2003 Chevrolet Silverado SS Owner Reviews & Problems


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Amazing truck and go get it now.

The main problem is the lights but over then that its perfect. The performance on it is dependable since I travel back and forth from work. The reliability is impeccable, it gets me where I need to get when I need to. It's a smooth ride and gas efficient. I have to refuel once a week.

- Rob P

My vehicle is solid and dependable. The winter can be a bit rough in Ohio but my husband never has to worry about getting to work.

It is a fairly dependable vehicle but since we bought it used, it had more issues than we anticipated. Once we get everything fixed, the only thing I will have to complain about is the rust.

- Deanna H

It was reliable and felt safe. It also could pull our boat or load large items

The car has run well and has had few minor issues that needed fixing. Was a great vehicle for loading large items or for yard work.

- Elizabeth D