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2005 Chevy stepside beauty.

The problems are the actuators on the heat and air, dash lights, sometimes the transmission slips, brake discs warp and makes it shake when applying the brakes. It has, however been a overall good truck and very reliable. Motor runs good and picks up speed quickly. It is very comfortable. It is roomy, and a nice size. Wish the back doors opened in the same direction as the front ones, it would be more convenient for loading groceries.

- Angela T

Chevy 1500 HD awesome truck.

I purchased this vehicle new, it now has 251, 000 miles on it and runs very well. I have replaced a transmission, water pump, sometimes run, starter, a/c unit and it is still going strong. My mechanic says that these vehicles will run up over 500, 000 miles. I love it the seats are a cloth velour material and they still look awesome. The drivers side shows very little wear.

- David L

A great reliable vehicle.

The truck is very durable and has lasted over 13 years already. It is very roomy on the inside and comfortable. It runs great with regular maintenance. It was passed down from my father in law to me and still runs great. The bed of the truck is also very spacious and great for hauling all kinds of things.

- Tori D

Very comfortable and durable vehicle

The truck is very reliable the ride is not smooth riding it is a truck and you feel every bump in the road but the drivers seat will recline in several comfortable positions especially handy on long trips it does not get very good gas mileage

- Emma S

Chevy trucks are built for family time, work and fun.

I like the space in the vehicle as well as the four doors. I don't really have any dislikes about the vehicle. It's perfect for the family as well as hauling. My only complaint is my seat heater isn't working, but I've not had it checked.

- Katrina S

That it is a very fast truck.

I like the roominess, especially leg room it provides. I also like the power or get up and go the truck has. I wish the truck got better gas mileage.

- Kelli J

Bright and blue like a lighting bolt.

Has a performance intake throttle body spacer and led headlights, it is blue and has aftermarket 17 inch rims on it, has 2 12 inch subs.

- Dalton J

Its limited edition. It has a corvettes engine in it.

Runs very well. Has very good gas mileage. Best truck I've ever owned. I could not wish for a better vehicle to ride on a daily basis.

- Haley E

Difficult for elderly to enter/exit front seat. Worse for back seat passengers!.

I love my truck because I can always get around. It runs good and has a good pick up. I love the color and it has never let me down.

- Sandy D

Very comfortable android driving a handicap.

Truck drives great good-looking truck very comfortable good on gas mileage and tears great performances real well very reliable.

- Zel T

Its old but still runs great.

It has not giving me problems in all the years I drove it. Still get good gas mileage. I like all the auto features in the unit.

- Donald B

Z71 Trucks are the best ever

Truck has been great we always do required maintenance on it we have over 260000 miles on it and plan on getting 400 k

- Ned S

It's the best no problems I recommend this vehicle

It was good there were no problems like breaking down or anything the only problem was the mileage and gas consumption

- Andrew T

The number of miles it can take.

The vehicles has a long number of miles. It works very great and all parts are the best. Also the size is perfect.

- Jeremiah G

That I don't care if it eats gas I rather have a big safe truck then a tiny car

Like how big it is, like that it sits higher off the ground, don't like that is has limited space in cab

- Jen A

Reliability has held up well.

Very reliable truck. Poor gas mileage. Good load and pulling capacity. Had to replace fan relay twice.

- Jeff E

It's lasted me a while and requires little maintenance

Like that it's a truck. Wish it was a crew cab instead of regular cab.

- Emily P

It's paid for. It is always kept clean.

It is clean. It is kept indoors. It is a four door truck.

- Rich M