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Does what I need. It pulls my 40 foot fifth wheel from point a to point b.

The only problem I have is the both seats are not electric set up only the driver side is powered to read just the seat etc where the passenger isn't. The bottom mirrors could be electric, need to readjust if you hit a bump. The defrosters on the mirrors don't work as good as they should. Hard to change the light bulb when one burns out, have to take to a garage to have this done when should be able to do this yourself. The defroster itself doesn't clear off rain or snow off like it should.


More of a work truck ride and style.

It is a diesel and fuel is more expensive than gas. It is also a lot more money to maintenance it rather than a gas truck. It is very comfortable, and has enough seating. It fits my toddlers car seat great. It goes through bearings quite a bit and also the brakes are not the best. Chevrolets do not have good brakes to begin with. Does not 'turn on a dime'. You will not be able to make a u turn at all. And it rides pretty rough. You will feel bumps in the road.

- Isabel C

Chevy Silverado 2500hd classic great truck.

I have a 2007 Chevy Silverado 2500hd classic with the 6. 6 lbz Duramax engine. It also has the Allison 1000 transmission. It's a great truck especially if you take care of it with routine maintenance. The only problem with it like most Chevys is that the power steering is tied in with the brakes, and if your power steering goes out then you lose your brakes as well.

- Joseph F

Small girl drives giant diesel truck

I love driving my Silverado. It is reliable and durable, can get me anywhere and is just a fun vehicle to drive. My only complaints are how bad the gas mileage is and because it is a diesel truck, diesel fuel is more expensive than gas. Other than that, is the most fun car to drive than any other vehicle I have driven before.

- Sam A

Duramax diesel with an Allison transmission will haul anything you want.

My pickup has an Allison transmission in a Duramax diesel and a top-of-the-line sound system it is a crew cab with a lined bed liner new tires and a rebuilt engine with warranty it will take me anywhere and haul anything I want it to. It has a diesel engine and gets great gas mileage at 17 and a half mpg.

- Vicki B

Best and most reliable vehicle I have ever owned.

I absolutely love my truck. It is extremely reliable, smooth driving, comfortable and big enough for our whole family, which include my husband and i, two children and two large dogs. The only real downfalls would have to be with it being a diesel, parts and fuel costs are much more than gas vehicles.

- Rebecca M

2007 tan Chevy Silverado 2500.

I really enjoy driving me truck. The reliability is the best thing about the vehicle I can always count on it to get done what I need to get done. The one downside would be the amount of gas that it eats up. But without a doubt I would recommend this car for anyone looking for a dependable truck.

- David M

The tan tank can take on anything.

The truck drives and rides well for the most part. The truck definitely has the towing capabilities that I need. The biggest downside to the truck is how quickly the leather starts to deteriorate on the Edges of the seats. Other than that the truck has served me well.

- Wesley J

It is a red, Chevy Silverado. Interior is black.

I love my truck! It is reliable, not horrible on gas, and nice to look at! I have two trailers that are easily pulled with this truck. And also used as my daily driver to get my kids to and from school! The bed is huge and is able to fit all my DIY furniture projects.

- Amanda A

The drivetrain on this vehicle�s been dependable. I haven't replaced many parts.

It's a real dependable vehicle. I've been having a problem replacing the A/C belt wearing out to much. The interior is real comfortable.I have 225k miles on it, and it's been real easy to keep up with the general maintenance. As far as replacing parts.

- Daniel J

It's a good strong truck. We use it to tow a trailer full of lawn care equipment.

Its used & has had a few minor issues. However, it's a good reliable truck. Body rust seems to be an issue on the rocker panels. A couple of fuses have blown, first causing a tail light not to work & now the horn. One ac vent blows heat when set on ac.

- Melissa K

We can travel with 5 people, dogs, bikes, and towing our camper.

I like the security that a larger vehicle provides. The features it has are excellent - power everything, heated seats, Sirius radio. I wish there was more leg room in the back seat. I also wish it was easier to get into the bed of the truck.

- Elizabeth N

Special built engine., special filter. I don't know much about engines. But it is a great puller. But gets stuck easy because engine has power but not great traction.rear

Its white, 4 doors , I don't like you have to open front door to open back doors . Special built engine. Runs great, fast, great Pickup 8ft. Bed, no major problems but rear end kicks for some reason but can't found a problem with it.

- Rhondia S

Work horse with some cosmetic issues

Extremely reliable, but dash and steering wheel control lights have issues. When worked hard, develop a weird noises. Clear coat is peeling, headliner is falling. It's been a great pickup, and could be again with some reconditioning

- Nathan H

Duramax Diesel & GM LS Engine Platforms

The GM LS drivetrain platform is probably the best bang-for-the buck reliable, lost cost, low maintenance setup . For the diesel counterpart, the Duramax turbo diesel 6.6 liter is a powerhouse and platform built for longevity .

- John T

Repairs in a Duramax diesel are costly.

I love my vehicle. It is very comfortable. Love the heated seats during the winter. Also, the remote start is amazing. Nice to be able start my vehicle from my front door and have it cooled/warmed by the time I get to it.

- Stephanie C

the back suicide door hinge only lasts about a year

the allison transmission and duramax engine have proven as tough as the road armor rear bumper this truck was parked and hit by a school bus the bus needed body work the duramax just took it bruised and is now tougher

- lynette s

The Bean-Patch Family Ride

Our 2007 Chevy 2500HD crew cab, is our family vehicle. It handles like a dream in all types of weather, it rides like a Caddy only tougher. From our family to yours "Buy Chevy!!"

- Ramona B

Hyundai Santa Fe. Great value SUV.

Performs well. Good value for SUV. Compare to more expensive models, CR-V, sequoia, etc. . . Plenty of passenger space, under floor cargo compartment in rear. Durable interior.

- Aaron S

Very good decision to purchase this year and make of vehicle. I only wish is that I had made more great purchases as this particular one.

I purchased the vehicle new and have put over 100K miles on the truck with no mechanical problems. I change oil between 3 and 5k miles. This is a wonderful vehicle.

- Jeff S

You won't find a better American-made work truck on the road

It also has problems with oil leaks and has really bad fuel mileage. Other than that the vehicle drives and handles very well. Also does well with pulling.

- Mahlon S

It is very reliable and always starts when I use it.

I like the fact that it is low maintenance and rarely have issues with it. I get very good fuel mileage with the diesel motor. I feel safe while driving.

- Rick G

It is smooth, fits a lot of people comfortably and can get the job done

I love my truck, it is sturdy and gets me to and from my destination smoothly. It can get a lot done being a truck. I can fit several people too

- Mel W

The great thing about owning a Chevy is they are reliable.

I like it because it gets through the snow. I love it because there is enough room for the whole family. I love it because it is a Chevrolet.

- Lisa P

2007 Silverado 2500 for towing

07 Silverado 6 liter v8. I don't like the automatic transmission but I bought the truck used. I use it to pull a fifth wheel.

- Joe M

The new kia Sportage is more compact than the older model.

My Chevy Silverado pickup is comfortable and safe. It pulls my travel trailer with ease.. I wish it got better fuel mileage.

- Teresa M

It is a diesel. And it does not take gas.

I do not like the fuel mileage. I love how much power it has. I love the rims on my pickup. I love the engine in my truck.

- Brad V

Getting Americans to work

It's a life saver from bad weather to hauling projects it's does anything you ask of it I would recommend to anyone

- Dustin P

Reliable, reasonable mileage.

150, 000 needs catalytic converter and muffler, tire sensors are frequently out. 2007 model-some parts are 2008.

- Susan A

Long lasting all wheel drive.

This truck has been our best vehicle yet. It runs like a champ. This model still has the good old fashion metal.

- Brittany F

Its a diesel pickup 2500 classic.

I like pretty much everything on my truck, only thing I don't like is it has a little rust around the frame.

- Bryan K

Sits up hi helps haul things u can pull things it is a life saver.

Good vehicle awesome in winter. . Only downfall is not so good fuel mileage I would recommend to anyone.

- Dustin R

Have had only minor problems in 10300 miles

It's a 2500hd diesel crew cab long bed has plenty of power drives nice and comfortable

- Mike E

Good solid hard working vehicle - will take care of business

the bed is too short - the gas mileage could be better. the stereo isn't top notch

- naomi l

It's great on gas and it reprises my style. It handles great. It has a lot of cargo space.

It handles great. It's good on gas. It has plenty of passenger room.

- Paul B

I love my truck. It's been very dependable. No major maintenance issues.

It is comfortable. It is practical and useful. and looks nice.

- Liz B

truck does all the hauling i need to do and does not drink of the gas. the best off road great power

what type of gas does it need and the power of the truck

- justin H