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This truck is a 2500 z71 crew cab.

I really like my 2014 crew cab 2500 it rides great and is comfortable. It has a lot of features like power windows, heated mirrors, dual comfort control, and what I really like is the remote start. Great in the winter! I can haul anything I need when the weather is bad in the crew cab. We have a farm and show horses and we really love this truck for pulling a 16ft horse trailer, great power, I just wish the bed was not so tall as we have to really watch with our gooseneck trailer hitting the bed going over steep hills or humps.

- Shirley S

Radio still works engine still running but bad spark plugs and burns gas.

Falling apart lights away going out no power paint is coming off just when washing electrical not working all the time key get hard to turn on tire are crappy blower stop working the only good thing is the radio still works trim is blowing off in the wind lost one hubcap I recommend Ford better than Chevy.

- Richard B

That is does all of the things this family needs and more.

I love that I can use in so many ways it is a double cab so I have room for all of my family. It is a great 4 wheel drive and can tow our family Trailer for camping and storing. It also is able to haul lumber and everything I need for all of my projects. There really isn't anything that I dislike about it.

- Charlene C

Best Chevy Silverado ever.

I love this vehicle, it is very reliable and I wouldn't trade it for anything in the world at all. I definitely plan on continuing to purchase Chevy/GMC vehicles they are awesome. Their customer service is always fantastic and I never have any trouble with anything at all.

- Ryan W

It is very comfortable around town or on the highway.

I have not had any troubles until recently where my check engine light comes on then goes off. I have done regular maintenance on the truck. Very nice riding vehicle. We take it back and forth from Maine to Connecticut at least once a month.

- Alice G

A great buy with 2014 Chevy silverado 2500hd.

The 2014 Chevrolet silverado 2500hd is a great pick up truck for everyday use or a work truck. Great for hauling whatever you need. A very quiet and comfortable ride. Very reliable, long lasting pickup truck.

- Maurice B

I love the color, the motor, very dependable

Just love my vehicle, have not had any problems with it at all since I bought it, love the look, love the style, can drive it anywhere without any problems what's so ever, wouldn't trade it in for anything

- angie p

It is comfortable and not hard to drive.

I like my truck because it is bigger than most vehicles on the road and it makes me feel safer. The gas mileage is not the best but makes up for it in the ride and style.

- Shirley T

That it is a great truck for parents with any age kid.

It's just a nice overall truck. I can haul everything in it and its nice and roomy as well. Plus don't have to worry about speed bumps as it is high off the ground.

- Sade I

I would advise people to buy the diesel engine model.

I love the appearance and spaciousness of my vehicle. It is reliable and overall a nice vehicle. I hate the poor fuel mileage and high cost to insure.

- Justin J

I ask it to pull a trailer and it has the power to do it

chevy seats are not as comfortable as they were once. One power button already doesn't work but it has the power to do what I ask it to do

- carol c

Towing ability can haul anything.

Likes, towing, fuel use, ride, looks, no complaints other than def serves no purpose headlights and fog lights hard to change.

- Tom B

It is a great work vehicle but it is a gas hog. Thank God for it being FLEX fuel.

It's a great truck. It does have some underbody rust issues. The key FOB dies after a short while. It was an expensive truck.

- Patricia B

The engine is very strong plus it is comfortable

The truck can be used for both everyday use and work. You can load up supplies that can be difficult to load in a normal car.

- Isai G

It has great gas mileage.

I do not hate anything about the vehicle! I love the gas mileage, I love all the features on the radio. No complaints.

- Brittany S

Our vehicle is incredibly safe and gets excellent gas mileage.

Tows very well. Looks good. Paint has held up. Great mileage. Strong engine. Reliable and has held its resale value.

- Melanie K

Durable and easily maintained

My vehicle is reliable, easily maintained, very comfortable and has all the features I need. Plenty of room.

- Ryan B

Towing ability comfort looks.

No problems. Great fuel mileage, reliable, great ride, super towing, Bluetooth, OnStar, exhaust break,

- Thomas B

It's safety features are great Incase you would need them.

I love the look of it. I love the accessories it has. I love that we can use the bed of the truck.

- Bonnie O

Powerful beast and heavy duty towing machine fuel efficient

Powerful, heavy duty and no problems whatsoever and would buy again!

- Tim S

it is a very useful type of vehicle when moving from one state to another

sturdy but a little bit bigger for me to drive in a city

- lluvia f