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Chevy truck takes care of us

I love my truck, it's only had a few mechanical problems in the years I've owned it, mainly the traction control turning on and off without cause and the airbag lights coming on at random times. Have taken it to dealership, and every time the lights turn off before we get there so they can't tell us what is wrong, or fix it. Other than that I've had no problems with it. I live in rural northern PA and 4WD is a must here, and this truck takes care of us even in two feet of snow. I feel safe in it, and even more importantly, I feel that my toddler is safe in it.

- Elizabeth B

That it is very comfortable for being a truck and has a lot of power.

Have had no problems with this vehicle it has been very reliable. It is very comfortable and roomy and rides like a Cadillac. It is a crew cab which makes it very roomy, It's a Duramax with towing package, 4 wheel drive, 6. 6 liter engine, it has a backup sensor, 20 inch tires, sprayed lining in the 6 ft box, traction control, power brake system, manual shifting, diesel, leather seats, heated bucket seats in the front, heated mirrors, air conditioning, power windows, power seats.

- Tammy J

Great powerful truck good for anything you throw at it!

A Very powerful motor. We use it for pulling a 34 foot camper or our 30 foot boat. It has no problems. Handling is very good for a truck this size. Brakes are very good even when hauling big loads or trailers. The full swing open rear doors are a great feature. Snow plowing is not a problem with this truck. The only downfall is the 10-12 miles per gallon.

- Doug L

Amazing.. This truck fits our needs

This truck has met our every need thus far. We have been able to pull any trailer needed. We also pulled a camper from Rock River, WY to Central Texas and was still able to get 20 MPG. We love that if we are stopped somewhere with the truck in park that we can turn on a movie for our kids to watch. Also love that the back seat has plenty of legroom.

- Katie R

Love my truck but sick of replacing sensors.

Overall I love my truck. My last 3 vehicles have been Chevy trucks. I do seem to have trouble with various sensors that need to be replaced. Currently have a problem with the trailer brake sensor. It does not work when it rains. Seems like a poor design issue if you drive a hd truck that cannot get wet.

- Bren M

The diesel internal combustion engine differs f.

The diesel internal combustion engine differs from the gasoline powered auto cycle by using highly compressed hot air to ignite the fuel rather than using a spark plug (compression ignition rather than spark ignition). This high compression causes the temperature of the air to rise.

- Tom S

Great machine to pull with or load up the family and head down the road as well.

Great truck, pulls great, I use it for work and haven't had any issues. Most days it has a trailer pulling anywhere from 10, 000 pounds up to 22, 000 pounds and it does it great. Also runs down the road very smoothly without a trailer on. I love the truck, has great space also.

- Trent S

It pulls a heavy load great.

I like that when pulling a large trailer it is like you are pulling nothing. I don't like how small to feels on the inside. Also, I do not like how it turns. It is not the easiest thing to park in an average parking space.

- Andrea D

It's a handy vehicle with good looks, good ride and capable of multiple purposes.

I like it because it's big and rides nice. Very good looking truck. I dislike it's poor gas mileage. It also seems to struggle more than expected when pulling my camper trailer.

- JD A

It is been totally dependable.

I like my truck because it has plenty of towing power. It is comfortable and has had no mechanical issues. There is nothing I dislike. I would definitely buy another one.

- Brenda M

That it drives very well and it is a very safe vehicle.

I like how comfortable the seats are. The crew cab is also very spacious. I enjoy how much power the engine puts out. I really like the mileage I get out if it as well.

- Mario G

Chevy 2500 longbow reliable and very well maintained.

After awhile the suspension got bad other than that it used a lot of gas but was reliable and still driving and just hit a 100, 000 miles but everything.

- Seth M

People should know that my truck gets good gas mileage and has great power.

I like that it is a diesel. I also like that it gets pretty decent gas mileage. I dislike that it costs so much to fill the tank up.

- Kurt G

It's so reliable. This is my second vehicle of the same model.

I have no dislikes. I love it is ability to haul my horse trailer. Has great power and is very reliable very few mechanical issues.

- Jennifer M

Well built mechanically. The engine and transmission are heavy duty enough to do a lot of jobs a 1/2 ton truck can not do.

I like the plowing power it has. Towing capabilities. Heavy duty hauling capacity. It rides nice and has power features.

- Jeff E

I feel like it is a safe car.

Carry lots of stuff, drives good, nice looking. Gas mileage is pretty good. Easy to see out of. Easy to get in & out of.

- Shirley P

It is a very safe vehicle to ride in for a family.

It rides great, smooth riding, lots of space. I don't have any complaints to post. My kids love the room in the back.

- Donna S

reliable and good fuel mileage with lots of legroom

we really like our truck it pulls the camper great. i have no complaints about it

- scott e

It is a smooth,dependable truck

IT is reliable. It was a good deal. It runs well and is easy to take care of.

- kelly B

Great speed pickup and very smooth ride for a four wheel drive vehicle.

Diesel engine runs great. Rides smooth. Great payload.

- John B

I really like how nice the truck is on the inside and that it is reliable. However it seems to use a lot of gas. I understand that is probably just because of the sheer size of it though.

It is very reliable and takes a has okay gas mileage.

- Felicia L