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Perfect for work or family

I love this truck. It drives great and has plenty of room for my family. I have 3 booster seats in the back for my kids (6, 7.5, and 9 years old), and they have more than enough room. We use it is an everyday driver, for family road trips, and my husband occasionally uses it to tow a trailer full of trees for his landscaping company. It is perfect for us. I love that it doesn't have all the technology of the other newer vehicles. It is simple yet versatile and gets the job done.

- Grace T

Best truck on the market, hands down

The truck does everything it's supposed to do and more. Amazing power for towing, payload or simply driving. It's comfortable, and the interior is loaded with options, and extremely nice. The crew cab offers more than enough room for my family, as well as my tools if needed. Added features like MyLink and wireless chargers in the center console send the truck to the next level. Duramax and Allison are hard to beat as a reliable powertrain.

- Todd V

Silver Chevrolet Silverado 4 wheel drive

My 2016 Silverado has been the best truck I've ever had. Its performance is great, and looks great. The tires can bring you cross country, and is very stable to get you where you want to go. When you drive, it's very smooth. In the interior, an absolute beauty. You got all the nice Chevy MyLink features. It's also great to have the 6 seats if you bring company. I love this truck!

- Cris G

Awesome truck, great power, tons of uses.

Absolutely love this truck. The navigation screen is big enough to see everything. The truck site up very high. The interior is very spacious. Heated and cooled seats are a must. Suspension is great, rides smooth. Only thing I am not sure about is the tires. I can't tell if I like them or not, but I am expecting once they are all worn i'll get a different tire.

- Shane F

Comfortable ride, pulls like a dream.

It is hard to say anything bad about this vehicle. It rides very nice and pulls the utility trailer like a dream. I have been a lifelong Chevy person and have always had reliable trucks. If I had to change one thing it would be the difficulty of doing an oil change myself, or changing the headlights without professional help.

- Lisa C

I love the size and clean lines.

There are no problems with it, so far it has been really reliable. We had a GMC sierra before this model, so we really like the GMC trucks. The interior is spacious, the back up cam is helpful and the tow package has been great for two cross country moves, we have a crew cab so it fits our kids with comfort as well.

- Jessica L

I love that my truck looks good and is reliable

Truck rides great, handles good, has no problem towing 12,000 pounds. Seats are super comfortable in the front and back. Truck has 60k miles on it and haven't had any issues with it at all. Use it as a daily driver and it's amazing. It gets 22 miles to the gallon on the highway and 17 in the city.

- Mason R

Great power with great fuel economy.

Very powerful, extremely comfortable on long trips and very safe with 4 wheel drive, and the diesel gets surprisingly great mileage. It is also quite good looking and looks very aggressive with big tires and power running boards. The interior is as nice as any luxury car as well.

- William W

Excellent vehicle for anyone!

Plenty of room for my entire family and all our baggage, lots of options, very powerful, can pull a lot. Great performance from this truck. I know we will have this truck for a long time! The only thing that has not worked for us is the charging station on the center console.

- Candace D

The pros and cons of the 2016 Chevy Silverado 2500 HD.

I love that my truck is really tough. I love the way it looks. I believe that Chevy trucks are incredibly reliable and safe. The things I don't like are that the side mirrors are too big creating a blind spot. Also the back seat isn't so comfortable.

- Mary S

Great truck that does what a truck is supposed to do.

Have had no quality issues since purchase. Performance has been good. Pull a travel trailer and truck has performed well. It is a large v8 . Sometimes could use the power of diesel but do not miss the high cost of diesel maintenance.

- ray r

Comes with towing package and built in trailer brakes.

I really like that it came with tow mirrors, tow package, larger screen for GPS use and backup camera. Like that the seats fold up in the back for towing. Auto back window. Only thing I find annoying is the wide turning radius.

- Laurie k

It is very dependable and stood up very well in crash keeping everyone safe.

It is comfortable to drive and it always starts without a problems. I never have a problem getting to where I'm going and home no matter what the roads are like. Lots of comfort features.

- Rance C

Love the room we have in the truck and the wifi is a huge plus

We have plenty of legroom the kids love the wifi it can pull our family camper with ease we have not had any performance problems at all. Onstar has opened our truck numerous times

- Beth H

It is very a very safe and dependable vehicle. I never worry about me or my kids while on the road.

I love the power and size. The dependability. It is extremely safe. And the towing capacity is amazing! I don't like that there are no air conditioning vents in the back seat.

- Jessica M

It is a reliable vehicle and versatile for almost everything. Kinda pricey, but worth it.

The performance of it is great, as far as towing and pulling trailers. The four wheel drive is rarely needed, the diesel economy is pretty good as far as miles per gallon.

- David K

Powerful truck to haul anything

It has everything I need in a heavy duty work truck. I can haul or tow anything I want. It has the power to go up hills and is a comfortable truck for long trips

- Rusty M

If you need or want serious power buy the diesel engine.

Performance on this truck is overall good. But it lacks in pulling power. I am pleased with the interior and exterior look of the truck.

- Cindy D

I have owned a Chevy for the last 25 years trouble free.

I have no problems with my truck at all. It works well, is dependable and looks great. I have driven Chevy for the last 25 years.

- Greg A

Power and exceptional fuel economy for a 3 1/2 ton vehicle

Excellent power, remarkable fuel economy and very comfortable and roomy. Very nice interior and comfortable seats

- William S

Easy for r others to steal or get into to steal your items.

Rides great, like the dashboard very easy to read. The seats are comfortable. Fits well for work and for pleasure.

- Melody S

Carries a lot of weight, with all my work gear and my family

I like the fact that I can use at work on construction site. Its roomy for whole family. I like Big Chevy Trucks!

- Josh H

it is fun & easy to drive.very easy to use the controls

it makes my life easy.it could get better gas mileage.easy to drive

- mike b

It pulls great. I've never had any problem with it

good truck. it is very dependable. does everything i need it to

- jeremy r

I have had some issue with the front axle.. which turned out to be recalled, but other than that, this has been a GREAT truck! Sounds manly when it starts up and is tough looking!

Other than the axle issue it has been very reliable!

- Shawn H