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Chevy Silverado 2500-2004.

The truck's performance is very good. I can pull a trailer with about 1500 pounds on it with hardly any problems. It is always been reliable each time I have driven it. Only issue I have had with it is the oil leaking from time to time even after I replaced the gaskets and the oil light never comes on so I frequently have to check it. The comfort is decent. I am a fairly short person so it is a little difficult for me to see over the hood of the truck at times. The features are alright for the most part. I still have the stock radio which does not have an aux input or Bluetooth which is an easy replacement if that is something you require. Also, the windows roll up and down manually so it can get difficult with the passenger side while you are driving. Overall, it is a great vehicle. It drives great, I rarely ever have problems with it, and it was the first vehicle I drove for about 8 months learning how to drive so I'd say it's good for first time car buyers/new drivers. It does not have the best gas mileage though, so if you drive far distances each day I would look for a more fuel efficient car.

- Marley S

A Silverado is built to last.

The car remains in great conditions after over a decade of ownership. Paint has not deteriorated with sun, ac still runs cold and speakers are great. There have been no mechanical problems and all I have had to change is the tires and the oil. It has a strong engine and is very spacious inside. The seats are very comfortable and have a very durable fabric. It is a very reliable truck that is great for a family or for work. I love absolutely everything about it and would definitely buy again.

- Karen A

My truck does not owe me a penny!

I actually love my truck! The engine is still running great after years of making deliveries and pickups for my last job. At one point in time I was driving across town just to make it to work and make it back home from work. I have also carried an abundance of heavy equipment on my truck. The interior of truck is in great condition, and the body of the truck is also in good shape. All in all, I am still going to get me another vehicle soon.

- Adrian J

We pull a 5th wheel power of the engine is great you do not feel the pull,

This truck is loaded with every convenience available except a gps. It is very comfortable for long trips and rides smooth. Very beautiful style and the inside is perfect with room in the front and back seats so everyone is comfortable . Everywhere we go people admire the looks of the truck. Good gas mileage and a good work truck as you can see we love it.

- Rodney A

It is one of or maybe ever the best diesel on the market.

No problems super great. It is a Duramax and is great. I pull my 27 foot camper with no problem. I also pull an 12000 pound trailer with ease. I have had no problems and have over 100, 000 miles on it. Gets decent fuel mileage. No matter where I go, to the mountains or just for a drive, it has never let me down.

- Robert S

Fuel gauge and speedometer stops working ac/heater only works at top settings.

The 2004 Chevy Silverado 2500 is a very powerful truck, it has a tow package, and is very heavy duty, it has leather seats and ac/heater but the ac only works on high, and very high but not on the lower settings and the gas gauge stopped working but aside from those minor problems it is a very good truck.

- Daniel D

Reliable source of transportation.

We bought this truck because we needed something bigger when we had our third child. It is reliable and spacious. Our family fits comfortably. The gage cluster did go out in it and needed to be replaced. It is a little bit of a gas guzzler and is rear wheel drive so not the best in winter.

- Megan L

It provides dependable service as well as comfort while driving.

The truck serves multiple needs for me as well as a comfortable convenience for pleasure. It handles easily on the road as well as city driving giving good gas mileage. I have had no mechanical problems since purchasing it new. At this time I have no complaints with use or mechanical.

- Ken W

Good truck! With enough power and good feeling ride to get anywhere.

Good truck, gets me from point A to point B. No problems. Great sound system, could use a disc changer. Pulls good. Only issue there is the mass flow air sensor light staying on after issue was fixed. I would recommend this vehicle to anyone. Chevy makes a great product.

- Jason S

Good solid truck was well worth the cost, sets very good lots of room in back.

Rides very well, price was with in my structure, Chevy is the best built I know I have owned them all, repairs do not happen often for a truck that is 14 years old it's got 229,000 miles does not use any oil, did have to put all new brake lines on but that was normal wear.

- Dave J

Reliable, fun, and sturdy!!

I love my truck because it has room for friends when we go shopping, or out to eat. It also is big enough for all of my family members wherever we need to go, and is very comfortable! I can move furniture, gardening supplies and plants, etc. . . It is very reliable also.

- Terri M

If your looking for a trustworthy vehicle that can get you around and keep you safe, even in icy conditions, this would be a perfect vehicle for you

I love the crew cab and towing capabilities of my truck. I love the overall look and design it has. I don't much care for the low gas mileage it get as well as the fact it had a few manufacturers recalls that I took upon myself to fix. But I still love the ole girl

- Casey H

I enjoy the engine in this truck. The owner previous was my father.

I love my truck it still has low mileage. I wish I was able to get better gas mileage. Overall it drives great and you can tell it's going to be reliable for a long time. Also it has withstood all types of weather and the paint job still looks fantastic.

- Kristen K

My, what an awesome truck!

I have always been a fan of Chevrolet. My Silverado has been a pretty decent truck. So far I have had to replace the brakes and do a tune-up. In my opinion it is a very roomy truck with 5 seats. It drives excellent and it looks even better.

- Rachel G

It is a dependable source of transportation compared to others I have had in the past. .

It is a very reliable vehicle. I like it because it is versatile. I have the truck bed to haul things. I have a back seat for passengers or groceries. I also have 4 doors which makes it easier for passengers to get in and out.


It is dependable, reliable, and long lasting. Great work horse

I hate nothing about the vehicle. While it does not get great mileage, it is a work truck and has not let me down. I would also recommend this vehicle to anyone looking.

- Eric R

My truck will less likely to be a loss in an accident because It's made for safety and durability.

Roomy as well as lucrative in my field. Has very little maintenance other than scheduled oil change and such. The only drawback is she gets very thirsty in city traffic.

- Dennis t

It's a strong hard working vehicle. It has plenty of room and think its a way better design than the newer silverados.

The truck is very reliable. I have never had any mechanical problems with it. The headliner is my only complaint. It is coming down and costs way too much to replace.

- shawn m

Chevy Silverado - can make it through off-roading.

Very reliable. Typical car maintenance - brakes, new tires, etc. Has over 200, 000 miles on the vehicle and is still running well. Would remember to other consumers.

- Megan A

It's so reliable. . . Convenient. . . Just a beautiful truck.

I love our truck just because it's a 4x4 and so convenient to use because we live in the reservation for the time being. Gets muddy and snowy.

- Jennie G

Runs great, no issues in 6 years.

Love the 4 doors. Short box. Leather interior. Heated seats. No issues with truck. Good sound system. Power seats and windows. No dislikes.

- Tracy K

It is easy to get kids in and out of.

I like the 4 wheel in the winter. I like the double cab. Lots of room. I do not like how high it is, hard to get in if your not very tall.

- Cora M

It is built very well and made to last a long time.

I really like that It is durable and reliable for a vehicle. It has lasted me a long time through a lot of rough terrain and does great.

- Raymond A

It is reliable and if you take care of it properly they will run forever!!

I love that it is reliable, roomy and smooth to ride in as well as drive! I love the roomy extended cab and comfortable seating!

- Rachel M

It is an affordable midsize car that drives likes a sports car.

I love the comfort of the inside and size of our truck.. Also our truck is a 2013.. I hate that it drinks gas like a elephant!.

- Jacqueline M

A Chevrolet truck is dependable and long-lasting, with many feature available to choose from, and definitely worth the investment.

The automaker Chevrolet is an American-made, loyal, sturdy, trustworthy brand and is worth investing in & remaining loyal to.

- Debbie A

Great accessories are included on my Silverado. It is a joy to drive.

The truck has been a joy to drive. I like the roomy back seats. The four wheel drive has com in handy when deer hunting.

- Glenda J

It also has OnStar and GPS as well.

I like them my link system, I also like the serious satellite radio, and the heated seats, and heated steering wheel.

- Raymond D

It runs and it saves me from asking for rides or taking the bus.

I like how big my truck it. Also has a backseat. I dislike that its older and can have problems in the future.

- Victoria D

Silverado not for sale I love the truck

The truck has dual cab had a video player Inside with backup camera so you never hit anything it's so amazing

- Tabitha S

It runs like a dream, and takes on any uneven ground amazingly.

I really love this truck, the sets are very comfortable. Which is important when you commute like me.

- Evan L

It's good to load things in the back Has plenty of room

Like the fog lights Hate that the seats move Hate that's there is no ac in the back seats

- Nereida R

Dependable: this truck has lasted us for many years, and we bought it as a used fleet vehicle.

The only real problem is that this is a single cab truck and we're outgrowing it.

- Kristin C

It's a pumped up 4x4. And can go anywhere anytime.

I love my truck as it drives like a Caddy. I use it in my landscaping business

- Michael H

Love the longevity of the vehicle. Do not like that the clear coat is peeling in certain areas. Also has an wall problem

That it has lasted as long as it has. It is a work truck takes a beating

- Carl A

that it is still strong enough to do the work I need done

It is strong and very reliable and it is still good for daily driving

- brian r

the truck has the best frame and body

the vehicle is great the vehicle has good gas mileage

- seth J