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Nice value, joy to drive daily/road trips, but prepare for glitchy touch screen.

Overall, this is a perfect car for my needs. Good gas mileage, sufficiently modern features, it is a smooth ride and get a surprising amount of complements for such an affordable car. They made an effort to give this car a sporty, youthful look. Having owned an Aveo for 11 years immediately prior (the Aveo was replaced by the sonic and the more basic spark) and being told by every single mechanic during that time that they were astonished it had survived (basically, the Aveo was not known to be a reliable car; I got lucky and also had babied it and kept on top of my preventative maintenance), I hadn't planned to go down the same road, but read enough reviews saying most of the problems with the Aveo really were addressed. I can speak from experience it is like night & day. With the sonic I do not feel like I am driving a scary, loud tin can. To be fair, I have the premiere turbo version; I definitely recommend the premiere if within budget. (The turbo I am not sure if it is worth it - has a lot more power than my Aveo and feels solid, but takes a while to get up to high speeds; I do not think this is what turbos usually feel like). Now for the negatives: basically the console computer is amusingly low-rent. Having one at all gives the impression the car is a lot more fancy/modern than it is, but it is a real problematic, ancient seeming software. The layout is ridiculous - huge screen will have two tiny buttons in a corner so you have to avert your eyes from the road to press anything; you cannot use your peripheral vision. The automatic brightening will randomly fail (problematic on a road trip when my directions suddenly go dark as though it is night outside and I cannot see them at all for 20 minutes - this has happened a dozen times in the months I have owned it). Phone syncing is awkward - if you are on a call and get in your car, do not expect a smooth transition to hands-free; it takes sometimes a couple minutes of “can you hear me now??” To finally resume your call. And again with the buttons - if I want to accept or dismiss a call, why are there two tiny circles I have to aim for?? Half the screen could be green and the other half red. . Just a very unattractive and unimpressive system. Now, I don't really care, my last car had manual locks so this one still feels like a spaceship, you should just know though to expect a glitchy, and very cheap, console computer. The trunk is the bomb though (I have the hatchback) and the car feels very spacious for being so small! Cupholders in the middle are too awkward to use, but there are nice ones in the doors. I think it is honestly a great value for its price range overall.

- Lisa M

Pretty good, but there are areas for improvement

The Sonic works very well and I've been happy with it overall. I do think it is lacking some standard (or at least should be standard) features: a digital speedometer and a compass are the primary two. I also will note that I'd strongly prefer that the 'Infotainment' screen (controls audio system and integrates with my phone) be higher up so that when I need to use it I wouldn't have to turn my head so far away from the road. It seems like they could have easily made the screen higher up, too. The car is OnStar equipped, though I don't use it. I was disappointed when I discovered that emergency services cost a monthly/annual fee when my previous car (a Ford) included that for free. Overall, I am happy with the Sonic and intend to drive it for a long time.

- Isaac F

Built in rear view mirror.

This car, 2017 Chevrolet sonic, is a really nice car. It has a rear view mirror built into the radio so you can see directly behind you. It comfortably fits four people and also room for a baby seat. I have only had to take into the car maintenance garage once while I have had it and that was for an oil change. That is another great feature about this car. There is a menu button inserted into the left hand side handle and it tells you how much oil is left in your vehicle. I have had to take it in when it was around 25% oil life remaining. The price was great around $20, 000. I do not think I could have asked for a better car than this one for the money.

- William C

Chevy sonic - reliable first car.

The Chevy sonic is the perfect car for a first or second time car buyer. It is ideal for someone with a short commute to work although it will go a long ways if needed. It is very reliable in the warmer months of the year but tends to have some issues with the winter months and performing at it is best. Since it is only two-wheel drive, it is quite obvious it would have issues with driving in the winter but overall if tires are kept in good shape, you are bound to have a great experience with your Chevy sonic.

- Maria S

very gas efficient 40+ highway.

I love the sonic. Car seats fit and tighten into the curve of the back seats perfectly. The handling is excellent, even in bad weather. For being so low to the ground I thought it wouldn't handle well in snow/ice but the past two winters have proved me wrong. As long as you aren't trying to drive into a foot of snow she does amazing. I keep up on basics and other then a sensor in the tires going out recently I haven't had any major problems with the car.

- Kiwi M

No internal temperature gauge.

I really love the Chevy sonic. It is a great car, reliable is the perfect word. The only problem I have is there is no internal heat range to show how hot or cool your engine is. You will not know your car is overheating until the warning light clicks on and starts beeping at you. However, the way the car is designed and the type of engine it has it is supposed to prevent this from happening, regular maintenance should keep it running perfect!

- Hunter K

My car has great steering.

My husband bought my car in full but I picked my car out. It has excellent performance, excellent reliability, excellent on comfort. I would not trade in my Chevy sonic because I love the compact part of it. I love the hatchback. I am still learning about my car even though I have had it for a year. I love the electronic windows those were a must to have. My car starts right up all the time. It has great heat and great air conditioning.

- Susie L

Don't plan on ever trading my Sonic in. Love at first sight.

I love my sonic. It is comfortable, great on gas. Equipped for satellite radio. I have not had an issue since I bought the car November 2017. I wish it had heated seats. But I can live with that. The monthly service report I get is so handy so that I know how much oil life I have, how much air each tire has and if there are any maintenance issues is an added perk that I love- and it doesn't cost me anything.

- Nicole B

Fantastic quality for great price.

The car is honestly perfect other than the fact overtime I press the gas it makes a noise as if the car does not want to go. The car is a really good size and it's great on gas. I've had it for 3 years now and it has been 100% reliable. There is also plenty of room in the trunk. It has Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and a backup camera. For the price of the car I really got a ton of cool and modern features.

- Rebecca B

Cute and Efficient. Sonics are great!

It runs very reliably and requires very little maintenance. It also has a decently sized trunk space and back seats which can be set down to increase that space. However, it only has manual windows and no cruise control. Also, the wheel rims of this vehicle are specific to Chevrolet Sonics so damaging them can be very costly as it is almost impossible to find used ones.

- Jessica H

The updated Chevy sonic!!

The Chevy sonic is an awesome car to have. It is reliable, compact, and is filled with awesome features. It comes with apple carplay, seat heaters, and car-crash response. Very easy to clean and maintain. It even comes with Wi-Fi! Of course you have to pay but on-star has great deals to choose from. This car is easy on gas and still has that sporty feel!

- Darian F

I would only recommend the car for 1 or 2 people.

For a small car it is great for 2 people to drive-in. Anymore and it would be a little crowded. I like the door handles to get in. It has good gas mileage. I don't really like the style so much anymore. The hatchback part of it makes it look like the car is cut in half and it is a little off putting when looking at other cars.

- Sarah H

I call it the go cart on steroids. It is android auto compatible and I love that

I have never had any problems with my car. I drive it back and forth from Dallas to Houston quite frequently. It gets amazing gas mileage even when I'm doing more than 80 mph. I have the Sport model so acceleration is no problem for me. The handling is incredible, it takes turns very well. I feel very safe driving this car!

- Amber L

Great little gas saver that is dependable.

The car gets great gas mileage. Perfect for a college student. Not too much room, so you cannot carry many people comfortably. I did have some issues with a code coming on. Apparently the airbags had some connection issues. I do appreciate that the truck is large enough to fit any amount of groceries that I would need.

- Page S

My opinion of a pretty awesome car!

I think the 2 things I would change about it are adding a sunroof and another arm rest for the passenger side seat. It's overall performance has been outstanding! The keyless entry is awesome and easy to use! Seatbelts are comfortable, seat warmers and a heated steering wheel. What's not to love about this awesome car!

- Marisol V

Affordable and yet it's stylish

This vehicle has supplied me with beyond reliable transportation, and I would strongly recommend the purchase. It's fairly spacious, it performs well, and it's got all the fancy bells and whistles that I look for in a newer vehicle. If you're looking for an affordable ride you'll be proud of buying, look no further.

- Collier A

My car is a Chevrolet sonic 2017 in yellow. It is a 4-door hatchback.

I absolutely love my Chevy sonic! Not only is it a hatchback, so there is plenty of room for camping, but it also gets fantastic gas mileage. I haven't had any major issues with it. I also love the touch screen radio that hooks up to my iPhone and displays my text messages, Audible books, Spotify, and other apps.

- Jina H

Great car, great gas mileage.

A little small, but absolutely great on gas. My check engine light has been coming on and off for about 2 months but nothing major has happened. Great price for a great little car. It runs great and drives great as well. Would definitely recommend for people who have a long commute or need something affordable.

- Page S

Great gas mileage and never a problem

I love my car . I have never had any problems with it at all . I live in tremendous heat and the air keeps going. The features of when to get an oil change are very handy. This car comes in an array of beautiful colors. The maintenance of my vehicle is very minimum. It's an awesome car I highly recommend it .

- Mindy M

Sonic small car but big surprises.

I love my Sonic. I need a economical vehicle but had reservations about the size of the Sonic. It has surprising power for a small car. It rides smoothly and comfortably. It handles well and is solid when on the freeway.The stereo, Bluetooth, and Wi-Fi are an extra bonus. The hatchback is roomy and convenient.

- Lyn A

I love that it has a backup camera!

My vehicle is a really nice car. I love that it has a back up camera and it can hook up to my phone. I love that the color of it is a charcoal grey. The car is all around my favorite new car. I got it in 2017 and have had it for almost a year. I am very pleased with this car it is a nice car for a new driver.

- Cheyenne W

My interesting detail is that it's the first brand new car that I purchased.

My vehicle is reliable, convenient & its a blessing. I haven't had any problems with it. The only thing about it is that its small I love trucks. One thing I didn't understand about it is that it doesn't have automatic windows & its a 2017. That was the only car I can get at the time will little money down.

- Raquel P

2017 Chevrolet Sonic- very nice car and well maintained.

The car that I drive is a 2017 Chevrolet Sonic. It is really nice. The interior is well maintained and the outside is very nice. It currently has 7, 000 miles on it and has been in the shop only once for an oil change. It comes with Sirius XM radio, but we had to let that go because it was too expensive.

- William S

Rearview camera and Onstar are good to have.

I love the rearview camera and feel good having the Onstar. I also like that the computer reports conditions of the car to Onstar. I don't like not having a CD player and the fuel economy isn't what I would expect. I also don't like that the power to the cigarette plug stops when the car is turned off.

- Dennis R

It is great on gas and great means of transportation.

It is a very great means of transportation it is very good on gas mileage and con handle tough terrain it is altogether a great car it has Bluetooth connectivity and a really great sound system it is a great vehicular means of transportation for beginner drivers like myself and it is very affordable.

- Jacob H

Not spacious enough for someone with children in car seats.

It is absolutely terrible in the snow here in Michigan. So light that there's never any traction build up. It's great on gas mileage. There's definitely not even enough room in it to haul two young children around with car seats. The hatchback isn't big enough for maybe even 3-4 bags of groceries.

- Amber R

Great features, manual windows

Love the way it runs and there is a lot of room in the backseat and the trunk space. My only tedious thing is that there are no automatic windows and I have to manually roll them up but other than that it's great. It has Bluetooth for the radio and you can answer or make phone calls from the car.

- Kimberly A

Very economical. Good value.

I consider it a good value. Very economical and well built. It has 30, 000 miles on it, and so far no issues. For a small car, it is comfortable and a pleasure to drive. My only issue is I didn't buy one with more options, it does not have power windows. Other than that, it is a great little car.

- Dennis T

Trash worst car ever bought.

Poor performance transmission problems with plastic cover. Gas mileage is poor. Problems with the car are high transmission steering suspension is poor. Very troubled car. Would not advise that anyone buy the car. Resale value is the worst paid almost 22000 value today is less than 8000 dollars.

- L W

I am a fan of technology, so the CarPlay compatibility is something I use daily!

I had technical issues with the vehicle that even the Chevrolet dealership had trouble figuring out. It took three times for them to finally fix it, but I now love the vehicle. Great size and comfort, accommodations are wonderful, and the gas mileage is fantastic. I really like this car.

- Abby S

Reliable and inexpensive!

This car is very reliable, good on gas mileage and cheap to maintain. The biggest challenge I have with it is in the winter. It is too light for snow. That said, it is a very solid choice for someone looking for a cheap and easy car and perhaps who lives somewhere a little more south.

- mikayla M

2017 Chevrolet sonic hatchback.

2017 Chevrolet sonic 4 door hatchback is perfect for those who like a small car yet is powerful and reliable enough to get around town. I have put many miles on my car and have not had any mechanical problems. I mainly use this vehicle to run everyday errands and get my kids around.

- Pauline F

The good and bad of the Chevrolet sonic.

I've only 2 problems with car the window switch went out and the air conditioner went but they fixed them fast the paint is s great blue it picks up] speed quickly. It comes standard with weather guard floor mats. It has a touch radio with Bluetooth standard also serious. XM radio.

- Clarence F

Very good car for go around the town or small trips.

This car is very easy to drive, so far never had issues, have lots power, the stability in the road is very good, the internal of the car accessories are easy to use, I think this is a wonderful car, I love it. I think is very good for a woman, on the in a big city or small town.

- Patricia T

Sonic is great small car!

The car is surprisingly roomy and easy to drive. It feels solid - for a small car I don't feel like I'm all over the road. It's had great 'get up and go'. I can fit into any parking spot. The gas mileage is good but not as great as my old Fit so that's why I gave it a 4 not a 5.

- Christine K

Chevy Sonic has a compact, sleek design.

I like the Chevy Sonic. It would be a good starter car for someone who is looking for their first car. It's small and compact with a sleek design. The only thing that I feel needs some improvement is the bucket style seats. The seats sit low which can be somewhat uncomfortable.

- Jennifer I

Chevy sonic 2017 low to the ground and lightweight. Great on gas.

I have not had any problems other than the front under spoiler is flimsy and comes loose all the time. Otherwise, I have had no issues. It rides nice but is very low to the ground. The radio does not have the greatest reception in rural areas but I refuse to buy Sirius radio.

- Bobbie P

Chevy Sonic 'Boom' a little rocket for the road.

I love my car, its compact yet spacious. Large trunk space and the seat let down for longer items. It has great gas mileage so far I'm at 24.5 mpg and it is great on gas. It has hands free calling and the best part about the car is that it does not need constant maintenance.

- Jacinda A

It is compact, easy on gas, nice sounds, perfect for a family of two or three.

My vehicle is compact, good on gas, nice sound system, and remote start. The downside for me is the lack of space even for a family of 3. The oil changes seem to come around quickly. It does has a quite sound to the engine as well. Great safety feature with all side airbags.

- Julius W

Single supreme, apple car play a plus

Car is Great! The only downfall I have is with the LS version the windows are all manual but this works fine it you rarely have passengers. I love the apple carplay features as the GPS really helps with long trips. It's a nice small vehicle for anyone who does not have kids.

- Jackie P

Cheap on gas, many great features. On board computer (Chevy MyLink) .

Basically a good car. Great on gas, with a lot of great features. So far it has been good, with no major problems. If all you need is fuel economy and don't mind driving a smaller car, it is a good value for the money. I understand Chevy will no longer be making the sonic.

- Katherine S

That it is a good fit for almost any size person.

Like its size it has a very nice size trunk and seating legroom for a small car is perfect it drives smooth, makes great turns almost can turn on a dime, and has good gas mileage, I have no real complaints at this time unless it would be the payment and that is high. . .

- Kathy M

Great car, amazing warranty.

I recently had an issue with my transmission. I was very worried as the car is practically brand new! I was so relieved that the dealership fixed the issue and provided a rental car at no cost to me! Otherwise, the vehicle is fantastic! Excellent gas mileage and drive.

- Emma H

My awesome and positive car review!

There are no issues with it, it is brand new. It performs pretty well. It is very comfortable to sit in and it is very reliable. I love the features, such as the touch screen, the heated seats and steering wheel. They're extremely helpful during the winter time.

- Kristen T

single person or family car, as well as a great car for a first-time car buyer.

I wish the inside was a little more roomie but other than that I love it. The trunk is very spacious. It is great on gas mileage. I love the warranty. I would highly recommend it to friends and family. The XM radio as well as the USB charging is a plus for me

- David D

The highlight of my vehicle is the built in touch screen

It is reliable especially if it's only you who often drives it. I like bringing it to busy cities. With it's screen feature that has a built-in google maps, it really helps me when I travel. Parallel parking never been easier because the car is in perfect size.

- Jenna D

Very good gas saver, for these gas prices nowadays

This car is really good on gas I don't have to stop for gas as often as I used to. I enjoy how smooth my car is and how easy everything is to navigate! It's a pretty small car but spacious at the same time. Everything is updated and perfect I wouldn't trade it

- Denise T

My Chevy sonic 2017 the best car ever.

I love my Chevy sonic, it is great on gas and drives really smooth. If you are looking for a small, yet spacious car, the Chevy sonic is your best choice! You never have to worry about running out of gas because the gas last so long, it is a very nice feature.

- Brian E

Compact car with big power

The car is very reliable. It has all the new comforts. Start it from your home to warm it up, touchscreen stereo, Bluetooth, it only costs me about 30 a week for gas and I'm driving 7 days a week. This car can get up and go, and has a super smooth ride.

- April O

My Sonic is dependable, comfortable and fun to drive.

Seats are just the right height from the ground - easy to get into and out of. The backseat is comfortable for adults. The hatchback/trunk area is perfect for shopping, stowing travel gear, etc. This is a dependable and fun car to drive.

- Betty J

Mechanics always tell me that they do not often do major work on Chevy sonics’.

I have a standard model Chevy sonic. I love the way that the car drives and looks in sleekness. I only dislike that it does not have rear speakers being a standard model, and the fact that I have very few compartments for storage.

- Ronald D

It is fuel efficient, but do not overload it. It is a good small family car, or for commuting. Would not be good for a large family.

Love the car, except for two things. It has a larger blind spot than older cars which is frustrating on multi-lane highways. It could use more power on hills and acceleration. Love the backup camera as it is very helpful.

- Pamela E

Great Gas Mileage and Very Economical Pricing for this Car!

I like my Sonic because it has great gas mileage and is generally nice to drive. I do not like that it does not have a CD player. Other than that one problem it is the best car I have ever had.

- John S

It has a lot of safety features that can be very useful in case of car accident.

I like that it's a pretty compact car easy to drive and just overall like the car. Has good features like a touchscreen makes things easier can connect your phone that's always good.

- Melissa A

It's the perfect small car if you are looking for something comfortable with good technology

I love my vehicle because of the size and convince. The technology in the car is exceptional like the nice big screen for Apple Car play as well as the review cameras.

- Alexis C

Small vehicle but good on gas mileage.

Sonic is good on gas. The car is quite small and wouldn't be good as a family car. It is a tight squeeze in the back seat. The trunk has a decent amount of space.

- Nina C

Amazing handling in tight spaces. No such thing as a parking spot too tight.

It's a compact so is so easy to park in crowded parking lots. Gets great gas mileage which is good because I'm a commuter. And it's' just a cute freaking car.

- Kim S

Great on gas. And great ride on the highway. . For a small car very comfortable.

Great on gas. . Roomy. . Has air-conditioning it is comfortable to ride in. . Nice sized trunk look nice for a small car. Only I just do not like the color.

- Lisa A

It is small, grey and fits in tight places, awesome with gas.

It is very helpful and convenient with gas fills up with only $25 but it is very small and if you are someone that has kiddos I would not recommend it.

- Maggie A

It has average gas mileage. According to my research, it averages around 22 miles per gallon.

The Chevy Sonic is a push to start car. It's a good car for someone who wants to get around between jobs. It's not the best for traveling purposes.

- Joshua H

It's turbo! So it does get up & go in traffic! It may look like another small car but it has power.

It's sporty has nice color. I like the overall shape & it has the get up & go in traffic. It's comfortable &all gadgets are at my fingertips.

- Cat B

It does have skid control, which makes driving in rain and snow easier.

My car has no power windows. There are no tints. There are great safety features like lane departure. I do like that the seats are spill proof.

- Camille T

It's brand new and works like it should.

I like that it is newer. It has a touchscreen and Bluetooth capabilities. I dislike that is doesn't have automatic windows or cruise Co from.

- Zach N

Good gas mileage and very reliable.

I do not like that it is so small. I got it because of money. I had to have something reliable and to get me from work and back. . . Etc. . .

- Amy P

It has the OnStar system in it which makes you feel safe.

Love the color and the detail on the front of the vehicle. I love that it has modern technology. I am not a fan of how small the vehicle is.

- Jennifer M

It gets good miles on the highway.

It is comfortable and taller than a small coup so visibility is very good. It gets very good gas mileage (28 mi/gal city, over 40 highway).

- Ellen B

It is a good economical car that drives smoothly and gives good value for the money.

I like that it gets good gas mileage. It also is easy to drive. The back seats fold down so I have a lot of room for transporting items.

- Karin P

The CHevy Sonic has a variety of tech features!

The 2017 Chevy Sonic in a new addition, however, it has proven to be compact and efficient. My biggest complaint is the small gas tank!

- Liv J

I like to keep it 'simple as long as works for my family I am ok with that.

I dislike that it does not have cruise control, I love the look, mileage, and feel of driving it. The backup camera is a huge perk.

- Mckenna F

The most important thing is the security system.

I love the gas mileage, the size, the cruise control and my link. I do not like the cup holders in the middle of the 2 front seats.

- Cathy Y

They should know that it only holds around 14 gallons of gas, so you'll have to get gas about as much as a bigger car with less MPG.

I love its ability to turn really well, and that it drives smoothly. I love its backup camera. I also love that it gets great MPG.

- Megan A

It has great fuel economy.

There are no automatic windows, the back seat is small, there's hardly no leg room. No tinted windows, and no four wheel drive.

- Stacy B

Brakes are still super sensitive.

It is a brand new car. 2017. I love it because it rides so smoothly. Small so it is perfect for me. It is not good for winter.

- Nikki H

The car is fun to drive as well as practical. It is economical.

Small and easy to handle. Would like an easy system to open hatchback and car to operate on keyless "watch" as well as fob.

- Chris E

I like that it is fully loaded. I like that it is compact. I dislike that the trunk is small

It is fun to drive and easy to maintain. The fully loaded version makes you feel like it's more expensive than it really is.

- Stefie H

It is very reliable; always starts even in sub zero weather.

Too small to transport things. I do puppet shows and yard work. I have to move puppets, stages and, occasionally, branches.

- Margaret H

Sophia is a very slow car.

Sophia is too slow. Cannot race in her cause she cannot pick up speed for the life of her. She has good features but slow.

- Nicole A

It is a reliable vehicle.

I love that it is fully loaded. I love the heated seats. I don't like how cramped it is. My next car will have more space.

- Stefie S

Great car for the price. Handles well. Comfortable interior.

Great handling in and out of traffic. Pickup on speed could be better. Nice interior. Navigation and hands free talking.

- Dawn B

nice looking and drives great. good on gas. great sound system

it's great on gas, very comfortable. Air works great, like seeing everything when backing up. Sound system is great.

- Debbie A

My car has great gas mileage and everything works extremely well. I have no issues.

I love my vehicle! I am very happy with all of the extra features it comes with. My only complaint is the payment.

- Alison R

Good economic car to have.

Nice car, i never thought.i own a chevy but the price was cheap plus it is a new car. Performance overall is okay.

- Andy O

That it runs great and it is a good car.

It runs great. It had good features. Enjoys driving the car. There are no complaints that I have about this car.

- Lacy S

Do not get it if you live in a very snowy area.

Good gas mileage. Easy to maintain. High technology. Lasts long. Have had not problems with taking care of it.

- Erin J

Sonic: A Great Smaller Car

Very comfortable for a smaller car. Great gas mileage. Handles very well. Roomy trunk for a smaller car.

- Melanie G

Very easy to drive. Safety features are great. Great on your pocketbook

Nice little car since I am retired and do not need to drive far. Very good on gas mileage. Comfortable.

- Rob H

Affordable and dependable

I like the way it handles when driving and the fact that it is a very easy vehicle to tow behind our RV

- Barbara l

That I hope to keep it for quite a number of years

I like the speedometer on the 2016 model better. Other than that, it's all just about the same.

- Eileen J

It will hold five people only. But I have only four people in there so far.

I have had no brake downs as of yet. I get good gas mileage. I like to drive it.

- James B

Mileage is just great!! great bang for the buck you can go many miles without filling tank

it drives smoothly. best vehicle i have ever bought. gas mileage is awesome.

- justin R

It's fun to drive and great way to transport dogs.

Love the compactness of it. Very good gas mileage. Don't like the blind spots

- Diane B

My vehicle is great on gas mileage. I live in a big city, so it is easy to maneuver in traffic. My only complaint is that my windows are not automatic.

While the backseat is rather small, the trunk is more spacious than it looks.

- Brittany W

I don't like the fabric used on the seats tends to stain easily or attracted dirt easily.

It is reliable and have had no issues with it so far.

- Summer C

It's small compact good on gas good for travel awesome family car

Love size gas mileage and price comfortable reliable

- John D