2001 Chevrolet Silverado 1500HD Owner Reviews & Problems


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Love it, it is cheap on gas for a v 8 engine as long as oil changed right.

I love my vehicle it has CD and cassette in it, heated front seats. It is reliable and has plenty of room for friends and family. Is four wheel drive only problems so far was alternator went out. Was not real expensive to replace and my husband done it in Walmart parking lot. It is tan in color and leather seats heat and air in front and back. Seats lay down in middle row and back row comes completely out.

- Rebecca S

If you are looking for a vehicle that can do it all, this is the truck for you.

I bought the truck 12 years ago. I have over 270, 000 miles on it, and have not had hardly any problems with the truck at all. I had a few maintenance things that needed to be addressed, but that is it. The one thing I do not like about it is that the truck is not too good on gas. Other than that I love it. From towing and hauling loads to going out on the town, this truck is ready for anything.

- Todd W

My wonderful reliable truck.

My truck has over 150, 000 miles & the tranny just went out. Other than adding fluids I have had no issues with that truck. Wonderful for starting in the winter when it below zero & in the summer with the high 90's. I can grocery shop, garage sale or anything else I want in that truck. I would be lost without it.

- Annette M

480 horsepower Chevy 1500hd.

Vehicle is reliable, has 280,000 miles and has no issues. Upgraded injectors, egr delete, and tuned pushing close to 500 hp. Interior has plenty of room. The outside looks good. For a 1500hd it tows amazing. The four wheel drive works great. The only issue I have had with the truck is water pump and ball joints.

- William O

It is the most comfortable truck I have ever owned. That is why I love it.

It is a great truck. The only drawback is it is not very good on gas. You can use the truck for daily work pulling trailers and hauling stuff, but it is equally at home to use it for going out on the town or going to a high end restaurant. It is a great all-around vehicle.

- Todd W

4 wheel drive is a waste, and. the maintenance costs are significant.

the single most irritating problem is the gap between the seat and the console/armrest. every time my stuff slides through the gap, i curse the dumbass who didn't foresee this problem. it is a terrible nuisance.it is also a safety issue as it distracts the driver.


That its heavy duty but a gas guzzler.

What I like about my car is how safe I feel and sturdy it drives. However, the one thing that kills me is the 11mpg. It costs me about 100 dollars to fill the tank each week.

- Shannon J

I love how the four wheel drive feature is located up on the dashboard by the increment panel

I haven't had any problems with my Chevrolet, I absolutely love it. The only minor complaint I have about it is the blind spot in the front where the a pillar is located

- Brandy R

It is paid for and has a lot of power.

I have no complaints with my truck. I love that it never has any major problems. It has a big engine and I can haul just about anything I want to in the bed.

- Jane C

runs good and been a reliable truck

I like the ext cab and that it is 4 wheel drive with the v8. what I do not like is that it has rust spot on it and that year was bad about it

- joe T

It's a great truck to have as a vehicle.

It was barely driven before we got it so theresa lot of problems. I like that it is pretty spacious. It gets pretty good gas mileage.

- Wyatt M

It is a tough built truck that even with ton of miles drives like a new truck but horrible on gas mileage. The body will probably go before the motor gives out.

This truck is a beast.It is a tough truck but it has this horrible gas odor and a ton of miles. It needs work but is reliable.

- Jessie T

It will haul anything and pull anything

Chevy is very good. Chevy is best. chevy is very reliable. Chevy is above the rest. chevy is life and you can't contest

- Brian J

Never had any problems. Great for families work etc

Best truck ever owned. No major problems. Runs great. Beautiful design. Lots of power. Spacious inside.

- Tina T

It is built like a tank. Very sturdy.

I like that it is a diesel. Actually gets great mileage. I am not a big fan of the leather upholstery.

- Melody B

It has never been wrecked

It's a crew cab so I like the room. Itys a chevy so I know it will last

- william K

It's dependable and is good looking it's durable .

Very dependable looks good very durable & is reliable

- Alan K