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240, 000 miles and still runs pretty good and I have only used full synthetic.

The oil drips a little when I change the oil, it consumes a little more then average the gas, the brakes work fine but they may need a tune up. Also the ball between the tires needs to be oiled. There's not that much space. It only fits 3 people but if they are skinny enough I could fit 4 people. Besides that it has a lot of power. The windshield water doesn't work on it so I cannot clean the windows when I need it cleaned.

- David G

It is very reliable, it runs well and gets good gas mileage for a truck.

It is four wheel drive and it handles very well in the snow as well as in mud. It is an extended cab with the small doors with a very comfortable bench seat and storage underneath. It is a 6.5 foot bed with a hard tonneau cover. It has a towing package that I have used with a uhaul trailer. Minor complaint is the two small doors have rusted on the bottom, no rust anywhere else.

- Norma W

Diesel trucks are always better.

My truck is very roomy, dependable, has plenty of power for pulling a trailer with a full load. As a new mother it has plenty of space for a car seat and still room for passengers. The seats are very comfortable and it has loads of leg room. The center console has plenty of room for storage, behind the back seat there is room for storage, and the glove box is a good size.

- Kay B

Chevy 2500 long lasting and durable.

I have had this truck for seven years now. It has over 275, 000 miles on it. I have just recently had to replace the radiator. At about the 200, 000 mile mark the alternator went out and I had to replace it. The truck rides smooth. I do a lot of towing with it and it has lots of power. This truck is very reliable. It is a gas truck. I highly recommend Chevy trucks.

- Travis Z

My Chevy Silverado. . . I love it.

Currently needs new brakes and tires! But runs like a champ and has been very good to us for what we have needed it for! Love our truck. It is big and comfortable, and fits our family of 5 perfectly. There is a little rust on it from when it was in the snow in Ohio and rusted from the salt they spread on the road to keep us from sliding in snow storms.

- Amber G

Do not have one. And do not really know what to say about the truck.

We love the vehicle and there is nothing bad to say about it. The vehicle drives great and is very dependable and runs great..I would recommend this vehicle to anyone. I haven't seen any problems out of this pick up. It rides smooth. I am not sure what else to say about this truck.

- Stacey C

Chevy lover. I have owned a lot of gm product and love there vehicles.

I bought my vehicle used and it is really comfortable and spacious. I have recently got it and have had to replace the alternator but easy fix. It is a diesel and has gotten about 400 miles to a tank. I did just get a cold air intake (s&b) and got me another mile to the gallon.

- Matt O

This is a great vehicle if you are looking for a reliable, comfortable, older truck

I use my vehicle primarily for work in the construction industry. It has enough room for all of my tools and coworkers to ride with me and has always been reliable. The biggest downfall that I have is parking it in small lots, but I knew that to be a problem before I got it

- Aaron I

Chevy pickup. Excellent truck.

Not very many issues with this vehicle. Been very good. A few things you could expect with a 16 year old vehicle. Have had axle leak, have never replaced brakes, replaced window washer tube. Cost me 35 cents and a little labor. I would certainly recommend. Go Chevy.

- Jim H

It has a lot of power which helps me tow when I need to.

I haven't had any major issues except an abs light staying on which I was able to fix myself. I have found that Chevy trucks are very reliable as long as you maintain them properly. It is extremely comfortable and it drives smooth without a lot of road vibrations.

- Jacob M

Long lasting powerful and handy.

I have no issues with this truck. It is powerful and durable. I now have 240,000 miles on it. Many people get these engines from junkyards to put in race cars. It has a heavy suspension for hauling large loads. It also has four wheel drive for offroad use.

- Drake V

The truck starts up each time the key is turned except when the battery is dead, only happened once.

The truck has required very little maintenance, the plugs lasted 90,000 thousand miles. The only regular maintenance is oil, filter and air filter. The only real problem is the truck body was not built like a rock as Chevy used to advertise.

- Jack G

It has great performance and great mileage. Will do whatever you need it to do.

It provides great performance for me. But it also rusts very quickly. Being a near base model it doesn't have many features, but they are available. Also it is comfortable.

- Kevin K

Chevy trucks are the most reliable vehicles made!

I have always had Chevy trucks. I can keep them running well past 300,000 miles and find them to be incredibly reliable. I'll never buy a different kind of vehicle!

- Shaina D

That it is well cared for and maintained.

It is a great truck for the age, but just turned over 200, 000 miles. It is starting to burn a little more oil, and we had to replace the bearings.

- Misty T

That is can haul a lot of things and can get you to your doctors appointment as well.

I think it is the best truck that I have ever had. It is fairly low maintenance and really gets the job done well. I really like my truck.

- Kent E

Great truck to pull stuff with

It's a great vehicle to use for hauling stuff with and for pulling. It has a couple of dents but all in all it is a great truck

- Jarrod G

The truck is heavy duty and has plenty of space.it does good on fuel mileage .

It fits six really comfortably.it has power seats and windows.the 4 wheel drive is really convenient and works great.

- Jesse A

That is very reliable, no mechanical problems.

Great performance, comfortable and good ride and power. Only problem is road noise. It is an attractive vehicle.

- Rob S

It holds up well under any conditions you would use it for.

Great pulling power. I love the 4wd on the fly. It gets great gas mileage both in town and on the highway.

- Tammy C

Chevy trucks are build amazing

My Chevy truck is very reliable carries its weight and more has paid for itself! overall amazing truck!!

- Tammy L

it is paid for and that is a great feeling when I don't have a monthly payment.

I love that it is paid for I don't love so much that it is getting more difficult to get in and out of.

- windi d

It's a heavy duty for pulling trailers, and hauling what I need.

It pulls my trailer with no problems. It has 4 doors. It looks really good.

- Richard M

It has a powerful engine in it.

It has enough power to haul items. It has lots of room. It is clear.

- Brian N