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I would like everyone to know that it is very strong! Built like a fortress!

I bought my Chevy Suburban in 2000 brand new. At first, I thought that it was too big and a bit overkill for my family. As time went on, our little family grew. I had five girls all in ballet and we took them everywhere in our awesome truck. It was strong and always made me feel safe. In bad winters, we powered through the snow like nothing! We had very miner mechanical issues with it, and routine maintenance kept her going. on long car rides,we always felt comfortable. I love my Suburban and would buy one again without question. Since I don't need as many seats now, I would really consider a Tahoe.

- Rose K

Chevrolet suburban still rocking.

I purchased this 2001 suburban in July of 2017 and so far has needed minor repairs. The power steering hose had a leak and I have had to replace the spark plugs. Also, I get the oil changed every 3 months. I have to add oil quite often and the coolant is leaking somewhere. So at 237, 000 miles, it seems to be doing pretty good. It is been a reliable vehicle thus far. My daughter feels safe in it. I do a lot of in town driving so it needs quite a bit of gas. Overall, I would rate this vehicle at a #8. Very blessed to have it and would highly recommend a Chevrolet suburban.

- Diane H

Suburban great family vehicle.

The suburban is very reliable even during winter and cold. It gets great gas mileage it has 3 rows of seating and a lot of room. In the back. It is a good family vehicle and great for kids. The downside is if you need to get parts for it especially under the hood parts it can only match the same year which can be difficult to find and buy. Yes it has its problems and flaws but overall a good vehicle especially if you live somewhere that is a colder climate. This is the only vehicle I have had so far that has not had a lot of issues with cold or winter.

- Danielle P

Dependability of Chevy suburban.

My Chevy suburban 2001, is the best vehicle I have ever purchased. It is reliable. I have had very few automotive problems out of it. Safety wise I would never trust any other type of vehicle over my suburban. As my family has grown in recent years it has been able to support us and to even haul a trailer on the back when traveling the distance. Even when I was parked and hit in the back the impact wasn't felt as it was in my van or Malibu. I just do not think there's a better vehicle in the market than the suburban line under Chevy.

- Jacqueline B

She is one tough cookie but tough on gas as well. Especially in rural areas.

My car has had a transmission problem for about a year now that I haven't been able to afford to fix, but she still keeps trucking! Her main problem is that it sort sticks when switching gears around 45 mph, but only for a second. If you remove and reapply gas to the accelerator it shifts right in to place. Recently her injectors started to go out but keep in mind these are all original parts! Almost 18 year old parts that are just now starting to be problematic. That is good I am my book!

- Alex R

Life with the suburban vehicle love the color of the vehicle most.

It drives like a car, 8 passenger vehicle, reliable, great performance, continues to run with high mileage where most could start giving problems, the biggest problem with this vehicle is the tire sizes, they can be very costly, you want to use ceramic brakes, beautiful color, it is not like most suburban's that is one color, is a two-tone color tan and burgundy which is really nice people notice it a lot.

- Debra V

Interesting detail on this vehicle is the paint seems to last.

I love this model it very good on gas and the seats are very roomy if you have a big family or your going out for the night or on a trip you will have plenty of room even when buying one with high miles to my experience they still drive as new the only thing I will say is the power controls o. The doors do seem to go out of the and in turn you cannot use them for your windows or doors locks.

- Ashton S

It is reliable comfortable transportation in any weather.

My suburban has been the best vehicle I ever owned. I drive it in any weather, it has never been involved in an accident, is detailed every 2 weeks, has about 170, 000 miles on it now, and looks almost good as new! It has been so dependable. The only thing ever replaced was a window roller motor and of course regular maintenance. Hope to continue driving it for a while.

- Vicky S

Chevy suburban - great family vehicle.

Runs well for being over 15 years old. Very comfortable. Gets 12 mpg, which is not great, but it is a great family vehicle. Seats 7 comfortably. The only issues are an exhaust leak, which we fixed. It features a ves movie player with wireless headphones, and climate control through. The back seat folds down and can be taken out to perform more like a truck.

- Kristina H

Chevy suburban 2001. An old vehicle that has stood the test of time.

My suburban has weathered many years. It continues to be a dependable vehicle for me and my family. I do the scheduled maintenance fairly regularly. The leather seats have worn down, I have bucket seats in front and middle of vehicle and I love those instead of a bench seat. The back door is a lift up, I like that I have an uninterrupted view in my mirror.

- Ginny Y

This truck was built to last.

I love that my suburban has plenty of room! We love to camp and kayak and this gives us plenty of room to haul many people and our gear! I love a truck because it makes me feel safer than a small car! I love my truck because everything still works, even though it is a little older vehicle. It has been well maintained! Also, my truck is very dependable.

- Jamie H

Suburbans are the kings of the road!

Long lasting 4x4 vehicle that can tow heavy equipment and haul many people. It is durable and tough. It can go through very dense forest and rides very comfortably. The only issue is that it is a gas hog but that is to be expected with the type of vehicle it is. It already has over 250,000 miles on it and is still going strong.

- Rhonda B

It is entirely blacked out.

Plenty of cargo and passenger room. I love this truck because there are two different heat/ac units, one for the front and one for the back two rows/ cargo area... It also had a sunroof. I am in love with the stock model Bose sound system. Most people that hear it are surprised that it is not an aftermarket audio addition.

- Stephanie W

Suburban: super parent vehicle.

My car has held up very well over the past 17 years. Only had to change the transmission once and replace the starter a couple of times. Spacious interior for moving or hauling the kids down to the beach. My only complaint would have to be the fact that is sucks gas and oil, every two plus hour trip it must be refilled.

- Fred Q

Old suburban farm vehicle.

We have an older(2001) suburban. It's been a good vehicle. Does use oil consistently and has had minor things happen. Wish it was easier to get into 3rd row seating. Would be nice if drivers seat had an arm rest instead of just middle console. Rear door latch doesn't always work and have to unlock with key.

- Jenny S

Lots of mileage still a reliable vehicle.

Tail light electrical shortage issues. Good reliable vehicle with regular maintenance check ups. Travel vehicle with 450,000 plus miles still runs great. Electric window issues four wheel drive issues does not always work. Maintenance check light comes on without any vehicle problems will not go off.

- Cheryl M

The Chevy suburban: a great family vehicle!

It needs a little work but overall I love the vehicle! Gas mileage sucks but it is helped me move a bunch of things, helped my sister move, and a bunch more! Fits a lot of passengers and is overall a smooth ride. I love how safe I feel in it and how bright the lights are at night. Great family car.

- Conrad S

We have loved it and used it for many years.

Still runs after all these years. Repairs have been from west and tear. Love the heated seats. Lots of room. After moving several kids to and from college and long trips. It had served us very well. I cannot imagine what we would do without it. I know we will have to replace it soon. Will be sad.

- Pat B

Great family sized vehicle.

The seats are very comfortable. Smooth driving performance, great for a family vehicle. There is not any problems with it, except for having cargo doors instead of having a hatchback. It cools/heats in a quick and short period of time. Features are included with air control for the back seaters.

- Kelly C

Suburban 2001, great for road trips and big families.

Great for large families and road trips. Waist a lot of gas but the power and strength is good for what it carries. It runs great been with it for a couple of years already it's a reliable car. Seats are descent to take a nap but not like your bed, lots of space for whatever you want to use it.

- Wendy Y

Our Chevy suburban was a great purchase for us.

Our Chevy suburban has been put to the test. It stands tall and may just outlive me. It travels great on both long and short vacations. The 4 wheel drive, heated front seats and auto start allows great handling in all weather conditions especially handy when it comes to north Dakota winters.

- Tammy M

Still reliable after 18 years.

At 185, 000 miles and 18 years old, we still feel comfortable taking our suburban on road trips. We have started having a few hundred dollar repairs, but overall she is still sound and working quite well. It is comfortable for our large family to travel in and offers plenty of luggage space.

- Cindy J

I love my Chevrolet suburban.

I love my suburban. It handles well for a large vehicle. It is extremely comfortable on long rides. I have had no major problems with my Chevy suburban. It hauls things big and small. We love to take it camping in the mountains because everyone and everything fits nicely in it.

- Terry B

Why my family loves our suburban.

Big truck so poor gas mileage but absolutely love it! Love 3rd row seating and it's very comfortable to drive. Only issues we have had was just general maintenance kinds of things. Stuff you should pay attention to anyway. Great family vehicle, and does a wonderful job towing.

- Tammy G

It fits 6 kids 4 in car seats.

It fits my family. We have never had problems or complaints. The gas is a little expensive I guess. It's never broken down. The heat and air has always worked fine. It fits several car seats. The seats fold down. It's the only vehicle that I have loved and had no issues with.

- Ashley L

Will need upkeep. Very roomy and smooth ride.

Replaced transmission and tons of other parts when first bought a year ago. Drives very smooth and no other issues since then. Very roomy and the fold down seats make it easy is you need extra cargo space. The third row makes taking large groups of people with you easy.

- Jessica T

I love my vehicle! Have had it going on 4 years now.

It is blue!,third row! Sitting in 26 inch chrome wheels! Tinted windows! Has a system in it! A rebuild transmission.,runs really good! I wouldn't trade it for nothing. It is been slightly lowered! Heating seats up front! The heat will run u out! The ac is very cold.

- Christine K

The Chevy suburban is a very comfortable ride.

Our suburban really has a lot of comfortable space. It does not get the best of fuel mileage, but it is pretty good for its size. It rides smoothly, and is great for long trips. For it is age it is still very reliable. I really enjoy the heated seats and the space.

- Judy Y

Great highway mileage. Roomy interior.

Beautiful vehicle. Has held up over time. It has a lot of miles but has been fantastic. We've replaced many parts of it but it was all from normal wear and tear. It is used for daily commute and occasional long distance trips. Great highway mileage! Ok in town.

- Sage N

Transmission and motor runs remarkable very happy with my to get a Chevrolet.

Big capacity for will drive reliable very strong transmission and motor I have over 300, 000 miles and it runs like a champ. Plenty a room has a third row back seat comfortable seating never had any major problems! Drives very smooth very happy with Chevrolet.

- Diane F

Decent suburban for its age

I really like my vehicle. It has rarely given me trouble. I've used it for driving to school and work and long road trips. The only issues I've had with my suburban is the air conditioning has had to be fixed twice. But overall, decent vehicle for it's age.

- Tania T

My vehicle is safe and well taken care of. It is serviced regularly.

I love the large amount of space in my Chevy sub. It is safe and great for family trips. When I go shopping, it holds a large variety of different sized items. My Chevy is an older model but still rides like new and I thoroughly enjoy each time I drive it.

- Jani P

That I am happy with my vehicle.

I love my vehicle. I love how it drives. And I don't have any problems with it. I love that it has a lot of room where I am able to move any way I can. And I can take my family anywhere I can. I think the only problem I had with my vehicle was the starter.

- Gloria O

Great family car. Great business ride. Reliable and impressive!

I love the size of this vehicle, I've had smaller vehicles and couldn't fit purchases in but with this suburban, it's great! I love it for taking clients around and also vacationing! It rides so well and even though it's older, it's a reliable car!!

- Victoria L

Chevy Suburban is the ultimate workhorse.

I love my truck! It has been reliable and even when it breaks down, repairs generally do not break the bank. She is very roomy and able to haul large loads be it people or gear. She is strong and able to tow anything I ask get to.

- Robin L

It is very large and spacious for everything we do.

I love my Chevrolet Suburban. I have had it for almost 12 years and I have had very little problems with it. We travel a lot and it has been a great vehicle for that. It is also very spacious and comfortable for our large family.

- Angela C



- Alisha B

I can haul people and stuff at the same time and still get decent mpg. I am getting the same I did with our minivan.

I live in northern mn so the 4 wheel drive is great. I also love all the space I have 3 boys and another baby on the way it is nice that I can get my monthly Costco groceries and still have room for my kids comfortably.

- Be L

Good, dependable and lots of room.

I like the seating capacity. I always wanted this type of vehicle, so I'm happy to finally have one. It is getting old and well used , so it'd be nice to have a newer one, but I can't complain

- Patricia S

Why Chevy Suburbans outlast the competition.

The Chevy Suburban is a reliable family vehicle. Performing well in all types of weather while getting fairly good gas mileage, my Suburban has almost 300,000 miles and is still going strong!

- David K

It is easy to maintain since the body was built to last and the engine is good and strong.

Our vehicle is roomy and comfortable. It drives quietly and smoothly. We also bought it second-hand from an older friend, so it was in good shape and we got a really good deal on it.

- Connie W

It is very comfortable to ride in.

I like my suburban because it has a lot of cargo room in the back. I also like that it seats eight people. It also handles really well. There is nothing I dislike about it.

- Paula C

If you are looking to save on gas this is not the vehicle for you.

I love this vehicle. It is roomy, and comfortable. I have 3 kids and it fits us all perfect. The back has plenty of room for anything else. It is a gas hog though.

- Lindsey L

It is mine. And I own it. My car is also red which I like./.

I am really short and the car sits really high. I would like a car that sits lower. It is really hard to put a car seat in. It would also like a smaller car.

- Willow F

This truck is great for towing, moving, vacations, traveling with families.

This truck is very strong. This is a great family vehicle! This Chevy suburban is worth having and very roomy for larger families. A great buy for anyone.

- Anequay F

It has a long running life.

It has ran forever. Only bad thing was having to replace transmission. Engine is great. Gets great mileage on long trips and fits everyone comfortably.

- Michelle H

Definitely works for a big family.

I like that it's big enough for my 6 person family. I like the features. It. Offers like the DVD player. I don't like that it's so bad on gas.

- Elizabeth A

It is comfortable to sit in. Gives you a firm but comfortable ride.

I have absolutely no complaints. It makes me feel safe on the road. it also gives me the room I need to haul almost everything I need to haul.

- Susan M

It is a very dependable vehicle and fun to drive. It gets about 15 miles per gallon.

The suburban has great towing power. It is fun to drive off-road. You can go almost anywhere with it's high clearance and four wheel drive.

- Paula P

She has hid headlights that can highlight a sign from a mile away

4x4 love it. Handles very well with 26 inch wheels. The only downfall is that she is a gas guzzler. Need engines with better gas mileage

- Joseph W

It is a safe car to drive, and it allows me to see above and around other cars

I love the seating capacity, and the amount of space in the back to carry things. Also like being up when driving. a good sturdy car.

- sue k

Super reliable beastie - why I love my suburban.

My beastie has been super reliable. No major repairs other than replacing brake lines (it rains, they rust, it happens) after 17 years.

- Heather M

Great family SUV amazing on road trips.

Love it handles great in all weather roomy for the whole family great for road trips with regular oil change gets good gas mileage.

- Michelle D

That it is falling apart but we still drive it on cross-country road trips.

It is very reliable, and has a lot of miles. It is very big, and hard to drive for a short person. It fits a lot of people inside.

- Rachel E

It's a gas saver in long trips.

Very spaces can hold up to 8 persons ac works great drives smoothly, has DVD player built in has a great sound system runs great.

- Stephanie G

The SUV is great for family travel.

My SUV is comfortable, spacious and durable. Great on the highway. You have to keep the maintenance up. It will last a long time.

- Kim B

It comfortably seats 6. I feel really safe driving it.

I like how it drives smoothly. I like that it has child safety locks on the doors. I wish it had storage under the seats

- Megan A

A good running truck that is great on gas it is not a gas guzzler.

The truck drinks too much gas. The oil cost a lot for to get changed. The air conditioner is out in the truck as well.

- Kelvin G

Easy to work on it and has an interesting comfortable space for big family

It never game me no problems but waste gas V6. It runs good and has heating seat, comfortable big seat, DVD player,

- Virginia L

The most important thing should know that it will tow most anything.

I like that it has all the room my family will need, tow anything want to tow. Looks great and runs great as well.

- Tom H

It has a lot of cargo room and can fit eight people in it comfortably.

I like the comfort of my suburban. I also like how it handles when I drive it. There is nothing that I dislike.

- Paula S

Iits reliable enough for my family to be able to depend on it to get us where we need to go.

It has enough seats for my whole family. Its runs great given its age. It has a few minor mechanical problems.

- Brittany W

It has more power then you would think.

It has no ac. It's falling apart. Broken windshield. Uses too much gas. Need a new vehicle. Need to get a job.

- Brooke V

It is a great family car for the money.

It is a tank pulls our camper good and is reliable. It is really comfortable to ride in for kids and adults.

- Jodi C

I love my Chevrolet Suburban

I love my suburban! It's a comfortable ride and drives great. Most importantly it fits our large family.

- klk w

Green, starter is out, new battery

Its green. 3rd row seating, starter won't turn over. Just replaced the battery, just got out of the shop

- Tazia A

Great for large families and sports. Lots of room for camping or outdoors equipment.

Like the 7 seats. I really like my barn doors. I wish is had better tow more. Great cargo space.

- Brandi H

Watch the gas gauge check the oil, water windshield fluid

Like: the Power, room, 4 wheel drive,Ride dislike: gas mileage, Over all it is a great vehicle

- Fred R

It is great for large families with lots of kids. The cargo space is nice

I like that it can seat 9 people. It has a lot of miles and runs good. It has good trunk space

- Courtney K

the suburban uses a lot of gasoline.

I love my suburban. It has a 3rd row seat. There is plenty of room for everyone.

- sarah l

I love the space the suburban has and amount of seating. I wish it had heated seats and steering control for radio and cruise control. I also wish it was more gas efficient.

My suburban is a beast, love the size and that it still has power.

- Chelsea J

That it's easy to maintain, and very dependable. Great for seasonal climates.

No complaints. Amazing vehicle. Lots of space and lots of power.

- Ron O

It does not use a lot of gas

Love my truck it is spacious and easy to drive. It is good on gas

- Daisy K

It is the BEST car ever! This is my third Suburban - drives like a car, so easy to maneuver and park! I have no complaints! 170,000 miles and still going strong!

Sturdy and safe...all four of our kids learned to drive on it.

- Barbara M

Thieves are attracted to them. But that's about all.

Don't like that it's a gas hog. But love the size and look.

- Stella D

It still runs good.it has good paint. The interior has held up good

It runs good. Had plenty of room. Early to up keep

- Walter K

It is my favorite car. can hear you talk about it.

Best car ever. Reliable. No problems for 18 years.

- r b