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Best car I have ever had!

This car is very reliable, the only real issues I have had up to this point was a problem with the steering and a problem with the radio and blinkers not making noise however both were recalls and were easily fixed. The service is a bit expensive and we only put premium gas in it so that is also an added expense, however, the vehicle is extremely reliable and comfortable. I love the speed and the style of the vehicle. It gets looks everywhere I go. It has a sunroof, back up camera, crash protector lights, automatic seats that are also heated, fans in the back for passengers. Large trunk, leather seats and very roomy. I love that the speed reflects on the windshield so I don't have to look down to see how fast I am going. My car parallel parks itself. It is the smoothest ride and we love taking my car out of town. I have only seen two other cars like mine and I have owned it over two years. When I am due to purchase another vehicle, it will be another SS because I absolutely love my car. It has all the features I could want in a car. It is sporty but also practical because it is a sedan. I can fit four to five grown adults in my car without any issues.

- Nicole U

Speed and power amazing reliable could use some engine change style is sleek.

Love the torque and the horsepower gas mileage is low it only gets 12 mpg wish it got better plus it takes 93 for gas more expensive to fill love the inside and looks sleek. It is expensive to fix the power suspension blew and to change over to regular suspension which was the best thing to do. Drives smoothly other vehicles do not expect you to be able to pick up quickly. It is roomy the truck has a lot of room to fit almost everything you need. Engine failed twice but the third one has been a charm so far. Had to replace the ac unit. Every vehicle has its goods and bad. Trailblazer ss has power windows seats heated seats you can save your seat settings so when you get in you push one button and it will adjust you to the same position that worked for you before. Car seat fits nicely for those who have kids not a car that I have to worry about with mess. Wish vehicle came in more colors and inside as well.

- Jackie P

It has been wrecked and therefore is not worth very much But it runs really good

Chevy is a good model but we have had bad luck with ours. It had been wrecked before and had a lot of underneath damage We didn't say - Let me see the carfax

- Marian C

Style, performance, handling and comfort of a sedan!

The Chevrolet SS is an awesome sedan, sports car! It has it all! Style, comfort, performance, handling... One of the best!

- Jill L

The strength, power, and reliable Chevy

The car is nice and extremely reliable. The seats are comfortable and ive had little to no problems with it.

- Chad G

It has no problems and runs great.It is nice to look at and no rust.

It is good on gas. It has low mileage.It fits my lifestyle. It is a good running vehicle.

- dave t