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I really enjoy the Bluetooth capabilities.

The 2015 Chevrolet spark is a really great car. It is a four door vehicle with four seats. The seats in the back are able to be folded to fit items if you are moving or going on a trip. I was able to fit two people, a dog and three days worth of camping supplies in the car. It is compact for those who do not need a lot of space. Because it is so compact, parking is a breeze. If you have issues with parallel parking like I do, this car makes it seem easy. For being a small car, it is not difficult to get it moving. The car has really great gas mileage and when the car is completely on e, it only takes about $20 to fill up for about a week and a half(depending how far you live from work and how often you use your car. ) It has Bluetooth capabilities and satellite radio. It also has cruise control capabilities. The only downside I have about this car is that it does not have a spare tire. It does come with fix a flat. Also, when it is windy, the car does swerve around trying to stay on the road. Overall, this car has been great and it has helped me out a great deal. I would recommend this car.

Brittany Y

For one person, it is the best! Great on gas, comfortable, fun to drive.

I purchased the car used, less than 15,000 miles on it. The one big hassle I've had is for the first 2 or 3 months I had it, it would not start. Had to have roadside assistance either jump start it or tow it into the dealership, as it still had some warranty left on it.. I was annoying to say the least. On top of that I was charge for the service call when they couldn't find out what was wrong with it. Ultimately, it was discovered to be a bad battery. Once that was replaced, I was good to go. The car is good for me, as it's extremely good on gas, has features that I really like. A little noisy inside while driving, but I just turn up the radio. Comfortable for me. Would not be if you had kids or had someone with you all the time. Love the hatchback.

lynn d

2015 Chevrolet spark 1lt- red.

I purchased my 2015 spark in July of 2016, used. It is the perfect car for me as far as handling due to it is size because I was a newer driver and it was my first car. The only issue I have encountered since purchasing is that my shifter cable broke shortly after I got it but, thanks to the awesome people at the dealership I purchased from I had access to OnStar! Had the car towed from my job for free and fixed up in like 2 days tops! Other than that it has been a great experience having it. Not to mention how awesome the gas mileage is!

Phaedra W

That the mileage is so great, and it's great for someone that doesn't need a lot of space for children, pets and people.

I love the hatchback with the panel that covers what is in it. I love the fact the car has a gas cover release in the car, so no one can put anything in, or syphon out the gas. I love the fact that I can park almost anywhere. Love the fact that the gas mileage is phenomenal. Only complaint, so far, is that if it's left sitting for a long time, it won't start. Took 3 or 4 roadside jumpstarts and then trips to dealership to figure out it needed a new battery. I'm also very nervous about driving on the highway, as the car is so small.

Lynne D

Small car, fun to drive, great buy!

My little Chevy Spark gets 41 mpg, is fun to drive, and I get compliments on it's design and bright red color everywhere I go. It has a manual 5 -speed transmission, power windows, a nice stereo, safety features, and is easy to maintain. It is not a car for people who like to speed, go off-road, carry a lot of passengers or cargo, or who like to "keep up with the Joneses." This is for people who appreciate a smaller car to commute and get great gas mileage and buy a car at a reasonable price tag.

Beth E

Eco-friendly mini gas saver.

Does very well on gas mileage, can get up to about 40 miles to the gallon and really helps your dollars stretch. The compact build is helpful in squeezing into tiny places most other cars cannot fit into. The car is extremely tough and can take a lot of harsh treatment and still recover. The problem with the spark is that since it's such a specially designed car, its really difficult to find the available and correct parts for repairs or maintenance.

Anna B

Tiny but mighty car that gets you where you need to go.

I love this car. Its small but mighty. It's been a great early family car. The only thing I wish it had a light in the back seat area for the kids so o could see when I am buckling them in. The only thing I hate is that you can't buy a replacement rear wiper. You can buy one but it doesn't work for the curvature of the rear window so only half of the wiper is used and only partially your rear window is cleaned.

Amy B

You'll have to order parts online if you work on your car often. They're hard to find in many stores.

While it's not the most powerful little car and takes some effort in accelerating, I still love my Spark. It has more space inside than I thought it would, but it's small enough that I can park anywhere easily. I would say my biggest complaint is it's difficult to find replacement parts in most stores. There's literally one AutoZone in my city that carries the right battery for a Spark.

Samantha C

This car gets amazing gas mileage, comparable to some hybrids, without the added cost.

I love my little Spark. It is compact and gets amazing gas mileage. It isn't very big, and we got the base model, so I feel it will be a great 1st car for our almost 16 year old. The only complaint I have is that you can hear a good bit of highway noise when traveling at higher speeds, such as on an interstate. Overall, I love this little, compact car.

Jenifer V

Compact car for inner city living.

I bought a used car. It has under 30, 000 miles still and is wonderful. Its small so parking is easy. It is easy to clean and gets between 31 and 32 mpg. Downsides are limited storage inside and low horse power. Regular car seats fit fine for kids but the one for my special needs son is a tight fit. I love my car and am very happy with the purchase.

Rebecca H

Best first car for first time owners.

It is a tad small, but this is a great first time car. It does not take a lot of gas to fill and it lasts for about two weeks (depending on how far you drive). The only thing is that it only holds a driver and three passengers. There is still a lot of space in the back and front, and the back seats fold down to make a bigger trunk area.

Jennifer L

Cute economical car with great gas mileage.

This is a good vehicle for its size. It is a subcompact. The ride can be bumpy and it goes into gas saving mode when you stop so you have to be careful when you pull out into traffic. It is cute and can be zippy once you get going. The gas mileage is pretty good at about 34 mpg. It has an 8 gallon tank which takes less than $20 to fill.

Sam R

Comfortable, efficient, reliable.

There is no indicator to let you know when you are out of windshield wiper fluid. The spark is faster than you may think, do not underestimate it! That little thing can go from 0-50 in seconds. It is a very comfortable car and you can fit a lot into it. I moved almost my whole apartment worth of stuff in my car besides the furniture!

Gracey E

2015 Chevrolet spark review.

The spark is incredibly comfortable physically and mentally as I always feel safe in it no matter the distance I drive. The multi source radio makes it so I am always entertained and I rarely ever have problems with the car. The gas mileage is the best of any car I have ever had and I have little to no complaints about the car.

Daniel B

2015 Chevy spark is the best car I have ever owned.

I love my spark because of the built in screen that I can plug my phone into for navigation and that it is just the right size for me. Not too big that parking is a hassle, but still can fit four people comfortably! Overall it is a great car that I haven't had any performance or reliability issues with at all.

Danielle T

Great gas mileage, takes about twenty two dollars to fill up.

Love the car. The only problem I have with it is that it does not accelerate very well. Not unless I push down on the brake very hard and it makes my car jump gears. I am going to take it to the shop and hopefully they can fix it. I don't like the fact that it does not have cruise control either.

Elizabeth A

The car is a very good investment for those who need to save on gas.

The Chevy spark has been very reliable so far. It does have a problem with going up very steep hills. The most surprising part about the car is that I have taken it off-roading a couple of times because I live in a rural area and it has handled the large potholes and bumpy roads quite well.

Nora S

2015 Chevy Spark - Bare Minimum but AWESOME

I haven't had a lot of problems with my vehicle. I didn't get one with any upgrades so I don't have automatic locks, cruise control, or a screen on the dashboard. My only complaints would be about those things. It's a great car and gets GREAT gas mileage. Would definitely buy again.

Devon P

It is very dependable and great mileage.

I have no issues with my car. I love it and get very excellent gas mileage. My car is very comfortable. I got a great price on the car. The car dealer had a very great attitude and helped me with the price and looks. I am extremely satisfied with the price and depravity of my car.

Elizabeth N

My small car was made for me.

Is small but comfortable. Runs very good. The bad part is that does not have CD player. My car is very economic because does not need so much gas. The radio is good and even the windows are manuals I feel they are ok for me. In three years I never had any problem with it.

Lina B

The most important thing that others should know about this car is that it is affordable and reliable.

I like it because it is small and fast. It gets me places and I don't use as much gas as the other cars I have had in the past. The seats are comfy and for a small car has lots of room inside. The radio dash is nice but is sometimes hard to use because it is a touchscreen.

Hannah M

Tiny, Fuel-Efficient Car to Get You Where You Need to Go

The Chevrolet Spark is extremely fuel-efficient and comfortable on my back. But because it's small, it doesn't have any pick-up making it difficult to drive in fast-moving traffic. Also because it's so small, many larger vehicles drive erratically around it, scaring me.

Robyn P

Bigger on the inside ~ very safe.

The Chevy spark is great on gas, it is an eye catcher-people love it, great daily driver, also great for travel, its roomy-bigger on the inside, good cargo space, nice features for the price. Fun colors. So easy to park, squeeze into small spaces, great commuter.

Dorothy B

It is great if you live in an urban area.

I love the mpg, especially on long trips. It is smaller than I'd like, and the infotainment system software on the 2015 model is not compatible with my galaxy phone. It is a good little car that gets me where I need to go without breaking the bank though.

Ana R

It has a surprising amount of trunk space in the back. It's perfect for trips to the grocery store or shopping around town.

It's a great sub compact car. The gas mileage is amazing and it's great for getting in and out of tight parking lots. I'm 6'2" so it is small for me but it's perfect for my 5' wife. We would definitely considering getting another Spark in the future.

Jeramy W

The car is basically a good deal for the price.

Cute car for basic needs. Is a little slow in acceleration. Also have had some issues with turning signals not working for a short period of time, something to do with electrical I think. The car is really great for the price and comes in cute colors.

Jean S

Watch the gas cover, it likes to open even when you've closed it.

I enjoy the gas mileage on the Spark. I also enjoy being able to get into small spaces from time to time. I wish I had a little more space for storage, so if I wanted to go camping with friends, I could fit more things then what I have room for.

Audrie J

The size of the car is awesome. If you live in the city, you will love it.

I love that my Spark is small. I live in the city so it is convenient for parking. I had a sunroof installed so I love that feature. It has automatic windows, but I wish it also had automatic locks. No major maintenance issues with it so far.

Miranda W

I feel super safe driving in this car!

The Chevy spark is one of the safest vehicles I've ever driven! I was actually in a pretty bad accident, and I give all credit to this car for saving my life. The only downside is you can't really fit too many things in your car if needed.

Annika M

Do not get it dealers make pay more than what it is worth!

Whenever you turn on the cooler and you press on the gas pedal it takes up a lot of gas and rev up your engine really high! Very slow if are at a stop light and your cooler is on and you try to go it takes forever to get up to speed!

Ann A

My little Spark is a small compact economy car

It is fun to drive except for the fact it has NO power or get up and go. I get good mileage. I do not like the small trunk or small backseat. The price was why I got it. My 2003 Honda CR.V spoiled me on its size and power.

verna l

My lime green chevy spark

It's a basic car, but it gets me where I need to go. There is no CD player, only an AUX port. Side view mirrors are hand adjusted, but my windows are power controlled. The hatchback trunk is the only automated lock.

Jenns M

great gas mileage not an expensive car

sometime I feel the car doesn't want to stop when I apply the breaks (I drive a lot and have had a lot of cars so no it's not the breaks. I love that I get 37 to 38 mpg, its small but not to small ,fun to drive.

nannette h

it's only subcompact that passed with good rating crash test, probably because of side air bags as well as frontal airbags

It is super cute, people ask me about it all the time and ask if it's fun to drive. It has airbags and side airbags on all seats. Inside screen has many features and gas mileage is 38 miles per gallon

Patty T

Reliable commuter car with good mileage

It is a really good commuter car as it has great gas mileage. It also has a lot more room inside than it looks like there would be from the outside. It doesn't have hardly any pickup, however.

Ron L

It only seats 4. No middle rear seat or seat belt.

The subcompact size and manual transmission allow for better gas mileage. Even though it is small, the interior is not cramped. The only issue had been with the factory / dealer tires.

David S

It's good on gas & with gas prices going up at times, it's perfect

It's good on gas & I was able to get it at a good price since I'm disabled & could't afford more at the time. Some things are very cheaply made on it & wish I had something better

Amy P

The instrument panel is very small and the back door handles are hard for visitors to find.

I love the gas mileage my spark gets as well as how easy it is to park in tight spaces. I do not like how poorly it handles potholes. It's backseat is also not meant for adults.

Andrew R

This is not a car for long road trips.

My Chevy spark is pretty much a perfect fit for me. My car has a few bad blind spots but I purchased some extra mirrors and it works perfectly. The gas mileage is wonderful.

Ellen G

Super safe and over 40 mpg.

Amazing gas mileage and super fun to drive but it has a small engine so it does not have much get up and go and is so light that the wind tosses it around on the highway.

William S

Pick up is a little slow,but it does just fine once it gets going!

I like the size.It is a small car and I am very short so i can see over the hood.Gas mileage is awesome!Only problem is not a lot of space for groceries.Or other people.

Marguerite W

Small with great gas mileage!

Love the car! While it may be a bit small, it's great for getting me where I need to be. It gets wonderful gas mileage, and when you are on a budget that helps a lot.

Christy D

Great car for a first time buyer/student or city resident.

Great fuel consumption savings. Very practical for day to day use, but small in cargo space. Slightly underpowered, tough on hills. Not great in snow/ice conditions.

Edward M

Spark EV, electric cars rule!

I love the Spark EV. It's wonderful not to have to put gas again and there are plenty of free charging stations in my city. Great, responsive car and fun to drive!

Audrey B

Although it is small, it's a great car for driving in the city or even longer distances.

Like how easy it is to drive and park. Can fit a surprisingly large amount of things, but would prefer more trunk space. Great on gas but slightly underpowered.

Shelby D

Small outside, big inside.

I got my car mainly for the size. It is small on the outside but super roomy inside. I have not had it very long but so far it is pretty great, no problems yet.

Gabby R

It is affordable and dependable.

I love the fuel efficiency. I like that it is small, but at the same time I wish I had some space. Overall I think it is great for the price and dependability.

Miranda K

It is not too good at going uphill (super slow).

It is very smooth to drive and very inexpensive to fill the tank, but the negatives are that it sucks going up hill and it is very tiny to put any stuff in it.

Jennifer G

It has a very slow takeoff so you have to be extremely careful.

I do not like that my car takes off slowly. It seems to be a higher risk when you are entering fast paced traffic. On the other hand, the gas mileage is good.

Dee T

It has excellent gas mileage.

My Chevy spark is very dependable. It gets excellent gas mileage. I have not had any maintenance problems with it. I have no complaints with it at this time.

Christen C

It's compact but will do everything one needs.

I like that it is compact and small but still has enough room to carry groceries and whatever else I need. It fits in all sorts of spaces larger cars don't.

Christina S

It is a great car as a first car. It is reliable and haven't had any issues yet.

I absolutely love my car. It is small but roomy enough for my needs. It is a beautiful green color. The seats are comfortable and drives smoothly.

Bella G

Little Blue Putt Putt (Chevy Spark)

My car is good on gas and perfect for me. I've had to have the alternator replaced due to a manufacturer issues but it was completely covered.

Nicole G

it only has a 9 gallon tank its about $500 to get 4 new tires and you get 40 miles to the gallon

I love my car because it does so good on gas. The only thing that I don't like is that it drives so rough. But other than that I love my car

Ashley O

There has not been any serious mechanical breakdowns with it in the past 3 years.

Very good mileage but not very much space to pack in stuff if your moving or grocery shopping. I would recommend it if you live in a city.

Nicolas R

Low maintenance, great on gas, roomy, affordable

Great on gas and has more room then can be expected for a small car. Self maintenance you don't even need to carry a spare tire in the car

Jenny S

Small. Cute. Fun ride. Great gas mileage.

The 2015 Chevy spark is a fun tiny car. Great turning radius. Stylish. Back seats fold flat for storage. Low powered. Great gas mileage.

Alexis L

The one most important thing about my car is that it's a gas saver.

I like my Spark because it's compact, I save money on gas and it's reliable to drive. I dislike the power it has when going up the hill.

Kathy L

It's great for a first car or single person. Great on gas.

It's a nice car but not ideal for a mother, it's too small and feels very unsafe. It only has four seats and it feels very sturdy car.

Kayla W

This car is compact and fun to drive.

I love that my car is compact so I can park it easily in the city. I also love that it gets great gas mileage, which saves me money.

Stephanie H

The vehicle is not aerodynamic, but still good

It drives a little rough, and the speaker is really crunchy, but overall I like the vehicle. It has nice Bluetooth and good Mileage

Isabel H

That it is very slow to accelerate leading to some dangerous situations

The car has excellent gas mileage. It's very reliable, hasn't needed any work. My only complaint is how slow the car accelerates.

Shannon T

A very good economical car. Handles well under different weather conditions, get great gas mileage, had more cargo room then you would even suspect. This vehicle was also built for safety with a roll cage construction and 10 airbags. I do not take it on long trips, we use another car for that. The price brand new was perfect! $12, 900 list price!

There is a tie between the most important things with this vehicle. Safety and gas mileage. Maybe comfort should be there too!

Lori S

not too bad car for the price

cute car- slow in accelerating and some electrical problems for a short period of time . surprised in how well it does in wind

jeanine S

Cute little car perfect for one person.

Has a little trouble getting going also; had problems with turning signals working but can't hear them and radio not working.

Jean S

It is comfortable and great for kids.

I like the gas mileage. I like the size. I wish it had a little more power. It meets my needs and does what I need it too.

Justin P

Very small and not much cargo space but easy to drive

Easy to drive and maneuver in town Easy to park Feels too light and somewhat unsafe Rides a little rough and is noisy

Kathy R

It gets good gas mileage and doesn't take up too much space.

I like how small it is. It also gets the gas mileage that I need it to have, so it's not terribly expensive to keep.

Travis S

My car is very good on gas, and very spacious inside.

I love my car. It does have an issue with tire sensors, and the light generally stays on. Other than that, it's fine!

bella r

What a lovely car, pretty perfect.

The best part of my car is the great gas mileage and the beautiful stand out color. This car has never let me down.

Katy K

It looks small from the outside but it can comfortably seat 4 people

My car is great on gas which is good since both me and my boyfriend use it. It has the right amount of size for us

Emily S

it is very easy to drive, very convenient and very reliable

convenient to use, reliable, easy to drive, easier to park compare to other big vehicle, can save a lot on gas

jacob H

Small, reliable, good gas mileage

It gets great gas mileage. It averages above 30 mpg. It is small, but holds four people fairly comfortably.

Amber S

30-35 mpg so gas costs goes way down.even in city limits

its adorable, small and blue. i wish the passenger locks were automatic.the beeps are cute but annoying

caitlyn r

it gets great gas mileage and is efficient.

it gets great gas mileage. it doesn't do well in the ice and snow but it serves its purpose otherwise.

justin R

Weak engine is somewhat of a problem

I like it being compact. This makes getting around easier. The AC is weak and so is the engine.

Dave L

The Chevy Spark is an awesome gas saving vehicle, and it has great pick up as well as no maintenance.

My car is purple. I love purple. It gets 46 miles to the gallon. I love helping the environment.

Lorie R

Even though it's got a tiny trunk, the cabin is roomy.

I love that it's compact. It's surprisingly roomy for being so small. It gets good gas mileage.


It has great gas mileage and is easy to drive. Parking is easy.

I like the size. It is easy to maneuver in and out of spots. It does accelerate slowly, though.

Sarah S

It gets good gas mileage and it was one of the least expensive vehicles to purchase.

Gets good gas mileage. Was a very inexpensive vehicle. It's a compact, I like small vehicles.

gary y

it was an inexpensive vehicle

it is small but holds a lot. gets great gas mileage but wish it had more acceleration power.

Anthony T

It's a great car that's a good size and even better on gas mileage

I like the gas mileage it gets. I like the body shape/style. I wish it had a CD player in it

Brad G

It functions just fine, turns well, and has decent gas mileage.

Acceleration is poor. Affordable. Maybe if the mpg was a bit better would be nice.

Doug B

Great gas mileage. CVT transmission means synthetic oil

Only dislike is the cabin light is in the front instead of the center of the roof.

Michelle W

It doesn't accelerate very well, so be careful pulling out in front of someone.

It's easy to drive. It gets good gas mileage. I wish it had more engine power.

Kristy C

I love my chevy spark because it's good on gas. it's really cheap to fill her up especially if your not driving far. I also love my car because it will tell you if you have something wrong with the tire . The most thing i dislike is it doesn't have enough power like to get up and go, sometimes it gets stuck at a low speed then goes fast but that sucks a lot of gas.

my car is really good on gas and it's a cheap car to buy from hertz dealership.

princess t

I love the compact size. I hate that it doesn't cool off quickly, not enough pick-up, no spare tire & loud road noise. It could also be more fuel efficient.

Chevy Spark...It's a decent car for the price, but no bells or whistles.

dawn r

it has good mpg. It also is really efficient and reliable to get from point a to b.

cool features. it has enough room for me. I have no dislikes.

sisto e

This is very economical. Great on gas. Also takes very small tires

Love the color great on gas cute hard to handle in snow

Donna M

The gas mileage is very good and i feel safe in the car.

It is very good on gas and goes even in the snow.

Martha D