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But other than that it's a nice truck to ride in pretty safe too.

The type of vehicle I drive daily is my first car which is a 2000 Chevy Silverado. It may not be the smoothest of rides but it makes up for that by being able to carry big things like furniture or grills. But it is also very safe to drive in because if you get an accident like I did it would be able to tank it and leave everyone ok and unharm. The biggest problems so far is gas usage and mileage it's not very great around $18 where I live will barely get a quarter filled. One of the features its ability to tell the temperature but sadly it's on the upper right corner of the rear view mirror and it small. It has two cup holders a coin holder and a place to put your sunglasses. The truck on the inside is able to hold 6 people max (including the driver)

- Michael F

The ruggedness of a Silverado. Cannot beat a Chevrolet for power and longevity.

My truck is very comfortable to ride in. The performance is top notch the engine has plenty of power and the 4 wheel drive mechanism work great. It would be nice if it got a little better gas mileage but I can trade that for the extra power. This is my first truck with bucket seats and I will say I liked the split bench seat in my other truck better. This one is also four door which I really find to be very handy. My previous truck was three door and that was a problem from time to time. The stereo system in the truck is great. The controls are easy to reach and all the gauges and instrument lights are easy to see.

- Brian J

Reliable, heavy-duty truck with very mild interior damages and unattractive paint job.

This truck is an automatic and it is reliable for transportation. It has very mild transmission issues as it slips sometimes when shifting gears. The paint has worn off over time, but can easily be improved with a fresh, new paint job. The leather interior is somewhat ragged due to everyday use but can be restored easily since nothing is broken. All the seats are cloth and in decent shape.

- Cynthia I

I love Chevrolet trucks. They are the most dependable trucks on the road.

The ride of the truck is great. It has lots of power and handles very well. The fuel economy is not great but adequate. Hauling is very good with plenty of hauling power. The styling of the truck is very good and I love the suspension. I like Chevrolet trucks a lot because they are very dependable and are reasonable to fix.

- Fred L

Chevy is the most dependable.

Fuel pump had to be replaced after a year. Other than that it has been a very reliable vehicle. I feel totally comfortable in it and safe. I would drive to California and back and be perfectly fine. I wish it would last forever. I plan on driving it until it takes its last breath so to speak.

- Callie S

Great Chevrolet truck for all the hard jobs.

My 2000 Chevrolet 2500 is great when I comes to towing. It has lots of torque and horsepower to get daily farm chores done. My Chevy truck has leather seats and is overall a very comfortable ride. My Chevrolet truck also came standard with a CD player which is great for long hauls to Wyoming.

- Mario R

Reliable Chevy Silverado 2500.

My truck is incredibly reliable. I have had no problems with it. It is 19 years old and still works fantastic. I have had no problems with the heater. The air conditioning does not work great anymore but as long as it does not exceed about 80 outside it works pretty well.

- Sarah B

This vehicle is a smooth riding car it puts babies to sleep when cranky.

Love my car this car has not giving me vary many problems only thing that has gone wrong with it is battery and the window motor. Other than this there is nothing that I can say about this vehicle that would make you change your mind about purchasing it.

- Savanna W

310, 000 miles on original 350 Chevy motor.

94 Chevy 2500. Has new rebuilt trans but 310, 000 miles on original 350 motor. Overall has been the most reliable vehicle I've owned/driven. Just normal maintenance and wear and tear. Is extended cab with long bed and 1 ton springs. Rides and pulls great!

- Brandy H

Comfortable and storage too

It has 85000 miles on it and I have never had any issues. It runs great and is dependable. I am able to put a car seat on the backseat and store stuff in the back. It is comfortable and the actual runs cold immediately.

- Jamie S

Has a tow package and four wheel drive

Three door extended bed, has 150000 miles on it, needs a new ac compressor and had to replace the power steering hoses. Drives nicely for an old pick up. Other than the minor fixes it's a great truck

- Caelie R

The van runs well especially with a lot of miles.

It is a truck I can hall things at work and play. I like my truck it gets good gas mileage and hall a lot of my toys like a doom buggy my boat and bicycles all my camping gear.

- Robin P

It is great for everyday use and hauling large items

I like the reliability of the vehicle and that it handles well in the cold. It is also useful being a truck. I don't like the rust and how old it is

- Stephanie A

I would not want to depend on anything but Chevrolet vehicles.

She runs like a top. I have the 6. 0 liter engine and she's never left me on the side of the road. These is nothing I dislike about my Silverado.

- Terry G

It can take on any road and any job. It's an extremely capable vehicle.

I love how comfortable it is. I also love that it can handle any road and any job. The only downside is it's gas consumption.

- Shelby M

Our Chevy is very comfortable. It has 3 doors and a very nice big back seat. We can have 6 people in the truck and it is very nice.

We have had our truck since 2008. It is blue and very nice to have. We use it for everything to camping or just traveling.

- Kath C

It has been lowered and faded windows, built in speakers with Bluetooth.

I have little problems with it while starting it up but once it is up and running it is ready to go and will not fail me.

- Victor F

It doesn't have air that works.

I like it is paid for and it belonged to my deceased father in law. I dislike it because it is old and getting wore out

- Jamie D

Chevy tough bad bow tie!!

A tough truck. Easy to work on. plenty of power. it has over 400,000 miles on it. Still runs like new

- Aaron b

It is a nice truck, and it is black.

I really like my vehicle. It drives nice. I have no complaints at all. It is old but it does the job.

- Hannah C

My vehicle is lifted 6 inches

My vehicle is fine No problems with it at the moment..new tires and I have new rims paying them off.

- Jessica H

It's great, it is the best truck I have ever owned.

I love it it is the perfect Truck. It has the biggest engine,a 6.0 L It is a 4 wheel drive.

- mIke b

My Work and my Truck make my life complete, It's a safe and good running and very dependable

work , traveling , beach trips and pull my boat to go fishing i love my truck

- James M

going more miles on 1 tune up making it an efficient vehicle

its reliable It has a liege gas tank It go,s a long time on 1 tune up

- philip m