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It is not just a truck, it is family!

Totally reliable, never had a problem. Chevy's have the best comfort of all vehicles. The instruments are easy to read and understand. I drive my vehicle everyday and love it. I would recommend a Chevy to all. My truck always gets comments on how beautiful it looks. Its quality from start to finish. It performs and never lets me down.

James F

Great truck, but very expensive.

Hard to get to glow plugs and if they go out it is very expensive to replace. For 4 glow plugs it will cost me in excess of $700 after taxes. The truck's diesel regen feature is excessively frustrating due to it wasting precious fuel. Overall, I really like the truck, but the features are easy to break and are insanely costly.


This is a superb vehicle for anyone who needs a truck.

A 4 wheel drive dependable diesel with turbo is an excellent safe and reliable daily driver. Leather seats and a crew cab provides spacious comfortable riding. A fold down DVD player in the back with Bose stereo provides entertainment. This truck is made for performance and durability.

Dee H

It is very dependable for our needs.

Drives good in all weather, no matter if it is raining or snowing or even hot or real cold. A good farm truck to hook up horse trailer or put plenty of feed in the back. Does what we need done. Haul hay, horse feed, chicken feed, groceries, or even all our grandkids.

Donna T

Truck - horse hauling vehicles.

So far no problems. Front right tire seems to wear down quicker than the others. Other than that the truck is a great vehicle that does it is job well hauling our horses.

Ashley S

That the truck is dependable. I've had very few issues with it in the 8 years I've owned it.

The Duramax diesel is reliable, powerful and durable. Great towing rig for all my trailers. Only negative is some of the cheap plastic interior pieces that broke quickly.

Kevin D

My truck is very loud. And that it rusts very easily

I have always been a Chevy fan. The only real thing I don't like about it is how it has rusted so quickly. Other than that I have no complaints about it

Matthew S

Towing capacity and bed storage capacity.

I like the towing capacity and bed storage. The problems are it is not very fuel efficient and is too big to fit inside of parking garages.

Brian L

Chevy Silverado 2500Hd, diesel

I have a 2008 Chevrolet Silverado 2500 hd dually, it's great for hauling and the cab is very spacious. It's diesel so I get ok gas mileage

Joseph R

No you can't drive it. No I won't come get you out of a muddy field you don't belong in any way.

I love it other than only being an extended cab. I miss the room of the crew cab we had before. The grand babies car seat is a tight fit.

Stephanie L

The overall power of the vehicle.

The truck has ran great since I got it back in 2012. It being four years old went I got it didn't seem to matter to anything mechanical.

Steve W

My vehicle has a six inch lift with a high powered stereo system.

My vehicle has a six body lift with some nitto grapplers and some bass for my high powered stereo system and it can walk thru any mud.

Tristan M

Powerful engine very aggressive sounding and can pulls anything.

Most reliable truck. Never has had a problem gets me everywhere I need to go even into backroads. Strong engine and ac.

Paul F

It's a z71 and it's great off-road and handled well

I love the off-road settings and the 2wd. Gots . The leather seats are a must. I don't like the stero at Allen

Matthew M

It's a Chevrolet Duramax! What more can you say?

My truck is reliable, gets great fuel mileage, and is very powerful. Low maintenance and looks great!

Curt L

Truck is great no issues everything works as it should.

Truck is great the Allison transmission and the Duramax engine is like a match made in truck heaven.

Marty D

I Uses a lot of fuel. I only get Seven miles to a Gallon

I like the fact that it's 4x4. I tow a trailer and haul Junk Cars, and it does Great

Steven O

It runs good and gets me where i need to be and does the things i need to do.

It is a tuff dependable truck. I use it for work and has been a good vehicle.

Ben A