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It is cheap, and very easy to work on when I need to.

My truck is easy to get in and out of, it looked good to drive, it has cold air for the summer, and warm air for the winter. It is very good on gas, it has low gearing for pulling boats, trailers, heavy equipment, calling, etc. Plenty of room for three adults with a load. Drives smooth on highway. This truck I recommend for any one who does outdoors activity everyday. It is just an all around truck. Thanks.

- Christopher A

Gas truck but runs like a diesel with great gas mileage

Hydrologic power braking system is a pain because once one thing goes down the rest follows. It has really comfortable seats and very roomy. She runs and drives great and sounds like a beast. Love the temperature reader in the rear view mirror and how everything's electronic. She's an automatic and is very reliable and a great daily driver

- Makayla B

It will take you anywhere that you need to go.

It is a very great truck. It can pull my enclosed 24 foot trailer with race car in it with ease. It also goes smoo smoothly in any type on weather. The only thing I dislike about the truck is the fuel economy could be better

- Kayla M

It's a stunning black pickup truck and everything about it is amazing

The truck is honestly the safest vehicle I've owned, it's much bigger and sturdier than my other owned car, and there's thousands of car accidents in which cars get demolished while the truck barely has a scratch

- Marina R

Comfort and dependability.

Very dependable, I have had no major problems. A very comfortable ride, the seats are easily adjustable and the cab is spacious. And is good looking, I get many compliments.

- Felicia B

The most important thing is that I have put so much time in money into my pickup that you wouldn't even think it was a 2012

I like how the diesel is long lasting mileage wise. I dislike the prices of diesel have increased. I dislike how expensive it is to fix anything motor wise on the pickup.

- Jeffrey V

Reliable vehicle. Tows our camper very well. Needs tires soon. Tough truck.

Haven't had any problems in 6 years other than normal maintenance, it is very reliable. Just starting to show a little rust on drivers side bed.

- Cary D

The rides good and handles the snow well.

The transmission was slipping so now it needs a new transmission or a rebuilt transmission cost is around 2 thousand dollars.

- Tracy R

It is a reliable car that gets me from point a to point b.

My truck is my life line. I travel the country for work and pull a fifth wheel trailer. It pulls whatever we put behind it.

- Chelsea B

It's a workhorse you can use it for almost absolutely anything.

I love the handling and acceleration it handles like a Ferrari would although I wish it had more interior amenities.

- Sean C

It is feels very safe and solid.

Very comfortable and solid vehicle. Feels very safe. Turning radius is not very good and can be hard to park.

- Lindsay C

Very dependable and comfortable ride. Good fuel mileage

A few emission issues. Great fuel mileage. Comfortable ride. Plenty of power pulling my 5th wheel trailer

- Dave H

My vehicle will get the job done no matter what. If you need to haul something over a mountain it can.

My vehicle is very reliable. It has a lot of storage space. It could do better on gas mileage.

- kreg s

I like the ride. it's not to bumpy. it could have a little more space in the cab. it has a bulky console.

The most important thing others should know about my car is that It's a diesel.

- Ashley I

I like how spacious the pickup is. The ride is every bit as comfortable as my wife's car. The 6.0L engine is a workhorse. I wish it got better fuel mileage though.

The Chevrolet 2500HD is a great all around pickup for both work and recreation.

- Katon G

That it's well worth the money!

It's very reliable and comfortable and always gets the job done.

- Justin G

it can haul a great amount of load in the bed of the truck

dislike the amount of gas fill up like how much it can haul

- cody s

it's a good size and has a lot of power to it and its nice

i like it and i i think that it's a pretty good truck

- john n