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I love my car. - I love to have maps on while talking to my family on the phone.

I own a brand new 2018 Chevy spark! I love that it is small and really easy to drive on the road. I find the back camera helpful, although I am still trying to get used to it. The camera is clear and very accurate. My favorite feature has got to be the screen. I love to just plug in my phone and put my own music on and have maps on. I love that it can read aloud my new messages and listens and types what I say back. I just love the design of the chairs. They're so cute, I feel that it adds more character, because it looks fun; it is not just a plain black or grey. I also love the hatchback! It is amazing, there’s surprisingly a lot of room in the back. I was able to take my sisters and my suitcases inside of that car for a week long cruise.

- Irene P

The spark: carries quite a bit and can find a parking space anywhere.

This vehicle has been great. I can find parking almost anywhere and the car is well worth it is cost. It is very affordable and the gas mileage is decent. I average about 28 miles to the gallon. The trunk holds more than you would expect, but I do have to put groceries in the back seat if I do a full shopping trip. I wish the back seats laid down glad when folded, instead they only lay down part of the way and are at an angle. This helps in some situations though. I have had no car issues as of yet, it is been almost a year since I bought it new.

- Leah P

Review of 2018 Chevy spark.

Although it slow to accelerate from a stop, especially an uphill stop, it is quick when driving and turning corners. The gas mileage is great, and the dashboard is intuitive. The only thing that I would change are the wheels. The hubcaps are cheap and damage easily, but this keeps the car light, maximizing fuel efficiency.

- Austin S

You can hook your phone up to the car for hands free device for calling.

My car is just a standard, nothing special. But I love the Bluetooth connection service it gives you and I think it adds a nice touch that the windows are not automatic. Kind of unique if you ask me. It is not meant for the acceleration. But it fits in every parking spot imaginable. And it definitely is my kind of car.

- Maddie S

I like that the spark has a rear view camera, great for parallel parking.

I really enjoy my spark, but I think the reason I like it so much is because it is just me. I have no kids and it is a bit of a small car so I think if you are single and a college student it is a great and economical way to get around. It does not have much horsepower unfortunately, but it is a great city car.

- A T

The car has a very unique shape and you can find the car in every parking lot.

It is too small and catches dirt fast. No trunk. No trunk space. Nowhere to hang up your clothes from the cleaners and shopping. Fabric seats are harder to keep clean. Hard to keep soft fabric clean. Cleaning the fabric can be tricky and you have to have Lysol around if you have children.

- Angela W

So many perks! Loving my spark!

I love my new spark! It is extremely fuel efficient with low maintenance prices. It has a hatch, which I figured would hinder space, but it is still plenty large enough for groceries; the rear seats fold down to haul large items, as well. My son loves to watch the reverse cam.

- Brit W

Spacious but compact and perfect for fun times

Fantastic small car for a young single person or young couple. Very reliable and safety oriented. For a small car, there is lots of space in both the front and back seats and has a lot of trunk space. Great little compact car for a bustling city and wonderful on gas mileage.

- Stephanie M

So happy I purchased a Chevrolet spark!!

Excellent gas mileage. Fun car to drive around town. Not a highway car. Plenty of room in front but not back seat. Trunk small. Like back windshield wiper. Seats comfortable. Cleans easily. Comfortable ride. Enjoy short trips. Easy to park. Lasting car. So glad I purchased.

- David R

Small car, lots of features, great price.

I have owned my spark for a month now, I haven't had any issues. It is a fun little zippy car. Would not recommend for bigger people because it is very compact. I get about 34 mpg. This car can fit in almost any parking spot. Great value and features for the price paid.

- Kara F

Great gas mileage at 37 mpg!!

Gas mileage is fabulous at 37 mpg. Cute little town car but maybe not best on the highway. Trunk is rather small. Would like just a little bigger. Front seats are comfortable except for headrest. At an awkward angle. Not a lot of room for back seat passengers.

- David R

A great little car with more room than you would think!

If you do not come to a complete stop at a stop sign or light, it is kind of sluggish getting going again. Otherwise it is a great car. The seats fold down and give it a lot of room. It moves through traffic easily. The rear-view camera is super helpful.

- Diane R

The gas mileage is great.

I like that my car is small and good with gas. Also it rides smoothly on the highway. Ali I really love the look of the vehicle.

- Christina P

Great on gas, it only has a 9. 2 gallon tank. But great almost 300 miles.

I just got it, i only been driving it less than a month. Great gas mileage. But does not have great pick up, it is a 4 cylinder.

- Peggy S

Inexpensive compared to most new cars, very small and easy to park.

Love the great visibility out of the windows, love the power windows and locks, love the tiny size.. Nothing to dislike so far..

- Sandra K

That is really small and can fit into some of the tightest spaces.

I love that my car is small. Works with apple carplay. Has really good speakers and the mileage is amazing.

- Amber L

Great efficiency, Perfect size

Great on gas, has WiFi, has Bluetooth and CarPlay, great size for me and my son, I really love my new car.

- Jorian F

Good on gas. Small in size.

Good on gas. Reliable. Comfortable. Has fair acceleration for it is engine size. Is sporty. Handles well.

- Michael G

Engineering, capacity, technology, comfortable and most importantly the price.

I love my car it is so comfortable, small and perfect for me and my baby it is a smart thing made for us.

- Maria A

I paid 10k for it in the year 2018 now that's a good price for a car

like the car do not like putting gas in it

- don k