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A full 12 inches of lift sitting on 20 inch wheels wrapped in 37/13.50/20 tires

It's an older truck , it's black with a long bed and a custom front bumper .. I have lifted 12 inches on 37 inch tires with a full set of bilstein shocks all the way around it. And tons of horsepower over 400 to be exact.. gets me anywhere I need to go regardless of rain snow or shine. It has a new transmission and transfer case but the motor is over 250,000 miles and doesn't use a drop of oil

- Eric J

I have had a Ford and a Dodge truck. Chevy is my choice to pull my camper.

I love my truck. It is very durable. It is exactly for pulling a camper. The primary purpose was to purchase a vehicle to pull a camper. This truck is very durable for pulling a camper. Haven't had any issues yet. The only item that I wish it had was a newer radio. The radio does not have the ability to play a CD or an iPod. Have to have adapters to play either or.

- Debbie H

Small thing I dislike about my truck.

I love my truck. The power it has. The comfortable seats. There are only three things I do not like about the truck after driving it for 15 years, and they are. 1 gas mileage, but you are going to have that with a big truck with a big engine. 2 it is hard to park in small parking lots. 3 I cannot switch out the radio without screwing up my electrical system.

- Greg A

Love my Blue and white Silverado

I love my Silverado I have had minimal issues. Recently had my transmission go out but that is due to high mileage of course it was my father's work truck so he worked out of the city often. Of course I went ahead and had the transmission rebuilt and it now works great! Truck works amazing I love it and would never trade it for anything else

- Yam ilex A

Cruise control works like a dream!

My transmission blew. My transfer case exploded to the point that when I drained it there where shards of metal coming out. My cluster isn't does work completely right anymore the speed gauge isn't accurate. But when I fixed all those problems it was like I was driving a whole new truck. Super smooth and like it was brand new.

- Victoria W

Very reliable truck with a strong motor.

The only downside is the gas mileage is around 15mpg. Besides that it is a great truck and performs very well and can take on any duty I need it for. Solid truck overall. It has the best body style in my opinion compared to all the new trucks and also is very roomy inside being that it is a crew cab. Also very easy to work on.

- Enrique P

It only gets 12.5 miles per gallon on average. But it's goes fast when needed.

The only problem that I have had over the last 15 years of owning this truck is when I play the CD player for an extended period of time it freezes up, and I have to pull out the fuse to reset it. As far as the performance, and reliability of it. It has never let me down. It's comfortable for being a truck.

- Greg V

Money hog/gas guzzler Silverado 2500hd.

O2 sensors need to be replaced constantly or the gas mileage is horrible. O2 sensors are expensive but gas prices are high too. This truck is a money hog! There's been many things that have had to be replaced since I purchased the truck, glad my fiancé knows how to work on vehicles!

- Diana C

Big and beautiful. Has become one of our most favorite cars ever.

It is amazing! Power seats and lots of gadgets, nice and comfy with room to grow. Gets me to where I need to go, has plenty of space for me and my family. Does need some work on it, new tires and brakes but is running and is beautiful! We love it and it takes good care of us.

- Amber G

Dependable and capable of pulling or hauling anything

I bought the truck used in 2009. For a 2500hd it rides like a car and the interior is very plush. I have had zero issues with the vehicle. Just general maintenance tires, oil changes, belts, plugs and wires. Gas mileage averages about 15 mpg loaded down or empty

- Jeffrey M

Strong and dependable Silverado

From going to the grocery store or hauling a heavy trailer this truck is amazing. Comfortable and powerful with over 200,000 miles it has never let me down once. I love the layout of the dash and configuration of the seats being able to fold the rear down.

- John V

I love my truck, wouldn't trade it for the world and Its diesel.

Cheap interior, cheap buttons, bad sound system, but rides really nice and it is very reliable. I have upgraded the radio because the original didn't have the option for aux.

- Justin G

It gets great gas mileage.

It is having an AC problem which I think is electrical but otherwise I love the vehicle. I also am having issues with the alignment not sure what's wrong with it.

- Anne S

it has been very dependable and comfortable on long trips

i like its comfort, mpg it gets,and the feeling of security when driving it. i don't like parking in tight lots or its large turning circle.

- andrew b

Rugged heavy duty pickup so the ride isn't smooth like a car but it's comfortable and easy to drive.

I love my truck, I've had it for over six years and have had a lot of work done but it has over 200k miles and still running great.

- Jennifer B

Chevrolet 2500HD with Duramax/Allison.

No problems so far. Has the Duramax with the Allison tranny which is an outstanding combo. Rides like a car, pulls like a tractor.

- Matt R

Why you should buy a chevrolet truck

Been good truck always gets me where i'm going never breaks down has over 200 hundred thousand miles and still running strong

- Clifford K

is great love it wont change at any time

no problems runs great pulls good full size 4 wheel drive runs down the road great gets 14 miles to the gallen

- Mee t

It's not pretty but it gets the job done and toes what I need it to tow.

Rusty and not so trusty anymore. Perfect size for my needs. Love the fuel economy of my diesel.

- Jeff G

The Duramax engine is a heavy duty engine that will last a long time. I have 282,000 miles on my truck and it still runs like it is brand new

Love the Allison transmission and the Duramax engine. Both are lasting forever

- Christine M

The durability of this vehicle is good.

It has lasted for 15 years. Brake system is not that good. I like the color.

- MO G

The brakes are brand new. I love the color. It still runs very well.

It is good for what I need it for. It is sturdy. I like the power.

- Robie Z