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Road tripping in the Chevy Silverado.

We absolutely love our Chevy Silverado and recently took the vehicle on a very long road trip. The road trip was twenty-two hours one way so comfort means everything. We were very pleased at the comfort level throughout our Journey and the amount of room we had for our belongings was great. We have driven this ride in the past and suffered from cramping in our legs and hurt backs. We had no complaints now that we bought our Silverado. The truck also ran excellent and the "onstar" feature was another benefit. I recommend the purchase of this vehicle to anyone. The only negative is that the trucks sucks up a lot of gas.

- Renee H

Chevy makes a great product and stands behind what they build.

it's been a great vehicle.I think it should get better gas mileage. I love the air conditioned seats, Chevy was seamless during the purchase. Great service in general upkeep. We have had a smell, it happens in the winter and in the summer, we have changed all the filters, still haven't been able to figure it out. We got the leather seats, for a 3500 series it has great comfort. I would like to see the option of having the traction control off as standard, with the option to turn it on.

- Kelly S

My Chevy 3500 is so amazing!

The only complaint I have about this vehicle is the multimedia/apple play feature..when a phone is plugged in to the truck, it will connect and disconnect multiple times and interrupt the music, phone call, GPS, etc. it's extremely inconvenient. We have changed cords multiple times and the issue still happens.

- Kari K

Reliable and sturdy and trustworthy.

My car is sturdy and reliable, I can trust it to perform when I need it. I never worry about problems of crashing or the car breaking down. I highly suggest and recommend other people to purchase the same vehicle I own. I would give it a 10/10 review and say the style and comfort is also outstanding.

- Matthew D

comfort and technology is amazing

This vehicle is very reliable and comfortable. I have driven for 2 years and have no complaints. I did have to replace a part for the monitoring system. However, I think you will find this with all vehicles considering the amount of technology. Is all around a nice truck!

- Jennie P

The good and bad of the Chevy 3500 hd.

The ride is perfect, the trim package is very comfortable, the fuel mileage is reasonable, and the driver comfort is above par. The only problem I have had with the truck are: blew a boost tube at the turbo. Easily fixed if Chevy would use a band-clamp instead of a crimp.

- Glenn C

3500 Chevy Silverado dependable and durable.

Knock on wood we have had no issues with our truck. However we have had issues with getting the dealership to work on the truck. It is a reliable and dependable truck. It rides smooth and is super quiet. The greatest thing about traveling in the truck is the comfort level.

- Lauren C

That it's safe, roomy, able to move large items, and a great looking truck.

I love the convenience of having a good sized truck to begin with, I live how it looks, that I can move large things, the interior and the size. Also how safe it is.

- Alisha S

I really like the look and size of the truck

Honestly just a beautiful truck overall, you can pick up a pallet of block and deliver it anywhere, yet you can get inside and feel like you're in a luxury vehicle.

- Eric Y

excellent luxury and comfort

excellent vehicle for the family work power double traction double cabin wide load a little hard but in comparison with a pickup truck I recommend it.

- maikol e

The transmission is messed up and will shake alot.

My car is a 05/06 Chevy Cobalt, it really isn't a car, it has gotten me to where I need to go. It has had some issues but nothing horrible.

- Tiffany F

We will always buy Chevy!!

It has been a great reliable vehicle. We towed a trailer across the USA and had no problems! We will always buy Chevy vehicles.

- Morga y




It doesn't ride like a normal truck.

Love the color. Great seat layout. Love themed liner

- Mark W