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This truck is like a spaceship.

This truck has an air conditioned steering wheel! The seats have a button you can push that will blow cold hair up your shirt to cool you down. There's a spot on the console where you can put your cell phone and it automatically charges it. The back-up camera is incredibly accurate and also really clear, even at night. The break and gas pedals have a button that will move them forward for you if you are insanely short like me. And! There's a Wifi hotspot in the truck. The radio can be rewound, fast forwarded, and paused. I am almost positive there are other features that I haven't discovered yet.

- Alexandria D

Ceo office hits any terrain, not for the faint in heart pure luxury.

Performance is pure. Beauty and pulling power, being a hit to all that come in contact with the truck its a conversation piece. Fueling is pure diesel. Must be treated with pure LLC and maintained. Gives me no problem, once maintenance is monitored on a regular the truck keeps on. I find the strength of speed will determine the fuel mileage so be gentle on the gas pedal.

- Stacy E

Great vehicle altogether.

I like the mileage. Currently getting 24 miles per gallon. The vehicle is very durable in my opinion. I had someone fender bender me before and there wasn't even a dent in my truck. If bought used you can get a really good price on the truck. Oil changes on the vehicle isn't cheap so that's the major downside on the vehicle I think I have with it.

- Christian M

My Chevy Silverado 2500 rocks!

I love my Chevy Silverado 2500! I live and work travelling full-time and haul a 30-foot 5th wheel with it, and it rocks! I have the trailer package, which is really helpful. I only wish the model was readily available in colors other than white. I will definitely purchase again!

- Cynthia B

The right size truck for me.

I like the extra room in the back seat and the shorter bed for fitting in areas and backing up. The dash and touch screen are easy and user friendly. Really like the way handling and how it drives in uneven terrain and snow, sleet type weather.

- Jill B

Love the 2018 Chevy Duramax 2500.

No problems with performance. Excellent turning radius. Basic package, with cloth interior, and the seats are very comfortable. The back seats fold up for lots of storage.

- Cj K

Great truck! Would recommend to everyone

Great truck. Ride is comfortable and is a pleasure to drive. I've had no problems so far. The pill is great and it fits the whole family comfortably

- Mary E

It's a 4x4 this is very important to me because I'm always using it and it works great

This truck has been the best truck I have ever bought. Its strong fast and most of all unbelievably comfortable. The leather vented seats are great

- Forrest G

Chevrolet Buyers for Life

We love Chevrolet vehicles. They last long and are dependable. These are quality made vehicles. We have not had any issues with this vehicle.

- Andrea M

Great towing capacity that I always wanted

Has the power to tow anything I need. Diesel engine gets good mileage. No complaints, should have bought a diesel years ago.

- Calvin G

The most important thing about it, is that it is been very reliable.

It is fully loaded with camera, safety devices, and the towing in the best! There is not anything I do not like about it.

- Eliza S

Can pull anything you need it to

Great truck. I love the fact that the touch screen has apple carplay this makes using the gps on your phone super easy.

- Richard M

Blue dream camper hauler!

No problems at all so far. I do wish I had volume control on the steering wheel. Great for pulling my camper!

- John R