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Wonderful gift, first 4x4 I was ever gifted in my life & it's beautiful also.

I have only had this vehicle just over a year, unfortunately I got it after it had been hit & horribly repaired & purchased by my bf it's a nice truck but you can see where the damage was & there is still problems with the vehicle.. Luckily the 4x4 push button panel works great, that is so nice to have at your fingertips. Better than having to get out & lock in the hubs by yourself. I love the color, the seats are comfy, I have driven all over MN & ill and it runs great.

- Jackie N

Great truck! Highly recommended and worth the gas expense of owning a truck!

We have had no issues. It drives and runs smoothly. It does cost more in gas but it is a solid truck. Definitely worth the gas expense for all the pros to owning a truck. If I could change anything I wish the turn radius was tighter but overall reliable and comfortable! We have had to replace the belt for the air conditioner. But since it is over 10 years old I can definitely say that is not too bad of a maintenance expense!

- Flower C

They are all general motors.

I do not have a lot of problems with my vehicles my husband takes care of maintaining them the main thing is gas prices because they're all v8s and insurance prices they're pretty hi on prices besides that we do not have a lot of problems even we are on the road traveling in my opinion I must say Chevy products have always been my sick out of all others.

- Debbie D

Comfortable and quiet for traveling and vacations.

The Chevy Silverado is a dependable, comfortable ride. We us this truck all the time for grocery shopping, transporting all kinds of items and just cruising. It is a great ride. Its smooth and quiet. With the extended cab we have plenty room for the grandkids or the dogs and we have a lot of fun in our big red truck.

- Sharon P

My pick up is not only Chevy tough but is family friendly.

The truck is not gas economical, has plenty of space, so that is good and the performance is great. It looks nice and the stereo system is great. It is well put together. The bed has plenty of space and has enough rigging points. The inside has enough cup holders and storing spaces.

- Ell F

An amazing truck that's great for work and family.

My truck is great it is dependable, it always starts and runs great. It has plenty of legroom in the back seat so it is a great family truck as well as a work truck around the farm.

- Michelle H

It is safe and reliable. We use it for many purposes.

I like that it is able to haul many things and can hook up a trailer to it. There is a backseat allowing enough room for our family. It drives smoothly.

- Kellie B

Parts gone wrong with my truck that was easy to fix

Abs light comes on and off..check engine light the same. Had to replace belt to run air and temperature Gage but all in all it's been a good truck.

- Jack M

Reliable vehicle and strong

The Chevy Silverado is a very reliable vehicle. You do spend a good amount of gas since it has a v8 engine but overall it's a really great truck

- Antonio H

It's really good on gas. Gives me lots of mileage.

I get really good mileage. It's really easy to maintain. It really gives me a sense of safety. I honestly wouldn't trade it for anything else.

- Jake T

Lots of leg space, good gas mileage ( keep up with the upkeep) heating and air conditioning unit work awesome ( no complaints from the kids in the back)

Heated leather seats are a plus for bad weather and sitting in traffic ( backache) plenty of leg space ( we have two sons who are over 6'5)

- Suzette H

rugged,large,can pull and tote trailer

i like that it is large and i can pull and haul lots of stuffs with it.complain is in less than 5 yrs it already have some problem.

- mae n

It is very durable and is a four seater. we take the truck more than the car.

my truck is very good It serves its purpose. All you have to do is maintain the truck. I have got my money worth in this truck.

- Paul W

The cost of maintenance can be a little high.

I love the comfortable drive. I enjoy having the power to tow or haul what I need and the fuel economy for day to day driving.

- Jesse S

It's roomy and dependable. It's great for hauling things.

I like that it is roomy because I'm tall. I like that it is a 4 door extended cab. I don't like the gas mileage it gets

- Karen B

that i take good care of it. and as long s you do it will last a long time.

I like that fact that it has the power i need. i like the fact that it is comfortable. i like the way it looks, also.

- john w

That's if they have anything that needs to be hauled this is the vehicle for you

It can haul heavy things like a trailer and boat the things I don't like much about it is that it takes a lot of gas

- Michelle B

The only problems i've had was 2 different power steering leaks

It does not have a bunch of options to go wrong.While having the few options i enjoy like cruise and power windows

- Jeff M

It is a great vehicle that has taken me places in a safe manner and has never had any serious malfunctions.

I have no complaints or dislikes at this time. I believe that my vehicle is perfect as is.

- Tony W

Solid build and reliable vehicle has never let me stranded

While it is a heavy duty 1500 I am a little shocked at the 14 mpg I get in city driving

- Steve K

That I love my truck and won't think about getting a new one

I have no complaints, it's a great truck. I will continue to enjoy it for a long time.

- Shane H

I want people to know it's very dependable

It's a great vehicle. It is dependable. It drives good. I don't have any complaints.

- Randy D

It's amazing. My truck runs great and i've had no major issues.

It is very dependable. Low repair cost. Parts are cheap and easy to find.

- justin s

Great vehicle, do not get aluminum wheels if you plan to drive it off pavement. Average gas mileage 15.9

If you want to get there, you can with this vehicle, power and comfort

- Micheal T

That is is my main artery for my life! It gets me to work, to all my functions I'm surprised to be at

The truck is awesome! I wish it was a lot newer! No complaints at all

- Brett H

Good Solid Truck that provides value

provides good service. fairly good mpg. able to work on it

- Robert b