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Style, comfort, and convenient.

My vehicle is a small but is somewhat roomy. It is good on gas mileage and rides easily over bumps. It is a smaller car so it is good for just me and my two dogs would not recommend for a larger family. It has Bluetooth which I love can make a call through the Bluetooth and can also play music from my phone it also is a touch screen and very easy to hook a phone too. The touch screen also other features that I like which are easy to use. Somethings I don't really like is that it is smaller so when you park in a public place it is hidden and I get nervous someone will try to pull in where I am parked and hit the back of it. Also the trunk space could be bigger. Biggest thing I like about it is it is smaller so the insurance is not too high.

- Ashley M

Review of 2013 2lt Chevy spark.

Overall this vehicle is a decent purchase. It is more spacious than it appears for such a hyper-compact build, the speakers are low quality so audio can be iffy, it drives efficiently with decent mileage to the gallon (which is a huge plus in this economy) but the gas tank is small enough to even that out with larger models in terms of how frequently you'll stop to fill the tank (only about 9.5 gallon capacity). This model didn't come with many extra features (nothing heated, backup camera, etc) but the price was good. Be wary if you live in a windy climate. This vehicle is so light that you'll be blown in circles on the turnpike.

- Stephanie W

Small car with big value.

At first glance, the car seems small and uncomfortable but once you open the door or hatch, you'll find plenty of leg and head room. It's not something I'd recommend for a family or someone who needs extra space to haul/carry much more than a trip to the grocery store or office. However, what it lacks in cargo space, it makes up for in comfort and gas mileage. I drive quite a bit but only need to fill up once a week and find myself only needing about $20 a week and rarely more. I have yet to encounter any long-term issues or headaches to complain about other than not being able to fit my guitar setup AND a passenger.

- Mark P

Great in city commuter car, wonderful gas mileage.

Great little car to take around the city! It does have a rather weak engine, so I do not drive it on the freeway often. It can get up to freeway speed, but it takes a few minutes, and it can start to shake if you go too fast. Back seat is limited on space, no one can sit behind my husband because he has to scoot the front seat back until it touches the back seat. I am 5' 5" and I can only have a small child behind me. But overall it is a great commuter car for me, I drive it about 10 miles each way with me and my little girl. My little girl just sits behind the passenger seat.

- Katie W

Love my fuel efficient compact car.

My car is a 2013 model. It is small and makes it easy to park and maneuver in traffic. The car is green making it easy to find and is unique! It is also great on gas because of it is small engine, however, it is also limited because of this. My car also does not have air conditioner and so driving it in the summer can be uncomfortable, especially in traffic and on the highways when having windows down is too loud and windy. It is also a manual transmission and so it can be tricky for other people to drive and requires more work than an automatic car.

- Hilary I

The most important thing is to remember the radio reds updating.

I love my spark. It is great on gas and is a very reliable car. Although tiny it has a comfortable inside and I do not feel cramped. My 2013 model is older but, it still has nice features such as Bluetooth. Repair for the car is relatively cheap such as buying tires or a battery. My biggest issue with the car is that the radio suddenly stopped working because it needed a system update. The need for an update came without warning and cost $100 just to have the issue diagnosed. Overall I love the car and it makes a great first car.

- L A

Great car for the city, with random problems.

Overall, my car has been reliable and it is really fun to drive! That said, there has been some weird issues with my car from the gas gauge not working to my back wheel almost falling off. So, I am not entirely confident how much longer I am going to have this vehicle. That said, I really enjoy driving my little car and it is a great vehicle to have in the city. It is very easy to park and I am always able to find a spot that other cars cannot fit in, which is a huge advantage.

- Kay P

Very convenient for electronic devices.

My spark come with a USB plug which I really like for charging my phone on the rode, it also has a separate outlet to plug in a car charger incase yours isn't a USB cable kind. It has Bluetooth with is great if you don't like to deal with too many cables but also has an AUX outlet to connect your phone or other device that way. I've had no real problems with my car, just the side-view mirrors are a bit small for my liking but you get used to them.

- Sadie N

Awesome vehicle for daily commute.

For a compact vehicle, it is very reliable on gas, includes 4 doors which is helpful, car on the road is stable, speed is acceptable, and with a manual transmission works best to save on rpm's. Car parts, and labor are low to mid cost, so having this vehicle as a daily commute can help you save money if that is what you are looking for. Besides normal wear and tear having this vehicle for some years, it has not been involved in any major issues.

- Daniel A

The Chevy spark is worthless

The spark is slow to increase speed, has many blind spots and is overall a small, inconvenient vehicle. It does not offer power windows or locks as a standard option. The back seat is really for additional storage when grocery shopping, not a place for people to sit, the air conditioning doesn't work well and there is an ongoing problem where the check engine light turns on without cause. Too small for daily life.

- Melissa L

This car may be small, but it is mighty.

I absolutely love the Chevy Spark! I'm a young twenty-something that has not yet mastered the art of parallel parking. This is where the Spark comes in. It is petite in size making it incredibly easy to manage parking struggles. Although it is relatively small in frame, the comfort aspect of it is not at all affected. It has the right amount of space to keep you comfortable throughout your travels.

- Celeste M

The colors that available for this car matches the fun design of the car

This car is great on gas mileage. Not practical for a parent with small children. The a/c has a lot of issues. I love the interior it's sporty and cute. Trunk area could be a lot larger. The back seat is not a full three seater but I like the small area that looks like a table for the kids. The interior is fabric is great any spills can be wiped away so easily

- Rosa C

Chevy Spark: A tiny but powerful car

The car is comfortable and reliable, but it is a compact car. Maintaining this car is a lot, and you need to be very careful when driving it. And the back seat is pretty small. The features are great because I love using the Bluetooth. The speakers are pretty loud as well. The gas mileage is amazing, cheap, and can last up to over a week.

- Carmen H

The quirky and cute Chevy spark

I love the car, it's super reliable and I love how comfortable and spacious it is for being such a small car. The only complaint is how basic it is, no automatic locks, no key fob, no seat warmers, no Bluetooth, no places to plug in your phone and obviously no bells and whistles as it is so basic. Besides it being so basic I love the car

- Elise V

Good gas. Fast pick up. Engine no issues.

Hardly any issues with the car. Solenoid was the only issue that has happen. It is really comfortable, I am able to drive it for a long time and not worry about being stiff when stopping. I do love the radio it connects to my phone but, I wish there was a way to update the software. Which according to the dealership is not possible.

- Angela C

Compact is perfection for your first car!

It is a great first car! It is compact with four doors and an up to date radio system. The seats are fabric and very comfortable to sit on. The car runs smoothly and does not require enormous amounts of gas to go far, which is a bonus! Overall the car is great with shatterproof windows and automatic locks and windows

- Samantha P

My car is small, great on gas, and is great on mileage.

I do not like that I often always need to put air in my tires. I would be driving and hit a big bump and then the tire light comes on saying it needs more air. It is most reliable when it comes to going to and from work any time of the year. Snow, rain, or thunder my car get me to wear I need to go without issues.

- Breanna M

Small, cute, and reliable.

Reliable vehicle. Good gas mileage. Difficult finding some parts to replace, example is rear wiper blade and car battery. Brakes freeze consistently during wet cold winters. Vehicle has small engine and is slow to speed up. It is small and light and easy to drive and control. No other problems with this vehicle.

- Tiffany M

The car is small, but has a lot more room inside than you'd expect.

This car seems to blow tires out often. I've had 4 tires replaced (all brand new) in the past two year. It has great gas mileage and is more roomy inside than you'd expect. My 6'4' dad can ride in the back seat comfortably. It is a good, comfortable car and I have had no more problems besides the tires.

- Lacey A

Small on the outside but very roomy on the inside

I love my Chevy Spark! It may look small on the outside but it is very roomy on the inside. People have told me that they are very comfortable in the back seat & my driver seat is very comfortable. I would say my car is very reliable. I drive 50 miles each day for work & never had any problems.

- Daisy R

Best car for gas mileage out there!!

I love my car it gets the best gas mileage of any car I have ever driven. Its small compact size makes it to where I can park anywhere. The best part of it is though I only spend 18 dollars to fill up the tank and it lasts me all week. It also drives very smoothly. My husband always tries to take it.

- Sarah S

Great on gas compared to most vehicles. Quite roomy inside.

Have had countless issues with this car unfortunately. Within less than a year, the engine had to be replaced, this just being one of many issues since owning the car. Throughout these problems the company was not of much help. If I were to buy a car right now it probably would not be a Chevrolet.

- Rebecca R

Small but roomy interior can accommodate a barcalounger.

I average 35-42 mpg, which combines with low maintenance needs and a list price of $11,000 to give a very economical car. The small wheelbase means it can turn on a dime. But the 1.4 liter engine struggles with uphill grades. Throw in a little ice or even fresh snow and they become impassable.

- Kristin H

It is spacious for its size, it has XM radio and Bluetooth connectivity.

Performance is good it struggles when accelerating, its a comfy tiny car but very reliable, it takes 26. 00 to fill my tank up and I have had it for 2 1/2 years with no issues other than the battery. I do not believe the battery is directly related to the car it might just be the Nevada heat.

- Tiffany S

Small vehicle with many features.

Small car, not a lot of storage room. Comfortable for smaller sized people. A/c and heat take a long time to cool/heat. Car does not speed up quickly. Car is good on gas but gas tank is small. No major issues with maintenance and repair. When I was in a car wreck, the car held itself well.

- Rebecca T

I love tiny car (what I call it since people say it's a smaller car)

It has great reliability and is comfortable for me since I am a smaller person. Some people think it is kind of small. There is no cruise control which sucks when driving long distances and it doesn't accelerate too fast. The trunk is actually very spacious which was pleasantly surprising.

- Megan M

Chevy spark is the perfect car for everyone!

I truly love my car. It is compact yet comfortable and very aesthetically pleasing. It fits my family perfectly and had amenities that make drives very comfortable and enjoyable. It has great gas mileage and is extremely easy to maintain. If I ever get another car it will be another spark.

- Raven C

Amazing performance for a small car!

It is a great small car! The interiors feel very roomy in spite of the small exterior. It can be a little loud on the road. The interiors are sleek but conventional. The trunk is surprisingly spacious. Downside is that the parts are quite hard to get and are quite expensive for upkeep.

- Bridget D

The car that keeps trucking.

Engine light constantly on. Car alarm goes off at random times. Car alarm does not sound when you lock the car. I did buy this car for a cheap price, so I guess you get what you pay for. But for a car to have this many problems at once is ridiculous; considering its only 7 years old.

- Alex B

Money Saving Spark is exactly the perfect car for the city.

The Spark is awesome. It's small, but has room that you would not believe by looking at it. The gas mileage is the best. Fills up for 16$ average lasts over a week. The maintenance costs just a little more, but lasts 3 years longer than a regular car. I have had no problems so far.

- Marion R

Love the look! Wish there weren't problems beforehand...

I love the look of this car and I think I would love this car even more if I bought it in better shape. Because I bought from a second-hand dealership, there were problems with the car that would not have been there if bought from a trusted Chevy dealership with an actual warranty.

- Bonnie G

Good on gas. Comfortable to drive long distances. No car troubles.

Economic car but not a hybrid, but it is still very good on gas, I only have spend no more than 20$ to fill it up. It is very reliable and gives me little to no problems, I have only had to get new sets of tires twice since I have had it and I get an oil change every 3-4 months.

- Nene D

This car has been reliable and gets good gas mileage at an affordable price.

I like the selling price and gas mileage of this vehicle. It has good headroom for a vehicle of its size. Some of the interior hardware has a cheap feel to it. There is some sort of coating on the bottom of the exterior of the vehicle that is difficult to keep clean.

- Daniel C

My spark review - it is great!

My vehicle is a 2013 Chevy spark and I love it! It is great on gas and being a college student - it is a plus. It is not to big so it does not hold a lot of space but enough if you put the back seats down. I haven't faced any problems with it and it is been 5 years.

- Christina H

Pretty zippy for such a small engine. Better on highway.

Bit small. Cheesy tape trim around Windows. Quality of seats and base to seat belts lacking. Has cracked coolant reservoir twice and battery never makes it to warranty limit due to no circulation space under hood. Pretty reliable and good gas mileage are a plus.

- Karla J

Compact with good gas mileage.

I like that it is small and easy to park. It also has excellent gas mileage. Plus it does not take much to fill up the tank. The only thing I do not like about it is that you can feel every little bump in the road. Also the breaks and tires seem to wear pretty fast.

- Ashley J

pros and cons of Chevy spark 2013 LT

This car is really gas efficient . I get about 26 mi/hr . Unfortunately it tends to have a bad reputation when it comes to transmission issues. Personally I have not had this issue but my car does feel sluggish and has to be at a high rpm to go on the freeway .

- Miriam L

Small front and flat back. Spacious on inside and compact on the outside.

Small and compact. More spacious than it looks. Hatchback and fold down seats in back. Has a large blind spot due to small windshield. Size makes it easy to turn and park in tight spaces. Very good on gas mileage and cheap to fill tank. Perfect for a first car.

- Delilah E

Blue 2013 spark very tiny car but reliable and trustworthy

Very reliable and a gas saver, have never had any motor problem or anything serious. Speed is not the greatest, which I understand because it is a 4 cylinder vehicle. Very small car, not a huge trunk to fit big items. But overall very reliable and comfortable.

- brenda A

Great little car that will save you money.

The car handles well and turns on a dime. Really great gas mileage and is cheap to fill up. Is a lot more roomier than it looks. Will seat four comfortable. Really roomy trunk space. Comes OnStar and AUX cord hookup. No ashtray thank goodness. Stylish inside.

- Michael G

Chevrolet spark is a wonderful car!

It is a very nice car. This Chevrolet spark is fantastic on gas mileage. It does not even take twenty dollars to fill up the gas right now. Chevrolet spark engine runs very well, I have not had not any problems with it yet other than needing a tune up.

- Anastasia T

One thing people should know is that it is very gas efficient.

What I like about my vehicle is that I can park anywhere. The gas on my vehicle is super cheap so I always drive it. I also get around better as well. What I dislike is that it takes forever to speed up. I also dislike that it slides a lot in the snow.

- Carla Z

There are other great cars in this category for the same amount of money.

Engine replaced due to defect when vehicle had 24k miles. It has also had a plethora of various issues from complete ac system replacement to the master cylinder failing. The coolant reservoir also cracked from engine heat and was replaced 3 times.

- Max L

What others should know about my car is that my car is comfortable to drive.

Chevrolet spark cars are small, but comfortable more when finding parking. For me, It's a very good car. They are available in different colors. It does have the CD player, the map and the back camera, but you can connect your phone through aux.

- Gabriela R

Like...with reservations.

Decent car, hate that there is no spare tire. Battery doesn't last long. Good mileage and a comfortable ride. Doesn't feel like a sub compact. A/c went out in 5 years, should last longer, Paint is flaking off which really pisses me off.

- Cliff E

It's the perfect vehicle for anyone with back or mobility issues but who can't afford an SUV or larger larger vehicle.

It's a small vehicle (which I prefer), but it's got plenty of room inside for me to be comfortable. It's also a bit elevated, so when I get in, I can step up rather than down, which is important for me due to arthritis. And it's pink!!!

- Nancy G

Good gas mileage and good crash rating

It's great. I love the gas mileage and how I can fit into any parking space. Runs really well. I've had mine for 5yrs now and have been in 3 accidents easy to find replacement parts and the damage only looks worse than it actually was.

- Rikki L

It's small but gets the job done, despite being a bit barebones.

I love the small size, it's easy to handle and fits everywhere! I love that it has a hatchback, but wish it had a bit more space, and that I could use both the backseat and hatch at the same time. It also gets great gas mileage.

- Ashley Z

That it's very easy to drive.

I like the look of it, to be honest. And I like that it is better on gas than other cars. I don't like that there's not a lot of room, but it's not something that makes me hate the vehicle. I still enjoy it.

- Jane W

The car is colored jalapeno, tiny and it helps you go places.

My tiny car fits just right for me. It has traveled in different states and it's really cozy in there. Many people have been confused about the doors. They thought it's only a two-door car but it's not.

- Kira M

The small size makes city driving and traffic jams really easy to navigate. Parking and u-turns are super easy.

I like the it is small and cute. I gets great gas mileage. The back seats come out easily for more storage. I don't really like how weak the engine is, makes driving in the mountains difficult.

- amy s

It a very small car it seats 4 people. He has leather seats in it.

I really like my car it's very saving on gas. It only hold about 20 dollars worth it's has 4. Seat belts and a very deep trunk. The one think I don't know about it doesn't have a spare tire.

- Alisha B

It saves you a lot of money on gas and can fit into parking spots that most other cars cannot.

The gas mileage is very good at about 35 mph. I have not had any problems with Its maintenance. It's a little slow to accelerate from resting but it handles well in poor weather conditions.

- Lindsey C

The most important thing that people should know about my care is that it has the best gas mileage I have ever had in a car.

I love my car because it has great gas mileage. My car Is easy to park. It has more power than people are really willing to give it credit for. There is nothing I dislike and no complaints.

- Runy r

It's a awesome car for people that can't afford the luxurious ones

Well the car has awesome performance and save a lot of gas, but have small problems like being to low, and the bagging compartment isn't great for long travels but it's comfortable inside.

- Luis B

The Chevy spark is the best car you will ever buy.

Excellent gas mileage. Sporty look. Never had any engine problems this is the most economical car I have ever had. People ask me about it all the time and I have noticed more on the road.

- Denise S

It is compact and fuel efficient.

I like the good fuel efficiency. It has good turn radius and comes in fun colors. I dislike its lack of power because it is difficult to speed up quickly, and my model has no power locks.

- Jim H

Amazing small car with more room than I expected.

My spark gets great gas mileage in city or country. It has more room than one would expect, as the back seats fold down to create more space in the hatchback. I absolutely love it.

- Erin M

It has no dents or rust and I want to keep it that way.

I like that it drives good, and it is compact. The color is great, and the miles running good. Also I do not like that we got in a accident and now the bumper will not stay on.

- Jennifer P

Great handling and maneuverability.

It may not be the fastest car, but it is quick and agile. Easy to get in and out of with plenty of room for the drive and front seat passenger. Very economical to operate

- Constance R

It is a hybrid with great gas mileage.

I like that my car can fit into small parking spaces. I do not like that my car is not fuel efficient. I also do not like the fact that my car does not do well uphill.

- Rebecca D

Very economical, easy to care for, relaxing drive!

Like the style of, reason I bought. Like the workmanship that went into producing. Don't like all the expensive bells and whistles of today tech advanced addins!

- jim W

It is small but very comfortable and reliable. Excellent gas mileage.

It is very good on gas, excellent gas mileage. There have been a few recalls but nothing major. It is a hatchback and the rear seats fold down completely.

- Courtney M

Good on gas mileage and there's surprisingly a good amount of room inside.

I like that it's good on gas mileage but I feel like I would like a car with a bigger engine. I would also like a bigger vehicle since I have 2 kids now.

- Amanda Y

Overall very reliable car that gets from point A to B. Very cute and perfect for busy town or city.

My car has had several recalls, which haven't been major, but is inconvenient. I thoroughly enjoy the amazing gas mileage. I can squeeze in tight spots.

- cassidy h

Fully loaded and easy to drive.

Love my little car! It takes very little gas and it is very cute too. I would recommend a Chevy spark to anyone that wants a really reliable small car!

- Sharon B

It gets great gas mileage.

Love the gas mileage, love the small size but dislike the small size too. I also dislike that I put so many miles on it and it decreased in value.

- Jenny H

It has a 5 star safety rating and actually has quite a few airbags in it for how small it is.

I love the color of my car, I got the yellow one. I also love the mileage I get on it. Plus it I'd actually pretty roomy for how small it looks.

- Rashelle s

The size and how compact it is - it is super easy to get around in a big city!.

I love the size, the gas mileage, and the efficiency in the city. I do not like the interior color and how the seats do not go down all the way.

- Kay P

economical but yet still carry 5 people and can do a good size grocery shopping

bought when i working for gas now retired and still gets 38 mpg. it is small and compact since but still room enough for grocery shopping etc.

- kay m

Good car but I have put too many miles on it.

I have put a lot of miles on it and I am disappointed with the drastic drop in value. I am not able to trade it in with the current value.

- Jenny H

The inside is small so not good for very tall people.

I like that or has food gas mileage. It is easy to park since it is so small. I dislike the fact that it doesn't have power locks/alarm.

- Patrice P

Chevy Sparks are the best

I've had my car for 6 years and haven't had many issues with it. It's very reliable, great on gas, very peppy. It's a great little car

- Jessica H

I really like the size/maneuverability and fuel efficiency of the Spark, and also the heated leatherette seats. I dislike the radio - it broke within a year of buying the car. I have also had continual issues with the car engine running too hot, and on one occasion overheating on a hot day. The vehicle is fun and sporty, but overall kind of shoddily built.

The size and fuel efficiency make it a great choice for city driving, especially if you're the only one in the car most of the time.

- Colleen B

The gas mileage is amazing and it is a great car.

I love the size of my vehicle and how it runs. It is the perfect fit for me as a college student. It also gets great gas mileage.

- Colleen H

That it is roomy and has great gas mileage

My only complaint is the starter has died several times. Otherwise there has been no complaints. Love how much I can fit in there

- Stephanie S

It's a Chevrolet and it lives up to the Chevrolet name for the price and size of the car its awesome

Excellent on gas. Easy to maintain. Fun to drive. Everything is at your fingertips. It has been reliable every step of the way

- Michael E

It's very small and very easy to navigate and park

Battery, starter, and brakes are needed very often . It's very compact and small so it's easy to fit in small / tight spaces

- Erin S

Love my tiny car overall best ever

Economical. Reliable. Dependable. Fun to drive. Gas saver. Had to replace catalytic converter and muffler way too soon.

- Belinda S

It does not accelerate fast and makes passing difficult sometimes.

I like the gas mileage, controls/display, interior. I dislike the lack of acceleration power and lack of a spare tire.

- Ben M

It is not as small as it looks.

I love how small it is and easy to drive. Gets good gas mileage. Just wish it had a sunroof and an actual spare tire.

- Melissa T



- LI S

How absolutely amazing the gas mileage is, how smooth it drives, and the compact size.

It is a great car that gets the absolute best gas mileage out of any single car I have ever owned. Would recommend.

- Hayley Y

It's a gas saver which helps save you money which everyone should do

I love this car being very compact I never have issues finding parking. Traveling in this car is a money saver.

- Nikki R

It is a convertible and has big heavy doors.

I like the color of my car. I hate how small it is. I enjoy the gas mileage. I wish it were more tech savvy.

- Allie D

It is a good dependable little car that gets great gas mileage.

It's very small. It gets great gas mileage. Parking It is easy. I cant transport a whole lot though

- Victoria M

I looks very small form the outside but is very roomy on the inside!

I like the gas mileage, very good AC and is easy to handle. Doesn't do very well in snow of ice

- kim b

It's size. It feels like a four wheeler when you drive. You can feel everything.

I like it's gas mileage and speaker system. I dislike the size and the maintenance.

- Kiley R

Pros: It is great for driving in cities and other tight confines. It is great on fuel mileage. Cons: Lacks torque and horsepower, which can make it difficult or even dangerous getting onto a freeway. Also, there's not much crumple room if one should happen to get in a bad accident.

The Spark is great for driving downtown, maybe not so great on the highway

- Charles L

No spare tire. Which doesn't help if an emergency happens

It's fuel efficient. Comfortable to drive. Comes in a variety of colors

- Nancy L

The most important thing is that the car is good on gas

I love that it is good on gas. I dislike that there is not enough storage

- Anna Z

is is small is very easy to drive and very easy to park

it is to small it is red it is a 4 door and it is also a straight stick

- larry b

Even though it is quite small it is a great spacious vehicle

It's very spacious and is great on gas and mileage. Has cruise control.

- Alec D

It's a nice compact car that will complete all your daily needs.

i have no complaints.i like my car.It's nice and fun to drive.

- paul B

Engine is too small so it takes time to get up to speed. It's very small so it's easy to navigate and park

Batteries and starters go bad quickly and need to be replaced

- Erin S

I like that it is a compact car, but the inside is still roomy. It also gets pretty good gas mileage, and is cheap to fill up! I have had to replace my wheel bearing twice in one year, but that's the only issue I've had with it so far.

This car is great for someone who has to drive around a lot!

- Lisa V

It's small, but efficient and easy to use

I like the color. I like the space. I like the technology.

- Ana P

It's a small compact car perfect for a student. Its pink! It has a small gas tank but great gas mileage.

Even though it is small it has some get up and go to it.

- Caroline W

dependable always reliable

Like economy dislike too small like maintenance free

- Donald D

It's fun little cute design economical stands out in a crowd

No complaints great little car to drive inexpensive

- Suki N

The stereo is the best thing.

It is great vehicle and I really liked it so far.

- Julio B