabin and plenty of space. Back up camera is wonderful tool

- Dar L

Longer than some parking spaces.

Comfortable and handy for remodeling home. Has all features i like. Not used to driving something so big.

- Jennifer H

The most important thing is how reliable the vehicle has been.

No complaints. I love the smooth driving. I love the great gas mileage. The seats are super comfortable.

- Jessica D

It is a dependable vehicle.

Look of the vehicle is awesome. As well as the connectivity to my phone. Gas is a little high however.

- Kyle C

My vehicle has the latest v8 engine which gets high gas mileage and the same acceleration as a full size v8 engine.

This is terrific because it has the latest features on it and has never given me any problems before.

- Todd E

2018 Chevrolet Silverado is a good truck. My favorite thing is the backup camera.

The truck drives real good and smooth. The only complaint I have is the seat is not real comfortable.

- Sheri B

It's American made, and we stand behind the GM products that are made in the USA

Use it often to transport large items. It drives smoothly and is a comfortable ride. Has a great look

- Amy S

Ford customer service was horrible so I went Chevy.

Really smooth ride with a lot of interior space. Very dependable with any job I am given to perform.

- Travis R

That the gas mileage has been improved tremendously.

Love the new upgrades and changes from previous years. Gas mileage is great. More room inside.

- Jennifer S

It is a great riding truck that looks like da bomb.

It looks beautiful and the beast. Rides wonderful and gets great gas mileage. A great hauler.

- bryan D

I love my truck. The ride is great, especially for something so big. The interior is very spacious yet cozy.

I love the way the truck rides. I take bad roads to work and the truck takes the bumps well.

- Chris C

It's new so we have to take really good care of it

It's a brand new truck so it's in perfect condition, however we can barely afford it.

- Ashley H

I love my truck. it's great that it does hands free for my phone. wish it came with a cap on the back.

that it can do hands free for your phone and is voice activated for texting as well.

- sam s

This truck is worth the price.

it's a great vehicle as it has 4 doors, heated seats, navigation, and apple carplay.

- thomas D

Great gas mileage for an 8 cylinder, way better than my old v6.

I liked that it was reasonably priced. I don't like that it's just a regular cab.

- tim s

cost a lot of money for a new truck, good on gas though.

Beautiful Truck,rides nice and looks even better.Cost more than I wanted to pay.

- Daniel C

great gas mileage and all chromed up

rides very comfortable heated and cooled seats,lots of chrome 4 wheel drive

- don B

The vehicle is very comfortable and has good safety features.

like the comfortable seats. like the size of the vehicle. Good gas mileage.

- joanne b

The technological features are amazing. Connecting it b.v to your phone is awesome

I love the way it drives, so smooth and powerful. Also love the style.

- Emily W

Gas per mileage would be something to know

I love the way it drives. It's very smooth. Works great. Cooks fast.

- Claudio K

Smooth ride, user friendly, quality build and spacious back cab

Cloth seats aren't as nice as leather. Would like a cover for my bed

- Amy P

So far, no complaints. I switched from a Ford to Chevy, because I was having too many problems with the Ford. It works great for my job and is large and spacious. The tailgate closes much nicer than my Ford did. Also the inside is a 100% better.

Runs smooth, feels like you are riding in a car only it's a pickup.

- Katie L

The usefulness of the truck, cargo and passenger payload.

The utility of the truck, towing capability and off-road ability

- Michael W

It has a powerful engine, and enough torque to pull heavy loads

It's a nice looking truck with the power I need to pull trailers

- JUames W

You can take it off roading, and it is safe to do.

I like that it is safe. Big enough to haul stuff. No complaints.

- liz v

I recently purchased a 2018 Chevrolet Silverado 1500. It has a V8 but still has good gas mileage for its size. It also has great towing capacity.

It is very spacious, it's a crew cab that fits up to 6 people.

- Esteban B

It's a beautiful reliable rugged beast that I love.

Great hauler. Comfortable ride. Beautiful truck. Reliable.

- Bryan S

It is a great truck with great safety rating but v8 consumes more gas

Drives great, safe Eats too much gas, misses some features

- Ivan S

This truck will save your life in head on collision

It's safe. It needs seat power controls and pedal controls

- Alana J

It is a very smooth ride.

The smooth and quiet ride. It is great. The instruments.

- Gene P

comfortable to drive and looks good and reliable and fun to drive

comfortable and good to drive, reliable and fun to drive

- regan g

very good very good very good very good very good very good

very good very good very good very good very very good

- Justin s

it's mine and I like it, and plan to keep it

Very comfortable to drive, great for towing a trailer,

- William D

I really like the color and it is very comfortable to drive and be a passenger in it has a lot of features that takes time to learn how to use really nice truck

Comfortable and reliable and it is pretty good on gas

- Suzanne F

Well made vehicles and reliable

Very roomy. Nice comfortable ride. Good file economy

- Mark F

It's very awesome! Chevrolet is reliable

Leather seats, enough room for the family

- Daniel R