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Great car for long commutes and city living, very easy to parallel park.

I love how small my vehicle is, its small enough to be convenient for city living without feeling cramped. I still have enough storage space in my car despite its small size. My Sonic has been very reliable so far, and I haven't had to bring it into the shop for any repairs or services outside of its routine oil changes. I think the gas mileage for this car is pretty good, I drive a lot for my commute to work and I do not have to spend a fortune to fill up my tank. The biggest issue I have had with the Sonic so far is that it does not do great in snow and ice.

- Erin P

2016 Chevy sonic - a hatchback with an attitude.

I selected this car because I once drove it as a rental. It has really smooth handling and can handle a tight turn, not to mention fit in small parking spaces. The other great thing is my sonic gets over 30 miles to the gallon, practically double what my truck was giving me. It's got plenty of space for my needs and has a Bluetooth radio so I can hook up Pandora. Sometimes it's the simple things in life and that's what I love about the sonic. Simple but effective.

- James O

Compact car, but drives like a midsize sedan.

Small compact car, but more room than appears. Economical on gas, comfortable seats and easy driving and maneuvering. Very smooth driving, feels like a larger car. No problems so far, very attractive car, looks like other sedans that are larger, and has a very deep and large trunk. The front seats don't have a console, which is the only issue that is negative, but does have cup holders for front and back seats.

- Brenda W

Amazing 6 speed manual transmission car with sunroof, hatchback, green paint.

My Chevy is a 6 speed manual transmission turbo engine that is a rare metallic lime green color. I constantly get compliments on it and have had multiple offers from various Chevy dealerships to buy it back, enough so that I could purchase a brand new Chevrolet. It has a sunroof, hatchback with rear folding seats for storage and a traction control system that allows for easier handling in that.

- Amanda L

It is a small car, but it does Its job.

It does not have much backseat or trunk space. It does come with a spare tire which is nice. It was Bluetooth and a charging port for my phone, but it does not charge very quickly. It has been pretty reliable, but recently it wouldn't start one morning. The engine would not flip, but about 8 hours later it started up no problem, which leads me to think something is going on with the battery.

- Tori T

Chevy sonic: small but powerful.

I haven't had any problems with my car. It is small but also roomy inside. As a short person, it was essential for me to feel comfortable behind the wheel and be able to touch the pedals as well, and the Chevy sonic allowed me to do such. The features of my car are lacking, as there is not a CD player, but I am able to plug in my phone and listen to music that way while charging my phone.

- Haley R

Sonic vehicle: a reliable vehicle.

I like my vehicle. Had it for years. It is got 600 miles on it and still running well. I have given it two annual oil changes and the thing runs smoothly enough, with no major problems at the moment. It is pretty reliable, I use it every day. Seats are comfortable enough, not the best I have been in, but definitely not the worst. The radio system works fine as of right now.

- Phantom Z

2016 Chevy sonic, small compact, great on gas mileage, great digital features!

The car is great in all aspects, great mileage, smooth drive, compact in size, my needs in size of vehicle have changed so the small compact size is my only complaint I have. Also feel like the dashboard could use some more features or easier accessed information on the dash. The manual option is also great for when I want to shift manually, user friendly.

- Sasha L

The everyday use of a Chevy Sonic.

I love my car. I haven't had any issues with it outside of a small recall with the computer system. Luckily it was covered by the dealership. Even though it is a more compact sedan it has plenty of room! The ride is smooth. The only complaint is how long the Bluetooth may take to link up but that may not be at fault of the car.

- Melanie H

My car gets over 30 mpg which I really like.

The small size of the car makes it effortless to park and easy to drive. There is also lots of storage space relative to the overall size of the car. Great sound system (Bose) which connects to auxiliary and Bluetooth . The front display has many functions and even shows the gas range, average mph, average mpg, and odometer.

- Madison M

It looks small but there is plenty of leg space. Chevy never lets me down!

I love this car. It is easy to park. Gets in and out of spaces without any trouble. There is plenty of legroom in it.It's got a hatchback which makes getting groceries and others items easy.It's so good on gas also.Couldn't get a better car! It has good pick up speed when getting on the highway. It runs very well.

- Lori V

It is overall a convenient car.

It is conveniently small, but large enough to be functional for everything. The hatchback version is useful for outdoor life and dog owner life. The gas mileage is great too. There are some comfort features that were sacrificed for smaller size, though, such as the lacking arm rest for the passenger seat.

- Martha B

Perks of the Chevy Sonic.

The Chevrolet Sonic is a pretty reliable car. It is very good on gas, and comes with good tires. The touchscreen feature is also a great improvement. It is a very light car and reaches a good speed. Despite the size, it can store a lot of things. It comes with Wi-Fi which is also great for the road.

- Peg C

My card has Bluetooth. When the car is locked it is sensitive.

I have a Chevy sonic 2016. My car very reliable. I think Chevy sonics are more of a road trip car. It is good on long rides. To fill up the take it takes 25 dollars. The bad thing is that there’s no space in the car and you do not have acceleration. I mean other than that it is a very nice car.

- Kia P

It is a sleek midnight gray color.

No problems, drives well. Seats could be more comfortable. Not enough space. It does not have automatic windows or a CD player which is disappointing. It is an automatic not a manual which is cool, I guess. It gets decent gas mileage on regular roads but very good gas mileage on highways.

- Amanda A

I love it but few things that could change like a rear view camera!

I love it but it doesn't hold a lot of gas which means it is cheaper but I have to fill up very often! I love the touch screen! The trunk is a great size! The backseat could use vents for the air. I love the hidden compartment above the glove box! I really which it had a rear view mirror!

- Kristen P

2016 white Chevy sonic, excellent radio.

I like the radio feature on my car I like that it is touchscreen and has Bluetooth and the style and color of my car, I also feel like my car drives very smooth but I think the gas mileage could be a lot better also wish it had a backup camera. But overall I do really like my car.

- Amber S

The connection to my phone is amazing.

It drives really smooth, the accommodations to work with the iPhone is excellent. The gas mileage is incredible and there is absolutely nothing I would complain about. There is practically no wear on this vehicle and it has been driven thousands of miles for work a leisure.

- Cassandra H

Chevy sonic, the truth of the matter.

Good gas mileage. Too small. Not enough features. Tank is too small. Handles pretty well. Decent overall performance. Trunk is way too small. The brand is not very dependable. Have had some bad luck with Chevrolet vehicles in the past. Engine light comes on for no reason.

- Matthew K

Summary of vehicle: the vehicle is a Chevrolet sonic lt with little maintenance.

It is too small and very little trunk space, however, it is a very reliable vehicle. The problems with it are its electrical components due to an accident. The vehicle is somewhat comfortable, although, small. As far as features go, it does not have many features at all.

- James H

Reliable and fun car to own and drive.

My vehicle has very little problem. I have been very pleased with its performance, reliability, and comfort. Also, I really enjoy all the features it has, its features really make driving this care fun and enjoyable. I highly recommend this car. You will not regret it!

- Eric S

I love how my vehicle is small enough to fit into little spaces

I don't like how the back camera doesn't like to work most of the time. I do like how compact my car is because I am the only one in it most of the time. My car is good for one person too little for a car seat or obese person. My car does ride very smooth which I love

- Lianna G

My little red Chevy sonic.

The car has been excellent so far.. haven't had any issues with it & the gas mileage is great! Its has 17, 000 miles on it, the only complaint I have is I wished that the back seat had more room but it's a great car. Hope that I have the car for the next 10 yrs.

- Debra J

It gets the job done while also having modern features and sold for an excellent price.

I like that it is compact, fun, and easy to drive. I enjoy the touch screen console and Bluetooth capabilities. I haven't had many issues with this car except that I live in an area that gets a lot of snow and this car does not handle driving in snow very well.

- Emily D

The car may not have all the bells and whistles of other cars but it's fantastic!

The car is pretty basic, but it is so incredibly reliable. The car's MPG is fantastic. Bought used, with about 12,000 miles on it, I have used it on multiple lengthy road trips and everyone who travels with me always says how small but comfortable the car is!

- Andrew S

A cute little safe and comfy car.

I like my Chevy sonic. It is a fun little decent car. I feel safe in it and it gets good gas mileage. It is a comfortable little car. It is a smooth ride for the most part with my little car. I like the fact that it is easy to maneuver being a smaller car.

- Melissa L

White, tinted windows, Bluetooth (hands free) good on gas, delay in speed.

This car is amazing on gas, very practicable, hands free capabilities but could use a bit more speed. Going up a hill feels like your car will stall out. During winter time you might want to put chains down due to the fact that this car is so light weight.

- Courtney C

The most important thing others should know about my vehicle is that it is a fun ride. That is, even though the car lacks acceleration, the way the car handles the road is very nice.

I like my vehicle because it looks nice, gets decent gas mileage, and drives smoothly. In short, my vehicle is very fun to drive. What I dislike about my vehicle is the lack of acceleration. However, maybe the lack of acceleration is a good thing though.

- Edgar p

The Chevy Sonic is a great investment.

The car is very reliable. It is great on gas mileage and I drive a lot. I love having the backup camera and WiFi. I am a mom on the go and have internet service available in my car makes it extremely convenient for me to keep up with my hectic life.

- Shavanti H

It's practical, not flashy.

I love the compact size and the gas mileage. It's a perfect commuter vehicle for me to get around the region where I live. I don't like that it has only one armrest. I have no complaints after having owned the car for a little more than a year.

- Joshua B

It turns on a dime it responds very well to the steering wheel.

It's a four cylinder and very fast. Small and compact could use a little more room. It hugs the rode well and very responsive. Color is great red. Rides very low sometimes you can't tell if someone is in car. Very low ride.

- Mcfarland C

It's a very fuel efficient car but not worth the very cheap sticker price. Buy something better.

Purge valve went out at 50000 miles. I've had issues with the car thinking it has a backup camera when it does not. But the gas mileage is good. Also the seats stink when they get a little damp for a long time after.

- Nick B

It has good gas mileage, and rides really well. It puts other cars to shame.

I like that it has bluetooth and satellite radio features. It gets good gas mileage; however, limits in space. I believe the engine is strong, and I like the feel of it. I have no complaints about it really.

- Cody J

This is a reliable vehicle that will not let you down.

My vehicle has many wonderful features including heated seats, On-star, stabilization, USB ports, and fog lights. I am very happy with my vehicle and have no complaints. I hope to own her for many years.

- Penelope D

It was a good deal for the money but if you are looking for quick take off, this is not the car for you.

It is a cute car and I like the interior. I do get lots of compliments on it. However, I do not like the fact that it has no pick up. It is a Turbo but you cannot tell from the pickup which is very slow.

- Robyn W

It is great on gas. You do not have to over spend on gas. I only use $25. Worth.

I like my current vehicle. It has great gas mileage. It small enough to park. It fits five comfortably. I have more than enough room for groceries. The back seat folds down. I can use it for small cargo.

- Marcia H

It's faster than it looks... which is very surprising.

It has good visibility, enough room for me and my things, and is a hatchback. I both like and dislike the small size; people tend to overlook it on the road. However, I can fit it most anywhere.

- Melissa M

It gets great gas mileage and the pick up and go of the car is great to. It handles great

I absolutely love my Chevy Sonic. It has been a very reliable car. It gets great gas mileage. I get around 38 miles per gallon. It had good power. I haven't had any issues with this car so far.

- Danny C

Vehicle has capable performance. Also, the Sonic's safety features are perfect.

It has loads of seating and cargo space, easy-to-use tech features, and capable performance. Also, the Sonic's safety and predicted reliability ratings are better than most of its rivals.

- Rebecca R

Although this car is considered to be compact, it does not feel small inside.

I have never experienced any problems with this car. It is a great compact car. Plenty of room in both the trunk and backseat. Brakes can be a little touchy but have never had any issues.

- Megan A

the fuel economy which 35 city 40 highway on the turbo edition model

It's a nice small compact car that feels roomy in the inside. there is plenty of cargo area in the trunk and lots of cup holders. best of all the fuel economy on this car is magnificent.

- nanthaporn s

Great hatchback for a bigger feel in a smaller car

I love it, however there are some major blind spots due to the hatchback build. I am going to get the additional blindspot mirrors to help with that. Drive is smooth and great features.

- Rebekah S

It has all the good parts about having a family car, and fast car.

I enjoy the get up and go that my vehicle can achieve. I appreciate the stock stereo quality. I do not care for the texture of the leather seats. However its very roomy for a small car.

- Samantha S

The Sonic is the perfect car!

My car is great on gas and yet still has a lot of power for a 4 cylinder. It's a very comfortable ride with plenty of features such as car play, Bluetooth capability, and navigation

- Stacy R

Gas efficient, awesome technology, super powerful.

My car is the best it is little, gas efficient. Super nice technology. Power is unbelievably. I have been impressed with my cat from day one!!! I do not regret my purchase.

- August R

The one good thing everyone should know is that the Sonic has great gas mileage.

I love the size of my vehicle. The gas mileage is amazing. I love that I have an appointment that tells me if it is time for an oil change or if I need air in my tires.

- Delores T

Great on gas but is rather small.

A very great car. Great on gas and runs smooth. However, it is a smaller car. A very quiet car as well. If I didn't have a child I'd keep this car as long as I could!

- Flora C

Very gas Friendly and easy to drive

It has a very powerful engine so it's easy to zip in and out of traffic. It's a very bright color (green) so easy to spot in parking lot. It seems very well built.

- Dawn L

Don't overpay for this generic car.

I like that it has enough room inside and trunk room. I do not like that it is very simply with no screen for the electronics. Cup holders are awful and in the way.

- April n

A full tank of gas usually lasts me a week and a half!

Easy to park, great on gas, plenty of room for groceries & other shopping. Goes great in the snow, low maintenance. Price for tires are reasonable.

- Patricia C

It is so dependable and that is so important to me.

My Sonic is awesome. The color is dragon green and it makes me feel young! It is super dependable, small, great on gas. No complaints from me!

- Nancy S

Very nice car everyone needs one.

It is very reliable car, I love it, wouldn't have. Different car. This car gets excellent gas mileage, I would highly recommend this to anyone.

- Chris L

This car has great gas mileage and the backup camera makes life easier.

The Chevy Sonic has been a great car since we've bought it. It's very well built and has all the modern bells and whistles you would expect.

- Jeremiah S

Bluetooth is amazing, drives smooth, comfortable.

I love my little sonic! It's super comfortable for long car rides. It's perfect for a small family like my own. And I love the hatchback

- Melanie C

good vehicle runs good but has some issues

very lightweight, low on the ground but runs well. needs work quite often but that's expected doesn't work on ice or have 4 wheel drive

- Paz k

A lot of punch for a little package

I have a Sonic, it has a turbo engine. It really has good power on the highway. I like the size of the vehicle especially in the city.

- Allan G

It is totalled, The insides were ruined it was not particularly obvious that it was a total wreck

It is compact but large enough for me to be comfortable. It has a few bells and whistles. It was totalled in a wreck not my fault

- Joseph C

It is a very dependable vehicle.

I love the touchscreen radio. I can connect my phone over Bluetooth. I can answer calls while driving through Bluetooth as well.

- Paula D

Easy to handle, very spacious for an economy car.

I love the vehicle because it has great gas mileage, plenty of cargo and leg room. The price of the vehicle is a great bonus.

- Curtis C

Tribal friends are shanti and love.

First the ride is smooth. Good gas mileage. Plenty of room. I love the design.... There is nothing I dislike about my car..

- Gloria N

The Chevy Sonic is a great car

It gets wonderful gas mileage, great for trips. Easy to park in congested areas. This car is very roomy on the inside.

- Vivian O

Overall it was worth the money

No problems,it has heated seats there leather and I have bluetooth,onstar and xm radio it drives great easy to handle

- James T

It has a comfortable ride and sits up high.

Good mileage! Great engine (needs only minor maintenance, oil change, tune-up). Not enough leg room in back seat!.

- James H

It goes fast, great acceleration handles good, turn on a dime...

It's a turbo need I say more comfy riding just right for my hubby and me.. good trunk space very happy with it...

- Donna B

It's drives smoothly and is really cute. It gets pretty good miles per gallon.

I really like the size of my car & how well it drives. I like the smoothness of the ride. I like the hatchback.

- Melissa B

The gas mileage is great but it is a old car. Easy price range due to being old.

I like about my car is it save gas it the right color and the right size I don't have no dislike about my car.

- Lucille M

It's a zippy car and can get you around town fast.

It has great gas mileage. It is a funky color which helps me find it in a parking lot. It has great pickup.

- Dawn C

It is a small vehicle but fast

Very comfortable car. It is reliable and fast. Currently the A/C does not work and has low tire pressure.

- Yvette m

It is an economy car and excellent gas mileage.

My vehicle suits me as it is comfortable seating, excellent gas mileage and smooth driving on highway.

- Sharon D

That the airbags don't deploy at impact at high-speed.

I dont like that the airbags didn't deploy in my wreck. I love the features. That the car is sturdy.

- Crystal I

I have no idea how to answer this question for you.

It's a good size for my needs. I love the color. I do not like that it does not have a cd player.

- Judy H

It stalls a lot. The ac and stereo work great!

It stalls all of the time. I like the size of it. I like the color of it. The stereo sounds great!

- Cheryl P

A sonic is a good car great on gasoline safe sporty car very dependable

It was my wifes car. Since she past away I have to make payments. It's a safe and dependable car

- Clarence F

The road noise is bad. People had a hard time hearing you over the Bluetooth speaker.

I like the gas mileage, I don't like the excessive road noise. I don't like the car overall.

- Clara C

Great Gas Mileage driving around the city

Great gas mileage and easy to drive and park. Looks great and has plenty of trunk space

- Robert M

It's affordable and easy to maintain. Although ita small it shouldn't be underestimated

The vehicle is good on gas. On top of that so love the design and comfort of the seats.

- Sandra H

It's safe and affordable and gets good gas mileage and It's a sedan has lots of room got everything you need

i like my car i haven't had any real problems except for maintenance which is normal

- jo c

It's cute and gets great gas mileage . the cockpit is comfortable.

My car is compact. It is sharp looking. It drives well. It gets great gas mileage.

- leslie f

Perfect vehicle for the amount of driving I do. Has satellite radio which I love. Also get great gas mileage.

How great it drives and the gas mileage. The security system is also worth it.

- Katie V

It's great on gas but it has no room in the back seat. It's has a bunch of room in the trunk. I probably would not purchase another car that's so small.

It's great on gas. It handles really well on the road.

- Betty G

My car has Apple Carplay.

There is nothing that I don't like about my vehicle.

- Seth W

Like the radio feature dislike everything else. And have had a check engine light that's been on since July of last year that has not been fixed despite the fact that I've had it to my dealer. Several times

It's doesn't get as. Good of gas mileage as stated.

- Rebecca E