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Like the truck. Few relatively minor repairs.

Rides smoothly. Ease if steering is great. Lots of room in extended cab. Seats are comfortable in front and relatively comfortable in back. Cruise control easy to use. Drawbacks are rear wheel drive. And is just big. Great for a truck but is large for parking spots in most areas. Tires are kind of an odd size and a little harder to get than most. Gas mileage good in town and on Hwy. Only had to replace speakers. They were crappy. And the relay for the windshield wipers. They quit working. Took a while for the computer to reset so they would start working.

- Kathy W

One of the few standard transmission vehicles left on the road.

After 15 years of continuous service, I am very pleased with the performance of my truck. It has a few problems but nothing that restricts the performance or reliability. This is a work vehicle for a small farm that has had to combine towing comfort with passenger comfort. It comes equipped with standard 5-speed transmission and a gooseneck trailer hitch.

- Helen H

Sturdy with some tender love.

Has developed problems in recent years, but nothing too horribly major. Just some problems with the ac vents and I think I need new actuators and some issues with the battery cables. It is a good truck and has served me pretty well so far and I would definitely consider upgrading to a newer model when the time comes to get rid of my current truck.

- Caleb N

Why I love my Chevy Silverado!

Great car, very dependable! Comfortably seats 3 car seats in the back. Heated seats and a great sound system. Bed of the truck is the perfect size for moving big furniture. Roomy in the front, as well. Everything is electric, so easy to use. Gas mileage isn't great but that is to be expected when buying a truck this size.

- Kaitlyn M

Reliable and trustworthy family truck.

Speedometer does not work. Seats are very comfortable and it has a nice, smooth ride. It is quiet and easy to drive. It turns sharp and easy to park. It is reliable and trustworthy. It starts great. Heater is hot and ac is cold. It is my go to vehicle and fits the whole family.

- Carrie F

Its blue, its big and it's beautiful.

It only has minor problems like a gas gauge that gives false readings. It has been a solid performing vehicle ever since I have owned it. I would rather push my Chevy than drive a friggin' ford. The best thing about a Ford is the logo. They've circled the problem.

- Tom H

2003 Chevrolet 1500hd 6. 0 gas.

With over 240, 000 miles, I have only had to perform regular maintenance. The ride is very comfortable and safe. Gas mileage, well its a 6. 0l v8, can expect super mileage, but can't deny its power. I get about 13 in town and 15 on the highway. I love it.

- Caleb S

Runs great and it is a Chevy Silverado.

Silverado pickups are and always will be the top of the line in there class. Only thing with Chevys is they do not have as many interior options as some of their competitors which I do think drives buyers away.

- Doug B




It's not pretty but runs pretty good for my needs.

Overall it's been a good truck. As it's 15 years old now the paint is chipping off and the AC don't work. Can't complain too much cause it still gets me from A to B

- Steven R

gets me where i'm going no problems

this vehicle has never failed me, always gets me where i'm going. nothing like the comfortable seats of a chevy truck,just wish it didn't have so many miles on it

- chris F

It is a truck and you can haul many things and it is a 4 door cab.

Problems I should not have, fuel consumption is too much and insurance rates are too high compared to my 1998 c1500 but I love the air conditioning.

- Richard J

It has bigger tires. So the gas mileage is horrible.. I get anywhere from 12-15 mpg which can be very pricey.

I Have put a lot of miles on this truck. Traveling to and from work 30 miles one way. So considering that it has been a very good truck.

- Schymaya S

you can hook up a camper to it.

It's a pick up, it has two wheel drive and It's easy to clean, the best part is that It's good for camping and taking up the hills.

- Robert H

It's just an awesome truck.

I love how smooth it rides, how comfortable it is on long drives and I am able to pull anything. Nothing I dislike about it.

- Kimberly R

It is a 1500 hd with the 6.0 motor.

It is a very big gas hog. Very good in the winter time with snow. My door handle covers like to fall off and not stay on.

- Bailey C

4 wheel drive, not greatest on gas, but worth it

The style of the truck is catchy and runs very well off road and in the snow to make it a great vehicle for all seasons

- Tom L

Good condition everything works on it.

Nothing that can't be fixed heated seats in the whole vehicle and a good price tires are good on it and no lies.

- Stacy S

6.0 liter engine is very powerful

Lots of power but very poor fuel mileage. Chevrolet trucks are the most smooth and comfortable trucks to drive

- Scott V

They are good trucks they will last forever when taken care of.

It's a good truck. It gets us from point A to B. Downside we used it so much it has over 250,000 miles on it.

- Alyssa A

Four wheel drive four door.

Strong engine: 400 ci. Roomy interior. Dash has quit. Needs reordered but have over 265, 000 miles on it.

- Byron B

Gets used hard and stands up to the workload. Used on a farm

transmission slips but still runs good. Good solid truck. has lots of miles.

- brenda h

That it is fun to drive and really has a lot of power

I like that it handles well It toes like a beast It is convertible

- Michelle J

That it is paid for & it is easy to maintain & gets good mileage.

I like the way it looks, the way it drives & the ease to maintain.

- Fay K

It is very low mileage, and dependable for long trips.

It's solid , reliable, roomy, and only has 80,000 miles.

- Terrell N