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Chevy Sonic: the perfect car for everyone.

The Chevy Sonic is a great car. It is small yet spacious so it is perfect for me. I love the luxury of having a smaller vehicle with a big back seat and trunk space. This allows not only for me to be comfortable but my passengers as well. It is a great car for a road trip as well. It has great highway miles and drives very smooth. I love the touch screen radio and the reverse camera it is very helpful. My favorite feature yet is the carplay feature. This feature allows you to hook your phone up to the car and read and reply to messages right from the screen. This feature keeps your eyes on the road and not down at your phone. You can also use it for maps so you are not trying to find it on your phone. It will be right there bigger and more clear. The only downside is that those in the car can see and hear your messages as well. The interior is very chic and modern. There are many features of the car that I am still learning but they are all so useful so far. Starting with the percent of oil left in the car. Though you know about how far you can drive until the next oil change that feature helps a lot. Along with the tire pressure. It is getting cold out and keeping up with the tire pressure is very important. Also with the tires there are locks on them so a person can not just take your tires off of your car. There has not been any problems with my car thus far. I love every bit of it.

- Essence R

All in all the Chevy sonic its a dependable and inexpensive way to get around.

I really like that my car is small very compact that it fits almost anywhere I want to park it and it's really easy to do with the camera feature it has. It's not very comfortable inside not a lot of legroom for the kids and the seats are very hard. The gas mileage its ok it saves me gas money better than other cars. All in all I am satisfied with my vehicle purchase but it's not all I hoped it would be. Trunk space its average but for a family of 4 not enough.

- Angel M

Must buy and great value Chevy Sonic.

The car is great for busy city travel and can fit anywhere. Apple carplay is a nice added feature and would not drive without it. The only negative is no passenger armrest and all my passengers complain about it. As a driver I have no complaints with it. Great on gas especially if not hard on the gas pedal. I would recommend buying this car to anyone looking for a cheap new car to get from point A to point B that will e reliable.

- Justin K

Seat warmers, Bose sound system, reverse camera, Bluetooth, map when you connect.

This is my all time favorite vehicle. I love the royal blue color, camera when I reverse because it gives me eyes where I would need them the most, the surround sound to turn it up when I am alone, the seat warmers on cold mornings and it is so spacious yet small compact car for just me and my husband so it is perfect. Gas efficient, we love taking her on road trips because of the money we save.

- Brittany M

Easy driving, easy to maintain.

It gets really good gas mileage. It is small enough to get in and out of places without having a hard time parking or getting out of a parking spot. The interior is very stylish with red and grey and the mats have the red Chevy sign which I think it is really nice. I appreciate the safety features that will not let you text or use your phone while you are driving. The price wasn't bad either.

- Faye H

The reliable Chevy sonic lt.

My 2018 Chevy sonic is amazing on gas. It is extremely spacious in the inside and the trunk is rather big. I love the fact that my back seats go down to make more trunk space. I am a college student so I drive to my hometown a lot which is about an hour away. The ride is really smooth the whole time. The seats are comfortable, so driving long distances without stopping is not a problem.

- Cian K

This car is great for long car rides, due to the great gas mileage.

This vehicle is a really good compact car. Great gas mileage. Runs really smooth. Comes with a month free of onstar and XM radio. Build in wifi. Has google maps for directions. USB port for your smartphone. Has hands free capability. Great for long car rides or just for getting back and forth to work. A great car all around!!

- Sarah S

it is reliable and fuel efficient, and a good looking car at the same time!

The chevy Sonic is a great car. This is actually my 2nd Sonic, as I have just traded in my 2014 sonic for the 2018 model. It is a reliable and fuel efficient car and runs very smoothly. My only complaint at the moment is the new model no longer sports a CD Player, switching to all digital/streaming services...

- Michael C

Great little car with backup camera and smooth ride.

At first it was an adjustment from my old vehicle to this one. Sonic is much smaller but I really love it. It is great on gas, rides smooth. I haven't had any issues so far. I do not like that it does not have a CD player in it but that is easily fixed. All in all, great little car for a small family.

- Dee F

Right size for a single driver.

It is a compact car but has plenty of room to fit four comfortably. The car gets good gas mileage. It has nice pick up. I love using the back up camera. It is comfortable on long trips and has plenty of legroom. The only dislike I have is that the radio always comes on when you start the car.

- Patricia C

Chevrolet sonic ls trim package - simplicity at its finest.

It is a good, very fuel efficient vehicle. It is easy to park and includes a backup assist camera. The braking system is abs. I trust this vehicle and believe it will last years. It has Wi-Fi and OnStar. It does not come with any high maintenance features. I have no complaints.

- Natalie T

I love my girlfriends Chevy sonic.

I love driving this car. It has great gas mileage as well as many great features. It has an automatic start transmission which is great. The ac and heater both work great. It is good for both short and long trips. It has a good amount of storage space in the rear as well.

- Desmond H

The 2018 Chevrolet Sonic Lt RS is the closest you can get to being in a rally sport car.

We have the lt RS version. It is very quiet, smoothe, handles amazing. A lot of features. The touch screen is easy to use. The Wi-Fi hotspot makes it easy to be online if you need to be. I do wish it got just a tad bit better gas mileage though, it's my only complaint.

- April K

It has the capability of connecting to the myChevrolet app and I can unlock it from anywhere and even start it like a remote start feature.

I have had no problems with the vehicle so far. The performance is adequate. It seems reliable based on previous model years. It is comfortable. Features include remote start and Bluetooth and backup camera and touch screen radio. Automatic up and down power windows.

- Matthew B

Small, comfortable, reliable. Easy to drive and great for small families.

It is comfortable and fits our small family really well. The ac works incredibly. As does the way it drives. My only issue with said car is that the display on the screen occasionally goes black or half black and will not turn back on anywhere from minutes to days.

- Emily F

I do not have a summary to give.

The vehicle is installed with a touch screen radio Bluetooth. Heated seats and also comes with roadside assistance. Its installed with OnStar and it comes in handy whenever. The vehicle also tells you your mileage, tire pressure, oil percentage and more.

- Amy B

Chevy sonic: best car of 2018!

My Chevy sonic has been a dream come true. Coming from driving a �98 grand prix, I love it. My sonic runs well, gets great gas mileage, and has amazing features that I use all the time. Very user friendly and would highly recommend!

- Abbey K

price it drives great good gas IT has all the options I need just a smooth riding car I would buy again

I got a great price on this 4 door sedan it gets great gas mileage a smooth ride even have crank windows has a backup camera ac nice shape it's gray in color good trunk space only 200 dollars a month put nothing down

- bill h

2018 Chevy sonic our families new love

I love my car it gets excellent fuel mileage. My family loves. the car it drives amazing. The trunk is huge. We can go to more than one store have room for all of us and all of our bags of merchandise.

- Amanda S

Definitely utilize the menu button on your dash.

I love that my vehicle is spacious but also very compact. I only have one complaint, which is the fact that my vehicle did not come with tint on the windows when I bought it.

- Callie C

Backup camera comes standard.

Great on gas, excellent extra features, smooth ride. Fits me, wife and two daughters easily with plenty of room in the trunk for all our groceries. Perfect small car!

- William J

It is not as powerful as you might expect.

Has an issue with the radio, cannot change the station with the steering wheel. It also does not ride smooth. I do like the back up camera and the spacious seating.

- Ashley M

The most important thing about my car is that it is a reliable car that I am proud to drive.

I love the style and look of it. Love the Turbo it has. Love the gas mileage...i hate that the bumper is so close to the ground that it scrapes the bottom often.

- Dennis N

Very fun to drive and very reliable so far. I would recommend this vehicle to anyone.

My vehicle is very reliable and comfortable. The only problem with the vehicle has been a fire that won't stay inflated. Has been an excellent reliable vehicle.

- William G

Its very light, so high winds and wet or icy roads can be dangerous.

I like that its compact, sporty, and takes very little gas. It does not handle snowy conditions in country areas very well, but we live in urban areas.

- Jennifer S

My zippy get around car is perfect for me.

I've owned this car since Feb. & I love it. It is the first car ever that I haven't had to to take in for new car tweaks. Everything is perfect.

- Sharon s

They should know that the steering wheel is very easy to move around so a small move can deviate the vehicle.

I like that my car is compact and can easily move around. It is very cheap to driver for gas. What I don't like is that car has a small trunk.

- Anel M

It is safe and reliable and gets great gas mileage.

Size, fuel economy, safety and backup mirror.. I chose it because it is simple and small.. Would like a CD player but not all that important.

- Beverly T

Reliable quality at a reasonable price in one stylish package.

I like the small size and gas use. I find the placement of some of the steering wheel controls irksome. I also enjoy the sound system.

- Thea M

The car has remote start, good space, backup camera, and touchscreen.

Wonderful car. Especially something for daily travels like college students. Very reliable and efficient for traveling long distances.

- Brittany Moreno M

It is a great running c.. Truck.

No complaints. Great gas mileage. Comfortable ride. I like the back up camera. I do not care for the driver instrument gauges.

- Pat C

Nice smooth ride. Great on long trips.

I have a Chevy sonic. I love my car . It drives great and handles the weather superb. Very happy I went with a sonic.

- Renee H

Sonics are quality cars at a value.

I like the small size of my car and the decent gas mileage. I especially like the audio system and backup camera.

- Chelsea H

My car gets great Mileage. It is my favorite color blue

It is blue. It is cute. Nice Mileage. Just the right amount of speed. 4 doors. Just enough trunk space.

- Gretchen K

That it doesn't have power windows and that it is a roll up one.

I love that it is reliable. I hate that it has roll up windows. I love that there is safety features.

- Kim F

That it is very user friendly and has awesome features like learn technology in the tires!

I love almost everything thing about my car. Only dislike it the gas mileage. It only gets 27 mpg.

- Chastity A

It has several safety features, and remote keyless entry.

I like the style and size of the car. I hate the windows are not tinted.

- Carletter B