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The Chevy sonic, all that is included in this nice smaller car.

Nice smaller car. drives very smoothly. Has as much room as some small SUVs. This has been a very dependable vehicle for my whole family. My husband has a truck so when we go somewhere ad a family we generally take my car. My car had almost 70, 000 miles on it and I have had very few repairs. When I purchased the car new I received my car with a nice warranty. Has a nice stereo system that my kids enjoy also. I have had my vehicle for about 4 years and have been very pleased. I am a Chevy fan and have owned several Chevy vehicles. The Chevy sonic is a nice affordable vehicle that is a nice size for about 4 people. I would consider it small to mid size. I go lots of places and have had good luck with my car. It had always been dependable and that is important to me because I haul kids and kids friends all over the place like so many parent do. I like the interior of the vehicle also. It is easy to clean and looks very modern. The seats are very comfortable as well. It has armrests that. You can use or set up if you would prefer not using them. I really do not have any complaints with this vehicle. The vehicle also has nice trunk space. Probably the only thing that I wish my. Car had would be a CD player and that is just because I am one of the very few that still like to listen to CDs. I get great gas mileage which is great for how much I am on the run all of the time. That was one of the main reasons I chose a car over an SUV. With current gas prices I normally full my tank for about 25 dollars and it usually lasts me about a week depending on how much I am driving. I have been very happy with my vehicle and if you are a small to midsize car Person then a Chevy sonic is a great. Choice.

- Ashlee G

Great starter car, not great for a growing family.

I picked the car from the lot based on the lights. Per the salesman, fog lights meant loaded features. I was going for the cheapest option and a color I enjoyed. I needed a car and fast. This meant I ended up with no power windows--a choice I regret very often. No cruise control either. Growing up with both, I was mistaken in thinking these are features automatically included in any vehicle. Now that I have a child, the size of the interior is not the greatest for hauling a child and adult passenger. Not much room for a car seat with a comfortable adult in the front. Handles well in all weather conditions. Reliable warning lights for oil, low gas, etc.

- Mary G

Perfect car for college and individual person!

Great car. I bought it used, but I have done regular routine maintenance on it. Has not let me down yet. Drives beautifully. I have the ability to start the car remotely with the key which is great on cold mornings. The heater is already blowing warm air when I get in. Handles very nicely, and has a lot of room in the back seat. My trunk is spacious. The Bluetooth works great. People tell me there is a light whistling noise, but I do not know if that is the car or their phone. Sound system is really nice for stock system.

- Star C

A smooth ride, that is decent on gas. At a good price.

Solid car. It had a few small issues over the first few years, but nothing expensive. The shifter button broke randomly, the gas regulator( I forget its name) broke twice. Had to get an aftermarket torque converter less than a year after purchase (paid under warranty, luckily) but it is good on gas! Also, it is higher up than most cars her size, wind gets under her on the highway. But its not bad. Overall shes good for what she is. Moderate ride, better than moderate gas. Great head room!

- Kevin G

My compact Chevy sonic ls. The car drives great the car really hugs that road.

Sonic is a great car to drive. The only problem I had is that the tires had to be replaced shortly after I bought the car and that never should have been. And the air conditioner could be cooler. But it's a fun car to drive. The car also didn't come with a CD. Player, 15 k. doesn't include a CD player. that's total bull! Chevy is very wrong on this issue!! What can a CD player cost seriously! ! And the rear tail lights have to be real designed, they look just awful.

- Bob W

2014 Chevy Sonic- after 100, 000 miles.

Having bucket seats in a car is amazing. The car handles amazing and problems did not start until after hitting 100, 000 miles. Parts for the car are inexpensive but poorly made. When one problem arises, everything else breaks. Car is simple to fix with just searching the issue online and having simple instructions. Easy to access all parts. Biggest complaint when I first purchased the car was the driver's seat has an arm rest but the passenger seat does not.

- Valerie H

The Chevy Sonic is a great car.

This vehicle had no problems the first year or so. I have had to take my car to the dealership multiple times for problems with the engine. The car is a great size for smaller people and people that do not have car seats in the back. My experience with the size of the car is not good. It is much too small for my family of four. No room up front with two car seats in the back. It has never broken down only small, easy fixes to things under the hood.

- Jennifer D

Overall great car, especially for commuting to work.

The Chevy sonic has been a great car. I bought it brand new from a dealership. The vehicle gets great gas mileage. I have had a couple of parts I have had to replace such as a thermostat. I do drive a lot between home and work. Overall no big problems especially for the almost 120, 00 miles I have put on it. The car can fit 5 people but if they are big people it may be a little cramped. It has a pretty good sized trunk.

- Francisco Y

Great mileage, small gas tank.

I love my car, it gets great gas mileage. Only thing I wish it had was the touch screen radio like the year prior and the years newer. I get about 330 miles to a tank, which for only a 12 gallon tank is pretty good! The bumper can also take a hit. I have been in 2 rear end collisions with my car, and barely a dent is seen. Obviously there was damage, but couldn't be seen by the untrained eye.

- Heather N

It is sky blue and gorgeous.

The Chevy sonic is a great car that I love so much. It is very reliable and is a nice smooth drive. There is plenty of room and great trunk space. There were some issues in the beginning, some recalls, but now there's no issue. The car dealership, where I get my car serviced, has great customer service and mechanics. They easily work with my schedule and know how to fix any issues.

- Amanda M

Full of extras and a reliable car.

The car is pretty nice and reliable. It is just a little small though. It has Bluetooth which is pretty awesome. And it has controls on the steering wheel for the radio and cruise control. It also has power mirrors which helps a lot. The seats are really comfy for when I take my two hour drives to another city to visit my family the trunk is pretty spacious.

- Arden C

Chevrolet sonic is such an amazing reliable car.

I love the Chevy sonic! It gets me from point A to B perfect.ly. It is a very reliable car, great on gas and very roomy inside although it is small enough to fit in a small parking space. I would recommend this car to someone who drives a lot whether in town or out of town. It is also Bluetooth so you can listen to your favorite music from your phone!

- Julianna R

Chevy sonic is a safe reliable comfortable car.

My sonic is very comfortable, even the back is nice to ride in. Fuel usage could be better, but it always could. Overall, it get pretty good gas mileage. I feel safe in it, with the airbags, and other safety features. About the only thing I don't like is that my car does not have cruise control. That is definitely one thing I would change if I could.

- Amanda W

Small but capable of efficient and comfortable travel.

My car is a ltz model. It has a great stereo system, built in USB port, and heated seats. It runs well and has great gas mileage. I do not like that it is smaller than my previous car but the back seats fold down and open to the trunk. I would recommend this type of vehicle because it is efficient, reliable, and provides value for the money.

- Jennifer S

My vehicle is a small 4 door sedan. It has a great mpg at 30 mpg. Very cheap to fuel!

I have a very nice vehicle. I rushed into buying it. I bought it brand new and was more excited about having a new vehicle instead of thinking about how the vehicle would fit me for the future. The gas mileage is great but the car does not have enough room. I wish I would've spent a little more money for something more luxurious and roomier.

- Jess g

Sonic- Love Chevrolet cars- close to car dealer, get service there.

My car is a 5-door hatchback with wiper on the back and easy to drive and feel comfortable in it. There is room for passengers, I am able to tell the speed I am driving. My headlights come on if it is dark or raining. The car is small enough to get through small areas and feels good size. The price is less than twenty thousand dollars.

- Allan S

A great little car with an easy drive!

I have had no problems with my vehicle--except for when my mode-shift lever had its button smashed in (or weakened by the prior owner, since I do not smash in my vehicle's parts!) And the ignition refused to give up my key without 10 minutes of turning it off and on again. Frustrating! But once that was fixed, it ran like a charm again.

- Jeremy S

Compact, affordable, and attractive car.

I love my Chevy sonic. The design is very appealing, and I receive compliments on my car’s unique color and style several times a week (usually in parking lots or drive-thru windows). I get great gas mileage, there’s a spacious interior, and I have had very few problems with this car. I love it and am glad I purchased this ride.

- Kristen K

Cute, reliable, average gas mileage.

My Chevy sonic gets fewer miles per gallon than advertised and handles poorly in winter weather. However it is been mechanically reliable and has not had any significant issues (beyond expected maintenance) in 5+ years. It drives like any other basic car and there is not anything else not able to share. It is a good car, but small.

- Suzanne W

Great car at great price.

Car is great on gas. Trunk is pretty spacious for a small car. Not good for a rear-facing car-seat. Love my remote start. But the best feature is the safety. This is my 2nd sonic. My son totaled my first sonic, but my boys remained safe. Every airbag deployed and they remained safe. This is the reason I purchased my second sonic.

- Anna R

Where to take it if something goes wrong and the comfortable sit.

If something goes wrong with the engine, you would have to take it to the dealership and no other place else. But, it runs wonderfully and the air conditioner works fantastically. It great for mostly women and college students. You can fit three people in the back while two people can sit in the front. Or two babies in the back.

- Edith B

Tiny hatchback packs a big punch.

I like that the car has very few bells and whistles. I like that it is still manual and is not difficult to maneuver especially since it is small enough to navigate in the city. It also gets great mileage especially on long commutes and drives. The only drawback is that over time the button on the shifter gets repeatedly stuck.

- La D

It is smaller sized car that is safe and good on gas.

It is very reliable and safe to drive. It is easy to drive due to the small build of the car. It is also very good on gas. I do not like that the front passenger seat does not have an armrest. I wouldn't recommend this vehicle for someone who is taller as I have seen people who are tall try to drive it and it does not fit.

- Bianca D

The highlight of the vehicle is the Bluetooth feature.

I really enjoy the design on the inside of the car. The seats are really nice and the truck is large. It runs smoothly I've had no problems so far. I like the Bluetooth speaker its my favorite thing about the car. The outside is sleek and simple and I really like that. The car have really cool features that are innovative.

- Samantha G

Its just wrong that it's not standard.

My sonic is a great driving car. I am very sad my Chevy sonic ls. didn't come with a CD. Player in the car from the factory. The air conditioner could be cooler in the summer time of year. The sonic is very good on gas. And is also easy on car insurance rates. The car is. A pleasure to drive. It hugs the road as you drive.

- Bob W

My 2014 Chevy Sonic. It handles great. It has a back up camera, cruise control.

My Sonic has been good so far, I have not had any problems with it so far. It is easy on gas, it handles good in bad weather. My seats are heated, and not to hot. I love the way it let's you know when it is time to change the oil, and the tire pressure is low. Along with other features, so far I am so pleased with my car.

- Rose R

Small yet roomy little car.

Check engine light comes on a lot, other than that it is a perfect little car, great power roomy to be so small. Shifts gears well, idle is always consistent. Seats are comfy, back seat head rests were in my line of sight personally but once I took them out I have no issues at all and absolutely love my little car!

- Christy H

Pros and cons of a 2014 Chevy sonic.

Brand new cars should not have pull down windows still. I do not care if this is most basic car in year 2014 cars should have power windows. Reliability is great as long as you keep up with maintenance. Loud stereo but factory parts had to replaced only after 9 months of having car, thankfully I had gap coverage.

- Mary Q

The sonic has 0 value once it leaves the lot.

The sonic is a small car and does not use a lot of gas, that is the good thing about it. But I have already started to have problems with the car and I have only had it for 3 years. Right now I am dealing with it idling to 3 or 4 when I put it in park. Also the check engine light is on and no one can get it off.

- Jean J

It's a decent vehicle with good amenities but a few small ongoing mechanical issues.

I bought it used and discovered a few mechanical problems that had to be repaired after purchase. I had an issue with oil leaking, one of my headlights burned out, I had to have some hoses replaced, and a few other issues. All on a relatively low mileage vehicle. I felt like it was too soon to have those issues.

- Amy R

The most important thing to know about my car is that passengers in the back seat may have trouble if they have long legs.

I bought this car in February. I like the gas mileage and the size of the vehicle. I like the trunk space and controls on the steering wheel. I love having remote start! I dislike not being able to move my seat with buttons on the side and a motor. I have to pump it up with a lever and slide it forward yourself.

- Katherine D

It is a compact car it is not too roomy but for just me, it works.

It is a great car. Some mechanical issues are occurring. It is good on gas. Has a great stereo. It is a cute and fun car and I have driven it back and forth to Texas a few times. So far it is been reliable. I would recommend a Chevy Sonic to my friends and family or anyone interested in purchasing a Chevrolet.

- Jordan H

Perfect for a small family.

Decent gas mileage; quite a bit of cargo space but not as much as you probably think. Rides pretty smooth. Infotainment center is nice and easy to use. Heated seats. Plenty of airbags. Digital meters are convenient. The extra sort of glove compartment with the USB and auxiliary ports in it is very convenient.

- Maia G

It provides very good around town transportation at a low maintenance and initial purchase price.

I like the relatively good fuel economy, the quiet ride for the car's size and the general build quality of the car. I dislike the acceleration and the sluggishness sometimes experienced when driving and starting. A complaint would be the lack of flexibility as well as performance compared to a Honda Fit.

- Pete F

My cool Chevy sonic is a good car for the price.

It is perfectly suited to me. It is the perfect size, has all of the things I wanted and is excellent on fuel consumption. I have had it since 2014, and only one thing needed repaired. The ride is smooth and it steers well. I will only trade it in for another Chevy and would highly recommend it to others.

- Lorena W

Even though it is little, it is good in snow.

What I like about the Chevy sonic is the size, mine is the hatchback and I can maneuver all the congested city streets. It came with all the needed amenities and that is what I wanted. If I had to pick a dislike, I would perhaps say that the Bluetooth can be a little fussy. But really, it is a great car.

- Leah D

Quick review of the 2014 Chevy sonic.

Great smaller sized vehicle that still has plenty of legroom. Back seats fold down which makes it nice for hauling large items. Small front end which makes for easy parking. Engine is a little sluggish on acceleration but once it gets going she cruises along nicely. Great high beams. Nice sound system.

- Stephanie E

It's a great little car but be careful of blind spots when changing lanes or backing up. I do wish it came with a back up camera given it has a touch screen.

I love how compact the car is but has lots of room for my camping stuff. Also when taking road trips it can fit 2 medium suitcases in the back and I love how it has hidden storage in the back where a panel lifts up and you can put smaller travel items under where your suitcases will sit in the back.

- Heather M

The 2014 Chevrolet Sonic hatchback is a spacious economy car.

The Sonic for me has been a very fun and reliable car. It has great gas mileage, and it is pretty roomie for the size of the car. They only problem I had with mine was that the battery went out at only about 60, 000 miles. One of my favorite features in the Bluetooth radio for music and phone calls.

- Taylor J

It can turn really good and rides well.

It does not drive very well on slippery roads, snow and ice. It tends to fog up easily. It does not have a disc player. I constantly have trouble with syncing my phone with the car and can barely hear it when it is synced. It do like the size and the space I have in the car when the seats are down.

- Kathy A

The car gets 33.7 miles per gallon.

I like the style of my vehicle (not too large; not too small). I like the radio because it's a touchscreen and easy to use. The seats are comfortable and adjustable. The car is easy to drive. The air conditioner is great if you're sitting in the front seat but the back seat is a little warm.

- Esther K

Love my sonic, it is been a great car so far!

Love my sonic ltz, it is very roomy and seats are extremely comfortable! It gets great gas mileage! Car rides smoothly and quietly! Has great features! As to date I have had no mechanical issues! There were a few recalls on this car, all minor and resolved quickly! The hatch area is very roomy!

- Mary M

It's a hatchback with modern gadgets. The touch screen and fuel economy are very nice to have. The hatchback makes it possible to travel with much bigger loads than you would think for a smaller vehicle.

Overall, I really do like it. It fits the functionality, versatility, and affordability that I was looking for in purchasing a vehicle. There have been some big issues to get fixed though which is why I gave it 4 stars. Fortunately, we purchased an extended warranty to help cover those issues.

- Jordan S

Sonic... Decent little car, but a few disappointments!

Pros: the Chevy sonic is a decent little car, that is good on gas. The car handles fairly well for a small car. . Cons: have had to replace oxygen sensor, mass airflow sensor, fuel purge valve, and gear shift engagement button...And this is a 2014 with just 67,000 miles and was purchased new!

- Alan F

Great little car with features you would expect to find on a bigger car.

I have not had any problems with this car. It is fun to drive and I like having control on the features on the steering wheel. The seats are very comfortable. The trunk has ample room for groceries or packages. There is plenty of room in the back for kids. You must test drive one. It is fun.

- Karen B

Its small, four door four cylinder engine vehicle that's turbo charged.

I love it because it is a very small four cylinder engine car(easy on gas). I love it because it has a small turbo on it from factory. Only bad thing is I wish it had more room, to haul things or fit more groceries in and more leg room for my child since she is growing up and getting bigger.

- John L

A cute, practical car. Perfect for first-time drivers.

I have the Sonic let, so it is fully loaded and features are automatic (windows, locks). I go to university an hour and a half away, so for 2 years it has been driven 160 miles or more at least twice a week. It has lost most of it is power, but still a solid, reliable vehicle. Cute too!

- Kate R

Short person's dream car and fun to drive.

Only issue has been the a/c thermostat. It needs replacing. Gets great gas mileage, is roomy and fun to drive. It was reasonably priced and easy to park. I am short at 5'2" so it fits me well. I have roll up windows which is fine since any electrical windows I have had before broke.

- Laura S

Chevrolet vehicles work best when worked on by Chevrolet dealers.

If something big goes wrong with it, you have to take it back to the dealer and no place else. Like mechanical issues that involve anything under the hood. Especially the engine and sometimes the air conditioning. But, the air conditioning does work wonderful as long as you have it.

- Edith B

It is compact, so not always easy to fit things in there.

It is a really convenient vehicle to own. It does not hurt the pocket when having to fill the tank. It is really light weight vehicle. I enjoy the dual AUX ports, and the ability to make the cigarette lighter into another charging station. Many convenient storage pockets as well.

- Kayla B

Nice size trunk with lots of space for groceries or luggage.

My Chevy Sonic is a cute bright blue car I call Bluebird. It's easy to park and looks nice. I don't like that it has hesitation when you start and there is barely any power. The interior is very small with minimal leg room and no arm rest. Very uncomfortable to sit in and drive.

- Evelyn S

Fantastic gas mileage for a compact but reliable car.

Comfortable, good gas mileage, do not like that the driver and passenger share an armrest. There is also a server blind spot in rear due to design. I have almost hit a car and a motorcycle because of this problem. The car is small but still roomy to haul 5 grown people around.

- Melissa M

2014 Chevy Sonic will surprise you in a good way!

Great gas mileage on average 36 mpg and more on the highway. Back seats fold down for hauling longer items. Comfortable and feels roomy when sitting in the front seat even though its a compact car. Great to park in smaller spots and have plenty of room. All around great car.

- Lori G

I like that is has a Bluetooth and touchscreen radio.

It is missing a passenger side armrest. However, it is great on gas mileage in town and on the road. The hatchback feature is also great and has a lot of room for. Your stuff. It is not very sturdy though and is not very safe, as well. However, it is more bang for your buck.

- Jessica B

It has a lot of mechanical issues and seems to be known for this

I like the size of the vehicle and the gas mileage on it. I also enjoy the design. It's a little different than other cars on the market. However, I have not had this car long and have had many mechanical issues. My ac is constantly having problems and costing a lot of money

- Alyssia G

Wonderful car for families or for singles.

Very reliable car, smooth riding. Good for local use, also very reliable for longer trips. I have loved having this car. Comfortable, serviceable. Good for a family or for a single person. Pack a picnic and go wherever you please! I know you will be happy with this vehicle!

- Ellen E

Used Chevy Sonic is the best car I've ever had!

I bought a used car so it already had quite a few miles on it, but despite being used frequently before I got it, the car is in perfect condition and shows no signs of being a 4 year old used car. Steering is good, acceleration is good, speakers are adjustable and amazing!

- Caitlin W

Small car costs without small car paint.

I like the size and initial price. It has reasonable "get up and go" power while also having good fuel efficiency. The amenities are nice: cell phone connection, cruise control, sound system (including auxiliary inputs), places to plug my devices to charge their batteries.

- David B

Do not ignore any of the lights that turn on, they always warn you about something serious and will help save you about $500

It's a nice reliable car when it wants to be, it's really cozy but there's enough space for a family of 3 or 4, it runs pretty smooth but you have to be maintaining it regularly but it will give you several problems down the line, if you buy it used, GET IT CHECKED BEFORE

- Alejandro M

Sonic - sleek and affordable car.

I have had no serious problems with my Chevy sonic. I love the sleek, compact style, and it drives so smoothly. It is a very affordable car, both to purchase and to drive (gas mileage). I am very happy with my car decision and receive numerous compliments all the time.

- Kristen D

Traveling in my Carolina bluebird car.

I really love the size and Carolina blue color of my car. I can park anywhere. Also I have a lot of compartments to store stuff. I have took my car camping to Colorado, Arizona, Utah. I am even able to sleep in my car. Also my gas mileage is about 30 miles per gallon.

- Renee W

Very dependable nice small size car.

My car is very comfortable and rides smooth. It is good on gas and small which is easy to handle. I have not had any problems yet with my car and is very dependable for me and my daughter. My car has heated leather seats, automatic start, back up camera and XM radio.

- Danielle S

My Chevy sonic is probably my most favorite car. It picks up speed super fast.

The only problem I have is that the car is too small, I find when I get people to get in my car with me that we are crammed I wish the car had more space. I'd also like to see a better stereo system as well and more features. Mine has Bluetooth but has no CD option.

- Tanya D

Best mileage in a small car.

It drives great and gets good gas mileage. But it is my daughters car and it is really small. I prefer a car with more inside room. Only 4 people can ride comfortably in it so it is not ideal for long trips. It had not had any mechanical problems since I bought it.

- Margaret S

Black. Four-door. Tinted windows.

I love my Chevrolet Sonic. It is a great vehicle for the price. Comfortable, sporty, reliable. Great trunk space. It is gotten me through a lot of traveling thus far. Great road-tripping car. I'd recommend it to anyone looking for a vehicle in this specific class.

- Nelson P

A good reliable car, with good gas mileage.

I like my 2014 sonic. It's been very dependable. Its small but comfortable. It's very good with gas mileage especially during long trips using the interstate. I would recommend this car especially for people who have to drive far distances. It drives very smooth.

- Andrea J

Perfect small car for driving long distances.

Check engine light has been on once. Good gas mileage. Comfortable with Bluetooth. Power windows. Replaced battery once. Driven 88000 miles on it since 2014 and battery and check engine light are only issues. Fixed now. Good performance overall. Back up camera.

- Tara E

The Sonic is the best purchase!

I have not had any problems since I bought this car in 2013. It is a very reliable car. The captains chair makes it very comfortable. It has great features such as hands free calling and USB ports. I really enjoy this car and plan on keeping it for a long time.

- Carolyn H

Fuel efficiency is amazing!!

The Chevy Sonic is a great automobile. I love how comfortable it is. The gas mileage is amazing. I only need to fill the car up once a week, sometimes once every two weeks. I like how compact it is, there is still tons of room in the trunk too. I love this car.

- April W

2014 Chevy sonic lt sedan.

Really good gas mileage. Very dependable vehicle. Great car for a good sized family. Features AM/FM radio, Bluetooth, XM radio. Other features are traction control, daytime running lights and remote start. Comfort is a 8/10. No problems I have experienced yet.

- Cameron V

Best eco car for a family.

This car has great performance, is always reliable, has incredibly great gas mileage, and we love the hatchback. It's super roomy, you can push the back seats down and even fit large items in for moving! And it has more legroom than you'd think for an eco car.

- Darlie R

I enjoy the hands free phone option and the vehicle gets great gas mileage.

Around 5000 miles the transmission needed to be replaced. The turbo has gone out twice. The heating core 3 times. The windows no longer roll up or down, the heater/ac knob will not turn, electrical issues and mechanical issues have been plentiful since day 1.

- Monica N

I love my sonic and you will also.

My vehicle is great on gas. Has a very sporty look. Very roomy. The children love it. Very easy to maintain. Love the color. I would get another in the future. Leg space is great in the front as well the back seat. The trunk is very spacious. I love my car.

- Monica Y

Why I love my Chevy Sonic.

I have had my 2014 Sonic for about 4 to 5 years now. I have not had any problems with this vehicle. It is affordable and good on gas. Not much maintenance needed at all. I love this car. Also, oil changes are inexpensive. Best investment I have ever made.

- Nicole P

My favorite features include the touchscreen radio, wireless Bluetooth.

Right now, my a/c and evap part need replaced/fixed. Besides that, my car is the perfect size for me. Great sized trunk, all the seats fold down if need be. Bluetooth radio, cruise control, etc.. I know I can rely on my car to get me to everywhere I go.

- Katie N

Overall good small compact car.

Overall good car. Small on the compact scale but not a bad car. Trunk has adequate space but leg room is lacking as well as room between seats in the front. Leg space is a bit cramped in the back and I really have no use for the card slot on the dash.

- Bobbi B

Reliable, handles great, but don't rely on it in heavy snow.

It's a standard vehicle I should of gotten it fully loaded. It started showing signs of engine failure at 90000 miles and none of it was covered under the warranty. But drives good and is now reliable again after getting fixed. I would buy it again.

- Frank G

It has twin turbos in the engine.

My car has had a few issues engine wise and it is just now a 4 year old car with less than 100,000 miles. The interior buttons on my steering wheel do not work any more. I like that it is a 6-speed manual transmission. I like the sunroof as well.

- Callie Y

An interesting detail of my car is that it has two glove boxes, although one is very small.

My vehicle is not a very good family vehicle. It is not comfortable with a car seat behind the driver's seat and it is impossible to have a passenger with the car seat behind the passenger seat. It's okay on gas, but things break on it easily.

- Chelsea D

Great mileage but small tank.

Small car but good for first car. Can not fit too much in the back unless the backseat is down. Good mileage but small tank. Turbo button is nice to have to get out of trouble and it is small enough to fit into tight parking spaces.

- Claire B

Overall it's a pretty good car it's not great but it's not horrible so is just OK

It starts great and it feels great but when his shift to second gear it jumps a little bit that has always bothered me other than that the AC is really good and I like that you can turn the car on before you actually get to the car

- Elizabeth M

Comfortable, GREAT on gas!

My husband purchased my Chevy Sonic for me as a surprise. I love it! I have a short commute for work, so it is perfect for me. Whenever we drive 8+ hours, we do prefer to rent something bigger, just to have more room.

- Melissa H

It has great gas mileage. This little car is also quite fast on the highway.

I dislike the constant squealing of the belt tensioner. The windshield tends to fog up easily. Finally, there seems to be an issue looking to the left at a 45 degree angle in the car...the passenger seat is in the way.

- Steven L

Great car that is good on gas but it is on the smaller side so definitely not for someone who is tall!

I love my car, it is small and great on gas which is something I always look for! The features it offers are nice such as backup camera and bluetooth. I've had very few problems with the car that weren't easily fixed.

- Kate F

The mileage, It's gets 33 miles to the gallon which is great when you do a lot of traveling like I do

The thing I like most about my car is that there is no payment. I also like the fact that it is compact and great on gas mileage. The only thing I really don't like is that the interior is cloth instead of leather.

- Traci G

if you drive quite often, this car gets great mileage; especially since it is quite cheap.

I love the mileage because I travel quite often throughout the state. Gas is getting quite expensive. I do not like the size of the car. I live on a farm and it is hard to drive a small car during the winter season.

- lisa W

I get over 400 miles to the tank. and can store all my camping gear. and although it is small I can still transport 8' 2x12's for projects at home.

I have a sonic hatch back ltz with turbo, I like everything about it except, the the shelf behind the back seat is cardboard. I would have preferred a rigid plastic one. It would be easier to clean and maintain.

- john p

Chevy sonic not a bad car...

It is well on gas. Has had a handful of problems, and doesn't do too well in the snow/rain. Unfortunately not very spacious and therefore uncomfortable. Overall pretty reliable but would rather have an SUV/truck.

- Kaitlyn M

It is an extremely safe commuter car. Has high safety ratings so I would not hesitate to put a child in this car.

My vehicle has amazing gas mileage which is perfect for my commute to work and to visit family. It's small but powerful and has had zero problems. Only time I've taken it into the shop is to get an oil change.

- Morgan K

It is a very reliable car.

It is a speedy little car. Very good gas mileage, is maintained well. I do not like the 10 gallon gas tank, wish it was bigger. I do not like the gear shift knob as it gets stuck and I cannot remove my keys.

- Patricia B

Very economical, comfortable, very easy to drive.

Great gas mileage, 11 gallon tank, comfortable on long distance trips, I just plain love my car. I can load a lot into my car. This car is so economical. I bought brand new march 2015. I only have 43k omit.

- Dee R

Very reliable vehicle for a growing family.

Our Chevy Sonic has been very reliable. Comfortable, but a little small for our growing family. It has nice interior and it's always gotten is from point A to point B. Even after all we've out it through.

- Rachel Y

Handles good and is good on fuel consumption.

It is good on fuel butt a little small for me. I is good in traffic and on the highway. Had a starter problem a 40, 000 miles. My wife loves it but I wouldn't get another one as I am used to larger cars.

- Arthur B

The size. It is small, but powerful.

I enjoy the size of my car. It is compact, which makes it easy to drive and get into parking spots. However, I have a friend who is very tall and is uncomfortable in my car. Gas economy is good though.

- Lena N

It is economic, but it is really fast.

My vehicle is very economic, it had an issue with a fuel valve I had to change, apparently it would not close due to some particle in the fuel and every time I put gas the car would not start easily.

- Mary R

Excellent compact car for a single person who travels light.

I liked my vehicle as a single woman and it was what I needed. Then I became a wife and mom and it's still the vehicle we use, but it's getting small. It's also had trouble traveling long distances.

- Megan S

It provides good mileage and is a reliable car.

It is s good sedan that has good gas mileage. I have had only a couple of problems with the car over the past four years. I don't like the hill assist that makes the engine race when going downhill.

- David M

It is a great vehicle for commuting to and from work.

I like that my car gets fairly good gas mileage, is comfortable, and in good condition. I also like that it has a decent amount of storage space. I would like it more if the payments were smaller.

- Ben S

Perfect first car for a recent graduate or young adult!

Great gas mileage, beautiful exterior AND interior. Comfy yet roomy for big loads, multiple passengers, and grocery trips! Huge trunk perfect for storage. Bluetooth, USB, and aux connectors!

- Kel N

It's really fun to drive and It's very safe as well.I feel good driving my kids in it

It has great speed and goes when I need it to. It has sensors that help make driving safer and the backup camera is great to have. It's had a few minor problems but warranty covered it all

- Deborah K

My windows fog up quickly. You need to change the Temperature a lot to keep them clear.

I don't like how the windows for up quickly. I don't like that it doesn't have much horsepower. I do love my roll up windows. I like the price I paid. I like knowing that it is a Chevrolet.

- April L

The color. A very good vehicle.

I love my vehicle, good gas mileage, compact good size for parking, good trunk space, good on gas, lots of room in the back, compact, very comfortable, very easy to park, love the color.

- Lynda H

This car is compact, durable, fun car to drive around town in.

I really like the compact size of my car. It's very durable & fun to drive around. The only complaint is the back seat is kind of small for 2 car seats, but overall, I really enjoy it.

- Mikey C

It hugs the road like my Honda did and I like it.

I love my sonic. It handles great. My one gripe is that it didn't come with a CD player for the 15k. I spent for it. But it really is a good running car of with which I am glad to own.

- Robert W

I am very happy with my pick and choose of car.

I have not had any problems at all I just take care of it as best as I can by doing the oil and tries regularly what more can I say it will be hoping it will be my last one I own.

- Dawn C

I wish they didn't kill off the model

It's small without being too small. Has plenty of space for cargo when dropping the seats. Good gas mileage and plenty of power when stepping on the gas to merge or change lanes.

- Jeff K

It gets great gas mileage.

My vehicle is very small and cute. I like that I can fit virtually into any parking space. The interior lights are blue so that is nice. I also love the Bluetooth device hookup.

- Sarah M

The car has no get up and go. The car has absolutely no speed.

I like the layout of the interior, I like the body style, and the size. I do not like no power windows etc., I do not like the shifting options or the electric transmission.

- Nick M

Shifter button break is very common.

Car is only 4 years old and already it is been in the shop for multiple, yet minor, things. But has been an okay car. Cannot decide to keep or trade in once I own outright.

- Samantha D

Highly recommend this car!

This car is amazing! It gets up to speed pretty quick. I love how quiet this car is, which really helps when you have kids. For it being small there is quite a bit of room.

- Stephanie Y

Chevrolet Sonic-not a perfect car, but reliable car.

The Chevrolet Sonic is a reliable car. It has performed well for 4 years but it has a couple of mechanical issues. Another thing is that the engine races going downhill.

- David R

Chevrolet Sonic Review and Performance

The Chevrolet Sonic is very compact, yet spacious. It's on the road performance is great; getting an average of about 28-32 miles per gallon city. It's a reliable car.

- Felicia G

Comfortable seating for everyone

I like that it gets good gas mileage. I like the fabric and color of the seats. The trunk and glove box are also a good size. I don't have any complaints about my car.

- Allison H

Engine is not big enough to have a great ac.

Love the shape and style but my ac stopped working almost immediately after buying it and it had never worked right or well even after being looked at countless times.

- Jade D

Be watchful of the catalytic converter I have had a recall on it before.

The head gasket has blown out, over 5 hoses also blown out, the sensor has problems the check engine light will stay on even times when nothing is wrong with the car.

- Miles W

Chevy Sonic 2014 Used Car review

My car has a great audio system. The features on the main display are very useful when wanting to use Bluetooth. The car isn't very fast but it has great handling.

- Austin c

It's dependable and has great gas mileage !

I love the gas mileage and easy parking, I don't like that it makes it hard to carry my large dog around. Overall, it's a very dependable and easy to drive car.

- Dana T

A highlight of the Chevy Sonic LT 2014 model is that its great gas mileage allows me to travel to far distances.

What I love most about my Chevy Sonic LT 2014 model is that it is really great on gas. I can travel to far distances and be able to get great gas mileage on it.


Cute white sedan rides smooth great first car

I don't really have too many issue with it other than normal wear and tear. It is comfortable. Drives smooth. Very reliable. I love the touch screen and radio.

- Anna C

2014 Chevy Sonic: Economic Hot Rod

The turbo charged model is fun to drive and an easy learning curve for a manual car. The car is small and easy to drive in the city and gets very good mileage.

- Phil S

Summary of Chevrolet sonic.

My vehicle is small but still roomy on the inside. It also is safe, good on gas mileage, and the brakes are good. The air conditioner works real well as well.

- Michael M

It is very small with very little room inside the car so not much leg room.

I love the sonic chevy. It is a small compact car with good gas mileage. Easy to get around in. I love the four door style for everyone to get in with ease.

- Melisa P

It looks like a granny car, but it is got game!

I like all the bells and whistles- I wish I had more room in the back luggage area. Other than that I think it is great. Good gas mileage easy maintenance.

- Kate S

It has been wrecked twice.

It is too small. I do not like the placement of the cup holders. It was smooth and quiet at first. After several thousand miles the engine became noisy.

- Amanda E

Car is small but has great storage area as long as you don't have very many people with you.

There is a recall on the turning signal alarm for this car that you have to go to a Chevy dealer to get fixed. Car runs great and is very comfortable.

- Kaylene C

It is a cheap car with a lot of bugs. And no trunk space.

Will not start half the time and to small. Whenever I put gas in it will not start the first time and when I went to get it fixed nobody knows why.

- Emily E

2014 Chevrolet Sonic review

It has great gas mileage. The tire wear is awesome too. I haven't had to make any changes or maintenance issues with it. It has good power as well

- Michael M

No pick up speed to it at all.

It is good on gas and is small. I do not like the fact it does not have any speed or pick up to it. I do love the color of it which is a sky blue.

- Kimberly H

It gets great gas mileage. It is great for when you travel a lot.

I like that it gets really good gas mileage. I don't like that it doesn't have as much power as my old car. I like that it's easy to see out of.

- Kristina I

Gas saver, maintenance is pretty reasonable and tires are reasonable price.

It is too small to haul certain items. I love the color. It is a right compact size. I wish my stereo was touch screen. I wish I had a sunroof.

- Ray G

Digital dash and center console. Easy to read easy to use.

Great on gas. Easy to read dash. Bluetooth connection is very helpful. Comfortable for the size. Enough storage in the back for transportation.

- Dustin D

It has good visibility so that you can see when merging and when backing up.

I love how small my car is. I love how my car is very cute. I love how it has no big hard to use features. I love how it has good mileage

- Ellen M

It's good on gas mileage. But be prepared for the small things to mess up.

It is a cute car and very good on gas but it seems like every time I turn around something is messing up with it or that it has a recall.

- Amanda L

We have already replaced the shifter in it at 26,000 miles.

The car is a cheap car. It does not have cruise control, power windows, or power locks. It does not have an armrest for the passenger.

- Ann S

It is a great every day driving vehicle, and very reliable.

It is comfortable considering it is a compact car. The gas mileage could be a little better. Overall, it is a nice and reliable vehicle.

- Tiffany P

The vehicle is excellent on gas

Car is nice on the inside but very small for a car The car doesn't have problems usually it just started to overheat. Very good on gas

- Eric D

I would not recommend that anyone get this type of vehicle!

Parts are expensive. For instance, the windshield wipers were nearly $100. I have has several things wrong with it from the beginning.

- Heather G

It is not an import. Mostly made in Detroit Michigan in the USA

I like that it is a cute car. It is easy to park because it is compact. Dislike that I can load more than 200 lbs in trunk at a time

- linda k

It is small and compact, but it is comfy.

Great on gas. Perfect size for me.. Only dislike is the arm rest is uncomfortable.. Need two armrests one for drive and passenger.

- Theresa V

That is it gets awesome gas mileage!!

Great on gas mileage! Really don't have any problems with it! Love taking it on trips and the car saves us a lot of money of gas!!

- Annie C

Great car that's awesome on gas.

Car runs great. No problems since I got it. Very happy with this car. It is also very good on gas. I would recommend getting one.

- Kaitlyn D

Very cute and comfortable!

The best car ever. It is comfortable and soft. Take less gas. It is small but in the same time very capacious machine. I love it!

- Tati B

Small, but full of power. This car can surprisingly fit a lot and is comfortable.

I enjoy the size of my car. It makes it easy to park and to turn. The gas mileage is also great and I do not spend a lot on gas.

- Lena T

It is all automated and almost all computer based.

I like that it has an automated start. It is a four door and not too low to the ground. I dislike that it is not push to start.

- Jennifer T

It is a reliable and dependable auto.

I like the style and fuel efficiency of car. I like that it is American made. But I do not like how it races going downhill.

- John S

The storage space in our hatchback is limited. The trunk is tiny.

I love this car. We haven't had any problems out of it. It's been on several long trips and is plenty comfortable for us 2.

- Akeisha C

Great on gas and affordable.

Its cheaply made I think. Good on gas. Good on comfort for type pf car. hasn't broke down yet so I guess I can't complain.

- Heather M

I love it because it is reliable.

I like this car because it is been dependable. Very cost effective in comparison to cars similar and it is sporty and cut.

- Heather B

Good gas mileage, gets you from A to B.

I like that it starts, gets good gas mileage, gets me from A to B. I don't like that I've had to do a few pricey repairs.

- Darren s

It moves like the wind blows.

I like the mpg and the fuel economy. I also enjoy the low maintenance. It is easy to park. It drives well on the highway.

- Drew G

It is a really simple but great car.

I love how little yet comfortable it is. I love the red color. I love how easy it is to drive. It's an overall great car.

- Emily C

It gets 33 miles to the gallon and is a very zippy car.

It gets great gas mileage and is a joy to drive. No complaints so far. I like the bluetooth feature and its zippiness.

- Rebekah S

Overall the car is good, but I would eventually like to get something better.

I think it's a great car overall but It could improve. The AC doesn't work properly and I feel I must bring it in a lot.

- ka s

It is great on gas mileage. It goes very well in the snow. It has lots of storage.

I love my car! The only thing I do not like about it is there’s not much room in the back seat for passenger legroom.

- Nicole B

It's a very reliable vehicle and it's great for a small family.

I like that it gets great gas mileage. I like that it fits my personality. I dislike that it hasn't been running great.

- Brittany M

It is overall a good vehicle.

I like it gets good gas mileage. Do not like that it is small. I like that is was affordable. It is a good car overall.

- Marilyn H

It is great on gas, I can easily drive all week commuting to work and won't have to fill up

I like how easy it is to drive. I like the size and that it's good on gas. It has a good engine for being a small car.

- Maria M

It is a reliable car and brand.

I like my vehicle is a hatchback.. Easy to drive.. Fast & compact.... I do not have any complaints about my vehicle.

- Lori V

It had decent gas mileage

I like the gas mileage and the heated seats. I don't like how often I have had it in the shop for overheating issues

- Melissa C

The fact that it is a hatchback without being a full size SUV.

I love that the seat sits higher than a car which allows me to get into and out of the car easier with my bad knees.

- Pamela L

It gets great gas mileage and is a fun little car to drive.

It gets great gas mileage and is pretty comfortable for a smaller car. The ride is a little rough, but not too bad.

- Gere W

Chevrolet sonic for the win!

It is a great car that has not let me down yet. Chevrolet is my absolute favorite car brand. I love my car so much!

- Emily M

It is a great workhorse and serves me well at over 200,000 miles!.

My vehicle is reliable. It gets good gas mileage. It drives smoothly. There is nothing I dislike about my vehicle.

- Patricia G

The sonic provides decent mileage per gallon and a modern digital dashboard console.

I like the digital dashboard console and the rear view camera. I dislike the small room and the 4 cylinder engine.

- Billy A

It is great to zip in and out of traffic but the car seems to fall apart

Small cabin. Lots of mechanical problems. I do like the trunk space though. Parts are made cheaply and fall apart.

- Sierra C

Even though it is small, it handles inclement weather like a pro.

Very reliable and gets great gas mileage. All the available features are very user friendly and easy to navigate.

- Chelsea W

Windows fog up constantly during extreme weather conditions. Car doesn't have much go power. Good for the cost.

This is a low end product from Chevy. The vehicle has some power issues but that is to be expected for the cost.

- April C

Hardly any trunk space and it doesn't fit a lot of people in it.

The mph is amazing that you get. The car is too small for my taste. Haven't really had any problems with my car.

- Tabitha M

Safe and affordable. Good on gas and it rides so smooth.

Love that it is fuel efficient. Wish it had a little more room. Love that it is fast and compact. Love this car.

- Jill N

The car drivers smoothly and gets good gas mileage.

The vehicle is a great compact car. It has a decent trunk compared to other cars. It also gets good gas mileage.

- Mary H

Fantastic car for city and highway driving. Though not a good family car.

I love that it is unique and has efficient. However it is pretty small I can only comfortably fit three people.

- Alyssa P

The vehicle is very fuel efficient.

The vehicle has broken down a few times (fan and battery problems). I like the fuel efficiency and trunk space.

- Logan J

Comfortable, well riding vehicle

Reliable, good gas mileage, comfortable. Basic model with no auto windows. It does have bluetooth capabilities

- Lindsay H

That it offers a lot of space for a low price and gets great gas mileage

I love that it is fuel efficient, has a lot of room, and doesn't break down. the parts last for a long time.

- Alex B

Great gas mileage, I like

I love my vehicle, the gas mileage. Is great. I wish it was a little bigger, and it has a blind spot. In it.

- Cloylet W

My reliable little silver bullet.

Problems: gear sticks, overuse battery, limited apps. Pros: great on gas, minimal to no mechanical issues.

- Teresa O

That it looks good and can be driven comfortable anywhere.

I like that it has good gas mileage comfortable seats. I don't like that it is kind of loud when driving

- Michael A

Average Car average review

The car is very basic but it runs nice. It is not a fancy car but gets you from point A to B reliably.

- Michael A

It is comfortable to sit in.

My car is easy to drive. It gets me where I want to go. It is easier driving than waiting for a bus.

- Allan S

It is very small. Not a whole lot of space inside.

The car is just to small. Not a lot of space. Very easy to drive, not many problems. Good gas mileage.

- Sarah C

There is no locking device for the gas cap and the air intake hose needs to be replaced often because the rubber begins the crack from heat.

I like I get 30 to 35 miles a gallon. I love hatchback vehicles. The maintenance is easy and cheap.

- Anthony a

A small compact car with good gas mileage

It is a little small for our f as milky. Not much leg room. It get good gas mileage for our trips.

- Jack K

It is roomy inside but lower to the ground than you would expect

It's Small and it has a small gas tank. The gas mileage is also not as good as I was expecting

- Jami M

My car gets good gas mileage and is very easy to handle. Not to mention, I can fit a lot in the hatchback.

I love that she's small. She's easy for me to park. She handles well. I love the color too.

- Chere G

great gas mileage of 30 to 40 mpg average

Good gas mileage. Fun to drive. Not the most comfortable car. Not big for hauling things.

- Gary P

My car runs well. It has had a lot of mechanical issues.

There isn't anything good to this car unless you need a family car. It has very little room.

- Cassidy B




It was an economical choice

I like the screen and dashboard. Don't like the small back seats and the car feels narrow.

- Jacquelyn G

It is very good on gas. $30 a tank to go 300+ miles

too small but great on gas .. $30 a tank to go 300 miles ...not great in the snow either

- Kristi M

My car seats go down and it provides a lot more space than one can imagine.

Good on gas. Compatible with my needs. American made. Dad worked at GM.

- Antony G

It's economical and the sticker price.

I like the versatility that a 5-door hatchback. I like the mileage.

- kathy B

A lot bigger on the inside than it appears.has a little pep to it as well

Gets great mileage and surprisingly it has some room for tall people

- Kevin S

It has everything you want and need in a car for a more affordable price

I love the sunroof and backup camera and that it is Bluetooth hookup

- Shauntae O

Since it's a small comfy car it is really good with gas.

It saves a lot of gas. It also has turbo and it has a touch screen.

- Dioelys L

Small but yet powerful for a car it's size.

Love that is fuel sufficient. Wish there was more power and bigger.

- Dena H

Style, uniqueness, the ability to fit nearly anywhere when parking

Size, function, and capacities are all loves. Downsides are speed.

- Angela D

That it is mine and i'm a very cautious and safe driver*

I love that it is great on gas and mileage but it too small*

- Ebonnee H

Economical in gas. Easy to drive.

I like my car. It is good in gas. I love the color...blue.

- Laura a

I really love my Chevrolet Sonic! It has a lot of nice features like the back up camera, XM radio, cruise control, etc. It is a little small, but we like it.

It is a great car! It is wonderful for our small family!

- Amber W

I love it. No problems. Car works just fine! Only problems are no speakers in the back and no cruise control.

It's pretty and hardly have any problems. Good quality.

- Justin O

I like how it is good on gas and easy to handle. I wish the car was a little bit bigger.

My car is Good on gas and easy to maintain the vehicle.

- Danielle S

It's cute and compact It's inexpensive to run.I do not spend a lot on gas.

i like it because it's small, and easy to take care of.

- Marion P

I love my Sonic! I love how peppy and chic and cool it is. It's a great car if you're starting to learn how to drive.

It's chic, cool, and a great starter car for any age.

- Tiffany H




Gas mileage is awesome. Love it

Great gas mileage. Easy to clean. Love the car.

- Marilea P

Gas mileage is good. Comfortable ride. Nice color.

car is dependable. Good gas mileage. Car is cute.

- Joy B

The car doesn't have that much tork, but good on gas.

Like the gas mileage Like the size Like the look

- Amalia D